Summer Block of the Week Wrap Up…

September is almost here…and it’s time to get your finishing kits ready to order…

This year we only have two things that need finishing kits…Star Studded Event has no finishing kit it is just the blocks set 15 across x 16 down for a quilt that finishes 90×96 or you can always make two smaller quilts…60×72 which is 10×12 blocks…I will be posting my quilt when it is finished…because of the complexity of Twighlight Garden, the wool applique block of the week and am not currently caught up on SSE, But I will spend a day or two catching up and putting it together…

Fussy Cut Fantasy’s finishing was in with the last shipment and included in the weekly price.

lisa bongeanTLGTwilight Garden…I am working on the outer borders and it will take me most of September to stitch them…yes…those of you who are stitching them know it’s not humanly for me to have this done…that is why we are breaking up the finishing kit into two parts…the first part will be the center and the inner center border, which I have finished.  We will be shipping these the end of September try to order by the 15th , if you order after the 15th you may not get your when the shipment goes out the end of September.  I am sure you understand we need time to dye and cut all these wools…

.The second part…the outer border will ship in the end of October and the quilt will be finished and off to the quilter but we will have it photographed before it goes and also will know of any more thread that it will take to complete it…I know on the site it says extra threads needed to complete…but I know I will be running our of some more on this border…it is just a lot of stitching…but so very worth it…i wish you could see this in person…as you know these pics do not do it justice…

We have split the pricing in half and you can pay for the two months in installments or we give you a break if you pay for it all at once…The pattern alone for JUST the finishing is 45$.  This is a huge pattern with full size layouts and tracing diagrams.  You will love this pattern.  If you missed doing this SBOW and want to order the pattern…do not order this as it is for the finishing ONLY…We will have the whole pattern when it comes home from the machine quilter….

We also have backing options for all the projects…

Lisa Bongean/freebieThe Freebie Finishing is only $31 dollars…Pattern only is $12 again this is for finishing only…whole pattern will be available later on in October.  There are a couple of threads I used different from the blocks.  This will be gorgeous after it is quilted.  Randy also has a finishing kit for his free blocks located there as well.

Here is a link to our website where all this info is located…all the prices include shipping.  Summer Block of the Week Finishing Options

Thanks Everyone for a GREAT summer spent stitching…but boy did it go fast!!! If you have questions you can leave a comment, ask in our Facebook group or call the shop…920-722-7233.  And please try and order as soon as possible so we can get them out to you sooner rather than later…my best…Lisa

10 responses to “Summer Block of the Week Wrap Up…”

  1. KC Mitchell Avatar
    KC Mitchell

    Just a question, cause I’m a little confused (but then it’s midnight and I’ve been sewing all day). Do we purchase the pattern in addition to the finishing kit for Twilight Garden, or if we purchase the finishing kits, is the pattern included? And should I wait to order my extra thread until you determine how much more is needed? Thanks, Lisa — this quilt is gorgeous!!

  2. JoAnn Avatar

    These two quilts are stunning, the Twilight Garden is a masterpiece! I just love the potted flowers, the summer freebie just gets better each year. You outdid yourself this year!

  3. lynn Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful quilts Lisa.

  4. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    Both of these are just outstanding!


  5. MJ Tichich Avatar
    MJ Tichich

    Wool? I’ve not seen a quilt done in wool before. It looks beautiful. Thank you for the knowledge you share and the challenges you offer.

  6. June Bielli Avatar
    June Bielli

    Your work of art is absolutely magnificent!

  7. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    They are sooo beautiful. You thought I was kidding about Joann Gaines…has she seen the summer BOW? I always found her decorating to be a gift. I wonder what the lady you sat by those years ago that showed you quilting thinks of all of this. Your designs are so wonderful and loved by so many people. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. I personally need the therapy!!! PS…I thank you every time I sit
    Down at my JUKI!

  8. Darlynn Avatar

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa…..the summer BOW is stunning!!! That’s what I get for not participating. Great work

  9. Barb Onnen Avatar
    Barb Onnen

    I am confused! What is the name of the red and white “All things grow with love” quilt? Is there a pattern and or kit available for it? I seem to have missed information about this one.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It is the summer freebie!! all finished up and it will be a whole new kit in October if you have no idea what the summer freebie is….and IF you don’t know what the summer freebie is…next year I will post about the summer blocks of the week and will always show you the prize(freebie) is…but not the whole thing…kind of like a mystery…we give you 12 blocks 1 each week when you pick or or we ship your your summer block of the week OR if you come into the store once a week and spend $25 you get a freebie block…I hope this quick explanation helps…

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