Wooly Block Adventure 2019!

Unknown.png Welcome to the Wooly Block Adventure 2018!!!

This year’s theme is “Garden”….and…Here is our Block!

Our block pattern will be free here today October 3rd ONLY Update…I am removing the link below as of 10/5…I did not know at the time that my block was supposed to be up for 2 days instead of one…so I left it up for 2 1/2 days….thanks for buying our kits!!! This block was a huge success and we will be doing a whole series of them to come…

You can still get this kit & Pattern click the yellow link below to visit our site…Click this link Lily & Chickadee Pattern.pdf.download. to print your pattern….If you want our kit with our beautiful wools shown here Click HERE to order you can choose kit only or kit and pattern so you can keep it with your block and we also have threads available as well…

I hope you enjoy this block and if you wish to follow the
Wooly Block Adventure they have a Facebook group as well.

I also want to let you know I was hired to design a block for Danner’s Bernina in PA and we also made their kits for them….Nadine had an idea and I think I got it….here is their block…There free pattern will be posted on the 27\28th of October…

14 responses to “Wooly Block Adventure 2019!”

  1. Evelyn Thomas Avatar
    Evelyn Thomas

    Hi, Lisa, this block is beautiful… with all happening in your life right now I really appreciate your thoughtfullness and genorosity!!

    Do you have the musical background fabric to purchase online?
    Does the kit include the background fabrics or only the applique wool?

    Thank you again!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      we do not have it for sale…but it is in the kit

  2. Frances Campbell Avatar
    Frances Campbell

    Thank you for your sweet block.

  3. Ginney Camden Avatar
    Ginney Camden

    I really love these blocks and your beautiful fabrics.

  4. Lynn Andrews Avatar
    Lynn Andrews

    Lisa, your lily & chickadee design is wonderful. However, the link to it won’t open, so I can’t print it. Please help! Thank you.

  5. Ginger Jackson Avatar
    Ginger Jackson

    Sorry I wasn’t receiving notifications on this adventure in the beginning! Printed yours today, then learned it had been going on for months! Too late now!

    Ginger Jackson

    1. Donna F Avatar
      Donna F

      Ginger: The Wooly Block Adventure just started for 2018. Maybe you are thinking of its cousin the Row by Row Experience which ran from the first day of summer until Sept 30th. You can go to the website for Row by Row Experience to find information on both. Happy Stitching.

  6. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    Love this beautiful bird block! Ordered all the stuff today!! And the new beautiful fabric coming this month. Don’t you love OCTOBER!!! Hope you are all well…enjoy the days…..

  7. Janet O. Avatar

    The details in the stitching on this beautiful block really make it shine!
    And I also love the block you were hired to design.

  8. Regina Herbster Avatar
    Regina Herbster

    Thanks Llsa!…..I love this block!!

  9. Lace Faerie aka Karen Lawson Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful design, it has details that elevate it to elegant!
    I will be looking forward to the Danner’s block you designed, too!

  10. Alycia Maurer Avatar
    Alycia Maurer

    I also love the Simple Folded Corners ruler! It does save time. The triangles left when you cut them off are perfect for leaders and enders. I have a whole bag of HSTs to trim all to same size so I can use in a scrappy project. I enjoy reading all of the designers’ blogs. I learn at least one new thing a week! Thank you for all you, the other designers, and moda does for us quilters.

  11. Pam Nance Avatar
    Pam Nance

    When does the new Wooly Block adventure begin. It shows nothing on internet. Thanks

  12. Ann Hougaard Avatar
    Ann Hougaard

    I guess I missed out on most of the Wooly Block adventure for 2019. I only got the God Bless America Pattern.
    Where can I go to get the others?

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