Houston bound…

Hello…I am back…for me it was a long separation…but now that I am en route to Houston that means that all for work is done…or all that is going to get done…

I can’t begin to explain all the things I have done in the last couple of months…so much that one it was impossible for me to do it all by myself and my assistant Amy has most of the fun while stitching up a lot of the quilts for our next fabric line Star & Stripe Gatherings…and I wish to publicly thank her for all of her hard work…

So…I am a couple weeks removed from this quilt…Twilight Garden which was the summer block of the week and will be a block of the month starting in February 2019. But I can say to those of you who were with me on this journey…it was worth it…the quilt is amazing but we (the quilt and I) definable need some time away from each other… It is safely in the hand of the very capable Linda Hrcka-thequiltedpineapple.com to be made into a masterpiece…..I promise NEVER to do something of this caliber as a summer block of the week again….I think it almost did me in…

I finished the quilt the night before the crew from Martingale arrival to shoot the beginning of my next book with them…Yet to be named…but it is All about WOOL a HOW to book….revealing all my “secrets” that I teach in class…and then some…it is going to be a TELL ALL book and we are so excited with what we have accomplished so far…lots of step by step photos of methods and stitching…3 whole days worth…

Here is a photo of the photographer Adam in action…all I can say is he is magical…he makes everything look sooooo good, me included…I can’t wait for you to see this book.

Meanwhile this little cutie made it’s way home for a binding…

All Things Grow with Love…is the result of the 12 free blocks given out when they took part in a summer block of the week…the full kit and pattern will be available in Houston and will be on our website soon as well…

Oh…and just a little before I finished Twilight Garden I finished Star Studded Event..the pieced summer block of the week…It is 90×96 and will look fabulous on my bed (shown folded) after we sell the remaking kits…

Then after the book shooting it was time to concentrate on getting the projects done for our Primitive Christmas Event….because…we return from Houston 4 days before it kicks off…that leaves no time, to design, execute, pattern, kit, website work, and then decorate the store, for it all to happen…I usually wait until I get home for Houston to do it…but because we moved it up before Thanksgiving and Houston being a week later…made it impossible to wait…but…sometimes when under the gun…I seem to produce a lot…I was able to do 10 new projects for you that we will showcase the week of the 12th of November…

This towel is just a tiny “peek” into what will be happening!!!!!

After the Christmas projects which was about 4 days left…I set out to make some “other than quilt projects ” to accompany our 10 Star & Stripe Gatherings quilts to round out the Star & Stripe Gatherings Book…and to tell you the truth I will be making a few more while sitting in the booth in Houston…the book does not come out until January when the fabric is scheduled for release…the book will be full of great things…it will be up on our site soon as we get an image for the cover….I quick took a pic of some of the items before packing them into the suitcase…

So please forgive me for being absent…there really was no time…for you, for Blockheads for Jeter and the rest of the family and for for me…I need to get home from Houston and get back to having a life…

I just needed to do this post to let you all know that I AM still here…and will be back soon to just the normal crazy…instead of the “sew your brain out” crazy that have been going on way too long…

My best


I know this post has no links…for you to sign up or to buy…I will post those when they are ready…I promise…

46 responses to “Houston bound…”

  1. Cindy Parker Avatar
    Cindy Parker

    That quilt is absolutely stunning!!! I wasn’t able to do the summer block of the week but I will absolutely do it! I love it. Cindy

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  2. Melinda Ree Avatar

    Lisa, you amaze me how you get so much done!!! WOW, I am so glad I got the SBOM!!! it is absolutely a STUNNING!!! ABSOLUTELY!

  3. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    As always I’m in AWE of all you do and of course very thankful that you make all those wonderful things for us! I’m praying my internet will work so I can shop the Christmas event online while I’m cruising (I’ll be gone almost the entire month of November). Take time to breathe and have some fun! Love hearing from you 💜💜💜

  4. Olwen Barnes Avatar
    Olwen Barnes

    Hi Lisa. Just crossed my mind yesterday that I hadn’t seen any posts/emails from you lately. Now I have an explanation! Hope you get time to relax and veg out soon. Take care – Olwen Queensland, Australia

  5. lynn Avatar

    Take care of yourself Lisa. I love to read about your happenings, but am left in the dust by your accomplishments

  6. Sharon Ernst Avatar
    Sharon Ernst

    Lisa, you are SO AMAZING!! EVERYTHING you do is golden! I, for one, appreciate every second you put into your work! This post was just pure eye candy for me! Rest up, cuz we’ll all be ordering like crazy when your goodies are released!
    Thank you, Lisa! ❤️❤️

  7. Sherri Avatar

    Wow Lisa! First of all, take a breath! LOL So glad things will be calming down a bit for you, and second, I cant wait to see your new book and all the goodies! Your sneak peeks are killing me! I don’t know how you do it all! Congrats!

  8. Tracy Giovannoni Avatar

    You are an amazing strong woman! I have no idea how you pull it all together. Truly, just wow!!

  9. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Good Googly, girl! Time for you to take a breath!!! 😉

  10. Lenore J Williams Avatar
    Lenore J Williams

    Thank you Lisa for all you do! I just love your work! Take a little time to smell the roses, you earned it! Can’t wait to see all you have planned….

  11. Diane Hinton Avatar

    I cannot wait for your new book all about wool and sewing techniques to come out! I have been following your web blog and your projects are amazing and I’m sure you have been told you are so talented and creative……and inspiring. I have been wanting to do some wool projects but have so many quilt projects in the works I haven’t had time for anything else but have plans in 2019 to start a wool project. I will be waiting for that book to come out!!!

  12. Cynthia L Bickhaus Avatar
    Cynthia L Bickhaus

    Your wool quilt turned out to be so lovely. It may have eaten your lunch, but it was so worth it! Have fun in Houston.

  13. Kay Nett Avatar
    Kay Nett

    Thanks Lisa – try to enjoy Houston now that the ‘big crunch’ is (mostly) over. Am so excited about all your new things coming out – they are all stunning! We are so blessed to live so close to you – looking forward to the Christmas event! God bless you for sharing your talents.

  14. Darci Strobel Avatar
    Darci Strobel

    Love everything I’m seeing!! Can’t wait!!

  15. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    You must be one of “those people” who only need 4 hrs of sleep at night to recharge – I always say if I just didn’t need to sleep I would get so much more done! Love what you do with your time – and thank you for it! Enjoy Houston, see you in Menasha at your Primitive Christmas Event-can’t wait!

  16. Susan Mattoon Avatar
    Susan Mattoon

    Oh Lordy girl, I just got tired reading your message! I’m in awe of your accomplishments and can hardly wait for your new book and projects to become available. I certainly hope you get time to breath and relax and laugh with your peeps while in Houston. You’re the BEST!

  17. Katherine Gourley Avatar
    Katherine Gourley

    Lisa — you are amazing. I am so slow that it would take me a lifetime to make what you make within days and weeks. I look forward to your blog posts and I am grateful for your talents. I hope to get to Menasha again sometime.

  18. Liz Brown Avatar
    Liz Brown

    Lisa: Your quilt is stunning. I could not do it. I do like the basket quilt. I may be able to do that. Have fun in Houston, & then breathe.

  19. Rose Avatar

    The “book” is on MY list! So are about….all the projects. I just can’t sew as fast as you….

  20. Sandy D’Angelo Avatar
    Sandy D’Angelo

    I am both happy you were so busy and sorry you were so busy.. I am also grateful that you did not have health issues on top of all that. Have fun in Houston.

  21. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    Every thing about this post is absolutely fabulous. That includes you. You have been missed. Now it’s time to remember to take care of you. Was hoping to meet up and just talk at Market but, as you know , life happens. Think of you and your family often. Wishing you a fabulous Market. Hugs to you and Nick.

  22. Theresa Waite Avatar
    Theresa Waite

    I look forward to your new book on wool. I have the SBOW but haven’t started the project yet. my winter project after I finish some other things. I’m looking forward to getting started.

  23. umterp76 Avatar

    Can’t wait for your new book! Along with the secrets to wool, will you have hints on where you get your energy to accomplish so much? Thank you for a wonderful update on your current and upcoming endeavors!
    Karla from Maryland

  24. Lana Avatar

    I love how your design mind works!! I don’t know how you do it all…but I love that you do! I will be ordering … a lot! I have missed your blog posts.

  25. Dani Quilter Avatar
    Dani Quilter

    These are absolutely beautiful…every one of the photos. You are so incredibly talented at writing patterns, picking out fabrics, threads, and colors, and then putting them all together. I can tell that you truly live your passion. Looking forward to your book 🙂

  26. Suz Kuhns Avatar
    Suz Kuhns

    Oh my goodness!!!!! I have no idea how you manage to get so much completed, even with assistance! I’m thinking that you just don’t sleep! I have the little notice for the Annual Primitive Christmas Event up on my wall and can’t wait. It’s always fantastic! Have a great time in Houston!

  27. Deborah koetter Avatar
    Deborah koetter

    I’ll see you in Houston. I hope you have safe travels. I hope you have the proud to be an American pillow kit/pattern there and the old glory there too

  28. Cathy Avatar

    Geeez, you must be eating Wheaties!! I have been following you for sometime and I truly think your Twilight Garden Quilt is exquisite. An heirloom to be treasured. I am buying your upcoming book, Wool How To’s, and Stars & Stripes. I’m so looking forward to the Primitive Gatherings Christmas Event & the 12 days of Christmas. How’s little man?

  29. Vicki Davis Avatar
    Vicki Davis

    I am soooooo amazed at your creativity and drive. I hope you get a few moments to recharge after Houston.

  30. Janet O. Avatar

    Twilight Garden is stunning! Can’t wait to see Linda work her magic on it.
    And “All Things Grow With Love” is so sweet.
    After reading about your recent schedule, I need a nap–seriously!
    Enjoy Houston!

  31. Rose Stahl Avatar
    Rose Stahl

    Love you girlie!! So looking forward to everything. Hoping next year to be involved and not just an admirer.

  32. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, WOW!!! Simply amazing. You are like a a brisk Autumn wind that exillerates and thrills one with the anticipation of changes to come. I am so excited by all your new projects and books!! Glad to hear a calm is coming for you too. I will miss you all this Dec at the retreat house, especially your mom and her cooking, as the girls have opted for July only retreats, so hoping to visit visit then. Have fun in Houston! Hugs, Jakey

  33. EvaLyn Williams Avatar
    EvaLyn Williams

    You do such beautiful work. I enjoy every email I receive from you.

  34. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    You’re busy, busy! Looking forward to see more of the embroidered towels. I’ve been doing them for several years and hoping for some new fun designs. Can’t wait for the open house too!

  35. kathyreeves Avatar

    Enjoy Houston, and RELAX just a bit! Some incredible stuff in this post. Just beautiful!

  36. Donna hale Avatar
    Donna hale

    I think you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  37. needleminder Avatar

    Your absence was noticed here in blog land,(at least by me!). I was hoping it was just the insanity of pre-market preparations, but was starting to worry that something might be wrong with your other half again. Glad to hear it was the former and nothing bad. Really looking excited by the description of your book, as I’m just starting to work with wool and have searched for a book like it, and haven’t found anything. I’m thinking it won’t be available until Spring at the earliest, but now that I’ve received my Flower Garden Gatherings bundles I needed something else to look forward to,right?! 😄

  38. Effie Avatar

    You go girl. But you take care of yourself and your family. You are an artist and I appreciate all your efforts. Thanks for being a great American! All the best. Effie

  39. Edie Frasier Avatar
    Edie Frasier

    Your quilt is fabulous! I am still amazed how much you can accomplish. Love your pillow with the stars it is so cute.

  40. Marilyn Holder Avatar
    Marilyn Holder

    I am interested in your wool book…I NEED IT to improve my stitching. Love the star quilt on the bed; looks like you design quilts that you enjoy using and not fold up and put away. I like most everything stars. Your creations sing to me every time.

  41. Pat Anderson Avatar
    Pat Anderson

    That little basket quilt just may be the trigger to get me to try wool applique–it is WONDERFUL! Of course, that means I need your new book, too, since I’ve never worked with wool at all. I do love applique and love these projects–time well spent while you were gone! Hope you’re enjoying Houston. I’ve been able to go twice and loved it!

  42. Dawn Avatar

    Love your blog, store and all of your projects! Agree with many above on how much you can get done! Impressive. I’m guessing that since they are taking pictures on 11/1 that your new book won’t be out for Christmas 2018. I was going to put it on my Christmas Wish List. I can’t wait to see it though! Sounds like just what I need. Thank you for all that you do. You bless each of us!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Triangle gathering has just arrived!

  43. Charlotte Avatar

    Has this book been released yet? Can you tell me the title please? Thanks!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      October release

      1. Charlotte Avatar

        Thakyou! I will definitely be watching for it!

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