It’s time to reveal…Primitive Christmas 2018

Warning…this is a LONG grab your 2017 candy cane mug and fill it with your favorite beverage…It’s pretty cold in a lot of places right now…except CA where those devastating fires are raging…my prayers go to all and to those brave firefighters doing all they can to save what they can…

Well, it is finally here…our Primitive Christmas Event starts tomorrow…we have been working on this event since August…that is when we make the final decision on the “theme” and then get our mug design finalized and into the potter so they can start making them…This is the first year I am going to trust my customers and order what we have sold in the past…I am sometimes leary thinking…you will not want “another” mug…but I am having “faith” that you will all come through and order at least one of the 1200 mugs we have in our warehouse right now! This means no one will be waiting for mugs…The girls were working yesterday at packing them for shipping to be ahead of the game and can start as soon as the orders come in…

We all have worked so hard to make this event fun and memorable…the Warehouse girls have been kitting the projects ahead and hopefully we can guess as how many we may sell and which ones will be the most popular…it’s alway a crap shoot…but we still try to have a bunch cut ahead so we can be as efficient as possible…So…here they are…

IMG_5884This years 2018 mug is adorable….we are so happy how he turned out…now you may have already guessed our theme is the gingerbread man for 2018…

The three FREE patterns this year with a $30 purchase are as follows…

Four towel patterns…I am thinking some of them could be used as other things as well…like framed or wool?IMG_1732LIMG_1748LIMG_1741LIMG_1743L

Gingerbread Kitchen Towels LNow I probably do not have to tell you that a stitched towel and one of those cute “jar” of cookies for them to bake is a perfect gift for teachers, mail carriers, neighbors, quilting friends and so on…We do have these beautiful towels for sale individually or in a pack of 4 for a special price…I want to point out that these towels are very high quality and also have a hanging loop.  I have used these towels in my kitchen for years…and they wash up beautifully and last a long time…look for lots of stitchery towel pattern in the future for every season…I am having so much fun stitching and designing them…

I couldn’t resist seeing them hung in my kitchen…lisa's kitchen.JPG


IMG_5897 2Next up…Tis the season…pillow

.Tis The Season Pillow

This pillow is nice sized at 14″x 20″, simple and easy with pennies and just 2 threads…all featured on this beautiful green hand dyed wool…wool kits will be available on our website on Thursday as well.

Then the last free pattern is…the Gingerbread family

IMG_1727LA pattern for all three sizes of these adorable gingerbread people…make a bowl full, make one for an ornie, or make one to represent each member of your family or you son’s/daughter’s family and personalize them as a great memory for them to last for years to come..


We will have kits for all three and individual sizes…our kits are random brown wools…mostly left over from cutting all those baskets from our Moon Garden Stitch Along…(lol…I have to laugh..I am just noticing I did not stitch all the buttons on the ones with the green and cream ties)  I  have a fun and easy way to make these and you can really make a bunch of them fast…I also have used some wool stuffing leftover from our felting the wools in our dying process…so that was really another nice option.

now for the FREE pincushion KIT for 2018!!!primitive gatheirngs pincusion 2018

We have three color versions this year…Dark, light and Medium backgrounds (how creative right?) and then the darks will always have a red flowers, the lights will be various colored flowers and then the medium will always have light flowers…….You will get a random pincusion in your order…however if you wish to order a specific color(s) you can do so for $6 each.  The pincushions are 4″x 8″

Our make and take for the event if you are able to come to the stores Menasha, WI and Murrieta CA…is this fun gingerbread man, sewn in a wood slice ornie! Scott our in house carpenter has been busy cutting and drilling gingerbread men for us…This ornie is easily stitched by anyone- even if they “don’t sew”.  The ornies can be purchased if you cannot attend our event in store…the drilled wood slice and threads are available for $8 each…IMG_1689L

I plan on having these for our Thanksgiving get together again…remember the candy canes?  They were such a big hit last year that I wanted to do something that everyone can make this year as well…IMG_2449

Then I had to do some extra projects for you to purchase to make as gifts or a gift for yourself or your home for Christmas…

Reindeer Games is an 18″ wool mat that has a clean sort of modern feel to it that can be displayed all winter long….Pattern and Kits will be on our site…


Like Father, Like Son…is a 16″ pillow stitched on my beautiful red plaid flannels…this again stitches up easily and will look adorable on the couch…

Like Father Like Son L

We Wish You a Merry Christmas….is a stitchery simply framed…pattern and flannel FQ and threads available…

We Wish You Stitchery

Gingerbread Recipe…This little quilt was framed or could be bound like a little quilt…I plan on hanging this in my kitchen during the month of Christmas someday when it is no longer needed in the shop…we offer kits and the frame is also available.


then last but not least…is my Baker’s Dozen Christmas Ornies…

I could not stop making these fun little guys, thus 13…I took a class from Kathy Schmitz this summer in Dallas and she made stitcheries on the 2 1/2″ button covers….shown here.IMG_1885I was totally hooked on making the cording and wanted to make a few…13 ornies later and we have these…Baker's Dozen (tray II).jpgI will be doing a video on making the cording with the Kreinik tool for all of you who want to make these super cool ornies!!!!  Kits and supply kits are available on our site as well as the tool…order yours and get them done for Christmas or next year if you have already picked your stitched ornie for the year!!!!baker's dzn Lisa bongean

This is what I have worked on before going to market this year…(that is why no Block Heads)…Market/Festival was late this year so I had to make everything before I went…I STITCH all my wool/stitchery designs…I have some helpers who stitch a 2nd sample and check the patterns…so I am proud to have a bunch of things for you for our Primitive Christmas to choose from…AND the shop girls have made a bunch of samples as well of other designers projects that Jess will feature on the Primitive Gatherings shop blog and website…

I know you cannot order right now…but you can start making your list and be ready when it time…the event runs from Thrusday through Sunday…

all my best…Lisa

My husband and many others will be gun hunting in the next week or so…let’s all pray they have a safe hunt…while we all shop or stitch our brains out…maybe we need the prayers as well…


30 responses to “It’s time to reveal…Primitive Christmas 2018”

  1. valleystitcher Avatar

    I look forward to the r3veal every year. Can’t wait.

  2. Connie S Thompson Avatar
    Connie S Thompson

    Is the store open Thursday thru Sunday…or just online shopping?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Store is only open normal hours … closed sundays

  3. Jan Avatar

    You have been busy. Can’t wait for the “store” to open tomorrow. Bad weather coming so stay home & shop. Taking time next week & every day to be thankful for family, home, health & friends.

  4. Chris Avatar

    I am loving the gingerbread theme. Too many to pick from. The 13 ornaments, oh my. Very excited. Great job Lisa.

  5. Donna Lambert Avatar
    Donna Lambert

    Love all your new projects. I want it all. You have worked very hard to give us new things to work on. Have a wonderful open house.

  6. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    You have outdone yourself this year, Lisa! I won’t have any trouble spending $30—and then some! Great job! Thank you!

  7. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    Oh my…. another absolutely fabulous end of the year with Primitive Gatherings and family.
    Lisa and Nick, Wishing you and your family a blessed 2019.

  8. Sandi Avatar

    You folks out did yourself. Thank you

  9. Natalie Rogers Avatar
    Natalie Rogers

    Love the gingerbread theme. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and prayers for a safe and wonderful hunt for your guys. So glad to see your husband doing so well now. Love all your designs. Happy Winter to you.

  10. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Everything is just ADORABLE!! Can’t wait, sooo excited. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face!! ❤️ Hope your hubby and is friends have as much safe fun! Hugs, Jakey

  11. Dana Doerfler Avatar
    Dana Doerfler

    I love it all! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I am looking forward to shopping tomorrow!

  12. Robin Avatar

    oooh! Some lovely gift ideas there! If we order Thursday, will they arrive before Thanksgiving do you think?

  13. Patricia Gallo Avatar
    Patricia Gallo

    Will all of these item be available to purchase on line?

    1. lisabongean Avatar


    2. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes of course!

  14. Carrolyn v Avatar
    Carrolyn v

    Wowzer! How do you speak to my heart with everything you design!!! I take gingerbread men and and gingersnaps to my grandkids every visit I make…which is monthly!….and your reindeer round tablemat? Luv at first site. I may have to go back to work once I make my order…..

  15. cheryl hanna Avatar
    cheryl hanna

    Just a simple question Lisa…
    ” how many arms and hands were you blessed with to get these wonderful projects completed?”
    Everything awesome!!
    Merry pre Christmas to us!!
    CHRISTMAS MAGIC….. Thank you

  16. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    Lisa—-can’t wait to order new goodies. And the mugs for Christmas gifts ( and for ME!). Thanks for all you give to all of us. Enjoy this holiday season and may God bless you and your family in the coming year!!

  17. Suz Kuhns Avatar
    Suz Kuhns

    woo hoo! Gingerbread (or lebkuchen, as it is known in our home) is a huge deal. My Mom was a pastry chef and every year she had gingerbread house workshops throughout November and half of December. She left her recipe (actually my Oma’s recipe from Austria) to us when she passed away. I make it every year and send cookies to the kids so they can have decorating parties. Now I’ll be able to add an embroidered towel! Love all the projects and will definitely be getting a new mug! How you get so much done is amazing! Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  18. Meredith Avatar

    Just LOVE all these gorgeous new goodies! Can’t wait to order, I already have the cording gadget, but haven’t used it yet so will be looking forward to your video! Love the gingerbread theme!!💕

  19. kathyreeves Avatar

    Your creativity is just amazing! BEAUTIFUL!

  20. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    So excited to have a new mug to add to our Primitive Gatherings collection. We love these so much, we just use them year round now. Love the gingerbread man mug and all the gingerbread goodies.

  21. Janet O. Avatar

    You certainly have the gift of creativity! I don’t know how else you could continually come up with so many fun and wonderful designs! Wonderful work, Lisa!

  22. B G Avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & all your wonderful helpers as well. You have much to be thankful for!!

  23. Kathy Bahn Avatar
    Kathy Bahn

    I cannot believe I missed the entire event!!! Only opened my email just now!! Hope it was a huge
    success. Your creativity is extraordinary!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

  24. valleystitcher Avatar

    Just received my holiday fixings from Primitive Gatherings. Simply fabulous…

  25. Lily Pinarello Avatar
    Lily Pinarello

    Love your 2018 Christmas collection. I missed the Thursday to Sunday sale, was away minding Grandkids 🙁 but there are several items I would like. Should I wait to see what is in store for the twelve days of Christmas and order then? or go ahead and order these now?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Up to you…shipping is free with 100$ order

      1. Lily Pinarello Avatar
        Lily Pinarello

        No problem getting to $100. That is wonderful. Thank-you.

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