Do you want to give a quilt for a Chrismas present but you don’t have time to finish it???

Have I a deal for you…We have several finished quilts and projects (32 to be exact) on our Etsy site that are for sale…They would make the perfect Christmas gifts to give to someone..I won’t tell if you don’t that you didn’t make it…they desparately need homes!!!  

Click the link below and scroll down to view all the finished beauties!!!  Some of them would also make out of this world wedding quilts as well.  They are all previous shop samples and made by highly skilled quilters.

Take a peek…go here…ETSY SITEil_680x540.1196439669_3px2

Thanks to ALL who have participated in my spur of the moment St. Nick/Secret Santa idea!!!

We really appreciate it…also If you want to send me a pic if you win the Gift Card or you love whats in your tin…I’ll do a post on them with all your pics…

all for now…LB

7 responses to “Do you want to give a quilt for a Chrismas present but you don’t have time to finish it???”

  1. Jan Avatar

    Books. I buy books & maybe today not everything in the book interests me but next year it might. Tastes & abilities change. Plus, in books authors/designers give background, tips, how-tos that are not printed with a pattern. In fact I’ve been donating old novels & other reading material as my quilting reading material is growing & I want to see those titles clearly. Also, that’s why we have libraries.

  2. CS Avatar

    Interesting question. I love books because of all the extra “stuff” and it is relaxing and enjoyable to leisurely peruse them. But…. I always buy patterns. I have a system for storing and retrieving them that works for me. It is much harder for me to retrieve a pattern from a book. So many books, now which one contains the project I’m ready to tackle next.

  3. Mary Avatar

    Books, but also patterns. Books are a much easier way to store those patterns. I am also one who reads books and or magazines before bed. Helps turn the brain off and then I can dream of my next project.

  4. Kristi Avatar

    I purchase quilting books. If there are two or three or more quilts in a book that I love, I think it is more economical (at $25-30) than purchasing three separate patterns (at $10-12 each).

  5. Francine johnson Avatar
    Francine johnson

    Love books. You get severall patterns and other people’s instructions on cutting and piecing. Also enjoy the way the quilts are displayed.

  6. Tori Avatar

    Books, books & books. I can justify any book purchase. They are obviously inspirational, beautiful & useful for their purpose but also a great accesory to a shelf, a bedside, any table in any room. Then there is the cozy factor … reading curled up under a quilt, or in a chair by the fireplace, or flipping through one when watching TV (we all multi-task right?). I have crocheting magazines and booklets from my Mom and they are amazing to look through & I hope someday someone is amazed looking through my quilting books. Thanks for your contribution to my book collection!

  7. annalutzbrown Avatar

    I think a book please…they also look better up on a shelf. ..haha

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