12 Days of Christmas…12 Needful Things…Day 11


Day 11- Storage Containers

Yes we have lots of “stuff” and that means we need something to put it in!  We are featuring two items for storage…one is made here in the “quilters workshop” by Scott pir staff carpenter and the other is not

Up first…these foldable storage “crates” come in a bunch of sizes but we picked two sizes that we fell in love with…mini/small and LargeCollapsible Tote_Small II

Here are the mini’s…they are prefect to put all those little essentials you need to keep right by your machine or to keep one packed to quickly grab on the way out the door to your sewing group or retreat…We all love to “retreat”! Then there is the small size which is a little bigger…Collapsible Tote_Large

Here is a photo showing the sizes compared to something…I am going to also keep one in my car to keep track of all the stuff I haul around everyday!  It sits nicely behind my driver’s seat.IMG_6499.jpg

Then next there is the spool caddy I had Scott make to store all my binding threads in an open but contained, pretty way…again two sizes…Thread Organizer_Small II

The small can also be used for your EPP threads or to house your piecing threads or binding threads….the large is my favorite and I have been using it for awhile…We have picked three paint colors for you to choose from…They also come with two dowels for large or small spooled threads…Thread Organizer_Large

binding tool caddy.JPG

Mine is shown here…with easy access for my binding threads…still loaded with the red,white and blue spools from binding the Star & Stripe Gatherings projects…


!Today I am on a flight to Las Vegas…a quick weekend with Nick…I am hoping to see Vegas Val (one of my long arm quilters) as well.  So if there are no posts after this one…Nick hit the jackpot and we skipped town…just kidding…You all know I’d love my job!!!

How are you doing on your decorating?  I am going to show off my new addition this year…I finally found a tinsel tree!!!!  I am so “in love” with it!!!!AfterlightImage 2AfterlightImage

To win a prize for today…Please tell me what your favorite Christmas decoration is…again…I can’t wait to read them…

Later…like tomorrow…I love posting everyday!! But I know you would all grow tired of me…LB

348 responses to “12 Days of Christmas…12 Needful Things…Day 11”

  1. JoAnn Borges Avatar
    JoAnn Borges

    Hi Lisa,
    My favorite Christmas decoration is s needlepoint stocking that a gal who owns an antique shop gave me years ago. She let me pick from a group of items and I chose that one. I hang it every year on the door of our antique secretary, a huge piece of furniture with a drop leaf desk, it hangs from the skeleton key
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Linda G Jarnecke Avatar
    Linda G Jarnecke

    My favorite Christmas decoration is over 30 years old now. One year we didn’t have a topper for the tree and it look awful bare. My son found a red Solo cup in the cabinet, got some yellow construction paper, cut a circle out and drew the smiley face on it with a marker. It was such a happy decoration that we placed it on top of the tree. Our tree was decorated with children’s characters and the red Solo cup for many years.

    1. Tom Tom Avatar
      Tom Tom

      Made my heart happy

  3. Karen H. Avatar
    Karen H.

    I love our manger. For me, a reminder of the season’s celebration.

  4. Joni Avatar

    I LOVE Christmas- I totally redecorate my house! I love my tree all lit up & decorated with my ornaments & my parents that I inherited. I was tired of my Christmas Quilts so I made some new ones this year. But my absolute favorite thing is SnowGlobes!!

  5. Bev Avatar

    The tree there just seems to be magic in it. It is the gathering point for our family. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  6. Patti Levine Avatar
    Patti Levine

    I have two…an old world Santa quilt that I had made and the vintage ceramic lighted trees.. They are both so warm and cozy and if has a vintage look….i’m all for it! Have a wonderful holiday to all…..

  7. Rose Avatar

    My grandfather’s 100 y.o. cracked crock with a Christmas decoration in it, like a cyclamen in bloom, a poinsettia, or a mini Chrismas tree. It sits on the floor next to the fireplace.

  8. Natalie Rogers Avatar
    Natalie Rogers

    I have a lot of favorites, but I guess my Jim Shore nativity scene. I collect ornaments too, though, so way too many favorites.

  9. Renie Morin Avatar
    Renie Morin

    My favorite decoration is our tree. It’s loaded with ornaments that have been handmade or gifted by friends and family. As I hang each one, I remember where it came from, every one is special.

  10. Patti Avatar

    My favorite decoration is the tree. I enjoy putting on every ornament and then sitting with only the tree lights on and looking at it and every ornament. It is peaceful to me.

  11. Judy Davis Avatar
    Judy Davis

    I believe my favorite christmas decorations would be a few of my many Christmas quilts! I have several and am thrilled to put them out again each year. It makes it feel like home and makes it look so festive for the holidays!

  12. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    I love decorating with the old ceramic pieces my mother made years ago in the 60’s. I fill them with greenery or ornaments. They remind me of my parents and the many Christmases that we shared.

  13. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    I have favorite Christmas decorations and I have started a new favorite, making red/white quilts especially since I saw yours last Christmas. I have 3 made so far and displayed on an old ladder and fabric laid out for 3 more I hope to make this year. Love the red and white and love the one on your table!! Paula in KY

  14. Nancy Zimmerman Avatar
    Nancy Zimmerman

    I love to put my Christmas quilt on the bed. I made it years ago, but still love it because its comfy cozy!🎄

  15. Nancy Tubb Avatar
    Nancy Tubb

    I love decorating for Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday. I try to make a new Christmas quilt every couple of years. This year I pulled out all the decorations and thought “which quilt am I going to hang this year”. Well, I decided to hang them all! My den walls are covered with Christmas quilts, my favorite one so far is a pattern by Sue Garman called the Shivering Snowmen. My tree is up and decorated, the mantle is decorated, and there are little decorations all around my house. I will probably be finding them for months. However, I have no presents under the tree, have I bought or made any yet, nope! Guess I better get busy on that.

  16. Brenda Peplinskie Avatar
    Brenda Peplinskie

    My favourite Christmas decoration is a little cross stitch I stitched that says “Jesus is the reason for the season”! But I’m finally fine tuning my Christmas decor to the point I love it all and am sad thinking about taking it down … the season goes too fast!! Working on three Christmas quilts at the moment and watching made for TV Christmas movies as well as the classics …. really puts me in the Christmas spirit!

  17. Sue knill Avatar
    Sue knill

    My nativity is my favorite it helps me when too busy sets in to stay focused on the reason for Christmas.

  18. Virginia Marshall Avatar
    Virginia Marshall

    I have so many, but my favorite is an oyster shell wreath made by one of my best friends with oyster shells we collected on a long beach walk! The second is my newly finished Christmas curved log cabin quilt! Have a great holiday…love your tinsel tree!

  19. Jo Anne G Hawks Avatar
    Jo Anne G Hawks

    My favorite decoration is the Nativity set.

  20. Lori L Avatar
    Lori L

    My favorite decoration is the small train that I always used to run around the base of the Christmas tree. We’d run the train each night. It was so cool to turn the house lights off and watch the train run under the tree lights. All the gifts had to be piled high next to the tree stump/stand to not interrupt the train tracks.

  21. Janey B Avatar
    Janey B

    One of my favorite Christmas ornament is a small bell that hung on my parents first Christmas tree in 1940’s. Every year when I put it on my tree, a lot of memories flood around me. We have a gold star tree topper that we’ve used for all of our 52 years of marriage. It was hand made for us by a friend after an evening of playing cards and I had made the comment that we couldn’t find a topper for our 1st Christmas tree. He got a long strip of gold construction paper and folded and folded and made a 3 -d star. A cherished masterpiece

  22. Rita Hill Avatar
    Rita Hill

    Decorating my armoire cabinet with my New England Village is what I enjoy most each year. I always hang the stockings my mother knitted for us when we were first married and always find a special place to display my Christmas Quilt I made from blocks I won at a Christmas block exchange in our guild over 20 years ago.

  23. masonmarlene Avatar

    My favorite is making christmas cookies and listening to Christmas Carols and Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD’s. This year my granddaughter is coming over to bake with me and that makes it even more special.

  24. Sharon Bochmann Avatar
    Sharon Bochmann

    A kneeling Santa reverently gazing at The Christ Child lying in a manger has been a centerpiece in our home since my grown children were infants. A reminder then, and now to my grandchildren, that we are celebrating Jesus’ birth!

  25. Kim Wolter Avatar
    Kim Wolter

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a wax figurine of Santa kneeling at the manger to remind me of the real reason for the season, but I do love your red/white tablecloth quilt!

  26. Gina froment Avatar

    My favorite decorations are all the quilted things I have made. Love pulling them out each year and adding to the collection.

  27. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    A long time ago (oh oh, reveal time), probably about 65 years ago, when my husband was still a little boy, he found a “Christmas tree” in the neighbor’s trash and brought it home to his mother. It’s metal (maybe brass?), about 18″ high, and has candle holders on the ends of the branches. All cleaned up, with a ribbon or two, and 10 “angel” candles, it’s the perfect centerpiece.

  28. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    Lisa, my favorite decoration is a Morovian Star that we hang outside.

  29. Karen Baldauf Avatar
    Karen Baldauf

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the stockings we hang on the mantle. My grandma started the tradition sewing the stocking for her family. My mom made them for myself and my siblings. I hang my original stocking and made matching ones for my family. Reminds me of my childhood holidays blended with fun family memories.

  30. Linda Bakken Avatar
    Linda Bakken

    My favorite is a tall, skinny tree that I decorate with all my beautiful handmade ornaments from family and friends!

  31. Sharon Simmons Avatar
    Sharon Simmons

    This may sound strange but my favorite decoration is the train set my father bought for my sister and I 64 years ago. My sister had it for a number of years and when her boys got older she gave it to me for my daughter to enjoy. It didn’t work at that time but my husband fixed it up and now, every year the only time we have it out is when we put it under our Christmas tree. I remember as a little girl putting my toys on the train and giving them a ride. My daughter did the same. Very happy memories.

  32. Mary Lindert Avatar
    Mary Lindert

    One of my favorites is a cross stich nativity scene that I did years ago. I loved it so much that I did a second one for my mom! It really keeps the “Reason for the Season” front and center in our home!

  33. Susan Brown Avatar
    Susan Brown

    My favorite decoration is my tree filled to the brim with ornaments my boys made when the were little, ornaments my students made me when I taught seventh graders, mementos from trios take. And an assortment of other ornaments that have special meaning to us. Love, love. Love this special tree!

  34. Nancy Avatar

    My ceramic nativity with 21 pieces my mom made in 1981-the year our first child was born!

  35. Pam Marcis Avatar
    Pam Marcis

    My favorite Christmas decoration changes each year, this year I fully decorated my Christmas tree, it doesn’t get done each year. I enjoyed the memory of each ornament. I have ornaments from my grandparents trees in the 1930’s to my newest ornament from my nephew last year which was a hand blown ornament from the Ford motor company at the Henry ford museum. My uncle worked in the glass plant at the Ford factory and made ornaments in the 1950-1970 during this holiday season. So this ornament reminds me of my uncle as well as the trips to Greenfield Village during this season. Happy holidays.

  36. lj Avatar

    Favorite decoration is the ceramic nativity set made during the first few years of our marriage and a ceramic christmas tree given to us by my husbands grandmother.

  37. azblodgett Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a needlepoint Swedish elf (tomte) wall hanging that I made years ago. It reminds me of my heritage and the traditional Scandinavian Christmas dinners at my grandmother’s house.

  38. Carol Rice Avatar
    Carol Rice

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a life size stuffed reindeer I have that I put antique bells on.

    Carol Rice

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  39. Dawn Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration are Christmas Cookies. Not only are they nice to look at, but smell good as well. It also gives me a warm feeling because sharing them is just as good as eating them so I make them to share with friends and neighbors. Of course I then receive baked goods back which adds to the spirit of Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

  40. Effie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration – The three wisemen I bought from an elderly lady who made them – over 40 years ago. They are about 14″ tall, adorned in hand made velvet robes and jewels Each carries one of the gifts for the Christ child. They are majestic! Our grown children say they remember these decorations from when they were small and the sight of them each year brings back memories of Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

  41. Lois Wilhelm Avatar
    Lois Wilhelm

    My favorite, among many, are the bottle brush trees I have collected; starting with the “Charlie Brown” looking one from my parents. They are scattered on my mantle between stocking holders and (batter operated) candles.

  42. Barbara Avatar

    My favorite decoration is my large curio cabinet filled with lots of different Santas that I have collected over the years. It brings me happy memories of my childhood days. I love Santas!

  43. karenj7216 Avatar

    My favorite decoration is a small fabric Christmas tree my dad made. My mom was always the crafter. After my mom had a stroke my dad did more crafts while he sat with my mom everyday in the nursing home. One of things he made was fabric Christmas trees.

  44. Terry R. Avatar
    Terry R.

    A santa that came with candy in it. It was a gift to me when when I was little – back in the early 1960’s.
    My kids think it’s scary looking but I love it!

  45. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    Oh my I love that quilt on the table. Your thread boxes are wonderful. I love making cookies with my grandchildren they roll out the dough and pit sprinkles on them. The memories are priceless.

  46. Barbara Avatar

    My favorite decoration is my tree with just the white lights lit up. Simple, elegant, and joyful.

  47. Sheila Avatar

    I have a German smoker man who is an English palace guard and since my mother is English he reminds me of my heritage and my boys always got a kick out of seeing him “smoke” once a year.

  48. Wanda Avatar

    My favorite decoration is my lanterns all dressed in holiday foliage

  49. Caryl Avatar

    My favorite decoration is a hand blown tea pot which was my grandmother’s. It goes on my tree every year without fail. Well….not when the kids were little

  50. Judy Manninen Avatar
    Judy Manninen

    I enjoy tatting and have decorated my 4ft tree with started snowflakes. Judy

  51. Vickie Rowe Avatar
    Vickie Rowe

    My favorite decoration is the nativity scene from my childhood. I am 64 so it is quite old. My mom let me have it a few years ago. I lost her this past September which makes it the most valuable thing I own. Merry Christmas and God Bless you Lisa.

  52. Barbara Atwood Avatar

    My Christmas tree decorations are all hand made. by me or my children. Each one has a special memory to me as I take one out to hang no the tree. But the one that means the most to me would be what my son made, the fat little dough boy my son made 45 years ago. His shirt up over his fat rounded belly with an elf face. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  53. Paula W Avatar
    Paula W

    My favorite Christmas decoration is the tree. I just love to sit in the evening with all of the house dark except for the tree lights and watch the tinsel dance.

  54. Amy Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration is my collection of ornaments which were issued for years by my hometown’s historical society and museum. Each depicts an old house or building from town, many of which are no longer in existence. Each year, I decorate a small tree with them in the dining room.

  55. Susan Edwards Avatar
    Susan Edwards

    Many years ago I made a Santa from one of those printed patterns on material. Now it just isn’t Christmas without Santa on a chair by the fireplace. He is starting to look kind of ragged, but I love him just the same.

  56. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    My favorite Christmas Decoration is our Christmas tree. It’s full of ornaments that have meaning to our family. There are vintage ornaments from my grandma and mom, ornaments with pictures of our kids and handmade ornaments. I started collecting ornaments from vacations we took which is really fun to look back on places we’ve been to. So many memories in one place🎄

  57. Connie Hoffmeyer Avatar
    Connie Hoffmeyer

    My favorite Christmas decorations are ones that my mother and grandmother have made. My grandmother used to spend days making ornaments to give each of us a bag of them at Christmas. They are precious to me now. My mother was an amazing quilter and her hand appliqué phenomenal. Now she has dementia and the Christmas quilts she has given me are so special.

  58. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I love the Christmas tree especially at night. The lights just make the house feel so warm and cozy. I don’t think my decorating is finished until I have at least one massive poinsettia in traditional red, I would love to have a house full.

  59. Karen Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a small table topper my grandmother made me for a wedding gift.

  60. Marcia McLaughlin Avatar
    Marcia McLaughlin

    Santas! And trees. They make a wonderful combination. Wish I could include a picture of my Santa tree.

  61. Robin Avatar

    My favorite decoration(s) are the 5 glass Christmas bulbs (ornaments)f remaining from my parent’s tree growing up. Don’t know why but we always called round ball ornaments bulbs…lol. They are the first on the tree and take me right back to my childhood.

  62. Barb Avatar

    My very favorite is my vintage tree where lots of the ornaments are from my parents tree. I love those old ornaments!

  63. Jan Avatar

    My trees. The year after Mom had passsd, we hadn’t found the time to put up a real tree when I remembered the table top trees she had started using after it was too much for her & Dad to use a real tree. So I went to their house, found them & have been using them since, 1 in the living room & the other in the family room. Then I unpacked the lighted ceramic tree that I had originally made for my grandma & aunt. Later when finally going through my parents’ belongings I found a ceramic tree I had made for them & a small lighted one that a student had given her. In the dining room is a feather tree & I have antique light bulbs that are all different items from fish to birds to flowers that I found in my grandmother’s & aunt’s house. So my trees remind me of family & when kids get fidgety they’re told to go count the trees in the house.

  64. Jean H. Avatar
    Jean H.

    Our favorite decoration is one from our marriage 45 years ago. The florist who designed our flowers had small wire/pipe cleaner bees with googlie eyes in both my husband’s boutonnière and my bouquet as her shop was call The Busy Bee.. We took them out of the flowers and every year put them on our Christmas tree reminding us of the many years we’ve spent together.

  65. Elizabeth Miller Avatar
    Elizabeth Miller

    The old pictures of my kids with Santa.

  66. Mishell Avatar

    My favorite Christmas Decoration has got to be the kids stockings. Even though their grown, I still look forward to getting out their stockings and finding little things to fill them with.

  67. Renee M. Avatar
    Renee M.

    My favorite Christmas decoration is my Dad’s stained glass Santa’s. When my dad retired he wanted a hobby and learned the beautiful craft of stained glass and became a master craftsman in this lovely art. He used beautiful, unique color and textures of glass to make old fashioned Santa’s like the Wreath Santa, Woodland Santa, Cardinal Santa and Walking Santa. They are large pieces that I hang from chain with hooks anchored into my wood windows.

  68. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon

    My favorite Christmas is my Norman Rockwell quilt that I made from a panel at least 20 years ago. It’s the one of the children following the mailman at Christmas time. I hang it on the inside of my front door. When my dad was alive he always commented on it so I think of him every time I look at it.

  69. Elaine Morgan Avatar
    Elaine Morgan

    My favorite ornaments are the ones I’ve made!

  70. Cathy Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration is greenery and twinkle lights.

  71. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    My favorite Christmas decoration is this trio of red bells. They plug into the porch light and each blinks differently. i’m not sure why they are my favorite (although they may be one of our oldest decorations) but every year I ask my husband to hang them up (even if we don’t get anything else done outside) and he rolls his eyes. You see, he doesn’t really care for them but he hangs them for me anyway. Maybe that’s why I love them so! Haha! Merry Christmas!

  72. Jenny M Avatar
    Jenny M

    My favorite decoration is the tree. We have several ornaments passed down from our parents as well as those we collected and made over the years. So many memories as each is brought out and placed on the tree.

  73. Reese Avatar

    My Advent calendar. It reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas as i wait in anticipation of celebrating my Savior.

  74. Stephanie Woodward Avatar
    Stephanie Woodward

    I love all the lights sparkling like diamonds. Even though we are fortunate enough not to have snow to dance them off of, we do have plenty of rain.

  75. Sharon C Avatar

    I have “Old World” ornaments from places we’ve traveled-San Freancisco cable car, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben…which take me back each year to sweet memories of our adventures together.

  76. Karen in Ohio Avatar
    Karen in Ohio

    Thanks for asking about my favorite Christmas decoration. It would have to be the wooly feather trees I am making this year and using around the house and for gifts. Plus, I have a collection of Nativity sets I treasure.
    Love your decor! Merry Christmas!

  77. lBarbara Ahlf Avatar
    lBarbara Ahlf

    My favorite Christmas decoration is the tree. We have it in a rotary stand. When it goes round and round, the lights seem to twinkle and there is never a back side of the tree. I have old ornaments from Mom, new ornaments and ornaments I made. I love to look at the tree when no other lights are on in the room.

  78. Barbara Heyden Avatar
    Barbara Heyden

    My favorite decoration is the mantle scarf that I made years ago, the blocks are set on point and spell out the word blessed, which is how I feel daily. Merry Christmas everyone.

  79. Kathy Avatar

    My Grandmother made stockings for her three children and their families (and so on) They are all identical. My mom’s stocking is over 80 years old! I know it’s Christmas when these are hung.

  80. Kyra Franz Avatar
    Kyra Franz

    My favorite decoration is the vintage sled we used as kids in the 50s.

  81. Shirley Avatar

    Love the storage containers. My favorite Christmas decoration is a small nativity set which I place on a small wool mat.

  82. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    My favorites are all the ornaments my parents got me yearly as a child and then the ones we collect while traveling. I also have the old cardboard houses that were my mothers as a child that I love to use and are coming back in style

  83. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    My favorite decoration is an ornament my Mother-in-Law brought us when she visited New Zealand when she was 86. She lived to age 100!!!

  84. Sherri Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration is an old lighted church with stained glass windows that wound up and played “Silent Night “. That song was my grandfather’s favorite Christmas carol. My grandparents used to have it sitting on their t.v. and when us kids were old enough to wind it without breaking it, my grandpa would let us wind it and let it play. It brings back wonderful memories of growing up and spending Christmas at my grandparents home. Every year after eating dinner and putting food away and doing dishes, we would gather around the piano and sing Christmas carols, and always end by singing Silent Night. 🌠

  85. Sheryll Biles Avatar
    Sheryll Biles

    Snowmen – they are always smiling, even when melting

  86. Sandra McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra McDaniel

    My favorite decorations are the tree ornaments my daughter made 40 years ago….where did the time go.

  87. Debra Hull Avatar
    Debra Hull

    My favorite Christmas decoration is my Thomas Kincaid Christmas village. So lovely when it’s all lit up in the evening— so peaceful and calming to me.

  88. Sheila S Avatar
    Sheila S

    My very favorite thing that always goes on the Christmas tree, is a little wooden ornament all made out of popsicle sticks that my daughter made when I think she was in kindergarten. It is about 5 sticks across glued to 2 sticks for the back to brace it and red and gold glitter sprinkled all over the front. In my eyes, it is the most beautiful ornament EVER! P.S. She is now in her 40’s.

  89. Deb Ballard Avatar
    Deb Ballard

    My favorite decoration is the Christmas quilt started my my grandmother in the later 40s and finished by myself and her, quilting it together. Always brings me joy through the Christmas season. Debbie

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  90. Kris Sage Avatar
    Kris Sage

    The Lights! On the tree, in the windows around the railings – all offering a sense of welcome and peace

  91. Debra Miller Avatar
    Debra Miller

    My favorite Christmas decoration are the wool red birds that I put on my tree each year. I found a pattern a long time ago and made these red felt birds all year long and also gave one to each member of my family.

  92. Cathy Dill Avatar
    Cathy Dill

    My favorite are 3 special Christmas quilts I’ve made over the years. Since I only use them about a month they seem like a gift when I pull them out of the closet. Even though my taste in colors has changed they are still beautiful,!

  93. Kathy Elwood Avatar
    Kathy Elwood

    My favorite Christmas decoration is my husband’s Santa baby doll that he received in 1953, the year he was born. It has the sweetest face. I love your red and white quilt and the tinsel tree!

  94. Elizabeth Avatar

    My favorite decoration is the garland on my mantel. I have pictures of the people that I love and fun Christmas memories in small red frames nestled among the greenery. I love to hang those photos on the garland every year!

  95. Joni Avatar

    Bubble lights!

  96. KdBrown Avatar

    My favorite decoration is a white church that plays Silent Night from my childhood.

  97. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Darling wooden binding thread containers! My favorite Christmas decoration is my Grandmommie’s old plaster nativity set. I have a cousin who is 4 days older than me, and at our family Christmas Eve parties we would both rearrange the nativity the way we liked it throughout the night. Eventually she had several beautiful nativities, but this was my favorite and I was so thrilled the day she gave it to me. One of the wisemen has lost a nose and the legs of the little manger have broken off. I still store it in a cardboard box with her old address on it. It is one of my treasures. Geandmommie was 97 when she died 9 years ago.

    Have a fun weekend with Nick in Vegas. Hope you get to see our friend, Val.You should have great weather!

  98. Kathy Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration is my almost life size Nativity set that goes on the front porch. We put a spotlight on it and it is very serene and beautiful. While houses around us have their blow up decorations, ours is very simple and beautiful!

  99. Cheryl Adam Avatar

    The handmade stockings I made for everyone. Each one is different and I think they are special as their owners whose names are on them.

  100. Tracey Holzer Avatar
    Tracey Holzer

    Thanks for this chance, Lisa. My favourite decoration is my tree! and our Christmas stockings that my aunt made for my family is a very close second. You have the most beautiful house!!

  101. Donna N Avatar
    Donna N

    I have a string of red and green stuffed hearts that a friend made me many years ago in a guild gift swap. They are made in calicos and just make me smile every time I see them. I hang them in my dining room Thanksgiving night and leave them until New Years. I can remember the fun of that party every time I get them ready to hang. We had so much fun and laughed all night. Food was great too!

  102. Tracy Avatar

    Love my nativity!

  103. Sally Avatar

    It’s hard to pick a favorite so I guess it would be my 9ft tree with all the ornaments I’ve collected over the past 40 years. It’s so fun to reminisce about each one as we decorate the tree. I love decorating for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you Lisa and your family. 🎄🎅🏻🎁

  104. Raquel Garcia Avatar
    Raquel Garcia

    My favorites are Wolfman and The Mummy ornaments (Dracula didn’t make through a falling tree episode) because who can say the have monsters on their tree!

  105. Susan Kerkendall Avatar
    Susan Kerkendall

    A little Sterling silver soldier tree ornament my mom gave me more than 40 years ago. I treasure it.

  106. Susan Polk Avatar
    Susan Polk

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the wool stockings I made for my grandchildren. They really look great on the mantel each year! Merry Christmas Lisa!

  107. Brenda T Avatar
    Brenda T

    Nutcrackers ! And lately I have been coveting some darling gnomes !

  108. Jan Scherbinski Avatar
    Jan Scherbinski

    My favorite decoration is the Navity I had as a kid. We were allowed to play with it and took Jesus on many adventures. When I set it up it brings favorite memories. I love seeing your posts, don’t get tired of them !

  109. Karen Ritter Avatar
    Karen Ritter

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a small ceramic choir boy that also is a bell. We’ve had it since I was a small child. Hanging it every year brings back many memories. Will add a picture after I get the tree up and decorated this weekend. Work travel and illness have slowed me down this year. Thanks for running the 12 days again!

  110. Pam Pollock Avatar

    I love everything Christmas! My current favourites are the Christmas quilts I made for my girls.

  111. Connie Schofield Avatar
    Connie Schofield

    My favorite decoration are the family stockings I hang on my staircase. I started making Christmas stockings when my first child was born and then started making and selling them at Christmas every year. I would take orders for stockings out of my uncles restaurant. I’ve made over 1,000 over the years.

  112. Lou Avatar

    I love decorating for the holidays with my quilts. I have an antique red, green and white quilt on the dining room wall. I like to study the detail of it each time I sit at the table. A cream and red embroidered quilt is over the back of the couch. It is a beautiful quilt. A friend gave it to me several years ago. It does have 2 holes in the center of the quilt. Apparently, a mouse claimed it sometime in the past and chewed the holes to make a nest. I am not sure it can be repaired. I do treasure the handwork someone did in making this quilt and I have forgiven the mouse for trying to create a special home for her family.

  113. Suz Kuhns Avatar
    Suz Kuhns

    Many, many years ago my sister found a baby Jesus and gifted it to me – it looked like it came from a nativity set. It isn’t signed, nor has it a stamp of any kind, but I’ve been told that it was probably a test piece from the Hummel company. My sister paid 50 cents for it at a school fair. It has a place of honor in my nativity set.

  114. Kathy h Avatar
    Kathy h

    My favorite decorations are 2 Santa’s that were my grandmother’s. They always bring back wonderful memories from when we were kids and the excitement of Christmas.

  115. Donna Nelson Avatar
    Donna Nelson

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the crystal ornaments that we have collected over the years. I love the way they reflect the tree lights at night and the sunlight during the day.

  116. Darlene Avatar

    My favorite decoration this year is the red truck, I have two of them on my black lacquered piano under three red poinsettias sitting on a new red truck table runner I just made, with your wool red truck ornament and a red truck tin box.

  117. Sandy G Avatar
    Sandy G

    Love these, I can always use more storage and the handles will come in so handy. I’ve been looking for something for my car to keep it organized. Thanks Lisa!

  118. Diane Russell Avatar
    Diane Russell

    I love my cast iron tree. A couple of years ago I saw an add for a swirly cast iron Christmas tree. I am the only one who likes it though. It is set up in my living/quilt room, and since I am the only one in there it works for me. I love cast iron. Merry Christmas to all and enjoy the holiday with friends and relatives.

  119. candee Avatar

    I love the hand made decorations from swaps with quilting friends and the ones my kids made best, especially when they used handprints.

  120. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    My favorite christmas decorations both remind me of my maternal grandparents. The first is a vintage Santa with a plastic face . I was always drawn to it at my grandma’s and it was the one thing I wanted when her household was dispersed. Another favorite is a scissor-motion style wooden German Santa and elves ornament that my grandparents gave our family when I was little. My oldest daughter will inherit that one day. Unfortunately, no one treasures the Santa like I do. My kids say it is scary.

  121. Athena Butler Avatar
    Athena Butler

    My mom gives me the gift of Decorating my house for Christmas every year. She comes and sets up my whole formal living room top to bottom with beautiful decorations consisting of greeneries and feathered birds. It wouldn’t get done without her!

  122. Ann in PA Avatar
    Ann in PA

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a simple but beautiful Nativity set that was a wedding present from a dear aunt. Nothing else goes up until that graces the mantel. It stays up until Greek Christmas, and I’m not Greek! lol In our commercialized society Christmas is quickly replaced with Valentine’s Day & Easter; I savor the Spirit of Christmas long after the holiday rush is over. Of course, once the Nativity is on display, out come the quilts, Santas, angels, elves, garland, baskets, ornaments for my year round Prim tree, sleighs with bows & skates, etc, Blessings!

  123. Kathie Weatherford Avatar
    Kathie Weatherford

    Of course love decorations with all my quilts.

  124. Sandy Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decorations are my ornaments that have been made by my quilting friends, I love looking at them and seeing the dates they were made 20-25 years ago. I try to make a few more every year to add to my tree. So I guess I really like my tree the best. Merry Christmas!!!

  125. Nancy Vanderloop Avatar
    Nancy Vanderloop

    My Christmas tree. I smile whenever I look at it.

  126. Anne Thate Avatar
    Anne Thate

    My favorite decoration is my Christmas pyramid that my mom and I brought back from the Christmas markets in Germany. It is so much fun to light the candles and see it spin.

  127. Karren Avatar

    My favorite is my collection of nativities — I have lots of them!

  128. Rita Manetta Avatar
    Rita Manetta

    Anything snowman!

  129. Gerrie Huth Avatar
    Gerrie Huth

    My snowman family I have on my kitchen window sill I made 30 years ago out of paper and glue.

  130. Joann Bauer Avatar
    Joann Bauer

    I have an ornament with my girls’ picture that was taken in 1982. It hangs front and center every year! Makes me smile just thinking about it!

  131. donnalevesque Avatar

    Favorite would be the lights. White lights everywhere!

  132. Jane harig Avatar
    Jane harig

    I have a stuffed Santa I made in 1982 that is toddler size. I absolutely love it. I’ve made a few extra for close friends also, real fur and all!

  133. wilma serrao Avatar
    wilma serrao

    My favorite decorations are like ornaments for the trees or quilts I made for my family every year that come out to make part of the celebrations and enjoy the fond memories with them. i loved the tinsel tree but more the ornaments on them. wanted a close up picture. loved the candy cane wall art and the quilt on the dining table.

  134. Sharon Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the various quilted pieces I have made through the years with my best friend / quilting buddy, Linda!

  135. Carol M Wilkie Avatar
    Carol M Wilkie

    I have a few things of my Grandmothers that I like to put out. I have old German ornaments that I always put on my tree. I also have an antique Santa that holds a coke bottle that my Grandmother always displayed.

  136. Roni Hunt Avatar
    Roni Hunt

    My favorite Christmas decoration is the tree!! So many memories are packed onto my tree.

  137. Kathy Blair Avatar
    Kathy Blair

    Is the photo of your home Lisa? I would love to know how you floor was done… Thanks for any information! Kathy

  138. PK Binns Avatar
    PK Binns

    The ornaments my children made when they were young are right up there. My next favorite is a Christmas present wall hanging I made many years ago from a buggy barn pattern.

  139. Sharon Avatar

    I would have to say my favorite is a Christmas quilt I made years ago and I hang every season.

  140. Edie Frasier Avatar
    Edie Frasier

    Lisa your tinsel tree looks great on the red/white quilt on your table. My favorite Christmas decoration is a sweet little angel tree topper I made decades ago. It reminds me of the one my grandmother had on her tree.

  141. Donna Bacon Avatar
    Donna Bacon

    I love decorating with the needle point stockings I have made for each of my family members.

  142. Bonnie Mielke Avatar
    Bonnie Mielke

    My favorite decoration is groups of lighted Christmas trees everywhere throughout the house. Love the light over your dining room table…I have the same one in my lake home.

  143. Glenda Summerlin Avatar
    Glenda Summerlin

    My favorite decoration is a big wooden bowl filled with pinecones, second is the wooly tree I made last year.

  144. Pat Spurgeon Avatar
    Pat Spurgeon

    My “old” favorite Christmas decoration is a Santa block exchange quilt that was done in 1998. It features 9 fabulous Santas and several Christmas trees. My “new” favorite decoration is the “Like Father Like Son” reindeer pillow that was featured in your Christmas open house this year. I’ve had so many compliments on it! Thanks for the cute pattern!

  145. Patty Archuleta Avatar
    Patty Archuleta

    My favorite Christmas decoratio is an old time Santa painted on an antique ironing board.

  146. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a tiny pink felt stocking ornament made upon my birth by my great aunt. She glued sequins around the edges. As far as I know, that’s as close to sewing as she ever got!

  147. Sandi Avatar

    My favorite decoration is my 4 foot hot pink Christmas tree with hot pink lights, I keep that one in my kitchen with my glass fruit and vegetable ornaments.

  148. Donna Shockley Avatar
    Donna Shockley

    My favorite are little ceramic mice ornaments that my Mother made years ago when she was doing ceramics. She’s long gone now but they have a front row on my tree. One is an angel, one is grandma sitting in a chair knitting, one a choir singer, one a stocking with two sleeping mice babies, and the last one a one in jammies holding a candle. Sooo cute

  149. Roxie Ahlbrecht Avatar
    Roxie Ahlbrecht

    My favorite Christmas ornament is the hardanger angel on the top of my tree. My sister made it and gave it to me on my first Christmas alone after a difficult year. It’s the first item I put on the tree and the last item off each year.

  150. Becky Stevens Avatar
    Becky Stevens

    We never grow tired of you. I cant narrow it down to just one favorite, everything about Christmas is my favorite. Vegas is one of my happy places. Enjoy. Becky Stevens casper wy

  151. Rita Hays Avatar
    Rita Hays

    My favorite decoration is a Hallmark set of 5 “Happy Tappers” , electronic music and dancing when they are hooked together. My grandchildren love them

  152. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    Love your tree!!! And the red white quilt is gorgeous under it! Favorite decoration is the ornaments the kids made when they were little, they are so cute and remind me of how fast they grew. Thanks for the fun!

  153. Vicki Avatar

    My favorite is our Christmas tree. It’s full of ornaments our daughter made when she was young (she’s now 48!), given to me by friends, or collected from our travels. I love to leave the room lights off and just watch the soft lights of the tree. Hope you have a wonderful getaway and a very Happy Holiday season.

  154. Karalee Morris Avatar
    Karalee Morris

    My favorite Christmas decoration is an old Santa in a plastic sled that my Grandmother gave to my husband & I the first Christmas we were married. It has some artificial greens tucked around Santa in the sled. That was 41 years ago and my grandmother was 100 yrs old. It’s kind of shabby now but I love it anyway because it brings such wonderful memories!

  155. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    My favorite decoration is a nativity set I made in Camp Lejeune North Carolina when my husband was stationed there with Force Troops. I went to the craft room, bought slip by the gallon, had to pour it in molds, bake it, finish and paint. I love it yet. My name is on each piece and it’s a full set. Wish I could send a picture…

  156. Mary Anne Bryndal Avatar
    Mary Anne Bryndal

    My mother did counted cross stitch stockings for each of my daughters for their first Christmas, now 34 years ago. They are the first things that I hang on the tree along with a tiny pair of shoes they both wore on a ribbon. I am blessed to still have my mother with me, celebrating her 95th year this holiday season. Merry christmas everyone!

  157. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    My favourite is a wall hanging I made. The pattern is by Nancy Halvorsen and it is a manger scene with the embroidery “Joy to the world, the Lord is come-Let earth receive her King”.

  158. Joan R Avatar
    Joan R

    Hard to choose a favorite decoration. But I would say the old ones which bring back floods of memories are my favorites. They may be worn and cheesy but still holds special places in my memories of Christmases past.

  159. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    I forgot to add that was in 1969.

  160. Sandra Hansen Avatar
    Sandra Hansen

    My favorite decoration is the tree. There are some old ornaments that bring back memories and I love them.

  161. Mary Smith Avatar
    Mary Smith

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a Snowman doll that my don bought for me at a craft show. I tuck him into a wreath over my fireplace and he’s always sming down on me. Warms my heart!

  162. geriwood13@att.net Avatar

    I have a 6’ Nutcracker I call the dead guy because when I bought him I felt like I had a dead guy in the back of my SUV

  163. Charmaine Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decoration is the ceramic nativity set my mother-in-law made many many years ago. I set it up every year. It’s such a special reminder, not just of the reason we celebrate Christmas, but also it’s a reminder of how special my mother-in-law was!

  164. Katie Avatar

    The little pinecone elves from when I was a child in the ’50s and ’60s. Every year my mother made a “candy house” and I loved all the little creatures she populated it with.

  165. Kim Pebley Avatar
    Kim Pebley

    My favorite decoration is a lighted tree. Then the Nativity. I love early mornings and late nights sitting in the dark with my lighted tree.

  166. Michelle Condon Avatar
    Michelle Condon

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite…top of the list would be wooden pyramid we bought when we were stationed in Germany in the mid-90’s. It’s starting to show a little wear and tear and it’s hard to find replacement candles for it, but I love it!

  167. Carol Avatar

    I have a “culinary Santa” bearing a tray of gingerbread men, he has his black and white chefy checked pants and chef’s toque on….he’s on the kitchen table, watching me in my sometimes frantic Christmas prep mode….he makes me smile! He’s from my sister, who has breast cancer…I’ll treasure him always.

  168. mary h Avatar
    mary h

    I would have to say my handmade quilts, cross stitch and wool pieces. They bring memories of when I made them and friends I stitch with.

  169. Sandra Weiss Avatar
    Sandra Weiss

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a nativity scene purchased at a craft fair. They are soft sculptures with no facial features. The creche is built with barn wood by my husband. The camels won my heart and I had to have the whole set. Wish I could post a photo!

  170. marie Avatar

    It’s our wool stockings that I made with your pattern. I hang them on the knobs of our antique looking rough wood TV cabinet.

  171. Sharon Avatar

    Musical snow globes!

  172. Jan Meier Avatar
    Jan Meier

    I have so many! A needlepoint Nativity that I did for my parents in 1979…which I have on an easel at the foot of our tree, wool applique Christmas stockings for my grandchildren, Santas everywhere! 🎄

  173. Sharon Browne Avatar
    Sharon Browne

    My favorite is the collection of cat ornaments I have, most of which my sister gave me.

  174. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    My son was born on Christmas Eve and came home from the hospital in a red and white Christmas stocking!
    That is my favorite decoration and we display it every year.

  175. needleminder Avatar

    My favorite Christmas Decoration is hard, but if you’re making me choose just one, it’s the smile on the faces of the ones I love!

  176. Ursula Avatar

    I can’t do without my collection of nutcrackers. When my daughter was young, we always attended a production of The Nutcracker Suite, and she always insisted that her favorite large nutcracker should come with us. Since he resembled the nutcracker in the production, I couldn’t refuse. He always attracted the attention of the other children there. Today, that nutcracker lives at her house – and I have an assortment in various sizes that decorate the house every Christmas. So – they’re definitely my favorite decoration!

  177. terri mulinix Avatar
    terri mulinix

    I have a Tindel tree also I love. But my favorite it a Christmas angel that was in my first tree as a child

  178. Ellen R Avatar
    Ellen R

    I married my husband when his kids were teenagers and there was more tension than peace in the house for a long time. Twenty years later my favorite decoration is a table wreath my oldest stepdaughter made me for our first Christmas together. For me the wreath is hope and the faith that things will be ok.

  179. Kathy D Avatar
    Kathy D

    Hard to choose a favorite, love our many nativity sets and thr Christmas tree with lots of lights. And snowmen are lovely too. Have to have my quilts, have 3 and then a few more in the making. Just love Christmas. Have fun in Vegas!

  180. connandvansmom Avatar

    my favorite Christmas decoration is some deer made out of straw and my bottle brush trees

  181. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I love my new wooly tree that I made but my favorite ornaments are the ones we made as kids that I still put on my tree 50 years later ❤️

  182. Janet S Avatar
    Janet S

    I can’t come up with a favorite. I like everything I have. I couldn’t part with any of it and I have a lot. I like new things as well, but can’t part with my old. If I really had to pick, it would be my entire tree. My tree is filled with memories. I started collecting ornaments in the 70’s when I had first my job. then of course kids, vacations, gifts, they all mean something to me. So I guess if I really had to pick, it would be my tree. 🙂
    Merry Christmas

  183. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    I have a special pink ornament that was my mom’s it goes front and center every year so I can easily see it. She passed when I was young.

  184. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    My all-time favorite decorations are the crocheted snowflakes and angels my mom has crocheted for me. They mean the world to me. She is getting to the point now that it’s harder for her to do crocheting so now they are even more precious!

  185. Terri S. Avatar
    Terri S.

    I love anything old fashioned! From tinsel and ceramic trees, bulbs, and Christmas stockings. I have an old fashioned tree and many items on there remind me of my childhood.

  186. Kathy Martin Avatar
    Kathy Martin

    I can’t pick one. I love everything Christmas. I have to say though that Christmas trees are my favorite. It always makes me feel a little sad when its time to put away the Christmas decorations. Everything looks a little bare for a while when the Christmas decorations come down.

  187. Nancy Skinner Avatar
    Nancy Skinner

    My favorite is my Christmas goose. Its just a Canadian goose decoy that I put a ribbon around her neck and some Christmas foliage in a hole in her back. She sits by my front door every year.

  188. Katherine Avatar

    For many years I was part of a handmade ornament exchange group. When I decorate my tree each year it is so wonderful to reminisce about the friends who made those ornaments.

  189. Charlotte Schindler Avatar
    Charlotte Schindler

    After being married 52 years (as of Dec. 17th), I could not possibly pick a favorite. I have way too many!! But the ones that were handmade by a friend or family member hold a special place in my heart.

  190. jrp53 Avatar

    My favorite decoration is a small fold-up nativity scene, purchased by my parents when they were newlywed and the war made things like that very scarce. It brings back such great memories of childhood Christmases.

  191. Tracey Zigo Avatar
    Tracey Zigo

    My favorite Christmas decoration is a plate of cookies. Every year I make 15-16 different kinds – usually 10-12 are family favorites and then I try out a few new ones. That tray of cookies seems to really make it seem like Christmas.

  192. Marilyn Moody Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Moody Hopkins

    I love, love, love Christmas and decorating the house for it. I think our tree is my favorite . Ornaments range from my children’s ( who are now in their forties – oh my!) first Christmas to my grands’ (who are 19,16, & 13) to new ones I seem to have to collect every year. It just brings back so many wonderful memories of Christmases past and present.

  193. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    I have a new favorite this year. It’s a Santa made from an antique red and white quilt. He is just beautiful.

  194. Chrs Avatar

    Our Christmas decorations are not complete until the Nativity set is up. I have several displayed and enjoy looking at them throughout the season.

  195. Tina L Avatar
    Tina L

    Love those red and green quilts!! In fact, I am in love with the red and white quilt you have on your table. Can you please let me know if there is a pattern for this?

  196. NANCY THOMAS Avatar

    My jingle bell wreath! It was my Dad’s that hung on his front door. It was his favorite because it reminded him of sleigh bells that he would harness on his team.

  197. Sally Christiansen Avatar
    Sally Christiansen

    My favorite Christmas decorations are my 2 Christmas quilts with several holiday pillows.

  198. BarbBQue Avatar

    Guess I am a traditional gal – I love the green and red Christmas colors. I enjoy making a different tree ornament each year since my children were born – 47 and 49 years ago – one for each of them. As they married I gifted each of them their ornaments. As for me, I enjoy trees of all sorts and sizes. And poinsettias!

  199. Cathy Cavagnaro Avatar
    Cathy Cavagnaro

    My favorite decorations were made by my now grown children when they were in elementary school. Pipe cleaners, paper doilies, popsicle sticks, glitter and sequins! All with the school photo with missing teeth, quirky hair cuts and memorable clothing choices. Thank you elementary school teachers everywhere.

  200. Kim Kopac Avatar
    Kim Kopac

    My favorite Christmas pieces are my Grandmothers crocheted Christmas Ornaments. Every time I put them on the tree warm memories come back of my family – just what Christmas is all about!!!

  201. Connie Thompson Avatar
    Connie Thompson

    My favorite decoration is a clear ornament with an “angel feather” in it given to me in remembrance of my Mother, who, despite little money as kids, always made Christmas special. I know she and my Dad sacrificed things for themselves to let us 6 kids have a simple, but nice Christmas. We thought nothing of the fact Santa brought toys to share….

  202. Patricia Wright Avatar
    Patricia Wright

    My favorite Christmas decoration is my Bethlehem village made by Department 56.

  203. Nancy Avatar

    My favorite decoration is an ornament that was on my mother’s tree the entire time I was growing up. I was never fond of it–it’s a bunch of glass bells. The year before my mom passed, my husband asked my mom why this particular ornament was so special. My mom went on to tell him that my dad had stolen it off a Christmas tree at a huge party they were at after my mom commented on it. He presented it to her after they arrived home. When I was growing up, my father was a humbug. He did not celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family. I can barely imagine him going to a party and stealing an ornament to make his wife smile. It helped me understand why my mother married my father.

  204. Nancy H Avatar
    Nancy H

    My husband has a kaleidoscope with a Christmas ornament and evergreen insert. The patterns from the greens and red, white ornaments are beautiful to look at.

  205. Deb Silva Avatar
    Deb Silva

    My favorite decoraton is 2-8″ miniature Christmas trees I decorated in memory of my father and my dog in ’93 when both passed away.

  206. Judy Hunsberger Avatar
    Judy Hunsberger

    My favorite decorations are the Christmas tree and the Christmas quilt “Home For the Holidays” I hang in the great room. I also love the nativity set I get to put on display each year.

  207. Wendy P Avatar
    Wendy P

    My favorite decoration is a Santa Claus ornament that has been on our Christmas tree at least since I was born. Lucky you finding a tinsel tree – I’m still on the hunt for one.

  208. Sherrill L Ash Avatar
    Sherrill L Ash

    My favorite decorations are all things 12 Days of Christmas related. I have ornaments, figurines, dishes and even quilts!

  209. Linda Ferguson Avatar
    Linda Ferguson

    My favorite decoration is a little pillow my son colored on fabric in pre-school. He just turned 34! Lisa I also love silver trees. My mom put one up each year with blue bulbs and a light wheel!

  210. Diana g Weirich Avatar
    Diana g Weirich

    My favorite decoration is a tree ornament bought many years ago at a local craft sale. It is a pig angel, with a lace dress, halo and playing a small harp! She is about 5″ tall and always a favorite of my boys when they were small. I had 2 and recently gave one to my oldest son, who is celebrating his first Christmas with his new wife.

  211. Betsy Beech Avatar
    Betsy Beech

    My first Christmas stocking, now an antique, like me!

  212. Susan White Avatar
    Susan White

    My gingerbread tree, decorated with gingerbread people and candy ornaments, all ready for the gingerbread house decorating party for the grandkids and adults too!

  213. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    My favorite Christmas decorations are small “Christmas” wall hangings that can hang in different areas of the house. Small, so they fit about anywhere.

  214. Martha Taylor Avatar
    Martha Taylor

    My very favorite is my collection of The First Family with baby Jesus. I can leave those up all year around and enjoy them. My next favorite is my snowman collection, both softies and others; with I can leave up all winter and enjoy. Since I grew up in the midwest and snow country, I can appreciate all the snowmen but not the cold which comes with them. Merry Christmas to all!!!

  215. Cindy Avatar

    My favorite decoration this year is the glass, sparkly christmas trees. They look like mercury glass! I have bought so many of them that my husband is worrying about where to store them. I keep telling him that I will figure that out later!

  216. debbie haggard Avatar
    debbie haggard

    I have to name a Favorite? like… just one ?! wow. I was given some of the Christmas cards that my grandmother received before she was married, and some that she and my grandfather received just after they were married. they are postmarked from 1927 thru 1932. I clip them onto a string and have them as a ‘banner’ across the front of my china cabinet. The style, artistry, and beauty of those old cards is so different than today’s cards. i love to look at them and be reminded of family history.

  217. Carmen Avatar

    I decorate very simply these days. All of my favorite ornaments grace the garland on the mantel. Many have sentimental value.

  218. Vicki Ascher Avatar
    Vicki Ascher

    My favorite are the ornaments on the tree as they finish my tree with the fond memories of family and friends and worldly travels over the years.

  219. Brenda C Avatar
    Brenda C

    My favorite Christmas decorations are definitely my nutcrackers. I collected them for years, especially the hand made ones from Germany. It is such a treat getting them out and enjoying them.

  220. Sharon Z. Avatar
    Sharon Z.

    My favorite decoration, this year, is my Like Father, Like Son pillow!

  221. Sandra H Avatar
    Sandra H

    We never get tired of you! I love my Christmas quilt, Santa & reindeer in the photo booth. Bought the pattern from you at the Houston International Quilt Festival a number of years ago. My son got tears in his eyes the first time he saw it. The quilt reminded him of all our photo booth shenanigans!

  222. Kathe Howe Avatar
    Kathe Howe

    My favorite is a snowman Christmas card holder which is the full size of my front door. My pretty cards can be shared with all who enter.

  223. moosebaymusings Avatar

    My favorite is my little feather tree with woodland decorations.

  224. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    SO many favorites….but the house would not be completely decorated if I didn’t have my father’s faux Christmas wreath up on the inside of our kitchen door.

  225. Karen D Ragsdale Avatar
    Karen D Ragsdale

    My favorite decoration is our “Charlie Brown Tree” — when we’re able to find one from a local market — we leave the mountain area tree-cutting to the younger folks these days! — everything else just falls into place. Enjoy your get-a-way and Merry Christmas!

  226. Jan Pittenger Avatar
    Jan Pittenger

    My favorite is an appliqued Christmas Quilt that I made several years ago! It’s one of my very favorites and hangs in my dining room area.

  227. Peggy Voorhees Avatar
    Peggy Voorhees

    My favorite decoration this year are a slew of cardinals. None of those lovely birds in eastern Washington state.

  228. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    My most cherished Christmas decoration are my grandparent’s ornaments. I always think of all the Christmases they have seen over the years. My grandfather lived to be 101, and just passed away 3 years ago.

  229. Janet Avatar

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the hallmark ornaments I started for each of my kids….when they were born……jmh

  230. Donna Sproston Avatar
    Donna Sproston

    My favorite Christmas decorations are the hand knit stockings our daughter made for the entire family. She was leaving for the Peace Corps the end of October and asked if we could have an early Thanksgiving dinner. For the week prior she kept her bedroom door closed and told me it was off limits. The family had a big Thanksgiving dinner, and the next morning at breakfast she brought the well stuffed stockings to the table for an early Christmas. Each one is different, made especially for each member of the family. As our family has grown with the the birth of grandchildren, each received a stocking from their favorite aunt!

  231. Theresa Avatar

    Trees of all shapes and sizes…they can hold nothing or be decked to the nines. A tree holds the memories of seasons pasts and brings smiles and joy for the current season along with hope and excitement for the seasons yet to come.
    Merry Christmas

  232. kade Avatar

    My favorite decoration is the nativity set my husband bought when we first got married.