12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 9 Updated

There were are few things left off of this original post…like the question you are to comment on to win…I am hoping more people comment as the prizes will be awesome  trust me!!!!


Also the Bosal fusible web was not listed on our site…


DAY 9-Fusible Web-Introducing a new one

Hmmm this is a big one…I love fusible web…I know some of you do NOT or maybe just certain ones…but I believe that the fusible holds all the hairy fibers of the wool nice and neat…and it adheres to the background with no pins…pins/glue/staples are a nightmare and yes some people use these and swear by them…but look at their work…and that might make up your mind for you…look at the workmanship.  If you do not care about this…then fine…but I know most of you who put your blood, sweat and tears into these wool projects care…and want them to be the best they can be!  Now onto the fusible issues…

I love Steam-a-seam 2 Lite….but I do believe it has gotten a little more “gummie” than before…but…I still like it…and I do not have a problem with the gummie-ness…It really does not bother me…

I also believe there is NO PERFECT fusible…there are things about each one I do not care for…image

CONFESSION- I have been trying a new one…it is by Bosal...It is a complete dream to stitch with…downfall?  The paper isn’t easy to remove, the remedy/trick…heat the heck out of it and it works just fine…and …there is no pre-stitcking of shapes while placing…but…It’s super soft…so you all will love to stitch with it.


In case you are wondering here are the other issues I have with more fusibles…

Heat n Bond– makes appliques too stiff /no pre-stick

Soft fuse– paper releases off of shapes too soon/no pre-stick

So here is my newest method for using fusible web…

I use the SAS2Lite for all my stems/vines and things that need that pre-stick for positoning…and…I do not ever stitch INTO the stems…just cross-stitch over them…so no gummie needle…but then I use the BOSAL for any or all of the other shapes…so I guess I now use a COMBINATION of 2 FUSIBLES.

I know Randy has also tried the Bosal and asked for more during the Summer Block of the week…so you can ask him if he likes it or what he uses now….maybe I’ll have him guest write something here…

Reply from Randy…


This is me being to lazy to re-type it…lol…and a little peek at something there…too bad it will be probably a year before you will see what that one is…blame it on Martingale…not me!

Click HERE to go to our Fusible Web sale…We have different size options available.

I am hoping I have something cool to post while in Vegas…

NOTE: If you didn’t know or figure out that I work on these posts ahead of time and then release them the day they are to air…so since I am in Vegas while this one is posting…I thought I would share my dessert from the day we arrived…we had a late breakfast and when we were a little hungry I decided I wanted to try a dessert instead of lunch…there was an ad in the plane flyer about it…it was at Spago in the Bellagio Hotel (that’s the one with the outside fountain show) which just happens to be so close…here it is…It lemon, its straight from HEAVEN and I ate the whole thing!  It was a little bigger than a baseball but not quite a softball…lol IMG_9611


I never really thought of myself as a “foodie” but I guess I am…I love food…I was spoiled as a child growing up with home cooked meals made with love and it has wrecked me…Food to me is not just to survive…it is so much more…I’ve tried to deny it…tried to just live on the bare minimum to maybe look good on camera/photos…but to no avail…I can only do it for so long and I’m back to enjoying the true art that food can be…also…I love cooking and baking with “little man”…we have a recipe to share soon…but in the meantime…image

I’ll share this with you…It’s a free download from Mother Moda…simple sewing labels…any label is better than no label…just save it and print it on primitive muslin or someting close to that…or you can trace them with a light box onto fabric if you do not know how to run fabric throught your printer….remember to also label the back of your wool projects…you can just fuse a label to them.

Now that we can upload video…I thought I might share a little bit of the show…not the whole thing in case you are coming for Christmas…but a part…I know some of you will never see it…so this is for you…my best….Lisa

Have you ever been to Vegas?  If yes…tell me your favorite part…if not…why?




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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

106 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 9 Updated

  1. Yes, I have been to Vegas – what an experience! Loved, Loved, Loved the Cirque du’Soleil show “Love” – it was the best. And seeing Bette Midler in concert at Caesars Palace was the frosting on the cake. And thanks for sharing your fusible web info with us. May have to try Bosal and see how it works!

  2. I love Vegas. Love the energy, love wandering in and out of the casino along the strip. Need to go again soon.

  3. I still use Steam a Seam 2 Lite, but have noticed that it’s a lot gummier now then it ever was before. I never had issues with my needle getting sticky until after they had all the paper issues a few years back when production was put on hold. I tried Heat n bond and I found that it doesn’t bond…my appliqués fall off. I will most likely keep using Steam a Seam 2 Lite as that just works for me. I would never staple my wool, although people swear by it. I like the stability that I get with the fusible. The view from your hotel is incredible, hope you have a blast in Vegas.

  4. Never been to Vegas. If I could get away from work, I’d go to a convention or to visit my cousin who lives there.

  5. I’ve been to Vegas and probably the thing I loved was also the fountain at the Bellagio, the synchronization with the music is so fun to watch. I also love all things Chihuly and his glass work is phenomenal in the Bellagio. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  6. The quilt label you show. An it is a download, I could download from your email, plus I been searching an can not find….but a great idea

  7. I have been to Vegas. I love going into the different hotels and see how they ar decorated. We have also seen several shows there that were a lot of fun. I am going to have to try the new fusible for a wool project soon..

  8. That lemon dessert was amazing to look at but oh boy the inside looked so yummy! I love anything lemon and can’t imagine how you would make something like that, only a true professional baker would know.

  9. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time in Vegas! I didn’t see the Bosal Splendid Web Plus on your website. Do you sell it? Thank you and have fun!

  10. I really am happy with Heat n bond lite for all my wool applique, I cut the stems on the bias and they are more flexible.

  11. I have been to Vegas several times…….loved all the lights and the shows are fantastic! I agree SAS does seem gummier than before, but I have not fiound anything else I like better. I might try Bosal on my next wool project and see how that goes.

  12. I find Vegas a place to get lost in all it’s glitter. Love the gondola ride. But abnd yes there is a but…I hate to gamble. That is money I can spend on fabric instead. So I just enjoy the sites and food. Oh I too am a foodie. Food is how we celebrate life and I’m all for celebrations!

  13. Wow! That dessert is crazy! Yesterday was my husbands BD so I had friends over for “cake in the kitchen”. In summer we do “pie on the porch”. Two others had belated BD’s so I made 3 cakes, poppyseed w/lemon filling, angel food w/blueberry sauce, and brownie w/cream cheese & peppermint. Of course everyone had to try all 3! You are not alone in your Food Life! I’m gonna try that Bosol. Enjoy Vegas! We had the same view last time we were there!😍

  14. I have been to Vegas, but I was a kid. We stayed at the Circus Circus. What an experience!

    Thank you for the update on fusible web. I have had terrible problems with stickiness with the SAS2 and couldn’t understand why it is always recommended. I will have to try the Bosal.

  15. Oh my goodness! My first thought with yesterday’s question about what we would like to see you write about on your blog….this was it! Thank you! I love hearing your tips and thoughts.

  16. I have been to Vegas twice and enjoyed the excitement and atmosphere!I know my husband would love to go again but with me on crutches, there is too much walking!

  17. Hi Lisa:
    I fuse a lot and steam a Seam 2 lite leaves a lot to be desired. However, it is the best so far. Thanks for your recommendation.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

  18. No, I’ve never been to Vegas. Just never had the interest in going there.
    I didn’t see the Bosal on your website. Will you be selling it in your store soon? I’d like to get some.

  19. You got me hooked on SAS2. I will try the new one. I love people watching in Vegas. Always something going on. That desset looks yummy. Have fun!

  20. Yes! Multiple times to see Celine – great show!!
    It’s just amazing what they have created on such a relatively small area!!
    Last time I was there was for a quilt retreat came home with an extra sewing machine 🤣
    It was sad to see so many homeless everywhere:(

  21. Went to Vegas 5 years ago. Ate at the Heart Attack Grill down by the old remodeled strip. Best fries ever!! Course they are fried in lard. Highly recommend going by the Bellagio too, the water show with the music is awesome!!

  22. Yes I have been to Vegas…the sites and lights are amazing and you see everything there.. I hate to loose my money as I always think of the quilting things I could buy with that money LOL… as for the fusibles I have started to use only Soft Fuse and like it very much…

  23. So yes I have been to Vegas. I am not a gambling girl so it would not be my pick for a vacation. I guess basically I don’t want to spend my money that way. .

  24. That lemon dessert looks divine! I may need to convince my husband that we need to make a trip to Vegas 😉

    I don’t see the Bosal on the website yet and want to try it out. Please post an update when it’s up!

  25. I’m glad to see you and Nick are getting to do something fun. Hope you have having good luck.

    I use several different types of fusible. I have gotten a little frustrated with SAS2 lite since they changed owners/manufacturers. I don’t like a sticky needle. I tried fabric softener sheets, and they are a pain in the neck, to clean my needle and decided that was a bust. Anyway, to me, I am not a purist, therefore I will continue to use fusible because it makes my stitching time more enjoyable. I have just came to grips with the fact there isn’t one that is suitable for all tasks. Now, I’m happy and just moving on.

    Hope Nick wins big $$$, also hoping he is mending nicely from his surgeries and will be ice fishing before long.

  26. I have never been to Vegas. There are just so many places to visit and Vegas has not been one of them yet. Thanks for your tips on fusible web

  27. Will you have the Bosal available to order? I’ve been to Vegas only once many years ago. I’m not a gambling gal but it is a great people watching town! I have not liked the new steam a seam since it was re-released due to the gumminess of the needle no matter how much steam I used. I have been using it only for stems because of the pre-stick and Soft Fuse for everything else because it is so easy to stitch through and your needle stays clean.

  28. We went to LV last year to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary. Not into gambling. We did go see Cirque Soleil, which we loved. Also loved The Christmas Goose quilt shop, which we visited. Red Rock State Park, which we visited another year, is another favorite.

  29. I’ve been to LV many many times over the years to visit family. I love to shop at the quilt shops in the area. Quiltique is my current favorite LV shop. I love your video, a view I haven’t seen before. Will you have Bosal in your booth at Road 2 CA?

  30. My favorite thing about Las Vegas is that my BFF, Ruth Melvin lives there. We never do touristy things. We just hang out, shop, cook, sew, watch movies, go out to eat, sit and talk for hours.

    My second favorite things is the Christmas Goose quilt shop! It is a darling shop and has tons of reproductions and wool which are my very favorite. Once a month I drive three hours from Cedar City, Utah, to take classes with the one and only Val Krueger. She is the best teacher and I learn something new every time. We often carpool and make it a 1 day trip, and it is worth those last few tired miles!

    And I love steam a seam 2. If it gets sticky, I use an alcohol wipe to clean my needle or I use more steam. I love the way it clings to the fabric and the paper stays on. I agree, it seems to be a bit more sticky, but it’s the easiest and my favorite. You taught me well.

  31. And that lemon dessert looks glorious! Hope you and Nick have a great time. I bet you are anxious to get home and love on that darling new grandbaby! Merry Christmas, and thanks for sharing with us.

  32. Hi Lisa, I have been to Las Vegas, and my favorite part is people watching… such a spectacular variety. It’s also about who I’m with that makes it so much fun… that goes for any traveling. Thanks for the video, the waterfalls were cool, and that desert was beautiful. Like the labels too, I keep forgetting to do that. Looking forward to trying Bosal. Hugs, Jakey

  33. I have never even heard of Bosal…will have to give it a try. Oh my that lemon dessert looks divine. Eat as much as you can, before too long you will be running after TWO Little men…you will need your energy!

  34. Oh, I got so excited for you about your little men, I forgot to say that I have never visited Vegas.

  35. Yes I’ve been to Vegas a few times, my husband loved to gamble, but my favorite things were the quilt shops!! They have great ones there.

  36. I have been through Las Vegas a long time ago…on our honeymoon but we did not stay there. It was in August so very hot and the heater in our car would not stop blowing hot air! We were young and crazy and drove through death valley with the heater blasting and a bag of ice out the window so it would melt and blow a mist back into the car. We were so happy to head north up the coast from LA and once we got to Oregon it rained all the way back home from there.

  37. I have not been to Vegas yet, I think after seeing your pictures that I will have to go in the future.

  38. You have to go to Carnival Court outside of Harrah’s. The Bar-tainers are fantastic. You will love the show

  39. Yes been to Vegas. Took embrodery classed from Walter Floriani and had a great time seeing shows and eating. Loved the video. Sooo beautiful. Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

  40. Yes, I’ve been to Vegas, what a place! I’m not a gambler but the restaurants and people watching (people watching like no where else!!) make it worth a visit. Also, I used it as a jumping off point to visit the Grand Canyon and that is a must see, it is so much grander than any photo. Probably the best view of Las Vegas is from the airplane as your plane approaches the Vegas airport and you see the Strip suddenly appear in the desert.

  41. I am always willing to try something to help me bring my project to a finish I will be happy with! I think I need to try this usable.

  42. Been to Vegas once. They kept my money, but had fun anyway. Highlight was the Elton John concert and Valley of Fire state park. I use SS 2 and just deal with the gumminess. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!

  43. No I have never been to Vegas….too far from Australia! One day I will make it to the US! Thanks for the free labels, this will be great, especially for my little things like table runners that I generally forget to label. Enjoy your break.

  44. I like the steam a seam 2 lite, although I agree the newer version of it seams stickier😬 Why change something if it is working well???? I will be trying some of the Bonsal fusible. Have a wonderful trip!

  45. Drove through Vegas once on the way to a wedding in Phoenix. Did stop to tour the Hoover Dam which was very interesting.
    I mostly use SAS lite but would love to try Bosal.

  46. No have never been to Vegas. No good reason why not. Maybe there needs to be a quilt retreat there.

  47. I use Heat n Bond lite and have never had an issue with it. I’ll have to look for Bosal and maybe give it a try.

  48. The lemon dessert is a work of art. Thanks for the free labels. Have fun in Vegas. Hopefully you will come home richer than when you left.

  49. We’ve never been to Vegas but would like to see it sometime. Enjoy your time there! Bonsal is one I have not tried but would like to. I have always used SAS lite.

  50. My favorite time in vegas was being part of a wedding. We went to one of the little wedding chapels then we took a limo up to the mountains for a unbelievable dinner.

  51. I have always used a temporary spray glue. I will have to try these – you made a very valid point of the edges. Thank you

  52. Love Steam a seam lite 2. Still have a bunch and just keep using what I got. Do use alcohol wipe if needed, but lots of steam too.

  53. Thanks for the info about fusibles. I do get confused about which one is the best choice. I look forward to trying the new one you recommend.

  54. Thanks Lisa for sharing the light show! I was in Vegas once when my husband was presenting with others at a conference. I loved the lights, weather, shows & food. The time change was a little rough. I’m a EST girl. Thanks for the info re Bosal & SAS2 lite.

  55. A trip to Vegas is on my bucket list. I use Steam a Seam Lite, I have never used the Bosal but I intend to now. Thanks for passing on all your knowledge.

  56. Thank/ you for the video. So beautiful. Hope you and Nick are having a fabulous time in LasVegas. So happy that Nick is feeling well enough to travel and enjoy it. Merry Christmas!!

  57. I have been to Las Vegas…I think my favorite part is Fremont Street and seeing the light show up above. I think the only times I’ve gone is for “Girl’s trips” with my mom/sister or friends…that is what made it fun!

  58. Been to Vegas several times! Love the lights, the shows and the atmosphere. Not a big gambler, but love to people watch. We have seen Cirque Soleil several times, Reba McIntyre and Brook’s and Dunn, Toby Keith, George Strait and more. The comedy acts are the best. Just a fun place!

  59. Yes, I have been to Vegas but it’s been several years ago. It was amazing just walking down the strip from one hotel to the next, and seeing their different designs. Next trip hope to se some of the shows.
    Excited to hear of a different fusible to try out!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours🎄

  60. I have been to Vegas once, have to admit it was too much for this country gal. I am definitely going to give the Bosal a try.

  61. I’ve never been to Vegas. Should I ever get there it would be for the shows as I’m not a gambler. Thanks for your thoughts on interfacing options.

  62. Thanks for sharing the pix of your trip:) I have never been to Vegas…..and it’s not too high up on my bucket list. My husband and I pick a state each summer to visit. He travels a lot for work, so we pick someplace quiet and not as eventful as Vegas. The world gets busier by the day…..and Vegas looks a little too busy for my liking:)

  63. I’ve been to Las Vegas many times. We’ve stayed there a lot, coming and going to Arizona each winter. My favorite part? We got married there in 1978!!! I also love the fountain in front of the Bellagio. We we’re in Vegas one year right before Christmas and the fountain would go off in time with the Christmas music. It was beautiful! Merry Christmas! 🎄

  64. I’ve been to Las Vegas years ago and it’s changed so much since then I really need to go back. Thanks for the great pictures.

  65. Best thing in Vegas is the shows…Cirque du Soleil “O” if it’s still there is the best one in my opinion, love Penn & Teller, and the Terry Fator (ventriloquist) show is amazing…I never thought I’d be a fan of a ventriloquist but he won America’s Got Talent (I think that’s the right one) and he is gifted beyond explanation…a great show I’ve seen twice as I have Penn & Teller. Not a fan of Vegas at night…and I am sad at all the people begging (it’s been a few years since I was there so maybe it’s better). Hope you have a great time and forget about work for a bit!

  66. Never been to Vegas- seems too extravagant and too expensive for my tastes. altho i will say some of the shows there would be wonderful to see. Also never been a fan of using a fusible– perhaps your post will change my mind!

  67. I’m commenting on your question “what am I hoping to see PG do in 2019′. I’m having trouble leaving comments. Anyway……here goes. You have an amazingly creative mind and I’m grateful you share it with the rest of the world. I would like to see a summer block of the week that doesn’t take an entire week to do:) I always try my best to keep up. And the quilts are amazing…..just a little over-whelming one week at a time:) And since my whole house is red/white/blue I look forward to many new projects with your new book and fabric line. I love miniatures – I’m running out of room for big quilts – and I’m a pin cushion collector so I can never get enough of those. I loved your Moda mini contest…..perhaps you’ll do another one:) Congrats on your new grandson:) Merry Christmas:)

  68. Never been to Vegas, except a layover in the airport… no doubt my favorite part WOULD be that slot machine that paid off big! If only…

  69. I’ve been in Las Vegas several times but never stayed at one of the fancy hotels on the Strip. Your lemon meringue cake ball looks so fabulous, I am going to have to check out that restaurant for desserts next time I go. Thanks for the giveaways! Merry Christmas!

  70. Realized I had missed commenting on a few of these posts. My husband and I along with our 1 year old son had a stopover in Vegas many years ago when catching a train back from Illinois, The hotel that the train left from was off the beaten track so we didn’t get to enjoy any of the shows or amazing restaurants. Looks like you had an amazing time.

  71. I have been to Vegas only 1 time years ago when the kids were small. back. We stayed in the Viniettian which was mammoth ans our suite of rooms was gorgeous . But I didn’t care for Vegas itself.

  72. Can’t wait to try this new fusible. It’s prolly been 20 years since we have been to Vegas, I bet it has changed!

  73. The closest I’ve been to Vegas is the airport. I played a few slots there and won nothing, no surprise. Good thing I had a short layover because in general, I’m a loser! And, I’m a bad loser… I get pretty cheesed at those machines when they don’t pay up!
    Hence, I stay away!

  74. I have not been to Vegas; would love to see some shows. Thank you for your tips on fusible web options; I am looking forward to trying out Bosal.

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