12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 8



Today I have three MUST have NEEDFUL THINGS.  Yes I capitalized these because just kill me now if I don’t have these in my possession when pressing & steaming.  Pressing seams open, pressing wool projects, pressing fusible to wools.  Steaming wools to backgrounds

Rowenta Steam Station


THE best Iron ever….hands down… once  you use this iron…you are buying one.  It doesn’t matter that it is a lot more money than a conventional iron…it is hands down worth it…It will last for years.  Most Irons are not meant to be ON 8-12 hours a day…this one is…

Continuous high powered steam makes this steam station ideal for long periods of ironing, like quilting or special projects. It has the patented Microsteam 400 strainless-steel soleplate for perfect steam distribution. The precision tip reaches difficult areas like collars, seams, and around buttons (really? ok if you must iron clothes). Extra large continuous anytime fill water tank holds 33 ounces for up to 1-1/2 hours of continuous ironing. 1800 watts equals fast heat up that is ready in 3 minutes. It also has vertical steam that is ideal for removing wrinkles from hanging garments, drapes and for smoothing and shaping sewing projects. Extra long 6 foot steam cord and extra long 12 foot power cord. No Auto Off (yay…thank God)


Wool Pressing Mats

The newest thing for your ironing needs…these wool mats offer even distribution of steam and releases it back up into our fabric instead of down into your wood ironing/ big board or table.  These are nice and thick and make the most beautiful covers for your “big board” ironing station.  They  come in 20×58, 20×20 and 12 x 12…These mats were made in these sizes for Primitive Gatherings and we are giving you the best pricing right from the start…Our prices are the best there are and we sold out of 100 of them in Houston this year…we eliminated the rounded corners and saved a bunch of money by not having that option.  My quilt blocks are square…why round the corners?

Strip Sticks

Strip Sticks

The most reasonalbe priced…get the job done.. for pressing your seams open (trust me, not every seam needs to be opened, but we must distribute that bulk)…there are new pressing tools with wool on them ?  OK…but it is bulky, pricey and these work just fine…I love the 18″ and the 45″.  I don’t think you need one in every size…but if you think you do…go for it…they all are on sale.

Click HERE to go to these Needful things.

Some of the items we are sharing are from previous years…people ask for them to return and there are also lots of new customers who have not seen some the important things that we cannot live without.  So that is why you will see multiple things on some days…

I am getting excited as there are some really cool ones coming up!

Eight more days til Christmas…We just arrived home today at 5am…now it’s crunch time to get ready for Christmas…time to start the cookie baking..Are you a baker or a buyer and what is your specialty? Please comment to win a great prize!!! Have a great day….Lisa



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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

206 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 8

  1. Ug, I try to bake but it’s definitely not “my thing”. My moms cookies outshine mine every time. Next year I may be a “buyer”. 😏

  2. I have all three items you talk about today and they are all in fact fantastic!
    I am a baker and my specialty right now is sugar cookies. I love decorating them elaborately so you don’t want to eat them, but when you do they are delicious!

  3. I don’t bake cookies, but I do make and bake my own version of Chex party mix (known as nuts & bolts) every year. I finally got started on multiple batches on Saturday.

  4. Oh, I am definitely a baker. I make cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning. It’s not Christmas without cinnamon rolls! Love your 12 days.

  5. Baker for sure. I just spent the weekend with grand daughter baking and decorating cookies! What a wonderful time for all! Maybe a tradition! Thanks for all you do.

  6. We live in the middle of Amish country and I can buy all the “goodies” that we need! We our kids were little, I did a lot of baking. Now, I quilt instead!!

  7. I’m a baker & love to bake chocolate chunk cookies for friends & family. Xmas is when I bake my friends a family recipe of apple streudel made with vanilla wafers. It’s the bomb😂🤗🎄🎄🎄. Merry Christmas 🎄

  8. I love to bake, especially over the holidays. This year, however, avoiding sugar and carbs, this will be a challenge! Our neighbors had a cookie exchange, last Friday. I won second place with my Chocolate Mint Crinkle Cookies.

  9. I am a Baker! Now that my children are grown I only make 6 different kinds of cookies. Everyone gets to choose a favorite!

  10. Definitely i am a baker. A must in our home is peanut butter square, my famous butter tarts and date squares. Happy baking Lisa

  11. I am so looking forward to retirement so I can bake again. I long to play with my granddaughter in the kitchen although I really think her brother will be the chef! I have worked 60 hour weeks at Christmas for the last 20 years so next year will be my last overtime season! Hooray!! If I can manage, I do put together a mean rum ball. You can hardly call it baking.

  12. Thanks for sharing your favorite things!!! Some things I’m a baker and some things I’m a buyer!!!

  13. I love to bake but don’t do it for the holidays as everyone does and you end up
    With so much. I am pretty much an exclusive online shopper This year I also made your Merry pattern pillows for friends as something special. Quick and easy

  14. I am a baker. Last year, I made the Browniest Cookies, from the Smitten Kitchen website. They are amazing. They are, I am going to need a moment alone, good.

  15. I am a baker and a quilter. I am primarily known as a baker of pies. …. on birthdays especially my husband and three daughters want cherry pie, French silk pie, and banana split pie! 🥧

  16. I am a baker and love to bake cookies. Salted caramel butter bars are what I make most because people always ask for them but as my husband and I get older we really need to cut back on how many goodies we eat, lol.

  17. I love to bake 💕 but don’t because nobody around me can eat sugar anymore (diabetes) so I don’t to eliminate the temptation! I love my wool mat and just made need a bigger one!

  18. Typically I am a baker who specializes in fudge and divinity, but this year for some odd reason I am buying everything. Not sure why – just decided to do it differently this year.

  19. Love to bake but try to limit it since no one in the family needs it. But, Christmas morning I make Monkey Bread since everyone requests it😀

  20. I’m a baker. Sugar cookies rolled paper thin like MomMom’s is my specialty. Already did 1 batch for the bus kids at church. Then pizzelles & Mom’s Lace cookies. Last year Nick’s oatmeal cookies were a hit. Looking forward to this year’s recipe.

  21. I am a baker, brownies are my thing, but at christmas i do cut out cookies & cranberry walnut white choc chip oatmeal cookies, they’re my favorite

  22. Definitely baker, making the same cookies that my grandmother taught me. Now teaching my granddaughter. Sugar cutouts, chocolate covered cherries, coconut bar and cranberry drop.

  23. Oranges sugared pecans and mini Irish cream cakes are favorite holiday treats for family and friends. Christmas is the only time I make both — and the house smells so good and brings back wonderful holiday memories!

  24. I make great sand tarts, but that is all I bake. I used to bake dozens of coo kies when kids were little, but now my husband and I don’t need it .

  25. When it comes to cookies, they need to be homemade. I’m a baker-especially when the grandchildren are coming to visit.

  26. I love baking, it is just my husband and I now so don’t do as much baking as I used to. That iron looks amazing, funny thing my good iron just died, I am using my daughters old college iron right now. I will have to give this some thought. I have the ironing mat and I will definitely order one of the strips.

  27. Baker. Always have been. I used to bake 25 different kinds of cookies every year and give them as gifts. Now though, I only make about 12-13 kinds, but still gift them to family and friends that don’t bake yet enjoy baked goods. I also make sticky buns with homemade dough and send them out. I love to bake. I like making the cookies that my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother used to make. I feel they are with me as I roll and decorate their cookies

  28. I bake. I did 6 different kind of cookies. Also made candy. It is a long day in the kitchen but I love it. Thanks for the chance to win. Look forward to this every year.

  29. I only wish I could make all the delicious cookies I see on facebook and get to taste at work holiday gatherings. I am a buyer! Much harder to burn…..lol…..

  30. I am definitely a baker. Starting in November, I bake between 12 and 15 kinds of cookies and put them all in the freezer. Anytime someone needs a tray of cookies, I’m ready.

  31. My iron just died last night!
    I am a baker— I make about 6 or 7 different kinds of cookies plus fudge and
    Peanut brittle. Today I will make fruitcake cookies with candied cherries pineapple dates
    And nuts! Merry Christmas to you and the family and the wonderful PG Elves!

  32. I am a baker, my children’s favorite Christmas goodie that I make is peanut butter bob bones. Merry Christmas!

  33. I am a baker and come from generations of baking mothers and grandmas. What I enjoy most is making cookies, breads and candies from their recipes. Traditions are being carried on. Enjoy your family.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  34. I have my family to my house every year for a cookie bake which started with my cousins and I wanting to try to make our Grandmother’s sugar cakes. We are still trying to perfect them and are very close. Everyone brings their cookie dough and we bake all day. The cousins that don’t bake are our quality control. It has become our family’s reunion of sorts. Happy baking to you and Merry Christmas.

  35. I like to bake, but don’t have much time for it. When I do I bake your Star cookies for Christmas. So good!

  36. Hope you and your hubby had a great time in Vegas, I am a baker, I love to bake. My speciality are shortbread cookies for Christmas, frosted of course. This yearI made 12 dozen, they are cut out and yes, that meant 3 lbs of butter!

  37. I’m not much of a baker so no cookies at Christmas, but every year I do make Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars. These are so good!!! I also make Spiced Pecans at Christmas.

  38. I don’t bake anymore, my presents are bought and need to be wrapped. But, not decorated yet, I have a week!

  39. I’m not much of a baker…various Chex mixes are more my style. I do make a mean pan of fudge and another of soft caramels though! Love the idea of a wool pressing mat for my ironing board.

  40. I am a southern girl, so I grew up baking, especially at Christmas. Each year I make dozens of cookies and lots of cakes. This year I added the cherry chip cookies you posted earlier in the year. Never heard of cherry chips until then, and had to order them on line, but oh my! My little grandson says they are his favorite!!! I just bought a wool ironing pad in the summer and it is definitely a game changer.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  41. I’m a baker- I entered my Apple pie in a two crust Apple pie contest (1st time ever) won 1st place in my age catagory ( 50+ so I was competing with the elderly ladies)! Won Reserve grand champion & they auctioned off my pie for $2,000.00 the highest pie of the day!

  42. Definitely a baker! Hands down the biggest hit is chocolate dipped coconut macaroons, but folks are generally happy to have anything homemade. Last year I gave every household in the family a cookie jar for Christmas and made a cookie bar with a variety of homemade cookies for the family to fill them with. Why stop at just one??

  43. I love reading your thoughts and suggestions each year even if it reminds me of what you’ve said before. You are a great teacher! As to food, I’m mostly a buyer but have found a few recipe to try this year…so I’m “dabbling”. Merry Christmas!

  44. I love the wool pressing mats…best thing since sliced bread!! I love to make cookies but since it’s just my husband and I this year we don’t need to eat them all! So I’ll make just a couple of my favorites…it just wouldn’t be the same without them 🤶🏻🎄🎁

  45. Made bon bons but half way thru they started turning into blob blobs! Maybe they will still taste good.

  46. My Aunt Bess brought her carrot cake to every family event for about 50 years. She passed the recipe on to me and now it is my turn to bake the carrot cake. Mine will never be as good as hers was, but my family treasures the fact that the tradition goes on.

  47. My favorite has to be a old Martha Stewart recipe for a simple cream cheese sugar dough cut out then filled with apricot jam, rolled and baked then dusted with powdered sugar.

  48. So glad you and Nick got away for a break! And like you said….time for Christmas! I love to bake cookies! And doesn’t everyone have “summer” cookies and “fall” cookies!!!!

  49. I am a baker. Some of my recipes are from my mother. When I was a little girl Mom made cut outs and frosted them. She hung some of them on the tree. We didn’t have many ornaments. My sister and I would sneak around the back of the tree and take bites out of the cookies. I make cut outs, but they don’t match my Mom’s. Also make spritz, pecan sandies, sugar cookies with marshmallow frosting, thumb prints, pinwheels, and chocolate mint cookies. I used to dip chocolates, but don’t do that anymore. I make stollen for my husband. His Grandma used to make it when he was a boy. Merry Christmas and Happy baking or buying.

  50. I love baking Christmas cookies and my family always looks forward to the recipes that only make an appearance at this time of year, including Peanut Butter Blossoms and most recently your Christmas Cut-out Cookies. You shared the recipe as part of the needful things posts several years ago (2015?) and they are truly the best cut-out/sugar cookies I have ever eaten! I just finished this year’s batch last night and had a couple for breakfast this morning. I really appreciate everything you do and share!!

  51. I have the strip sticks and I love them. As I commented last year on the iron……I loved using it when you brought it to OBX last year but it’s a little too pricey for me to take the risk. My last iron was a $200 bust. I don’t do a lot of baking, other than Christmas dessert – this year it’s peppermint pie.

  52. I’m a baker of course! Used to make lots and lots of cookies, but not so much anymore. Jeweled Pyramids are a must; an old recipe handed down and it’s just not Christmas without them! I have a wool mat and the pressing stick works wonders-love them both. Now for that steam iron…!

  53. Baker all the way. I’m Norwegian – and a Midwesterner – we have to make at least 10 different cookies for Christmas. And candy. And pastries. And pies. Oh the shame in store bought!!!! Ha!!!!!

  54. I’m a baker,love baking. My boys favorite is the good old Chocolate Chip cookie!! Always have to make those!l

  55. I am love to bake! My speciality is made with my vintage Mirro cookie press, Christmas tree cookies. The simple spritz dough has to be tinted green and the cookies must have green sprinkles. They’re our family’s favorite!

  56. I love baking cookies! My kids are grown now but we have a cookie baking day where they come over here and we make 7-10 varieties, have snacks, and then dinner off the grill. Spending time together is the best part ( and now we have to make sure to walk every day to off-set the cookie pounds!) Making memories with our kids and grandkids is what we value the most, isn’t it? And that iron?? It’s divine!! Tried it when I took your wool classes in Paducah last year and I want one really bad!! You weren’t kidding when you said we’d want one after using it!

  57. A baker! Starting with gingerbread houses early December, then cookies, homemade candies and nut breads. A real family affair!

  58. Must always bakes Christmas cookies. My husband likes chocolate chip, daughters like peanut butter with a Hershey kiss on top and wouldn’t be Christmas without frosted sugar cookies. The grandkids love to decorate them! LOTS of sprinkles!

  59. A baker for sure! It wouldn’t be Christmas without gingerbread and rolled shortbread cookies. My daughters have continued the tradition. I recently bought a wool mat based on all the positive reviews I was reading and cannot wait to use it.

  60. I am not a baker. Never have been, never will be. Just don’t enjoy flour everywhere. Haha!!! But I do love the pecan crescents that others bake.

  61. I have all 3 of these must have
    Items. I would like to think I’m a baker. Love the cookies and exchanges with friends over the holidays. Freezing several batches to enjoy the rest of the year although they never last as long as you think they will.

  62. I am a baker and a candy maker. My speciality–not sure, it seems to evolve. The last two years it has been oatmeal cream pies and polar bear paws. I use my wool mat and pressing stick all the time. My iron is a General Mills iron from the 50’s? It gets hot and never shuts off. No steam though, when I need steam I have to use another iron. I’m looking at the one you love.

  63. I’m a baker and love bringing out family favorite recipes from years gone by and mixing them with a new one or two. My specialty is shortbread – 3 ingredients, no cutters or rolling pin required, and a nice offset to some of the yummy-but-sweet options.

  64. Definitely a baker, Love doing the cut outs!! Big decorating gathering every year and it’s so fun! I also love “Pattie’s Cookies, and Pattie says the recipe isn’t hers!!🤣. That’s a tiny sandwich cookie and the dough is flour, butter and heavy cream. The just melt on your mouth!

  65. Love to bake, and our favorite to make is spritz cookies. On Christmas Eve, I prepare a dough for Christmas morning baking of Cream Cheese braids. Merry Christmas!

  66. I prefer to bake, but not opposed to buying either. I bought the steam iron station last year on the 12 days of Christmas event and I love it for all the things you say about it Lisa. I use it almost daily. I also got the large wool mat last year and is great for ironing quilt blocks and stitcheries. I have one dilemma with the steam iron, and I’m sure there’s a solution that I haven’t thought of. I use the large Reliable ironing board with a thick cover. After about 30-40 minutes of steady ironing, particularly clothes, the ironing board cover is wet through and the ironing board itself gets drippy with water and droplets on the floor. I use a large towel and wipe it down, but I’m looking for a solution to prevent this. The iron itself works wonderfully and is worth the $$!

  67. I am a baker. I love making cookies for Christmas. My specialty would have to be apple crisp…my sons even want it as their birthday cake! Happy baking 🙂

  68. I LOVE all three of these and don’t have any. I’ve been saving my punch card for a wool mat. It’s full just need to get to the store now.

    1. I love to bake, will be getting it done on Weds. I always make my family favorites. I do enjoy Manderfields cut out cookies and buy them, everyone enjoys them and less work for me, lol.

  69. Hands down! I am a baker. Every Christmas my grand kids and family look forward to my decorated sugar cookies that I make every Christmas, but I also sometimes make spritz or lebkuken (sp?), a German Christmas cookie that my grandmother made every year and kept them in a huge roaster for the grandchildren to help themselves to.

  70. Baker! Absolutely love anything to do with baking and cooking. (I know I’m unusual that way- for most people it’s one or the other.) as far as my specialty? Different people have different opinions on that one… it depends who you ask! My husband and many friends have told me that my cheesecake is the best they’ve ever had, and they’ve had Carl’s in NYC. (!) But my favorite is my Ladylocks- a mini puff pastry cream horn, that I only make for the holidays or weddings.
    I’m really hoping Santa brings me the big board size wooly mat- I have the mid size and just love it!

  71. Not a very good baker. Something usually goes wrong, ingredient left out, burnt bottom, etc. The joke at home is I can follow an intricate quilt pattern with tiny cuts and pieces but can’t seem to make a simple recipe work! I’ve been tempted by the steam station for awhile. I actually tried it when I took one of your wool classes in Wisconsin a couple of years ago and it was awesome!

  72. I am a baker and have made 33 dozen so far this year. My favorite ones are the sugar cookies in the Christmas tree shape. Today I will finish decorating the real tree and hope to have time for some stitching.

  73. I am a baker. I love making ginger cookies for the grandkids to decorate and will hopefully get some candy made too. It’s all part of the fun and craziness that is Christmas!

  74. I am a Baker and I love passing on our traditions to my daughter in law. Her family has different traditions. She has become a master with the cookie press!

  75. I’m not much of a baker…Diabetes runs in our family so I only bake twice a year. Carrot cake with cream sheesh frosting for my husband and son on their birthday and at Christmas time. This year my husband wanted peanut butter blossoms. We kicked it up s notch and used dark chocolate kisses instead of milk chocolate.

  76. The best thing is making a gingerbread house, then having young children decorate it with candy. They love it and I love watching them! I also bake an amazing shortbread cookie and Green Corn Flake wreaths

  77. I love to make pies. I broke my arm so my daughter is going to make the crust and I’m making the coconut filling. It will be a tag team pie this

  78. I always make chocolate chip cookies for my adult children each Christmas. My husband wants oatmeal cookies. I used to make a lot of different cookies in years past and give them to family. However, times have changed and so has my baking. Never bought xmas cookies.

  79. We try not to have too many sweet things around, so I only make our favorite ginger snap cookies. I have the wool mats & sticks & love them…. now to ponder the iron!

  80. I rarely bake but try to make Christmas cookies with the grandchildren. My daughter learned well and now she sends me cookies from Colorado.

  81. I love to make Christmas cut out cookies and have my grandchildren help frost. Nice tip: thin the frosting so the children can “paint” the frosting….I have a set of brushes only for frosting cookies!!

  82. To me it’s not Christmas if I don’t bake cookies. I may give them all away but I have to bake at Christmas. It’s a tradition I hope I never have to give up. My Grandson and I make cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and I love that he wants to do that. I make cookies to take to the nursing home. Any excuse I can find. This year my son has requested just Toll House Chocolate chip cookies but there will be others too.

  83. I love to bake, but now that my hubby has been diagnosed as diabetic, I am doomed to eat the whole batch by myself. I’m much better off buying an occasional treat for myself and still be able to zip up my jeans!

  84. I love to bake, other cooking not so much! My favorites are the peanut butter ones with a Hershey’s kiss on top. This year I am not baking so much, almost finished with my treatments for breast cancer and my energy level is still low but as soon as I feel better, I will be baking again!

  85. I love to bake my Christmas cookies. Occasionally I try a new one, but the traditional favorites are always made, and mostly given away. And, of course, the grandkids have to do the decorating!

  86. I’m a baker. I have so many recipes that I have to just pick a few kinds each year – can’t do them all. But my all-time-every-year-favorite is my Grandmother’s cut-out recipe. I make big batches and freeze it in small batches. Then
    any time the grandkids want to make cookies I just grab some for them.

  87. I love to bake , especially old fashioned things. My 98 -year-old mother lives in assisted living. I love to put together a big plate of old fashion cookies and breads for them. Within a short time before plate has been devoured and it brings them lots of enjoyment and memories!

  88. I am a baker!! This year I made 9 different kinds of cookies, I normally make 12-14 different kinds. I just ran out of time for when I needed them. I also make Carmel apple muffins that are to die for!! I have always loved baking and it just kind of calms me down.

  89. NOT a baker!! Would rather spend my time sewing – not shopping, baking and cleanup! I did bake cookies when my children were small. I only have one grandchild and he is now a teenager and could care less about sweets. If I bake – just for me – I eat it and DO NOT NEED IT !!!

  90. I’m a baker AND a buyer. There is a local cookie shop that makes the most amazing decorated cookies – those are for gifts. The self baked ones are for eating by me and family and friends!

  91. I love to bake! The best thing about it is giving it to others and seeing the pleasure on their faces from the gift.

  92. I am a baker and have made many cookies this year. I invite my husbands 95-almost 96 year old aunt to bake one day with me. It use to be his mother and his aunt before his mother passed but we keep up the tradition. Although I bake for a few days ahead we make simple “smash” sugar cookies and her favorite toffee almond cookie. They both require flattening with a glass. I roll the balls and she flattens. We have a nice soup for lunch and the occasional “broken” cookie from the pan. I also send tins of cookies home with her for her family. They enjoy them greatly. She is such an inspiration for growing older. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  93. I’m both. I used to love baking, but when the kids left home I didn’t do as much because I just ate everything I baked.

  94. I’m a baker….always have requests for my peanut butter fudge, have made 8 batches already and 5 have gone to John Deere Waterloo where my son works.. also for my butter cookies cut out and frosted and cinnamon rolls…

  95. My specialty at Christmas is Molasses cookies/Gingersnaps and Sugar Cookies. My Granddaughters love to help me make them which makes them even more special!

  96. A buyer I would be. Love to shop! The kitchen is fine for baking when necessary, but I would rather quilt!

  97. Baker wannabe? So i buy in a pinch. Love our Japanese bakeries who make strawberry cruissants that look so pretty on the plate and taste amazing. Thank you for the bellagio pictures I could watch the water show all day.

  98. I love to bake and make truffles and fudge if every kind. What would Christmas be without wonderful homemade goodies.
    My specialty is chocolate fudge trifle dessert which only lasts one day.
    Merry Christmas

  99. Love the pressing stick…what are the contents??? Im laughing because i love fine detailed sewing and can see a need for every size…..

    Santa needs a break from cookies….we love cranberry bran muffins lol

    Merry Christmas and enjoy cookie baking and the warm rewards…

    1. I have always been a baker, but now that I am “sking on the down hill slope only “, I have to be so particular what I put in my mouth or it travels PDQ to my hips! think I’ll pass everything this year….. Bah Humbug!

  100. I am a baker and candy maker. My daughters and I make about 10 different cookies and candies each Christmas. Our families favorites are the sugar cookies, chocolate coconut bon-bons and Fannie Mae chocolate fudge.

  101. I love that you keep introducing us to such great quilting products, Lisa. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  102. I love to bake, but I don’t need all the sweets so I’ve cut back. I do love to make the Peanut Butter Blossoms, they are my favorite Christmas cookie.

  103. I am a baker of cookies, yeast breads (cream cheese coffee cakes a specialty) and candy maker. I love to do it but sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself, then I’m exhausted!!!

  104. I’m not much of a cookie baker, but I do love to make cranberry bread.
    I wish I had every one of the pressing tools you shared today.

  105. I have so many food allergies so I am a baker. Nothing fancy….chocolate chip, oatmeal, molasses ginger and snowball cookies. I also bake cranberry coffee cake and pumpkin bread for Christmas breakfast. The iron looks amazing and I see the wool mats everywhere now. So many quilters really love them because they say their blocks are much flatter. Merry Christmas!

  106. My “must do” cookies every year are frosted butter butter cookies. It was wouldn’t be the same without them.

  107. I was a baker but now just a receiver! We get so many goodies from other people that I stopped baking. Cookies are my favorite….any variety.

  108. Not much of a baker, except at Christmas, and then feel the urge to make everything i love. only problem is nobody at my house eats a lot of sugar,,,,, except me LOL!

  109. I need this iron to replace the 4 that don’t work worth a toot! I’m a bit of a baker. Mainly candies……jmh

  110. I am a baker. Not so much now as 30 years ago. That’s when I became a Type I diabetic, which puts a damper on sweet making! But I still make goodies for the grandkids (and my husband!). I think my specialty is coconut cream pie with lots of meringue!

  111. I am a baker I love to bake cookies. My Dad who is 93 just picked up his to give to all of his friends 12 boxes. Then I have about that many to do for my husband to give away and a few for my friends! This is an old recipe that was my mom’s called Ice Box cookies. They are wonderful!

  112. I don’t usually bake a lot. This year 2 out of 3 sons will be visiting, I might try to get some baking on my “to do” list!

  113. I would love a new iron. I have an old GE iron that doesn’t even steam anymore. Yes, I do bake. I used to make cheesecakes, but now it’s mostly cookies.

  114. Definitely a baker. My mom had 2 recipes I make every year. Pecan cookies which are rolled in powdered sugar and chocolate balls. These are to die for. I also make your soft chewy ginger cookies.

  115. Baker here. My family favors the Pineapple nut cookies my Mother in law taught me to make.
    Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your family.

  116. We like to bake at this house! No store bought goodies here! (Unless it’s something from VandeWalles).

  117. I love to bake. My fave’s are Russian Tea Cakes, Swedish Creams, Angel Cookies, Peanut Blossoms and Spritz. Fudge and Nuts & Bolts are also necessary to complete the backing for Christmas.

    I have the Steam Station and the wool mat and can confirm that they make doing wool applique sooo much easier and more enjoyable. I have learned to not fret over keeping the Steam Station on while I am working. At first I was concerned that it didn’t automatically shut off when not in use – I’m over it!!! Really like it and would find it hard to go back to a regular iron, except my travel Rowenta when I’m at a retreat.

  118. Baker, Italian cookies called pizzelles and a new cookie peanut butter balls coated in chocolate from Julie LImbach Jones

  119. We do bake. I started with my kids and have continued now with my grandchildren. When the kids were small I think it took longer to clean up after we were done then it took to make the cookies. (Those little silver balls are not fun to chases around the floor). We make different kinds but the kids like the raspberry meringue cookies the best. Have fun with little man!

  120. I used to bake a lot when my kids were young. If I had an addiction, it would be to cookies — and that’s why I don’t bake any more — I’d eat all of them!! Love your blog, patterns, and all things Lisa. Thanks!!

  121. I’m definitely a baker! Now that we are at 7200 feet elevation in Colorado, I’m still learning how to navigate those changes. At Christmas time, my favorite is a no bake “noodle candy.” Yum!

  122. I am a baker with clipped wings. We used to have an Open House on Christmas Day. Sometimes up to 300 people. I always had our Christmas done by the 11th of December so I had the last two weeks to bake. This was back when our sons (now in their fifties) were in high school as were most of our friends children. We gave cookies to all the neighbors, those at our Open House; and when the college kids were ready to return to school, they could come and fill a container to take with them.
    Now I insist that I get to bake Hello Dollies, Chocolate Chip, and Meringue Kisses. It just isn’t Christmas if I can’t make cookies for friends.

  123. I am a baker. I love baking sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies and gingersnaps. Those are my Christmas favorites! My four year old grandson Jase loves helping me bake cookies. Merry Christmas!

  124. Merry Christmas Lisa! Thank you for all your amazing patterns, tools and ideas this year. That block of the week about did me in. I am not done yet but will finish over winter. It is just beautiful! You amaze me how you can do all that you do!
    I love to bake but at Christmas everyone seems to love my English toffee so I make quite a few batches. I do make sugar cookies, shortbread and pecan bites too! Happy baking and again Merry Christmas 🎄

    Sent from my iPhone

  125. I’m definitely in the baking camp! Just had my grandsons over this weekend to help. I don’t have a specialty but family favorites include Peanut Blossoms, Cranberry Oatmeal Thins and a new to us Sugar Cookie recipe that everyone seems to love. I’m still in search of a recipe for bakery style sprinkle cookies.

    Love hearing your take on all of these needful things. Looking forward to deciding which ones to purchase this year.

  126. I love to bake and make candy. Lately I’ve been making caramels and licorice caramels instead of lots of cookies. They are my specialty. I second the iron, pressing mat and sticks. Holy glorious ginormous mat! That is going on my wish list!

  127. I used to always make the rest of the food and my sister made all the baked treats. But now due to diet restrictions I am not an eater, but I am a viewer. I do totally appreciate the aroma and beauty of all homemade goodies!

  128. Love all your needful things. Need more time & money. Hard to pass on some of them. Merry Christmas to all your little elves!🎄🎁📦🎄

  129. Definitely a baker. Sugar cookies-rolled- are a favorite in our family. Pecan Sandies are my daughters favorite- so have to have those! I am in love with my Rowenta Steam iron – as Lisa said- it is so fabulous. You will love it too!!

    So happy to hear Nick is doing well. You didn’t say if he was lucky in Vegas!!

  130. I like to do both! I like baking small batches of cookies or all different types of cookies. I don’t like mass producing hundreds of them though. There’s also some really good prepackaged cookies out there that I love buying too, like those soft chewy molasses cookies. Yum!

  131. I am definitely a baker, which I’ve had an interest for 55 years. My family looks for frosted cut out cookies as well as peanut butter blossoms and Mexican wedding cakes ! No counting calories this time of year !

  132. I love to bake! Cookies, pies, bread.
    Though I have to admit to buying frozen Chrismas cookie dough, instead of rolling them out myself.

  133. I definitely belong in the baker category! Rosettes, krumkake, peanut butter blossoms, chocolate dipped peanut butter wheat thin cookies, toffee bars, cut out decorated sugar cookies, green cornflake wreath cookies, buckeyes, rollo pretzel turtle cookies, fudge, chocolate peanut clusters, Russian snowball cookies, Chex mix, and lefse. I like to share my Scandinavian heritage with my friends and neighbors. I think I will have to put the iron on my Christmas list. I love doing wool projects. The free patterns from the all the wool enthusiasts keeps me busy.

  134. Hi Lisa, I enjoy baking thumbprint cookies, snowballs, hard candy, fudge, & banana bread for Christmas. It reminds me of younger times when my Great Aunt Emma & my Grandma baked treats for us. The steam iron is on my wish list, and I Love my wool mat! Hugs, Jakey

  135. I love holiday traditions and baking is a big part of that this time of year. It all started with my great grandmother
    and her cobbler dough recipe. As a child my mother would make this dough and we would make Christmas cut out cookies every year with the silver cookie cutters (the ones you find at antique shops now.) I have carried on this tradition and added ginger molasses cookies half dipped in white chocolate,and orange cranberry sugar cookies to the holiday cookie list. There is nothing like the smell of holiday spices coming from the oven and eating a warm cookie freshly baked. I also make homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning . Then there is all the homemade candy! Love the wool mats A must have for all wool enthusiasts !
    Thank you for all you and your staff do for all of us! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  136. I used to be a baker – now not so much. But maybe next year I will be able to get into baking again and not just at Christmas time !
    Merry Christmas to you and your family !

  137. I’m a baker. Just made the shortbread. Still have a few more things to make. I would love to try a wool pressing mat.

  138. I am a baker, Cheesecke is what I go to most. My boys favorite. I try all differnt kinds. Boston cream pie was the lastest bake. Extreamly delicious.

  139. I love to make cut out cookies for any and all occasions. I especially love to make these special cookies with my grandchildren. I have literally hundreds of cookie cutters and I buy more all the time. Seasonal and special holiday cutters are stored with my seasonal decorations. I also have many, many bottles of sprinkles in all colors as well as petite shapes for all holidays. When I change the cutters in my special basket, I look at each one and reminisce about it’s origin. Some of my cutters date back to my Mother and Grandmother. That would make them really old because I am 73! I treasure each and every single one.

  140. I would say I’m both. I intend to bake a lot thus I buy a lot of ingredients but then I rarely get much accomplished and end up getting very little baked. 🙁

    I’m commenting late because I needed to take a second look at the steam station. I purchased one back in the summer of 2015 after watching your video on favorite things while recovering from back surgery. I LOVE this iron! However today while working on a t-shirt quilt for someone else mine broke. It’s like the steam button gave out in the on position so the steam is continuous. I’ve definitely gotten my use out of this one, and I desperately need another. Unfortunately Santa has already finished shopping this year and it will be a long time before I can get another. Maybe my Christmas Wish could come true and I could win one!

  141. Definitely a baker. I don’t like the taste of most store bought cookies, and for sure don’t like all the bad ingredients. I like to try new things every year, but the one thing I always make for Xmas is peanut butter balls.

  142. I’m a baker, my favorites are good old fashioned walnut fudge and Lucy’s Lemon Squares! The lemon square recipe came from a Peanuts cook book I bought in Junior High, approximately 45 years ago!

  143. Definitely a 👩‍🍳, my kids love anything with peanut butter, cookies, P.B. Balls, Rice Krispie log

  144. I used to bake every Christmas. Working in a holiday driven business doesn’t allow me time to enjoy baking, so I prefer not to do it al all. Once I retire I will bake again . . . with my grandson by my side !!!

  145. A baker. Although this year I have had so much going on between my cancer and my 2 back surgeries I cut back and only baked 2 cakes and no cookies. Which I am missing sorely.

  146. I bake and buy. We have a faboo bakery a mile or less from us, the young girl who started it started while in high school, baking 390 cheesecakes a week for one of our top restaurants. She is now the go-to baker for all organized team events for the Buffalo Bills… you know those guys can afford the best, and she’s it! So we get her gluten free chocolate torte and it is delicious, dense, dark and creamy smooth. Oh my! My sister bakes the special cookies (cutouts, thumbprints etc) and I bake the peanut butter cookies and the chocolate chip. Not fancy but the kids like them.
    At this point… smelling all that butter and sugar and vanilla… I’m feeling a strict diet in my near future!

  147. I’m a baker. Pecan Pie is my specialty, perfected over the years for my Dad. Now I make the pie in his memory.

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