Moda Block Heads 2…Block 36

Hey Everyone!!! Look what I fit in last night!IMG_8721For the instructions to block 36 go to Jo Morton’s Blog… –

I noticed when I checked this link today that it says block 2 on the top of her blog…it is block 36…

How you’all doing on your Christmas prep?

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  1. Edie Frasier Avatar
    Edie Frasier

    Cute block! Thanks for the picture. I am trying to get the house ready for a Christmas lunch on Friday with my mother and her friend. I need to pick up a few little gifts, wrap and make yummy things from the kitchen not to mention clean the house!

  2. masonmarlene Avatar

    My Christmas prep is putting the season into perspective; The Reason For The Season, Remember to tell your children/grandchildren about the Person’s life whose birthday we are celebrating, give from your heart (those wonderful homemade things we’ve been stitching and creating all year long) and celebrate the life of someone you love, especially someone you love and lost. Merry Christmas Lisa and thanks for all the inspiration over the past year; Moon Garden, Crazy Sheep, Midnight Silhouette, Christmas Magic, etc. You really do share your gift.

  3. Laura Benthien Avatar
    Laura Benthien

    Seems the older we get the more laid back our Christmas’s have become. I don’t decorate the way I used to because I really don’t like putting it all back away! There are no grandchildren yet either! I’m not bah humbug just getting older! Lol

  4. Katy Avatar

    Loved your block. Got mine finished and have put up all sewing as kids arrive with newest grandson Friday. Made fudge, got groceries, listening to Christmas carols. Big dinner here on Saturday. Making hot rolls as requested by kids. Gifts wrapped so I am feeling pretty good. Merry Christmas 🎄.

  5. quiltfru Avatar

    We are all set. The tree is waiting to get set up and be decorated. I usually do that by help of good glass of champagne. We still have real candles. Never had any problems. Fix the tree with invisible strings, have a bucket full of water around and never leave the room alone unless all candles are out. The presents are packed, my husband always does that. Food is in the house, only things like fresh vegetable and cream etc will have to be bought. It is going to be a very pleasant Christmas. Love to ye all from Germany, Birgitt

  6. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Christmas prep is coming along. Picked up our daughter at the airport yesterday evening. Let the festivities begin now (for me)!

  7. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    All set here except for some more baking !!! I got an earlier than normal start this year and loved it !!! Have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year !!!

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