Moon Garden Block 9

IMG_4145 2

Click this link below to print this pattern Or order yours HERE  if you want us to print it and send it to you…


Can you believe we are on block 9 already???!!!

Look for the Bullion knot Video…those are those things on the end of the staymens….         I am hoping you are learning lots of new stitches…


4 responses to “Moon Garden Block 9”

  1. Rose Stahl Avatar
    Rose Stahl

    Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your family. So beautiful! ❄️🌟🎄❤️ Thank You!

  2. Debby Avatar

    Thank you, Lisa. Another beautiful block. Have a joyous Christmas.

  3. Cheryl Unger Avatar
    Cheryl Unger

    I’m not sure what you guys changed but the last three blocks won’t print out the pictures. I had noticed that others had complained about this issue too and wondered why this as happening?

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  4. Barb Avatar

    How do I find your Video demonstrations?

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