12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 3



Star & Stripe copy

I  am really excited about Star & Stripe Gatherings…the book turned out beautifully and the fabric line is even better…and I want to thank MAGGIE for quilting ALL the quilts in the book in a very short time….I only quilted a few of the runners and nothing else…she did anything that was considered a quilt. Amy and Jean made a lot of the quilts in the book while I ran around the country teaching and designing/writing and running Primitive Gatherings. Jessica, Dru, Judy, Debbie, Joanne and the rest of the shop girls keep both the stores running as smoothly as possible…Lisa(Elle) and the warehouse/kitting girls keep the bills payed and the kits coming…Tina and Whitney produce all the extraordinary wool coming out one yard at a time….Judi keeps the website full of products…the guys, Nick, Jake and Scott keep up with the shipping/transportation/carpentry, maintenance of cargo between three buildings and quilt shows and shipping to shops around the country…most of these people are behind the scenes and do not get their names in the book but they all are a big part of Primitive Gatherings.

Back to the Needful Things…All of us reading this NEED fabric for our survival/well being…and this fabric line and book are going to be the newest on the market…So we are offering you $5 off our book reg.24.99, Sale $20 and 10% off any kit pre-ordered for this event, all the prices listed are the regular price…the 10% off discount is taken off in the cart.  All of the projects are listed in the Day 3 category as well.  These offers are only good until 12/31/2018. The fabrics do not arrive until sometime in January 2019 and then we need time to kit them all which doesn’t take that long but I just want you to know it’s not a one day turnaround. So the offer for 10% off the kits and 20% off pre cuts are pre orders. The book is ready to ship if you only order the book… if you order a book with a kit we will ship it together.

The Book includes patterns for 19 projects…I know 19 is a weird number but that is just how it goes sometimes!  There are quilts, runners, pillow, towels, wool mats, framed pieces and a pincushion!  The patterns are all full sized and the book is beautiful!           Click here to go to book and/or precuts

Here are the projects in the book…

Quilts-Some of the quilt are lap sized…if you wish them to be larger it can easily be done with 2 kits…bk


Roll Me Away...81 x 81″ An unusual block layout makes this scrappy blues with one background quilt fun easy and interesting…Kit Reg. $150


All American 51″x 57″. Inspired by an antique quilt this little lap quilt is fun to piece a true red/white/blue quilt…Kit Reg. $160 p

Fly Over 55″ x 66″ …This simple chrundash block is amped up with a mini shoo fly in the center…a classic blue and white quilt.  Kit Reg. $95.


North & South…85″x 85″ I love this quilt…It might be my favorite in the book…the white with the cream HSTs makes this better than just doing blue and red HSTs…Kit Reg.$225.


Star Power 66″x 66″ How cool and easy is this one…the perfect quilt to learn how to piece with…This could easily be a quilt in a day…Perfect also as a Quilt of Valor quilt.  Kit Reg. $77

zRoad to Arlington…17″x 45″ I originally thought this would be a 5 block runner….turns out that was way too big and I did not want to make the strips less than 1″ finished…Kit. Reg. $50.

IMG_1995Regiment- 40″x 47″…A fun red/white quilt…I think we need to make another with 2 blue stripes and three red…that would be fun too!  Kit Reg. $80IMG_1997

Constitution 60 x 60″…This quilt is a Moda Kit meaning it will come in a special printed box…This is one of those nice couch/lap quilts…but two kits would make a nice bed quilt 80″x 100 (80 blocks}…We love this fussy cut log cabin block quilt.  You also could mix in some Liberty and Old Glory Gatherings to make it super scrappy…come on… I know some you have a tower of FQs or F8’s sitting pretty on your shelf or some scraps at least leftover. Reg. $120    Also if you wish to see the whole quilt they are shown full out like this on the website, just click on them there to enlarge them.bc

Picnic Table Cloth 49 x 49″ A mini of our full sized Picnic quilt done in every print in the line…Kit Reg. $90f

Independence Day...72″x72″. This unique block is fun to make…there is also a method to the block/color placement which adds some fun to the quilt. The red blocks form a diamond the center and outer blue blocks are the darkest navy and the 4 inside blue blocks are the lighter navy… Kit. Reg. $150.

Pillows– I am so into pillows lately…e

Proud to be an American-17″x 22″…is a stunning display of quilting skills…These blocks are from previous “gathering” lines as well as Star & Stripe.  Kit Reg. $17  Pillow form available as well.  I did not have time but I think I would have quilted this pillow if I was making it again…l

Wash Bucket pillow…15 “x 15” This is a re-vamped block from a previous blog hop…some of you may have it already…so just an FYI…but add some setting fabric and wool stars and it makes a beautiful pillow…Kit Reg. $23

I Pledge Allegiance copy

I Pledge Allegiance wallhanging(see framed piece by Constitution quilt) or pillow…Once you start doing embroidery/redwork you cannot help but keep doing it…I absolutely love to hand stitch words…it is really not that difficult at all and they go pretty fast…Kit Reg. $26.50 Fabric with threads


U.S. Home pillow– 20″ x 20″-This simple pillow can be stitched up in no time!…I think a red version would be possible as well…Kit Reg. $22


Life is a Journey…18×22″ without frame…I need to admit I do not know how the states are situation in our country…there are 50 of them to remember…so making this helped a little but I hope there is never a quiz I need to take that my life depends on…but it was fun to hand stitch this and I will find some cool pins to mark where I have been…Kit Reg. $27 background & threads..Frame is $45 and is shown in the book…I don’t know where my pic is of the whole frame…but too late to change it now…t

Red, White & Blue kitchen towels…Where’s the red one? Yup you guessed it…it did not get finished for the book…but…if you order the towel set we will send you the pattern for the third towel!!! Nothing like a good bribe…Towel are $4.50 each Special $11.25 for this sale plus the free pattern.  Thread kit is $22- don’t know if that is on sale or not but you can see when you put it in your cart.wn

Star & Stripe Mini Charm pincushion- 1 3/4″x 10 1/2″- this kit will make 3 complete pincushions from one mini charm and the star fabric.  Kit Reg. $5.50IMG_1983

Old Glory table mat-14″x 21 ” This beautiful flag mat on a slate grey wool will be a timeless piece for a center table display…This will also be a class at both store locations…Kit Reg. $45.

biAmerican Penny Mat- 11″ I love this mat and I’ve actually made in a couple of color way and I am actually liking the light background I used here…Kit Reg. $20.

We are jumping with JOY about how this book has turned out…We hope you find something in this that makes you want to purchase our book and make a few things from it!!! I can’t wait to have these all back in my house for the Summer!gClick HERE to go to the Kit page.

To be entered in a drawings for a Kit from the book or Moda has given me some precuts I am willing to part with!!  Please comment at the end of this post and tell me about your favorite Veteran…you can tell me as little or a lot…I promise to read them all.   Winners will be posted on New Years Day!  I especially love talking with the old Veterans when I see them selling the Poppies, my summer car has many many poppies hanging from the rear view mirror…


This little candlemat/bedside tablemat is made with leftovers from the Road to Arlington kit…If the kit prices seam high remember that sometimes there is leftover fabric…we try to cut the smallest we can but Moda wants 1/8 yards and such….not 6″x 12″  This is good because you never have to worry about making a mistake…we always pad the yardage, but NOT to extreme…where you can make a second quilt.

baI’m going on another adventure today…watch my FB posts.  All for now my friends…LB

205 responses to “12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 3”

  1. Bonnie Larson Avatar

    Being from Canada, we do not revere our veerans as much as you do, which is unfortunate as all of the veterans have paid the price to help keep us safe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary Kolb Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my sweet husband of course. He spent a few years in Viet Nam before I knew him and it is very difficult to get any details about it. I just leave it at that.

  3. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    My dad served in the army during WWII. As a medic, he naturally was on the front lines. I cannot imagine how many men he must have saved. Even though the war ended in early fall, Daddy did not make it out of Europe until December.

  4. Ellen Peters Avatar
    Ellen Peters

    My favorite veteran is my sweet husband- he flew C-130’s in Vietnam and later became a pastor. Over the years, he has helped countless servicemen and women returning from combat, many of them my students. He has truly been a blessing in so many lives and is still the most humble man I know.❤️

  5. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    My father was in the Korean war, an uncle and father in law were in WWII, freedom isn’t free. I thank God for our veterans. Blessings Lisa.

  6. Jacque Avatar

    I have several favorite veterans, all from World War 2: my dad and his 2 brothers all in the army at the same time, and my uncle. Our family was German immigrants, and my uncle had to keep his German name on his uniform covered, while fighting there, for fear of retaliation. That story could be repeated by many of us!

  7. Shirley Avatar

    My dad was ww2 veteran and my husband fought in Vietnam na e very family has a veteran.. my favorite is my daughter who served in the navy. Love your new book.

  8. Mary Avatar

    My favorite veteran is very difficult. My husband is a Navy veteran and two of my three kids are 7th generation Navy and my other is married to Navy and currently living in Japan. I admire and am thankful for anyone signing on that line and agreeing to defend our freedoms. They’re all hero’s in my book! Saying that, I love to make quilts for our local VFW to raffle or donate and this new book of yours is full of fantastic projects to make for our veterans.

  9. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    My favorite veteran is my son. He is an A10 pilot in the Air Force. He is a great son, a wonderful husband and father to four. Last year when he was deployed he flew a mission over Syria that saved the lives of over 50 US soldiers on the groumd. The weather conditions were horrendous and the soldiers were under attack and running out of ammo. Our soldiers were in dire need and my son did not give up. At the end of the day there was not a single US casualty, our soldiers were able to go home to their families because my son showed up to work that day. He was presented the distinguished flying Cross award for this mission. Last month he was presented the MacKay award for the most meritorious flight of 2018. I could not be prouder of my son.

  10. Reese Avatar

    My all time favorites are those who were POWs, specially those who returned and were ridiculed as not being heroes.

  11. Julie Kennedy Avatar
    Julie Kennedy

    My favorite veteran is my father who was in Korea. He never talked about it very much.

  12. Becki Gilchrist Avatar
    Becki Gilchrist

    Favorite veteran…my Daddy. He liberated two concentration camps. But would not talk about what he saw. He was a tank commander, and as a result had hearing loss from the discharge noise of the shells. He always bought poppies and brought them home to me, and now I buy them in memory of him. My heart always nestles in the red, white and blue.

  13. Kris Sage Avatar
    Kris Sage

    My favorite vet —-my husband
    Fought in Vietnam – was a proud man but never shared his experiences there. He died 8 mo ago from cancer. As we prepared for his funeral and birth day into heaven we found his vet papers . They stated he had earned several medals and 2 bronze stars – we found them buried in his sock drawer . We never knew . Proud of all our vets . I miss him greatly

  14. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    My favorite veteran of course is my husband, a Vietnam vet. Second wound my father, a WWII vet. My dad met my mother in England where he was stationed so at least there was a positive side to that.

  15. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    My favorite veteran is my Aunt Tillie. She was a nurse during the Korean war. Was stationed in Colorado during the war. My Uncle Don was injured and ended up in that hospital. She was his his nurse and they ended up getting married in that same hospital. Married for 53 years before he passed away. Their love held strong. They had 3 sons. Her husband and sons passed away in less than 10 years. She is 86 and still lives by herself, out of town, in rural Arizona. We make the trip over to see her a couple of times a year, and help her with things. Carl and I and Carl’s sister are her only family left. She absolutely will not come live closer to us. Each of us has to live our life our way. I love my Aunt Tillie so much and proud of her strength.

  16. lj Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my grandfather from WWII. He didn’t talk a lot about his experience but when with the uncles and cousins which all served in different branches and different wars, some stories would come out. I was honored to have him give me away at my wedding. He is missed. How proud we are of the many in our family that served and all our veterans!

  17. Sue Dollhopf Avatar
    Sue Dollhopf

    My favorite veteran is my hubby Norm who passed away in 2016. He was a Captain in the US Air Force stationed in Malmstrom Montana working deep in a silo out in the middle of no where with “ICBM” inter-continental balistic missles. It was his job to execute the orders directly from the US President to fire nuclear bombs at Russia. Thank God he never received those orders to “fire”.

  18. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I have been so excited for this book and fabric line. I’ve been saving my mad money! Can’t wait to get started.

  19. angela0401 Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my grandfather Pappy Joe (God rest his soul). He lost his hearing fighting in World War II.
    When he was tasked by my grandmother to watch me, we would play games. He taught me how to play “Quarters” when I was 7 or 8 years old. My shot glass had root beer in it and his had whisky. Of course, me being a child, I thought he was drinking root beer too. 😆
    Good times with a great man … I miss him.

  20. Debra Wilbourn Avatar
    Debra Wilbourn

    First of all I need to comment on the fabulous pictures/patterns in the book! Your creativity amazes me! Your brain must never rest!

    The veteran in my life is my 86 year-old Dad. During his days in the service he wanted to go overseas but was always stationed in the states, El Paso, Texas. His age does not slow him down, he always has a project he is working on. He lives in Lead, South Dakota and loves to shovel snow this time of year.❄️When my Mom was alive he would help her quilting group at church making quilts to go overseas to the needy. Even though the quilting group is dwindling he continues to help the ladies cutting fabric, hand tie the quilts and then packages them to be sent overseas. My Dad is my hero!

  21. Deb Gepfer Avatar
    Deb Gepfer

    I can’t choose one special veteran because I have a great grandfather who served in WW1, an uncle who served in WW2, 2 nieces who served in Iraq and a cousin in the Navy who is currently working at the Pentagon. I also knew a WW2 veteran who was a POW captured at the Battle of the Bulge and my husband had a brother and cousin who served during the Vietnam war and 9 uncles who served during WW2. They all have a special place in my heart and I’m so thankful for their service for my freedom.

  22. Dawn McGee Avatar
    Dawn McGee

    My favorite veteran is my late husband. He was in Vietnam, and recently passed away from health issues directly the result of Agent Orange exposure. Unfortunately when he returned home, it wasn’t the hero’s welcome that veterans are getting today. Instead, anti-war protesters spit on the returning men. It is a very sad part of our history.

  23. Sandy Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my husband Greg (of course). Those were tough years when he was gone right after we were first married. But we survived. Thank you to all veterans for our freedom and your service to our country.

  24. Marie McDonald Avatar
    Marie McDonald

    Many favorite veterans. My husband Bob, from Vietnam War era, my Dad who was in WWII stationed in England where he met my mother and married her, and my father-in-law who was also WWII vet.
    When I was in high school I was involved with American Legion I was Miss Poppy. I rode in parades and attended many events throughout Michigan.

  25. Glenna C Denman Avatar
    Glenna C Denman

    What a lovely book! There are many veterans in my family. My husband served in the Navy, as did a niece. My youngest brother served in Vietnam and now is an honor guard at the memorial services of veterans, I am especially proud that he still serves in this way.

  26. Joan Avatar

    My favorite veteran was my Husband. He was in the Air Force for 22 years and served in Vietnam. I lost him on May 2, 2014. He really loved Christmas so that makes this holiday bittersweet. And like so many others have commented, he also spoke very little about it. I miss him every day. And I am especially grateful to all our veterans and to those that currently serve for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make to keep us safe.

  27. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    My favorite veteran was my Dad who was in the Korean Conflict. He didn’t speak to much about his experience mostly he talked about the brotherhood he formed with the other men in his unit. I could tell from Dad’s stories that those men had a special bond that would last forever. God bless all Veterans.

  28. Carol Nelms Avatar
    Carol Nelms

    Such beautiful fabric and quilts! I can’t wait to get my hands on both! My favorite Veterans are my father and father in law. They spoke little of their sacrifices but went on to live happy lives. Both are deceased now, sadly.

  29. Kathie Weatherford Avatar
    Kathie Weatherford

    My favorite veteran is my husband and my dad. The colors in this fabric line are, gorgeous.

  30. Sandi Avatar


  31. gingerfolkdesigns Avatar

    A memorable veteran…….hmmmm. My husbands grandfather tells hus story about the bombing of Pearl Harbour and he was there. It brings chills to me thinking about that time and watching the videos of it on television. Alot of veterans dont want to talk about their experiences. I feel so sorry for those who cannot participate in life because of the sadness they were part of. I am a nurse and see many of our veterans at different places in their lives. I am just thankful for their service and sacrifices!

  32. Roxanne Avatar

    My favorite vet would be my husband. He served in the Air Force during the Vietnam war. He has talked about the way the vets were treated back them and it is disgusting. I am so glad that as a nation our attitude has changed towards veterans. They were/are willing to fight for our freedom. My mother’s uncle and cousin’s are right up there too. Since my husband did not want a quilt of valor, they each received one within the last year. All veterans should be honored!

  33. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    These are fabulous, Lisa. And thanks to all your staff for what they do for you and us. I have two favorite veterans–my dad (WWII) and my brother (Vietnam). Like all others, they served proudly and asked for no thanks afterward.

  34. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    What beautiful quilts. I was thinking as I was looking at the pictures how pretty they would be in your floral gatherings , snow man gatherings or just about any fabric line. My favorite vet of course would have to be my Daddy. He served in the Air Dorce in the 1950’s as an MP. He didn’t talk much about his time but only about eating SOS and the places he loves when they traveled. Due to this I k is have Denmark and England on my bucket list. But one of his favorite places he was stationed was Savannah. So off I went to Savannah, I was allowed to go on the old base (which is now Army) which I was surprised I could Bought him a shirt at the PX to remind him of his time there. Long story short, I fell deeply in love with the city, have been there every year and season in past 10 years and even got married there. We married in the first UMC church in the country. This also had special meaning as my dad’s grandfather was a Methodist minister and my husband is a lay leader and I a fill in organist. We went back in our 5th anniversary for a service and was welcomed with open arms. Dad loves hearing of the changes of Savannah. Sadly he can’t see my pictures due to macular degeneration but it will always be a place I hold dear

  35. Laurel Avatar

    Can’t say I have a favorite veteran, but my father-in-law (WW2) and 2 brother-in-laws (Veitnam and Korea) all served. Currently my son is serving in the army. He is a combat medic (staff Sargent rank) and I couldn’t be more proud… He has been deployed thee times, lived in Germany for 4 years and is now based in Colorado Springs. Amid all of his deployments he completed his masters in Health care Administration and Management and is now working with solders suffering many different issues with the Warriors Transition Unit at Ft. Carson. I must admit that my heart ached when he told us of his plans to join, but I am so proud of the man he has become (and is).

  36. Mary Nyberg Avatar
    Mary Nyberg

    When I was 9 years old my older sis at the age of 18 married a young man who was to leave for Korea. He served in the US Army on the frontline at the North Korea border. I have heard some of his stories and saw some of his pictures that were taken there in 1952-53. The war defined who he became in life. Today my brother-in-law is 87 years old–he and my sister have been married over 66 years. It is appropriate on this day to honor him as yesterday I received a telephone call notifying me that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Now he has a new kind of battle. I salute this warrior who served bravely in one of our nation’s wars.

  37. Jill Defries Avatar
    Jill Defries

    My husband and my grandson are my favorites. Husband in Airforce during Vietnam War and grandson currently stationed in Killeen, TX in the army. Miss him so much and just as proud.

  38. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    My favorite veteran is my Uncle, who is also my Godfather. He makes me proud to be his niece.

  39. Kathy Decker Avatar
    Kathy Decker

    My favorite veteran is my Dad. Love all the projects in this book!

  40. Carolyn Sands Avatar
    Carolyn Sands

    My brother is a Navy veteran serving during the Vietnam era. We’re all very proud of his service. Lisa — what a fabulous book! I can’t wait to receive it. See you at Quiltstock in August.

  41. Katherine orvay Avatar
    Katherine orvay

    Of course, my favorite veteran is my husband of 53 years who served in Korea in the mid-60’s. In addition, we feel very fortunate to be friends with the oldest veteran in our Tucker County of West Virginia, a gentleman who was at D-Day. Lisa, you have truly outdone yourself with your new fabric line and book! I truly admire your creativity!

  42. Yvonne Craig Avatar
    Yvonne Craig

    My favorite veteran is my dad. He was a lifer. So we moved quite a bit. He never really told stories until my children came along. His grandchildren heard some really good stories. He been shot in Korea. As a teenager I watched him dig shrapnel out of his leg not thinking about it because I thought all dads did that until one of my friends was amazed. Then I realized my dad was special. He never complained! He passed away 10 years ago from cancer. It was his 3rd kind Agent orange got him. He lived to 82. Without agent orange he said most guys would only last a week in jungle.

  43. Anne Thate Avatar
    Anne Thate

    My Dad was in the Navy… so he is my favorite veteran. May he Rest In Peace🙏

    1. Linda Rhoades Avatar
      Linda Rhoades

      My favorite veteran is my husband of 49 years. He always said he didn’t need a Quilt of Valor, because I make quilts. But when my guild presented him with one, it brought tears to his eyes. He is very proud of that quilt! Thanks to all veterans for their sacrifices!

  44. PK Binns Avatar
    PK Binns

    Without a doubt it would be my father. He retired as a colonel in the Marines, and went on to teach at a university after. He served as a combat pilot in the pacific in WW II, and Korea, and also did 2 tours in Vietnam. It was difficult to get him to talk about the wars, as he experienced some horrific situations. He was humble, kind, smart, and loving. His former students visited him long after his retirement. He was an inspiration for my husband and I, my sister, and numerous nieces and nephews. He lived to 91, taking care of our mother with Alzheimer’s with grace and patience. I am so proud to be his daughter. And I miss him every day.

  45. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon

    My uncle Vince was a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars. He was not a career military man, he was a Catholic priest. He was given several medals during the Korean War for heroism and for saving lives of the many soldiers during battle. He went back during the Vietnam War because he knew he could help many of the young men there. He was a very humble, witty, caring man, beloved by all his parishioners and us his family. RIP Vincent Kilpatrick.

  46. Sandra McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra McDaniel

    My favorite veteran is my grandpa, who passed but I was very close to him. He was in WWII and served in North Africa. I learned so much about being a patriot from him.

  47. mary h Avatar
    mary h

    My favorite vet is my dad. He is 99.5 years old and served as a Navy lieutenant in WWll. He still fits in his uniform and can still quote ship dimensions and such.

  48. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    My grandfather was a WWI veteran. He came home..married my grandmother and had three children, my mother was the youngest. She was three when grandma co reacted pneumonia and died. He never got over losing the love of his life….how strange to look at pictures of him and now my 38 year old son! My grandchildren ask why daddy dressed like that! My father and my uncles all served. My brother was in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. We stand for the flag at this house….and know many have given their lives so we all have a choice.

  49. Peggy Avatar

    My Uncle is my favorite vet.

  50. Karen Seitz Avatar
    Karen Seitz

    My favorite veteran is my grandpa. He served in the Pacific theater during WWII and stayed on after victory to liberate Japanese prison camps. I didn’t know too much about his time in service until after my grandma died, and we started going through boxes and boxes of photos. I created a huge scrapbook for him of the WWII years with summaries of the stories he told me while going through the photos. For example, he met Irving Berlin! I have the album now that he is gone, and I treasure it and the memories.

  51. Pat McMullin Avatar
    Pat McMullin

    My favorite veteran is my husband. He served 30 years in the Air Force and is very proud of he service to our country. A close second would be our son who is currently serving as a Captain in the Air Force. He has been stationed in South Korea and is currently in England where he is an Emergency Room Doctor at Lakenheath AFB.

  52. Carol joswick Avatar
    Carol joswick

    I love all of our veterans! I would have to say my son is my favorite. He served 10 years in the Army and National Guard right out of high school. He was a MP in Gitmo for a year. He had to fly back and forth to Iraq and Turkey to pick up prisoners. Of course I didnt know that until he came home. My other favorite is a family member named Patrick Whalen who came over from Ireland as an indentured servant to North Carolina. He worked off his indenture by serving as a private in the Virginia regiment during the Revolutionary War. He most likely fought at Yorktown, but that hasnt been confirmed. I have had a male family member fight for our country in every conflict in this country except for Desert Storm. One of my grandfathers times 5 fought for the Confederacy in Kentucky before it went Union. He was from Bowling Green and thats where the Confederate capital of Kentucky was at the time. See you at Quiltstock……Merry Christmas!

  53. Cheryl Adam Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my dad who passed away last Saturday at the age of 94. He enlisted right out of high school. He was in the army during WWII and served in the Philippines. Because he ate so much pineapple, rice, and spam while stationed there, he refused to eat them the rest of his life. Thanks for your service dad.

  54. Alice Avatar

    The new designs are just FABULOUS! My favorite veteran is my Dad. He served in the Navy. He got very sick and was treated at Walter Reed for many months. My Mother with two small children even moved back to her parents thinking he would not survive. During his recovery he made friends with someone in the White House and got a wonderful behind the scenes tour. He is now 82 and I am child number three!

  55. Jan Avatar

    The 1st veteran I thought of is my father n law who couldn’t understand my mother n law’s desire to go camping. As a Marine he had spent enough time in damp fox holes in the S Pacific during WWII. It wasn’t til they started downsizing that we saw some of his momentos such as a full tiger skin he bought & brought home. Now it’s in our basement. 🤭 My uncle enlisted in the Army in WWII & became a flight instructor. I have a set if his wings. One nephew is a disabled Army vet & a Ranger Medic has married into the family. As another lady stated today veterans are respected & I always enjoy the Sunday they’re honored at church. It’s interesting to see who stands & what branch they served.
    Love this new fabric line & book

  56. Jenny M Avatar
    Jenny M

    Wonderful fabrics and projects made with them! As I scrolled through the photos I would think, “that’s my favorite” only to see the next photo and change my mind. My favorite vet is my Uncle.

  57. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    My favorite veteran has to be my husband. He entered the navy 3 months after we were married in May 1966. After boot camp we were in San Diego then PT. Magu Naval Air Station. We lived on popcorn and peanut butter, he always had a part time job so I didn’t see him a lot but we were together. After 2 years of moving around California he was transferred to Force Troops with the Marines, a Navy and Marine. Living at Camp Lejuenne NC he again worked odd jobs, at the clinic, duty nights, on a ship to go settle some conflict. He was a dental tech/ corpsman. 2 kids and 5 years later we came home. Thankful to have him, he served his country well but most of all took care of his family.
    All this starting out at 19 years old. A job well done! A Vietnam Vet!

  58. Diana Lentz Avatar
    Diana Lentz

    Lisa I love your new line of fabric and book honoring our veterans.
    My dad served in the Korean War and Vietnam, he was in the U.S. Navy for 20 years. Like so many service men he never spoke about the negative events. The only thing he said about Korea was that it was so cold when he was over there. After dad retired from the Navy he went to college on the GI bill and received his teaching degree. Dad taught through the college system for the Navy and became a popular teacher. Dad said his grade school teachers would have rolled over in their graves if they had known he had become a teacher! Daddy had the best since of humor and patience of anyone I know. I miss him everyday.

  59. Kyra Franz Avatar
    Kyra Franz

    My favorite veteran is my Daddy who served as a waist gunner and later navigator during WWII on B-17s in the Mighty 100th 8th Bomb Group. He didn’t talk about his experience until much later in life. His truly was the “Greatest Generation!” Thank you, Lisa, for your love of our patriots.

  60. JoAnne McPherson Avatar
    JoAnne McPherson

    I’m seriously in LOVE with all the projects in the book and the fabric. I have fat quarter packs of your prior 2 Patriotic lives and this will be no different! My favorite Veteran is my husband who served 31 years in the Army and has been retired for 4 years now. I also must mention my step-father, who served in Vietnam. I have a step-father because my father was a fighter pilot in Vietnam and was shot down and is Missing in Action. We m proud to know and live such great men.

  61. KdBrown Avatar

    I have had a lot of veterans in my life and lineage. My dad is my favorite who served in 2 active world wars (WWII & Korea). I can’t wait to join him in heaven. My great great grandfather was a pacifist during the Civil War, but still wanted to serve his country, so he drove the ambulance wagon and was a medic. His name was George Washington Bullock and he lived until he was almost 102 years old!

  62. Linda Elliott Avatar
    Linda Elliott

    I cannot say I have a favorite Veteran, I have many. I am blessed to live 8 miles from Ft Hood, TX. We are in constant contact with both active and retired Military. Having lived in this area for 50 plus years, we have seen the good and the bad that it takes to protect our country. Not taking away from the men and women that have or do sacrifice daily for our freedom, I feel the husbands, wives and children that are left behind are also heroes.❤️🇺🇸❤️

  63. Kim Avatar

    Like many of you I am proud to say my favorite veteran is my husband who was a captain in the army and served in Vietnam. He has shared many things with me and no one has any idea what the men and women went through, be sure to always thank our military for their service. They are why we have the freedoms we do. Merry Christmas everyone

  64. Kathy H Avatar
    Kathy H

    My son is my favorite veteran, he served 7 years in the Army. An MP and saw both Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m very proud of him! Love the Stars & Stripes line!

  65. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    Wow! 😮😮 do you ever sleep? This book looks amazing and I’m anxious to get it in hot little hands! So many great projects, really, what’s your secret to time management? We just remodeled kitchen and dining room and I had decided on a red, white and blue theme in the dining room . You readin’ My mind or what? 😂 looking forward to receiving the order already placed this morning!

  66. marie Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my husband, he was in the Air Force during Vietnam. My father was in the Navy during WWII, and my brother was in the Army and killed in Vietnam. We live in north Alabama and it is filled with retire military because of Redstone Arsenal. Our local quilt shop gives a discount to retired military.

  67. Norma Applegate Avatar
    Norma Applegate

    My favorite veteran is Jerry Kroesh. Not related by blood but a member of my small town family. He is 90 and was in the Korean War. Still an active American Legion member who has been a long time “chef” at fish frys, sold raffle tickets and been in charge of putting flags on all the veteran graves in the western part of the county. So glad to know him and try to live up to his ideals.

  68. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    My favorite veterans would be my uncle David and my uncle Joe. They both served in WWII and whenever I hear them speak of their service, it is with pride and no regrets. As children of Mexican immigrants, they always express gratitude for the opportunities the United States has given them. They model patriotism and respect for our flag and country, and are great role models for the rest of the family.

  69. Linda Dayot Avatar
    Linda Dayot

    My favorite Veteran is my dad. He served in the Korean War as a marine. He tecently passed away on 12/15/18. He developed dementia and we had to resort to placement at King’s Veteran Home (which I highly recommend to Vets). It was a bumpy road as he did not understand what happened to him. We turned to God for help and he peacefully passed in his sleep. We are at peace knowing his memories are back with him.

  70. geriwood13@att.net Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my husbands brother Richard Sherwood. He served in Vietnam secret service and can’t talk much about it but recently CBS morning news did an piece on BB Cooper who jumped out of the plane with money and they never found him. Rick had to get clearance to be able to solve this You can look it up under CBS morning news Rick Sherwood BB Cooper so proud of him. I gave him a QOV
    Geri Sherwood

  71. MaryJane Price Avatar
    MaryJane Price

    My favorite veteran is my dear husband, served in Europe during WWII, served under Patton in the Battle of the Bulge. He is now 93 and going strong.

  72. Nancy Alderman Avatar
    Nancy Alderman

    My favorite veterans were my father and 4 of my uncles, all of whom served in WWII. They thought that there would be no more wars after that. I wish they had been right.

  73. Cathy Hawkins Avatar

    My Dad was a veteran of the Korean Conflict, and he was my Hero always!!! I am thankful for all Veterans that sacrificed their freedom for ours!

  74. Bev Avatar

    My mom, she was in the Navy during WWll. She served in communication of secret informationqqs

  75. Toni Avatar

    On a personal note, my favorite veteran was my dad. He served in WWII and from the best of my recollection, never spoke about it. We found his dog tags long after he had passed away. On a wider scale, I am truly grateful for all the men and women who willingly give up pieces of their lives to serve and defend our country. It is an honor to work for them and with them. The projects from this new book are calling my name. This may have to go on my shopping list!

  76. Patti Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my father. He was enlisted during the Korean War, didn’t serve overseas. He turned 90 this past July, was widowed for 8 years living alone next door. Until this month. Now he is struggling with health issues and is in rehab as I write this. I am so thankful I am able to spend lots of time with my dear father.

  77. serenawelker Avatar

    My husband and father in-law are part of a VFW funeral team who go to the veterans funerals whether it’s rain, sunshine, snowing, hot or freezing and present the flag to the families of veterans. I love the commitment and honor they still have for one another.

  78. Barbara Nelson Avatar
    Barbara Nelson

    This could be my “favorite” day of the 12 days. My Dad was a Missouri farm boy living during the Depression. His family was so poor, they lived on nothing but turnips for one year. My Dad became one of the famous Flying Tigers and flew on his first flight in China against the Japanese on Christmas Day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. We never knew about his feats until we just recently found stories he had written about his experiences. My husband went to Vietnam and had the exact opposite greeting when he got home, no hero’s welcome for those guys. Sorry to be so long but this struck a nerve.

  79. Kris Thomas Avatar

    My veteran I’d like to honor is my grandpa. He fought in the pacific during WWII and lost so many friends there. So proud of his bravery and sacrifice and thankful to have had time to know him ❤️

  80. Felicia Hamlin Avatar
    Felicia Hamlin

    My favorite veteran was a little old man from our church. He served his country and never talked about it. He also served by being an honor guard at funerals for his fellow conrades in arms, I didn’t know he served in WWII, until after he died. He had a great sense of humor and a greater faith in God. Rest in Peace, Johny.

  81. Lynn Barrett Avatar
    Lynn Barrett

    My husband is my favorite veteran. He served for 23 years in the Air Force. Through the years, his dedication and constancy to his service was inspiring. My family’s service to this nation dates back to the American Revolution when my grandfather 5 times removed (Daniel Frederick Bakeman) served the last 4 years of the war and later became the last surviving pensioner, dying in 1869 at the age of 109.

  82. Donna N Avatar
    Donna N

    My favorite veteran was my Father in Law, Robert who serve in World War II . He was the kindest man I’ve ever met and I miss him every day. He didn’t talk about the war much but when he did it was about the guys he served with and the funny things they did to survive all they saw. He treated everyone with respect and kindness. He loved his family and country above all else….except fishing that may have been his greatest love of all. I hope he fishes everyday in the lakes and rivers above .

  83. Joanne Avatar

    I would have to say my dad is my favorite veteran. He and is 3 brothers all enlist in WWII. And miraculously they all survived. My dad was a fun, loving, humble, hard working man like so many of that generation. He didn’t talk about the war but every year he and my mother went to the “Red Horsers” reunion to celebrate and remember the fellowship of this Unit.
    I have loved being a part of several Quilts of Valor projects and seeing the joy in the recipient’s face. Truly, a gift of love and comfort.

  84. Carol Kuse Avatar
    Carol Kuse

    My favorite veteran is Bernie, my husband of 59 years. In fact we had our first date 59 years ago this month. He had just gotten out of the Navy. It’s hard to believe that our 60th anniversary is August 16, 2019. The best advice we ever got was when someone told us: “Never go to bed mad at each other!” It hasn’t always been easy, but it sure works. At least so far!

  85. Carmen Avatar

    Love, love, love red, white and blue. Veterans are popular in our families. My husband is a proud Vietnam Marine veteran, my dad was a Korean vet and my father-in-law was a WWII veteran. Most of our uncles were also veterans. Everyone should try to get to Washington, DC for a humbling experience visiting the memorials. Those that have fought for our freedom should not be forgotten! If you can’t get to the memorial,why not make your own memorial-a Quilt of Valor out of the Stars and Stripes line!

  86. MJ Avatar

    My dad was a WWII veteran so any veteran from WWII holds a special place in my heart. As a retired Kindergarten teacher, I feel the need to have the current generation remember all of the service men and women who kept and continue to keep our country safe. When we say the pledge and salute the flag in school, I remind them to give thanks and to always show respect for the flag and for our service men and women.

  87. Joanne Lee Avatar
    Joanne Lee

    My favorite veterans are my dad, who served in WWII, my father-in-law, who served in Korean War, my brother, who served in Vietnam war and my son, who served in the Army in Germany recently. So proud of all of them!

  88. Sherri Avatar

    My favorite Veteran who served in the Navy is my son. He is dearest to me of all the Veterans in my family. Each time he came home I was relieved, and also so very proud of his dedication to our country and freedom! I have two other nephews who were in the Navy as well. My father served in the Army, along with my nephew and his brother in law. My brother served in the Air Force. As you can see there is a lot of love and dedication to our country that is wrapped up in my family. Patriotic quilts, pillows, wool applique and other crafts are fine displays for my family’s love of our country and my love for the meaning behind displaying these beautiful works of art!!! In addition, I know I’m going to purchase your new book; perhaps more! Thanks Lisa, for such beautiful creations and the chance to win! Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🎄

    1. Sherri Avatar

      I neglected to add that my uncle served in the Navy as well. 🇺🇸

  89. BJ Avatar

    My late father-in-law served in the South Pacific in WWII. He never spoke of his time there, just the comraderie among the grunts before heading out. I just finished listening to Midnight in the Pacific, a true story of the fight for Guadalcanal. The horrors of the warfare there are unimaginable. When he passed, we found a trunk of relics from his Army days there. He never shared their history with us. He was a quiet man, a strong soul, a reflective inspiration who always said he learned more from the service than from any school. Your new book and fabric line are beautiful and your designs do such justice to a fitting theme.

  90. Julee Prose Avatar
    Julee Prose

    my father served in the Korean war and my oldest brother served in Viet Nam…a big THANK YOU to all that had served and also now serving.. Great new book and love the patriotic fabric line…

  91. Deb G. in VA Avatar
    Deb G. in VA

    My favorite veteran is my Dad. Love all the projects in the book, especially North & South!

  92. Pam Jordan Avatar
    Pam Jordan

    Wow Lisa another great book. Love it!
    My favorite veteran is my dad he was in the Airforce. Miss him everyday!

  93. MaryLee Boillat Avatar
    MaryLee Boillat

    My favorite Veterans are my stepfather and my husband. They both have a dedication to our country that is a true and honest value. One served in the European theater during World War II and the other served in the jungles of Vietnam. They are proud of their service but they don’t expect to be given any special attention. How can we thank these young men (really boys) enough for putting our freedoms above their own personal safety. I love these men.

  94. Antonia Avatar

    Each quilt project is more spectacular than the previous one. I love these.
    My favorite veteran is my late husband. He was on his way to Japan when
    they surrendered. Can you imagine the joy that day? He ended up going
    to China. Merry Christmas!

  95. Patricia Ludwiczak Avatar

    I absolutely love your new line of fabric and will be anxiously awaiting it at my quilt shop. What a wonderful way to honor those who serve and all who hold patriotism in their hearts. My favorite veteran in my sweet father in law who served in WWII at the Battle of the Bulge. The first time I met him (44 years ago) was just about the time he was able to start talking about the war. Every year on Christmas Eve I listened to him speak about what it was like to be a teenager in a foxhole thinking about the friends he’ d already lost and what was to come. He was so proud to serve his country and to work for the greater good. I will think of him and remember as we miss him this Christmas Eve.

  96. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Patriotic fabrics, quilts, and small projects are ALWAYS in style in my book. My Dad was in the USAF, I had two uncles in the US Navy that served in WWII, I married USAF and we lived the military life for 24 years, raising our two children in the lifestyle that we were accustomed. My husband also comes from a long line of veterans. My favorite? I guess would be my husband. We have lived in numerous places, learned different customs, met so many people, and lived quite a diverse life. We may have missed out on some things due to responsibility to country, but we wouldn’t change our life for anything. USA!!!

  97. Charlotte Schindler Avatar
    Charlotte Schindler

    My mother had four brothers who served during WWII. Fortunately, they all returned home. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been for parents and siblings worrying about their sons and brothers.

    I love patriotic quilts etc – your new line of fabric and the designs are fantastic.

  98. Marsha Bohling Avatar
    Marsha Bohling

    Beautiful book and quilts! And the fabric line is wonderful! My favorite veterans were my sister-in-laws father and mother who both served in WWII. They were both so sweet and good to us. Thank you for this chance to honor them.


    Love the new book Lisa! I am thankful every day for all of our veterans. They give of themselves so that we may continue to live in peace free from fears. My favorite would have to be my father in law who passed away four years ago on Easter Sunday. He was a caring, big hearted man who would give anything for the people he loved. He was also very outspoken and not afraid to voice his opinion. He was a blessing to all and we miss him every day.

  100. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    My favorite veteran will always be my husband. We are also proud of our daughter who served as a nurse in the Air Force for 7 years. My favorite old veteran would be my Dad in law who proudly served as a marine during the Korean War, he passed away 2 years ago.

  101. Glenda Summerlin Avatar
    Glenda Summerlin

    My favorite veteran is my husband who served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War, he gave 20 years to his country. My son also gave 20 years and his son gave 5 years to The Marines.

  102. Jaye Gause Avatar
    Jaye Gause

    Oh my gosh, how am I supposed to pick which project from the book to start with?? So my favorite veteran is actually 3 although there are many others I love dearly. First there’s my grandpa who served in the Navy during WWII, though he saw many horrible things he passed on a lot of love. The other 2 are my son’s who both became Marines. The first one had to fight cancer shortly after joining and won, he’s worked hard and now taking a leave from work to attend college full time for an engineering degree. Son two is also attending college while working. Merry Christmas!!

  103. Cathy Cavagnaro Avatar
    Cathy Cavagnaro

    My quilt guild makes honor quilts and holds a ceremony to present them to veterans. The stories they share are so moving. Each one becomes an instant favorite. And this is an opportunity for those of us who do not have veterans in our lives to honor veterans and show our respect.
    Your new fabric line is beautiful, perfect for honor quilts and other patriotic quilts.

  104. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    The veterans in my life are my Dad, Uncle and my Brother. They are all special to me. This line is so patriotic. I love the brightness of the colors especially the red.

  105. Ellen R Avatar
    Ellen R

    My Dad is my favorite veteran. He was orphaned at 17 and lied about his age to join the Army so he could join the only family he had left…his half brother..to Korea. Recently interviewed in a veterans project I cherish that CD because like many veterans they will not share the details but it is obvious that war is awful … bless our military! And thank you for this beautiful book I think my Dad needs a quilt!

  106. Teri Avatar

    My favorite veteran would be my dad. He fought in WWII then volunteered for the Korean War. He cared deeply for the men under his keeping. The book has wonderful projects. Thank you.

  107. Kelly Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my dad, he has lots of stories. I love all the patterns you show here it looks like another amazing book! I don’t know how you do everything thing. You do such an amazing job with all the patterns, projects, two shops, and take care of your family. Thank you!!

  108. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    My favorite veteran happens to be my husband. He was one year in the Air Force when we got married. So I traveled around with him, even had two of our babies in England where we were stationed for 4 years. After we were stationed at Barksdale AFB in LA for a couple of years, he decided to get out of active duty (he had served 10 years) and stay in the reserves. He got a job in TX North of Houston and he reported to the Reserves at Bergstrom AFB in Austin once a weekend per month and 2 weeks a year. Meanwhile we had 2 little Texans born here. He later was transferred to a community North of Austin. He finished up 13 years of Reserves as they closed Bergstrom and turned it into Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. We still live in the area and two or our 4 children and their families do as well. Thanks Lisa for another beautiful book and Merry Christmas!

  109. Michelle Condon Avatar
    Michelle Condon

    My favorite veteran is my husband. He served 32 years in the Air Force. With 18 assignments across the US and Germany, deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan…and through it all, he always put our family first and made sure we were taken care of. His career gave us wonderful opportunities to see things and meet friends all over the world!

  110. Michelle Condon Avatar
    Michelle Condon

    P.S. love the book! Ordering it now! 😉

  111. Deb Silva Avatar
    Deb Silva

    My favorite veteran is my Dad. He served as a Marine during WWII and fought in the South Pacific. He fudged his birth records so that he could enlist early and was on the battlefield fighting at the age of 16. He never really talked about it and I can’t even begin to imagine the horrors of war that he experienced.

  112. Mary Salmon Avatar
    Mary Salmon

    What a beautiful post!
    My favorite certain is my father. He and my grandfather were workin on the car trying to fix something. My mother told me as soon as they heard on the radio that Pearl Harbor was bombed, both my father and grandfather dropped their tools and left to volunteer. True heroes.

  113. Robin T Avatar
    Robin T

    My father-in-law served in the army for the USA 🇺🇸 during the Koran war. He passed away at 90 years in July 2018. RIP

  114. Sally Avatar

    My stepson is a Captain in the United States Coast Guard. We are so very proud of him for keeping our boarders safe and the fight to minimize the influx of drugs into our country! We thank all men and women for serving in all branches of the Military!

  115. Marcia Mahoney Avatar
    Marcia Mahoney

    My favorite veteran was my father in law Jim. He met his wife in England. Your book and quilts are amazing.

  116. Maggi Honeyman Avatar
    Maggi Honeyman

    Thanks so very much for the shout-out, Lisa!!! It was an honor and tons of fun to quilt all these quilts with you. Thank you!

  117. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    My favorite veteran is the 91 year old father in law of my dearest friend. He is active, energetic, and served our country in WWII. He loves the Lord, his family, and his country. His positive attitude in a daily inspiration to me.

  118. Paula Andrews Avatar
    Paula Andrews

    My favorite veteran is Dick Bigelow. He was a pilot in WWII, he was on a mission with his crew when his plane was shot. He knew the plane was in bad shape so he told his crew he was going to try and make it back to base and they could choose to either bail out in enemy lines and be a POW until the end of the war or gamble that the plane would make it back to base. Dick’s whole crew decided to gamble on him and the plane, they all made it back to safety. Dick lived to be 94.
    Another favorite is Chris Craycraft who is retired Navy. When he was in the Korean war the ship he was on was shot, but they too made it back to safety.

  119. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    Let me first say that your Star and Stripe Gathering book and quilts/projects are beyond awesome! I will have no control when it comes to ordering! My favorite veteran would be my brother. He served in Viet Nam and saw incidents he wished he never had to endure. He now has effects of the war but continues to move on. I remember sending him off to war, not knowing if we would see him again but he said “I will return”. I thank God he did!

  120. Kristy Avatar

    My favorite veteran would be my dad. He died when I was eight, so I never got to hear all of his war stories, but I have seen photos and have all of his memorabilia from that period of his life. I try to imagine what it was like for him. Upon returning home from the war he met my mom…and as they say the rest is “his story”. I have the reassurance we will be together again….I’ll sit at his knee and he can tell me everything he didn’t get to tell me on the side. If he were still with us here, I would make him that star pillow from your book…it is fabulous!

  121. debbie haggard Avatar
    debbie haggard

    My two favorite vets would be my sister who spent 20 years in the Navy, and my nephew who was 8 years Army. my nephew is now very heavily involved with his local and state chapters of the VFW organization. at only 30 years old, it is heartwarming to see him engaged and involved as an officer of this organization and its esteemed members.

  122. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    I have an uncle who was in WWII, Red Arrow Division. He recently passed away at the age of 99. He was the last survivor of his group. He had a saying, “The first 100 years are the hardest”.

  123. Sherryl Wynne Avatar

    I have a lovely friend who went to Viet Nam as a young man, survived some very difficult moments, and came back to serve our country in other ways. He is, and will always be, my hero.

  124. Gale W.S. Avatar
    Gale W.S.

    That would be my Dad, who served in WWII in the USAF.

  125. Debra Reber Avatar
    Debra Reber

    My favorite veteran is my dad! He used to have some great stories! Your new book is amazing!

  126. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    Lisa I feel you do patriotic fabrics so well🇺🇸
    My favorite vet is my dad. He was in the Korean War. He was just a young kid from a very small town sent to France. Every once in a while he will share a story or two about being there.

  127. Jaxine Andersen Avatar
    Jaxine Andersen

    My favorite veteran is my sister, who retired a few years ago. She served in both the Air Force and the Army. She was a nurse. My dad also served during WW II, as well as my uncle. Beautiful book, Lisa.

  128. Sandy Steinke Avatar
    Sandy Steinke

    My favorite veteran is my son, Scott. He served 9 years in the Army starting in 2000 and was deployed 4 times. He served as Military Police and later as a Medic.

  129. Donna Widerquist Avatar

    My favorite veteran was my father. He was in the Navy during World War ll.

  130. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    My Dad is my favorite veteran – I miss him alot

  131. Karen Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my dad. He was in the Navy during the Korean War. Unfortunately we lost him to cancer over 20 years ago. A few years ago my husband and I were fortunate enough to take a tour of the battleship he served on. I cannot begin to express in words how overwhelming moving that day was…….to walk on the same teak decking that my father had all those years ago and see where he had served our country with extreme pride. Your new collection and book is beautiful. I absolutely love every project!!

  132. Terri S. Avatar
    Terri S.

    My father, he served in WWII.Apparently they had so many raisins during that time, he never ate them again!

  133. Cathy Washburn Avatar
    Cathy Washburn

    My favorite veteran is my Dad who served on the frontline in Korea. He came home safe and lived to be 78. My second favorite is my nephew who is currently serving in the Air National Guard.

  134. Nancy D Avatar
    Nancy D

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite veteran. I have many in my family. My husband is a disabled vet. My dad was veteran. Uncles and cousins and nephews too. Not just the men in the family either. Strong women too. Navy, Air Force and army. So proud of them all!

  135. Linda Cejnar Avatar
    Linda Cejnar

    My favorite veteran would have to be my Dad. He was an officer in the Navy in WW2. We live in Southern California and in the 60s and 70s when we were growing up, my family would go to the Officers Club on Terminal Island in Long Beach for a great buffet dinner, and my Mom & Dad would dance on the dance floor to Big Band tunes and Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree…memories from childhood!

  136. Cindy Stephenson Avatar
    Cindy Stephenson

    My hero is my Dad, he spent 20 years in the Navy. we moved around almost every 3 years. He had a very diverse career serving on Navy ships including a helicopter carrier and aircraft carrier. He would be gone anywhere between 9 months at a time. This then made my Mom the hero raising 3 daughters on her own. Dad taught new young men how to be sailors. This was a good time because he was home. Thinking back I believe his favorite job was when he assigned to be in charge of the Appollo recovery teams and we all moved to Hawaii. My favorite too as I went to high school and graduated in Hawaii. My Dad passed 2 years ago and he is still my hero, I miss him every day.

  137. Colleen Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my eldest son, Dustin. He was in the National Guard when 911 happened, and was soon sent to Iraq. I’m proud of him and the man he became because of his service to our country. I’m ever so thankful he came safely home.

  138. Cheryl Avatar

    My fav vet is my husband who is an Air Force retiree, serving 24 years. No matter where we lived I always had my sewing machine and stitching with me!! I love red, white and blue – Stars and Stripes forever!🇺🇸

  139. Janette Avatar

    It is hard to choose just one, my dad and my legal guardian and my grandpa all served (Korean war MP, WWII paratrooper and WWI army) but I would have to choose my son, he served in the navy for almost 11 years on a nuclear sub including support in the gulf war.

  140. Pattie Davidson Avatar

    My favorite Veteran is now gone, but he was a special one! After he retired he worked for us in our Hardware Store.
    He had purchased a featherweight in his younger days and carried it with him in his career. He left it to me when he died. It is a 1950 model and it a beauty. He was a very special man!

  141. Janie Morris Avatar
    Janie Morris

    I love your Americana fabric. Look forward to your new book and fabric. My favorite veteran is my husband. He was in Vietnam and spent 20 years in service. Lots of memories from different parts of the world!

  142. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    My favorite Veteran would have to be a friend of mine, who is also a quilter.
    She now battles crippling arthritis and struggles every day now, but keeps on moving so she can keep quilting.

  143. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    What a lovely book, I’m so happy for you and your accomplishments – you’ve worked hard to get where you are today! Thank you to all of your staff who make up Primitive Gatherings, they do awesome work! Is it wrong to say my favorite veteran is myself? Without God and the Air Force I’m not sure where I would be today but I know it wouldn’t be nearly as good. In short: I learned several trades, traveled the world, worked with people who I loved and I most definitely became a much better person. Funny story: when I told people I had joined the Air Force everyone asked me why and said only girls looking for a husband went in the service; funny thing I didn’t find my husband until I was 53.

  144. Carol Rice Avatar
    Carol Rice

    My hero is my dad. He fought in WWII and after he passed away we were looking thru his papers he had saved over years and found out that he had earned the soldiers medal by pulling five men out of a burning airplane when it had tried to land in Italy and caught on fire. I had not known this before he died and I am very proud of him.

  145. Stephanie Smith Avatar
    Stephanie Smith

    I am proud to say I come from a family of veterans and admire each one for the sacrifices and contributions they have made. My mother was a wave, my father, a marine, father-in-law, uncle and my son-in-law all served in the Navy. As caring Americans I am most proud of the bravery and patriotism they continue to show today. There are millions of veterans. Thank one anytime you get the chance.

  146. Linda Baker Avatar
    Linda Baker

    I actually have 3 favorite veterans–my husband and father who were both in the Army, and my mom who was a Marine. My parents met when they were in the service and my mom was discharged when she became pregnant with me. She worked in Washington DC. My dad was in France during WW2 and my husband was in Vietnam. I am proud of them all for serving our country. My dad passed away but my mom is still going strong at age 98. My husband and I have been married for 40 years. I am truly blessed.

  147. Lori G Avatar
    Lori G

    Love love love the red, white, and blue! My husband was Air Force for 29 years. We’ve been married for 40! We’re celebrating on the cruise this spring! We’ll see you there!

  148. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I love every single thing in this post! I wish I could win the lottery and order one of each! I have two special veterans in my life. My Dad is a Korean War veteran and although his health is failing, he still salutes the flag and proudly wears his veterans hats. My DH is a 30 year Army veteran and did a number of tours overseas as our children were growing up. Life was not always easy, but we are very proud to be Americans and to have served our country. (I was active duty for a bit too). Thanks for all the fun! <3 Merry Christmas!!

  149. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    My favorite veteran is my dad. My dad served in the Army during WWll in Canada doing U-boat sonar detection and then later fighting in Germany. He passed way 20 years ago this year.

  150. Kim Kopac Avatar
    Kim Kopac

    OMGoodness I am making that home pillow as soon as possible. Your things are so beautiful. My father and brother were in the service and red white and blue mean so much to our family!!

  151. Joni Avatar

    My Dad was originally in the Army was a POW in the Korean War held in a box for 9 months- one of the first to be released & then was transferred to the Air Force spent 20 years in the service ending his career with a tour of Vietnam retiring at 38 when I was in the 7th grade. He’s going to be 85 in March & is very independent!!

  152. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    My favorite veteran is my Dad, who had s short stint in the Army. Besides being an awesome Dad who proudly served, he left his home in Texas and was stationed in Boston,MA where he fell in love with a pretty, spirited young girl. And the rest is history. The whole story would make you cry but I’m so glad these two amazing people got together and created all these wonderful families! Never question what life hands you, it might be the greatest gift you get!🇺🇸

  153. Kristi Avatar

    I have two favorite veterans – my father who served in WWII (who passed years ago) and my husband who served in Vietnam. I’m proud of both.

  154. Lori Thomas Avatar
    Lori Thomas

    My favorite veteran was my dad. He was I the navy during WW2. He was in a ship in the pacific when Pearl Harbor was bombed. They were one of the first ships to arrive after it all happened. I guess the good Lord was looking out for him because his ship was supposed to be in port at the time of the attack. He said it is something he would never forget and didn’t talk about it very much. I can’t wait to get my book. There are multiple projects that catch my eye.

  155. Karen H. Avatar
    Karen H.

    There are a lot of veterans in my life – Dad, Brother, Husband, friends. The veteran most on my mind is my dad. He was in the National Guard several years, went to West Point, served over 30 years in the Army.
    He’s dealing with some health issues.

  156. De De Benson Avatar
    De De Benson

    My fav vet is my uncle, served in the korean war, flew helecopter. He earned a purple heart & supported vetrans the rest of his life, Just before he died, he helped locate where a chopper had gone down all thise years ago, the found the remains, giving those families some peace.

  157. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    Gosh – I would have to say my favorite Veteran was my Dad. He was in the Army during the Korean War but never saw active duty. His time in the service did allow him access to the VA Medical System. They helped him get sober back in 1982 and he was very proud of his 35 years of sobriety prior to passing away earlier this year. They also treated his cancer which gave him the last 3 1/2 years we had with him. Thank a Vet, but thank the VA too!

  158. Patty Archuleta Avatar
    Patty Archuleta

    My husband is my favorite veteran. He spent 12 years in the Air Force. They weren’t always easy years but we have some great memories and great friends.

  159. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    My dad. He was in the army and stationed in the Phillipines. He only lived to be 59 years old but would be 90 if he were still here. He wa a great dad and I miss him every day.

  160. Suelynn Avatar

    Wonderful projects and photos and great to hear about all the people who help you behind the scenes. My favorite Veteran is my Dad. He wouldn’t talk about the war when we were growing up. When his grandchildren began to ask, he willingly shared a part of his life with them. I am thankful for their interest in their grandfather’s war history (Burma/India/China) and this past spring we visited the World War II Memorial with our own grandchildren in New Orleans to learn even more.

  161. Judyk Avatar

    Ohhhhhh, I want them all. For sure I’m getting the book and who know what else will wind up in my basket. Love, love the fabric. I have been seeing your bits and pieces and knew this was going to be my kryptomite!!

  162. Judyk Avatar

    I was so excited about the fabric and book I forgot to tell you about my favorite veteran. Both my father and father in law were drafted in WWII, but neither talked about their experiences. My favorite veteran is a young man we met when he married a former student of ours. He has served for almost 20 years now–he and his family have sacrificed a lot for his service. He has been deployed several times over the years and has many stories to tell of the conditions our soldiers face on a daily basis. He serves because of a sense of duty to our country not because he was drafted. I so admire our young men and women who make that sacrifice so I can enjoy my freedom.

  163. Marsha Herr Avatar
    Marsha Herr

    My brother-in-law won a Silver Star for his bravery in Vietnam. He was a young Lieutenant out on patrol with 14 men. He was surrounded by a battalion of 200-300 men. He called in artillary on top of them. He was wounded and carried out a wounded soldier. I think he only lost one man. He rarely talks about it.

  164. Angelia Lanouette Avatar
    Angelia Lanouette

    My favorite veteran is my father. He retired from the Air Force after 30 years of service. He served during the Korean War and was stationed in Thailand for over a year while my mother and sisters and I stayed state side. I have many great memories of living in England, Japan, New Mexico, California, Illinois, and New Hampshire. He has been gone for 20 years now and I miss him every day.

  165. Chrissy Altelaar Avatar
    Chrissy Altelaar

    My favorite vetran was my father in law Jack Altelaar. My father in law was the most amazing man ever. Jack very rarely talked about his war days. He was a very hard working man , raised 7 children , worked in a factory plus a full time farmer. Jack was my Vetran hero.

  166. masonmarlene Avatar

    I can’t name a favorite veteran because to me they are all special. My brother-in-law was in the Marines during the 2nd world war, passed away about 6 months ago. A very special person in my life. I was flower girl in his and my sisters wedding. I recall when I had mumps at age 5 and he and my sister were dating. He came over and hung balloons all over the house and bought me ice cream and played games with me while the rest of my family were at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary out of town. He didn’t talk much about the war but he was the kindest man I have ever known.

    I love your quilts and I think the book would be a wonderful treasure, even if you never made a quilt from it.

  167. Barb K Avatar
    Barb K

    My favorite veteran is my husband, who enlisted right out of High School as an 18 year old. He was a radio operator and served his time in Korea. He bought a new camera while there and has a scrap book of pictures which mean a lot to him .

  168. Mary Shafer Avatar
    Mary Shafer

    My favorite veteran is my Uncle Jimmy. He was in Vietnam, I was in kindergarten at the time. I made him handmade fans so he would be cool. My mom included them in the care packages we would send him. A number of years ago he gave me the letters my mom sent him, what an interesting glimpse into a different side of my mother as a young mother.

    God bless all the men and women that keep us safe.

  169. Barb Avatar

    My veteran is my father who served in two wars and my husband who was in the submarines! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize.

  170. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I love the quilts in your new book. My favorite veteran was my grandfather.

  171. moosebaymusings Avatar

    My favorite veteran would have to be my Dad. He was a navy guy. I still have his pea coat and even wear it sometimes.

  172. Jackie Duerden Avatar
    Jackie Duerden

    Of course my favorite veteran is my dad. He served in WWII as a tank commander. He used to tell stories about going into battle with 15 tanks and only 6 came back. He lost a lot of friends. It was a hard time. I am proud of him and how he served our country. God bless our veterans! I love your quilts and projects.

  173. Lola Zo Avatar
    Lola Zo

    My favorite veteran is my Aunt Mildred. She was in the Army during WW II serving in the European theater. The only stories she shared with her daughter were about serving coffee to the soldiers and other lite stories. My Father (she was his only sister) once told me she had also seen a lot of horrific things. Unfortunately he died before I was old enough to ask him for more details. I am very proud to be able to say a woman in my family was a war time veteran. My 20 year old Granddaughter is now a member of ROTC in Syracuse NY with a major in Biology Tech, so I will soon have another woman veteran in my family.

  174. Dana D Avatar
    Dana D

    Wow – I absolutely love these quilts, especially North & South! My favorite veteran is my dad who was drafted into the army in the early 60s. He was in Germany when Elvis was there, and we just learned in the past few years that he was driving the car behind President Kennedy in his innaugural parade, transporting the official White House photographers. He has some great photos taken along the route. It’s been fun hearing all of his stories.

  175. Barbara Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my dad. He was a pilot in the 27th Troop Carrier Squadron of the 14th Air Force. At 95 years old he announced today that he wants to be the last living WW II veteran. He’s a tough old bird so maybe he’ll make it.

  176. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    There is no doubt my favorite veterans are my brothers. They both were in the Army and served in Vietnam. While they don’t talk about that time much, they both do so much for our communities we live in.

  177. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    My favorite veteran would be my Dad. He fought in WW2, he was captured by the Japanese and was a prisoner for awhile. He came home very sick with malaria, he had nightmares which scared my Mom. Even tho he had the nightmares, he never talked about the war or being captured. He unfortunately died at the young age of 58 from cancer the month after he walked me down the aisle at my wedding. He had so much stress from the war but kept it inside and ultimately it affected his health. He tried so hard to live long enough to walk me down the aisle being I was the only girl after 5 boys. I treasure that he stayed so strong to do that for me, a hero to me.

  178. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    My favorite veteran is my husband who was in the air force and did his tour in Vietnam. He was never able to speak about his missions as it was kept secret and never spoken about. Many years later a book was written of the work the Rustics had done there! We have been married 46 years and i am very proud of him!
    I am a big fan of your work and love your new fabric and all the quilts from your new awesome book Star and Stripe Gatherings!!

  179. Christi Avatar

    My dad is gone now, WWII vet that will make me cry so I will talk about our church organist. Wonderful man named Steve. #0 years in a Navy sub as a nuclear engineer. He is a big, happy man who makes us all smile and laugh. Viet Nam vet that just keeps going.

  180. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, my favorite Veteran begins with my dear departed friend George Schrey who fought in WWII. He showed me a picture that he took when was in the Army. He said that his U.S. Army division aided and assisted after the liberation of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Poland, and that’s where the picture was taken. The scene in the small 2”x3” black and white photo was horrific… bodies piled like a pyramid… it was heart wrenching and tears stung my eyes… I was 18 then and as he told the story behind the photo you could see the sadness wash over his face. He told me he carried it to remind himself and others that it was real, and to never forget so that it wouldn’t happen again. He must’ve been only 19 or 20 when he fought against and witnessed such tragedy. I can’t help but wonder how that changes a person, and am so grateful for all those who fight for us and our freedom. My Uncle and two nephews are marines, and my niece is also in the Air Force. Hugs, Jakey

  181. Joanne Avatar

    Consider book and fabric ordered. This is beautiful and amazing. Can’t wait to get started. Love your style

  182. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    My daddy was a Veteran of WWII, He was a Marine and gone now and I am so proud of him. Paula in KY

  183. Linda Avatar

    My husband is my favorite Veteran. He served 28 years in the US Army Veterinary Corps. He is now retired and actively involved in the Veterans group in the area where we live in Texas. I’m very proud of his patriotism and honor to this great country. We cherish our military days.

  184. Dawn Eckrich Avatar
    Dawn Eckrich

    Of course my favorite veteran is my brother. Following graduation in 1965 he entered the Marines and served 2 1/2 tours in the infantry as his squad’s radioman in northern Vietnam. The recipient of 3 Purple Hearts, his goal was to return home safely to us. He is devoted to his country, his family and his fellow man.
    Suffering from PTSD he’s never lost the hard work ethic we were taught by our parents. Over the years he’s been very involved in Toys for Tots and helping needy Veterans. He was by his wife’s side in her 5 week struggle with pancreatic cancer. Looking at him today he still stands straight, walks as though he has his dress blues on and handles projects with military precision. Yes, I am very proud of him!

  185. Cherie Feasley Avatar
    Cherie Feasley

    My favorite veteran was my dad. He was a signalman in the Navy during the Korean War. I was born while he was at sea and one of my greatest treasures is his diary the year I was born.

  186. usairdoll Avatar

    What beautiful projects in your new book! Love the fabrics as well, Great job! I have two favorite Veterns. My Dad was in the Air Force and joined when he was 17. He lied about his age when he signed up. ;-0 He was in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He traveled the world and retired after more than twenty years. My second favorite is my Son. Alex is currently serving in the USMC and is going on his twelfth year. Ever since sixth grade he wanted to be a Marine so the summer before senior year in high school he signed up. He needed our signatures and when he finished his senior year, off to boot camp he went. Alex has been deployed to Afghanistan and Japan as well as traveled to lots of countries working with the military of those countries. We have been Blessed that he has always returned and has been stationed at Camp Pendleton, outside Oceanside, Ca. I know lots of military parents aren’t as lucky to have their children stationed so close to them. We are super PROUD of Alex and the success he has made in his career as a US Marine. Semper Fidelis !!

  187. shadesofrandom Avatar

    My uncle served in Vietnam. He lost part of his hand and had to wear a sling the rest of his life. He just passed away this year.

    I was just a kid when he was away at war. I remember my grandparents getting the notice that he was injured and that they were shipping him home.

    He was a great uncle to be around, always laughing and teasing us kids. We will miss him.

  188. Kim Mueller Avatar
    Kim Mueller

    My dad was a veteran. He was an amazing dad and husband to my mom.He was from a family of 14 .He worked hard all his life,starting at age 6 picking beans for the canning factory. When he was in the Navy, he sent his pay home to help the family. I’m sure like most at the time.He had the best work ethic and passed that on to us kids. He never took anything for granted. And was as kind and good hearted as they come. He had a small business in our town and always was willing to help someone in need. And never wanted any recognition for it. Many of the things he did we found out after he passed. So proud to be his daughter!

  189. Denise Avatar

    One veteran I know is a dear WWII veteran, a Pearl Harbor survivor who is now in his late 90’s. His late wife was a quilter; he continues to purchase the batting for the church quilting group that she belonged to. (These quilts go to a variety of charity organizations, both near and far–including to veterans.)

  190. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    My favorite veteran is my husband. He enlisted in the National Guards when he was 17. He joined the Air Force when we were first married and served during the Gulf War. All three of my children also joined the national Guard when they were 17 also and served our country. My son-in-law is is military also, and is now on his third deployment and is stationed by Kuwait. I have many military family members and am very proud of them all.

  191. Valerie Avatar

    My favorite veteran was my father.

  192. Karla Pickhinke Avatar
    Karla Pickhinke

    My father is my favorite vet❤️
    Love all these projects & such beautiful pictures❤️❤️

  193. Karen Petersin Avatar
    Karen Petersin

    My father, John Martin, is a Korean War veteran. He never really wanted to share any stories of his service, but recently he had the opportunity to take part in one of the Honor Flights. As part of his experience a volunteer came to his house to interview him. My sister and I were fortunate to hear first hand many stories of his service. I recommend the Honor Flight to any veteran as it was such a good experience. My dad proudly wears his Korean War hat and so appreciates it when someone on the street thanks him for his service.

  194. Barb Avatar

    Love, love, love the red, white, and blue. Thank you for previewing the designs. I have two favorite veterans. My husband was an army vet who served as a general’s guard on the DMZ in Korea in the 1960s. He was drafted during Vietnam but always served in Korea – thankfully – so he came home and we started our life together. Our life together ended 28 years ago when he passed after 24 years of marriage. Unfortunately, when he passed our son was at Marine Corps bootcamp. After several AWOLs he made it through and served his 4 years at Camp Lejuene, North Carolina – thankfully – he did not have to serve in the eastern conflicts of the time in the early 1990s. They are my heroes.

  195. Mary Avatar

    My favorite vet is a guy I taught with at a local high school around 25 years ago. Dennis is a kind and funny person who is always the first there to help anyone in need.

  196. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    My favorite vet would be my dad. What a wonderful book, so many projects that I want to make. You always have so creative and inspiring. Thank you!

  197. jrp53 Avatar

    My favorite veteran is my father. He served in World War II, Korea, The Panama Canal Zone, and several unaccompanied tours in other parts of the world. He is still fairly active at 97 years young and lives in his own house. We try not to let him drive! We just spent a wonderful Christmas day with him, some of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Fabulous family day!

  198. Sharon Browne Avatar
    Sharon Browne

    My favorite veteran was my Uncle Al who never talked about it very much.

  199. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    My favorite veteran was my Uncle Bob. He was in the Navy, and his photo was on my Grandma’s mantle throughout my childhood and young adult years, until she passed. I thought he was so handsome, I knew nothing of war and hardships of battle, I just thought he was the cat’s meow in that uniform. Like a really important person. He was the kindest, jollyiest sort, always a smile for the kids, and a treat in his pocket. Probably not what makes other people think “great veteran”, but then, as a little kid, what did I know? I just thought he was a great, fun guy and I loved him for that smile and kindness. He died a few years ago, aged 88, blessed with a good and honorable life. I sure miss him.

  200. Donna Lee Lurker Avatar
    Donna Lee Lurker

    I hope I’m not too late to comment about my army veterans. My grandfather served in WWI, my father served during the Korean War. Both of my sons were in Iraq at the same time, both in the Sunni triangle. Worst 18 months of my life! And now my grandson is at Fort Lewis in Washington State. I am so proud of him! And my almost-17-year-old granddaughter is in Junior ROTC in high school. Oh boy. Love your new book, Lisa! Can’t wait to get a copy, and lots of the beautiful fabric!

  201. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    My favorite Veteran is someone I have never met, but he/she received the quilt I donated to the Veterans home in Tomah, WI.

  202. Carolyn Moody Avatar
    Carolyn Moody

    Where can I find the pattern or kit for the I pledge allegiance pillow?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Carolyn – You can find the pattern on page 98 in my book, Star and Stripe Gatherings. It’s available on the website by following this link! https://www.primitivegatherings.us/star-and-stripe-gatherings-book?search=star%20and%20stripe&description=true

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