12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 4



DAY 4-WOOL- This item has changed my life…

Hand dyed Wool to be exact…We have three different offerings here…

This is the first time I am doing wool yards (only)at a phenominal price…We will offering a full yard of hand dyed wool at $40 that is $20 OFF…img_0372

pick any color that is on our website…these yards are approx. 32″x 54″ They will be at least this size…most will be bigger, but I just need to put what may be the smallest so you can plan…remember wool shrinks in the dyeing process.

Then… we have what everyone who is a wool addict should possess.                                         A sample of every piece that Primitive Gatherings can dye.

The size of the wool in each box are approx.7″x 8″ and included in each box is a list of the wool colors as they sit in the box and a sticker which you are able to label each piece and staple it so you will never loose track of what color it was.  We also offer a guide about wool and anything you may need to know about it.

Our Original Collection contains the colors that Primitive Gatherings has formulated and has used from the beginning. These are those muted blended tones that were created with love and developed over time.  We have been dyeing wool for over 20 years. This box contains 80 pieces of wool and is origianllay $205 .  Now on special for $164.Originals IIOriginals copy

Our Essential Collection is virtual library of what we are capable of offering using the our dye company’s options avaialbe to us…  These colors are clearer and bolder but definately “essential” to any wool collection.  Box contains 114  different colors and is reg. $290, now on special for $232.Essentials IIEssentials

We are working on the Primitive Collection- this will be coming out soon and when it does we will offering it at special price for you all.  This will consist of 80 colors dyed on our “primitive texture” which has a grey tone to it so everything is a bit muted and the wool is a little more “fulled” so they are nice to stitch with a smidge thicker…

I know these are not “inexpensive items” but I believe they are useful and a wonderful tool to have in your wool aresenal, especially if you like to “do your own thing”…even if it is just once in a while…

Comment question for today…Do you like wooly-ing or Quilting the bes?t…or are you torn between both…If you are “just a quilter” ( I don’t mean that in a bad way) why have you not tried wool?  Are you allergic?

I get a lot of people who write to me saying they vowed never to try wool…then a wool kit somehow ends up in their hands and they “try” it and end up hooked for life and writing to me telling me they wished they would have done this earlier on…Doing a wool project does not mean you need a new “collection” of wool like our closets full of cotton fabric…kits are a fun way to help with this kind of problem but I feel bad for those who are unwilling to at least try them…hand stitching is really theraputic and good for the soul…I am sure that’s gospel written down somewhere, matter of fact I’m not joking…Proverbs 31…to be exact…I would not mind a little story about your wool journey if you have time along with your comment today….

Doing some last minute shopping today for some most important people in my life…

149 responses to “12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 4”

  1. Cheryl Adam Avatar

    I do both Woolying and Quilting but I do LOVE wool. I have a group of friends (Old Crows) that get together every month. Many months we do a project and it’s almost always wool. So much fun and it is very easy to add our personal touches to each piece.

  2. Marie Avatar

    Definitely quilt making: hand piecing and appliqué with high quality woven cotton. Do not enjoy wool appliqué.

  3. Julies Avatar

    I started with cross stitch and remember doing a wool project for the first time. No COUNTING and so easy to take places to keep me stitching! Love wool projects now snd I try to combine it with stitching whenever I can.

  4. marie Avatar

    Love wool applique. Have done a few of your quilt designs.

  5. Sandy Avatar

    I love wool more than quilting thanks to you, Lisa. I met you at the Chicago Quilt show many years ago and you got me started by telling me all that I needed from needles, Valdani thread, steam-a-seam 2 lite and a couple kits. I was hooked!!! Thank you so much!!!

  6. Sheila Avatar

    I am a quilter and was a “woolie” in PA but since moving to North Carolina near the beach find it harder to see wool things in my decorating. I still use my handstitching love to make a few pincushion for friends.

  7. Kelly Avatar

    Love the wool appliqué!!!

  8. Tracey Zigo Avatar
    Tracey Zigo

    I do both and enjoy both – daytime finds me in my sewing room, piecing or quilting at my machine. Evenings (and some weekends) find me doing handwork with the wool – right now: Moon Garden, Twilight Garden and a Halloween BOM — yes, I am crazy!

  9. Lynda Malloy Avatar
    Lynda Malloy

    My love of wool began with your warm winter blessings snowman quilt. I then did your Christmas quilt with the dark background & it won a first prize at a quilt show I love all wool.

  10. Sarah Avatar

    I love wool, and quilting. It is too hard decide between them. They meet different needs. Wool is portable, and hand work is soothing. Piecing, and quilting is a process, and process keeps my mind moving forward innother ways. I enjoy these questions!

  11. Pamela Webb Avatar
    Pamela Webb

    I’m a quilter but have fallen for wool recently. Hated hand work but now have gotten into it big time! Have 2 kits to get me started. Eek! Something else to learn.

  12. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    I love them both!! I was first (and always) a hand quilter, tried cotton applique, got curious about wool applique and now have a love affair with wool applique. I have purchased many of your kits and have done your wool bundle of the month which is so fun because you don’t quite know what colors you’re getting.

  13. Pamela Stroud Avatar

    I love wool applique. I work more with traditional cotton quilts but love the combo of wool applique with cotton piecing. There’s something soothing about hand applique with wool.

  14. Sandra McDaniel Avatar
    Sandra McDaniel

    I am as addicted to working with wool as I am fabric. I like having a quilt, wool applique, and rug hooking all going on at the same time. They are all fun and different. Because of rug hooking I have learned to dye my own wool and that is so much fun! Even the mistakes are beautiful and used at some point.

  15. Elizabeth Evans Avatar
    Elizabeth Evans

    Since I have a hard time with decisions, I use everything, I was hooked on wool when I ordered Lisa’s Flower Garden from you years ago. It was a wonderful journey. Thank you!

  16. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    I am both. I have a machine piecing project or 20 going while I have a wool project I am stitching on and several others ready in the wings. I love to trace and cut out the pieces. Apparently I excelled in grade school. Very therapeutic for me. Would like to learn more stitches. Your videos are great. Many times I make up my own stitches too 😝

  17. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    I still quilt . I took your class when you came to our quilt guild about 6 -10 years ago ( time flies) and have been hooked ever since. Your flower runner turned into SBOW’s and BOM’s.This year’s is just out of this world , I can’t say how beautiful I think it is. Also doing Moon Garden too. I need to learn how to stitch faster.😊

  18. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    I am mostly a quilter, but have tried some wool work. I love the ease of the raw edges and the way the project looks when done. I have done a few of your kits and love them!

  19. Joanne Avatar

    Oh Lisa, you are so right, there is something therapeutic about working with wool. I love combining pieced backgrounds with wool appliqué on them. The best of both worlds! LOL

  20. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    Because I have lived my entire life in the deep south, wool is just not practical. I love working on small wool projects, but a wool quilt is out of the question. All the time, energy, and wool would soon be eaten “down here!” For this reason, I like to quilt more than to work with wool.

  21. Dawn Avatar

    My story is really short. I didn’t like wool until I saw your projects. Now I’m a collector.

  22. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    Yes I do some wooly items along with piecing and so glad I do. Started out doing your small penny candle mat. Did 5 or 6! Took a class with you at Quilt Expo in Madison, then decided to do something bigger, Sweet Sixteen block of the month, wool version. Worked on it on and off for 2 years! Finally entered it in a quilt show and it won Best of show! Thrill of a lifetime! Currently working on pointsettia table runner.

  23. Jean H. Avatar
    Jean H.

    I was hesitant at first with wool but jumped right in with both feet and just absolutely love working with wool. It’s like painting with fabric and I can sit with family and still keep my hands busy. I also love making little quilts and big ones for that matter. I don’t think I could choose between the two. Using needle and thread in any form calms my spirit. Love the Proverbs 31 woman reference.

  24. masonmarlene Avatar

    I prefer wool applique. It allows you to put more of your design ideas into the quilt, wall hanging, pillow, etc. Piecing cotton or applique is more restrictive. Having said that – I do both.

  25. Karen Avatar

    I love both because they are so different. I love piecing quilts during the day but love the relaxation of stitching wool in the evening in front of the T.V. I also love wool projects because it is so portable. I have been quilting for about 30 years but came across a wool kit in your booth at the Chicago Quilt Festival about 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

  26. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    I love quilting but right now i have a wool addiction! Came upon it about a year ago and can’t stop. Love wool applique and pennies. So easy to bring with you wherever you go and so forgiving! Thank you for all the free BOM’S, whether with wool or piecing fabric, they are sew much fun to do. I am also thankful for the videos you have done for us, very helpful.

  27. Jan Avatar

    I’m basically a piecer/sewer now. I’m right handed & now have lymphodema in my right arm. So any hand work is done in short periods of time until my hand begins to feel “big”. Bummer since I started with counted cross stitch & embroidery & have plenty of kits/projects to work on.

  28. Karen Harbaugh Avatar
    Karen Harbaugh

    I am a hand- stitcher. I love working with wool! Get the blocks done… don’t necessarily get things put together as quickly. Quilting is a necessary evil to finishing projects.

  29. Kathy Decker Avatar
    Kathy Decker

    I love both wool and quilting. Wool projects are great because they are so portable and you can work on them outside or anywhere.

  30. Linda Avatar

    I’m a Quilter since 2010. And I became a Moda snob, realizing good fabric was the only way to go. I do a lot of EPP as it is portable and I can make a quilt while sitting in a hospital room with aging parents orvwarching TV in the evenings. Your designs with Moda have led me to your blog, which I love. I’ve been lurking around for some time now. Making large quilts is becoming less appealing to me and I enjoy hand work the best so I think I am evolving and being drawn to try wool work. I need to start with a kit and jump right in. Since you wanted to hear all about it I think writing it has just led me to my 2019 goal. I’m going to try wool work and hope I find a new passion. I think I need one. Now to find the right kit! Thanks!!

  31. Susan Collier Avatar
    Susan Collier

    I absolutely am addicted to wool! I love the feel of it while stitching and the rich look when the project is finished!

  32. Nancy Avatar

    I like both wooling and quilting. Your dyed wools are so gorgeous!! Got to see some in person when you were in Maine. Unfortunately, I don’t do either as much as I should and partly because I spend too much time online enjoying everybody elses work and all the new things.

  33. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    I’m definitely torn between quilting and wooling!😂

  34. Linda McMillan Avatar
    Linda McMillan

    I recently discovered woolying and have become as addicted to it as quilting. I enjoy having the hand stitching to do at night while spending time with my wonderful husband. It’s nice to be able to sit and see after a day quilting at the longarm. Thank you Lisa for all of your valuable insights and inspirations.

  35. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    I’m both a Woolie and a Quilter! I love mixing the quilting with the wool. I started working with wool about 15 years ago. I saw a penny rug and fell in love with the look of it. I did a little research and soon I was making my own penny rugs with wool felt. I quickly moved on to wool and did a little dying myself to get the look I wanted. One day I discovered you and what you were doing with wool. Well that opened up a whole new world and I haven’t stopped 🙂

  36. Doreen Brannan Avatar
    Doreen Brannan

    I do wool applique and rug hooking. Sending my wish list to Santa!

  37. Sharon Browne Avatar
    Sharon Browne

    I love both but I do more quilting and patchwork. If I had a good selection of wools and/or kits, I would dig right in.

  38. Judy Avatar

    I’m in the torn catagory. I love both, but I do believe it’s not a quilt until there is a little wool on it somewhere! I love my wools. (Well, your wools!) You make the best marbled textures in the business and I would love to have that box in my stash. I will get the hubby on it for next year. I think I would like the texture box more anyway. I don’t even remember where my wool journey started, but I do know I was hooked immediately. I have always loved handwork. There is a big push going on the University campus where I work for something called “mindefullness”. I’m not sure I bite, but that is because I stitch. I find nothing more soothing than sitting in the quiet of the night or day, stitching away. Not too mention, I have something really cool to show for it when I’m done. The only part about it that frustrates me or causes me any grief is that I have to put it down and stop. It’s just a part of who I am now. Deal with it world! Thanks for keeping all the inspiration coming.

  39. Patti Avatar

    I love piecing and hand applique. Hand applique was my first love, until this summer with Moon Garden and Twilight Garden. I think I used my sewing machine twice this summer! I love wool applique! Especially with embellishing with pretty embroidery stitches. I love the feel of the wool in my hands, very calming of the soul.

  40. Edie Avatar

    I do both quilting with cottons and wool appliqué. I seem to be slower on the wool appliqué. My New Years resolution is to finish the 2014 and 2015 Summer block of the week quilts.

  41. Shirley Avatar

    I am torn between quilting and wool, love them both. Wrapping presents today and of course sewing.

  42. Trudy Walker Avatar
    Trudy Walker

    My wool journey began about ten years ago. Although I love quilting too, nothing brings me quite the same joy as hand stitching those little wool bits. I have done many, many of your patterns and kits and enjoy them everyday, and seasonally in my home. I have also enjoyed sharing the love of this craft with others who are now stitching their own treasured pieces.

  43. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    I have quilted for many years and more recently have done a few wool projects. I love them both!

  44. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I started as a quilter who only did pieced quilts because I thought that appliqué was a way to time consuming concept. Then I tried cotton appliqué and loved it so much I started teaching it at the shop I worked at! Then I went to your shop with my friend Leigh who was a fabric rep back around 2002 and fell in love with all your wool projects! After that I was hooked on wool….I do like to mix wool and cotton together in most of my projects though…equal opportunity 😜

  45. Debbie Moyes Avatar

    I adore wool! It is so sumptuous and takes the dye so beautifully. I started out as a weaver and that’s when I learned to dye – there weren’t many pretty colors of fiber then. When I started to quilt, I of course dyed the cotton. It doesn’t dye as wonderfully as wool, but I love to do shibori type dyeing. I am also a rug hooker and use the wool I dye to make wonderful rugs. I’m planning on teaching wool appliqué at an art center nearby. I thought it might not be popular but so many people who stopped by to see the instructors could not resist touching the wool! So maybe the class will go. I’d love some more wool to offer my students.

  46. Theresa Kotsmith Avatar
    Theresa Kotsmith

    I love both wool and quilting. The love for quilting came from my mom and wool from you, Lisa! Thankful for both addictions!

  47. Deb G. in VA Avatar
    Deb G. in VA

    I fell in love with wool applique in the last couple years. I love both wool and quilting.

  48. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    I do both, it really depends on the project. I bought my first wool project from your shop in menasha.

  49. Charlotte Schindler Avatar
    Charlotte Schindler

    I am mostly a quilter but I do work with wool also. Some years more than others. I have made quilts with wool, table toppers, candle mats, pincushions, decorative boxes etc. Right now, I am making a snowman scene that will be placed in a vintage tree shaped baking pan. It will be a “winter” decoration. Got the idea from Stacy West.

  50. Robin Gregg Avatar
    Robin Gregg

    I use wool applique as my “therapy” time. I started many years ago and have LOVED it. I have a stressful job (medical field) and this is so relaxing and I have taught many of my clients to stitch so they have something to do and many have told me how thankful they have this hobby. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  51. Laura Benthien Avatar
    Laura Benthien

    I am mostly just a quilter. However I have been known to dabble with bits and pieces that are added into my appliqué quilts! Along with embroidery here and there 😊
    I did purchase a beautiful wool kit and some pincushions from you that are all still waiting for me to get my hands on them!

  52. Debra Reber Avatar
    Debra Reber

    I am mostly just a “quilter” but just recently I decided to try some wool appliqué. All the wool kits are so cute , so I was tempted to try! I’ll be doing more wool projects!

  53. Judyk Avatar

    I am a quilter by day and a woolie by night. Woolies are also my go to for “car” projects. I always have a busy bag with Woolies in it. My collection of wool is growing and I always try to enhance it when I see your booths at shows.

  54. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    I started my wool journey in 2013. You were offering Primitive Garden as a BOM. I was having knee replacement surgery and rhought this might be a good project for my downtime. The first block arrived the day I got home from the hospital, and I was off and running. I now have several wool kits, some completed, some waiting on me (and calling my name!) while I work on other projects. Currently working on the SBOW freebie that came with Clara’s Star. I’ve been a Quilter since 1984, both hand and machine. I love adding this type of handwork to my projects. Variety is most definitely, the spice of life! Your wools are awesome, Lisa!

  55. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I am allergic to wool and can’t wear it, but that doesn’t keep me from my woolie projects. The hand dyed wool fabrics are so beautiful and I love using them for applique. I’ve managed to hook a few friends on wool too!

  56. Chrs Avatar

    I do both quilting and wool. I love that the wool is so portable and can take it to my sewing groups. When at home I usually work on my quilts, but when hand stitching, the wool or cross stitching comes out. I always have more than one project in progress!

  57. Marsha Bohling Avatar
    Marsha Bohling

    My preference is quilting, especially hand applique. But, I started working with wool when your first book came out and it was hard to find any wool at quilt shops. I hand to use wool clothing I bought at thrift stores. As wool became more popular it became more available and the quality was so much better. Primitive Gatherings made it so much easier to purchase kits and wool. I mostly make small projects with wool now. Fitting it in between quilting, applique, and embroidery.

  58. kathyreeves Avatar

    My story has not yet begun! I have not yet done anything quilty in wool, not because I don’t wish to, but because I have committed to decreasing the cotton stash I inherited from my Mom and MIL. I made excellent progress this year, completing four full size quilts and two wall hangings from that stash, but there’s still a year’s worth of piecing ahead of me! Right now my wool is used for garments: coats, shirts, pants and even a suit; all made from yardage won at MIWW by myself and my girls over the years. I have kept every scrap, looking forward to the day when I can plan a project and use your lively fabric to complete it!

  59. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    I like wool’ing but I have lots of quilts kits. I have a lot of both. 🥴 Wool is more manageable because the projects I have are smaller than the quilt projects therefore they’re less daunting but I love them both! I have lots of both.

  60. Shirley Cook Avatar
    Shirley Cook

    I have been sewing since seventh grade in 1957. I made a lot of my high school clothes. After getting married, I made most of my maternity clothes, then baby clothes, doll clothes, curtains, drapes and crafts. After retirement, I started making hundreds of wedding and first communion veils to sell both locally and online. Then……in 2009, an old friend introduced me to QUILTING! Oh my gosh! What a wonderful hobby! I love piecing and appliqué, and have become a fabric snob, buying only the great quality fabrics from quilt stores. A couple years ago at the Grand Rapids AQS event, I met you, Lisa, and discovered your wools. I’m hooked for sure. It was such a pleasure visiting with you at your booth. I love your patterns and kits. Your instructions are pretty easy to follow. I ordered your Magic of Christmas Quilt fabrics a while back am currently working on it. Your wools are beautiful! Working with wools is what I do during my quiet times in the evenings. My hubby of 56 years has Parkinson’s, and we don’t go out much. So, now I have lots of “quiet time” to play with your wonderful products. Thanks for offering these special prices during this magical time of the year. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  61. Sandra Hansen Avatar
    Sandra Hansen

    I work mostly with wool. I’ve done many many quilts but wool lends itself to smaller projects and I find them easier to handle. Quilts are done by machine while my wool projects are all hand made.

  62. Diane Kubicki Avatar
    Diane Kubicki

    I have been using wool for a long time now and I have quite a collection of wool, including Primitive Gatherings wool. I know when I purchase a kit from you there will always be an ample amount for the project and leftovers for my stash. I always group my cuttings closely to make it go further.

  63. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    I LOVE wool anything – still on the sheep, as a fleece, as yarn, socks, sweaters, yardage, big pieces, little pieces,………………. But I find that “regular” quilting is more practical for home use and for gifts, so I mostly do “regular.”

  64. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    I have really enjoyed your SBOW projects that combine piecing and wool applique. I like that my wool projects are portable. It is relaxing to sit and stitch.

  65. Barb Avatar

    Love wool and quilting. When I am at my sewing group I do a lot of wool because it is easy to take along. When I am home i love my sewing machine for quilts. However, I have been known to hand piece a quilt. TV time in the evening is a good time for handwork of any time – it is sooo relaxing.

  66. carol Avatar

    I am getting closer to being able to say I am a quilter. I have not yet tried wool.

  67. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    I do a lot more wool projects than quilting projects. I am hooked on WOOL! My first wool applique quilt was about 10 years ago. Silly me..I machine quilted the wool applique. That was my first and last wool applique I machine appliqued. I do all my wool applique by hand, it is very therapeutic. A day without working on a wool applique project is like a day without sunshine.

  68. Penny boser Avatar
    Penny boser

    Woolying is such a nice rest from quilting. I think we all need to diversify. Isn’t it fun

  69. Suzanne Avatar

    Really just started wool so currently doing both. But as time goes by I am leaning more towards wool.

  70. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I love sitting down an stitching with wool in the evenings. It is so delightful to work with. The quilting stuff I also love, but that’s my daytime fun!

  71. Cathy Cavagnaro Avatar
    Cathy Cavagnaro

    I love both.
    I fall into the classic story, a quilter determined to use cotton and not stray into the world of wool. And then a little free kit from you started an enthusiastic journey. Or should I say obsession. So much wool, so little time.

  72. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    I do both, but I started with wool because of you and your designs. Love them! I just wish I had more time, but once I retire I have a lot of projects waiting for me.

  73. Janet Avatar

    Love wool!!! It is so very forgiving. Jmh

  74. KdBrown Avatar

    Hi Lisa! I’m just getting into working with wool and would like to combine quilting with it to create unique projects. Merry Christmas once again!

  75. Marsha Callaro Avatar

    I am a quilter and a rug hooker. Enjoy working with cotton and wool. Lately though I have been doing more wool applique. I find wool very forgiving and like the “look” of the finished project. I have yet to applique a quilt size piece, but who knows!!

  76. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I’m a quilter and just getting my feet wet with the wool. I love the way wool feels and you’re right, hand stitching is so soothing to the soul.

  77. Joni Avatar

    I LOVE wool – Alices flower garden was my very first project & Sunflower Gatherings was my second! I drove 5 hours to Cincinnati to be able to take a class from you!!
    Merry Christmas

  78. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    I am both, which you can tell by looking at my stash! Since I have so much that I haven’t used, some rude people might call me a hoarder! But we quilters know I’m letting it season more before I use it!!

  79. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I LOVE WOOL APPLIQUÉ! Thank you for all your fabulous wool kits and SBOW projects. I started with “Flower Penny Garden”, then it was “Evelyn’s Album” which is probably my favorite, then “Words to Live By” and now “Moon Garden” but also numerous wool kits, mats and table toppers. So, I’m definitely a wooly girl and love the hand stitching process.

  80. Chrissy Altelaar Avatar
    Chrissy Altelaar

    I absolutely love working with wool. I have to say that i would much rather work on a wool project. Everyone should try it once and guarantee they will be addicted .

  81. Camille V Avatar
    Camille V

    I have a wool kit but I have not tried wool yet. Currently, the impetus to learn something new is not as strong as the desire to finish what I already have in progress.

  82. Colleen Koski Avatar
    Colleen Koski

    I have quilted for 20+ years when the new girl at work showed up who introduced me to wool. I started head first into wool applique and I am hooked! I love them both but I can easily pick up my wool project and as you said it is very therapeutic. This year has been really stressful and I look forward to my few minutes of stitching.

  83. Diane Avatar

    I enjoy working with wool and quilting. However I spend more time working with wool projects since discover how much I enjoyed it.

  84. Martha Avatar

    I have not embraced wool material as I do have an allergic reaction to some woolens: itchy spots appear on and above my wrists. I do like the look of the woolen projects, though, and have considered trying a pattern using “vegan wool” (synthetic felt or velour-type fabrics). I know this because I’ve made two woolen garments years ago. In 1973, I made a HOT PINK, long-sleeved wool dress (I itched as I sewed so fully lined it with pink cotton ~ I wore it often for a couple of years!) In the mid-1980’s, I made a plaid wool poncho for use during pregnancies; I didn’t fully line it because my clothing, scarf and gloves provided barriers for my sensitive skin.

  85. De De Benson Avatar
    De De Benson

    I like both, i did more wool when i was chauffering kid to things, seemed like i was always sitting somewhere and its easy to haul that anywhere, now more piecing, still some wool. Idle hands arent good for me

  86. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    I love anything wool, not a quilter. I will never be done with all the wool projects I have in mind!

  87. John Scibran Avatar
    John Scibran

    For a long time I was a traditional quilter. Had a quilt shop for 5 years and had to close due to a flood and the economy. After that I was burned out on regular quilting. Moved from NY to NH and found a wonderful wool shop and decided to try working with wool and love it. Now I do mostly wool applique, but still do traditional quilting when I have time

  88. lbosma Avatar

    I am the classic case of one who swore they would not acquire another obsession! Lol. I caved in 2011 when Peachtree City Sue was slipping in wool on an Appliqué Stitch Along BOM we were all doing. I now actually do have a larger wool stash than cotton! My two favorite Primitive Gatherings wools are Snowman and Christmas. You are right, if you are on the fence go with kits, Primitive Gatherings kits have generous quantities of wools so they are a great way to get in there and get stitching.

  89. Angelia L. Avatar
    Angelia L.

    I like both! I like quilting and anything that involves handwork. I enjoy doing counted cross stitch, hand applique, embroidery, crochet, and most recently wool applique. I started my wool adventure with one of your pincushion kits and I have a couple of your candle mat kits waiting for me to start. Hoping that 2019 is a much easier year and I can get stitching.

  90. Ellen R Avatar
    Ellen R

    I love wool projects. I love how the edges look perfect..it doesnt fray like cotton..I like how you can color with little pieces and the texture makes the work pop and come alive. My first introduction to it was a workshop Lisa taught at my guild and I was hooked. I always end my day with some handwork. Thank you!

  91. Carol Caraccia Avatar
    Carol Caraccia

    I started out quilting and your PG patterns kept calling my name. After attending two of your classes Lisa, I was hooked or should I say “wooled” in!! Thank you for bringing such joy to our world by sharing your talents Lisa! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  92. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    I love both working with wool and machine piecing. During the day I like being in my sewing room working on piecing or prepping a wool appliqué piece. In the evening I have to have wool to stitch on while watching tv with my husband. I always have hand stitching ready to go wherever I am off to. Wool is so easy to take with. My first wool experience was a class I took from you in Atlanta years ago. I have been hooked ever since.

  93. Nancy D Avatar
    Nancy D

    I love wool! It started with knitting with wool. And then I bought a rug hooking kit. I was already quilting when I saw a pattern that combined cotton fabric and wool appliqué. I was hooked! Wool is so forgiving, so easy to work with. So many beautiful colors and so easy to become a hoarder 😉

  94. Donna Nelson Avatar
    Donna Nelson

    I have loved needle turned appliqué for quite some time. My quilting friends told me years ago I would probably love wool appliqué just as much. I resisted for years but finally bought a small wool kit and have to admit, they were right.

  95. Sandra Chrispell Avatar
    Sandra Chrispell

    My sister has a primitive gatherings addiction….I love wool projects too. My favorite part is the button hole stitching around the pieces and then long arm quilting the projects on my Innova.

  96. Carol Green Avatar
    Carol Green

    I quilt and stitch wool appliqué. I definitely like the wool work better because it is much more relaxing and is so portable. Thank you Lisa for all of your helpful tips and videos. You have spoken at my guild and I have taken classes with you. Keep designing your beautiful patterns. Your kits are always so well done and easy to follow.

  97. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    I love wool!!!! In fact, as of late I’ve been working with wool more and fabric less. Not that I can’t make room for both. Almost since I started quilting in ’99 I’ve been doing wool projects. I was taught using Caron threads, not Valdani – which I love and use now almost exclusively. I also learned to rug hook with wool about a year ago and am headed to my first rug-hooking conference in January. I like how portable wool projects are and find the hand work very relaxing.

  98. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I have only done small wool things, but really enjoy it. It is peaceful stitching, where quilting for me can get quite chaotic. LOL Thanks for the fun!

  99. Kathy Holmertz Avatar
    Kathy Holmertz

    I love wool!! I am also very fond of the wool on cotton projects ( both larger quilts & smaller projects). I started with wool about 12 years ago & if I’m not mistaken it was something that I had ordered frotyour shop. I was immediately hooked!!! Thank you for all the inspiration that you have provided along my journey… it is very relaxing & comforting to me to be stitching with wool 🙂

  100. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    I like both, stitching with wool is wonderful. I also like to piece small blocks.

  101. Susy Avatar

    I love doing both, but also love knitting so am torn in 3 directions! So much to do and never enough time…

  102. Sharon Simmons Avatar
    Sharon Simmons

    I do both, wool stitching and piercing a quilt. I’m not sure how I got started but I know when I found your designs, I really started stitching with wool. As I told you before, stitching the twilight garden blocks got me through the most difficult time in my life – being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through chemo. Thank you, Lisa!

  103. Julee Prose Avatar
    Julee Prose

    quilting (applique) is my favorite and then really enjoy doing the wool projects… actually I started doing wool when I bought one of your early SBOW and a kit…maybe as early as 2007?

  104. wilma serrao Avatar
    wilma serrao

    I never tried wool because we never wore woolen as the climate i live in does not need it. I came to woolen projects just because of you. we don’t get wool here so never ventured. but your colors and projects will convert any eyes that see it first hand. wool is a natural fibre just like cotton thats why I like it. I am pretty new here to wool. So much to learn about it. so many projects too. I LOVE APPLIQUE PROJECTS WITH WOOL BY HAND. I totally agree sewing by hand is theraputic for the soul as well. My quilting time is my me time.

  105. Candee Avatar

    Wool is my favorite. I always have wool projects packed to grab so I can stitch when I’m waiting somewhere or riding in the car. It is so relaxing and gratifying.

  106. Connie Schofield Avatar
    Connie Schofield

    I love working wool on cotton or flannel. I’ve done several of your wool projects and have really enjoyed them all. Wool adds lots of color, texture and is great hand work. I enjoy working on all types of quilts and always have handwork to take along with me.

  107. Tami Ellis Avatar
    Tami Ellis

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with wool! I always have a wool project with me now. I first learned about working with wool when I attended a workshop at a local quilt shop. I bought a kit, joined the wool club and started looking at blogs and websites to learn everything I could about it. My latest and most challenging wool adventure is moon garden and I am loving every minute!

  108. Kristy Avatar

    Yep, torn between the two. I love quilting and wool work. Oh my gosh it is lifesaver, as you never have to turn those edges again! Plus the texture, the depth, the luscious colors… I really don’t know how people can walk away from wool. My first wool project was years ago with the pomegranate mat you designed. Love it to this day. I have made mats and runners for myself and as gifts for years, and they are always so loved. I love rotating the mats out amongst my décor as the seasons change…your pumpkins in the fall…your Santa’s and tree right now! You get the gist. When in doubt buy the precut circles and make penny rugs…….they go with every décor any season. I mean really how can you say no to that! Have you seen the pennies strung out on the banners…or as a garland on the tree………I mean there is no end. OK enough said, I think I made my point…I love wool! 😉

  109. Leigh Ann Avatar
    Leigh Ann

    Love wool & cotton!! Made the Reindeer wall hanging & the snowman gathering one!! Love them both!!

  110. Peggy Avatar

    What beautiful colors. WOW!!!!!!

  111. LindaJane R Avatar
    LindaJane R

    I love wool work. It is not as fussy as quilting. I love the textures and colors of the wool. Starting a new project and watching it come together. I can actually finish my pieces. It is fun to mix cottons, linens, and wool in various projects. Through our wool group, I have made many new friends–so much fun to get together, share, stitch, and gab!

  112. Tracy Avatar

    Love both wool & quilting. Over 10 years ago a friend talked me into doing a penny mat (😂 her name is Penny) and I have been happiest doing wool since!

  113. Diane Hinton Avatar

    2019 is going to be my year to try some Woolying! I have a couple of small wool kits that I purchased at an AQS quilt show and I am going to add them to the “list” of projects I want to work on. I love the look of wool but there have always been so many quilty projects to do that I have never gotten to doing wool. I have started my first hand pieced hexagon quilt this past month because that was also something I had always wanted to try but hadn’t yet. So, I should be doing a lot of hand sewing next year!!!

  114. Dortha Avatar

    I have never tried wool but would love to , I think. Your patterns look so inviting.

  115. Janice Cook Avatar
    Janice Cook

    I love hand work and love stitching blanket stitch appliqué, embroidery embellishments not so much. I have decided not to make anymore wool due to issues and difficulty washing. I make a lot of quilts to be used and don’t feel I can use the wool quilts as easily and care for them. I love your pieced quilts and have made several and will continue. Always look forward to SBOW even if I am a year or so behind.

  116. Kathy Avatar

    I love working with wool. Have made many of your blocks of the month. I like to do blocks of the month quilts.

  117. Teri Pierce Avatar
    Teri Pierce

    Hi, I lost my job years ago when the company decide to close down, anyways I was feeling sad and depressed because it was hard even though it wasn’t my fault you feel like you did something wrong. I decided to treat myself to a beginner quilt class because it’s something I always wanted to learn. There was a small sample of a wool mat that caught my attention because it was so different so a bought some wool and never stopped working with it. I don’t quilt at all anymore but always looking forward to my next wool project…especially with my little doggie sleeping next to me while I stitch. Your online store and projects are always so inspiring and I thank you for that! Merry Christmas 🎄

  118. Karen Seitz Avatar
    Karen Seitz

    I do both machine piecing and hand wool applique. I tend to do more of the piecing, part due to the cost of wool, but I do love wool applique, the most forgiving applique of all!

  119. Martha C Avatar
    Martha C

    I love to quilt probably the best. But, I do sometimes do wool work! I do love working with wool, the best kind of applique for sure

  120. Kim Kopac Avatar
    Kim Kopac

    I have been a quilter for over 30 years and love it buttttttt……. after trying wool stitching I have found my new love! The beauty of the color in wool and the ease (I can stitch anywhere) has just hooked me. And the beautiful patterns out there wow. You have gotten me addicted lol

  121. Albeerta Bailie Avatar
    Albeerta Bailie

    I love the piecing for quilting. I love appliqué because I can use my hands. I found wool a long time ago. I became addicted fast. I love sitting down at night and stitching. Stitching on a wool project is so relaxing. I belong to a quilt group and I am sure one of the girls introduced me to wool appliqué. One of the girls always tells me that it looks like I stitched that on the machine. Yeah! A nice compliment. I love wool on wool, but you have shown me that wool on anything–cotton or wool or flannel is great too. My reindeer pillow-Father and Son is just so darn cute!!
    and–finished! Keep giving us those great patterns to do!

  122. Sharon Avatar

    I love working with wool. Have a lot of projects waiting for me

  123. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    The very first wool project I tried was the Sunflower Gatherings summer block of the week! I fell in love with it in the pictures and decided to dive in. Haven’t looked back. It’s easy to do especially with all your wonderful tutorials!

  124. Paula Wentworth Avatar

    I am totally a wool person. Just having it near me is relaxing.

  125. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I love them both. My journey with wool began when I took a class with you and I have been hooked since.

  126. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I love both woolying & quilting, especially combined. I remember the first time I met you in your booth… I wanted to buy everything… and you encouraged me to slow down, learn it, and to make sure I enjoyed it, because you didn’t want me to be disappointed. It has been a joy in my life ever since. I love the texture & colors. Hugs, Jakey

  127. Toni Avatar

    What’s not to love about both wooling and quilting! When you get frustrated with one, you move on to the other and so it goes. I’ve enjoyed working on your wool projects for years and I totally agree that hand stitching is necessary and therapeutic, not to mention fun!

  128. Helen LeBrett Avatar
    Helen LeBrett

    I love wool! I’ve been working with it since I was in college and majored in Clothing and Textiles. Wool is the best to work with! It can be coaxed to do almost anything with a bit of steam. 🙂 I’m sure tempted to get one of those boxes!!!

  129. shadesofrandom Avatar

    I would love to do wool applique but I am allergic to wool. And then there’s the cost. Wool is much more expensive than cotton.

  130. Julie Kennedy Avatar
    Julie Kennedy

    I love hand work and also stitching with wool, but my stash of wool is tiny. I would love to win some more!

  131. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Wool is my favorite, no contest! Ever since WARM WINTER BLEESINGS was a block of the month from My Red Door Designs, in 2013, I’ve had it bad! It makes my heart happy and soothes my soul ❤️

  132. Jenny M Avatar
    Jenny M

    In the past year I started my wool journey. Started slow with a little kit, then another…now I have several waiting their turn!

  133. Chris Steinke Avatar
    Chris Steinke

    I LOVE working with wool. I have almost every wool appliqué pattern ever made. It’s my favorite quiet time treat! Love ALL your patterns!!!

  134. debbie haggard Avatar
    debbie haggard

    I love quilts, but for handwork, nothing beats wool. i’ve been working with wool projects since the late 1990s and it remains my medium of choice. i think the biggest reason i like it so much is that it is so forgiving. unlike with quilt piecing, your stitches dont have to be perfect, your placement doenst have to be perfect, and you can modify any pattern to your own liking. additionally, its the easiest on the eyes. i dont need a magnifier and special light as with cross stitch, and it is easily portable and versatile. so many current patterns and designs for wool are stunning.

  135. Linda Cejnar Avatar
    Linda Cejnar

    I have never tried woollying, but have been tempted to buy a kit. I mostly piece and do redwork. Would love to try out a wool kit!

  136. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    I started quilting about 15 years ago. Maybe five years ago or so, I made a wool applique pincushion as an add-on project at a club at a local quilt shop. I was hooked. I had tried needle-turn applique and never finished more than one block. The wool is so easy to work with. I made a bunch of snowman mug mats as gifts for some co-workers last Christmas and have many wool projects awaiting my attention. I’m on the computer a lot during the day and find that my eyes are too tired (read that bleary) to do much handwork at night. I do enjoy it and hope to do more in the new year. (Thus my previous comment about getting together with some friends once a month to do just that.)

  137. LeAnne K Avatar
    LeAnne K

    I love wool but do more quilting. I like to do handwork and have done a few small wool projects.

  138. mary h Avatar
    mary h

    I love wool and quilt stuff. It’s great to have handwork for TV time and traveling or quicker gifts.

  139. Karla Pickhinke Avatar
    Karla Pickhinke

    I am truly hooked on doing more wool, I always have several projects going, & ready to go if we are traveling, my husband always comments on me taking sewing along, well, I don’t like to watch his driving, so I keep my eyes on my stitching 👀🤣

  140. Robin T Avatar
    Robin T

    I’m a wool collector. Someday I want to take a class at the CA store. It’s quite a distance from me or I would have already taken a class. All the wool colors are beautiful !!!

  141. connandvansmom Avatar

    I love to do applique and hand embroidery. I have found a few wool coats I have bought and felted. But not brave enough nor near enough colors to do any projects yet. And the price of wool is crazy when you even see it in a store in the South. So I will be collecting wool clothing piece by piece … But I sure look forward to the day when I have enough colors to actually do a wool project. Love seeing everyone’s creations online.

  142. theresa Avatar

    My wool journey began because of Brynwood Blog – Brynwood was working on Wooly Critters. In a blog post there was a wonderful shop excursion to pick out some hand dyed wools – that was your shop – a link was provided and I have been a customer ever since.

    At that time in my life – I thought everything I was going through would be temporary – my home was severely damaged from storms and my youngest was dealing again with a seizure disorder all within months of each other.

    Well – 7 years later – my house still has yet to be put back together still no sewing room – we had defective windows from manufacture that required new windows from a different and great company that have been installed wrong – we will leave it at that as we have more damage now than from the storms and that was a lot.

    I lost my Dad very tragically, was in a horrible wreck due to a young man running a red light, and our Son has since been diagnosed with four forms of Epilepsy two of them are life threatening and are rare genetic type that on good days can be managed with meds – most days of late his body just doesn’t respond no matter the meds. In spite of it all our Son is bound and determined to live his life to the very best of his ability – he says its the only life he has and he is right.

    I have been a sewist since I can remember – my Dad taught me to sew and crochet. I learned embroidery by picking up a needle and thread one day and playing around when I was a teen. I have always had a love and appreciation for quilting but never had the time to learn – heirloom sewing, clothes in general and embroidery were my thing especially smocking. After the wreck – my arms just didn’t work right – I was given some bad news and where do I go after the appointment – my local Bernina shop where I was met with the usual happy faces – they quickly discovered that something was very wrong and well one of the ladies challenged me with “when do you ever take no for an answer”? Of course my arms and hands did not work right – I knew there was some truth to what I was told but she was right – I am not one to give in or give up. Mirabelle was the featured quilt and I was in love anyway so I was told that if I couldn’t do what I knew then it was time to learn something new!!!

    I did learn, except sitting at a machine was pure torture so while I was able to piece and stitch the quilt top by machine I really wanted to just put a needle and thread in hand even if it was just short running stitches which I found out that I love to do. I couldn’t do in a hoop it was too hard to make the body work so I outlined every Mirabelle figure by hand at times it was torture but after my final surgery to restore the blood supply to my heart with a 2.5 implant in the artery stitching came easy again and I am almost done.

    While I do have a neck injury that rears its ugly head – it was the injury to the arterial flow that was suffocating my heart that caused my arms and hands to not work well. Through this entire journey – I had your My Home Town in the works as well – one for each of children as well as some of your smaller kits – your wools were thick enough for me to grasp without strain, the stitching simple enough to keep my fingers moving and brain memory in tact, portable where I could stitch beside my son’s hospital bed, easy to put together not needing many sewing notions or space, best of all – the sewing therapy I needed to keep my balance and perspective rooted in God – finding your site was gift from God and came at time when I most needed it.

    Even though there has been great hardship and struggle there has also been many blessings in my life along the way. Great surgeons, great doctors for both myself and our son, great friends and family.

    I count Primitive Gatherings and Brynwood a great blessing in my life and I look forward to many more wool projects – I have to admit I am smitten. I am praying hard for our home to be restored not just structurally but where can live in it again in the coming year – we are still in the home just covering basic needs as the rooms are packed and what is not I am sorting through and cleaning out.

    Lisa, you posted on one of these days that you did not want to come across as bragging that you have such a wonderful home – please stop – to those that may feel that way – get a therapist cause you need one seriously – of course you have to work hard to have anything and if you have been blessed to have the funds for such a wonderful home – you go if that’s what you want to invest your monies in but I see something more – I see a home that is filled with love, joy, creative spirit and a thankful soul who wants nothing more than to share your blessings.

    I love seeing your pictures – it gives me hope, perseverance to withstand our nightmare and helps me to keep a Christian spirit and mouth as I can cuss like the Sailor I once was while I served.

    Please keep being who you are and keep sharing all that you feel comfortable sharing – I love your posts and pictures.

    Merry Christmas.

  143. Barb Avatar

    Woolyist…..sure and strong. Always a project in the works.

  144. Valerie Avatar

    From the previous comments, I see I am the odd one here. I have not made anything from wool. I have a couple of kits for pincushions that were freebies from a local store, but have not made them yet. I love quilting and there are so many quilts I want to make that it consumes any time I have for my hobby.

  145. Bonni Brooks Avatar
    Bonni Brooks

    I love working with wool and I like quilting, too. There just doesn’t seem enough time to do both and I’m stocked with fabric even after thinning out some of it when we recently moved. I’d like to make more quilts for family members but am not a fast quilter, mostly because of what the sticker on my car says “Quilting is 3% talent and 97% not being distracted by the internet”…LOL! That’s me! I also have a large stash of wool in many colors.

  146. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I like both, although I Quilt more. I recently took a class from two lovely people from a shop in Mudway, Utah…. they came east, thank you very much, most wool folk don’t (would love to see you, Lisa, if you ever venture to Western New York or Eastern Pennsylvania), and it was so nice to have someone personally tell you your Stitching is fine, or make a suggestion… up til then I just picked up my needle and did my own thing as best I could.
    Anyway, I faithfully watch the Pennsylvania quilt show postings (since New York State doesn’t seem to have big shows… why? Probably the excess taxes and laws and regulations!) … waiting for the guru of wool (you!) to show up on course offerings. Or… how about Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show? 2021? I’ll be there!

  147. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Oops make that Midway, Utah… see comment above!

  148. Sharon Browne Avatar
    Sharon Browne

    I love both but I seem to spend a lot more time quilting.

  149. Terri H Avatar
    Terri H

    I like doing both – but during the winter months, wool is my go to.

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