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12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 2



Mystery Wool Box

Now… I have to admit I have had this in mind for over a year…but my schedule is/was just too demanding to follow through with it…But there is not a subscription box for wool that I know of and WE should be doing one…So…with that in mind here is what we are thinking…

This Box for the “Needful Things” is a one-time trial…a peek at what the subscription boxes might be like…So there is no commitment just order it and see if you want to belong and get one…every other month…Starting in March 2019

I am not going to tell you what’s inside…but this is what I can tell you…

Each box like this one will contain:

As close as we can get to $100 retail value of goodies in it!!!!…All new and exclusive projects!!  The price of the box will be $60 plus $5.99 shipping…unless you wish to have your “wool box protected” for $6 more.  What I mean with this is….the Wool Box is beautiful, we designed it to be super sturdy to handle our products being shipped in it…but…then the shop girls saw it and suggested that they didn’t want their box beat up/damaged with all the handling from shipping it…so we added an option of it being put in a protective box so the pretty box will come undamaged and can be used again and again to store stuff in…I think the box size is 12×12 x 3 1/2″ ( I might be off on the height, but it is a nice sized box.)Mystery Box_All

Boxes will come every other month

At least one major kit & pattern for a project

A pattern for an ongoing project, something like a Stitch Along-this might not “go along” with the theme of the box because it will continue…

Each box will be centered around Wool and/or Stitchery with a few novelty things once in awhile….

They will contain recipe cards with a tried and true recipe from Lisa – One of a food item and one of a Crazy Stitch Combo to collect.

They will consist mostly of Primitive Gatherings products/patterns, but we may also have guest designers and products as well in future boxes.

The projects will be exclusive to these boxes for at least one year.

We will promise that the boxes will be AWESOME!

So right now you are not commiting to a subscription but a one time shipment to see if you wish to continue and you can/will be signing up for the Subscription in January.

This is a short and simple post…because I cannot tell you any more!!! But you can help us…Tell all your stitching friends about our box!  Help me Share it on Social Media…we are going to have lots of fun with this one..IMG_4050 3IMG_116256692996812__F3F976CF-1E2E-457B-89FF-18F597A610AE

As you can see…we have (and are ready to fill) these boxes…we just need to know how many to make?…You have until 12/31/18 to sign up for this one but the sooner you do the sooner you will get the box…This box will ship in the middle of January. Problem with this first one is…. we don’t know if we are going to sell 100 or 1000. So PLEASE help us out and order now if you do not want to miss out and be apart of this fun event!  Click Here to Order yours!

Someone who purchases this box will receive a one year/six box subscription!  We will pick the winner from the orders….Comment on this post about this box…Do you want it? Is is a good idea or not?  What would you put in this box if you were running this on -going subscripton….I can’t wait hear your suggestions…all for now…I know you have lots to do…LB




170 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas…Needful Things…Day 2

  1. Sounds intriguing. I will most likely order one.

  2. Yes, the box is a great idea for those who do wool projects. I can see it full of fabric with matching thread and a pattern for a small project. Notions are nice, too!

  3. I think this is a great idea! Love it!

  4. I would love to win your box subscription. I love your patterns and getting things on the early side is exciting. Thanks for doing this.

  5. I like the idea of wool and thread. And a pattern. Not so much on the notions though. Would like to receive these. Breaks down to $30 a month which isn’t a bad price.

  6. sounds so nice. It will have a lot of projects in it for sure

  7. I think it is a great idea, and really smart to let people preview one before the sign up. Does each box have a stand alone project, or are they a 6 month project?

  8. Love the idea of a Wool Box subscription! I’ll definitely be ordering the first one. I’m sure the contents will be outstanding and the boxes are adorable! I’ll be storing wool remnants in mine. CL

  9. I love the idea. It will be like getting a great present you know you will love every other month .I’d like to see a BOM pattern and a thread for that pattern in each box. The BOM quilt could have 6 blocks but also have an option for 12. It would be an incentive to sign up for the next year’s worth of boxes in order to complete the larger version.

  10. What a great idea!! I love this!

  11. Yes, yes, yes! The boxes are a super good idea!!!

  12. I’ve been dabbling in wool for about a year, using small projects like ornaments and candle mats for my hand stitching. The box seems like a great way to explore the craft, expand my supplies, and learn from experts. I’m sure experienced wool fanciers are going to love this, but can you add some tips and tricks for us newbies as well? Perhaps your favorite notions for using on wool projects, what size needle with different types of thread, how to back projects (I’ve been surprised at how many kits assume I know how to do this!). I already can’t wait to get my box!

    1. I agree; I’m a newbie too. How do you back projects?

  13. Another wonderful idea by Lisa!!!
    I’m sure we won’t be disappointed!!!
    Looking forward to this!

  14. This is an AMAZING idea! There’s so many subscription boxes out there now but the quality of items isn’t always the best for many of the craft related ones. Yours will be awesome! Can’t wait!

  15. Great idea!! Love all things wool!

  16. Love this idea. I like the idea of a project to complete plus a stitch along BOM project. This is a great value too and definitely an incentive to sign up for the series. Good luck. Hope it’s a wonderful success.

  17. What a fun idea, I hope the first box gives us a clue to see what kind of project we an look forward to throughout the year. Can’t wait to see inside!

  18. I know this is A LOT TO ASK, but could you make a few flannel Boxes? If not, I totally understand and think this is an awesome idea. You are brilliant!

    1. Each project is stand along… the one continuos project could easily be made into smaller pincushion or something ..

  19. Ordered! Anxiously awaiting delivery. I’m glad you are offering this subscription box and it is an “every other month” subscription plan.

  20. Oh yes, I am ordering!! Can’t wait to see the contents!! Love your wool projects!!

  21. The box idea sounds like fun!

  22. Just ordered the box. Love your site and products. That being said, I think the extra $6 charge is BS. I’m being charged $5.99 for shipping, which is fair enough. That should include getting the product, which includes the box, to me in one undamaged piece. Just my honest opinion!

    1. Sorry Lisa, I didn’t realize till it was too late that my post was public. Meant it to be private. Wasn’t paying attention I guess.

    2. Hi Norma, I agree that we should get a nice box for 5.99 shipping but I subscribe to some other boxes and believe me, the post office is not always careful with their handling. Some people bought the new DMC flosses this year that comes in a tin. It came in an outer box but many complained how the tins had dents in them, mine did not. It’s a gamble and if some people want to use the box to store items in, I can see why they are offering extra protection, which is optional. Somehow I don’t think an extra box will protect it fully because I sometimes wonder what the USPS does…play football or some of my stuff looks like they have tire tracks from a forklift and the edges crushed. Then there’s the worry of it being delivered to the wrong address-we have really crappy service in our area anymore. Once it leaves the shop, it’s entirely in the hands of the delivery people and could still be a gamble. My Sew Sampler boxes which I have discontinued, didn’t always look very good and one was soaking wet from the rain. So it’s good it’s an option for those who would like to re-use the box. I probably will take a gamble-not sure yet.

      1. Ok I understand the points you’ve made. I still think an extra $6 is excessive. The shipping and handling (labor involved) is already taken care of, should only pay for an extra box to put it all in. If it cost $6 for one box, they’re buying from the wrong supplier!

  23. Your designs in a box? Heaven!

  24. Yes yes yes ! Already ordered. So excited. I would always love a small simple project so I can get one done quickly! Love the box !

  25. Love this idea. The box is adorable! Like the idea of a surprise each month to look forward to!!!

  26. It’s great idea! I would love to get a wool surprise in the mail. I will definitely order it!! Any thing wool related is fun to get

  27. Wow. What a great idea. Can’t wait to join. Just put your needful things and tips for wool projects.

  28. Wish I were more adventurous! But living on a fixed income, and being “older”….I have to spend my $ on things I know I want….and of Primitive Gatherings and Lisa…I know I love it all…..but need to save my dollars for the KNOWN.

  29. I love the look of this box and look forward to getting it in the mail. Seems like a great idea. Something fun to look forward to every other month. Christmas all through the year! I can imagine filling it with my wool kits, notions I need for wool. Hmmm. I’ll have to ponder. In the mean time it’s a must for me so into my cart it goes. Lol

  30. I think this may be my opportunity to learn about working with wool. After becoming interested and pouring over your blog and website for hours this box may be just what I need to get started. I think it’s a great idea and I am very interested!

  31. I had a feeling when you offered the Christmas tins that this would be coming soon! The filled tins were AWESOME!!!! Loved every single goodie inside. Very fun idea. I’d be able to keep up with the projects better if it was a quarterly box.

  32. Omg Lisa this is a fantastic idea. I love love wool projects , thanks to you. Exclusive kits and wools and threads. What a wonderful thing. We could have something no one else will have for some time. I am in!!! Love to see new kits, step by step pictures of stitches from you, (or maybe and exclusive site for just wool kit members for videos etc), fusible, coupons for deals on your favorite wool items or specials The possibilities are endless. What a Merry Christmas to me!!

  33. I would put in a card that shows a pretty stitch to use on wool, I think we forget how much that can add to a project. And wool, variations of a color that works for the season with thread that matches.

  34. That is SO tempting. But I must show some restraint- I have almost reached the hoarder stage with my wool and patterns.

  35. I’m a newbie at wool, but this sounds like a fun introduction to it…and inspiring!

  36. Great idea! Love the idea of a “gift” every other month. I would love wool and thread, patterns, notion, actually anything to work with. Seems like a good idea to have the box and project to “take along” when traveling. Thank you, Lisa.

  37. I love this idea! Wool is so wonderful to work with, and I haven’t see any other subscription boxes for wool anywhere, and your wool is the best😊I also love having recipes and a little goodie sometimes- extra fun!
    Btw, I ordered your filled tins for St Nick’s Day and they were fabulous!

  38. You had me at the adorable box! Sounds like a great idea and something wonderful to look forward to receiving every other month!

  39. I think this is a great idea! I have already placed my order and am looking forward to receiving the box in January!
    Merry Christmas to you Lisa, your mom Theresa, and the whole Bongean family!

  40. Intriguing for sure Lisa! If I read this correctly, every shipment includes the box? I would have a nice way to store my “Lisa” unfinished projects….kidding aside sounds like a WONDERFUL and FUN idea!

  41. What a great idea! I haven’t been working with my wool pile as much last year, and you rbox may be the key to jumpstart me back into the wooly goodness! Will give your first trial box a go! Thank you and happy holidays!

  42. Love ! Love ! Love this idea ! I’m ordering for sure. I’ve been a bit short on confidence to begin working with wool. Tips and explanations would be greatly appreciated. I would love to see a few charm squares added to each box to build a stash of colors to have on hand when small pieces are called for in a pattern. Cannot wait !! Thanks, Lisa, for the brilliant idea ! Happy Holidays !

  43. Amazing idea! I, of course, jumped in right away for a try (VBG!)

  44. Can’t wait to see whats in each box
    Way to go Lisa

  45. Great idea. I love surprises. Add some wool threads, maybe a packet of needles. Can’t wait!

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  46. I just received the gift tin. Judging by that, I want to join. I know you said the tin would be terrific and I believed you and ordered it. But it far exceeded my hope. I am a widow so I don’t get many little gifts. I love wool, quilting, and embroidery. This would be like a surprise gift. I am sure I will love it. I like the box. I have some of last year’s Christmas kits and most of this year’s in the box they came in last year. A nice box would be terrific and I could find it. They would look terrific stacked in the closet.

  47. I love the idea of a wool box. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to spend $60 on wool products that I haven’t seen. My quilting budget is tight so I have to spend it wisely. I wish I could jump on board.

  48. I would use this box for my wool projects I am working on. I like to have something to work on in every room. This box would look nice sitting on my table waiting for me rather than a bag I usually keep my projects in

  49. Of course I want it!
    Could you please look in to Direct Deposit for my monthly check? 😀

  50. This is a fun and fabulous idea! I’m just starting on wool (mostly because of the way Lisa raves about it) and I’m crazy about it.

  51. This is so intriguing and I would love to get it, but for some strange reason I hesitate to work with wool. I would jump on board if you had something similar utilizing flannel. I’ll have to think about this and decide if I want to take the plunge into wool stitcheries. Thanks Lisa for all your fun and exciting projects.

  52. Another PG great idea! It will be like getting a Christmas present to myself every other month. And knowing me, it will be a fun surprise since I will likely forget it is coming!!

  53. I am not a big fan generally of things on auto delivery. I have a few, but with project versions I just get so behind. HOWEVER, this is one I definitely want! Bring it on Lisa! I can’t wait to get this first box!

  54. Oh my, just the box intself is intriguing. Wish I could commit right now but will have to wait to see what Santa brings first. If I could I would jump on board right away. Would love a larger project along with a little something like a pincushion or something small too. Any new techniques or sample products of new wool notions. What a great idea.

  55. So excited and just ordered! The wool needful post has been my favorite so far, until now! I know anything that comes will be wonderful! If I had a choice between individual projects or a year long theme, I love mysteries so I would go for the year long theme with a couple surprise bonus small projects throughout the year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  56. Love this idea. It will keep my fingers busy and my eyes open, instead of napping!
    I need a project that I can immerse me in while ignoring the tv!

  57. This is a great idea. I would fill it with a seasonal table topper kit and a “block in the box” that would be a wall hanging when the entire year was collected. Maybe even include a couple surprise Valdani threads.

  58. Yes, I want the box! It would be like getting a wonderful Christmas present in the mail 6 times a year! I would use the box to put my wool projects in that I’m working on. Love PG wool projects!

  59. Do you send it overseas? I would be very interested 😍

  60. Love this idea Lisa!! So many ideas running through my head. I really liked all the ideas at Christmas with the gingerbread tea towels, pin cushions etc that I am sure we will be excited to open our boxes. My box is ordered and should arrive in time for my January birthday.
    Merry Christmas to all the gang at Primitive Gatherings!! xo

  61. This wool box sounds exciting to me – addicted to wool projects! – I’m so intrigued to find out the hand dyed wool and what kinds of patterns and projects. Will there be thread inside? I’m definitely interested!

  62. Yes, a great idea. I love working with wool and want to give the Wool Box a try.

  63. OMG! What could be better than this? What a wonderful gift for someone(me) and it would be like Christmas every other month. For a wool applique addict like myself it doesn’t get any better. I love receiving my Moon Garden kit each month and now I can receive this too. Great job again Lisa. You sure do keep us all happy! Keep sharing those great ideas.

  64. These boxes are beautiful! I think the boxes are a perfect size to hold finished wool appliqués blocks as you complete them. I am intrigued and think I may have to try this out!

  65. Great idea! Even though I’ve been quilting for 25 years, I tell people I’m a beginner because I can never finish anything because I’m always beginning something new! Im so far behind! For that reason only, I would order this to “test the waters” before diving in for the yearly subscription. I love the box and could ues it to store wool of course, but layer cakes, jelly tolls and charms would fit nicely in a box like this also.

  66. Wonderful idea! A great way to treat ourselves with a nice surprise every other month.

  67. The boxes are gorgeous, and it is a great idea. Now back to holiday prep, I have littles waiting.

  68. Love the look of the boxes.

  69. I haven’t tried these subscription boxes yet, but I’m intrigued. PG is known for it’s great products, so this will be worthwhile checking out! Remember, though, Lisa, you do need to sleep at some point! :0)

  70. I subscribe to a few other “surprise boxes” and its so fun to get them in the mail and wonder what’s inside. Like at kid at Christmas! I know yours will be wonderful.

  71. When I try to order, $5.99 is added to my total for shipping. Post says basic shipping is included. Which is it? This sounds fabulous!

    1. Yes! The email says $60.00 including shipping, but an extra $5.99 was added to my bill. Plus the 6.00 for protection brought it up to $71.99. Wasn’t expecting that. If it was an error just let me know.

      1. I didn’t go through with the final step of the order because I felt like this needs to be clarified. Glad I am not the only one!

  72. I would love a box to be designated for a project. It would keep it organized and can be used again and again. Usefull tips on applique each box would be helpful too.

  73. I’m a wooly lady. It will be like a Christmas gift all year long. Exciting idea.

  74. Monthly box subscriptions are tempting… generally when I see the reveal on a blog, I am impressed with the contents. Perhaps I will try them in the future. I know you and your team will do a wonderful job of choosing lovely items to include in your wool boxes.

  75. t like the design of the box…aren’t those sheep darling! The idea of the box is intriguing and I’d certainly enjoy opening the surprise enclosed. Your designs have always been admired.

  76. I love this idea and will be ordering to check it out. Definitely like the thought of a new pattern with kit in each box, exclusive to those who buy the box. Maybe a seasonal project in one of the months, each quarter. Notions are always fun, especially new ones that come out. Love the box you have created, very “ewe”nique. ❤️ Nice it can be protected when shipped. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Lisa

  77. Oh, this is a wonderful offering and the box is gorgeous! Good idea to have the option to have it mailed in a protective packaging. I’m just beginning to get into “wooly” pursuits with your website and Rebekah L. Smith’s talent. Wish I could join the club! Merry Christmas, Lisa!

  78. I like the concept of the box. Perfect for treasures

  79. I think tis is a fabulous idea! Would be so fun to get.

  80. I like the idea of a wool box and being able to buy the first one to see if you would like it and if you want to commit to it. Inside the box I would like to see a complete ‘new’ design kit…

  81. I’m interested and will probably jump on this box but it sounds like you will be committed to one year of boxes if you join in March-am I correct? I have some subscription boxes already and quit one because I just thought it could be better-I’m glad I had that option. Of course if they have a long term on-going project you wouldn’t be able to finish it. I do love wool applique but I’m not a lover of all things primitive so I don’t know what to expect in a mystery box. I’m sure I can always use threads and notions even if I have them already. I’m on the fence and trying to decide if I jump on board or jump off.

  82. I love this idea!

  83. I love the idea of getting a new project every other month. Not so sure I would like the continuously project. That’s what my quilting is for. Lol can’t wait to get the first box.

  84. I love this idea. I think making sure there is an exclusive bom or project in the box is really important to keep it special. There are other designers..going unnamed..that issued the pattern that was in their box after distribution and it made me wonder why I paid for the box? I did not need the fabric I had that in my stash. So excited to participate. It will be a splurge but I know you will keep it special you are so generous I am excited to sign up.

  85. Love this idea!

  86. Sounds like fun. I will like to see what is in this first one before I decide to subscribe. It might be better to have it once every three months

  87. Love this idea I think I might have to try it.

  88. Can’t wait to see this!

  89. This sounds fun! I’m going to order one right now!

  90. This sounds like a great idea. Something different to look forward to.
    I would like so see a “summer on the lake” design. Two options- murky or perky colors.

  91. This sounds so fun. This would be happy mail for sure. It sounds like you have a good mix. I would love patterns, threads, wool and any fun do dads. May be a gift to me from me! I have a container addiction and the box looks great.

  92. I think this box is a great idea but for just ME I would still prefer something that is geared towards newbies. I love your designs! Thank you for offering them to us.

  93. What a fun idea. I look forward to seeing what will be inside them!

  94. I said all year I was going to purchase the Juki from you at Christmas but here I am spending money on everything but that. I need to unsubscribe and go get therapy…but alas, there I went and clicked Checkout again instead. ☺️

  95. I think it’s a great idea! A wool project, wool, threads and notions….who wouldn’t like it. I would definitely order one but sadly it’s not within my crafty budget. Merry Christmas!

  96. This is so cool!!

  97. This wool box idea is awesome. I have no shop in my area who carry wool. So my “fix” comes from your online shop. Thank goodness for it. Everything you do is exactly what I love. The videos now are an added feature, the sew alongs are always fun, your books are great. What to put in well that is tricky anything would make me happy. I’m easy.

  98. I would like to see valdoni thread in the box. Love this idea.

  99. What a fabulous idea! I’m in! And I ordered the trial box , too. I can’t wait to be part of Lisa’s Wool Subscription Box. Hope it has some Valdani threads from time to time. Looking forward to a fun, wooly 2019!

  100. I love the idea of boxes !! Anything you put in them will be great ! I love working with wool and doing stitchery, both would be great.

  101. Love this idea! You always give 200% so I know the contents will be awesome! It will be a great Christmas present to myself and a suprise as well😎!

  102. Absolutely, a great idea. I am ordering it and think it will be the best surprise each month. I love the ideas for the projects and thread together.

  103. Love the idea but I agree with another poster–I need to use up what I have before adding more. I feel like the wool kit queen, my closet runneth over. If I were just starting out with wool applique I’d have been in like Flynn! So excited though for the idea. Sometimes I have weak moments and cave after I say I won’t do this or that, time will tell.

  104. Lisa and staff,
    The box turned out great!!! I just ordered The box and am excited to see what you put inside.
    Merry Christmas Lisa, Nick and family and to the entire Primitive Gathering staff.
    Love, Cindy Crowell

  105. This sounds fun! Who doesn’t ❤️ getting stuff in the mail! And the price fits the budget!
    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  106. I love the box idea!! I definitely want it!! We have a home decorating shop in our city that does boxes and has had a wonderful response to it!!
    Urban Farmgirl I’m excited that you are going to try it! Seasonal projects (kits) always work well.
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  107. I think the wool box is a good idea,

  108. I LOVE the box design and that alone is probably going to convince me to order the first box … not sure about the subscription simply because I’m a bit behind on the Moon Garden project (I have 4 of the 9 done) but perhaps it will be a snowy January and I’ll catch up! I have really enjoyed the new stitches on the flowers in the Moon garden designs. The Wool Box is a great idea … would love to see a BOM in the subscription offer, Valdani thread, your special needles and even patterns for mini projects. And did I mention I’m allergic to wool? It just makes me itch, but I can’t stay away from it!

  109. Another fun idea from you and your shop. Debating the idea as I have lots to catch up on. Collected a few kits from your shop over the last couple of years that need to be finished.

  110. Great idea! Sounds like fun and is SO tempting. I love your wool and patterns.

  111. I’m in!! I love the idea. For me it’s like Christmas to get a box with things that I love inside. I love love love the surprise incentive and you are one of the most generous designers/store owners I know so that cemented it for me.

    I love the idea of getting new tools and/or newest design patters, maybe punch needle kit which would push me to step outside my normal craft plans. I would love to see things included like lavender, wool circles, needful things that are REALLY USEFUL, maybe a book. I guess I just love the surprise aspect. GREAT IDEA.

    1. I forgot to add — I would like to suggest paying for the whole year up front. I always prefer that because I don’t need to worry about missing any of them.

  112. Love the design on the boxes–those are very nice sheep. I think this will be a great idea for you.

  113. This is such a great idea! I have already placed my order.

  114. Quick story about projects and boxes. I read online (perhaps here) a suggestion that a pizza box could be used to keep wool projects nice and flat for traveling. I took my current project (Moon Garden) with me to a retreat at a hotel. The current month was stored half-finished inside a large pizza box. I went to breakfast and my morning session – I stopped back at my room before lunch and found my pizza box was gone — the cleaning staff must have assumed it was trash from my last night’s dinner. I RACED out and found a staff member who said the woman who cleaned my room had just emptied her trash. This wonderful staff member went to the dumpster, dug through the most recent layer and found my box. No damage! It was beginning to rain so I was very lucky that I stopped by my room before attending the afternoon session. Moral–before storing anything in any large box–mark it clearly, especially if it’s a pizza box.
    And, I’m in for this trial. Can’t wait to see it.

  115. Looks like a great idea! Can’t wait to see what it holds!

  116. Love the idea. I was thinking what about doing a mystery box with fun fabric, buttons, threads , lace , ribbon, etc. for a hussiff. One month it could be the fabric with pattern. Another month fun stuff to add to your hussif. Another couple of months it could be items to put in your hussiff.

  117. What a great idea. Everything you do is so motivating and exciting. I’m in. I can’t stop following you.

  118. Oh my goodness Lisa, you are brilliant!! How do you continue to create such awesome things that we just HAVE to have. I love it and will definitely be ordering one. My birthday is in January so I will ask for it to be a birthday present. Just showed my husband!! I can’t wait to see what you put in the box. I love everything you have ever designed so know that we will not be disappointed. The box is just too darn cute and it will be nice to have a collection of them for UFO’s.

  119. I think I would put in enough wool and thread for a complete project and maybe a little extra like needles or something.

  120. I love this idea! I have a horrible time deciding what to make….like the idea of you planning for me!!!!! Table mats are always great!!! Jmh

  121. Yes! Love the idea of a subscription box! Seriously thinking of ordering!

  122. Nice idea. Perhaps a themed pattern or two to carry through the seasons? Ideas/comparisons for wool-on-wool, wool-on-flannel, wool-on-cotton? Thinking seriously about the subscription; have to plan that budget.

  123. This sounds over the top exciting. You did such an aw some job in filling the tin containers just recently.
    Anything works when it is connecting to Primitive Gatherings. The project idea sounds good, but fill with
    items you like and be confident all will be pleased. Thank you for this opportunity.

  124. What a great idea! I am loving all of the beautiful wool projects and I would put any sewing related items in the boxes. I can hardly wait until your book comes out this summer with your different stitches on wool.

  125. I think this is a tremendous idea! I’d like you to include the little wooden needle case!! You always do a great job. Thank you.

  126. Love this idea, but I need a scholarship for it. Not in my budget right now. 🙂
    If I was getting it, I would like kits and wool and patterns. Great idea!

  127. A wool box sounds like fun!

  128. I am so glad there are so many others who are addicted to wool as i have become.
    Just can’t get enough!! And receiving a surprise package every couple of months is just too tempting. I think i will just have to do it and not look at the projects i have that have yet to be started. I just can’t say no to wool especially coming from you, Lisa! Any instructions on how to finish the backing of a mat for instance do you use SF101 or not, any tips would be most welcomed!

  129. I love the box. My granddaughter shows sheep and I would bet this box will
    end up in her hands. Great Idea. I will sign up.

  130. Love the idea of a wool box – would prefer stand alone projects in each box as opposed to an ongoing project. I’m sure it will be great since you are curating it!

  131. Lisa, I love the idea!
    Surprises from you, I think would be amazzzzing…!!!
    Merry Christmas.

  132. This sounds fun! Wool and thread for project would be great!

  133. Hi Lisa, Yes, of course I want the the box, I am very curious!! It’s a wonderful idea! Tho more work for you and yours I’m guessing. I would put everyday use items, like Penny mats, or inspirational messages stitched out, or seasonal (I love all the holidays). I also like the designer idea, Maggie Bonanomi, Yoko Saito, Wooly Lady, Wendy Williams, or Sue Spargo would be delicious. Tho you will always be my favorite!! Hugs, Jakey

  134. Oh yes, the box sounds exciting. I just got the joy can I ordered and love everything in it. Can’t believe you got that much stuff in the little can. Thank you, Lisa, for a great buy, my husband gave me money for Christmas and that was one of the things I bought with some of it. It was my favorite present tonight when all the family came over to celebrate. I saved it for this occasion

  135. I just ordered one! I’m sure it will be amazing. I think this will be another successful venture for you and your business. Thanks for bringing us such great things. Merry Christmas.

  136. Great idea. I love it.

  137. Very inventive idea.

  138. Sounds like a great idea to me. I would put all my floss in the box.

  139. What an interesting idea – I like having everything for a project in one bag/box. No need to try and remember what happened to parts and pieces. It is a very tempting offer…..

  140. A super idea for the wool fans among us. Nice to be able to check out this first box before committing to a subscription.

  141. What a great idea, I can think of so many uses for the box once I’ve finished the project. I can’t wait to see what interesting items you’ll put in this.

  142. OMG!!! I love this!!!!! I can’t wait to receive mine!!! Great idea, Lisa!!!!

  143. This is a great idea as one can build their wool stash along with a new project. But as another suggested will you consider a flannel box in the future?

  144. I’m delighted to join in. I ordered a box. Something to look forward to after the excitement and chaos of the holidays settles down.

  145. A wool box sounds like a great idea. I love it that you are offering a one month trial box for people to decide on subscription. I love all your patterns both wool and cotton. I would love to see a kit inside box and maybe some floss that goes with project. I think it would be great to also have a new pin cushion kit in each box. A girl can never have enough cute pin cushions and yours are so awesome! I will be ordering a box and am looking forward to what’s inside. It will be the perfect Christmas present to myself! Thanks Lisa!
    P.S. Whoever wins the subscription will be one lucky person. Merry Christmas!

  146. What a great idea! I really like that there is a pattern, or something to do with the wool. I would use the box for my many projects, of course. Thanks for a chance.

  147. GREAT idea!!! I ordered one and I’m sure I’m going to sign up for the subscription too, after all it’s Primitive Gatherings and that’s a name I associate with top notch quality! I’m never afraid to buy something from you sight unseen, I’ve never been disappointed with a product from you 💜💜💜

  148. Dear Lisa, What a wonderful idea. Your designs and projects are absolutely the best. I look forward to visiting PG when I am spending summers in Wisconsin. I just ordered your great new box. I surely will be looking forward to getting it in Florida since I am not aware of many shops that carry wool down here. I like the idea of getting new never released kits and/or projects. A variety of stitching instructions would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice if each box would include seasonal projects appropriate for the time of year. I know I won’t be disappointed. Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

    Sent from my iPad


  149. Lisa you always have great ideas on marketing quilty products. Thank you for another great one. You’ve made it hard to stay keep my shopping list within my budget!!

  150. Wonderful idea…can’t wait to explore. Thanks to your staff for thinking to protect the wool box – great for storage especially when you have a variety of fabric types as I do.

    Thank-you for making it every other month – makes it more affordable and easier to budget for. I also would not mind once a quarter if you have an overwhelming response.

    Merry Christmas

  151. It’s a wonderful idea! I like that it would be every other month. It would be great if any threads for the projects are included….projects all ready to start!
    Thank you for all the beautiful designs over the years. You and your team are awesome Lisa!
    Merry Christmas!

  152. Graphics on the box are beautiful. I am sure the box will be useful to some, but I am into quilting more than wool at the moment. I can imagine the surprise will be worth the cost.

  153. Love the fun idea, a surprise project in the box ! There are books in a box, even clothing in a box companies delivered to your door! It is only logical for us wool embroidery lovers to sign up for this project of fun to look forward too. I do like suggestion of quarterly , this way I can hope to not get behind. Leaving wiggle room as well to work on my other sewing projects !

  154. Great idea to trial it tfor the first one….I’m sure it will suck me in….in a good way! Wool, valdani, kits, it’s all good!

  155. how refreshing!! a surprise in a beautiful box full of items that I would actually want! i will definitely be ordering this first one. not sure about every other month; at the subscription price, thinking 4 times per year might be more realistic. exciting to know the included project will be exclusive to this program- definitely makes it more attractive.

  156. The Wool Box sounds great! I would love to get additional wool and other fun stuff. I will definitely be ordering.

  157. Sounds like a great idea. I am considering buying the first box!

  158. Love everything in the book.

  159. Oh, come on now, what couldn’t I put in that beautiful box??? My Valdani threads (I have too small a collection, must rectify the situation!), sort small wool pieces by color, hold patterns, contain an unfinished but ongoing project… so many uses. And the grey, Love it, it matches my sewing room ‘decor”, ha! And, of course… the contents, who doesn’t love a surprise? I am building a case here, I will be using these ideas and others I’m reading to let my husband know why I must have this subscription!

  160. Great idea! Lots of “unboxing” blogs out there for beauty products. I’m not that king of gal, so woolly products are awesome! I think quarterly would be enough for me; seasonable – I don’t think I have enough pastels in the Spring. I’m also a newbie and would prefer kits and stash builders: wool, threads, flannel, velvet, fusible samples. Option to cancel at any time, if the budget does not allow. Thank you!

  161. Getting ready to place my order and give it a try. I would like wool to build my stash, small kits and patterns. Thanks Lisa and Happy New Year!

  162. So excited to get my box! Love the idea of an ongoing project that will be available in the program first. Patterns and wool will be wonderful! Love your designs.

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