Domestic Bliss…

I know some of you might find this weird…but I find much satisfaction in getting things in order…One of the things on my list was eating better this year…I live in a rural community….so pretty much everyday on my way into work I drive past many farms…and this is one…

In the summer they have strawberries for sale…so I asked If I could get on the list for part of a grass fed steer…I got a call last week that it was ready…I don’t really eat a lot of beef because of the conditions and the antibiotics…but if you know where they come from it is much different story…

I have not ordered beef since I had three sons at home to feed…So off I went Saturday morning to pick up my meat…here is the load.

Five boxes total…one is already in the freezer…I was so fortunate that it all fit!!!

Along with the deer meat on the top shelf that Nick got hunting and in our smaller freezer this should last a year…I love supporting the local farmers…by buying their fruits and vegetables and now I also can trust that my beef is safe as well…then I saw this…

So I guess it is catching on? Do you know Decor Steals? Sign up to get their emails…its a lot of fun…hard to control yourself sometimes…

Next on the days agenda was taking Jeter for a walk…we went back to our favorite spot…

There were lots of dogs and their people’s there…it was 30 degrees and that is warm for January in WI…we did 1 hour and almost 3 miles….and I was hot and cold both at the same time!

We arrived home to spend the next two days hanging out with Nick who is trying to get over being sick…pretty much almost pneumonia …he gets it every year and this time we tried to get it quicker but it still is lingering…tomorrow will be a week…he’s miserable.

I had three things to work on this weekend…one, was I needed to stitch the cover of my new “Wool how to”…book…yeah…you heard me…I stitched the cover…it turned out pretty good…can’t wait til you get to see it…

second…I wanted to work on finishing the quilt I have had on the quilt frame for way too long…I managed to get a whole row done during the Cheif/Colts game…

Here is a close-up…Quilt is called Full-time Part-time…made with Homespun Gathering Fabrics.

Now the next row is marked and ready for Sunday’s stitching…when Hand Quilting you cannot do too much in one day…until you have the callus on your under finger…so…we are all marked and then I threaded 15 needles also…see them all lined up?

I promise do a video on hand quilting and all the tools involved…so look for that some time in February…

During the Dallas/Ram game I hand stitched the wool embroidery on three pillows…which is the third and last thing on the the accomplish list…

Today…it was off to Yoga class and then I made breakfast for Nick and we then watched the football games as well…I made the five pillows into pillows and stuffed in the forms…and then finished that second row of hand quilting…

Quilt on bed is called Heritage Star

S seeing this all done….I am so excited to announce that my next flannel line just arrived on Friday…so it is time to start making the projects….I have designed 6 quilts and 7 pillow projects for a book called Farmhouse Flannels…the fabric line has the same name!!! As soon as I can start showing the fabrics and projects I will! These photos are kind of what will be going on in the new book…quilts for the bed or couch and lots of pillow options! It’s also about feathering the nest…and making home as comfortable as possible.

I hope you have a great week…I will keep in touch…LB

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  1. Patty Fowl Avatar

    Beautiful photos and love seeing what you are working on and the new projects! Hope Nick feels much better very soon!

  2. Penny valentine Avatar
    Penny valentine

    Lisa, you are amazing! Everything looks perfect!

  3. Betsy Avatar

    I’d love to see a video or written instructions on how to use the Bishop fan template set that you are using. I bought this set some time ago and I’m not quite sure how you go about marking and then stitching the quilting lines….I do see that you have 15 needles lined up. I probably would not have thought to do that. Looking forward to your new “all about wool” book and new flannels!

    1. Cheryl Kuhns Avatar
      Cheryl Kuhns

      Betsy or Lisa could you please leave the name of the nesting rulers you are using to mark the quilt. I desperately need to buy them. I have searched the Internet did not find. Please email me. Thanks

      1. Sue Bennett Avatar
        Sue Bennett

        I would love to also know where to find the templates that you are using. Thank you


      2. Betsy Avatar

        Cheryl, the rulers are made by Primitive Gatherings. Try calling the store if they are not on the website.

  4. Sharon Ernst Avatar
    Sharon Ernst

    You are SO amazing! Such beautiful,work! All I can do is aspire to be an inkling as proficient as you! You inspire me with all the beauty! Thank you, Lisa!
    I hope Nick feels better soon!

  5. Sharon Kirby Avatar
    Sharon Kirby

    Love this. Your cushions and quilt on the bed are just lovely. I machine quilt, but helped on a hand stitched quilt at my church many years ago before I quilted myself. I enjoyed the hand stitching very much. I also raised three sons. I look forward to more interesting passages and of course books. Thank you.

  6. Carol joswick Avatar
    Carol joswick

    Love all the colors! Cant believe ypu guys have hardly any snow! Love the full time/part time quilt….

  7. Nance Allen Avatar
    Nance Allen

    Im anxious tut o see thr tools and tutorial, i have always wanted to quilt that pattern.

  8. Nancy Avatar

    Love, love, love your Full-Time, Part-Time quilt. Those homespun blues, browns, and lights are so warm and inviting. My parents used to order a side of beef when I was a child. I remember helping to wrap it in freezer paper. How great of your provider to have it wrapped for you! Is Jeter a boxer?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Jeter is an American Staffordshire terrier… a type of pit bull

  9. Holmes Mary Andra Avatar
    Holmes Mary Andra

    Lisa, am absolutely fabulous posting. Read every word. Looking forward to new book, new collection and new patterns. So exciting it’s hard to wait.

    Hoping Nick feels better real soon.
    Hugs to you and Nick

  10. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I hope Nick feels better soon. Sorry to hear he is fighting pneumonia, that’s so difficult to overcome. My son and I were out walking our dog today too,.. hard to believe he will be 17 next week. The sun was shining melting some of the 6”+ of snow we received, and only 41 degrees in CO. Love the Heritage Star quilt and pillows. I can’t believe how much meat that is! I’m horrible about the freezer… if I don’t use it within a week I forget it’s in there. Enjoy! Hugs, Jakey

  11. Carol Currid Avatar
    Carol Currid

    Everything looks so cozy! I now spend the winters in the desert (not far from Temecula -I took a punch needle class with you a couple of years ago!) and don’t need much in the wools and flannels these days, but your pictures make me long for my New Englad home and real winter!

  12. Barbara Nelson Avatar
    Barbara Nelson

    So exciting. Can’t wait.

  13. Wanda Hall Avatar
    Wanda Hall

    Everything about this post makes me excited!! I am so looking forward to your new book, the pillow patterns, and the instructions on hand quilting! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  14. Wanda Hall Avatar
    Wanda Hall

    I hope that all of the tools for hand quilting that are in your video will be available to purchase? Thank you so much for having that on your list this year to do! Love the star quilt too!!

  15. Karen raaymaakerz Avatar
    Karen raaymaakerz

    Love your work, would it be a good idea to get nick some probiotics to help build up his immune system, I have had two hips done and I know this does knock you about for awhile, hope all comes good xo karen

  16. Karin Avatar

    I see that you have some baptist fan acrylic templates that you are marking your quilt with….where do I get my hands on a set of those?

  17. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    Great post! I always look forward to seeing and reading what you are doing. Thanks for sharing!
    Sorry Nick is not feeling well, I highly recommend the pneumonia shot! Has really worked for me!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Next year “shot” for sure

  18. Patty Avatar

    Great pictures. You are very blessed to live in a beautiful place like that….I have fond memories of Wisconsin. Great pillows. Cannot wait for the new book. What do you have on the back of that quilt you are hand quilting? Hope Nick is better soon. I would say that Jeter likes getting his picture taken, he sure has a good pose and a great expression.

  19. Mary R Avatar
    Mary R

    Lisa, I’m very new to both quilting and wool applique. I just love your books, patterns, wool, and fabric lines. (I’ve hunted down everything that’s in print/available.) After a long career in Boston, I’m headed to Vermont for a serene retirement. My photos of my new village and surroundings look very much like yours! I can only hope that one day, my quilts and wool applique begin to approach yours in beauty and precision. Meanwhile, thanks for giving me a target to shoot for!

  20. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Get well soon Nick! Lisa everything is fabulous lol I want it all… I’m so excited to see your Hand Quilting video too

  21. Mary Avatar

    I live this post! Taking care of my family and my home has always been a great joy to me. You have a beautiful home and such an amazing career! Can’t wait to see your new line!

  22. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Hi to you both and sending Nick good wishes. There is a new pneumonia shot here in Canada. The first one is good for 50% but the new one is 90%…we both got those this year.
    Can hardly wait for your new book! Love, Love, Love pillows and yours are fab!!
    XO Red

  23. lynn Avatar

    Beautiful . Inspiring.Thanks for sharing your work

  24. Kyra Franz Avatar
    Kyra Franz

    Sounds like my kind of weekend, Lisa! I look forward to seeing your hand quilting video and the new flannel line. Even in Arkansas a family can never have too many flannel quilts!!!

  25. quiltinggrammyof2 Avatar

    Good morning I am hoping you sell those baptist fan templates. Would love to have a set. Place advise where to purchase. Your quilt is beautiful. And love the quilting

  26. Kolleen Avatar

    So BEAUTIFUL! All of it! Can hardly wait to see and feel the new flannel line. Looks like a BUY IT BY THE BOLT action might happen.

  27. Sharon Simmons Avatar
    Sharon Simmons

    Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait for your wool how to book and the Farmhouse Flannels. I’ve always wanted to try hand quilting and am looking forward to your video. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us.

  28. Susan Palcic Avatar
    Susan Palcic

    Does Nick have allergies? I used to get Bronchitis every November due to allergies. Then I started taking oil of oregano and no more Bronchitis! Just a thought.

  29. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    Thanks for pictures of your everyday life, so beautiful. Hope Nick is feeling better soon.

  30. Sharon Simmons Avatar
    Sharon Simmons

    What kind of frame are you using for holding your quilt when you’re hand quilting?
    I hope Nick feels better soon.

  31. Robin elliott Avatar
    Robin elliott

    You are amazing! I love reading your posts with pictures of course. Hope Nick is feeling better. I do suggest the shot especially if he gets this every year.

  32. Deanna Avatar

    Thanks for all the great updates. Hope Nick is feeling better.
    What is the name of the clam shell ruler/stencil you are using ??

  33. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    It is so nice to hear that you support your local farmer. My son has an organic produce farm in southwest wisconsin. Can’t wait till spring. I hope Nick gets better soon. Love all of your work.

  34. Jacalyn Mason Avatar

    I love the quilt you are hand quilting. Your projects are all so inspiring! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up. I worked on Mrs. Miller’s BOM while watching the football games. My team is not in it this year, so I think I’ll cheer for the Saints. I am a Drew Brees fan. Hope Nick feels better.

  35. weddingdressblue Avatar

    Rural life is lovely…

  36. Katherine Gourley Avatar
    Katherine Gourley

    Hi Lisa,
    You are so amazing. I am so slow as I work, but I love wool applique. Every Monday, I meet with a group of 9 other ladies to work on wool projects. Moon Garden is my project. Cutting all the wool shapes first before I start to applique them to the backgrounds. Thank you for your inspiration.

  37. Sandi Avatar

    Lisa. You get so much done. Does Nick get a pneumonia shot every year? It has helped me. I love watching football, I get so much stitching done. Thank you for your inspitation.

  38. Diane Hinton Avatar

    I Enjoy your blog and love the pillows and quilt on your bed!!! I also love the quilt you are hand quilting with the bigger stitches. Could you tell me what your favorite marking pencil is? I have yet to find one that I truly trust to come off when it needs to! Thank you and hope your hubby gets well soon!

  39. Gayle Lacey Avatar
    Gayle Lacey

    Wow! It’s all Wow! From your energy to your stitching to your quilting to your food choices to your fabrics! It’s all WOW! Love it, and good for you!

  40. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    Morning Lisa, sure hope Nick getting better. Really enjoyed this blog. I am quilting a wall hanging, with the fan design. Been a struggle to mark with bowls. So interested in this ruler/template or whatever. Really looking forward to your video on this. I love hand quilting. Machine quilting by me not so much. Have a great day

  41. Sharron Avatar

    Can’t wait for your new book and fabrics. Have a great day and hope Nick is feeling better soon.

  42. Colleen Koski Avatar
    Colleen Koski

    Love the pillows and quilt on your bed! I too have a quilt on the frame that has been there way too long. Looking forward to your hand quilting video. Always open to tips from those who know what they are doing.

  43. Mary Salmon Avatar
    Mary Salmon

    You are my idol…but you are raising the bar so high. Monday morning, 35 degrees outside, and I’m too cold to walk 50 feet to my studio. Looking at all you accomplish makes me feel like a slug…I think I’ll be dressed by Noon!

  44. Cathy Avatar

    Jeter is beautiful. What is that tube running over the rocks in the water? 2018 was a rough year for Upper Respiratory Infections that linger on and on and on in Michigan. Pneumonia is a bit different and I hope his treatment is helping. Let us know when that hand quilting video is on utube. When will Farmhouse Flannels book and fabrics be available? Is that “big stitch” quilting you’re doing? Whatever it is, so right for a homespun quilt. Heritage Star is so pretty and works with your pillows. I’ll have to order that too!

  45. Becky Avatar

    May I ask where you got the Baptist Fan templates? I have been looking for a quilt stencil with no luck.

  46. Denise B Avatar
    Denise B


    Just reading your e-mail wears me out. I need you to come and stay with me for a week and get me motivated. I have recently retired and seem to be flip flopping and getting nothing done. Love all “your stuff” Hope Nick feels better soon.


  47. Kathy Martin Avatar
    Kathy Martin

    There’s hardly anything that gives me more satisfaction than getting things organized & being able to mark things off of my “to do” list. So I’m right there with you. As a former quilt show owner, I can truly appreciate how much “work” is involved in quilting. In many ways, I can identify with the demands that you have in your line of work. I love what you do–I am a true fan.

    I love the pillows. And I look forward to your posts. The ones that are not necessarily “quilting informative” are just as fun as the ones that are. I think it’s neat that you share you life with us. Thanks for wonderful quilting fun.

  48. Barb Avatar

    Where can I find your videos – past and present?

  49. Patricia Avatar

    I drool over your accomplishments, lol! Such beauty!! I live in Louisiana so no snow but do have our share of moisture. I have had the pneumonia shot but also believe in taking a daily probiotic. I haven’t been sick in 2 years. Just saying. Well wishes to Nick.

  50. Mindy Avatar

    Lisa- can’t WAIT to see all of your new treasures!!! I am crazy in love with your current line, Flower Garden Gatherings!!!

  51. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I’m addicted to Decor Steals–look forward to an email from them everyday! Your hand quilting is wonderful!

  52. Kimberly Espinoza Avatar
    Kimberly Espinoza

    Lisa, Your home and grounds are beautiful! Love the quilting projects!! You should be very proud!!

  53. Pam Knight Avatar
    Pam Knight

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Is there a pre-order list for wholesale customers? I want to make sure the LQS I work at has all the new books and such. We received your Stars and Stripes book last week and I’ve almost sold it out. Our customers love your stuff as much as I do!😊

  54. Donna Pace Avatar
    Donna Pace

    Oh, I can hardly wait for your videos and love the Farmhouse Flannels line of fabric and pillows! I would love to make each one of your beautiful projects! My hubby and I have both had this crazy respiratory virus for way too long!! Hope Nick feels better soon!

  55. Patricia A. Adams Avatar
    Patricia A. Adams

    Wow! What a delightful blog! Your Baptist fan big stitch quilt looks so inviting! And the let’s snuggle pillow is awesome🐱⛄

  56. Theresa Waite Avatar
    Theresa Waite

    So glad to see the farm photos and to hear that you are now eating beef. It is nutritious and delicious and healthy. I live on a farm inn Kansas and we raise beef. Also my husband has a large tomato patch every summer. I use to raise and can many veggies but age and arthritis have changed our lives. I so enjoy your quilting, fabrics and have several of your projects and BOM to do.

  57. bobbie Avatar

    we moved to Tucson AZ about 15 years ago just because I could not do winter in Northern Illinois…I used to get bronchitis twice a year…We were just home southern Illinois when 10 inches of snow fell (weddings) yes plural. I’m at home in Tucson right now reading all my favorite blogs about quilting…Yes, I’m amazed how much you do and thanks keep it up….Enjoy the new year I’m looking forward to your books…

  58. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    Love to see someone that has a “to do list”…my friend Mary used to write stuff on hers she already had finished and then cross them off! Seeing the way people organize helps to understand how they accomplish what they accomplish. And I remember when you brought two puppies home—glad you still enjoy Jeter. I had two beautiful girls for years…big dogs are wonderful companions. Can’t wait to see your new book.

  59. Ann Avatar

    What an awesome bedscape!! Love the Lets Snuggle pillow!!! ❤️

  60. Ginney Avatar

    Beautiful projects and pictures. I love that curved ruler. Where did it come from.

  61. Pat M Avatar
    Pat M

    What is the template you use for hand quilting the baptist fan?

  62. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    Love those pillows. Paula in KY

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