Moda Block Heads 2- Block 40 & 39

I am writing this in the Doc’s office…I am going for a 6 month mammogram check up…I have a 2mm something that they are watching…it has not grown…he tells me not to worry but they will be watching it for a year or more…so good new for me…but PLEASE everyone get your Mammies checked every year if you are supposed to!! Oh…and I had the new 3D mammogram…thought it was going to be something (easier) same situation… I didn’t even know the difference, just an FYI.

Now after that small but important message…back to the blocks…

Block 40 from Lynne…Kansas Trouble Quilters…click for pattern

no lie…this one almost did me in…I turned those hst corners the wrong way, then I noticed my center was wrong…and so on…so I’m glad this one is over…lol

moda bh 40

Block 40 was the easy one…this is one huge block!!! those squares are 4″…

block 39

Not caught up yet, but not given up…keep on it with me!

Hope you are all staying warm! LB

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14 thoughts on “Moda Block Heads 2- Block 40 & 39

  1. Hi Lisa, good news indeed. Now I know you’re one of the girls. We all get things upside down or sideways sometimes. Welcome to the club. See you at Road


  2. Lisa, love your blocks. I think of you as the queen of hst. Can you offer advice on how to press them? Or do you have a photo of the back where you’ve pieced a bunch of hst to each other? I’m a beginner and kind of get tied in knots trying to figure out the best way to avoid all the seams piling on eAch other. Thanks for you time.

  3. So glad you got a 3d mammo. I am a CT tech and basically the 3d mammo is like a ct scan. It gets good in depth look at all layers of the breast. Everyone should be getting these now. Insurances have finally started paying for them.
    Just wanted to voice my opinion.

  4. I had my Mammo recently, but had to get the regular old kind–insurance wouldn’t cover the new yet. Hopefully next time. Will keep you in my prayers that nothing will come of the “something” they are watching.
    I can see how that new block would be easy to switch around.
    Love the look of the surrounding HSTs in the second block.

  5. I’m so glad you had your mammogram and they are monitoring you. They had me come every six months for 2 years and then decided it was just calcium deposits. It is so important to go every year and get your mammogram. You probably don’t remember talking with me – I was the one that did end up with breast cancer and your Twilight Garden blocks got me through my treatment – Thank you! I am now done with my chemo and radiation and am on the road to recovery. Still working on the blocks and enjoying them. I’m on Block 9 now. Slowly but surely.

  6. My sister was going to postpone her mammogram five years ago, she just didn’t feel like going. I was scheduled for a brutal surgery on the parotid gland for tumors that same week, so I told her to suck it up and go. Good thing she did. She had a malignancy, surgery, radiation and five years of drugs daily, her five year anniversary is coming up and it will be a celebration! So…never put off your mammogram. Now I have to have the mammogram in the fall and an MRI in the spring. I never pass on this, genetics are against me. It’s such a simple thing to do for peace of mind.
    PS: MRI on the parotid gland for a tumor under watch in a few weeks, all prayers and good vibes are welcome! I sure don’t want that surgery again.

  7. I suggest you get a second opinion on the 2 mm “something” in your breast. My 2 mm “something” luckily was Stage 1 N0 cancer.

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