Tuesday…Shop News…


I am thinking I will start posting once a week updates from Primitive Gatherings….

This week’s News…

and in case you are wondering…this is definately NOT fake news…no BS here

 Good News first…

Our Bosal Splendid Web has come in and gone out the same day to all of you who have been so nicely waiting for your orders…we appreciate your understanding…we have had your orders pack and just waiting to put that in and get them on their way…and out of our way…

I am going to reveal our Wool Mystery Box contents in my next post!!!  For those of you who are wondering what you may have missed!  But no fear…If you have missed Box 1 read our next post for details.PrimitiveGatherings_29

Not so Happy News…

Our Star & Stripe Gatherings Pre cuts have been delayed until 2/20…then we will need a few days to get them in and out to you along with the rest of your order if this is what is holding up your order…this will be the last thing we are still waiting on from the 12 Days, but we all knew they weren’t coming in til Jan, so just a little longer…and as you know the shipping issues are out of anyone’s control…again…Thank you for understanding…

Our beautiful 40th Anniversary Ruby Olfa Rotary cutters are also delayed until the end of February…maybe on the same ship as S&S Gatherings



The weird weather I am sure is not helping any of this out either…lucky for us…this is only our quilting stuff and not our medicine or something we cannot go on living without!

I just wanted to keep you all posted and hopefully there will be no further delays…

Wishing you all a great week…and I just want to say HI! and Welcome to all those Indiana Quilters we I spent a bunch of days with last week…So much fun!

Stay warm and dry…Love…Lisa

5 responses to “Tuesday…Shop News…”

  1. Ginger Jackson Avatar
    Ginger Jackson

    I received the first woolbox a few days ago! Oh my, how excited I was to dig in to those treasures! I still have it close by so that I can admire it as I stitch in front of the TV! I’m sure I signed up to get the remaining boxes as the time arrives for those shipments, so looking forward to each and every one. Such a great idea, Lisa, but then yours usually are fabulous.

    Thks again for keeping me busy and entertained.
    Ginger JACKSON, New Braunfels, Texas

  2. masonmarlene Avatar

    Thanks for the updates. You are so good about communicating and keeping us up to date on the status of things. Very much appreciated by me and probably all your stitching friends.

    I’m looking forward to the next Mystery Box. It was like Christmas getting the first one. Many thanks Lisa. You and the crew do so much for the quilting community. We love it – you can continue spoiling us!!!!

  3. Jakey Avatar

    Hi LIsa, I’m looking forward to trying the Bosal Splendid Web, and I agree the weather has been crazy! Thanks for coming up with the Mystery Box… so often we forget to treat ourselves. Although, not sayin I do, lol. Also, thank you and Dru for the lovely pics at Road to CA with my friends. I was tickled to get them and it made my day, as I so wished to be there with them. Hugs, Jakey

  4. Joanne Avatar

    Thank you thank you for the update on Stars and Stripes! Can’t wait to get it. Waiting patiently 🙂

  5. Judyk Avatar

    Whenever my order comes it will be a treat, I knew when I ordered it would be delayed, and I have been so busy I haven’t had time to fret about it. Thanks for all you do. Hopefully this year will find you all healthy.

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