Wool Subscription Box #1 Reveal…


I wish to THANK all of you who participated in our first ever box!!!!

It was because we have lots of them that we were able to fill that box with lots of wooly goodness!!!  Now those of you who have not ordered this box…at the end I will discuss your options…

We will try and theme our boxes each time…Box #1 Theme…White Winter Pine…I will note when EACH box coming 2-7 will contain something similar.

Each box will contain one main project…in Box #1 it is…

  1. Forrest FriendsPrimitiveGatherings_01
  2.  Each box will contain Something Wooly this one contains a special charm pack of 10 currated wools, both hand dyed and textured.

PrimitiveGatherings_193. Ruler Box

PrimitiveGatherings_034.  Each box will contain a pincushion kit that will fit in the ruler box…so you can switch them out.  This pattern has every monogram for you to make more pincushions…after all you have a bunch of wool charms!!!PrimitiveGatherings_11

5.  Valdani Ball…and a needle…a color used in one of the projects in the box.



6.  Hand made Pins from… Just Another Button Co.PrimitiveGatherings_07

9 & 10. An ON-GOING Wool Applique Project called “Everlasting”.  the number of blocks will vary in each box going forward until I think we have enough for a great quilt.PrimitiveGatherings_13PrimitiveGatherings_1211.  Each block will contain a Recipe Card.


Note: The Target store has this galvanized recipe card holder that will nicely hold all your cards.

12.  This box contained a cookie cutter to go along with the recipe…this droopy tree is so cute!PrimitiveGatherings_2013. Each block will contain a Stitch Card…We are working on the ring/clip to keep them together along with a front and a back cover for our Stitch Cards.  These will come in Box #2IMG_0635IMG_0634

14. Last.. but not least…Hand made Carmels from our famous candy store…VandeWalles Cakes & Candies in Appleton, WIPrimitiveGatherings_14and our box is going to make an amazing storage container….It  turned out so amazing we are so proud of that box!!!  It is valued at $102.00, not counting the box!

Now those of you who received BOX #1 make sure you go and sign up if you wish to continue…you only have to sign up once…and you are in til box 7 and then if you wish to opt out you can, but you have to call and cancel.  If you do nothing they keep coming.  Click HERE.  Boxes will be charged on the 15th of March and then every other month on the 15th.  If your card is successfully processed we will ship them out right away.  They will be $66..or $72 if you get a protective box and this includes the shipping.

If you did not get BOX #1 and you wish to…you need to call the shop and order one.  920-722-7233.  

If you sign up for our subscription on our website it will start with BOX #2.

If you do not wish to have BOX #1 but want the ruler box and the two quilt blocks you can purchase them at full retail prices.  We will notify you when you can order them.

We will have a Facebook Group…PG Wool Box…we are going to accept the members in soon…we need to make sure everyone who asks to join IS really a subscriber…and that takes a little time…So please do not worry if we do not get to that right away!!!

These projects will not be available til 2020 for the public.  And…. I can’t wait for you to see what coming up…especially BOX #3…another ON-Going project…


If you have any questions…I will be checking the comment section here…ask away!

Thank you all for the great comments about the BOX #1…It sure was nice to hear!!!

Lisa & the Staff of Primitive Gatherings

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

66 thoughts on “Wool Subscription Box #1 Reveal…

  1. I received my first box and love it! Not only do I like everything in the box, but the box itself is so special. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. I would love to sign up but do not have Facebook. Do I have a different option? Your designs and creations are always so beautiful.

  3. Loved the mystery box. It was as if everything were selected with me in mind. Very special. Glad I signed up. My first box was sitting on the table, my adult son was over and he said, “Oh, is that a mystery box?”. Even he knew what it was!

  4. I just love the first box and it arrived just in time for me to stitch everything in it during our cold snap we just had. I can’t wait for the Box 2. Thank you so very much for a wonderful box of goodies.

  5. Maybe I missed it…I asked previously about shipping to Canada but didn’t see a response?
    Looks awesome!

  6. What is the procedure and are tehre hoops to jump through for Canadians who would love to be part of this?

  7. Loved my box, such a lovely post-Christmas treat when it arrived during one of several recent storms! I’m not aware of the Glad Press and Seal technique… do you have it described on your blog anywhere..?.. pretty new to wool. The box itself, so pretty! It’s wirth the extra $ to have it protected from shipping damage. Glad you stayed up nights dreaming up this entire project. Need to sign up for 2-7!

  8. I like looking forward to the next box, knowing it will be as good or better, than the 1st box. It’s like having Christmas every other month all year!! Thanks PG – Hugs to all.

  9. Loved my wool box, so glad I ordered it. Lots of fun receiving surprises. Looking forward to the future boxes. Thanks so much.
    p.s. loved the Carmels.

  10. Enjoyed #1, and looking forward to all the next ones! The caramels were delicious, but the wool and projects were even better! The box is adorable…will the boxes all be the same?

  11. Was the ruler box in box #1 or coming in a future box? I loved box 1 and signed up for more but didn’t get the ruler box. If that was a mistake I really need one. So glad I took a chance on the first box. I knew it would be good like everything from PG!

  12. Kuddos to you and your staff, for such a wonderful idea! A nice variety of goodies to look forward to every other month! Can’t wait for the next one!💕 The carmels were divine😋

  13. Lisa and PG staff, I love my wool subscription box!! I loved everything inside! I truly feel as if I’m spoiling myself!! I had my box shipped to my office so that I could show my other quilting/woolie friends, secretly hoping they will join in the fun!! When I went home clutching the box to my chest with love, my boyfriend even was interested to see what treasures I had inside. HA! Even he thought they were all awesome!! Job well done all!!! WE ALL THANK YOU! p.s. the “wool box” is such a high quality box that I will be using it for projects.

  14. Received box 1 and paid extra 6.00 do not want to do that but these boxes will not fit in mailbox and my carrier just props it outside the mailbox. Can they be sealed or put in plastic so the stuff will not get wet?

  15. I would like to receive Box 1 and can not call the shop. We are currently in Cancun & do not return to Missouri until late next week. Obviously I receive email, so can communicate by email. I am like a previous lady on the post, I am not on Facebook.
    Thanks for considering my request to purchase box 1.
    I am going to the store’s website now and enrolling in the program for Box 2 and future Boxes.
    Joy Powers

  16. The quilt blocks … are those on a cotton background or on wool? From the pics I can’t be certain but they look like wool. Thanks! Cute box!

  17. I signed up for Box 1 & was thrilled with what I got. The boxes themselves, as Lisa said, are amazing. I am already signed up for the remaining boxes & can’t wait to get them. Christmas throughout the year!! To me, from me, love me!

  18. I love my box and can’t wait for the next one! I signed up yesterday but I got a “fatal error” when trying to pay. My debit card can’t be that hot….LOL! Hopefully that gets worked out. I let the shop know.

  19. Love , love my wool box! I signed up for the remaining boxes Before I received my first one! I knew they would be great because Lisa puts her all in to everything she does. Thank you LIsa! I always open my packages from Pg and feel good…that’s what it’s all about.

  20. I love my box. I subscribed and cannot wait to receive my 2nd box and boxes in the future. Great easy projects that will only take one or two movies to complete. The caramels!!! Delicious! Thank you for all of the thought you put into these boxes.

  21. I am trying to sign up and am having trouble with the checkout. I am stuck on step 3 . It wont let me go further. Is every wool crazy quilter trying to shop right now and overloading your site? Bad for me but great for you 🙂 I will keep trying though cause the boxes look amazing!!!

  22. Thank you so much, Lisa and staff, for all the work you put into these boxes!! Love, love, love my wool box and I am very excited to see what will be coming in the future!!

  23. Recieved my first box and love it!!! Signed up for second. I do not go on Facebook as my account was hacked, is there any other way to follow along?

  24. Received Box #1 – so great and so happy when it arrived….Thank you for all you do for us !!!!
    I am signed on for Box #2 and on and on and on….and will sign up for the club page with available….Thanks so much…. love Primitive Gatherings…

  25. I am just starting out doing wool applique and not sure I am ready for the boxes. Is there a way to get the stitch cards mentioned to help me remember the stitches Lisa taught me in class.

  26. Where on this post does it list the price for these boxes?
    Do I need to call your shop?
    I just love your designs!!

  27. I’ve ordered lots of things from y’all before, but this is the “bestest” gift I’ve given myself!!! I loved this box of goodies & can’t wait for the next one!!!! Y’all have outdone yourself this time. Talented ladies:-)

  28. I second all the comments here. Wool Box #1 was amazing. Loved everything about it. I’m all signed up for boxes 2-7 and although I rarely look at my Facebook page, I will be checking in regularly to see what fun things develop on the PB Wool Box group. I hope this is a wonderfully successful endeavor for you.

  29. I had a particularly rough day at work and when I went to check the mail – I got this absolutely amazing mystery box. As soon as I got home and took care of the furbabies I opened my box. OH MY! Everything was wonderful – there were so many different items. I am new to wool and learning as I go. Can’t wait for the next box. Thanks so much Lisa for putting such a fantastic mystery box together.

  30. I may be a little late, but I called the store yesterday and ordered box #1 and subscribed to the boxes forth coming. Holidays were crazy here in Ventura county, CA the last two holidays so a lot of things have slipped through the cracks. But I think I am getting a grip on things. These boxes will cheer me up. I have needed a good reason to get back on track to my stitching.

  31. I LOVE this box! I somehow missed this when it was offered? I would like to get the January box, but when I call the phone number there is no answer. Maybe the store is closed due to weather? I do have a question, is the ruler box only in the January box?

  32. Having trouble calling store. Asking for remote access code? Can someone from store call me so I can order box #1 for my wife’s birthday. Fred @ 636-541-9580.

  33. It was so much fun going through all the wonderful projects included in wool box #1, thank you! My question is, will you post the PG Wool Box club comments on your blog as well? I’m probably the only person on the planet who is NOT on Facebook. I’m not a fan of social media but do love reading your blog. Thank you!

  34. Wondering if there are still any boxes available? Tried to call the shop but no answer – I know winter weather has been an issue. Thanks for any update!

  35. Lisa, a few ideas….have you considered a club for red and white quilts. I love your collection or what about a crazy quilt BOM using some velvets, embellishment like the old ones. Ive always wanted to make a old fashioned crazy quilt. I know you have passion for these quilts.

  36. Will the small ruler box in the Wool Box be available for separate purchase? Thanks so much!

  37. I love this wool mystery subscription box! I am looking forward to getting surprises in the mail. I got the first two boxes and then no more. Is there a mistake in my registration? or has it been discontinued? What Happened?
    Jean Smith

  38. Hi Lisa ,I am new to your Wool Box and received my First one Monday March30 2020. I am so trilled. It was tge best Birthday presrnt I gave myself(April4th). I would like to purchase the previous “Everlasting payterns as well as the 52 Week miniS and clip frame. . How msy I go about that.
    Love Love your projects and wonderful creations.
    Carrie Cameron.

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