Happy Valentines Day!!!

Whoops…this was SUPPOSED to post yesterday…but I will be posting a bunch of things today…so you may just want to keep your shopping cart open???

I LOVE you all!!! To celebrate I have stitched a valentine that will last forever!!! Year after year…If you order this kit today (which is now the 15th) the pattern is FREE!

Click HERE to order…you only need to order the kit and we will add the pattern for free today only!!! You have a choice of kits… pick light or dark kit!!! Kit is $16.

I hope you all get a big smooches from the ones you love…LB

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  1. Colleen Avatar

    Lisa… love everything about your shop and have been a loyal customer since you opened. I still shop a ton but definitely have a mini Primitive Gatherings in my sewing room! I am fully stocked! Gotta get the new generation to find you and learn. My biggest request would be more classes, preferably with you! You are the face of your operation and people want to meet you and get to know you. A class is the perfect way. How about some needle turn applique classes, embroidery classes, taking one of your new quilts and designs and turn it into a class, When I look at the events page on your website, there is hardly anything to participate in unless you belong to a monthly commitment of a club, etc. More special events and make and takes?

    Love your shop.

  2. Claire Avatar

    I have been an online Primitive Gatherings customer for many years. I love everything that I have purchased from your shop and I have to say that your attention to detail in your patterns is second to none. I have a large stockpile of projects from Primitive Gatherings including several full kits of summer blocks of the week that I have not yet had a chance to stitch. I have all of the books and tubs full of fabric that I love. When the shipping rates took a huge jump and our dollar lost about 1/3 of its value to the US dollar, it had a big effect on my online shopping. I would love to be able to purchase some of the home decor items that you have shown like the letter board but the shipping costs would be prohibitive. If I was local I would definitely be interested in those items but I will not pay more for the shipping than the item is worth. I agree that large quilts are being passed over in favour of smaller ones. Sometimes we just don’t have enough room to store them all and they are so much easier to quilt yourself, not to mention the cost of materials and time involved. I know that there is nothing that shops can do about the increase in postal rates or value of the foreign dollar so I don’t have any suggestions on that. Some shops offer patterns in PDF instant download form which eliminates the shipping costs to the customer and the printing costs to the designer but there may be other costs involved that I don’t know about so don’t know if that’s an option for you. I truly love all my purchases that I have made from you and thank you for sharing your talent and filling my closet with goodness.

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