easy like a Sunday morning….

It’s a great Sunday morning…I have my coffee…and now I am ready to FINISH!

I have just downloaded a new Audiobook to listen to…click on the book photos below to view them….I finished “Educated” recently and It was also a very good book…very different than what I normally read…I wanted to read/listen to “An Anonymous Girl “but then found a book the authors wrote previous…so I will read that one first…

thumbnailI want you to know that I listen to books while stitching for a couple of reasons… the obvious reasons to read books…always learning new things, new places, different people and their religions, cultures and how their locations affect their lives and history is so “cool”- when it something your interested in.

But… let’s face it… the main reason is when you are absorbed in a good story, the time flies, and you want to keep listening and STITCHING…and the result is…your projects get done, finished..like one less UFO!!!!! So think about listening to books…TV is hard to watch unless it is something you have seen already… you miss so much by not paying attention all the time…because you are always looking at your project…

You know the place you used to go to check out a book, the Library,..well, I guess you can also get(check out) audiobooks at your library …to go in and ask for help…if some of you know how this is exactly done…let us know in the comments…but I know some quilters/stitchers do it.  I have an Audible subscription…and I love it…because as I travel around the country I need it…but one of these days when I am home I am going to visit the Library…soon.

Click on book photos to View

and now I am going to finishing big-stitch quilting…I will post a finished quilted pic…

Also…I will be doing a tutorial/video of big stitch quilting starting from the beginning…preparing the quilt top and so on…we are piecing the quilt and getting ready!  It is from a new flannel line! Farmhouse Flannels…what for those updates!

Have a great day my friends….Lisa

PS…I love my new computer…3 years makes a difference in technology/equipment!

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

82 thoughts on “easy like a Sunday morning….

  1. I love that you listen to books while you stitch. I do the same thing but I use the Libby app on my phone to borrow audio books from the library. all you need is a library card and you get the books for 14 days for free! Happy listening and stitching!

  2. I use Overdrive Media Console to listen to audiobooks and read e-books, downloaded free from the library. Listen on your computer, Tablet, or smartphone. Best part is never running out of books or having to leave the house in the winter when one lives in the an area with snow and ice! Happy stitching and quilting!

  3. At your comment, I checked out “Educated” as a book on CD. Found myself involved with the story and couldn’t wait until the next time I was able to get out for a drive to work/home. Not for the fainthearted, but an excellent book! Thank you for getting me to get off ‘center’ and start audible ‘reading’. YES, you can get more done and enjoy it even more!

  4. Lisa, I love all these posts you are doing. Love seeing what you are into. I listen to the TV while sewing and when quilting I listen to radio. Keep the posts coming. Paula in kY

    1. Hi Lisa, beautiful quilt… I have yet to do big stitching, love the technique and can’t wait to see your video. Love the box for your tools too. I shall put the audio books on my must try list… as it is challenging to work with the tv on, even with my favorite oldies. Glad you are enjoying your Sunday! Hugs, Jakey

  5. I always listen to audiobooks when I quilt as well!! Thank you for the book suggestion you gave last time; “Where the Crawdads Sing”. Such a great read! I’m just starting the book, “The Great Alone” which is supposed to be a very similar read to WTCS. Thanks again for sharing your favorite books with us!! Happy stitching!

  6. I use both Libby and Audible and found the best way to listen is with a wireless headset. That way your machine doesn’t drown out the sound and the earbuds aren’t yanked out of your ears when you walk around the room. Loved The Great Alone, as well as Educated, and am about to start The Lost Girls of Paris.
    Happy listening, happy stitching.

    1. Just seconding the utility of wireless headphones! I have a comfy noise-canceling set. Using Libby I put my phone in my pocket and can cruise around the house/ sewing room without missing a thing!.

  7. Hi Lisa, just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying your posts and glad you decided to post more often. I love big stitch quilting and the quilt on your frame. Simple, classic, warn and cozy. Perfect for a cold winter day, or night. I watch/listen to TV when I piece at the machine. I’ve downloaded tons of books to my iPad, but actually have to read them! Have a great Sunday everyone.

  8. Hi Lisa, I can’t wait to see your big stitch video tutorial! Thank you in advance for making it! What kind of a frame are you using? Listening to audiobooks while stitching sounds like a great idea! I seldom get to read because my little Shih Tzu always climbs on top of the book.

  9. At a recent quilt retreat we enjoyed talking about listening to audible books. Several friends also listen while using longarm machines. I enjoy free Recorded Books Digital via our state library system. Local librarian helped me get set up. Great reason to get or renew your library card – save your dollars for that new flannel!

  10. Thank you for sharing the books you’re reading, I too like to listen while I’m sewing and driving. I’m listening to “Where the Crawdads Sing”, which Is a book I normally wouldn’t have chosen. It’s excellent and I’m really enjoying it, thanks.

    1. Lisa, I took your advice and downloaded an app and book on my IPAD. I was skeptical but your post was so convincing. I enjoy Kristin Hannah books so I choose her new book as my Free book. You were right!!!! I find myself staying in my sewing room longer. TV was distracting and I found myself not sewing and making mistakes and not sewing. Thank you for your wonderful suggestion! I encourage others to try it. I will still pick up a book when traveling but having options is wonderful.

  11. Love audio books for sewing! You can use overdrive app from your local library and everything is free! Easy to set up and you can Google it for instructions. I am NOT technically inclined and I figured it out so go for it!

  12. Yes use your library card!!!! While you can go to the library and physically check out an audiobook, you can go online and check out an eAudiobook and download it to your device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) You don’t have to leave the comfort of home, and you have an unlimited selection of eBooks, eAudiobooks, music at your fingertips! Go to your library url, log in with your card, and look for electronic resources. As a librarian (director for 13 libraries), I can vouch that this is a highly popular way for folks to read/listen to books today!

  13. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Makes me feel better about some of my unfinished quilts knowing you have some of those too. Enjoy your quilting and book.

  14. I have listened to 5 books over the past two weeks! Sometimes I have to stop the device if I need to read a pattern, or such, but then it’s right back on.
    I download my books exclusively from my local library or from the Seattle Public Library. Both have great selections.

  15. The Libby App allows you to electronically checkout ebooks and audible books once you have a library card from your local library. Of course your local library has to be a participant in the Libby program. The app lets you check that out. I’m deaf now so audible books do t work for me but I used to love the unabridged reading of the Outlander series and if the Brother Cadfael series of books.

  16. As former library staff person, please go visit your library; they would love to see you! Most libraries will have an audio book section and you check out just like regular books. You can also order in audio books from other libraries and pick up and return at your home library. Libraries offer “Ebook” in several different platforms (Overdrive being one) but the procedure varies with each library so check with staff for help. Libraries also have quilt books (and they can be ordered in) and many offer programing that may be of interest to quilters. Libraries are a wonderful resource that is too often underused. And don’t forget to check out their used book sales!

  17. Could you share the frame that you use for hand quilting? I’m so excited to watch your tutorials on this technique!!

  18. Haven’t read any of those . thank you. We have a bookmobile that comes to our little town, loaded books, audio books, movies etc. we can email her or order online anything we want. Most of us fill up two bags to keep her bookmobile numbers up! A Gentleman From Moscow, most recent favorite. Both book AND reader. Happy stitching . . Happy reading!

  19. I listen to audio books alllllll the time. I get them all from my local library. I use the online card catalog to reserve my books and then every Monday my hubby picks them up for me. Or if you are able you can go into the library and peruse the audios they have on shelves. The online card catalog also lets you create a list of books for future holds. They also allow you to sign up for notifications of new books being purchased by the library and favorite authors…….I could go on forever about all the library offers. But now here is a very important fact….you need a way to listen to your audio books. I like them on CD, so I have a HOTT CD player………you must get one that has a resume function….so it holds your place in the book when you stop. Most do not have a resume function. You can get them electronically downloaded as well. So many options. All the money I save on not buying audio books can be spent on quilting supplies!

  20. As long as you have a library card that’s not spired, you can most likely download and listen to books from your library. I do it thru an app called Libby. Educated is on my hold list. And that’s the issue with libraries, as opposed to Audible or Audio Books. Holds take months sometimes and you don’t have quite the control as to when things come and then you generally have 2 weeks. It works out for the most part. But I’m with you, Lisa! I love getting adsorbed in a good audiobook, while doing any type of stitching. It’s the best of both worlds, at the same time.

  21. Happy Sunday Lisa,
    I am enjoying your posts. That is a beautiful quilt you are working on-I love the fabrics and the colors are so warm and cozy. Happy stitching! Pam in Alabama

  22. Good morning Lisa,
    Looking forward to new flannels. I need a whole flannel quilt. I may even try hand big stitch quilting. Missing you 💞💞💞💞hugs

  23. I’m an audio book reader/ listener too!
    Overdrive is the library app here in NC. And it works well. Audible is an Amazon app and you have to pay for the book but there is no wait lists. I go off to ” fort stitch” and don’t return for hours. Very relaxing and educational. Moon Garden will be done on time thanks tolistening and sewing. Love this idea!

  24. I just finished an audio book – based on a true story – “Every Breath You Take” by Ann Rule. I love that you shared the 3 books you read – I’m going to get Educated as soon as I can. That really got my interest. I agree, its great to listen while you sew – time flies and the work gets done.

  25. Lisa, I am an audiobook-listening quilter too, it is the perfect way to combine the 2 things I love to do, sew and read. 99.9% of my audiobooks come from the library, here’s how to do that. I’m in south Madison Wi. but I imagine it’s similar elsewhere. First, go to your library’s website. Look for a tab called Overdrive, this will take you to free audio and ebooks. Or, access this service from your phone, the free app is called Libby, and it taps into the same online resource. I have just finished listening to Dead Wake by Erik Larson and am currently listening to Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage murders and the origin of the FBI by David Grann. Before that, Cross Justice by J. Patterson. Having Libby means you can drive and listen too! You also have the option of placing holds on popular books.I haven’t paid for an audiobook in a very long time. Happy reading!

  26. Love the big stitch quilting! Keep thinking I will try that some day…As for the library and audio books, or any books for that matter, there is an app called Overdrive. Most libraries are connected with it and it allows you to browse books, audio included as well…borrow them for two to three weeks…and read on kindle or a different reading app. Highly recommended. Most books come directly from Amazon, you can put new release books on hold…it’s a great app. You always have a complete library at your fingertips…

  27. Our library is part of the virtual library. I can check out books to my kindle and they have audio books too.

  28. I love audiobooks! They also help with cleaning chores and ironing. I download books from my library regularly. My library is now beginning to get a bigger selection.

  29. You can download the Libby app for your phone or Ipad. Libby connects with your library and you can check out regular and audiobooks. I love Libby.

  30. I love audio books and have been getting them from both my city and county library for years (lol even when they were on cassette tapes)… as mentioned by several others I now get mine thru a free app called Overdrive and Libby, you download the app (normally your library has a link to them) as long as you have a library card from a library you can download digital media (books or audible). I also listen to Podcasts, which are fantastic and you can listen to a wide range of subjects all you do is type in the podcast search engine what or whom your interested in and bam tons of things will pop up, listen and choose to follow the podcast or not…I follow my Pastor and Church that way I don’t miss anything. Now that we are traveling more it’s great to have a few things downloaded so you can just listen whenever you want…on the plane I pop in my headphones, in the car (lol don’t get me started on all the bells and whistles my new car has for being connected it makes me feel like I was driving Fred Flintstones car before) I listen thru the car radio! I love new technology where it helps my life!

  31. I use two libraries for audio books. One uses Libby, and the other has 2 different programs. Every library has choices for the programs they use. I also enjoy listening to books while I sew/quilt/craft. I have discovered many new authors. The service is normally free of charge, and I can borrow books even when I travel. It’s almost as good as chocolate.

  32. I love audio books as well. Typically i borrow books on cds because i hate the radio and listen in the car everywhere i go.

  33. It was a 30 minute drive to work & as soon as books on cd were offered at thelibrary I was listening while driving. Use to read all the time until I went thru chemo then lost the concentration. A 2 page newspaper article was too long so once again the cd books. It’s been 10 years & just recently borrowed a book from the library again. Our system is great as I said in a previous post they offer so many free classes from tots to teens to adults, from crafts, to poker or bridge to exercise or gardening. But the 1 thing you, Lisa, are going to be showing us soon is the Big Stitch video & I for 1 am looking forward to that video. Thanks. Enjoy your books.

  34. Lisa, you must make a visit to your local library to find out what downloading and streaming services they offer and they are free! Here is Wisconsin, everyone has access to Overdrive; however, I feel the Libby app is easier and faster to navigate (Libby is a new app for Overdrive). Also, my Arrowhead Library System is connected to Hoopla, which is fantastic!! And just maybe your Winnefox system may have access too. If you can find the time to visit your local library, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I’m currently watching “Why Quilts Matter” a 9-part series on the Create channel of PBS.

  35. Do you sale the baptist fan templates. Would love to purchase if you do. If not could you direct me where I could find the ones you hand quilt with. I also hand quilt. Please advise

    On Sun, Feb 17, 2019, 9:33 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog lisabongean posted: “It’s a great Sunday morning…I have my coffee…and > now I am ready to FINISH! I have just downloaded a new Audiobook to listen > to…click on the book photos below to view them….I finished “Educated” > recently and It was also a very good book…very dif” >

  36. Lisa, do you block your quilts? If so how do you do it.
    I shop at your CA store, and your hanging quilts are so straight and beautiful….
    Maybe, you could give us a tutorial someday….

  37. I drive 2 hours on Mondays and again on Thursdays to take care of grandchildren. I download my books from our county library, as well as from Audible. With the library, I go online to make my selection, check it out and download it. It’s simple. Books that aren’t available through the library, I can generally find through Audible. It’s great and makes the time go much faster.

  38. Hooray for all of this Library love. As a librarian I encourage everyone to check out your local library. I imagine most will still have audiobooks on CD, some will have Playaways (an audiobook on a portable MP3 device) and many will now be providing ebooks and eaudiobooks via a variety of platforms – download and go! I am actually spending a lot of time in my craft room and need to get some audiobooks to listen to. LOL! Beautiful quilt. What a fun way to spend a Sunday.

  39. Love the quilt you are working on. Can you give us the name of the pattern? The quilting frame you are using is really neat. What brand is it? Thank you!!

  40. I am always listening to an audiobook while sewing. I download them from the library, free and I can keep them for 2 weeks – although it never takes anywhere near that long to “read” one. I do have to hit pause if the directions in the pattern require my full attention. 🙂

  41. I’m glad you are going to do a video on big stitch quilting. I tried it and didn’t like the way it looked.

    1. Lisa, super excited for the big stitch quilting video!!! So appreciate all the helpful “how to” videos you provide us…they are priceless! Part of the many reasons I will always support you and your wonderful shop! A huge thank you!

  42. Big stitch quilting is a blast. Lisa taught me and I love it. So be sure to watch her video. It will have tricks and tips…I got the quilting frame from a girl who purchased a long arm. It was really inexpensive because it was taking up her space. Just start asking around. You will be surprised.

  43. Yes libraries check out audio-books of all kinds. Please visit your local library, It may just surprise you with all it does now.

  44. Lisa, I was an Audible subscriber for 4 years until someone told me about SCRIBD. Half the price and UNLIMITED audio books!! Not the credit system. Have already listened to 4 books this month. Check it out!

  45. Audible is the best. Kindle with whisper sync is good too. Try all the John Grishams and Maria Clark’s. Great listens!!! Oh going to miss the Rome Trip. My dad just passed away. Can’t t go on cruise now. Have a great time for me!!!

  46. Love your Sunday morning routine. Sounds like my Sunday listening to gospel hymns and crocheting baby blanketss and sipping coffee. I have been big stitching for over 20yrs in my borders on quilts. It is so effective and simple and quick. Will enjoy your tutorials. Thanks for all your ideas.

  47. Love the quilt you are working on. Where did you find the plastic fan templates you are using? I like that way the big stitches look on this quilt. You do beautiful work on every project you make.

  48. I enjoy Audible, too. I’ve listened to “The Wife Between Us”. You will like it. Thanks for your book suggestions! Try “The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell”. Happy stitching!

  49. I’m very anxious to see a tutorial/video on big stitch quilting. Thank you so much for doing one! Love the big stitch quilting on this quilt!

  50. So excited to see the big stitch video. Love all your “how to ” videos…they are priceless! Appreciate your many talents and your willingness to share! That is why I support you and your wonderful shop. A huge thank you!

  51. Love the qlt. I do big stitch about 90% of the time. Easier on my hands and so fast!

    I listen to books a lot. I use our local library….register, download etc.
    Libraries use Overdrive, Hoopla, and Libby software. Libby is the most
    user friendly but you might need one of the others too…depends on your
    Easy peasey but you may need to wait for the new releases just like
    checking out a book but I can always find something good while waiting.
    Happy listening!

  52. I check out audiobooks all the time from my library. You go to the website for your library. They will have a selection for books. You have to enter your library card number. You then specify audiobooks and choose all or just what’s available now. You can put books on hold if they are already checked out. They will notify you by email when the book becomes available.

  53. Beautiful quilt love the colors in the new fabrics. FYI Goodwill, Salvation Army, & Resale Book Shops also carry audiobooks.

  54. Lisa, how many balls of Valdani perle cotton would you use when quilting a quilt using the big stitch? Do you have a preferred batting?

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