Getting Ready for Rome…but also Quilting Cruise in 2020!

Let’s go!!! We are currently heavily participating in Winter here…(Nick just caught a Northern Pike through the ice in front of the house…first “ice fishing” fish he has ever caught here) I can’t stop thinking about being somewhere warm…So I can’t think of a better time to start getting ready for our Miami to Rome Cruise next month…For the 60 stitchers plus lots of Hubbies I have a few quick items to think about…Did you order your electrical converters for Italy? Click the photos below to add one to your Amazon shopping cart…and Luggage Tag Protectors…Here is what I have coming…

I also went on to Royal Caribbean and booked some fun stuff for the 14 days we will be float’in the Ocean!  Things like: Mystery Dinners and Specialty restaurants and WIFI packages…I signed up the THE KEY…and don’t forget a trip to the Spa…I soooooo need a message…

This is our itinerary….not trying to rub anything in here for those of you not attending…really…but keep reading…


Cruise Ports Image 2019.jpg

IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MIAMI TO ROME…We have another opportunity next year September 2020 …so lots of time to save for it!  We were planning 2 cruises in 2020 Southern Caribbean and Hawaii… but we lost our great rate for the Southern Caribbean one so we are now down to only the Hawaiian cruise in 2020 we only have 30 days to fill our reserved cabin they could up our rate for our remaining unsold cabins… the rates are so great that the big travel companies are grabbing them all up….we are little over half full as of today…Call or email Gloria…she would love to sign you up!  Call a girlfriend or drag your Honey along…it will be so memorable, or if you are a single…we can pair you with another single.

Hope your Sunday went well…Now next up on my list…Wool Box pincushion and Everlasting blocks, pillow and wool mat…Did I just give you a clue of what some of the projects are for our March Box!!!!  The crew needs to start kitting while I am in Nashville.

Thank you to all of you who have already signed up for the Subscription…click if you are interested.IMG_1162

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11 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Rome…but also Quilting Cruise in 2020!

  1. I drive alot for work so I listen to audiobooks all the time. Audible is reasonably priced for their monthly subscription and if you are an Amazon Prime member, there are some reasonable options for audiobooks, but the library is FREE! You can “check out” an audiobook from the library, download it onto your phone and listen as you drive, stitch, clean the house, take your afternoon walk, whatever.
    If you go online to your local library site it will walk you thru the process – super easy! All you need is a library card – they’re FREE too!
    Lisa is so right, I listen all the time – it’s a great way to get my “reading” in!

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a great trip! Hope to catch you in Nashville. Weather won’t be as cold but it will rain some.

  3. Hi There, signed up for the wool subscription box just this weekend, after receiving Box 1 a few weeks back. Info on the private group … can you repeat for those of us who are late decision makers? Sorry to ask…

  4. Is it too late to purchase box #1 and sign up for the subscription? AND , I get terribly sea sick, any trips on land ????

  5. Is it too late to purchase wool box #1 and sign up for a subscription. I get terribly sea sick, any chance there will be any land trips ? These events sound marvelous.

  6. Lisa! I’m so excited! I’m going on the cruise!!! It’s pretty much all I can think about! Also I got the first wooll box, and I want to continue! Can you tell me will it come before March 26?? We’re leaving early on the 27th. I’m not sure what it meant by shipping after your billing cycle.
    Thanks, Lori G

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