April is on its way…

Tomorrow…actually, I am not big on the April fools thing so I decided not to compete with all that and post today with my April Pillow and Quilt combo…I hope you love seeing some of my antique quilts on the bed in these posts…as I love using them to decorate…These quilts being made all those years ago…and us in this modern world still loving and appreciating them…my heart is full when I am admiring and appreciating this person’s work…created with her hands and with all the love they put into their work…PGApril LB
How about this purple and white quilt?  Bet you didn’t think that was going to happen! But this quilt is in perfect condition and expertly quilted, easily pieced/re-designed with our HST papers…LB PG april
Hopefully these pics show this exceptional workmanship…
Now for my part…designing a pillow to coordinate…This pillow was easy enough…purple quilt…what purple in spring? Lilacs…and you all know I love stitching those flowers in wool like geraniums, hydrangeas and now Lilacs…Here are some closer ups…Bongean AprilTo replicate the quilt Moda has the perfect Bella color to pull off the reproduction…you can see I used it in the pillow as a accent sashing…CLICK HERE to order quilt or pillow or both..

Jess is also making a more “homey-warm-versions using these two fabrics…I am almost certain these are the two fabrics, but if you want to order the dustier version they are on our website…They are the Flower Garden Gatherings line from Primitive Gatherings…If you want us to put together a kit for you using Jess’s fabrics please call or email us and we will help you out…here is a LINK to the fabric

The pattern will be for both quilt and the pillow together…
Here are all the details..
Step Into Spring Quilt
Size 84×84
Kit and Pattern: $88
Pattern Only: $12
Backing: $40 (7 yards-special pricing)
Combo Kits: $96.00  both kit for quilt and pillow
Early Bird Pillow
finished size: 14×22
Kit and Pattern: $32.00
Pattern: $12.00
Pillow Form: $12.00
Threads:  $50.00
Threads Used:
#12:  0541, 1645, 2, 0534, 01901, 0196
#8: P2, M80
#5: 0217
I also wanted to make another little banner for Easter as I have for Feb & March…PrimitiveGatherings_EasterBunny.Clipboard
So here is April…I just loved this green plaid wool and how fast this went together…I know some of you will appreciate how “colorful” this one is…
Pattern only: $9.00
Kit and Pattern: $20.00
Kit Only: $11.00
Thread kit: $44.00
Threads used:
#8: H202,  P4,  841
#12:  143, 1315, 82, 0562, 2
Size: 8 1/2″ X 11″
Click HERE for link to purchase 
Now that the business is over for the day…it’s back to cruising…I am on the Atlantic Ocean somewhere on our way to Europe…IMG_1556
Picture from my balcony pulling away from the dock…this is Miami…Ship is nicer than I thought is was going to be…you know after you been on one of the biggest…you think he others will not be as great…but I actually like that its not huge…sitting by the pool and being entertained, and getting a bit of sun…ahhh SUN!IMG_1336
My sweet tooth is getting a workout…IMG_7605
Here I am with some my “homies” waiting to get on the ship…it was fun…Hair is getting lighter….most did not recognize me…HA!…I love it! Well I have to admit…I still don’t recognize me in the mirror…IMG_1552-1
IMG_9117Did a little stitching yesterday….LOOK at Vickie’s Twighlight Garden!!!
and then…Heather made me a Jeter…replica!!!!  How thoughtful…How sweet!!!IMG_2160Speaking of Jeter…I miss him…and Nick too…they are both at home…holding down the fort, making sure it doesn’t flood with the spring melting… here is our quilt model doing his job…again.April Pillow LBall for now….

12 responses to “April is on its way…”

  1. Maggi Avatar

    Love your “blonde”! Have an amazing vacation!

    Hugs, Maggi

  2. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    I am absolutely loving these monthly quilts and pillows!!!! Best idea ever! I love your hair and I had to look twice. lol. Hope you enjoy the trip and get rested up. thanks for everything you do for us. Paula in KY

  3. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar
    Mary Andra Holmes

    Fabulous posting. Loving all of your new projects. But then, I love everything you design. 💖💖💖

  4. Janet Maly Avatar
    Janet Maly

    Thanks for sharing your life with us ! The quilting on the quilt is outstanding!

  5. Pris Phillips Avatar
    Pris Phillips

    I love that Jeter is allowed on the bed… and on the quilts!! So is Mister Gibbs at our house. Have fun cruisin! Enjoy the sun! ~pris in idaho

  6. Jan Avatar

    The quilting on the purple quilt is beautiful & to think she did it by hand. It’s nice to break away from the usuals & put a surprise pop of color in decorating. Enjoy your cruise & vacation & No Snow.

  7. Cecile Avatar

    I love the purple and white quilt! What fabric is used for the shams on the bed?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      pottery barn duvet and pillow shams

  8. Valerie Avatar

    I love the lighter hair on you Lisa! You look beautiful! Have fun!

  9. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    enjoy your emails there the nuts and love Jeter modeling too have a safe trip that’s alot of water!

  10. Cathy Clark Avatar
    Cathy Clark

    Wow Lisa, I didn’t recognize you either but I love your new look. It’s so nice for Spring. And that purple antique quilt with all that hand quilting is beautiful. How did you do those lilacs? They look so real! Do you have a video?

  11. Cecile Dyck Avatar
    Cecile Dyck

    Thank you! I appreciate your willingness to share…and so quickly!

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