Moda Block Head 2- Block 51

Hey Everyone!!!

I am praying I will not screw this up…I am in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on my way to the Azores…then Gibraltar UK, two stops in Spain- then Italy…14 days to get there…and my Block Head is posting during this time…I am sure it will post early as we are a couple of hours ahead of the US…but I’m sure at this point what’s the big deal with when it posts…

Here is block 51-Power Star


I guess 8 stars total…this is not an easy block because it has to be put together into rows…but with planning it is done quite nicely…

Click here to print your block directions.   BLOCK 51

I also want to take this time to share with you all the finishing options…there is only one block left and Corey will be sharing that next week…that is why there is that empty block…here are both color versions…

BH2-Lisa-B-Trad.jpgBH2-Lisa-B-Modern.jpgand then here is a link to the basic instructions for putting the quilt together…

I also want to let you know I have an OPTIONAL way I am going to set my blocks to make a bigger quilt…stay tuned for next week to find out what it is!!!

Hope you are stitching away…I am doing only hand stitching here…




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  1. Alycia Maurer Avatar
    Alycia Maurer

    Your block will be a challenge, but I am up for it…with the help of Corey’s coloring page! I’ve read in the FB group a lot of people want to make their quilts bigger, so your layout will be of much interest over there! Thank you for this block, all of your blocks, and two years of dedication to this program.

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