Welcome to Spring Quilt Market 2019!

I would love to share with you all what we have been working on to get to this great event!  Lots of hours late night  & weekend stitching along with overnight shipping from our fabulous machine quilters to make this all possible…

Here is the Primitive Gatherings booth…Featuring the all Quilts & Pillows from Farmhouse Gatherings...which is a beautiful flannel line of fabrics…everyone who see this line…falls deeply in love with it…especially the men.



I just want to dive in…and nap..really.IMG_2803IMG_2802IMG_2801IMG_2800

all of the above quilt and pillow kits will be going on our website soon for you to order…everything is coming…book and fabric in July….so kits will be ready shortly after.

IMG_2799Then here are the quilts from Val’s new book we are publishing for her…Fun, Friends & Fat Quarters…12 quilts from 12 Fat quarters…plus an extra bonus quilt to make 13…I will post more in detail about this book and projects in another post…

IMG_2791IMG_2790Twighlight Garden

Twighlight Garden…in all it’s glory…I will be posting soon about this summer’s block of the month…IMG_2798

then..next…my Moda designer booth featuring Urban Farmhouse Gatherings…another book with 6 quilt and 6 pillows…featuring regular cotton fabrics vintage prints and colored for todays home decorating…Coming in October...I know..that’s a long time away…


IMG_2824I am having a blast visiting and promoting our offerings but It is really quite easy this time…seeing these quilts in person just draws everyone in…this grey fabric line does not do justice with photos…but in person it is spectacular…and different…So it is really fun when they discover this is PRIMITIVE GATHERINGS.

I am having a little contest in the booth to test the designing skills of some of the QM attendees….here is the SOME of the fun from day one…more to come as I could load any more pics today…must have some kind of limit! Dumb computers…or operator error???IMG_2832IMG_2834IMG_2836IMG_2838IMG_2840IMG_2843IMG_2845IMG_2846IMG_2848IMG_2850IMG_2851IMG_2852

I am so glad you all loved the Pillow Tutorial yesterday…now you know why you will need it!  I think I can make that zipper back blind folded and with one arm tied behind my back after making ALL these pillows!!!

Thanks to all for taking time out of you day to read our posts…Lisa

39 responses to “Welcome to Spring Quilt Market 2019!”

  1. Elizabeth Lacumsky Avatar
    Elizabeth Lacumsky

    Lisa, your grey line looks awesome, can’t wait to get my hand on some. you inspire me to work on my quilts everyday. and i love the pillow tutorial can’t wait to try !!!

  2. lynn Avatar

    I love your booths. Great work. Wow. Hope you have a fantastic market.

  3. Sharon Simmons Avatar
    Sharon Simmons

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your booth with us and the pillow tutorial. Love your designs!

  4. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    Lisa you have outdone yourself. Everything is beautiful and a wonderful change of pace. I would know it was your booth from all the gray!! I have the quilt board from many years ago. Good luck with this show. Paula in KY

  5. connie wolfe Avatar

    Wonderful job. Your booth is filled with terrific eye candy.
    Connie (also in KY!)

  6. Jan Avatar

    Interesting to see how many block patterns are created in a very short time by various people who just walked by with no idea there was going to be an opportunity to create. Your space is beautiful & I can see how appealing to both the guys & the gals.

  7. Charmaine Avatar

    It’s all absolutely stunning! I love every single thing you’ve created. Now I want it all and I want to redecorate my house with all of these beautiful quilts and pillows!

  8. quiltedgarden Avatar

    Excellent displays, really draws you in. Karen J

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  9. Janet HOuge Avatar
    Janet HOuge

    Everything is Beautiful-wish I was there to see in person!!

  10. Susie Q Avatar
    Susie Q

    Where do I get the block puzzle??? My granddaughter NEEDS one of these!!!!!!

  11. Jodi Haman Avatar
    Jodi Haman

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL ❤️ can’t wait for this book to arrive! Thanks for inspiring me!!!

  12. Tana Avatar

    This is beautiful and exciting timing for me as I have two (just about) college graduates and I think this line will make wonderful gifts for them in their next chapter! Also…..super excited to see a local shop owner in your group of pictures!

  13. Katherine Avatar

    Lisa – what a fantastic job – Loving those greys – they will gpowith anything and everything – bit then, you knew that! Congrats on achieving total wonderfulness!

  14. Kandy Kuhr Avatar
    Kandy Kuhr

    Congrats Lisa… they are all so awesome… love the new modern look…

  15. Raquel Garcia Avatar
    Raquel Garcia

    Love it all! Hope my local store OC Quilt Bee gets a lot of it stock!

  16. Sandy Avatar

    Love it all!!!

  17. Barb Nelson Avatar
    Barb Nelson

    Lisa, you are awesome and flannel too. Love it.

  18. Kyra Franz Avatar

    Thank you, Lisa, for more amazing fabrics and designs! MUST we wait until October?!!!!

  19. Mah Quilter Avatar
    Mah Quilter

    Magnificent absolutely fabulous. Congratulations on another #1 collection.

  20. Melinda Rathmell Avatar
    Melinda Rathmell

    Your booth looks absolutely unique and beautiful Lisa!!!! I wish I was close enough to come visit it!! Your hard work was well worth it! GORGEOUS!!!!🖤🖤🖤

  21. Linda R Slauson Avatar
    Linda R Slauson

    Love your booth and all the neutral colors used in the quilts.

  22. Pam Avatar

    WOW I love everr bit if it!

  23. Rene Branche Avatar
    Rene Branche

    You don’t know me but……I absolutely you!! You are a very talented woman and you inspire me to be all that God has planned for me. Thank you for sharing your stories, your pictures and your talent!! I look forward to your posts to see and hear about all the things you are working on – it’s a great inspiration!! Thank you Thank you!!!

  24. Jan O'Grady Avatar
    Jan O’Grady

    Thank you for sharing your booth with us. Quilt markets have always been something I wished I could come to enjoy seeing. But not being a shop owner I could never get in. Look forward to seeing your items available to purchase

  25. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    Absolutely breathtaking! I can’t wait to see them in person and get my hands on a few of them as well! Congratulations on another successful spring market!

  26. Marsha Avatar

    I love everything in your booths! I’m excited about the new products coming soon!

  27. Beth Avatar

    I missed seeing you in Paducah……saw your hubby but now I know why. You are one busy girl! Love your booth! It looks amazing! I also love the new fabric/pattern line.

  28. Kristi Avatar

    Fabulous booths!! Wow!

  29. Janie Morris Avatar
    Janie Morris

    Love the fabric. Several wood make wonderful backgrounds for wool applique.

    On Sat, May 18, 2019 at 4:55 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “I would love to share with you all what we have been > working on to get to this great event! Lots of hours late night & weekend > stitching along with overnight shipping from our fabulous machine quilters > to make this all possible… Here is the Pri” >

  30. Jeanette Heidi Gorthy Avatar
    Jeanette Heidi Gorthy

    I absolutely love the color scheme and the sayings on the pillows are just great. That is one beautiful booth.

  31. Mary R Avatar
    Mary R

    I cannot wait to receive the book, which, I must admit, I preordered pretty much the moment it was offered. The fabrics (both flannel and straight cotton) look stunning, and they can’t arrive soon enough for me! If the book is anything like Star and Stripe Gatherings, I’ll be making pretty much every quilt and wool applique project in it… no kidding. Thanks for creating such beautiful things for people like me to make and work with.

  32. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Absolutely breath taking!! How lucky was I to get a sneak peak. Amazing!!

  33. Lorelei Stinson Avatar
    Lorelei Stinson

    Just love your booths and wish I could be there! Spectacular! I am sure you will have lots of traffic and recive lots of positive feedback.I cannot wait to see when your kits arrive.

  34. Colleen Koski Avatar
    Colleen Koski

    Love your new designs!! Will be looking for them on your website.

  35. Patricia Edens Avatar
    Patricia Edens

    I want it all! I love the simplicity!

    On Sat, May 18, 2019 at 4:56 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “I would love to share with you all what we have been > working on to get to this great event! Lots of hours late night & weekend > stitching along with overnight shipping from our fabulous machine quilters > to make this all possible… Here is the Pri” >

  36. Pat Chester Avatar
    Pat Chester

    I love the different shades of grey…so subtle and beautiful. My goal this year is to visit your shop in Butte Des Mort Wisconsin. I would love to see all your creations hanging is your shop/ In the meantime I look forward to scrutinizing your ideas on Social Media and through your magazine. Hugs

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Pat…the shop is in Menasha WI…

  37. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    A Triangle Gatherings puzzle! Love all the new stuff! So. Excited. For Val’s book!!!

  38. Mary Ruth Moran Avatar
    Mary Ruth Moran

    Lisa, I’m in the process of both redecorating my house and helping a friend redecorate hers. Independently, both of us decided that we wanted black-whites-grays to be prominent and had a good laugh over that, since our houses are quite different. Then, we saw Urban Farmhouse Gatherings and decided that you’re our fairy godmother. As soon as the collection is released and I can quilt/sew everything, our houses will be your best advertisement east of the Mississippi 😀

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