Summer blocks of the week…All versions…

I have been delaying this post because we have new website…and we are working through some issues and we appreciate all of you who are encountering them and working with us through them…and please “be kind” when calling Judy P. or any of the girls at the shop…this is not their fault and we didn’t know we would have so many bumps in the road….example…like every order that processed one day had added all international shipping on them!!!…things like this…we have noticed missing orders…which we think is all situated…but now we must work on all the missing products on our site that did not transfer over or they do one day and the next they are gone….and so on…but it will take a bit to clear though it all and believe me can’t wait till it does…our site will be fast, clean and every secure…and a better search engine!

We actually have had no issues with the BOW orders fear there…that is why I’m ready to post…also there is a link at the bottom of this post for ALL the detail of everything…I am just doing a general post.


It’s that time again…I comes fast..but I want you to know that this year’s wool blocks will be simple and easy leaving you lots of time to work on what ever one you have not finished yet!!!  I am trying to have a life this summer so I have decided to do the wool version(s) only,  Amy is going to do the pieced one…and Joanne has done the hand pieced…(Though I might have to do the pieced one as I love that antique quilt..

I am ahead of the game as I have all the blocks fused and will be working on the borders when I get back from Spring Quilt Market (which I am now)….

I have all the freebies down as well, ready to stitch…see I told you it was going to be easy…here is a peek of the freebie…it’s going to be called….”Ewe Matter”

it’s shown grey scale here…but it will have color…I don’t want to give too much away…

Wool-SBOW    This year’s theme is simple & easy…simple prep, easy to stitch as well as easy on your pocket book..aka…cash flow…Something that will not take you days to complete each block… Last years Twilight Garden was over the top and intense, and this year we wanted to go easy on you but always wanted to deliver an amazing quilt that you are going to cherish and enjoy working on, which is what this year is all about.  This quilt will finish about 55″ and there maybe a very small optional finishing kit.

Country version with the light flannel background and just blanket stitched.

Primitive Version with the dark background…with just a little embellishing added.
Primitive version with lots of embellishing added…and then the Urban version with just blanket stitch and then with the whole embellishing..

Please click HERE for the wool versions of the SBOW   For more details visit the link at the bottom of this post…

Then there is the pieced version…This is a quilt from my collection…1840-1860’s it dates from…

It’s fabulous and when I first noticed it the Summer Block of the Week came immediately to mind…There are no half square triangles to make..just lots of fabrics and lots of tiny blocks to make each week for an out of this world quilt show award winner in the pieced category…who’s up for the challenge?  Click HERE to visit the site to order…for more details go to the link at the bottom to take you to Jess’s post.

Now onto the English Paper Pieced quilt…a beautiful Hexi quilt…simple but do-able…Joanne even has it quilted…by Sue Huettl, I just asked Jess and Joanne did not even start this quilt til April… and its a beautiful set of colors she has picked out for you….I also believe if you want to set it in a different color you can…Click HERE if you want to go directly to the site to order this one.

Jessica has written all the necessary info from sizes to prices here…I did not want to duplicate it all again…but please read it…she has everything just click this link and it will bring you there.

        Thanks again for participating this year…We are going to have a blast!

Lisa & the Staff of Primitive Gatherings







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  1. My Heavens, but you are busy. These new quilts are beautiful. I look forward to your posts, seeing the beautiful works, and hearing about all of the shop happenings. Thanks

  2. Lisa,

    I could not re-register. I would like to do BOW. I followed the instructions to pretend that I forgot the password. This popped up:An email with a confirmation link has been sent your email address.

    I have never received an email. I tried several times.

    Daniela Martisovitsova

  3. Hi there! Beautiful blocks as always! When I add the urban wool BOW to the cart, it’s adding an additional prorated month. Should I be paying for 2 months at the beginning if I am signing up for monthly??

    1. Jill, once you submit your order it will take the second payment off. Because you are past the first billing cycle it is preparing for the next one, it will not charge it and the order will show the deduction when it comes thru. thank you jessica

  4. Can I still order Twilight Garden pattern? I’ve just discovered you and your beautiful quilts. WOW. Where have I been? Thanx, Karen

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