One of the quilt shop owners Congratulated me and gave this to me on Friday, opening day, of Quilt Market…American Quilt Retailer Magazine handed them out to shop owners…

I wanted to share with you all how thrilled I was to be one of the 100…I wouldn’t be still doing this after 20 years if it wasn’t for you buying all of what we do at Primitive Gatherings…So THANK YOU ALL!



I have to admit at first I was pondering being #7, but then realized it is an alphabetical list…which I would expect it would need to be!

Have a great day everyone…and I hope you get some kind recognition too for what you all do!  Remember…it may take awhile…lol

Stitch on….Lisa


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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 30 and Jake 29 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

53 thoughts on “Recognition…

  1. Congratulations, Lisa! You deserve it! You’ve worked hard and achieved a lot! I love everything you do! Just wish my bank account was a little fatter to allow me to order more! 😊

  2. Congrats, Lisa! If it weren’t alphabetical, you would be #1…at least on my list. Well deserved honor, lady! 🧵

  3. Congratulations, you deserve it. Love seeing you at quilt shows, Road to California and Paducah.

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  4. You know Lisa that 7 is God’s perfect number!! Just sayin!! 😊😊😊


    Warmly, Pris Phillips CdA, Idaho

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  5. CONGRATULATIONS LISA!!!! So well deserved. Thank you for bringing SO MUCH JOY to my life. Hugs, Jakey

  6. Congratulations! You have earned your place in the quilting world. And there are many who would disrupt alphabetical order to put you at #1!

  7. Congratulations Lisa, you have worked hard and deserve the recognition. Keep up the good work.

  8. Congratulations Lisa and team!
    They got it right. Primitive Gatherings continues to be my favorite stop at quilt shows!

  9. Very nice, Lisa. Hard work continuing through various road blocks deserves to be recognized now rather than later. Congrats

  10. Congratulations Lisa!
    I knew when I first met you that you had “it”.
    Success comes from hard work and pure talent.

  11. You deserve it, Lisa! Congratulations! You are my personal favorite on that list! All great to be sure.

  12. Congratulations and well-deserved! Glad you pointed out that it was alphabetical because I was wondering why you were #7 as well. LOL!

  13. Well deserved. Love your shop, your staff (Jessica & Judy are the 2 I have dealt with) are very friendly and helpful. Love your style too. Keep it coming.

  14. Congratulations !!!!!!!! You are amazing in every piece you create! My Best, Patti Adams

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  15. CONGRATULATIONS! No surprise! You have always run your business as a merchant and friend to all.
    Your employees seem to have the same friendliness in working with customers (on line). I have not had the pleasure as yet to visit your stores.

  16. Congratulations Lisa!! You are an inspiration! Love all you do!!! Thanks for sharing all your quilting knowledge!

  17. What a well deserved honour!! Be proud of all you have accomplished!! You, Nick, your family and your team are the best!
    Redhead xo

  18. Wow!I was impressed that you beat Barbara Brackman for #7! 🤣Congrats, well deserved😍😍😍

  19. Congratulations, Lisa! Your recognition is well-deserved! I love shopping online at Primitive Gatherings and really enjoy the wool projects!

  20. Congratulations Lisa! A lifetime commitment to your love of needle & thread for the benefit of us all!

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