Moda Block Heads-Catching up, as promised! Blocks, 30, 50, 45, 44, 49!

Time to get our Block Head quilt done!!! Here are 5 blocks from yesterday!  I bet some of you thought I was not going to finish/show these…wrong-o…I am proud FINISHER!  But I know my limits…so now that I am home for 5 weeks…this will get done before I go to Quiltstock & Restore!

Block 30…I cut the center strip the wrong size…so I am going to try and fudge this one in a bit…18″ should be no problem…


Block 44MBH44

Block 50MBH50

Block 49mbh49

Block 45MBH45

This next photo is a tile of up-coming posts!!! Look for them soon…

Anyone want my scraps from this BlockHead quilt when I am finished?  Comment and I will pick a winner!

All for now…got a lunch date with my Sister…still seams odd!  LB


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

152 thoughts on “Moda Block Heads-Catching up, as promised! Blocks, 30, 50, 45, 44, 49!

  1. I am looking forward to your finished quilt. I am always so inspired by your creations and have several of your Summer Block of the Week projects. You sure know how to feed my love of scrap quilts.

  2. I would love to have your scraps. I’m proud of you for finishing the project.

  3. LOVE love love the “Up North” pillow! That is EXACTLY what I want to do…return to Colorado from Houston!!

  4. Gray is my new favorite color – but have always loved neutrals. Would love to have your scraps! And as a side note, I used your Blockheads 2 layout for one of my colorways – turned out so nice!

  5. You are an inspiration. Thank you for being out there. If you choose me for your scraps, that would be awesome.

  6. I know your quilt will be fantastic! I love blues and would love to have your scraps!

  7. I’d love your scraps. How did you get scraps? Totally need them.
    Please pick me!

    Thank you

  8. What a silly question. I suspect everyone would like your scraps… count me in that group, too! Your blocks have been inspirational and I enjoyed the Moda Blockheads sew-along.

  9. Scraps-YES!!!! I would love to have them. I LOVE scraps and especially from other quilters. I think as quilters, we tend to buy fabric with a particular look that we each like. BUT, it would be nice to try new or different fabrics from someone else’s stash. Thank you for sharing (with whomever you pick).

  10. I love love love the colors you have used….up here in the Pacific NW Woods, I am known as the Scrap queen and make children and family charity quilts with most……I have a pile headed now to a roux who will pass them out the children and families in limbo in the border detention camps

  11. What a treat it would be to have your scraps in one of my projects from Primitive Gatherings!! Love your blocks, Lisa! Thank you for all you do to help us sew beautiful things.

  12. Your fabrics are great, so I would love your scraps! Thanks for the opportunity. What a great story about gaining a sister! So happy for you!

  13. Yea, a finish, great job! I would love to play with your scraps, you have such beautiful fabrics!

  14. I love the colors and the simplicity of the blocks! Trying to figure out how to use scraps from my quilts is challenging and fun! Your scraps would be a wonderful gift!

  15. I love those blocks! I would love to have the scraps! Thanks 🙏🏽!
    You are super fast!

  16. I would love to have the scraps! Thank you for sharing so much with us! Enjoy the time with your sister… so special!

  17. Who wouldn’t love your scraps and your talents? I would even save you the postage and drive up to Wisconsin and finally visit your store. I could stop and see my grandsons to and fro.

  18. Enjoy catching up on your Sister Time. So happy for you! I would love to be challenged by your fabric scraps.

  19. I must have had my head in the dirt but I just recently became aware of the Block Heads. After many years as a hand pieced I’m trying to learn machine work and techniques. I can’t seem to get any of the directions to printout. Help please! Thanks.

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  20. Your pallet for this quilt is wonderful. I would love to play with your scraps. Thank you for sharing your finishes and your heart touching story of your new sister. I hope you enjoy your lunch and many more over the years.

  21. Happy to hear that I’m not the only 1 who can fall behind on a project because of other obligations besides eating & sleeping. I would love some PG scraps for a project, would you like some of mine? Is there a scrap exchange group where East meets West, North meets South or we exchange counter clockwise?

  22. I would love to have your scraps. I’m making my blocks from the PG kit so your scraps would work with mine.

  23. Would love your scraps! Can’t wait to see your finished quilt from your fabrics.

  24. Love seeing your blocks and as usual I love your fabric placement. I don’t know how you get half of what you do done! You Rock! Hope you had a wonderful lunch with your sister. It’s never too late to make memories ;-D

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. I do! I do! I’m queen of scraps. I have more scraps than quilts, and I can never get enough. I take them and make up things as I go, and proudly feel like I have made several pretty quilts (and unique) by just “playing.” Pick me! Pick me! I’ll share a scrappy quilt with a charity.

  26. Wonderful to finish things!! My theme for this year – finish what I start !!!! I would love to play with your scraps. Thank you for offering them to us.

  27. Omg. I would love to share your scraps

    Please let me be the lucky one!!

    Thank you for sharing

  28. I would LOVE to have your scraps! One’s woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure. 😂

  29. Lisa, I would love any and all of your scraps. I collect everyone’s scraps at any retreat that I go to. Scraps make wonderful utility quilts that go on the tops of my furniture or lap quilts for the grands to wrap up in.


  30. The blues and grays are beautiful. I would love to make something with the scraps! I am glad you are welcoming your sister into your life.

  31. I would really appreciate your scraps. I have to cut yardage to make strings and strips for any and all my projects.

  32. I’m sewing blue scraps into quilts now! I would love to add some of your scraps to my projects. I hope you had a wonderful lunch with your sister; what a wonderful story!

  33. Who wouldn’t want blues and creams???? I would love to win!
    I always enjoy your blog posts and emails, so much to dream about doing… and sometimes, really doing! Thanks for your generous spirit!

  34. I would love love love blue and creamy white scraps! I have been working tiny lately, so scraps are perfect.
    I enjoy your blog and emails, thank you for being so generous with your time, brain, and heart!

  35. So awesome that you found a sister and she lives close enough for you to have lunch together. Sisters are awesome. Would love your scaps. Scrappy makes me happy.

  36. I can’t wait to see your quilt. I have loved the blues that you have been using and would love to add your “leftovers” to a blue scrap quilt I am planning to make in the future! Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Almost nothing better than scavenging someone else’s scraps. Your version is going to look terrific.

  38. Your blocks are always beautiful. Sure wish I had a smidgen of your talent for knowing which fabrics work best together. I would love having your scraps as inspiration!

  39. I would love your scraps! Your colors work for me! I do love your online shop and all your projects and have done many of them.

  40. love love love your blocks (and yes I’d love to have your scraps). I’ve really been concentrating on being a finisher the last couple of months now that stuff has calmed down some in my life. Oh and the upcoming posts look like some fun info too, do I detect a bit of riding? Just 35 days until I start my drive to Quiltstock… if all goes according to my plan I’ll have a mini Liz trunk show with me which will include all of last years Quiltstock projects! Yep Finished!!! Love ya, miss ya… sending super big hugs

  41. Lisa, I really enjoy seeing your blocks. Thanks for the chance to win your leftovers. I would love to have your scraps of fabric – I can make something with them. Enjoy your quilt show. Wish I could go! Happy 4th of July.

  42. Oh my!! If you seriously are offering your scraps from your Blockhead quilt I would be honored and thrilled to have them. Among about 99 other projects I am currently making mini 1 3/4” log cabin blocks. One never has enough scraps. After all, the more, the scrapier!!!

  43. Your scraps would be loved and used well here at my home! I bet I could find some fun things to sew them in from
    your Liberty Gatherings book. Thank you for sharing.

  44. OMG I would love to work with your scraps!!! Your colors and contrasts are always outstanding!!! Always like your blocks best of the designers, Thanks for the opportunity to acquire some of your wisdom for color and contrast.

  45. Great, I’m so glad to see you are getting to finish blockheads. I have been faithfully following along. Always love your fabric selections and designs. So much so I have quite a UFO PG stack. Thanks for sharing and all your instruction; truly helpful and much appreciated.

  46. I love scraps and use them in almost everything…..Love your block…Love the fabrics you chose. My next project is gonna use lots of greys and golds….

  47. Yes, yes, yes, please. I love your fabric combinations and I also love scraps. You are amazing!

  48. This scrapoholic would love your scraps! I’m also a mini lover and would love to create a mini out of those beautiful blues and grays. I knew you’d get it done.

  49. Oh my goodness; yes, yes, yes. I would love to have your scraps. Thanks. Have a great summer. Love your blog.

  50. Block 50 might be my favorite although they are all lovely. I imagine everyone reading your blog would love your scraps, including me!

  51. Oh, my goodness; yes, yes, yes. I would love to have every scrap you have. That makes it so much more fun. Great website and thanks. Hope you have a great summer.

  52. Okay, I’ll admit it. Would love to have scraps of these beautiful fabrics. By the Way, the border that you suggested at PG CA on my quilt looks so fantastic. Thank you so much for suggesting it.

  53. Cant wait to see your finished quiltop…your color choices this time of blues, grey and light are so very different…and so very pretty…love them.

  54. Your fabrics are great and I would love your scraps. I look forward to your blogs and am inspired by your creations. So happy for you about the news of gaining a sister!

  55. I would think anyone reading your blog would love your scraps! I always love to see your creativity.

  56. I am looking forward to seeing your blockheads quilt when it’s finished. Of all the blockheads quilts i’ve seen thus far, i like the color selection in yours the best. (And I would love to have your scraps). Have fun with your sister!

  57. I can’t wait to see your finished Blockheads2 quilt. It will be fantastic! And I would love to have your scraps. The more the merrier.

  58. Ow awesome of you to offer you scraps for a drawing. I would be honored to be selected.

  59. I’m a scrappy person too and would love to have your scraps. Love the blues.

  60. Your blocks are amazing, and I enjoy working with scraps, have fun with your sister.

  61. Scraps are always welcomed here, especially ones in more “male” colour ways. Thanks!

  62. Love your fabric choices for Blockheads!! I always enjoy your blogs as they really feel like a letter from a friend. Praying you have a wonderful summer!

  63. Merci Lisa pour ces nouveaux blocs. Un petit bonjour de France 🇫🇷 d’où je vous suis depuis longtemps.
    Bien sûr que j’aimerai bien gagner vos chutes, donc je tente ma 🍀 chance.
    À bientot et Bonne journee☀️😎40degres chez nous depuis une semaine.

  64. Does someone want your scraps? Yes, this one, me please! 🤗 Love the fabric and colors you’ve used and I’m excited to see the completed quilt!

  65. I’d love your scraps. I love seeing your creations they always seem to catch my attention and make me wish I had that one in my house.

  66. I have loved your color choices from the beginning. I would love to have your scraps as I have not finished the quilt either. I can incorporate your scraps into my quilt.

  67. Lisa – I would love your scraps. I have making min quilts and they work great for that Not that I don’t have your fabric, I’m saving it. Not really, I use it all the time. Nancy

  68. Hooray for going for the finish, cannot wait to see. Would absolutely love to receive the scraps!

  69. Thank you for sharing that you cut the center strip of block 30 differently! Sometimes knowing our quilt heros are human is a great encouragement! Love everything you do!

    1. I did 30 different because I already had all those 1 1/2″ triangles finished…left over from another projects…so I did not make a mistake…I recycled!!! Yay!!

  70. I would love them. I am working on scraps now from my wonderful deceased friend. They will be a special gift for each lady at our upcoming retreat of her friends. Inie

  71. Ever since I saw your fabric pull for this QAL, I’ve been dying to make one like it! I tried to get a bundle from your shop, but they were gone..:( I would be over the moon to receive your scraps! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sandy in Salt Lake

  72. You always amaze me with how much you accomplish. And yes, of course, I would love to have your scraps. Maybe a little of your talent will have rubbed off on the scraps.

  73. Just finished my Blockheads 2 using your layout, loving it! To have your scraps would be divine!!! I am sure I can make something maybe a start on Blockheads 3

  74. So happy that you and your sister have found each other. Such a heartwarming story.

  75. Are you kidding me!! I would take your scraps from any quilt!!! I love your fabric/patterns and quilts

  76. I would love those scraps for my “collection”. That’s a new term we learned from you on our tour of the warehouse. Thanks so much. Your company is an inspiration and I was impressed with your philosophy about supporting quilt shops. Thanks again.
    Candy Anderson

  77. I would love those scraps for my “collection”. That’s a new term we learned from you on our tour of the warehouse. Thanks so much. Your company is an inspiration and I was impressed with your philosophy about supporting quilt shops. Thanks again.
    Candy Anderson

  78. I started following the Moda Block Heads II, but….. well life took over! Am anxiously waiting for the book to come out! Always love the color pallet you choose. Scraps are the best because they can fit in almost anywhere.

  79. Lisa, I would love some of your scraps, but mostly, have fun with your sister!

  80. Hi Lisa, I’d loved to have your scraps from BH2. Hope you have a great lunch with your sister! Thank you for sharing your scraps.

  81. Would love your scraps! I am so happy you found your sister. My husband was adopted in 1965 as an infant. He so wants to find his biological siblings……jmh

  82. Oh, Anyone would be lucky to receive even some of your scraps….love your color choices. Thanks for the chance to win some.
    I like your plans for your blockhead block setting too. Thanks for sharing your work and all of your inspiration!

  83. Would be thrilled to get your scraps!
    Your blocks look great! Have a fun time with your sister.

  84. I love the colors in your blocks. Beautiful! And I think I would use your scraps in either a baby quilt or to make some pin cushions. Who knows, maybe both! Oh, by the way… do you have any choice in the automatic ads that appear at the end on your blog? I was looking at the tiles of upcoming posts and there was a worm or snake at the bottom, advertising “which vegetable not to buy”. Ick! Just thought I would ask.

  85. Your blocks and fabrics are beautiful and anyone would be honored to be the recipient of your scraps. 🤗

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