and the rest of the Moda Block Heads 2…blocks 34, 47 & 48- the appliqué blocks…

Good news…My quilt is done and off to the quilter..bad news…I forgot to photograph the last three appliqué blocks of Jan’s and Lauries…so… will have to see them from these shots from when Amy was stitching them together for me…

This is block 47 from Jan  

I used wool appliqués and hand stitched them using perle cottons.

IMG_4294This is block is block 34  I added a little more to Jan’s block to date and put my initials on the the quilt…IMG_4295

and then I replaced block 48 with an anchor…I could not find a closer picture but you can see it in the quilt with all the sashing near the middle top here…Amy and I had a few days of tag-teaming to get this done last week…while we were supposed to be on vacation!  Thanks Amy…you know I appreciate all you do for me…even though you do not read my blog…everyone else will know I do.IMG_4297 2

I will post a new picture and the sashing/finishing directions when Maggie is done quilting it and we bind it….I also will have our sashing fabric available to purchase if you need a small cream/blue print to go with your blocks like ours shown here.

We did our best to finish this quilt and I hope that the one person who scolded me about not finishing the blocks each week and leaving her “blowing in the wind” (her words) can now finish her’s exactly like mine or has already completed it using the examples that have been posted in the facebook group from everyone else’s blocks…I do not like disappointing anyone….I knew we would get this quilt  done but sometimes we live with too many deadlines and can only commit to what we can do at the time and that was my 6 blocks…but its all done now and I hope you all finish your quilt or are still happily stitching/plugging away on it…

Oh…I almost forgot…Jace has picked the winner of the bag of scraps/leftovers from making this quilt is…he can’t read yet, but he scrolled and landed on one and the winner is…

User Info

I have loved your color choices from the beginning. I would love to have your scraps as I have not finished the quilt either. I can incorporate your scraps into my quilt.


If this is you…please contact Amy at  and she will get them in the mail to you!IMG_4064 2.jpg

This is a huge bag…it doesn’t look like it here but….trust me…she is going to love it!

Happy Monday morning…let’s get a lot done today!   Lisa

14 responses to “and the rest of the Moda Block Heads 2…blocks 34, 47 & 48- the appliqué blocks…”

  1. Jackie Avatar

    Lisa, beautiful! You continue to inspire me!

  2. Janis Hardy Avatar

    Of all the blockheads quilts that have been posted, I like this color combination the best. I wasn’t sure about the greys (they’re not my color), but I am so glad I purchased your kit at the beginning of this adventure! What a wonderful guy-quilt this could be!

  3. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I haven’t started mine but I did print out all the patterns, saved all your blogs and with your beautiful fabric I will start it someday.

  4. Ginney Avatar

    Your quilt is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it quilted. I have a question regarding using the wools for your appliqué blocks. When you combine the wools with all the other cottons in the quilt does that mean you can’t ever wash it. I love wools but have not used them much except on items that would never be washed. Just curious.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Wool can be washed in cold water…

  5. Amy Avatar

    I read your blog 😘

  6. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    Love it! Knew I wanted to use your fabrics as soon as I saw them!
    Good work Lisa!
    A lot of work but know we appreciate you and your work❤️

  7. Karen S. Avatar
    Karen S.

    This is gorgeous! Your quilts are amazing and such good inspiration for us all!

  8. Nancy Allen Avatar
    Nancy Allen

    Lisa, what a beautiful quilt! Absolutely one of my favorites. Do you think you will ever make it into a kit, or block of the month. I wanted to follow along but life got in the way.
    You have a amazing gift, thank you for always sharing it,

  9. Sharon Ernst Avatar
    Sharon Ernst

    Lisa you are just awesome!! And what a sweetheart Amy is to help you get it put together!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Kathy Avatar

    Really like your quilt! We all seem to take on to much. Glad you got your quilt done.

  11. Janice Rampton Avatar
    Janice Rampton

    What a beautiful finish! Deadlines can be a beast and I, for one, am thrilled to let you fulfill all of your responsibilities – especially when the result is so inspiring.

  12. Pamela Avatar

    Is the pattern for the anchor available? Using your changes and fabric, love this quilt!

  13. quilter44 Avatar

    I was the winner of the wonderful bag of fabrics from Lisa’s blockheads quilt. They are absolutely gorgeous and I am thrilled to have them. Thank you Lisa, Amy and especially Jace for choosing me. I am sorry for the late reply to the blog post about the giveaway.

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