Potluck or picnic time!!!

I have a big family party coming up this weekend….We are busy planning and preparing and I thought this is the perfect time to post these as they will be in use and I don’t want to keep this all to myself any longer!!!

I am super excited to be able to share this awesome product with you!  As you all know I love to cook in my beautiful kitchen and create new soups, salads, cookies and so on…It’s summertime and this couldn’t be a better time to to show you these awesome new foil pan carriers for bringing your dish to the picnic or especially the quilter’s potluck…they come with a serving spoon and tray shelf insert for short pans as well as the large deep ones too, but I usually put ice insert under my pan in the summer…can be used for hot or cold items…and the best part…when you are ready to leave you take out the foil pan and leave it…take your carrier and off you go…no mess to clean up or another dish to wash…IMG_3663

They come in seven colors…green, orange, teal, smoke, red , navy and white….IMG_3662We have tried to show all the color decals and pans, but remember colors will vary on phones and computer screens…There are also 15 different decals to choose from….I have a  blue and white pan…and now that red one is mine as well!!!!  But that smoke/grey color is going to be my next one!  You al

Click HERE to get your pan now!  They are $25 and we are including a personalization with each pan…you can choose the type of decal and the color (red, blue, white, silver, gold and black) of the decal along with your name…remember these make very nice gifts for wedding and hostesses.  Your quilting friends will love them as well.  The red pan with the star quilt block is what we came up with for a pieced block for you awesome Quilters! IMG_3043-1

Here is mine in action…You pop off that clear lid place it under your pan and you are ready to serve…

IMG_0605Remember we have free shipping on $100 orders…so get your friends together for an order or…order 4 of them for your self!!!  Please share this with your non quilting friends as well!

We do not know what the demand will be so please be sure to give us 2 weeks to ship your order just  in case we are swamped with orders and have to order more pans and also time to do the personalization on the pans…



13 responses to “Potluck or picnic time!!!”

  1. anita fitzsimmons Avatar
    anita fitzsimmons

    I’ll have a serving of your salad. Looks delicious!! We’ve had our big picnic !! Good to get together with family

  2. Terry Green Avatar
    Terry Green

    Would love the recipe of your salad!! Want to order but don’t see how to have it personalized

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You put the colors and personalization in the comment section… when you look on the website link I provided it says so in that description

  3. Shelly Avatar

    Lisa, could you please share your pasta recipe? Looks delicious!

  4. Karen W Avatar
    Karen W

    What a great great idea!!! 🤩

  5. Kathy Avatar

    Wow your pans look nice. Hope to put a order soon! Thanks for sharing this great product.

  6. Jane Avatar


  7. Joan Avatar

    Looks great! Is it easy to find replacement aluminum pans to fit in the carrier?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      any grocery store

  8. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    Are the carriers made of a hard plastic? I love the idea of having something sturdy to carry the foil pan in, as well as the ability to leave the pan and take the carrier home. Love the decals and that they can be personalized!

    1. lisabongean Avatar


      1. see mary quilt Avatar
        see mary quilt

        Thanks! Very picnic friendly.

  9. quiltfru Avatar

    Instead of using a foil insert, there could be a reusable plastic insert. placed on top of the carrier. You could still put your ice underneath etc. That would be a lot more ecologic and doesn’t produce waste. Besides, your salad looks delicious.

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