summer fun…

It’s time to post some pictures of family fun…the 4th of July week and this last weekend have been my scheduled vacation since January…I love summer…I love the heat…the summer nights especially the sunsets on Anchor Point…for those of you who are new here we named our home we build 3 years ago Anchor Point.  I have not been able to spend lots of time here so when I get 5 weeks home…I truly try to make the best of it…

I love the wild life of living on the lake…there is always something to watch…

IMG_3215 2

We live near an old railroad bed that has been converted into a recreational trail…Jake and Lauren and the boys joined Jeter and I for a midmorning walk…


IMG_5692 2

Baby O is 7 months old and is finally somewhat liking people other than Mama…so it was nice to spend some quality time with him as well…He is a happy baby…and his Papa loves to make him smile as much as he can.


Mimi (that’s me) tried to get a photo of the two of them together…not an easy task..


I try to keep Jace busy with activities…so I am alway looking for something different…these were sidewalk paints…they were different but didn’t go very far…they ran out of chalk paint way to soon…IMG_4086

We also visited out old neighbors and what had once been adult only parties has now turned into very kid friendly…Jace had a ball on their water slide, we need to up our game in that department.  Our slip & slide I bought was pretty lame….Larry & Diane had a regular playground of things to do for our combined 4 grandchildren along with a house full of food.  It was nice to see them and our old house…(shown here in the background)


The kids couldn’t wait for the fireworks…but the weather did not hold up for us…we shot a few of leftover fireworks we had found from last year…and then watched them over the lake instead of being in Winneconne on the water.   I didn’t realize how close and good you could see them from the house because we are always there…but we knew we were going to see them on Saturday so it was not too disappointing…


Lauren was all prepared for Baby O…to watch the fireworks…see next photo.


Here are some pic of our fireworks on Saturday when Scott & Jody invited us to Royal Vista for fireworks…Nick & I took the motorcycle there for an evening ride which was a nice bonus as well.


Baby O slept through them all….IMG_4238

Waiting to see the show…


Little Man and his Daddy…..Jake is such a good Dad…even when Little Man is a handful…he gets tired and cranky sometimes…but Jake has lots of patience…more than Papa for sure…

IMG_4262 3IMG_3675IMG_6082IMG_0216 3

We sat on a beach with a ton of others but it was really awesome!


Then it was time to get ready for our weekend for my family to come and stay…I put the finishing touches on the cleaning of our converted boathouse for my brother Brad & Tina and the boys to stay in…It was nice to see it all cleaned up instead of a storage spot for all the “stuff” we have.  I don’t remember scrubbing a floor on my hand and knees to be such a chore…but the results were worth the effort…I do not think I showed the boat house before so I included some pics here…



The Thursday before everyone arrived was just amazingly beautiful, the work and prepping all done…hoping for great weekend weather as well…


imageI gave mugs as a keepsake for all who came and shared the weekend with us.  White for girls navy for boys…


Papa blew up all the floating creatures and Jace had to try one out right away on Friday!


Romey…loves the water and is waiting his turn to jump in!


My niece Kaity spent lots of time in the water with the kids….Jace and  (niece) Addie…IMG_5491.JPG

A content Baby…not missing a thing…


Tina (who is the Master wool- dyer for PG) and her son Tyler and Rudy (the Corgie) playing cornhole…


GG…Great Grandma…taking a nap on the Crock-agator…IMG_4405

Jake made wood fish for everyone to paint…I can’t wait to show you what I am going to do with them….


Saturday was boat ride day on Lake Winneconne/ Lake Poygan…Baby O slept through the whole thing…again.


GG with Little Man…blowing bubblesIMG_4427 2

We all helped with the chores…Brad…grilling the corn.

imageLittle man eating the corn… of my favorite things is photographing this little man…


can you tell?  Jace painted lots of fish…IMG_4408 2


IMG_4431 2

and night-time poker…which I won $7 in case you were wondering…IMG_4433

Ok…I love to photograph Baby O as well!!!


Jace and Papa fishing…sorry Papa…but look I got your new tattoo!

IMG_4442IMG_4444 2

There was lots of food and treats…


GG and Baby O..(Owen if I didn’t mention that yet…but he is finally enjoying being held by someone other than his Mama…


GG-and both her boys…


Some of the floating critters…on the last day.


IMG_4462Slow down Sunday as I like to call it…my sister Lisa came with her daughter Jenni…for a visit and some sun…


As you can see Jace welcomed her right into the family with an octopus tentacle hug!

IMG_4465I had a great time…it went very well…my only regret??? I missed some photos ..I missed a group shot…but everyone was not here for all of it or at the same time…I missed a photo of the 5 dogs that were here…keeping Nick on his dog, Romey..had to go stay the weekend with he, the littlest one…does not always like lots of dog company.  We had 16 people guests total…and a lot of fun!

Thanks for a great time for those who came…I guess there is no reason not to do it again next year!

As for my quilting friends…this is a look into why I work so hard…so I can enjoy what we have with my family and friends…hope you loved seeing more of Baby O…all for now…

I need to get back to my work!  The summer weeks fly by so fast!  Lisa

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  1. Kathy Avatar

    Can you please adopt us quilters? The boat house looks amazing. Are you taking reservations for a retreat?😂. Beautiful family time.

  2. Joan Avatar

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! ❤️

  3. Pame Blasy Avatar
    Pame Blasy

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Family time is so important for our souls! Life is so short so we need to enjoy these times.

  4. Linda Munn Avatar
    Linda Munn

    Thank you for sharing all the fun.

  5. Ann Weaver Avatar
    Ann Weaver

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I was wondering about the quilt hanging behind the poker game,

    On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 7:38 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “It’s time to post some pictures of family fun…the > 4th of July week and this last weekend have been my scheduled vacation > since January…I love summer…I love the heat…the summer nights > especially the sunsets on Anchor Point…for those of you who ar” >

  6. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    Thanks for sharing. I could live in that boathouse and be content. Just saying. Looks like you created wonderful summer memories for everyone.

  7. Robin Avatar

    Thanks for sharing all your pictures. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! You have such a beautiful place to host family gatherings. The boat house is so cool. The boys are growing up so fast. I know it’s a lot of work hosting a big crowd but it’s good to see you having some down time and enjoying your family.

  8. Sally Matoushek Avatar
    Sally Matoushek

    Growing up in Wisconsin, this brings back lots of memories. My folks had a cottage in Waupaca for a few years and we had some great 4th of July parties. Enjoy every moment Lisa! And your boat house is so sweet. I’ll be seeing you at Quiltstock 🙂

  9. Roxie Avatar

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful family event. Baby O is just as adorable as his brother. Family time is such a precious gift. Bless you for making it happen

  10. Donna Huckabee Avatar
    Donna Huckabee

    So FUN!! Loved seeing everyone so happy. And, those hydrangeas in the background and people wearing hoodies and quilts after sundown—never see that here in Texas. Keep making fun memories!

  11. Phyllis Avatar

    Such wonderful pictures and so many of them! Thank you for sharing, it is great to see you living life to the fullest, warms my heart.

  12. Debbie Coverdale Avatar
    Debbie Coverdale

    Thanks for sharing your family photos.  Not sure what I love more, the kids pictures or the quilts.   Debbie CoverdaleDelaware

  13. Bonita Zobl Avatar
    Bonita Zobl

    Such wonderful fun filledfamily photos…its so heartwarming to see such joy and love in a family! I truly love it.
    *is it a typo…or is your sister named Lisa also??

  14. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    Making great memories! These are the things the kids will talk about long after we are gone. Beautiful photos and a beautiful family. You deserve the best Lisa because that’s what you share with all of us every day. My quilts ( and a few rugs) from your fabrics and patterns bring my own great memories of road trips to Primitive Gatherings from here in northern MN. You are a blessing to so many. Always look forward to your posts. Also, I love the light fixtures above the island in the boathouse! Fabulous!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I know are they the best!!!

  15. Pat Chester Avatar
    Pat Chester

    Family and friend memories are our most valuable assets. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    Love that boathouse and everything you do. You deserve everything you have and time to enjoy it I know you work your butt off and this is such wonderful times to give you happiness. Your hair looks natural in the pics and it looks really good. Have a wonderful remaining summer. Paula in KY

  17. Mary Hager Avatar
    Mary Hager

    Lisa, thank you for sharing your photos! Your grandsons are beautiful little guys…can’t believe how big “little man” has gotten and how much Baby O looks like his big brother! Love your home and the boat house. Family time is precious. Again, thanks for sharing with all of us.

  18. Karen S. Avatar
    Karen S.

    You have such a big, generous, loving heart, Lisa! So happy to see all the fun you have with your family.

  19. ourlittleredhouseblog Avatar

    What a beautiful day, thanks for sharing. The children are so adorable. I love that idea of painting wooden fish. Looks like the whole family got involved.

  20. Sharon Zabransky Avatar
    Sharon Zabransky

    Thanks for sharing your summer times with us! You are quite the hostess! I can’t believe how big Jace has gotten. Baby O will be a good buddy for him! 💙💙

  21. Tracy Petrykowski Avatar

    Lisa, thank you for sharing all of your beautiful photos and family memories with all of us. You are truly blessed with two beautiful Grandsons <3 Your Mom looks really great! The boathouse is adorable, you have a wonderful knack for decorating and making everyone feel welcome. Looks like everybody had a great time at Anchor Point.

  22. Linda Avatar

    What a wonderful post! I love seeing your family….especially Little Man and Baby O!

  23. Kathy R Avatar
    Kathy R

    Looks like a lot of family fun. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Wendy L Avatar
    Wendy L

    Wonderful family times, your a wonderful host Lisa.

  25. Sharon Whelan Avatar
    Sharon Whelan

    So much fun! Thank you for sharing your outstanding photos with us, Lisa.

    On Mon, Jul 15, 2019, 4:43 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “It’s time to post some pictures of family fun…the > 4th of July week and this last weekend have been my scheduled vacation > since January…I love summer…I love the heat…the summer nights > especially the sunsets on Anchor Point…for those of you who ar” >

  26. Valerie Avatar

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  27. suejean1 Avatar

    Beautiful family Lisa! Your grandsons are adorable. So happy you were able to have some down time and enjoy your family after all your hard work.

  28. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Looks like a great time was had by all! You home and boat house are beautiful. Baby O looks just like Jace when he was a baby. Glad you took time to enjoy your family.

  29. lovesiamese Avatar

    Love seeing all your pictures !


  30. shirleymurch Avatar

    So happy you had such a great time with your family! Love all the pictures
    We spent 5 days With family and friends at Newport Beach in our RVs. Only a few miles from home, but lots of fun.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Love it Mama Shirley!!!!

  31. Angie Greenwalt Avatar
    Angie Greenwalt

    What is the quilt pattern that is red white and blue that is shown behind your grandkids. I love that and the grandkids are cute too!

    On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 6:35 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “It’s time to post some pictures of family fun…the > 4th of July week and this last weekend have been my scheduled vacation > since January…I love summer…I love the heat…the summer nights > especially the sunsets on Anchor Point…for those of you who ar” >

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It is my quilt from Moda Blocks Book

  32. Linda Crumpton Avatar
    Linda Crumpton

    Mimi, Baby O and brother are growing up to fast. Family time is the best. Have a blessed summer.

  33. Rose Bullen Avatar
    Rose Bullen

    Looks like a great time was had by all! Little man and baby O are adorable. It is such fun to watch the little characters in life grow….and of course the setting is perfect.

    On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 7:36 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “It’s time to post some pictures of family fun…the > 4th of July week and this last weekend have been my scheduled vacation > since January…I love summer…I love the heat…the summer nights > especially the sunsets on Anchor Point…for those of you who ar” >

  34. Kathy Lupia Avatar
    Kathy Lupia

    Those are wonderful photos. You have a beautiful family and it looks like so much fun.
    thank you for sharing.

  35. Vicky Iannucci Avatar

    Lisa these pictures were so wonderful my heart knowing how hard you and Nick both work on the business you have been so successful today. Having your beautiful new family with you after so many years of being a part. The grandchildren or of course the cutest ever he got great shots will bring you memories the rest of your life I love you sweet girl. And I’m so very proud of you.

  36. Cindy B Avatar
    Cindy B

    Thank you for sharing. Amazing that quilters are also great hostess’s. It’s so fun to pull things together – whether it be fabric or family.

  37. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    Thanks for sharing! Love seeing the photos of family. The boathouse looks terrific! Great space for overnite guests. Enjoy your vacation time! Well-deserved!

  38. joannerod51 Avatar

    The pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Michele Erker Avatar
    Michele Erker

    LOVE the family photos and glad that you’re getting that time together!
    What is the RWB quilt behind the two boys?!

  40. Cathy C Avatar
    Cathy C

    I so enjoyed your family photos. Thanks for sharing. Baby Owen is a stitch! So adorable, I love the photo with the headphones on. And wow, lil’man is getting big! Thanks again for sharing Lisa.

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