Jacksonville Retreat Projects!

I know some of you are “on the fence” and are waiting to see what NEW projects I have designed for our Jacksonville Florida retreat…and…here they are…The projects are not available to the public yet…so be patient until after the retreat, I will post when they are ready.

Fall is coming…so I thought I would design a set of three 5″ wool mats to be featured on this hand made wood clipboard stand made at Primitive Gatherings…YES…you get the stand  in your kit too!


This big 22″ wool mat is never out of season… I wanted to come up with a new mat shape and here it is!  The hydrangea wool is a new wool color as well!


Have you any wool?  This framed (or pillow) sheep is carrying his wool to be made into fabric for us to stitch!  Frame is not included but can be ordered ahead for 42$, black or cream.

PrimitiveGatherings_HaveEweAnyWoolSo these are the 3 main projects for our week long escape in a beautiful brand new Jacksonville hotel…Sept. 8-14th 2019

I will have your supply sheets ready when I return home August 12, for those of you who are signed up already!

So… if you want to join us…The super awesome ladies from Olde Green Cupboard handle all the details for this event.  Click HERE for all the details

I am nursing a sore neck…too much hand stitching…but it’s time to pack for QuiltStock and RESTore…my plane leaves super early tomorrow!

I hope you can come and stitch with us in Florida…we have a fun week planned.


3 responses to “Jacksonville Retreat Projects!”

  1. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I just love it all. I wish I could join you in Jacksonville. Fun times for sure.

  2. GlendaMcneil Avatar

    Love love love that sheep. Hope he is still around for the California retreat. Counting the days!

  3. Caryl Brix Avatar
    Caryl Brix

    Your wool work is all beautiful ! I am wondering about a past project…triangle gatherings. I think I missed the finale of possible ways to put those 90-some blocks together. Was there going to be a book or were possible settings posted on Instagram? I would love to see some possibilities as I have a set of blue blocks and a set of red blocks all ready to use! Thanks so much!!!!

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