My latest obsession?

This might surprise you a bit…but then again maybe not…As you know I have this beautiful kitchen and that makes be want everything in it to be awesome as well…

anchor point kitchen

image_d6f97f41-cb53-4818-8ac2-11fd25eac33f.img_5641so here it is….

I am obsessed  with Pyrex!

Not only because it is better/healthier way for storing your food than in plastic, it’s also so pretty!  I have included quick  links to go to Pyrex if you wish to purchase some of these as well…I do not make any money from pyrex…I just love it their product…Maybe  they will send me some to give away?

Here is some eye candy…and the first two are my current favorites!IMG_3325

Really…they are killing me with these new ones! Click HERE


and then look at the patterns…are these kinda quilty or am I the only one who thinks so?IMG_3329

Can you say Aqua?  How sweet are these? To order these from Pyrex click HERE


Sophisticated blue & white…Click HERE to purchase

IMG_3327and then…seasonal of course!  These are all sold individually on their site.

pumpkins, mummies and haunted houses…my pet peeve…where did my lid go?

Nick, what cabinet did you put it in?  I know I’ll have to check the highest ones in the kitchen, the ones where I have to get the stool out for…that’s where he puts them…do you think he does it on purpose or is he just trying to put things away as fast and he can and whatever…

IMG_9800 3

Christmas…where is the gingerbread house one…the third one to this set?  I found it…see next pic…IMG_6464

here is an action shot…in use…a look into the fridge…notice I didn’t show the whole thing?


They also come in plain if plain and simple is your thing… and you can customize your lid colors or get replacement ones…uh-hem (see above)!! I just found this out…click HERE if you want to browse Amazon

If you want to start a collection of Pyrex… Click HERE for their whole website.  I did send them an email to say I was going to do a post about these and see if they would sponsor a give-away but …no reply…so I will do my own giveaway.

If you are an Amazon groupie they have some there but not the cool pretty ones shown above…and of course Walmart does have them and the decorated ones from the Pioneer Woman some of her patterns are shown here in the fridge..

I was not going to post this until tomorrow but…I guess there was a random post of my kitchen that got sent out into the inter-space…so now you see the whole post…I was uploading photos to my /computer  from my phone  to blog and somehow they published?????????

Leave me a comment to win the live, love, share set of containers…and have a great day…oh…make sure you stitch something today as well…after you clean your fridge while waiting for your new containers….LB


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

399 thoughts on “My latest obsession?

  1. I love these Pyrex containers and would love to win the set you’re offering! By the way, your home us beautiful!

    1. Pyrex is the best!! Love what they have done with their containers! I’m a true seasonal decorator and Summer and Fall are my favorites…I can see Pyrex helping in my future! LOL. Lisa your home is beautiful…enjoy…and thanks for all you do for all of us

  2. That you use real glass and not plastic baggies and plastic bowls is all the nudge I need to expand myself. These motifs all make me smile.

  3. July is my favorite also. I keep my RWB out. Summer is not long enough the grandchild are out of school and I get to see them often. Soon they will be heading back to school. Thank you for the pattern..

    1. Love your kitchen! I’m a fan of Pyrex but hadn’t seen these! I’d love to win a set.

  4. Those are fabulous, but I’m laughing about your missing lid. My tall husband not only puts things away in high spots, but also behind things, which is a huge challenge for shorter me! Thanks for showing us these delightful containers.

  5. Love these containers! It would be delightful to win a set! Your home is serene!

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing the info about the new Pyrex. I have quite a few of the older pieces….but these clear ones are neat. Glad to see a very durable product updates itself to stay current. Love the set you are giving away. Fingers crossed!

  7. Had no idea Pyrex was making such cute storage containers. Heading to Walmart to see what’s in stock! Will definitely be ordering the Halloween ones…

  8. I love Pyrex and do not only use in kitchen. Some of mine have buttons, plastic eyes for stuffed animals, and candy on my sewing table. Thanks for chance to win some more.

  9. Ohmylanta! I love love love these prints! Now my fridge will look as cool as my “stash” lol….🤗🤗🤗

  10. I love Pyrex too! Last year I cleaned out most of my plastic containers and replaced with glass/Pyrex. Glad to
    Know about replacement lids. Love your kitchen!

  11. I have been using the storage containers and love that they are attractive enough to be used as serving dishes at my cozy table. Would love to add a few pieces from you

  12. I ditched plastics about 10 years ago… not good for us… I have tons of pyrex too… the food seems to keep longer in glass too so not as much is wasted so it is a win win…

  13. I too wondered about the random kitchen post. I love this one better and I’d love to win the Pyrex set Lisa. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. These are THE COOLEST containers!! And I have never seen them when I’m out shopping! I’m always looking for pretty things! Your home is so beautiful! Thank you for this wonderful give away! You are so generous, Lisa! ♥️

  15. Your kitchen is beautiful! I am inspired to clean out my refrigerator to make room for a set of these Pyrex containers! HaHa! I did not know they come in beautiful prints, I will have to check them out.

  16. I’ve not see these before, will have to check them out!
    By the way, I love the binding needles!

  17. Love Pyrex. Havent seen the ones you showed. I have a set in my craft room that holds those tiny pieces og wool. Heading over to their website.

  18. I too love Pyrex. And your beautiful kitchen! Someday I hope to have one similar. Thanks for all your posts. I always enjoy them. I am quilting on a customer quilt today, so I am getting some stitching done!

  19. To funny . Just cleaned out my fridge. Have company coming and hope they notice it lol.

  20. Lisa, you are so clever and well organized and you do it in style to boot! I love these containers but have never seen the pretty ones before. Thanks for the post, will have to look for them and would love to win a set too! One can never have enough storage!

  21. Thanks for finding and sharing such cool things! Love the Pyrex and would love to win! 🤞

  22. Have loved Pyrex for years and am a bit obsessed with looking for sets at antique places. However, the lids and stacking of these new sets for leftovers, etc., is THE Best thing for people like me: small spaces, lots of fabric to store, an still like to cook/have food on hand. Can’t wait to order but would love to win!!!!

  23. Wow, I had no idea Pyrex had decorator bowls! I like Pyrex and have a good bit of their clear bowls and lids. They seem to last forever and that’s why I haven’t shopped for them lately. I’d say it’s time to start shopping! 😊

  24. Love your kitchen and I also love pyrex. I started to switch to pyrex several years ago and now like the decorated ones. It’s all so much nicer than the plastic stuff.

  25. I’m with you, I love to store things in pyrex not plastic. These bowls and containers have pretty awesome patterns. You could use the patterns for blocks😋.
    Who doesn’t love to win?
    These would add to my kitchen and maybe a few in my sewing room.

  26. Grew up with Pyrex my grandmother had the square containers with glass lids, everyone I knew had the mixing bowls, received bowl sets for shower gifts. We have Pyrex, used regularly and continuously for over forty years in our house. It survives military moves, stateside and overseas. Big fan.

  27. Wow- Pyrex has come a Very long way since I was a child- beautiful designs in useful, environmentally friendly containers. The set you are offering is awesome- would love to win!

  28. Lisa – I also LOVE Pyrex – I especially love vintage pieces!!! I love all things white when it comes to dishes and kitchen so I like to gather the white pieces! the Live Love set is AWESOME! Thank you for the chance to win!

  29. Oh no…I only have plain pyrex…didn’t know of all these patterned and seasonal ones. I ma have to go shopping!

  30. Lisa, thank you for sharing your latest obsession. I prefer to use Pyrex, I love the decorating ones.
    My daughter and I exchange foods after a large meal so now I will be able to get “my” Pyrex back.
    And, thanks to you I will be able to replace the lids that have cracked.
    Love your blogs, Thank you.

  31. What a neat email. I also love pyrex and have a set that I purchased about ten years ago. My set isn’t nearly as pretty as these. I would love a new set.

  32. I’m retiring at the end of the year and on my list of things to pick up before then is Pyrex storage bowls. I’ve been picking up the fancy ones for a while now, love to put cookies in them as gifts. Didn’t realize Walmart carried this brand…will have to do a visit – and plan to head to Maine to the outlet store as well.

  33. The Pyrex dishes are beautiful. I have none and would love to win some. My husband complains because my plastic dishes and lids are in the bottom cupboard and he cannot see them. I certainly can since I’m shorter than he is. Lovely kitchen too.

  34. I love the new Pyrex and would love to win a set. Your home looks beautiful – thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  35. I’ve always loved some of the old Pyrex, but the new stuff is pretty nice too! I hate plastic food containers 😡! These are great! Thanks for the heads up.

  36. I love your posts Lisa, love seeing your beautiful home and how quilting can change your life. I so admire you, thanks for sharing.

  37. I got rid of my plastic things a couple years ago. At that time I could only get the pyrex with colored lids. Of course I wanted red ones. Lucky for me they had them. I’ll have to look at some of the new designs now too. Thanks for the chance to win a set. I am off to my sewing room for the day!

  38. I hate plastic food containers! These are so cool. I have several pieces of Pyrex from 50’s & 40’s?. And I collect Fire King with the blue tint & etched designs on them.

  39. I guess that I have been living under a rock as I have not seen any of these gorgeous container in my stores. They are WONDERFUL! I love my Pyrex bowls but mine are plain with red and blue lids. I do not like plasticso these get used constantly. I do think that I deserve some pretty ones too. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win some more attractive Pyrex.

  40. You collect Pyrex Lisa like I collect plates, love me some cool plates. You have too much time on your hands girl, your fridge is too clean!

  41. I also in totally in love with those pyrex pieces. You can see what is in them and they stack pretty good also.

  42. I just visited the Corning Glass Museum and got some pyrex in their gift shop. Great place.

  43. Love Pyrex! I still use a set I received as a wedding present 57 years ago! I also have a few family pieces from long ago. Need to get some new pieces and Throw Out The Plastic!

  44. These containers are great! With all the news out there about plastic it is kind of scary. I didn’t know all the different patterns, especially the holiday ones. They are so cute😀. Thanks again for all the info. I don’t know how you find the time to find all this for us. Thanks.

  45. OMG! I was just thinking this morning I need to replace my old Tupperware plastic with some new Pyrex! I had no idea they had these pretty containers! Thank you for sharing. Even if I don’t win I am definitely going to go buy some!

  46. I love the designs. These dishes are a great way to store stuff including quilting stuff.

  47. I’m already a glass storage junkie, but I mostly use Mason Jars. Would love to win the Pyrex you’re so generously giving away! Hoping to get some stitching time to work on my Wool SBOW today… we’ll see!

  48. I have come full circle when it comes to food storage. I grew up with glass storage containers and still have some , including Pyrex used by my mother. When plastic was “in vogue “ for food storage I was on the band wagon. Now I am using glass again trying to support the environment and all three of my daughters are following my lead.

  49. I have always enjoyed Pyrex from the mixing bowls and baking dishes as wedding gifts of many years ago to the more recent food keepers. So many colors over the years. What a beautiful kitchen!

  50. I already left a comment but did you know that Olfa and Pyrex are all part of the same company? I sent an email to Olfa. Their response listed the Olfa, Pyrex, Corelle and more at the bottom of the page. Who knew?

  51. Thanks Lisa it was just the push I needed to get rid of all that plastic with missing lids. Ordered a set this morning.
    Love your kitchen. Pat

  52. Pyrex is the best! Am still using a Pyrex casserole I gave my grandmother in the ’60’s that was passed back to me when she passed in the late ’70’s. Pyrex made a 12″ round plate that I have had for at least 15-20 years and use frequently. And I love my Pyrex measuring cups – they are old ones too. Think it’s time for something new in my kitchen?

  53. I started using glass to store food again regularly a few years ago. I think food lasts longer stored in glassware. Pyrex! Whats not to love about it?? I’m going to check their website as soon as I post this comment.

  54. I use Pyrex all the time but I have just boring plain ones. I would love to have some fancy ones. I am trying to get away from plastic!

  55. I love the new pyrex dishes! I’m using glass to store food too. They are much better than plastic. I’d put a new set to good use. I love your home photos!

  56. Love these and have Pyrex that is so old, need to get a few new one with Pretty designs. Thanks for all you do for our quilting Buddies.

  57. Today is refrigerator clean out day (trash tomorrow)… why do I have to throw things out? Because they are not properly stored! Need to win!

  58. I do love Pyrex in all its forms, new, old, designer or plain. But these new ones you showcased are awesome.

  59. I had no idea there were these cute Pyrex containers available! I would love to win a set. Thanks for the chance.

  60. Oh my goodness how beautiful! I’d never be able to decide on which pattern to buy though. They’re all great. Especially the quilty ones. I’ve been using glass containers for several years now. Trying to get rid of plastics, but they’re everywhere. Thanks for the opportunity to Win!

  61. I have never seen these Pyrex dishes. Love, love them. I have been using them for years but now it is time to upgrade to some new ones. Thanks for the great post!

  62. Hi Lisa –

    Can you please remove my duplicate comments on this post? I was having problems getting my comments to work and than ALL THREE came through!

    Sorry. Thanks.



  63. I love pyrex( currently only have plain) – they must of had you in mind when they came up with these new designs- looks like Primitive gatherings in Pyrex!!!

  64. Love Pyrex!!! I’ve been using more glass and less plastic and love the clean look of glass.

  65. You have a dream kitchen and I love your fancy kitchenware!! I neeeeed stuff like this!!

  66. Wow! Whoo Hoo!! This is happening for me this time! I usually see the Black Friday boxed Pyrex deals, but there’s usually so many other things going on or to buy that I miss out. Food storage in glass= best way!
    After this post, I’ll be shopping!
    Thanks Lisa!

  67. I hope these containers will make my fridge look like yours. These are so awesome!!!

  68. Thank you for the blog..and the heads up for the Pyrex. Love it too. What great inexpensive gifts!

  69. I would love to move to Pyrex now that my nest is empty. I love how easy they are to clean and that contents are much more easy to see.

  70. I imagine your endorsement will boost sales at both places. Pyrex is a great quality product with the biggest plus being better for health and the environment- a great giveaway.

  71. Pretty updated designs. I use my Pyrex wedding gifts of 48 years all the time. Most are the solid colors but I need those seasonal designs. With the clear glass we’ll be able to see what’s inside. My frig was just cleaned out as it needed a repair. And I just read why we may need to go to Maine, to the Pyrex store.

  72. I also didn’t know they made such cute pyrex! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I would love to win those bowls, I am also going to look for these locally. Thanks, Lisa.

  73. I love Pyrex. I now only use glass containers for storage…no more plastic. These decorated containers are super cool.

  74. I switched to Pyrex years ago….but the boring plain ones! I am now inspired to slowly start filtering in the new pretty designs. Thank you for the inspiring post.(My husband probably won’t thank you)

  75. I too have been trying to use glass more and get rid of the plastic. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about all these great designs! I will have to look for those.

  76. I have also decided to stop using plastic to store food. I love Pyrex and Corningware with lids. I have a couple of old pyrex containers, but would love these.

  77. I love them! Thanks for letting us know. You are like Oprah in the quilt world sharing your “favorite things”.

  78. Working on the Moon Garden but took a break. YES, I love them, great for when family or my quilting gals come, which is once a month. Such fun!. Keep those ideas coming. Karen

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  79. Can you believe that just last month I ordered my first set of Pyrex. I got rid of all the plastic storage. Yay. I’m just loving the Pyrex and I had no idea they had all the wonderful designs, etc. Thanks for sharing.

  80. I’m organizing my daughter’s storage cabinet while she is on vacation. She could sure use these as she loves Pyrex too. I didn’t know they made so many pretty one!

  81. Love Pyrex! My mother used it and loved it, I have used and loved it since I was a kid. My kids and grandkids love and use it. Thank you Lisa for reminding everyone of the health benefits of using glass instead of plastic.
    Everything is fresher and chills beautifully in Pyrex and baking is a dream.

  82. Love these new designs by Pyrex. I have used Pyrex for 50 years and would love some of the new designs. These new designs are wonderful for Halloween and Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Carolyn B

  83. I love Pyrex, too! What a great giveaway! And thanks for the info … I had no idea where to obtain these great containers!

  84. Lisa, I’m envious of your beautiful home! I too have been switching over to Pyrex storage from plastic, but haven’t seen the array of patterns you’ve shown. I’ll have to look for those. Would love to win your giveaway. Thanks for all your inspiration. I’m off to my small quilt group meeting today!

  85. I love Pyrex and I have been collecting it for years. I like to think I’m RESCUING them the thrift stores or estate sales. So fun to search and rescue! Oh and I love your kitchen-must be a joy to cook in. Have a wonderful week Lisa.

  86. Love Pyrex, have been using Pyrex items for 5 years starting out with the colored mixing bowl set. Love the clear containers and your home.

  87. I LOVE Pyrex! The bright colors always make me happy. The new sayings designs are fabulous!

  88. I thought I was the only one who had a pyrex obsession! I also have the rectangular ones!

  89. What a GORGEOUS kitchen! I hadn’t seen the decorated pyrex. They are fab! Love, love, love glass bowls and how great that you can order backup lids. I have to go clean my kitchen!

  90. Love your kitchen! Did not know Pyrex made these-much better than plastic-especially good for the environment! I’m going to start making the switch.

  91. Love them all! And when I’m not using them for food storage, I can use them to temporarily houe my teensy wool applique pieces that are waiting to be cut out! Double use!!

  92. They are all so pretty, it would be hard to pick just one, lol. Thank you Lisa.

  93. I would love to win the Pyrex bowls! They would look so good in my farm style kitchen (and I bet they would make my food taste better😀).
    I enjoy reading your blog and have learned a lot from you.
    Thank you…..Novella

  94. Those bowls are adorable! I am trying to get out of the “plastic” stuff. Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  95. LOVE your kitchen/dining/family room!!! And, you’re probably right about using glass is better for us than plastic. I would love to start my collection by winning these bowls! Thank you for the opportunity!

  96. Pyrex reminds me so much of my mom. I love it and it is so much better for the environment. I have not seen all the new fun ones. Thank you for showing it all to us! A dangerous new obsession.

  97. Ooooooowww, I love the first set, reminds me of you Lisa! And the quilty ones are so pretty but then there is the Halloween ones that are so prefect for that time of year! I never knew Pyrex made colorful storage bowls. I have a set of plain ones that get used & used. These would be so nice and my bowls wouldn’t get left anywhere. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  98. Those Pyrex storage bowls are great. I have not yet seen them in person. But I would love to win a set. Thanks ! You’re the best !

  99. So cool! Now I’m questioning all of my plastic containers! Thanks Lisa Sooooo many choices this day and age.

  100. I wondered why I got a pic of your kitchen with nothing! Ha. I love your kitchen! (Were building and Im going to zoom in and check out your kitchen. Plan to have white cabinets and a black stained island). But back to Pyrex, We got married almost 39 years ago and still have a lot of Pyrex. Use them all the time. I should check out the new stuff. Bought some for gifts but not kept any for myself because my old relics still work!

  101. I love Pyrex – they remind me of when I was a kid and the storage containers my mother used before plastic became king. Except they didn’t come in so many great colors and patterns waaaaay back then. I’ve been slowly switching over to glass storage because it is so much healthier and better for the environment. And I always love seeing pictures of your house. Your kitchen is beautiful!

  102. A quilter loving containers, who knew! They are great. I actually put the lid on the container and store no never have to look for the lid. They stack so nice. Love the colors and designs!
    Thanks Lisa for another life lesson.

  103. I love your kitchen! I almost got rid of my plastic containers a couple of weeks ago and this post is just the inspiration I needed to make the change. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

  104. Omg! Thank you for sharing this, Lisa. After 43 years of marriage, I could sure use these since many of my storage containers need to be replaced. And I like that they are healthier to use too. They are all so cute!!

  105. Oh you are a girl after my own heart……I have always used Pyrex!! We used to own a hardware store, and I could never resist all of the beautiful Pyrex casseroles and storage containers!! But I’ll have to agree, that they have stepped it up once again with these new designs!! LOVE THEM!!!! Out with the old style, in with the new!!! 🤗

  106. Oh I agree. I love all of their bowls. I like the tiny ones to hold small leftovers like green beans. I threw out all of the plastic. I love the new ones you showed. I haven’t seen them before. I save leftovers so I can sew more and then just heat and eat and get back to SBOW.

  107. I’ll never look at my Pyrex again in the same way! I should update my plain, clear ones.

  108. I have been working hard to get away from single us plastics in food storage, and these are a super cute solution! Since they are Pyrex, does that mean they can freeze ok too? Thanks for the opportunity! Ps you kitchen is simply GORGEOUS! Xo

  109. These Pyrex bowls are very cute….almost remind me of back in the day when they used to make them in white milk glass with orange, avocado green or yellow designs and glass lids…like in the 60’s! But I had to laugh when you started sharing about these bowls because I thought your obsession or pet peeve was that the stool at your island was not put back in place! Have a great day and thanks for giveaway and a chance to win.

  110. What fun containers! I am always drawn to the Pyrex section especially the fun seasonal designs. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen.

  111. I use my vintage set of yellow, green, red and blue Pyrex mixing bowls every day for something- they are “vintage”, but even better, they were passed down from my mom. I am keeping my eyes open for sets to give each of my daughters as well, BUT, they may like these better. Thank you for offering a chance to win them!

  112. My brother & sister-in-law gave me a set of Pyrex storage containers for Christmas a couple of years ago. They are my go-to for storage as well as serving. They are wonderful! They can go from freezer/refrigerator to microwave. (Don’t forget to take the lid off in the microwave. I use a reusable cover.) I didn’t know you could get such pretty and/or customized containers. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway and getting the word out!

  113. I love your home. I am also ditching my plastic for Pyrex – so much better for us in many ways. I have mostly Pioneer Woman. I’d love to win a set to add to my collection!

  114. What a fun post Lisa!! I had no idea Pyrex was still around… and such fun patterns too!! Thanks for sharing!!

  115. I also love Pyrex. But have collected the old ones. I haven’t seen all the new ones. They are great to thanks for sharing. Terri

  116. When I got the first blog post I knew there had to be a computer glitch so I patiently waited knowing that something cool was coming. Love your obsessions girl 🙂
    xo Red

  117. these are so beautiful, they remind me of my youth.I guess I am vintage!!!
    thank you for posting them!!

  118. I love Pyrex, too! I had no idea they had all these cool designs. Thanks for sharing!

  119. You could have a lot worse obsession! haha!! I also love pyrex and didn’t know that they had designs…I’ve only seen the plain glass. Thanks so much for this chance and have a great, great day!!

  120. I did wonder what the post with your kitchen pictures was about…what a great environmental and fun way to store things. Thanks for the chance to win a set. You are always so generous!

  121. I love all the Pyrex containers. I didn’t realize they had so many pretty designs. I would love to win some. I will be looking to buy some now. Thanks for your post. Your kitchen is beautiful.

  122. Lisa, I too share your Pyrex obsession! I’ve slowly given away my plastic in order to make room for more Pyrex. We are in the process of remodeling our entire house (currently living in an RV set up in our front yard) and the new kitchen will be full of Pyrex storage containers. I also want to say that I finally checked visiting your shop in Menasha off my bucket list last week during the EAA Airventure, when I escaped for some me time while the hubby enjoyed his planes. Adorable shop and will make it an annual adventure of my own when going to the air show every year.

  123. Wow. I’ve always been a Tupperware girl but with these new designs I maybe changing. I do like the glass.

  124. I love Pyrex. I dumped my plastic several years ago. I have some small Pyrex clear glass bowls from the 50s that I treasure because I ate from them as a child.

  125. I need to get out more.. I didn’t know they had designs. I do love Pyrex, grew up with it! I will have to go see what I can find to add to my small collection.. thank you for sharing your space!

  126. Oh my, how have I not come across these before now?! I love the ones with the words! And lids, no matter what the lids are for, in my kitchen it’s always a guessing game.

  127. I absolutely love Pyrex. These would be a great addition to my collection, as I also collect the vintage ones. Thanks for doing this give away.

  128. Wow!! I had no idea these great designs were out there. A set with quilt designs would be a best-seller for sure! Pyrex should hire you as a designer😁. Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to win!!

  129. I couldn’t agree more. It makes me feel good to have a pretty refrigerator full of healthy foods!

  130. Thank you for posting this. I have some really old Pyrex I received from a friend. It’s the classic solid white with the little blue flowers & clear glass lids. I love to get more….and the refrigerated containers with lids is great!
    Thanks for the link also just in case I don’t win. 😉

  131. I love all the patterns. Which one to choose. Your kitchen is beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win

  132. Lisa you kill me! I don’t know how you do everything. You are so awesome. I love Pyrex, of course being an old lady I grew up with it. Love you!

  133. Your kitchen is beautiful! I have a few Pyrex bowls, but nothing as pretty as what you have shown here. I would love to win that great set! Thank you for all you share and do for us!!!

  134. You certainly have a lovely kitchen to work/play in. And you obviously love Pyrex. I’m with you. It’s the safest way to store foods. I am switching! Thanks for giving me a push.

  135. Love these. I can send my leftovers to my kids in plastic containers (because I’ll never see them again) and save the pretty stuff for myself.

  136. I also love Pyrex. Quilt Odyssey was great and I had too much fun at your booth. Now to get to work stitching the SBOWs that got behind when I was away so I can start on wool.

  137. What a fun post and I have never seen these before. May have to rethink my Tupperware drawer! 😳

  138. These are just too cute. You always come up with such cute things in all areas of your life! Thank you!

  139. I love Pyrex. I gave up using most plastics many years ago. I especially love to yard sale or thrift shop for the older Pyrex. Thanks for posting pictures of yours.

  140. I’ve been trying to cut back on my plastic storage too! My pyrex is just plain!! Lol!

  141. I use them constantly! So, my son just graduated from college and moved a few hours away. (Of course I made a quilt for his bed!) He has his first adult job and what do you think he bought on Amazon prime day?…purchased his own set of Pyrex! He said he need something to take his lunches to work. Love❤️ when they follow in your footsteps!! He wants my old sewing machine, too????

  142. I love the Pyrex also, so much better than plastic. Better for the environment also. I just love the Live, Love, Laugh collection. Love also getting these great ideas from you on your blog.

    Thank you Lisa

  143. I also love Pyrex. Would love to enjoy these special containers. Thanks for opportunity.

  144. OMGosh, love your beautiful home. Thanks for sharing the awesome Pyrex. I want some now.

  145. I love Pyrex too but I have only the plain as that’s all I’ve seen. Would love something decorated!

  146. I switched to Pyrex from plastic a few years ago out of health concerns; an additional bonus is that the glass lasts much longer than plastic containers. Our lids have a habit of disappearing so I’ve purchased replacements from and they’ve always fit and worked like the originals.

  147. WOW! I’ve never seen any of the Pyrex you’ve shown, they’ve really stepped up their design game. I need to check out the Pyrex website, I “LOVE” the Halloween containers. Your kitchen is beyond beautiful, not a thing out of place… Ohh how I wish my kitchen were that in order. Just this weekend I started and completed your Light Scrappy Pennies Candle mat kit. I’m working through Wool box #1 and the large peace, hope and joy Christmas containers that I ordered way back when. Thanks for always keeping us updated with all kinds of new fun stuff. ;-> Toni Anne

  148. The thing I like about these containers is you can see what is in them. They are beautiful too.

  149. I like to store things in pyrex also because it is healthier. I was glad to learn you can replace lids so a couple of mine have split, maybe because I put them in the dishwasher. Would love to have more.

  150. I have also been trying to move away from plastic by storing leftovers in Mason jars. I love these Pyrex designs. I’m hoping to win some.

  151. Love me some pyrex. I have a blue set of bowls from the eighties when i got married. I haven’t broken a one of them. I try to collect the pink bowls from Goodwill when i find them. Pyrex is also the company i use for pie plates and casserole dishes. I have been wanting to get storage containers to replace the plastic ones i have. Love the look of your kitchen. AS for cleaning the fridge no time today as i have to prep thank you gifts for my bee business. Maybe i will clean the fridge next week. One could only hope.

  152. I never realized Pyrex had gone into so many different designs other than the plain clear ones that I have had for years. I know I’m going to start buying some Pyrex. I loved your kitchen it was awesome

  153. Thanks for sharing your love of Pyrex. I have a 3-piece set of the navy blue lids with clear glass, but was unaware of the other patterns available. I would enjoy the set you are giving away, and will look into purchasing either way.

  154. Oh my, our little quilt group is also obsessed with Pyrex, but the vintage ones. All sorts of patterns and colors, we each have our pattern and we search antique stores etc. all over the place for each other and ourselves. (One of my faves is in Chetek WI near our little cottage on the lake). I had so many pieces my cupboards were full so I stored the extras in our piano since no one played it anymore! Lol

  155. I thought I was the only crazy obsessed “pyrexmaniac”. I have thoughts of cleaning out all my kitchen cupboards to make room for these new ones. They make beautiful dishes to carry to your potluck get togethers too!

  156. I bough a set and love these, I have not seen any of the ones you have! Thanks for the giveaway.

  157. The Pyrex containers are fabulous!! I had no idea there was such pretty containers that Pyrex was offering, partly because I am semi-handicapped and don’t get the chance to shop the stores for new things as I have previously. I love your beautiful kitchen and all the Pyrex containers and lids you shared with us! Thanks, Lisa, for your thoughtfulness!

  158. I didn’t realize pyrex had so many beautiful designs. I still use my mom’s pyrex. I am going to
    order some new sets for myself and family. Lisa, thanks for sharing.

  159. Love Pyrex and love hearing about your obsessions! You’re always an inspiration in whatever you post about. Thanks for what you do!

  160. Thanks for the heads up on the Pyrex glass containers. I love Pyrex to bake with already; and I prefer the glass containers to the plastic ones for the refrig.
    So I’m definitely going to look into getting some of these.
    Always enjoy seeing what you’re doing with your family!! Aren’t grandkids the BEST??

  161. Didn’t know pyrex came in such cute patterns! I have the old, old, old avocado green color from the dinosaur ages 🙂 It still works!!! But I’d LOVE to have some of the cute new patterns!

  162. This could not have come at a more perfect time for me! The contractors just started today updating my vintage 100 year old kitchen!!!! I am SO ABOUT THESE CUTE PYREX CONTAINERS!!!! Thank you for sharing and letting us see your beautiful kitchen!!! Makes me hopeful cuz right now I’m in pure dust!!🤪
    Going to my sewing room to work on my Wool Box #4!!!

  163. Your kitchen is beautiful! Also love the Pyrex designs and would love to have some. Thanks.

  164. My husband is 6’4” and I’m vertically challenged so I feel your pain! But at least he’s putting things away. Life long Pyrex lover, but I don’t have this cute set! Thanks for sharing a set.

  165. Lisa, I could look at your kitchen all day long!!! You must have to pinch yourself every time you go in there to know it’s not a dream. The pyrex is adorable! I hope you get to play in the kitchen today :-). ~Leanne

  166. Kitchen to die for!!!

    Sent from my iPad….”Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. “


  167. Awesome kitchen! Love your storage. We have a lot of the old Pyrex, lasts forever and u r correct in saying the new is so pretty! Colleen

  168. I love Pyrex too! Mine are mostly plain so I’m going to have to get some of those pretty ones! I usually lose a few around the holidays when my kids take some leftovers home with them….somehow it seems they never find their way back in my cabinets which has been a joke around our house! They are quite fond of Pyrex too! Your home is so beautiful!

  169. I agree with all the comments. Your kitchen looks terrific. I have also been switching over to glass containers. I would love to win one of your sets

  170. I am also obsessed with Pyrex! I have mostly the plain ones with red lids but have picked up a couple of seasonal ones when I can. These new designs are gorgeous! Live, Laugh, Love is my favorite saying.

  171. I HAve a plain Pyrex collection of sorts and wasn’t aware they had some that were “sew” awesome! I’ll be collecting more; always love it when you share stuff!

  172. Lisa, thanks so much for sharing this info about the Pyrex containers! They have always been good, but now I need to start a whole new collection! Love your kitchen too.

  173. Lisa, how sweet of you to do this giveaway. I too am a pyrex lover. I need to check out the cool patterns you showed. If I win, maybe I’ll put some M&Ms in one for my quilting table 🙂

  174. I sew need these!! My 29 year old son just moved out and took half of the kitchen with him. I need more leftover containers for lunches!! I used to sell Tupperware, but am so sick and tired of plastic, and it never microwaves well. Sew, I need these pyrex!! 🙂 😛 🙂

  175. Thanks for posting all this exciting Pyrex stuff…who knew? Not me. I am going to find the Halloween stuff , letting my fingers do the walking!

  176. I love Pyrex. I still have a complete set of Pyrex bowls that were a wedding gift – 52 years ago. And they still look great. I also love all the options in patterns for them. Some things just get better with age!

  177. Who would ever think of collecting these beautiful Pyrex containers. Oh yes, a gal who has plenty of things to put in them, buttons, thread, balls of Valdani and the list goes on. Oops, these are for the kitchen???

  178. Wow! Love these beautiful Pyrex containers. Who knew that they have become so beautiful and collectable! Love them all! Must find them in Canada!

  179. Love my Pyrex too. Switched from plastic to glass several years ago. I also caught the bug of collecting the pyrex cinderella bowls and vintage pyrex from other quilting friend. Must be some connection to quilting and pyrex?

  180. These Pyrex dishes are so cute. I too am s Pyrex fan. I recently inherited some vintage Pyrex that I really enjoy.
    Enjoy your beautiful kitchen!!

  181. Love your blogs n thanks for sharing your home with us! Inspires me to display more quilts!

  182. Your home is beautiful and cozy! Pyrex has the cutest designs…I still own my mother’s original mixing bowl set from the 1950s! Have a happy remainder of the summer…

  183. I have mostly switched to using glass for storage instead of plastic, still have a few plastic containers but when they wear out, it will be glass all the way. So much healthier! The Pyrex containers are so fun, I would love to win some. Thanks for the chance and thanks for a look into your beautiful home!

  184. I have recycled all my plastic containers for Pyrex. Thank you for sharing as I did not know there were such lovely ones out there. Mine are all so plain next to yours. I’ll be shopping. 😃

  185. I’m definitely going to have to get some of these!! We have pot lucks all the time and I won’t microwave anything in plastic anymore so I need more of these!!

  186. Oh Wow!! I started using Pyrex a couple of years ago and have been telling my friends and family how much I love it for storage and reheating food. Also, it is a space saver and makes things much neater in the fridge. Thanks for the post to let us know about the new designs.

  187. I have started using glass more than plastic also, I love the ones that are decorated. It doesn’t make any difference how they store your food but those little touches make it fun!

  188. Love all of the Pyrex dishes, I am going to the website now. Thank you for the link.

  189. I have been a lover of Pyrex since I was young . My mom had everything Pyrex and my first set of dishes were Pyrex and I still have them today. I’ve been thinking about goes to glass storage. I think these have made up my mind to buy. Thank you for sharing and showing the beautiful pics of your kitchen.

  190. I love the new Pyrex! My daughter has even after me to throw out all my old bowls! What a pretty new way to replace all that plastic!

  191. Pyrex is classic! I have some but I haven’t shopped for Pyrex for several years. The new designs are awesome.
    Your kitchen (and home) is lovely. Thank you your generosity.

  192. Fabulous find! Thanks for sharing! I have a few Pyrex containers but these are much more fun!

  193. If I win the pyrex bowls, do I have your permission to get a kitchen just like yours? Thanks for the opportunity to win and play!

  194. I love my Pyrex but need new lids for sure–thanks for the tip! I see Costco has a special on some printed ones starting next week–with they were the one with words–love those!

  195. I love Pyrex!!! I just love all your different patterns!
    I use mine for leftover! I love that they are in glass and I can see what is in the containers.
    Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!
    I also love all your wool patterns and have made many of them!
    Thank you for all you do, you are soooooo talented💕

  196. I have a collection of Pyrex – love it! I didn’t know any new ones were coming out, except for the plain ones. I too am using more glass products for storage and reheating! Thanks for sharing!

  197. I usually pick up the holiday ones and get one for me and one for my daughter who loves Pyrex. These would be great to win.

  198. I didn’t know Pyrex was making such cute storage containers, I will need to check them out! Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  199. I am joining the crowd here not knowing Pyrex had all these designs. Love the positive words set. I love Pyrex so much more than the plastic storage containers. Guess what I will be buying………

  200. I Love good storage!! Pyrex has been around forever- can’t dispute great quality!!

  201. Love that set of 4! May purchase them!! But would love to win. Thanks for sharing!

  202. These are so cute! I didn’t know they come with patterns and colors. I just have the plain ones. I also didn’t know you could get new covers. Fantastic!!! Thank you for all you do Lisa!!!

  203. Thanks so much for the fun post and heads up about the cute and pretty Pyrex designs! Will keep my eyes peeled for those. Love them all!

  204. I’m right there with you. Prefer Pyrex over plastic containers and I really like the styles!

  205. I’ll have to check out the cute pyrex containers now! Thanks for the informative post and the great giveaway!

  206. I agree to using the Pyrex instead of plastic. I did not realize they had such nice designs on their bowls. I would love to start a collection of them. I even liked the “Quilty” ones! Thanks for posting.

  207. I love pyrex, have 4 and they are always dirty. To win that set would be wonderful. Stitching the house from wool box 4.

  208. I love Pyrex and these are adorable. Would love to have some.You have an immaculate kitchen. Wish mine looked liked that.

  209. Cute! I have been transitioning away from plastic storage too, but have mainly been using the glass lured refrigerator dishes which I love, but these may be a purchase I have to get! I would love to win some to start my new collection! I do agree that some look like quilting designs.

  210. These containers are sooo cute. Have not seen these particular ones before. Love them.

  211. I still am using the Pyrex we received 42 years ago as wedding gifts. I would love to add those words ones to my collection!!!! My kitchen is black and white with a little blue thrown in…I don’t have a lake next to my house to get my blue fix from…haha.

  212. Hi from ethelann, I am all into Pyrex, healty, fun and timeless! Love that it is standing the test of time! I would love to afd a new favorite to my home!!!

  213. I remember the first set of Pyrex I received as a wedding shower gift in 1964. I still use Pyrex storage containers and they are still my favorite. They last forever so I never needed to look to buy new ones. You got me on this one. Now I have to have fancy ones. Thank you for sharing. BTW….Your kitchen is fabulous. 💖

  214. I remember the first set of Pyrex I received as a wedding shower gift in 1964. I still use Pyrex storage containers and they are still my favorite. They last forever so I never needed to look to buy new ones. You got me on this one. Now I have to have fancy ones. Thank you for sharing. BTW….Your kitchen is fabulous. 💖

  215. Those pyrex containers are so neat. They are great, because you can reheat in the microwave in them as well. Nice that they are making them so pretty now. Love them too, and yes, need to clean the fridge.

  216. I love your new obsession! Like you, I’d much rather use glass instead of plastic. It’s always nice to look in the fridge and actually see what’s in there. I spent today quilting an older piece called Rhubarb Crisp by Jo Morton 🙂

  217. I skimmed the comments, if someone else mentioned this, sorry for duplication. Did you notice in clearance – different sizes of Corelle “Endless Thread” plates? Fun. Thanks for posting.

  218. Would live to get these because my new plan is to cook double each time I cook so I have more time to stitch. I could use these to store those leftovers!

  219. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love your clean and uncluttered look! Pyrex is great- I have clear ones with lids that are my go-to. Thanks for the chance to win!

  220. Oh wow! I love your kitchen and I get your obsession. I have clear ones, but these are really neat. Wow! Wow! Wow! You know how to make us drool.

  221. Your kitchen is amazing!!! Would love a set of these… the different designs are so cool too!

  222. OMG I never knew Pyrex could be so fashionable. Wow have they really stepped up there game. Thanks for sharing , it’s time for some kitchen upgrades but what a great gift they would also make.

  223. Love Pyrex and have been getting rid of plastic. I have not seen these yet but love them.

  224. I have a Pyrex storage set and I love it! The only thing I would change is the plastic top. I wish they could find a better way!!!

  225. Well! It looks like I need to update my Pyrex! Glass is such a healthier place to store our food to boot! Thanks for sharing!

  226. I am in love with your house!!!! I also love the Pyrex glass containers, i do not have any fancy ones, just the red lid plain ones. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Thanks for sharing!!

  227. I love pyrex. I have so mbv e of my grandmothers pieces that I still use. These new designs ate amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen and the pyrex!!!!!❤

  228. Your so funny…I can feel your excitement over all your Pyrex containers. I feel the same way about my old pottery bowls, which I do use.

  229. How fun! Love these! So wonderful that there are designs for each holiday! Yeah!!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  230. I didn’t know these existed. I’m going to the site to check them out. Thank you for sharing. I would love to win. I did finish up a red and white churn dash quilt today.

  231. Love the Pyrex. It reminds me of the vintage Pyrex and bowls my grandma had and what I look for when I’m antiquing or thrifting.

  232. Thank you for the chance to win. I use Pyrex containers to store food, but mine are plain. I didn’t know they were available with words and patterns. I may have to add to my collection. 🙂

  233. I, too, have switched to pyrex for storing and for microwaving, but do remember, this is not the old time pyrex, do NOT take it directly from the refrig to the microwave or oven. I end up transferring the contents to a second pyrex dish to microwave, but I’d rather wash two containers than store and reheat in plastic. Thanks for this post, I had no idea they had so many pretty designs.