You won’t want to miss this…

*WARNING* Long post alert…but lots of info…read til the end…

Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts-500x500

Did you see this awesome, newest book on crazy stitches?  Not only does it give you some great ideas for your seam designs….It informs and shows you how to use these stitch templates that are also available…

Click HERE to order book.

I know a bunch of you are working on the Crazy Season blog hop we were doing this year and this is perfect for that…I think this is a better option than sticking an adhesive product and then getting your project wet to get if off…here they are… Embroidery Stitch Templates-500x500

You can find the Templates HERE to purchase.


Here they are all cut ready to use…in their categories.


So they day after I finished our Summer Block of the week I got these in the mail…and look what was included…IMG_5264

You would mark on dark with the our favorite marking pen.  Click HERE for white marking pen. You would use lead pencil on light fabric…



When the feather stitch is complete…add the lazy daisy flowers…


Here is mine using no templates…I am pretty good…but with these the template my stitching would have been perfect…don’t get me wrong…I am perfectly fine with my stitching…but SO MANY people struggle with the stitches itself and then the spacing is another killer…so regardless of you level of expertise you NEED these template…

IMG_5266We have the book and the templates available on our website just click the links above in the post to “go there”…again…remember we so appreciate you ordering from us…and rewarding us for informing you on these great products…I know you know it is the right thing to do to support the little businesses.

We also have FREE shipping on a $100 order and…we just got a huge new shipment of Valdani 8 wt. threads if you need to pump up your order to reach the free shipping mark…We now have every thread color and weight Valdani has three strand floss, 12,8 and 5 weights……here are the new ones…again these are 8 weights we have not had before…those embroidery stitches look so much better in the thicker weights 8 and 5s…and before the thought enters your mind…yes…these are all coming home to live at Anchor Point. Here is a quick link to the threads  I have shown them two ways so you can see the numbers and the colors better.PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection2PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection2.iPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection1PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.SolidCollection1.iPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.OandVseriesPrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.OandVseries.i

These are the JPs now available in 8 wt.PrimitiveGatherings_Valdani#8.JPseries

Just look how lovely this looks in our warehouse…

IMG_5370 2also…My cousin Mary is here visiting from Delaware…and she confiscated my templates for one of her projects she was working on…and now she is so crazy in love with her abilities… she was driving everyone crazy saying…how awesome she is now that she has these…she reminded us several times…every hour.IMG_5388IMG_5387IMG_5389 3

Mary and my sister Lisa met for the first time…we went to Amaze & Grace, the Harley shop…Culvers for dinner(on Mary’s list) and then to Lambeau!!! We had some fun…and…we should not shop together…ever…again! That’s all I’m saying…IMG_5411IMG_5412IMG_5413IMG_5409

If you want to win a book…please comment on something...I’m too crazy busy at the moment to think of something clever…

All for now…talk soon…LB


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

343 thoughts on “You won’t want to miss this…

  1. First, your family is just crazy. Wish I belonged. Second, I’m jealous of your thread collection. How in the world do you decide which one to use? So many greens…so many reds…I love them all. Third, glad you’re having a great summer!

  2. Oh, my GOSH! The templates and book a must-have!! Thanks for the preview and chance to win. Lovely stitching achievable by even me. 🤗

  3. The book and templates look amazing! And the new threads I love all the bright colors. Heading over to the website to order! The templates will make me a confident stitcher for sure! ❤️

  4. Love the idea of stitching templates. The book looks like a great reference book and extremely useful.

  5. The book and templates are being added to my list of needs. Templates should make my stitches more uniform in size.

  6. I missed your summer home and am so on the alert not to miss anything again!!!!!!! The book looks incredible

  7. I really need a new book, and some wool and some thread and kits. ..for I’m newly hooked☺️

  8. I would have loved to come with you. Looks like a crazy fun day! I’m not sure what is the most wonderful- the book, templates or all that lucious thread❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

  9. Isn’t it amazing your cousin shares your love of stitching? The templates would be a wonderful tool. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

  10. I have some finished blocks and felt stymied about where to go for piecing since I didn’t want to add another fabric color between my blocks. I now know exactly what will work and I love hand stitching!

  11. Wow! I love the idea of those templates and the Valdani thread is just amazing! Love your stories about your family!

  12. Do we need to order both the book and the templates? It states templates are included in the book.

  13. The templates and book would be so helpful! I can tell you guys had so much fun! ❤️ I love those Green Bay Packer glasses too! 😀

  14. What an awesome idea! I love the idea of embroidery templates to help with stitch consistency. I don’t know if this is a new product , but it’s new to me. I need this.

  15. Love the idea of adding stitching to projects, giving that extra personal touch. The book and templates would be great fun to experiment with

    1. Embroidery templates are a brilliant idea! Love it! And what fun times with family – such a treasure.

  16. The threads are drop dead gorgeous! Love the book and the templates. These would really help with placement. Thanks Lisa!

  17. Love the templates. Just starting to do some embroidery, applique more my thing. But really enjoying
    the embroidery. Families are great, love the pictures of you and your sister & cousin. I have two sisters
    we are all crazy, my poor brother (God rest his soul, we lost him at 46), he sure put up with a lot. lol

  18. I have struggled with those fancy stitches and have stayed away from doing them. Those templates are going to change my stitching! Thanks for supplying us woolers and quilters all the tools to make our craft so much fun!! Jackie

  19. Oh my gosh. Something I could use. I haven’t started the crazy stitches because I end up ripping it out and starting over. Can’t seem to keep it straight.

  20. Thanks for all the info-got to have the templates BUT Packers rule! Was able to make a game last year after being a fan over 50 yrs! Go Pack!

    1. Those templates are genius!
      I hate to see summer fading, but so glad football season is here!

  21. Love, love love this post. Great pictures of all of you. Love your crazy Aunt. I’m ordering today.

  22. OH MY, I just want at least one of everything. LOVVE, LOVVE THE QUILT. Will order those templates and the book.

  23. I would love a book. I am one of those who struggle to make stitches look good and these will be a great help! Thank you Lisa!

  24. I absolutely love how much fun you are having with your sister! This new book and templates would make stitching so much easier. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. I love the plastic templates for the embroidery stitches! Genius! My stitching is just not good enough, but these would fix that!

  26. What a great idea for using the templates. Aren’t having sisters great! Looks like you are having fun.

  27. The templates sure would make my stitches look better…and the new threads are calling my name!!

  28. Wow, so much information in today’s blog post! LOVE the templates and I’m going to buy them as I love the stitches but I’m so intimidated by the crazy stitching that it actually holds me back. Now I’ll be able to stitch with confidence until my skills improve. The book looks wonderful and I would also love to get that, it’s going on my wish list. It looks like you three had so much fun together, a memory maker time for sure!!

  29. I am one of those ding bats who worries about every stitch & I need to make a crazy quilt for my sister!! They would help my confidence!!😉😉

  30. Oh my gosh ! I love those templates….. maybe now I won’t have to RIP out so many wonky stitches!

    1. Looks like you gals had a blast! Good for the soul. Mary has the right idea. Templates are interesting.

  31. The book looks awesome. I have trouble coming up with the right stitch to do and feel like I use the same thing over and over. Would love some new ideas. The templates would also take a lot of stress out of the process.

  32. I am very new to doing wool projects. I keep ripping my stitches out because I don’t like them. This would be a wonderful addition to all my quilting supplies and might enable me to finish a wool project. Your work is beautiful and your stitches amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.

  33. So glad that you have connected with your bio family. Just recently happened for my precious niece.

  34. Love the templates to help with stitching! Sometimes mine is pretty good. Other times not so much.

    1. I hope you bring some to the Jacksonville retreat too. I’m pretty sure our friend Donna Brantley will be interested.

  35. My favorite team, even living in NC, I too am a Packer Fan, go Pack. What a great idea are those templates certainly would improve stitch spacing.

  36. OMG – templates for the stitches……I AM IN LOVE! I had surgery earlier this summer so it prevented me from starting my SBOW. I am now getting psyched to start and find these amazing templates. As a new woolly, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have these as my stitches will turn out so beautiful now. ORDERING 🙂

  37. WOW … These Stitching templates seem to be amazing ! What an opportunity to win … I
    just may have to try this. Thanks for this Post. !!!

  38. I can’t believe it has taken this long for someone to come up with the templates. Love them. The book looks fabulous. Always looking for new ways to embellish my projects.

  39. The new embroidery goodies are awesome, but the joy and fun you are having with your sister and cousin are the best!

  40. Man can I use the Stunning Stitches book and templates! No more sitting in front of you tube trying over and over again to get the stitch right!!! Also wonderful to see you, your sister and cousin out having a great time!! Good memories were made there!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  41. The templates make it look so easy to stitch those beautiful designs. I’ve never been good at embroidery but this might help me. Enjoy your time with family.

  42. Looks like the three of you had a fun time! Those stitch cards would be a great addition for me as I have trouble with the fancy stitches in getting them to look even and straight. I would use them to add more to my wool projects for sure.

  43. So glad you had fun with the girls. Sometimes a girl just gotta do what you gotta do. And it is so nice to have accomplices.

  44. I absolutely love tha Templates and the book!
    What is the sheep your cousin is working on? Love it too💕
    You are the best, thank you!
    Take care,

  45. Lisa … your posts are always so entertaining … glad you had a great time with sisters … they are the best! Thank you for all the new lovely stuff …. I’m never happy with my stitches so the templates are going to be just perfect for me … bragging time!

  46. Have just started crazy quilting and think these templates and this book is a must have!! Thanks for all your tips and advice-
    Love your blog- glad you had a good time out with your family-

  47. The three of you look like you had a lot of fun! The book & templates will come in handy. Too bad the post came a few days after I placed an order with you. I’ll have to wait a bit to order them.

  48. I love the templates. I’m going to have to order them being I’m new to needle work and they will really help me.
    You do sure a good job on your products.

  49. The book and info are great, but the best part of your blog was the family photos of three women having fun. Thanks for sharing.

  50. I love how your SBOW turned out, beautiful! Fun to see your photos throughout the summer, nothing like summer in WI. The book looks like a great addition to my stitching library.

  51. The templates are genius!! I have recently started wool appliqué and will be ordering and using these! I am a perfectionist so these will be great!! ❤️

  52. You all looked like you were having so much fun. Those templates look amazing. I do a lot of wool appliqué and they would surely up my game a lot. Love hearing from you. You are amazing.

  53. Family + Football = “F”un
    Bongean + Blog = “A”wesome
    Thread + Templates = “B”eauty
    If my math is correct then Primitive Gatherings = FAB!!

  54. Absolutely love all the Valdani colors!! The templates would spur me on to make some beautiful things – I struggle with even stitches & drool over others work. Maybe I can be like them now!

  55. Ordered the templates this morning! Several people were having trouble making the stars on the flag in our Old Glory class. I copied the flag on newsprint and gave each person a copy and they sewed their Stars right thru the newsprint, tore off the paper and they all ended up with perfect flags. Love your patterns!

  56. Wow, those templates are a must have! I know perfection is overrated but it’s just the way I am. These templates will certainly help. Girls just want to have fun and you three are really had fun together.

  57. 😄 too funny! Shopping with ladies is dangerous and wonderful!! Love it all and those templates are a great idea, kinda think I DO need them in my life….oh and I need the quilt pattern, and some more thread and, and , and….

  58. So glad to get a post from you! Love to see what you’re up to! Glad for the info for the templates and book-have to get them right away. And thanks so much for the fun crazy quilt sew a long. Now I will have some confidence the stitches will look great!

  59. Love the templates!! And the book gives so many ideas! Part of the reasons we stitch is the fellowship of fellow fabric addicts!! Thanks for sharing all the fun!!💕

  60. Templates are a great idea! I do struggle with my embroidery straying from the intended lines… I do need these! Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilts and tutorials.

  61. Just ordered 2 of the books. Can’t wait to try them out. I definitely have trouble with spacing my stitches. 2nd copy is a gift for a friend and fellow stitcher.

  62. Although we live in Minnesota, I have a grandson who is a crazy Packer fan and I think I need to find those sunglasses for him.

  63. so many cool things in this post- beautiful threads, great book and templates, and fun girl time!

  64. Think I need those templates, too. My stitches tend to get more and more teensy….this would help keep them more even. Love PG!

  65. I love doing hand stitching and the book and templates would be very helpful! It looked like the three of you had lots of fun shopping which is good! You need to have fun because you work so hard and we all appreciate your efforts! Thanks for all you do for us 💗

  66. Alright!!! I was thinking, “ I will never do these stitches!” Then, the classic Lisa sell – you show a sheep with the crazy stitches on it! Now I need the templates!!!

  67. We can’t wait to see you in what about ten days? Jacksonville here we come. Still a few rooms available if anyone wants to join us. We are going to have a great time!

  68. Looks like a great tool and book! Lol a few of those threads will be headed my way soon I stocked up last week. Looks like you girls had a wicked fun time!

  69. Almost finished my crazy seasons blocks….. then on to the borders!
    Thanks for the info on the new book!

  70. I think those are a great idea. Would love to win some. Trying to soak up the last of summer here, off for a bike ride right now!

  71. I’m a Wisconsin girl living in Colorado. It was such fun to see you three ladies standing in front of the Packers logo. I was a teenager when Bart Star was the man for the Packers empire…thats been a year or two ago!
    Thanks for the memories.

  72. Glad you are HOME!!! Had so much fun at Quiltstock. We so enjoyed the classes with you! Love the templates. Enjoy the FALL! Thanks for all of the FUN!! PS. Going to order the DOVOs too!! And look up Branded Collective for some cool jewelry. It’s made completely by people saved from the slave trade…..starting a new life.

  73. Lisa,
    I have so much to learn, I always wanted to learn to make this, I will be able with your templates and How to book.
    I am so happy I found your website online…
    Thank you…

  74. I haven’t tried any fancy stitches- this would be perfect to get me going! Go Pack Go!!!

  75. Lisa B
    Took your class at Quiltstock 2019 and I am hooked!!! Can’t wait to start on some of your more advanced projects. Crazy mats here I come!!

  76. Love the book, templates and let’s not forget VALDANI thread. The very best!!!! Going to order now.

  77. Adopt me please I want a sister who owns every color of Valdani thread! You all really know how to have and stitching in the same day.

  78. Oh my goodness! I have some serious shopping to do after this blog post. Templates, threads and a book! Thank you Lisa. You find and share the best stuff.

  79. This book looks fabulous. Can’t wait to try some of the stitches. So glad to see your new sister again!

  80. Wow! You’re having too much fun! Thanks for sharing. Thank you for all your posts, products, and hints & tips. I love them all. 🤗👍🏼

  81. WTG templates for crazy stitches makes so much sense! I always find the crazy stitches to be frustrating. Perhaps I can change my mind knowing these tools are available. I know this would work great for my projects which continue to be a work in progress.
    I want to live in your warehouse I love all the colors I see in the photos. Guess I need to get more.
    Thanks for the informative post.

  82. This set of book/templates sounds wonderful! I don’t struggle HA!, (yes, yes I do struggle to be even with my stitches and lengths). Would love to add this to my toolbox.

  83. I was self taught many, many years ago on embroidery the templates would have been wonderful to use. clever invention to get even stitches. beautiful book.

  84. Lambeau? I’m from Minnesota…need I say more? Lol. Love your templates and pretty much everything you do.

  85. So happy to hear you recommend these templates! I actually just received set I special ordered fro my LQS. Wanted them for my Wool SBOW even before you posted the final picture. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Would love to win the hard copy of the book though. I bought the e-book, and it just isn’t the same. (The book is the same, the experience and ease of use is not.) lesson learned!

  86. Looks like a fun book. You are blessed with having a great family to spend time with. You all looked like you had a great outing.

  87. I have a few things CRAZY waiting for the stitching, these templates would be awesome to help me finish.
    Than you Lisa

  88. I definitely NEED this book!! I don’t have a clue on how to do these stitches and I love the templates as well! I going to follow in your cousin’s footsteps (I want to be awesome too!! 🙂

  89. Those threads are like candy! One is never enough. So pretty. I like the idea of the templates Am better learning stitches with your videos though

  90. Those stitching templates look crazy great. I’ve always struggled with the spacing in my stitching.

  91. Lisa, this looks like a fabulous idea. In your free time – 😳 – I’d love to see a video of you or one of your cohorts showing the different stitches using the templates.

  92. Thank you for sharing. The templates look amazing, as does the book. I enjoy doing hand stitching but do have a limited repertoire!

  93. Is that book and those templates not the neatest thing since sliced bread. Would love to win a book. Thanks for the chance.

  94. The templates will make my stitching life so much easier! Looks like you and your sister and cousin had a lot of fun during their visit. Special times for special people.

  95. A whole lot of craziness going on with you, your sister and your cousin…family fun!!
    PS those templates are on my order list for sure…the sheep was so fun to make even without the templates

  96. Those stencils are awesome! I struggle with the decorative stitches, even after so many years and so many kits.

  97. LOVE hearing about new products you have discovered and tried! Certainly makes me want to order it all from you! Love sister time …. you’re pics are so much fun !!!

  98. Love the threads, patterns etc. I have no idea how you manage to accomplish so much! Please share your secret😊

  99. GO PACKERS!!!!! I bought the templates but not the book….LOVE the templates! So excited to use them. I am rethinking the book. It might need to find a home in my reference library. The finished SBOW is gorgeous!! I purchased the Urban program and love the finished look. I am new to all of the embroidery stitches so it has been slow going but love it!! Can’t wait to finish! Looking forward to see what you do with the sheep!

  100. Love those templates for embroidery! Love the stitching on the sheep too. I would of never thought of that!

  101. The embroidery adds such a great finishing touch to the creations!

  102. I love embroidery but always go to the ones I know. I would love an easy way to do more stitches.

  103. So much fun with family, you’ve certainly had a fabulous year with your sister, so happy for you. I have always admired crazy quilts and these templates and book would make a wonderful addition to my stash of fabric to spur me on to “get ‘r done”. Thank you Lisa for all you and your great staff do to feed our love of sewing and quilting. You guys rock!

  104. You guys are my kinda relatives! I love getting into trouble with them. Regarding the templates!!! they are not an “I’d like to have them”…they are a “Must have right now!” Great blog!!

  105. The templates are awesome! Can’t wait to use them to finish my wool SBOW! And what fun to spend time with family. I love that you and your sister found each other!❤️

  106. Man do I need this book Stunning Stitches and templates! I am so tired of looking on you tube for the stitch needed and then try and follow it??
    So wonderful you were able to have fun with your sister and cousin! Good memories there!
    Thanks for a chance to win this book!

  107. I loved your post! You admit that you are as busy as the rest of us but you are having fun!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. So happy to hear from you again. Love all of those new colors of thread. Just displaying them would brighten a room. Have some older embroidery books but a newer one is always a welcome addition to one’s library. The templates will be a quick help in placement. Shopping goes from being a necessity to a joy sometimes an expensive joy when one is with friends.

  109. I’ve been wanting a good reference book for stitches and I think I just found it! Would love to win it!

  110. What a help these templates would be for making perfect stitches every time. Thank you Lisa for all of the valuable information that you share with us. It is very much appreciated.

  111. I ordered the stencils so I would need the book to go along with them. Thanks for the chance. Linda Caldwell

  112. That book has such beautiful stitches. Can’t wait for my book and templates to arrive so I can have even more fun stitching.  BettySent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  113. Your staff got me “craaazzy” started with hand stitching at a quilt show in Chicago. I’ve been hand stitching for years since that time. Wonderful staff & helpful even on the phone.
    Now templates… I’m in!! I need the book too… lol

  114. Oh, my goodness! These templates are awesome and I’m continuing to kick myself for not doing the Summer Block because I LOVE this quilt. I’m new at wool work and decided to try the wool box to begin. Now I want to do so many different things. I hope you offer the Summer quilt as a pattern.

  115. As always your projects are awesome to say the least.
    But aren’t sisters wonderful!!!!
    Sew glad you found yours. ❤️

  116. The stitch templates will be a big help tp get the stitchses even and neat looking. Hopefully, no more ripping out!

  117. Wow! Templates for crazy stitching! What will they think of next? Would love to try them out. You girls look like you were having too much fun!

  118. I have been collecting fabrics for a crazy quilt for a long time. Now that you have these great templates I will be able to start on assembling the quilt.

  119. Thank you so much for bringing these templates and book to us. Where would we be without all the hard work of the brick and mortar shops?

  120. Loved seeing this book and templates. I have a dear friend who would have loved to shop for Packers gear.

  121. Wow, what will they think of next. Love the templates and want them all!! Thanks for sharing this new product with us.

  122. I don’t need to win anything. Just wanted to comment on how crazy happy you look! Enjoy your time together!

  123. Glad you’re having such a good time with your sister and cousin. Nothing better than making wonderful memories with love ones. I love to embroider and would love to make a crazy quilt. This book is a must!

    Thanks for a chance to win. Fingers crossed!

  124. Loved the post! I think I need to stop by the shop and purchase those embroidery templates. The outcome is fantastic!

  125. I really love reading your blog since I found it during the Moda’s blockhead 1 season. I have ordered several things from your shop and I will be ordering these also. Thank you for all of the information you give us.

  126. Wowza! Stitch templates! How handy! Would definitely want this book and the templates! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  127. Oh my gosh!! I had the honor of going to your shop last week. I missed the thread—the book—and all the new threads!! I had a great time – now have to internet shop again!!

    AB from Texas

  128. Those templates are just what I need! I struggle with a consistent stitch length. Thanks for letting us know about these wonderful new products. P.S. Looks like you had a wonderful outing with your cousin and sister.

  129. I love, love, love the book and the templates!
    Just waiting to see if I win, before I actually purchase them! ☺️

  130. If your cousin did the embroidery on the pictured sheep, I need those templates, too! The embroidery is beautiful! Can’t wait to try!

  131. Would love to win the book. Looks like something I could really use. I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery lately and this would be a perfect addition.

  132. Thank you so much for giving us a side view of all the beautiful colors of thread. I love hearing from you !

  133. Totally totally like those templates. The book looks worth checking out. Thanks Lisa and team for keeping us informed.

    1. Your templates are awesome! I wish I were as creative as your are. So enjoyed attending your class at Olde World Quilt Shop!!

  134. You always find the most clever and useful necessities that I always need! 😄. Thanks for keeping us up to date! Would love to have the book!

  135. Great blog post! Looks like a fun day for you all. Nice book and templates too. Thanks for the information.

  136. Love your tips and new products. Especially love the fun & joy you share with us all – the family that shops together…..

  137. So much fun to see you and your family enjoying your life! Laugh and love is what it’s all about!

  138. Happy Labor Day Lisa. Love your new short hair. Those templates look awesome, I could really use them for guiding my stitches.

  139. Oh my goodness! The book and templates look wonderful. Always struggling to get stitches even and this is the help I need.

  140. Hi lisa! In my search for creative stitches for my crazy mat, your everyday crazy mat, pattern. I somehow discovered these templates and book. I bought the templates and love them. She also has a download for edging templates. Love those too! I didn’t buy the book though. This gal is a really small business too and was very happy to support her creativity.

  141. Live the mat with the blue flowers that is draped beside Mary as she stitches! I would love to win the book.! Thanks!

  142. The book and templates look amazing. Great idea! I loved seeing all the thread in all their glorious colors lined up. And loved seeing pictures of you and your family having so much girl fun!

  143. Love everything about this post. looks like you all had a great time shopping. The book looks wonderful.

  144. Oh crap. I could get seriously into those stitches using those templates. Dear Santa……,.
    Sue Rogers Jacksonville