Stitcher’s Gatherings…CA & WI

I spent a lovely day last Thursday with the CA girls…Such a lovely bunch of ladies…It is fun when you get to see them time after time and get to know them…and seeing their progress is very gratifying….

Barbara….I helped her with her border idea for setting her blocks…she pulled it off well!!!


Caren…this a a project from a year or so ago…Grateful…it is now fininshed in time for Fall!


Nest…is another Primitive Gatherings design…it is now a pattern but was in the Summer Gatherings book.


Barbara…had another finished top for her son who teaching High School History…


Marsha is making cover’s for her mugs, for Christmas presents with some kind of fancy stitching that I can’t remember the name of…but it will be very fun!   This is another reminder to get your mug order in for this year…they make wonderful gifts and I think this years mug is exceptionally beautiful!  2019 PG Mug


Pat…showed off her Everyday Welcome Banner that she switch the background fabric to our Primitive Muslin…it love it!  Everyone loves this mottled background and we use a ton of it!  Hard to keep in stock!


Kim…is working a quilt for her son made from a Layer Cake


Terri really was excited to be working on her Old Glory mat,…even though I didn’t quite capture that here…and I know someone will ask me about the quilt in the background because it is too awesome to ignore…it is called Summer Breeze it was our 2015 pieced Summer block of the week…sorry you missed out on the kits…but this years is awesome as well and we will be offering them as a whole kit soon…Look for Square Deal quilt.


Debora…making beautiful stitched words for a christmas present…this one of the blocks from a quilt called Covered with Love…from Farmhouse Gatherings.


Just when you think you know everyone”s  name….I think… this is Patty…but if I’m wrong I hope she forgives me….She is working on a Heart to Hand pattern which spells HOME.

See photo below…and if you order say HI to Kathy from me…



I also want to thank Debbie and Marsha for bringing Sylvia….who is a rug hooker and we are hoping she comes in January with some of her rugs…

now …almost two weeks ago we had Stitcher’s Gathering in WI….so here we go again…lots of inspiration for you here as well..

Judy is helping MaryAnn hold up her projects from the July’s wool box…MaryAnn just moved and her sewing room is all packed up…so she loves the wool box right now and that is what she is working on while she moves in to her new space…


Karen is showing off how she made her wool box pincushion just a little bigger for a mat…


oooohhh look at this one she says…..I’m almost finished!  Wild Sunflower Runner


Teri is showing off her Lori Holt cross stitch…how sweet is this?  Quilter’s Cottage.


Darci, is elated that her Home of the Brave   is finished and framed by Jake, who wouldn’t frame it until she fixed her flag stripes, which she thought was hilarious that he cared enough to notice and tell her about it.

Jodi showed off her beautiful cross stitched pieces…


I do not know the origin of this pumpkin mat but it’s a beauty!


Jodi’s friend Kathy made her this duffle!!!!  Nice friend…


Kathy…(Jodi’s friend who made the duffle) showing her Luna pumpkin mat from our         Wool Subscription Boxes…


Kathy’s Crazy Seasons Quilt is all together as a top!!!! Here is our block in her quilt.

and….here is the link too the Facebook group where you can join and see everyone’s blocks…and here is a link to my post to see where to go to get all the other blocks…I can’t wait to see Kathy’s quilt quilted!!! It is already amazing!



Donna and her Luna pumpkins…52 mini ways and pincushion…all from the Wool Box. IMG_5872

This is a lot of inspiration!!! I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want you can join us!!!

Call the shops and come stitch with me!

 920-722-7233 WI

951-304-9787 CA

Have a great rest of the week everyone…and find sometime to stitch!



12 responses to “Stitcher’s Gatherings…CA & WI”

  1. peggy dalberto Avatar
    peggy dalberto

    Gee. Is your schedule for the Wisconsin stitches gathering published anywhere or is it a closed activity group?

  2. Lynda Holden Avatar
    Lynda Holden

    Dru told my group that we could purchase the mugs on Nov 21 at the store, that you will be there and take part in a make & take. My question…do I still have to pre-order the mug?

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Lynda… the 21 is my travel day home ….we will set up times for the CA store when it gets closer.and post them …the ca store has 100 mugs to sell…

  3. Jane Avatar

    Really we can come stitch with you? I would love that. For sure going to vfc call!

  4. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    Fun pics to look through! Someday I will shop at the Menasha store when I head to WI to visit family in Fremont! By the way, it looks like the stitching Marsha is working on with the gingham is called Chicken Scratch! Very easy to do and so fun!

  5. Cathy C Avatar
    Cathy C

    Nice job Ladies! Everyones’ projects are so inspiring and pretty. Thanks for sharing Lisa.

  6. Joan Avatar

    Love seeing all the fun projects people are working on! So pretty! ❤️

  7. Marsha Avatar

    For the ladies: Awesome work!
    For Lisa: Re-kit Summer Breeze, plz.
    Publish Luna pumpkin mat somewhere, anywhere! Just let us know so all can enjoy!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Summer Breeze was a Summer Block of the Week probably had 600 fabrics in it….Please do the current blocks of the week…they are all good!
      Luna…will be available next Spring!

  8. Raquel Garcia Avatar

    The stitching on gingham is called Depression Lace or Chicken Scratchings.

  9. Mary Avatar

    All the projects were beautiful. But not as beautiful as the smiles on the faces of the makers. Loved the photos. Thanks Lisa.

  10. skf Avatar

    Beautiful work everyone! The name of the “fancy stitching” on the gingham for the mugs is a derivative from Hardanger. It’s of Swedish or Norwegian origin (I think) and sort of made a comeback in the early 1970″s and 80’s. I too have heard it called “Chicken Scratch”. Counted Cross stitch had really become popular and just sort of overshadowed it. I used to manage an arts & crafts shop at that time. Glad to see people still doing stuff like that!

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