Pine Island…NC Beach house…here we come, again!!!!

6 Days in this BEAUTY!!!!  Trust me most of will never stay in anything like this…

We’re going back!!!! This is actually the first house we stayed at a couple of years back….       it was in early March=no swimming….but we are going to heat the pool and hope for a 70-80 degree spring days!!!

We have 50 spots open….for April.13-19 2020! So eat that Easter ham and then the next day jump on a plane, in a car or Uber and come retreat with us!!!!!                                       We will have some wonderful times in this house…

This was us March 2017 on those decks shown above…we had some nice weather…but we will be one month closer toward summer this time!!!

I love getting to know these exceptional ladies…hanging out, bonding over our stitching, what books to read,  what’s cool in the world that we might have missed…what do they have that I don’t….what are they working one that we have to have….keeps me entertained for a long while with what I learn when attending something so intimate as this…This is nothing like staying at a hotel…this is true girlfriend bonding!

FOMO…we all have it…Don’t Miss Out on this trip…oh…and there will be no hurricane!!!!

FOMO=Fear Of Missing Out.

Here is the registration form and the details about classes and other important things…I know its a lot of words but please read it so you understand everything and Gloria doesn’t have to field 200 calls or emails with questions that are in this PDF she prepared below.

Pine Island Registration Form

Nick is unable to go on Vacation for 6 months…so…this is my get-away!!

All my best, Hope to see you there…

PS…we may do some things according to who signs up first…so it matters!


14 responses to “Pine Island…NC Beach house…here we come, again!!!!”

  1. Annette Avatar

    I live on the Outer Banks. Would love to meet you and your retreat gals one day while you are at Pine Island.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Come on over!

  2. Pamela Avatar

    I am in a wheelchair and would love to be there. Can it accommodate a handicap person?

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  3. Margaret Hayes Avatar
    Margaret Hayes

    One question about double occupancy. Is it two people I. Two beds, or two people in one bed?
    Would absolutely love to come.

  4. onecreativefamily Avatar

    Enjoy your time.

  5. Sally Malley Avatar
    Sally Malley

    My girlfriend Tere Brown and I are registered. We are both so excited to be a part of this wonderful retreat. Looking forward to our time in NC with you, Lisa, and the new friends we will meet.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yay Sally!!! and Tere too!

  6. kathyreeves Avatar

    A dream vacation to be sure!

  7. Margaret Hayes Avatar
    Margaret Hayes

    I am coming! Yay!

  8. Cathy Clark Avatar
    Cathy Clark

    Oh the wild horses on the outer banks! I remember your pictures. They were beautiful. Wish I could go! Safe travels & well wishes to Nick.

  9. Lee Ann Larson Avatar

    We are planning seriously the Pine Island Retreat. Can we pay by check? Please, I hate putting that info on a form. Sorry. Thank you for the info.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Lee Ann…yes you can pay by check…just talk to Gloria…

  10. Barbara Avatar

    Are there still openings on the Pine Island retreat?

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