Did you notice the silence?

I’m leaving on the jet plane…on my way to Houston…Sorry about that two weeks of no communication from me, it always happens this time of year, but not on purpose, getting ready for market and festival and the November wool box and our Primitive Christmas event…and now on the radar our the Special Edition Christmas wool box in December it has been an all out fast break…and I missed talking to you about all this good stuff….

I did manage to sneak off to Miranda Lambert in Milwaukee  with Amy and Ruby for a little birthday girl time…but that’s about it…Thanks to ALL of you who sent me Birthday Wishes on Social media…it was much appreciated…and fun to read.IMG_6534.jpeg

So a little about Houston and Fall Quilt Market…Our fabric line is called Indigo Gatherings…and you know it’s hard for me to talk about all the beautiful quilts and fabrics we are making BECAUSE the fabric does not come out til FEBRUARY!!!! So I’ll just touch on it a bit and will feed you more and more info this week and continue  until the time you can pre-order and don’t have to wait 5 months for it to arrive…So here is a peek…40 skus of yummy-ness…10 vintage prints- 10 creams. 30 blues in bout 5 shades of blue.

Allow yourself some time here to “look” at the whole line….ok…breathe…yes they are wonderful right?  Did you find a favorite?IMG_6622

Also did you know? (I kinda planned this) I knew Martingale was coming out with a Blue & White book featuring lots of great designers and their quilts…so I tried to time a blue and white fabric line to help add to our blue and white fabric collections!!!!Blue-and-White-Quilts

So they are not available “perfectly” at the same time…but the book will be here soon…Click HERE to order your and get one of the first copies available…I’m hoping the ladies at Martingale will bring me a few copies to sell in our Festival booth in Houston…fingers crossed and holding my breath….and then the fabrics will follow early next year…so after you get your book you can page through it and decide how many quilts you are going to make from it and re-appropriate some grocery money for a couple of months and buy lots of blue and white fabric! I’m kidding of course, but I know some of you have done this!!!  Some tell me they have stopped drinking Starbucks to save some money as well…we all have our ways of making sure we have lots of fabric in our lives….

Here is our quilt in the book…Sapphire Star, now before you get all bonkers about those triangles here’s a little story…Amy, my assistant helps me on some of my quilt projects…she will starch the fabrics and get those triangle papers stitched among 90 other things…well I was supposed to help assemble this but she finished the whole thing while I was on one of my teaching gigs…all without me!!! So in less than a week she put this together and I admit I feel a little left out, but it is what it is!!!  She has become a fabulous, expert piecer…She loves that triangle paper…1″ finished for this quilt.…We also have kits for this quilt, with the exact fabrics we used.  There is a special price ($10 off) on the book if you buy our kit with it Click Here for all the options. Pg54_SapphireStar_B1521_BlueAndWhite_WEB

I’m also in love with this quilt from the book….an antique from Jennifer Keltner’s collection.  These pieces are tiny!!!! Just how I like them!Pg32_AntiqueHuntersStar_B1521_BlueAndWhite_WEB

Here is the rest of the line up in the book…I don’t want to share all the quilts and spoil the fun for you…FINAL_01-96_B1521.indd

Oh Boy….look what Moda made!!!! little note pads!!!….Coming soon!

Look Ames…our quilt is one of them!!!!! And look at the on point direction of the flap!!! Genius!


Look for lots of posts this week and a give-away or two!!

Jenny your navy rotary cutter is on it way from our last giveaway on Instagram!!!


We are loading up and ready to sell some fabric in Houston!!!! Stop by if you are here…

All for now…LB

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29 thoughts on “Did you notice the silence?

  1. You have been busy. Wish I could have someone piece my small ones. I hope you have an awesome show. Safe travels Lisa.

  2. Oh how I wish I could be in Houston. But I’ll be on line as soon as the blue and white fabric comes out. It’s awesome. Such cute patterns. You nailed it again.

  3. I ant wait to get my hands on the new book and your new line! Thanks for sharing the lineup- I can tell it is going to be fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you at Festival. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, the quilts and the fabrics are absolutely gorgeous. Breathtaking! And the little notepads are so adorable I want one of each and more for little “tuck inside” gifts. Have fun in Houston.

  5. Happy Birthday! I am so excited for the new line and I have already preordered my book. Thank you for all the exciting things you do for us. I can’t wait….I have always wanted to do a blue and white quilt, and these fabrics are just gorgeous. Have a wonderful time this week!

  6. LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Including the little blue truck:) Can’t wait to get my hands on the book and the fabric. See you next week at Festival:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Blue and white quilts are my favorite as well as my husband’s. I can’t wait for your fabrics to come out!

  8. I love blues and used to feel I shouldn’t use it all the time BUT I love blues!! I absolutely must have Indigo Gatherings!!! It’s gorgeous!!! No. 1 on my shopping list!!

  9. I love your new collection and will be looking for it in my local quilt shop. It rivals a collection of the same colors by Harriet Hargrave years ago which was my all time favorite. Congratulations on having a quilt in the new book!

  10. OMG Blue and white my absolute favorite (and red and white of course) especially in indigo shades! Both the book and fabric look wonderful and those cute little notebooks? can’t wait! You put out such beautiful fabrics and patterns.

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I was blessed to see the quilts from the blue and white book at QuiltStock and I’ve been anxiously waiting for the book and your fabric line to be available. Sapphire Star is on my list to make, I’m also practicing my Longarm skills so I can do it justice when quilting it.

  12. Oh Lisa you did it again. Only this one is even better. I can’t wait to get the fabric and order the book. Have fun in Houston.

  13. Ooooooo Indigo is luscious and wow what a fabulous Sapphire Star Quilt. Hats off to Amy, she’s a wonder woman at speed piecing and its beautiful! I also love the little blue truck too.

  14. Beautiful book + fabrics = gorgeous quilts. You can never go wrong with blue and white !!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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