Urban Farmhouse Fabric is starting to arrive at Primitive Gatherings

(A quick break from all the blue and white you are going to see….)

Finally the wait is over….Urban Farmhouse Gatherings is starting to come into the store and your local quilt stores may be getting it soon as well…we did get to cut and bring some yardage to Houston, but we are waiting for the large quantities to arrive to make the quilt kits….

So let me run through the projects….6 pillows…but they also could be framed or used as a center of a quilt too.

 Note: Anything with a line under it is a live shopping link to the product we are describing.  Click on it and it will take you to our website.

Stay Awhile...Wool appliqués with some embroidery as well.



House + Love +Home…wool appliquéd pillowPrimitiveGatherings_House+LovePillow.i

The grass is greener…this could also be a pillow


We are better together…wool & stitchery pillow…perfect for a new Bride & Groom., or the longtime married couple for their anniversary…PrimitiveGatherings_BetterTogether.ii


Then after the babies come along they will need this one…LOL!

Been there for sure.  Bless this Mess.PrimitiveGatherings_BlessThisMessPillow

Another inspirational pillow with just a little appliqué.  Chain stitched words.           Spread your Wings…



Then there’s 6 quilts as well..and let me tell you these picuress do not do them any justice…they are spectacular in person!

This quilt  Bear Necessities has an ombre look to it…the middle features the lightest greys and they grade out darker from there…and a fussy cut detailed stripe for sashing finishes it off nicely.




PrimitiveGatherings_BEAR.NECESSITIES_II copyPrimitiveGatherings_BEAR.NECESSITIES_II copy


Hole in the Barn Door…It is hard to pick a favorite from these 6 quilts but this is a design from my friend Rhonda McCray, this might be my favorite …when I seen her design on paper I asked if we could use it for this book and she said YES!!!      I knew it would be fabulous in dark grey instead of the usual traditional scrappy.                                       81″ x 93″

Look how nice it looks on my king sized bed!   You do not have to make 100×100 something quilts for king beds…Turn the quilt and lay it the other way!  I have an under plain quilt used as a base that reaches a little longer on all sides…PrimitiveGatherings_HoleInTheBarn.iiPrimitiveGatherings_HoleInTheBarn

Grey Stone Farm is a little throw quilt that would also make a perfect neutral baby quilt! Young Mum’s love grey!  40″x 50″



Broken Fences…is another little throw quilt…if you want a bigger one just make these little quilts bigger by adding more blocks or buying two kits!


Looks nice as a table quilt too!


Weather Vane Star…a lovely simple two fabric quilt that can be made any size..this one is 80″x 80″


Then there is the tiny scrappy version of the Weather Vane Star…which will be going to a new home as soon as we pick a winner for a quilt shop who has purchased this fabric line!!!





Fade away...uses all the prints in the line plus a bella solid…40 rows from lightest to darkest…big triangles on this one…90″x 100″


All these projects are in this book HEREimage.png

To win a book and pillow kit…leave a comment and tell me which pillow is your favorite and why?  I may pick more than one winner if you have some clever answers…

Urban Gatherings is so current right now…make sure you don’t miss any of this…and by the way…Urban Farmhouse II is in the works already, so there will be 80 prints someday…so sash some away for when 2 comes out and you can have them all in one quilt!!!!  Can you tell I love as many prints as possible?

all for now…Lisa

178 responses to “Urban Farmhouse Fabric is starting to arrive at Primitive Gatherings”

  1. Sue knill Avatar
    Sue knill

    Love bless this mess I say that about my sewing room all the time

  2. Jane Z Avatar
    Jane Z

    I love the Spread Your Wings pillow. It is inspirational message many of us need. I plan to make this for some girl friends besides myself. I don’t care what age you are, you can always spread your wings.
    Grey has grown on me. I like how soothing it is.

  3. Lisa Fliss Avatar
    Lisa Fliss

    I love the spread your wings pillow. It’s perfect for my daughter who has come so far in recovery

  4. Beth Robinette Avatar
    Beth Robinette

    Good morning Lisa. I am sew impressed with all you do. Sometimes I wonder if you ever sleep! I just did a small remodel job in my home and your Urban Farmhouse Gatherings looks sew wonderful over the back of my sofa. And now you’re coming out with a second line, oh my, I will have to save some of the first to go with it as I truly love scrappy!
    Have a super day,

  5. Debby Avatar

    I love all the pillows actually, but the “We are better together” would make a great gift for my daughter and her long-time fiancé. Love the grays!

  6. Barbara Sharpee Avatar
    Barbara Sharpee

    My favorite is the whole lot of them. I would love to make them all so I had a stash for gifting. Good thing my retirement is on the horizon. Thanks for being so inspiring

  7. Patti O’Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    Pick one? That is like picking a favorite child. They are all lovely and the quilts are fantastic!

  8. Tammy Avatar

    The “we are better together” pillow really speaks to me as my husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary in August but also because he had a life changing health crisis in July. Our summer has been filled with tears, both happy and a little sad, but all is good now!

  9. suejean1 Avatar

    I love your new fabric collection! My favorite pillow is Stay Awhile. We tend to rush and be busy. This pillow would add a cozy look and message to a sitting area to take time to sit and enjoy. Would love it in the sunroom.

  10. Alice Avatar

    I love them all and so excited to finally have this fabric available since drooling over it since May! My favorite is better together. My niece just got married and she loves gray and everything farmhouse-y! Have a great market!

  11. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    I love the “We are Better Together ” pillow. We’ve been married almost 45 years and have worked together almost as long. We truly are “Better Together “! Thanks for the chance Lisa.

  12. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    It’s a hard choice, it I am picking the “Spread Your Wings” pillow. My reason is a little corny: It makes me think about how big my Grandchildren are getting and how many adventures await them as they spread their wings and earn (and learn) their independence. They leave such good memories behind.

  13. Marcia Connor Avatar
    Marcia Connor

    The grass is greener where you water it speaks volumes. Planting all those seeds–whether plants or in life–takes a little effort to come to harvest.
    I have watched you and your company grow over the years and you are the master gardener. Congratulations.

  14. Leesa Avatar

    Better together since I just married my best friend this year. Thanks for the inspiration

  15. Judy Larson Avatar
    Judy Larson

    “We Are BetterTogether”. Our second marriage! Best friends! We help each other find things, and remind each other what we’re hunting for!

  16. Vikki Weisensel Avatar
    Vikki Weisensel

    I love the “Bless this Mess” pillow. My husband once told me I had too many irons in the fire regarding my many WIPS and their corresponding mess about the house, but I told him I just needed a bigger fire:)

  17. Karen Avatar

    I like We are Better Together best because even though I am not married, I think it’s a great reminder that none of us get through life alone. We all need help at one time or another.

  18. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    Love the grey fabrics! We are better Together pillow is my favorite. It’s a saying that can mean anyone not just couples: our family, neighborhood, city, country! Love, love the quilts

  19. Carol Garner Avatar
    Carol Garner

    We are better together is my favorite, although it might have been designed for those married, I believe it also encompasses the whole family unit, it takes everyone working together to make our crazy world a little better. Love all the pillows, quilts and fabric line. You use your gifts and talents to their fullest.

  20. Carol Todd Avatar
    Carol Todd

    The grass grows where it’s watered. As a retired teacher, this saying brought back memories. There was always that one student that needed a little extra care and attention to grow. That was my favorite saying!

  21. Donna Avatar

    Love them all….not only the patterns but the fabrics and the colors!

  22. Mary Poirier Avatar

    This book looks great! Spread Your Wings is my favorite pillow which would be perfect for our teen grandson who struggles with anxiety and depression =often enough so that he has a difficult time trying new things and interacting with others.

  23. Cindy Poe Avatar

    I love all your designs! I wouldn’t have thought I could be so attracted to Urban Farmhouse because I have always been addicted to blue but it definitely is on my “to do” list now!
    My favorite pillow is “Spread your Wings” because we all have potential that we just have to tap!

  24. Linda Avatar

    The Grass is Greener Where You Water It is my favorite pillow. Such a true statement and it gives you pause. Plus, the font of the stitching and the details on the pillow are perfect!! If not clever, I am reflective! This pillow speaks to me.

  25. Terry Avatar

    Married for 45 years I don’t know life without my hubby… We Are Better Together.
    love that pillow.

  26. Sharon Avatar

    I love “We are Better Together”. I had breast cancer last year and don’t know how I would have gotten through it without my husband. He’s the Best! I’m strong now because of him.

  27. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    So hard to pick just one. I am so into pillows right now and don’t know where all to put them. Don’t have them on the couch we use as I don’t want them used or dog slobber on them. Lol. Anyway I would say the grass is greener one. This phrase could be taken literally or meaning the grass is greener on the other side if you go after it with a positive attitude and make it that way

  28. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    I am loving all of these quilts and pillows but my favorite is Until you spread your wings………I would love to win. You work yourself to death. Paula in KY

  29. Debbie Magerkurth Avatar
    Debbie Magerkurth

    We are Better together says it all! Fabric and patterns warm my heart! So beautiful and fresh! Your mind must be on overdrive 24/7!

  30. Vicky Iannucci Avatar

    My pillow choice is “we are better together”

    At age 70 (me) and Larry (my honey) we are finally together after so many years apart, back n forth it’s hard at an older age to blend together but we love each other dearly n take each day as a blessing…we certainly are getting any younger.

  31. Sue Sharp Avatar
    Sue Sharp

    By far, “Better Together” is my favorite, because…everything really is better together! Husbands and wives, partners, friends, and quilters! It applies to so much…even fabric lines! Just imagine how awesome Urban Gatherings I will be when paired together with Urban Gatherings II…could it get any better!

  32. Sandra Goddard Avatar
    Sandra Goddard

    My favorite pillow is we are better together. Why we will be celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary on November 26. My husband is my best friend and soul mate can’t imagine this life journey without him. We have two wonderful kids and four awesome grandkids. We have both survived cancer and are living every day. So yes we are best together.

    1. Paula Kmetty Avatar
      Paula Kmetty

      Love all of this but aren’t we all better together. Especially in life. What a beautiful way to see it everyday

  33. sharlet simmons Avatar
    sharlet simmons

    I adore the “Bless the Mess” because that is my home so many days out of the month. I have too much fabric and wool fighting for my attention that I do not have time to even dust let alone clean house. I just have to get in that sewing room to get everything settled down by spending my day with both fabric and wool. Then the UFO’s start demanding some attention also. Then “poof” it is time to rest with sweet dreams of what tomorrow holds in store.

  34. Becki G Avatar
    Becki G

    Oh Lisa it has to be “We are better together”. In this crazy world of “disconnection” we are missing the community of care and concern, and yes love for our fellow (wo)man that has sustained us through some tough times. It is not about “things”, they get broken and outdated. It is about relationships and spending time together. Making them stronger and deeper.

  35. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    My favorite pillow is….We Are Better Together….because my husband and I truly are, that has been our saying for some time.

  36. Val Hoffman Avatar

    So many to love! Bless this Mess perfectly describes my sewing space but Better Together would be my favorite. It would look great on our bed!

  37. Stephanie Hanson Avatar

    I like “Stay Awhile” best.

  38. Maria L Zook Avatar
    Maria L Zook

    I really like WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER. It has so many applications-marriage, family, friends, community. I think this one would make wonderful framed wall art too. We were not created to live in isolation, but in relationships and this is a great reminder. As always, love your quilts.

    1. Lj Avatar

      I have 2 favorites!
      Better together because my husband and I have been married 26 years and through his health issues, raising 2 girls, raising grandchild and moving one of the mothers in with us due to illness- we are definitely better together!
      Spreading wings because our 18 year old is in her first year of college and watching her blossom and grow is a blessing beyond belief! We are so grateful to be able to witness this!
      Love this line!!! Thank you Lisa!

  39. JennyM Avatar

    We moved from large, busy city to a small lake in Wisconsin a few years ago. Stay Awhile perfectly expresses our desire to share the quiet and calm we have come to love with those whose lives are filled with multi-tasking and running from place to place. Great new fabric line!

    1. Bev F Avatar
      Bev F

      So many beautiful projects, but my favorite pillow is We Are Better Together. My husband and I hav been married 38 years and I can’t imagine going through life without him. We just recently visited my sister who was widowed three years ago. She lost the love of her life to cancer. What a good reminder to cherish each day you have with your loved ones.

  40. Janet Shotwell Avatar
    Janet Shotwell

    Mine is Bless This Mess. How can you not! Cleaning is the last thing on my favorite things to do list.

  41. Sandy Montooth Avatar
    Sandy Montooth

    The grass is greener made me laugh but spread your wings is my fav because all my grandkids need to live this saying. The churn dash is awesome as well.. thanks for an amazing preview.
    PS I love your “stitch book”

  42. carolyn Avatar

    Love the “We are better together” pillow. My husband and I have just gone through selling our 5 bedroom house and moving to a 2 bedroom bungalow. We’ve moved several times and this move has been a nightmare. After we closed on our new house he left for a two week business trip and left me dealing with electricians replacing knob and tube wiring from the 20s, mold remediation and termite damage on the new house as well as repairs on the old house which we hadn’t closed on yet. As he kept telling me “I wouldn’t have handled it that way” I kept saying, “That’s why we are better together!” Such a timely pillow!!! We are now moved in and slowly unpacking…together and it’s wonderful!

  43. Terry Richardson Avatar
    Terry Richardson

    I love the grass is greener but it’s hard to pick a favorite!

  44. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    My favorite pillow in this post is House + Love = Home. Simple statement but speaks volumes! There are many Houses in this world but the one that has Love is the only one that can be Home. This is another outstanding collection!

  45. Judy M Avatar
    Judy M

    I like the better together pillow best. In the current politically charged atmosphere we need to remember that America works best when we all work together to achieve national goals.

  46. marilynn Avatar

    The pillow about spread your wings is so perfect for the child/grandchild/foster child/bonus child who hesitates to
    leave the safety and sanctuary of the nest! It speaks to possibilities that await!

  47. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    Stay Awhile pillow – my husband doesn’t get enough sleep!!

  48. Judy Clarkj Avatar
    Judy Clarkj

    Love your new Urban Farmhouse line, My fav pillow is Spread Your Wings – just a reminder to always keep trying new things. But Stay Awhile is perfect for the guest room! Thanks for all your creativity Lisa.

  49. Teresa McGough Avatar
    Teresa McGough

    I married my husband when I was 17 and we have been together 35 years now so I love your “We are better together” pillow!

  50. Nancy Avatar

    Grass is greener where you water it. Speaks volumes to so many things in our lives! Marriage, friendships, relationships, children, jobs, and so many more. Don’t forget to tend what is important to you!

  51. Gayle Troccoli Avatar
    Gayle Troccoli

    Love the grays Lisa! The “We are better together” pillow is my favorite. Hubby and I have been together 37 years and that is our feelings put into words. Would love to make the bear paw quilt and this pillow for our bed to remind us everyday how blessed we are to have each other.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful creative talents with us everyday!
    Gayle Troccoli

  52. bunny46 Avatar

    I love Spread Your Wings… I have 3 grandchildren in college one graduating from Purdue this year and want to make one for each of them!

  53. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    Bless this mess
    My kids are midlife now(I can’t possibly be that old!) & I need this pillow bc it’s just hubby and me & I still get messy!!! Always blamed the kids, but we seem to be the culprits;-)!!!
    Just love all your quilts & im gonna have to get that churndash. Great book & fabric

  54. Louise Avatar

    They are all so cute but if I can only pick one for my home it would be Spread your Wings.

  55. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    Love this fabric line. Especially the smaller quilts for new moms. As you say they love the greys. The pillow I like the most is “stay awhile”. And that it’s on a bed! Reminds me of a line in an Eric Church song, “ I knew it was over when she rolled over and said ‘baby why don’t you stay’!”

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Love that Eric Church!

  56. kelly Avatar

    I love the “grass is always greener” pillow. This made me smile it is so true in life! I love the grays! I also like how you include smaller quilts in the book.

  57. Maureen Fry Avatar
    Maureen Fry

    I want to make Spread your wings for my Granddaughter, as a reminder to do just that everyday! Love your patterns, your blog and your fabric. Wish I was back in WI!

  58. Deborah w Avatar
    Deborah w

    It is hard to pick a favourite but better together speaks to me. I have a wonderful husband and we truly are better together.0

  59. Donna Schulz Avatar
    Donna Schulz

    “We Are Better Together “ is my favorite pillow. This coming year will be our 50th anniversary. My husband has Parkinson’s, so each day, week, month is so precious. He is my better half. 😍

  60. Martha O. Avatar
    Martha O.

    Stay Awhile for our guest room!

  61. Barbara Heyden Avatar
    Barbara Heyden

    Love + house= Home is my favorite if I had to chose, kind of says it all doesn’t it? But really I love them all , this post makes me want to redecorate my entire home

  62. Rita Hill Avatar
    Rita Hill

    Love all your farmhouse designs! My favorite pillow is Better Together since we have been married 50 years and I love the Bear Claw quilt which has always been one of my favorites and still on my bucket list. Really need this book for my library!

  63. Linda Dayot Avatar
    Linda Dayot

    Bless this mess is my favorite. Why? Because no time to clean when you are quilting/sewing LOL.

  64. valerie geib Avatar
    valerie geib

    I love the ‘Stay awhile’ pillow. My husband is a fire captain and has been for the last 37 years. He has spent so many nights away from home. For the past year he has been off on disability getting some injuries taken care of. The man rarely sits still. I often say ‘come and sit next to me for a while’. October is fire season here in California, so finally getting a chance to stay home for one of them is a huge blessing for us. This pillow will be a first project for me. I love all of them but that one really tugs at my heart!

  65. Lori T Avatar
    Lori T

    I think I like better together pillow the best. I agree it would make a great wedding gift, but also an anniversary gift because they grown over the years and are proof they are “better together”. The next one I like a lot is bless the mess because it would good for me because my sewing room is a MESS at times. Good gift for teenagers too.🤪

  66. Terri U Avatar
    Terri U

    Bless this Mess is my favorite. I really like all of the grey tones that are in this collection. I enjoyed making your blocks that were a part of the Moda Blockheads.

  67. S. K. Richardson Avatar

    Whew!! It’s hard to pick just one but I really like “spread your wings” especially for my grown and almost grown grandkids..I would hope it would always give them the encouragement they might need to try something new. Love your fabrics and would love to win your new book!!

  68. Marie Beers Avatar

    Oh, this was a easy choice. The grass is greener where you water it. My husband is obsessed with green grass. Our grass gets water during the hot summer months, then over seeded with winter rye so it stays green all year. In fact the rye grew so much while we were away for 5 days it needed mowing and it was still damp from all the dew. I got to help rake all 3/4 acres before the rain storm comes today. (boy, did I sleep good after that) This is going to be made for him and framed for his office.

  69. Brenda Shippy Avatar
    Brenda Shippy

    Love your fabrics and the quilts in this book, I just love them! My favorite pillow, would be Stay Awhile! I love having visitors and always want them to feel welcome and to stay and visit for awhile.

  70. Michelle H Avatar
    Michelle H

    Soooooo…..I pick Bless This Mess for my daughter. My wonderful, sweet daughter has never been the neatest girl on the block and now that she is a mom of a 2 year old and also expecting in May the “mess” has gone into overdrive.
    Toys, clean laundry and just the typical 2 year old little tornado of fun has left her trail where ever she goes.
    This pillow would be perfect for her, give her a bit of a chuckle and show her to just relax, everything will get done in time….. I hope 😉
    Funny thing is…I remember my mom visiting and saying the same thing to me

  71. Sandy Puerson Avatar
    Sandy Puerson

    Lisa, my heart chooses your ‘Stay Awhile’ pillow as my favorite. My Hubby went home to The Lord the beginning of June but when we were first married, 41 years ago, we had a pillow that said, “Make me late for breakfast”. Stay awhile reminds me of those long ago lazy days. 💕

  72. Cindy Avatar

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I can’t pick, everything is beautiful. You inspire me to try my hand at embroidery as it enhances everything and yours is beautiful.

  73. Kat R Avatar
    Kat R

    I love all the quilts, pillows and fabrics. Those colors were never really me but I’m liking them now! My favorite pillow is Bless this Mess which would go in my sewing room. As much as I clean and reorganize, it’s still a beautiful mess to me!

  74. Rhonda Avatar

    I love the We Are Better Together Pillow.
    It would be perfect for my 40th anniversary
    My husband and I have always worked together. Owned a Cosmetology school and salon. We sold them and I stayed to work at the school for the new owners. I never saw my husband since he went to work at another booth rental salon. I cried everyday!!! After a year I said enough. We both work together again at the the same booth rental salon. Life is good
    Thank you Lisa for all you do. You are such an inspiration!!!

  75. geriwood13@att.net Avatar

    Lisa this line is just beautiful!!! Can’t wait to buy it. I want a bolt of everything!! I love all the quilts. Can’t wait to buy the book. Enjoy market
    Geri Sherwood

  76. Brenda C Avatar
    Brenda C

    The grass is always greener where you water it is so funny from here in tinder dry California. It is even funnier because I live on an emerald green golf course – quite the contrast side by side. The scrappy star table topper is really lovely too. Thanks for the heads up that there will be an second line of these wonderful grays – time to start a new bin.

  77. Sue Hoover Avatar

    I love Spread Your Wings. I think it would make a fabulous graduation gift.

  78. Sherrill L Ash Avatar

    I love the Better Together pillow. It can apply to relationships between both things and people. Pumpkin and spice, peanut butter and chocolate, my husband and I . . .

  79. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    I love the quilts! (Well I love all of it..) but the bear paw and the barn door quilt is great in your new line. And the quilt for young ones…so soothing it’s great for any age. We live in a log home but I never wanted bears and the lodge stuff—I have red (my fav. Color) and black and so GREYS are moving right in!!! My Shainy suffers from all kinds of medical stuff so I pray for YOU and your sweetheart. Keep On sewing, keep on sewing,……!!! Thanks for all you do for all of us.😎

  80. jrp53 Avatar

    There are a couple of pillows that really touched me. The spread your wings one is so appropriate for young newly graduated students. Since I work in a University, sometimes the students really do need a bit of a push to get out of the nest. The better together spoke to me as well since my husband is currently in cancer treatment. As you go along in life you can begin to take each other for granted until something like the big C stops you in your tracks and makes you realize how special a solid relationship is. We just celebrated our 44th anniversary in the midst of his treatment. With God’s grace we will make it to 45.

  81. COLLEEN KOSKI Avatar

    Wow! I love the fabric line. It is hard to pick a favorite pillow but I will say Stay Awhile is really cute! I would start there.

  82. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    Better together
    Is my favorite, sometimes I think we forget that just the strength of another just standing by you help with all of life’s ups and downs. We all can use that in our daily life’s.

  83. Debbie ryniewski Avatar
    Debbie ryniewski

    I like the pillow stay awhile. I invisioned the pillow on a rocking cahair on a open front porch with a small table in between with the split fences tabletoppet. How inviting.

  84. Nancy Avatar

    Love Bless this mess…Someone should bless my mess!

  85. Linda G Baker Avatar
    Linda G Baker

    Love Bless this mess. I love your patterns, books, wool boxes, and fabrics. Thanks for all you do.!

  86. Phyllis Prom Avatar
    Phyllis Prom

    I love Spread your wings. As a 77 year young mother, grandmother and great grandmother I have enjoyed life by spreading my wings. Being a quilter and a Landscape art quilt designer and maker I so enjoy all of the colors in the fabric palette. Keep up the great play time you have developed for yourself and for all of us.

  87. Sherryl Wynne Avatar

    “Stay Awhile” is my favorite. I’m thinking I could take it with me when I visit my daughter – and keep it on my bed in her spare room. Just so she’ll know my plans. Ha! And, of course, I’ll keep it out in my family room when I’m home. Though (yes, it’s true), I’ll hide it when the gabby neighbor comes by. Some people don’t need any more encouragement! Does that make me a bad person? Great book and also love, love, love the gray and white theme!

  88. Sandy Dahlgren Avatar
    Sandy Dahlgren

    I like, Bless this Mess. To me it means an active home, it’s not just a house.

  89. Tracy Avatar

    I love your new patterns for the pillows and quilts. I especially love the stay a while pillow. I am married to a fowle and the bird house is very appropriate for our house. I will have to send you my quilt I made with your other Primitive Gathering quilt book you put our a couple of years ago. I love it! Thanks for all your hard work.

  90. Barbara Lotthammer Avatar
    Barbara Lotthammer

    I don’t think you have to have kids around to like Bless this mess. My husband and I do fine making messes too.. love your fabric book and patterns

  91. Martha Followill Avatar

    I love all the items. The pillow We are better together is my favorite. My husband and I have been married 42 years and I think we have become better together.

  92. Carol Wilkie Avatar
    Carol Wilkie

    I love this new collection. I’m torn over a couple of the pillows. I’ve decided to go with “Until you spread your wings; You’ll never know how far you can fly”. I chose this because my daughter and I are both runners. She runs the Marathons and I run the 1/2 Marathons. We travel a lot together as she is working on running all 50 states.

  93. Sue Avatar

    Bless this Mess for sure…. will have to stock up on the fabric so I can make one for each room!

  94. Kristy A Soard Avatar

    Of course, I love them all. But if push comes to shove and I must choose………then I will choose “We are Better Together.” It applies to so many aspects of my life….myself and my hubby, us and our kids, us and our friends, each of us and God! Now that you have me thinking about it…I am really going to need this one, and the colors match my decor perfectly.

  95. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I’m usually not a grey fan, but I love this collection and what you have created with it! “We are better together “ really speaks to me after a trying year health- wise with my husband of 47 years. Definitely better together and definitely thankful!

  96. Melanie Dreike Avatar
    Melanie Dreike

    We are better together describes my husband and I perfectly. We both are good at lots of things but together we are even better. He is of course the better half!

  97. Julie Logosz Avatar
    Julie Logosz

    I love the “We are better together” pillow! My husband and I compliment each other and fill in sentences for each other. We stand on our own but we have been better together for 40 years next month.

  98. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    My favorite pillow is Stay Awhile. That pillow brings back fond memories of my Dad. Whenever anyone would come to visit him, no matter how long they stayed, he would always tell them, ” What’s your hurry, stay awhile” whenever they were getting ready to leave. Oh, how I miss hearing him say that.

  99. Dorothy Hopko Avatar
    Dorothy Hopko

    “We are better together” applies to day to day living in this wonderful USA today….if we think about this every single day and every single thing that we do or attempt to do….is always when we work together…. it is better…
    I was taught by Grandma Good…Better…Best Never let it rest…until your good is your better and your better is your best…..
    so this pillow gets us on our way to reach Best…..what a goal….

    PS… one of my great niece was hovering over me (of course – I love that) and she said Mamaw I hope when I am 81 I still have that positive out look… so lets be better together….God Bless all !!!

  100. travelingro Avatar

    I love all these pillows BUT Until you spread your wings you’ll never know how far you can fly! ….is the leader!! A reminder to all of us that we are the ones that control our flight … we need to remind ourselves of that …. “Yes, I can!” … and do it!! At 82, I’m still flying or trying … I love all these patterns and fabric!! Thank you, Lisa, for sharing!!

  101. Kathleen King Avatar
    Kathleen King

    I love all the pillows, but two really stand out more to me. The first would be “We are better together”. My husband was away most of his Navy career and I always looked forward to the day he came back from sea. We are definitely better together than apart. The second would be “Stay Awhile”. It would be my way of inviting guests to stay and visit longer instead of feeling like they have to rush off.

  102. moosebaymusings Avatar

    Better Together would be a good one for our sofa as we celebrated our 50th anniversary in August, but unfortunately Bless This Mess is more appropriate for our lifestyle–lol!

  103. Kari Stutzman Avatar

    Love the grey quilts… I have just been dreaming of doing an all grey and white quilt. I had been wondering if i was being to boring but now to see it in real life i know the dream is perfect! I just finish some other ufo’s first but then a grey and white quilt is in my future. Love all the pillows… must make them all.

  104. Tracy Avatar

    “Better Together “ After 39 years married to my true better half, this says it all.
    Today I received the Farmhouse Gathers book, love the quilts but also the ones in your Urban Farmhouse book from the pictures above. Too many choices, good ones!

  105. Kari Stutzman Avatar

    I forgot to pick a pillow to love… It for me is the House + love = home! It truely does take love to make a home. I still love all the grey quilts… i am sure gonna need that book. Thanks for the inspiration.

  106. Debbie Avatar

    I like “The grass is greener where you water it.” I see it as speaking both about relationships and making something good out of circumstances (instead of wishing for the “other side”). The quilts are beautiful!

  107. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    It’s hard to pick just one because they’re all great, but my favorite is spread your wings. That rings true for me because I’m one that’s apprehensive about trying things I think are out of my comfort zone. You never know unless you try.

  108. penny Boser Avatar
    penny Boser

    Let me say I love the new lines. I can see some fabric shopping in the near future. I love the “Bless this Mess” pillow ,although I think it might be a framed picture for my sewing room. Better Together us spot on too. Looking forward to my December classes with Lisa in Bloomington/Normal.

  109. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    Better together is my favorite, as my husband had a stroke 2 years ago and it has been a very long road, he will never be 100% again, but we are together and that is all that matters. My evening wool handwork has kept me going many a night, thank you for the beautiful patterns that you create, along with kits to go with them as I can’t get out for the “hunt” of the perfect fabric/wool, so glad we have similar tastes!

  110. Mary Howland Avatar
    Mary Howland

    I like the “The grass is greener…” statement as that’s what many of us said and thought of when I lived in upstate NY near Buffalo. I moved to southern CA to get away from the snow. No snow and icy roads – yeah! But no autumns, floating snowflakes, and lilacs.

  111. Ann Weaver Avatar
    Ann Weaver

    My husband and I are getting a little older. The pillow, We are Better Together, reminds me of what my husband and I say all the time, Two Minds Are Better Than One. I really don’t want that on a pillow.

  112. Deborah Cagle Avatar
    Deborah Cagle

    Lisa, I do love this line and the projects in the book are beautiful. My favorite pillow is “We are Better Together “. My husband and I have been married for 37 years, when a stressful situation comes up we tend to pull in opposite directions. When that happens I always tell him we make a good team, so let’s do this together!

  113. Felice Gokey Avatar

    Usually it’s hard for me to pick one favorite……but this was an easy one. Growing up we had a sign hanging in our mudroom that said “bless this mess”…….its was appropriate as I’m one of 6 kids. That saying always brings back great childhood memories of a very messy mudroom!!!!!

    love this line and all the projects:)

  114. Pam Bowman Avatar

    Put your head on the bed and “stay awhile” or sit down in the chair and stay there!
    I like the “Stay awhile” for its versatility!

  115. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    My favorite pillow was “We are better together.”
    Better together is a saying most true.
    Better together means me plus you.
    Better together, many years to pass,
    Better together, our love will last.

  116. Ellen Fox Avatar
    Ellen Fox

    We will celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary tomorrow and “Better Together” says it all. We have weathered losing all 4 of our parents, raising 2 children that are wonderful, and now enjoy our 6 grandchildren. Together we have been blessed for sure.

  117. Mary Kannas Avatar
    Mary Kannas

    Wow! It’s really hard to choose but Spread Your Wings seems to speak to me. I’ve been contemplating getting back into barrel racing (crazy, I know) after many years away from it. I believe some fear is holding back. Every time I see this saying it makes me think, why not!
    There are many beautiful projects in this book. I love the simplicity of the various greys and whites.

  118. Ethelann Wood Avatar
    Ethelann Wood

    Hi from Ethelann, My favorite is the we are better together. My hubby and I will celebrate our 48th anniversary this coming August. Our first cruise was our stitcher ‘s with you,Olde Greene Cupboard and Stacey West. Since then we’ve thought of planning another but life gets in the way. With all the good, bad and in between there is no doubt about it, “We are better together ” Thanks for all the fun and beauty!

  119. bobbie Rumler Avatar
    bobbie Rumler

    spread your wings is a great one and I also love the together pillow I love your quilts with all the tiny pieces…I have the red and white book just put on my wish list the blue and white book

  120. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    Another “over-the-top” line of fabrics and designs! Looking forward to the color changing, as I’m thinking of painting my bedroom grey! You never disappoint!

  121. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    My favorite is “We are Better Together” my hubby Steve and I recently celebrated our 6 year anniversary and honestly I’m not sure where I’d be without him, probably not in a good place (both of us came from crazy backgrounds). Of course for me We are Better Together could also be close relationships with a couple treasured friends. Oh, I also have a second favorite it’s “Bless this Mess” seems like no matter how organized and tidy I start out it always ends up a mess! LOL Lisa, thanks for another great line of fabric I’m so excited to get my items that I’ve ordered and I’m also excited to see the next line, your flannels have a spell on me I can’t stop petting them. LOL maybe I should move to Alaska so I can use them in quilts more often…but then I wouldn’t be able to ride as much!

  122. Felicia Hamlin Avatar
    Felicia Hamlin

    All of them are very nice, but my favorite is Bless this Mess because that describes my house. I like the little star quilt. Thank you for the chance to win.

  123. othelloquilter Avatar

    I LOVE so many of the pillows!
    I really like the “We are Better Together” since we just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this summer, in the hospital no less. The Hubs had brain surgery a few days before & was not ready to go home for the anniversary yet – so together, in the hospital. I stayed with him the entire hospital visit & the staff was very accommodating. I think they could see that I am a Mama Bear.
    Even though it is not a pillow in your photo, I also LOVE the “Grass is Greener Where you Water it”. Such a positive statement & we all need those in our lives.
    I really LOVE all your posts, designs and positivity! Love seeing them in my inbox.

  124. Sheila Avatar

    Love, love, love them all but The Hole in the Barn Door is my favorite. Wish I could afford the kit but maybe Santa will come through.

  125. Alice Avatar

    Wow Lisa it gets better and better. Already started on a quilt from a Farmhouse Gatherings and now this book. I want to do them all. My favourite to start would be the saying “ The grass is greener….”then I would move on to the table covering. I could go on and on just not enough time to fit all the quilting in. Need to retire lol.

  126. Violet Richardson Avatar
    Violet Richardson

    The pillow that says, we are better together ….. because we have been married 59 years and counting🎂❤️

  127. Tammy Avatar

    All of them are wonderful but We are Better Together is my favorite. My husband and I have supported each other through the loss of both my parents and his mother. Keeping each other grounded in “Life” instead of loss takes a great support system. You are such an inspiration.

  128. JANICE MEISTER Avatar

    My favorite pillow is The Grass is Greener where you water it. I had never heard this saying before and find it Is such a good reminder that the best relationships are those where you have put forth some effort. The flowers were cute On it too. I hope I win the book…you make some beautiful things to Inspire me. Janice Meister

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  129. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    I really love the We are Better Together pillow!

  130. Karen Hickman Avatar
    Karen Hickman

    My favorite pillow is “Bless this Mess”
    Why: pretty obvious when you see my sewing room!!! Love your new line and book!!!

  131. Sharon Avatar

    We are better together is my favorite! I got married when I was sixteen years old,he was eighteen,we have been married for fifty three years years!!!

  132. Leigh Ann P Avatar
    Leigh Ann P

    I really have 2. “Better together” really resonates for me because my husband & I are married 32 & together 34. He boosts me up when needed. I listen & play devils advocate for him!! We’ve lived in 5 houses in 5 states, raised 3 kids & still are best friends!! “Spread Your Wings”- I was 24 when I got married, moved to VA & never looked back!! Never thought I’d leave NJ or make/meet So many wonderful friends/people!!

  133. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    Bless this Mess. I am a mess. It just suits my personality.

  134. Marilyn Verburgh Avatar

    Love this line, my mind is going in all directions thinking of the possibilities. The pillow that I love is spread your wings for my granddaughter. I had a grey living room in the early 90’s when it was not cool and still miss it just might do it again.
    Thanks Lisa for all you do.

  135. Nyla Dominguez Avatar
    Nyla Dominguez

    This is a difficult choice, all the pillows are great! I guess I would choose the Stay Awhile pillow. We have two guest rooms and are regularly inviting our out of town friends and family to come visit. This would emphasize the sincerity of our invitation when they do come. The quilts are great too! Thanks Lisa for an inspirational blog!