What a deal!!!!

Are you looking for a new block of the month? or a winter project?  This might be the perfect one for you…

Introducing Square Deal…this was our 2019 Summer Block of the week project…Amy produced this masterpiece this summer and it is just stunning!!!!


It is inspired by an antique quilt in my collection….here they are side by side…The quilts are 85×85.  The antique is a little more mellow but I bet in 150 years our reproduction will be as well! lol….. You are only seeing half the quilt here is it folded exactly in half and hung over the railing…I wish I could just leave them here….IMG_6617It’s not quite the right season for them here at home..but….what is that???….notice the photo bomber?  He’s trouble I tell ya…always wants to be near what you doing but he’s sneaky about it…not ever  a pest..and everyone who has met Jeter L-O-V-E-S him…he has recently had some guests over and he looks forward to waking them up every morning for a little snuggle…


Wait…I got off track a little…here are some of the details from our website… You can get this quilt as a Block of the Month or all at once full kit.  Click underlined links for pricing and more details…

Here are the details if you want to get it MONTHLY.

Each month you will receive 24-lights and 48-dark fabrics in your kit, and will make 48 blocks.  Which means you will be doing a total of 576 – 2 ½” Finished blocks! Potentially that means that there will be more than 800 different fabrics in your kits! Your Essentials in month 1 will be the 5 yards of Muslin 1040-23, which will be used for your setting blocks and your first month will be more because of this large piece of fabric.   There will be NO Finishing Kit needed for this quilt; you will have everything you need to finish this quilt minus the Backing Fabric, as that is optional…s…oRemember you need month 1 essentials and then the monthly installments, so put both in your cart and click if you are US resident or International.  The backing is an optional item…click yes or no…add everything to the cart each option at a time…you’ll figure it out..

Helpful Hint: For squaring up your blocks we strongly encourage you to use the Itty Bitty Eighths Ruler in either the 3”x 7” it is perfect for the size blocks you are making.  Backing Fabric:

You are going to need 7 yards of backing fabric to complete your quilt. Just let us know in the comment section what color you would like, and we will pick out an amazing one for you!

Click HERE to order just the pattern or a whole kit all at once… .This quilt was a big hit in Houston and we have a very limited amount of them leftover from cutting the Summer Block of the week…we never go back and cut them again…as 800 fabrics is a lot to handle and cut!

Thanks to everyone who purchased this pattern and kit in Houston as we sold everything we brought with us….

Time to start thinking about next years Summer Block of the week Pieced quilt.

Take care everyone…I’m still kinda tired from being in Houston for 11 days….so to bed early for me…Lisa


12 responses to “What a deal!!!!”

  1. Alice Tignor Avatar
    Alice Tignor

    What color and brand paint is the gray on the wall in the picture below with your stairs???? Much appreciated.


  2. Sandy D’Angelo Avatar
    Sandy D’Angelo

    I did this as a summer block of the week and love it. I am now waiting for it to be quilted. Thank you for this beauty..

  3. Sue Beehler Avatar
    Sue Beehler

    I did see this last night It would not allow me to do a final check out I have a dr appointment this morning I will call them when I get home I Still need some thinking time

    Thanks for the head ups

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Kathleen Martin Avatar

    I assume 12 months? I couldn’t find where it said. Also, when I click to add first month essentials to cart, there is a $45 Pro Rata Square Deal charge. What is that? First month is $87.50 & remaining 11 months @ 22.50? I’m pretty confused. Thank you, Kathy Martin

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Please call the Shop and talk with Judy P on how the Pro-rated fee works. thank you jessica 920-722-7233

  5. Rilla Burnham Avatar
    Rilla Burnham

    What is the Square deal pro rate fee? Is it a one time thing?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Please call the Shop and Judy P can explain how the Prorated fee works. Thank you jessica 920-722-7233

  6. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    love your website some everyday talk and then the pictures of quilts hurray!!

  7. Kathleen Martin Avatar
    Kathleen Martin

    I have the same question about Square Deal pro rata fee. What is it? What is the price of the Square Deal BOM? Mo 1-$87.50? 11 Mos @ 22.50?
    Thank you.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Please call the Shop and Judy P will explain how the prorated fee works. Thank you jessica 920-722-7233

  8. Deb Noll Avatar
    Deb Noll

    Wouldn’t it save alot of messages and phone calls if you just answered here, or put all the info in the sales pitch above? How many months is pretty simple, and explain all fees. Kind of a turn-off when it isn’t shown up front. Not being snarky, just asking.

  9. Karen & Tony Avatar
    Karen & Tony

    OMG! You are right about that. It’s beautiful and looks big! Not ready for it though. 😂

    Sent from my iPhone


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