Day 11 Needful Things…Fabric-Indigo Gatherings

Happy Saturday Morning Everyone!…Are you decking your halls today? Are you shopping? Are you Stitching?  So much to do…right?  But make sure you get some of those things crossed off the list today!!!


Quilter’s always need Fabric..and I just happen to have a new line coming out in January.IMG_9055

Indigo blue and white, not bright white but cream which I consider white. Everyone loves blue and white quilts…It is the most sought after in the collecting of antique quilts…and there is a lot of buzz with blue and white right now…Houston just had a big blue and white quilt show…There is a Blue & White book coming out this month by Lissa Alexander by Martingale.

 We are going to put all our Indigo quilt kits 10% off, Patterns $1.00 off and the pre cuts 20% off!.  The discount will be taken at the end when you check out…and please make sure the Indigo Gatherings is the only thing on your order in your cart at the time of check out…They will ship probably 3rd week in January.  And hopefully they will be on time!  Thank you!

Blockheads Logo for LisaAnd..before I get too far into Indigo Gatherings…I just want to announce that Moda Block Heads 3 is starting in January and I am going to let you in a little secret before I announce to the 30,000 subscribers in the Moda Block Heads Facebook group that I will be using Indigo Gatherings and Urban Farmhouse Gatherings in my MBH3 project!  MBH3 will be different because….you can choose what size blocks to make…4,6,8 or 12″ blocks…I will be making 4″ and using Layer cakes of both lines.  If you want to make the two bigger size blocks I would get FQs..the middle sizes you probably can use F8s.  Just making sure you have first chance at the precuts coming in or what have left of Urban Farmhouse Gatherings.  I am going to mix them together to come up with another great quilt for you all…and this is all I can reveal at this time…no blocks yet!  Jan 15 MBH3 starts!

But back to Indigo Gatherings

Here are the quilt kits we have made with Indigo Gatherings…

Blue Monday…This 40″ quilt can be a baby quilt or a table quilt.  You can make it blue with a white star or cream with a blue star…which one do you like best?  The two quilt kits are different because there are only 10 light and 30 blue so that makes a difference in how they are kitted.  Trust me on this.

IMG_8933IMG_8960Oshkosh means “on the water”  I live on the outskirts of Oshkosh and love how we made the storm at sea blocks with ease…this quilt is made of several units…when all the units are done…stitch them together and we have a gorgeous quilt!IMG_9003

Indicon…The scrappy quilt uses all 40 skus in the line…It looks hard but really it is not…it is made in 4 different blocks…and the four blocks put together make this fabulous quilt.  It can be used on a bed or as a lap quilt…IMG_8973

Deep Blue...This fun quilt starts out with a block and then we just surrounded it with every fabric in the line again….but there’s a secret way to put this together …and it’s not one at a time!  This quilt is a Moda kit and it comes in a beautifully designed box!



Indiana Indigo…is a complex looking project that really is just a bunch of Half Square Triangles and then another unit with squares on point and then stitched together with some sashing strips and we end up with this little masterpiece…This project again is super scrappy using every fabric in the group…


Baeyer StarIs named after the Johan…who won the Nobel Prize for his work with Indigo dyes…where would us Americans be without our bluejeans?  Here he is…just a little history lesson…

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer (German: [ˈbaɪɐ]; 31 October 1835 – 20 August 1917) was a German chemist who synthesised indigo,[1]developed a nomenclature for cyclic compounds (that was subsequently extended and adopted as part of the IUPAC organic nomenclature). He was ennobled in the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1885 and was the 1905 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.



I love this quilt on my bed…it is simple and cool at the same time….The quilt is just 16 big star blocks and then pieced border is the same FG unit as the star block…

We could not have a photo shoot without Jeter doing his job of quilt model….here he is in one of his fine poses…IMG_9023

and best of all…Kali who helps me with the photography is on leave with Baby #4 Drew…and…he came along with Mama, and of coarse he had to test drive the baby quilt!  Meet Baby Drew…he has a beautiful head of dark hair and blue eyes that are staying blue!  Must have been that Indigo dye doing it’s thing…IMG_8976

Trust me Grandma, Auntie, GiGi, Mimi and Nana’s. what every your name or title is…this quilt is perfect!  Don’t you just want to wrap him up and rock him…just for a little while?

also..last but not least…Indigo Gatherings precuts are on sale as well!!! They all are 20% off and are preorders…They will be coming in January and we are thinking that if you order for your MBH3 they will just be a week or so late…so not too bad…Here are all the precuts offered.IMG_9034

Please leave a comment to win some Indigo Gatherings precuts on January 1st!!!

What is your greatest accomplishment as a quilter/stitcher?

I can’t wait to read these…All for now…Come back tomorrow for another Needful Thing…Lisa





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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

267 thoughts on “Day 11 Needful Things…Fabric-Indigo Gatherings

    1. May I ask what mid arm quilting machine you use? I have the block rocket which is made by Greece company. I’ve had a lot of problems with it. It has been a frustrating machine! I finally think I have it under control but it is still very finicky. Just wondering if u had same machine.

    2. The indigo fabrics are just gorgeous! My greatest accomplishment was actually completing a quilt as I enjoy piecing more than the actual quilting part.

  1. Darn you, Lisa! Just when I think I’m going to ‘slow w down’ with my fabric purchases, you come out with still another beautiful line of fabric that I NEED! My greatest accomplishment as a quilter has been to provide joy to others … especially my two little grandsons … when I give them a quilt I’ve made. My Littles immediately wrap themselves up in the quilt for grandma hugs. All of my quilt labels always include a Bible verse, chosen specifically for the person, as my way to share God’s love to them as long as they have the quilt. Thank you for your designs and inspiration.

  2. Wow! Those fabrics are beautiful. Well my greatest accomplishment would be that I have made wedding quilts for my nieces and nephews and baby quilts for their children. I’m not an award winning quilter but they were very excited to receive them. Thanks Lisa! I always look forward to your 12 days of Christmas!

    1. My greatest accomplishment is learning how to put the borders on correctly…no more wonky quilts! LOL!

  3. My greatest achievement as a quilter was creating a log cabin quilt for my sister. She hung it in her house and it inspired her to quilt! Now my sister and I both quilt and inspire each other. My quilts hang on the walls but she makes them to put on the beds. I love blue and white and am really excited about this new line. Thank you, Lisa. Happy holidays from San Diego! Colleen Swesey

    On Saturday, December 14, 2019, Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “Happy Saturday Morning Everyone!…Are you decking > your halls today? Are you shopping? Are you Stitching? So much to > do…right? But make sure you get some of those things crossed off the > list today!!! Quilter’s always need Fabric..and I just happen ” >

  4. My greatest accomplishment is realizing that my style of quilting/stiching is not everyone else’s style, nor is mine what is the latest trend, but it is mine to enjoy!

  5. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter would probably be seen by many as my quilt related works being published as patterns. I however, find it to be seeing each member of my family being wrapped in handmade quilts by me. And BTW blue is my favorite color…just ask my grandchildren! They will say Grandma, is that because it matches our eyes?

  6. Beautiful Indigo fabric collection. My dream has always has been to make a double wedding ring quilt in indigo and cream (white). This would be perfect. I made another double wedding ring in red and cream as a wedding gift for someone. It was hard to see it go out the door because it was so beautiful. Now I want to make one in indigo and cream. My greatest accomplishment is to applique using wool. Several of your quilts won blue ribbons. Thanks for all you do for quilters.

    1. I haven’t been quilting very long. I’d say my greatest accomplishment has been to actually design a quilt and make it. That was quite a learning experience and I am glad that I did it.

  7. Love your new blue indigo fabrics! Also enjoyed the history lesson😉. I think my “postage due“ pattern quilt was my biggest challenge to date. I’ve only been quilting for seven years. I worked on this quilt at a class at Primative Gatherings in California. Couldn’t have done it without the help of Tina, our instructor.

  8. Oh WOW! These fabrics are gorgeous and I love blue and white quilts. I think I have a lot to learn as a quilter yet, but my greatest accomplishments are the quilts I’ve made for family and friends. There have been 50th Anniversary, birthday, baby, new home, holiday… each one made with love and the person in mind when they were created and stitched. Thank you for all the inspiration through the years.

  9. My greatest accomplishment was making an appliqued baby quilt for each of my four grandbabies.

    On Sat, Dec 14, 2019, 11:50 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “Happy Saturday Morning Everyone!…Are you decking > your halls today? Are you shopping? Are you Stitching? So much to > do…right? But make sure you get some of those things crossed off the > list today!!! Quilter’s always need Fabric..and I just happen ” >

  10. Loving the Indigo Gatherings fabric. My greatest accomplishment is whenever I finish a Primitive Gatherings wool applique quilt. Then it is on to the next Primitive Gatherings masterpiece.

  11. These fabrics are gorgeous! My biggest accomplishment in quilting is taking my quilting on a domestic machine to a long arm machine.

  12. I love blue and white and you Indigo Gatherings line is just beautiful! I think my biggest accomplishment as a quilter is just getting the quilt finished 🙂 I am still pretty green at quilting so just finishing makes me happy.

  13. My greatest accomplishment is finishing Twilight Garden and I’m honored to have Starlite Skies in Road to California.

  14. I have not been a fan of blue and white quilts, but yours are making me want to make one. Love the fabric. I have tons of fabric and want to make several quilts. My greatest accomplish is getting busy. One other thing, the pears in the dish in one picture. Did you make them or is there a pattern for them. They are so beautiful and I would love to have a bowl full. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  15. OMG I have to get this collection. Love them.
    My accomplishment is my style of quilting. Not everyone loves what I do. But that is OK by me.

  16. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is seeing how excited my grandchildren are to receive a quilt made specifically for them!

  17. greatest accomplishment is just having the courage to start a quilt! especially when I have a dear friend
    who is a fantastic quilter and is forever gifting me with special quilted treasures!

  18. My greatest accomplishment this year was taking my very first quilt, which was an appliqué quilt which I did over 20 years ago, to a longarm quilter to finish it. My mom always loved it and wondered why I never finished it! I surprised her with it this year when she moved to an assisted living unit! She is always taking people in to show them her bed! The smile on her face I will never forget!

  19. My greatest accomplishment is teaching my granddaughter how to quilt so that the tradition will be carried on by the next generation. She is a very precise piecer and enjoys creating things with fabric!

  20. What beautiful blues! Must add some to my stash. My biggest accomplishment is the quilt classes I’ve taught inspiring others to be hooked on quilting! Love the relationships I have with other quilters. They are the best!

    1. Every new quilt pattern started, finished, and given away to see them use and enjoy is my greatest accomplishment. My learning something new and being able to share the love with others. This new line is beautiful! On my list!!

      1. My biggest accomplishment as of today I would have to say is finishing unfinished projects that have been a work in progress for many years. I enjoy hand work and honing my skills as well as learning new techniques from other sewers.

    2. Helping start our local quilt club over 20 years ago now – where lifelong friendships among women from different backgrounds continue, and members make and donate beautifuk comfort quilts to at-risk youth, hospice patients and veterans- and teach all ages to quilt – is my greatest accomplishment.

  21. First of all, my birthday is January first! Second, my bedroom has been navy and white for over 20 years. Third, I traveled to an indigo textile dye studio in Kyoto, Japan and fell in love with indigo. My greatest accomplishment was handmaking a hexagon quilt in reds, golds and greens. It took me 4 years to accomplish and won a prize at my guild quilt show. I will keep my fingers crossed so I can make a Storm At Sea quilt for my bedroom wall.

  22. Your indigo collection is just in time for my daughter’s move to the lakes of Michigan. My greatest accomplishment has learning how to quilt on my long arm. jmh

  23. To finally have conquered piecing very small quilts with Lisa’ s hint about using starch. I will no longer piece quilts without srarch.

  24. I don’t fell like a have a greatest accomplishment yet. It maybe your SBOW wool quilt . I’m on block 6 on one and haven’t started the others yet. I’m slow or really to much to do. But I love your wool quilts. These blues are awesome. Will probably have a new kit to add to my to do list.

  25. My biggest achievement in quilting, is making the 2” finished bow tie quilt in king size. At one time I didn’t think I’d ever get it done. I was working on it in 2012. My dad was having heart surgery, so I brought my Featherweight sewing machine to have at the hotel. I thought it would be great to have while he was recuperating. Well, sorry to say he didn’t make it. I was so devastated that I put the boxes of bow ties away. In 2018 I finally had the strength to bring this quilt back out. I worked so hard to get this done, I finished it in honor of my dad. It still can bring tears to my eyes when I look at it, but it also brings me joy. So yes…this was my biggest achievement!

  26. Those new blues & creams are beautiful. The Blue & White Quilt Book is on my to buy list. Maybe after Christmas? Last year I made a baby quilt for our neighbor who we had watched growing up from a baby to college to wedding to buying her parents’ house. The nursery theme was jungle & I had bought monkey panels on a whim years ago. Can I say the quilt was a hit?

  27. Love the new blue and white line. Can’t wait to start sewing with it. My biggest achievement so far is a king size hand applique wool quilt for our bed. It took over a year to stitch all the blocks, but it is beautiful!.

  28. I am not sure I have just one. The longer I quilt the smaller the pieces I am confident in making. My tastes of patterns have changed and at on point was very proud of my ability to do applique thanks to Karen Buckley, local teacher and good friend. I love love this new line.

  29. I love indigo’s and definitely will be adding your new collection to my fabric stash for creating beautiful indigo quilts. My biggest accomplishment is finding joy in creating beautiful quilts and the friendships made along the journey.

  30. What gorgeous fabrics – yet again! I love handwork but have only dabbled in wool so far, so I would have to say my biggest accomplishments (so far!) are some Crabapple Hill embroidered quilt patterns and learning to EPP.

  31. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is completely finishing a few! Many UFO’s in the closet. My greatest gift is the company of fellow quilters in my quilt group.

  32. My greatest accomplishment is learning to take my time and being proud of each project. I also count continuing to learn and improve pretty close to the top of the list to. I’m a true fan of anything blue and this line is calling my name.

  33. Having a quilt in your Triangle Gatherings book. Also, for about four years I have been mailing small quilt blocks or just fabric squares to my six year old granddaughter. They are kept in a decorated box and she will arrange them on the floor. This is my gently planting the quilting seed!

  34. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter would be instilling the love of quilting in my niece, What is more important that continuing this historic and lovely art form!?! This new line of fabric may have to take over my home, I LOVE this line, as blue is my color. Can’t wait to purchase loads of it!

  35. Love this new line and the projects that go with them. Can’t decide between the Farmhouse Gatherings or these to be my new favs for some upcoming projects.

  36. I designed (on the go) a medallion quilt with a Tree of Life block for the center. It took about a year – more from indecision about what to add next – but I love it. I consider it my heirloom quilt.

  37. I LOVE everything PG! A personal visit to the shop is on my bucket list. My biggest accomplishment… this point as a Quilter…….is making 2 mini quilts (a 3rd on is in process) using PG thimble template.. thank you , Lisa and staff !

  38. I feel my greatest accomplishment would be teaching my best friend how to sew/quilt and watching her love for quilting grow! Next will be teaching my granddaughters. It is fun to pass it on.

  39. I started to quilt seriously when I retired 20 years ago. I am now 82 and have 3 married children.They have been gifted 2 quilts each and numerous table runners and stitchery items. I also have 7 grandchildren and they all received 2 quilts each over the years. Now 4 of these grands are married and they all received wedding quilts. The other 3 grands have wedding quilts waiting for them when the time comes! I love each process of quilt making. Thank you Lisa.

  40. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter (so far) is probably making a cuddle blanket for my little granddaughter. That cuddle fabric is very difficult to sew on! Your indigo fabrics are just beautiful! I would love to win some, and thank you for the opportunity. Merry Christmas!

  41. I recently taught my first Beginner quilting class with 4 attendees and each one of them completed the project. The 12.5 inch blocks were basics: 9-patch, churn dash, rail fence and sawtooth star. It was a rewarding experience.

  42. I made my son (and his now wife of 4 yrs) a king Wedding Star quilt by Quiltworx for one of their wedding gifts. AND it was finished a month before the big day!! I spent 2-1/2 hrs in my favorite shop selecting the 6 color ways and then 5 months of some pretty solid cutting and sewing. (I work f/t too). Seeing it still takes my breath away!

  43. I’ve made a number of lovely quilts but my greatest accomplishment has been giving my friends and neighbors the confidence to push themselves to create more than they thought possible.

  44. Greatest accomplishment. Seeing the joy on someone’s face when you gift them with a quilty item that you made yourself.

  45. Blue is my favorite color!! Just love the indigo gatherings line!
    My greatest accomplishment with quilting is teaching my daughters how to sew/quilt and them learn to love it!! Now I hope to pass it on to the next generation, I’ve been blessed with 4 little granddaughters!

  46. My greatest accomplishment recently is that I have finally mastered sewing my bindings on by machine. It saves so much time and I feel it’s much more durable for the quilts that are used over and over and washed and washed. Yay for me!!!

  47. The one accomplishment I wanted to achieve as a quilter was to have a quilt juried into the Paducah AQS show. And I did! In 2003 my Dear Jane was accepted into the show and I was absolutely astonished when it placed. Never dreamed it would win 2nd place in its category.

  48. My greatest achievement is creating a group and gave each person who wanted to work on the quilt to honor the 90th birthday of one of our weekly quilt group. The quilt was The Cardinal Quilt by CarrieGolias in the spring 2018 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.A blue and white quilt is on my bucket list and the precuts of you Blue Indigo fabrics would be the perfect choice.

  49. After losing my left eye sight, I it was a challenge to do anything quilting. I have “learned” how to adjust and not give up, find alternative methods, and not give up. I may not be perfect but I am so fortuniate to be able to continue with quilting. I didn’t give up and that is my greatest accomplishment. I am thankful for one eye.

  50. With your guidance as a mentor, teacher, designer, my greatest accomplishment as a quitter is that I have found a love of something to do, which Provides me with a hobby that enables me to create a variety of gifts toGive with love and the fact that it has certainly helped me to tone down my perfectionist attitude. The recipient always loves the gift and that makes my heart happy.

  51. Love all the quilts in these fabrics! My greatest accomplishment in quilting might be finishing a quilt for my grandson.

  52. Love your new line of fabric! My greatest accomplishment has been to make a quilt for a church raffle that went for $250.00.

  53. Mmm. all projects look great. Already preordered a FQ bundle earlier, but just had to order one more kit!, like I need it, but I do want it., so I will splurge and order that too!

  54. In April, 25 years ago, I decided to make an appliqué Christmas quilt. Then as I was cutting blocks out, I decided I might as well make four of them, just alike. I did most of the piecing by hand, but time constraints stepped in and I put the big blocks together by machine. Then a wonderful friend custom quilted all of them and they were ready in time for Christmas.
    I would love to make four more quilts In one of your blue and white patterns, but time has taken its toll on my fingers. Maybe I’ll attempt one!

  55. merci pour ce jeu , très beaux tissus ! mes réalisations préférées sont celles faites à mes enfants et petits enfants !

  56. I think my greatest personal quilting accomplishment is learning different techniques of quilting. But as I reflect on what happens after the quilt is finished and has been given away is that some homemade love is the best gift.

  57. Your new line is beautiful. Love two color quilt to decorate with. My greatest accomplishment is my grandmothers garden. Many of the flowers where made on bus trips with cotton road tours, visiting quilt stores and sightseeing all across the U.S.A.

  58. Wow!!! Just give me a moment to get my jaw off of my keyboard…. ahhh…. your quilts are all just gorgeous!! GORGEOUS!!! I set out to make a quilt for every bed, and I did it. Now I’m so hooked I need to think up a new goal. LOL Actually, I view my best accomplishments as the quilts of love I have made for those who are suffering, whether from a loss, a surgery, illness or heartache. Thanks for the fun!

  59. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter might just be the year that I had of finishes all Christmas Quilts for gifts, all 4 of my grandchildren are getting new bed quilts tailored to their likes, my twin a wall hanging, my sons and wives Christmas quilts and table runner sets, my husband a flannel cozy quilt, I’m proud of the year I’ve had and can’t wait to see these quilts received and being used. Love your new fabric lines.Merry Christmas

  60. I just love giving my quilts away! And since no one in my family is a quilter, they don’t know that those points are supposed to meet! They can have a multitude of mistakes and no one is the wiser.

  61. These fabrics are fabulous! I love blue and white quilts the best. I think that I will start with the fat quarter pack then add yardage. All of these projects are lovely, what to do first…..

  62. I’m about to complete my greatest quilting accomplishment any day now! I will have made quilts for all ten of my grandchildren and they are age nine doe to age one and that is the quilt I am finishing.
    I will come and rock little Drew anytime – I’m just across the border in MN!❣️

  63. My greatest technical accomplishment as a quilter has been to win the “Fine Home Machine Quilting” award at my guild’s quilt show. But my greatest personal accomplishment as been to make quilts for all our grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Everyone in the family can sleep under a quilt if they wish to. Thank you for your drawing for Indigo Gatherings fabrics, they are beautiful.

  64. A couple of things come to mind, but the most recent is that I just finished hand quilting a quilt for the first time, and I love how it tuned out! It is made up of all blue and tan HSTs and is about 80 x 88″. It has wool batting and I did big stitch quilting on the boro wovens and other quilting cottons and love how soft and squishy it is.

  65. I think my greatest accomplishment has been the ability to bless so many others with quilts over the years. My Guild wants to do a quilt show with each person showing 5 quilts. I have given so many away, I’m scrambling to come up with that many! Love your quilts. A storm at sea is on my bucket list…

  66. I love the quilts, any quilt, and my best accomplishment is doing the feathered star quilt blocks. My favorite quilt block are stars I have them everywhere. I have so many quilts to do I don’t think I’ll get them all done….Blue and Cream (white) is my favorite…but who has a favorite child!!

  67. Making and finishing 2 king sized,foundation pieced quilts, machine quilted with a small domestic machine on the dining room table. A Carolina Lily and a Feathered Star, both made in 1999. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and order your beautiful indigos!

  68. I love the Indigo Blue fabric, but I love all your fabric! I think my biggest accomplishment is hand quilting a queen size quilt. It was a project I worked on put away pulled it out…and finally finished. It is one of my favorite.

  69. Oh my goodness, your Indigo Gatherings fabric is fabulous. I believe my greatest accomplishment was winning best of show at our local quilt show. I submitted my Words to Live By quilt. Everyone that came to the show voted on their favorite and my quilt won. Thank you Lisa for your fabulous designs.

  70. Indigo and cream are my favorite colors. Will be pre-ordering some of your beautiful new line…continued from all your other beautiful lines!!! and patterns. My greatest accomplishment is almost done…Hook, Line, and Sinker quilt for my fisherman son…(colored w/crayon and hand embroidered blocks with pieced border). It contains some Primitive Gathering fabrics! thanks for sharing your talents! m

  71. Hi Lisa, my accomplishment to date is finishing 3 baby quilts by the due dates of the babies! Two girls and a boy. Love this blue fabric line! Thanks for a chance to win..☺️👍

  72. I have been working hard to overcome my fear of the long arm machine! I’m not afraid of imperfections, I’m afraid of all the horror stories I read on the long arm sites that are supposed to be helpful… but mainly, when I see needles in fingers and broken bits and bobs and the price tags for repairs…. it makes me quake and shake! Still working on the fear factor but it’s easier to overcome when you stop reading the blogs!
    Off to my studio… a quilt to finish long arming before Santa shows up!

  73. WOW ! Your blues and whites are so cool. My biggest accomplishments to date are: 1. Completing a Quiltworx paper pieced quilt (love paper piecing) and liking it with the fabric I selected (don’t like picking out fabric for a project – usually buy a kit) 2. Finishing an assortment of UFOs or PIGs or whatever you call them 3. Loving and mastering wool applique with many of your kits.

  74. Lisa, my greatest accomplishment in quilting is my “Magic of Christmas” Quilt! It was a quilt-a-long you had a few years back. To date it is my favorite quilt❤️ I look at it now and I still can’t believe I made that quilt as I was fairly new to quilting at the time.
    I absolutely love your “Indicon” and “Baeyer Star” quilts! I feel you hit it out of the ballpark with Indigo Gatherings…Gorgeous!!

  75. My greatest achievement is teaching my daughter how to create with needle and thread. She teaches and we use it to help to cope with the daily challenges.

    On Sat, Dec 14, 2019, 11:50 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “Happy Saturday Morning Everyone!…Are you decking > your halls today? Are you shopping? Are you Stitching? So much to > do…right? But make sure you get some of those things crossed off the > list today!!! Quilter’s always need Fabric..and I just happen ” >

  76. I think I’m still waiting for my greatest accomplishment!! But out of what I’ve made so far, it would probably be the mermaid quilt I made for my granddaughter. I had to make a lot of changes to the blocks to make it look like I wanted it to look, so it was very challenging. I love the picture of Jeter!

  77. Lisa-Another star studded line of fabric and quilt designs! My greatest accomplishment besides finishing the quilts I start would be sewing the bindings on some quilts when I had back health issues and could no sit or stand so sewed the bindings on while laying on my back. Quilting gave me comfort and the will to keep going!

  78. I have made hundreds of quilts but I think the one that is my greatest accomplishment is the queen-sized one I made as a gift for my son when he graduated from medical school. We both love Amish quilts and he selected one from a book of antique Amish quilts for me to replicate. I shipped the quilt to him a few weeks before graduation and he called me to tell me it arrived safely. He also told me that each of his three roommates (also med students) had received a quilt from someone in their family. Apparently a “competition” developed but my son announced with a chuckle “ Don’t worry Mom, mine won. It was the only one that was hand quilted”.

  79. I love the new Indigo fabric! I would have to say my greatest accomplishment as a quilter would be completing your The Magic of Christmas stitch a long. It won 1st place in the quilt show. Now I want to learn wool appliqué. Taking a wool appliqué class from you is on my bucket list!

  80. Wow! Love your Indigo Gatherings, now to decide which precuts to order … mind you I already have too much fabric (if there is such a thing!), but this collection will be to good to pass up! My greatest accomplishment would have to be my Moda Blockheads I quilt, I learned to just love the 6″ blocks with all the many small pieces. I learned precision! Those skills I can use in any other quilt I ever make regardless of the block size. Also, so thrilled Blockheads III is on the way! Merry Christmas Lisa!!

  81. My greatest accomplishment is being able to quilt my own quilts. I don’t have a fancy long arm machine. I use my Juki that sits on a carriage that I move around myself on a quilt rack. I don’t do a lot of stitching, mostly meandering. The quilts look great and I’m proud that I can make a quilt from start to finish.

  82. I simply love indigo and can’t wait to see this line. My greatest accomplishment might be the Just Takes Two by Gail Boomers and Brenda P., which was a 100 block tribute to the New York City show of red and white quilts. My Hand applique and hand quilted sampler is another quilt that was an accomplishment.

  83. Love those blues and whites. My greatest quilting accomplishment is my millennium quilt, king size and the whole quilt was paper pieced.

  84. I designed a quilt and then had it quilted by a friend named Tammy Finkler for the Grand Rapids, MI guild show and I won for best quilt in my category and she won for best machine quilting. Which if you know Tammy that’s no surprise she’s fantastic!

  85. Star quilts are my favorite, 2 color scrap favorite color combination. So this line is a win-win!

  86. Love the Indigo!! Greatest accomplishment was teaching a wool class at quilt guild! I was a little nervous but it was fine and the group started a Wool Bee…we call ourselves The Wool-a-Bees. So much fun!

  87. Best color combinations ever! Greatest accomplishment is passing on the sewing gene to my 21 yr old daughter. We sew different things but love the creative outlet.

  88. I do have to say that I love applique quilts. I started as a “piecer” and use to call applique “crapilque”, Then I tried doing applique and I quickly began to love the process and the look. However, the Indigo Gatherings just might make me into a “piecer” once again!

  89. Love the blue and white especially because blue is my favorite color. My greatest accomplishment is a Texas Star quilt that I totally hand pieced and quilted. It was truly a labor of love. It started out small but I just couldn’t stop.

  90. Stunning quilts! My greatest accomplishments have been compliments by fellow quilters on presentations I have made and classes I have taught.

  91. Hmmm, probably my bed size quilt that I hand quilted is my biggest accomplishment that is finished. Love the blues!

  92. The hydrangea wool mat by PG is one of my favorite finishings and my sister commented she thought it was from Pottery Barn.. I love that sweet mat

  93. I was a finalist in the McCalls Quilting magazine Original Design Star competition, and also a Finalist in American Patchwork and Quilting magazines Design Challenge. But my greatest accomplishment as a quilter is making my family and friends lives and homes more comfortable with the things that I make. ❤️

  94. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter lies in teaching others to quilt. I have two dear friends who sewed beautifully but had never made a quilt. After introducing them to quilting, they are just as much in love with quilting as I am! It always gives me pleasure to pass along what I know about quilting to others. How exciting it is to watch others grow in their passion for creating!

  95. Thank you for the beautiful indigo fabrics! My greatest accomplishment is in the past with my involvement at the local quilt guild and the annual shows we organized with everyone showing off their quilts. Over 30 years of quilting I have met so many wonderful people.

  96. I am a very proud grandmother. I am most grateful for the opportunity this year to assist my two oldest grandsons (ages 8 and 6) in making their first quilts. Piecing and quilting! They love my sewing machine.

  97. My greatest accomplishment today is finishing Twilight Garden!! I just got back from taking it to my longarm artist – she’s about 1 hour away and worth every minute of the drive! We will be reunited in February – I am already looking forward to it! Thank you for the challenge Lisa – it was a great journey!

      1. Sorry -i meant my quilt and I – I wouldn’t mind celebrating with you too if you’re in the Buffalo NY area!

  98. My greatest accomplishment in quilting it has allowed me to show my children that you can find something you love to do and get great satisfaction with your life through quilting or whatever hobby that inspires them.
    I have also gotten the best, closes friends of all ages from our quilting quild, that I would not trade for the world. The pleasure of making a quilt top is just an added bonus.

    1. My greatest accomplishment is to simply share my love of quilting with my 2 young daughters… and when I finish Twilight Garden, that will be my next greatest accomplishment!

  99. Oh, I love the Indigo Gatherings fabric! I’m collecting indigo and cream fabrics to reproduce a fragile antique quilt that was left behind in our 1908 summer cottage. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is getting my granddaughter interested in quilting.

  100. My biggest accomplishment would be finishing a large quilt, which I gave yet to do! I love your fabric and patterns!

  101. My greatest accomplishment is conquering the quarter inch seam accurately every time! Other things just seemed to fall into place. And…to follow the pattern correctly takes rereading at least three times and that is fine with me since I do not like to unsew!

  102. Love blue and white! Love the star quilt! My greatest accomplishment it being able to gift my family members with a gift of love. Love is wrapped up in the whole quilt making process and it makes me happy to see them comforted with something I have made for each of them.

  103. Well I did do Dear Jane but honestly from my heart every single baby quilt I made for family and friends.

  104. Oh no, another tempting fabric line! My biggest accomplishment (so far) is my English paper pieced La Passacaglia quilt. It was my first time doing this technique (La Pass is probably not the best starter epp project) and I think it came out great.

  105. I feel like my first quilt (a queen size) was my greatest accomplishment as a quilter. The pattern was simple, but I was so proud of myself when I finished it. I kept walking by the bed and thinking, “WOW! I really made that beautiful quilt!” That quilt still makes me smile. That was in 2007, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  106. My first quilt was a block of the month appliqué titled “winter’s song” I’m thinking that was my greatest quilting accomplishment

  107. Love Indigo Gatherings. Finishing a project started 27 years earlier and then set aside because it was too daunting. Finished and entered in a juried show.

  108. Wow, love all the blues and white! I love blue fabrics, but never seem to find what I am looking for. They never are the right shade of blue. I think you nailed it with these! I’m really anxious to see them in person when available.

  109. I am not normally a “blue” person, but I love how deep these are. I must have them.
    My greatest accomplishment is making 6″ finished blocks for a BOM about 10 years ago and the 4″star blocks for the starlite Summer BOW. They turned out just about perfect. I love learning new new techniques and have learned to appreciate other designers. I was lucky to be able to go to Quiltstock in July and learned to appreciate other designers and their patterns, and fabrics. I think this was also a major accomplishment for me.

  110. Learning to use my longarm. I am not very good at it yet, but I am working on it. Blue is my favorite color, and I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of the Indigo Gatherings fabric. I especially like the Indicon pattern.

  111. I’m so excited for the Indigo Gatherings line. Love Blue and White! Of the quilts I’ve made, I’m probably most proud of a wilderness themed quilt I made for my son’s college graduation. I was really pleased with my piecing and most importantly my son loved it!

  112. The pleasure of donating some of my quilts to be auctioned for worthy causes gives me great pleasure. And of course, seeing my grandchildren cuddled up in quilts my husband and I have made for them!

  113. Making baby quilts for all my nieces and nephews, making them big quilts when they got married. Also baby quilts and a wedding quilt for my daughter. Baby quilts for my grand babies. Been busy but love doing it. Love the indigo!

  114. My being able to help others figure a pattern out.
    That and I guess I have a good eye for color. (So my friend and sewing buddy says!!). Lol!!

  115. OH WOW! Love, love the thought of Urban Farmhouse and the new Indigo together! Cannot wait! Especially love DEEP BLUE! (and the truck too!) Love the baby quilt with the blue bkgrnd/white star!

  116. I think making quilts for my grown sons that they actually use is my greatest accomplishment as a quilter.
    I love this new fabric line.

  117. I think my biggest accomplishment asa quilter has been in the people I have been honored to meet and encourage in their journey of quilting.

  118. OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE the new Indigo Gatherings! I LOVE blue and white! I have so much yet to learn in quilting that I would say my greatest accomplishment is when I finish a quilt because I do not like doing bindings, so it means I did it!!! I also LOVE the look on someones face when they receive a home made quilt!!!

  119. I feel like my first “finish” was my greatest accomplishment because it gave me the excitement to go and make more things. I love your new fabric line and patterns! So beautiful!

  120. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is sharing my love of quilting by teaching others how to quilt and stitch. I am a retired elementary school teacher and love opening the world of fiber art for anyone with the desire to learn.

  121. Love your new blue and white fabric line. And Jeter is a great model. My greatest accomplishment is finishing a quilt. When l first started quilting l’d find something wrong with it and not finish it. Now it’s better finished than stored in a box.

  122. I love your new Indigo line, blue and cream are my favorite colors!!! My biggest accomplishment would be to learn to wool applique! I am hooked on wool and not only am i appliqueing but now learning to do those fancy embroidery stitches too, thanks to you Lisa Bongean! If only my mother could see me now!!!

  123. Greatest quilting accomplishment: trying a “new to me” technique three times a year and incorporating each new skill into a quilt which I’m gifting to a “special to me” recipient.

  124. Greatest accomplishment is finishing a quilt as I’ll get started and then bored by it and then start a new quilt as I like those fabrics now.

  125. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter was making a quilt for my father. It was wool appliqué of all things he loved from his farm; barn, tractor, corn field, apple trees, chickens, pumpkins, truck, American flag and road sign. Several weeks before he passed, he asked if he could have it with him in the casket. I was SO humbled.

  126. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is the many quilts I have had the privilege of making for others

  127. I guess the best accomplishment was to make a special quilt for my husband for our 30th anniversary as a total surprise. I even took it on vacation with me, without him of course, and worked on it almost the whole time. He was so surprised and loved it so much. Also having a gammill and being able to get it quilted as soon as I got home was a bonus.

  128. I have sewn most of my life and quilted for a few years, but I think mt greatest accomplishment is teaching my Granddaughter to sew and quilt!

  129. My greatest quilting accomplishment was completing my Dear Jane while going to graduate school. I learned so much. Each block was different and while the background was the same on all the blocks, the print was different in every block in the center and the triangle border. I learned about color and different quilt techniques to finish each block. It was a joy.

  130. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Indigo Gatherings. Blue is my favorite color — ask anyone who knows me! 😉
    I’d have to say opening my own quilt shop years ago with my best friend since kindergarten was my greatest accomplishment. We loved talking to & helping our customers. Our large cutting area became the “therapy” spot in our store. When we weren’t really busy, we’d hang out with some of our regulars at the cutting table sharing stories, etc. I almost miss those times more than the shop itself. We’ve been closed almost 11 years & I’ve moved from the area so I truly miss some of our favorite, loyal customers not to mention how much I miss my best friend.

  131. I have grown as a quilter as seen in some of my first quilts to now but I hope/think my greatest accomplishment is sharing the helpful tidbits I’ve learned along the way with other quilters,especially the newer quilters and letting them know we all started at square one and learned by trial and error along the growing way. No one started quilting knowing it all.

  132. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter was helping a new to quilting friend go from total novice to now gifting quilts to friends and relatives. Makes my heart happy.

  133. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is learning how to quilt with a long arm quilting machine. I also teach long arm quilting classes.

  134. I have been waiting for your newest line of fabric. I sure hope my husband buys me another PG gift card for Xmas.
    My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is continuing to try new patterns and work at thinking out of the box .

  135. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter, was when I started designing my work, and it was published. I began designing in the mid 90’s. I was even published in Quitmania!! I attended many quilt markets, but never got to design fabric. I was elated to met such great designers, and to be able to be among them was a dream come true. My work was a whimsical prim, with homespuns. I adorded the work of Lynda Brannock. I am a collector of blue and white quilts. I use navy in my home, so when I found out about indigo gatherings I was over the moon happy!! Can’t wait!! I can see some new minis in my future, lol!!

  136. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is passing my quilting knowledge on to others. I always tell my students there are many ways to accomplish the same thing, the way that works for them the is best way. Can’t wait for your new fabric line to make it to shops. It’s a winner in my book.

  137. My greatest accomplishment is helping others sew and quilt. Blue and white quilts are so beautiful and your new fabric line is gorgeous.

  138. My accomplishment lately is the a+ I recited from my long armed. She said the Xmas quilts I made were amazing. Straight borders, no ripples everything was perfect. Gave me a good feeling to receive the accolades from a fellow quilter.

  139. My greatest accomplishment was in 2018, at 79 years old, when I moved to a state and a county that had open class at the County Fair. I entered a queen size quilt, a lap quilt, and 11 wool applique projects which were my first ever done. I took home a blue ribbon on all 11 wool projects, also on the lap quilt, and the queen size quilt took home Best of County, An Award of Excellence, and Best first quilt ever entered in a fair, best bed size quilt quilted by another. I had the privilege of Taking it to the State Fair where it did not place. but it was chosen to go.

  140. My greatest accomplishment is teaching my daughters how to sew/quilt. I love watching them now do their own thing with all I’ve taught them. 4-H was the big push to get it all done!

  141. Always a fan of blue and white. My greatest accomplishment in quilting is finishing them. I still have many tops yet to be quilted but got 7 done this year!
    The new fabric line is awesome! Please tell me the blues will not fade when washed. (Indigo is a color that could depending on the dye.) The only bleeding color I’ve experienced is blue batiks. I hope these will not bleed when washed.
    Thanks for all your inspiration in fabric and design.

  142. My greatest accomplishment has been helping my granddaughter with her sewing. She took sewing classes where she lives but every time she visits with me we sew together,

  143. This new fabric line is absolutely gorgeous! I’d say my biggest quilting accomplishment is to be able to show someone else how to tackle a quilting issue (sharp points in needle turn applique, for example) and see that lightbulb moment when they “get” it. So rewarding! When I started quilting over 20 years ago i NEVER thought I’d be able to teach anyone anything!

  144. My biggest accomplishment is a quilt I made for my son. He loved it, and I enjoyed every step of making the quilt. I can hardly wait until your new line is in the stores.

  145. My biggest accomplishment as a quilter has been passing on the love of quilting and sewing to my now-adult daughter. It’s been so rewarding and so much fun to see quilt shows and fabric shopping through her eyes, and I’ve found new energy of my own in her enthusiasm!
    Can’t wait to see your new Indigos!

  146. The greatest accomplishment I have is passing on the love of quilting to others. My granddaughter included. As a teacher Lisa you know the joy of passing on little tips or tricks that make quilting easier. Have a Merry Christmas!

  147. I am so excited about the new line! My greatest accomplishment is the wonderful friendships I have made through quilting. My closest and dearest friends are all ladies I met through our shared love of stitching.

  148. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is actually finishing my quilts! I’m happy to say that I don’t have any ufos at the moment!

  149. Hi Lisa, I love Blue Monday and Baeyer Star. Your new fabric line is lovely, just like Jeter lounging on the quilt! My greatest accomplishment as a quilter hasn’t occurred yet. I think It will be when I design and complete one of my own artworks. Though I am proud that I keep trying new techniques and challenge myself to go beyond my comfort zone. Hugs, Jakey

  150. I’m not sure I have a greatest accomplishment yet. However, I did take some fabric pieces that were more modern in design (which was out of my comfort zone at the time) and designed a quilt with them. It’s even quilted, bound and labeled.
    I love your new fabric line. Blue and white? Yes!

  151. My greatest accomplishment are my children, and grandson.
    I have not made a quilt yet, I’m still hand piecing the English paper piecing together,
    I have ten block done, I love the Blue and White collection .
    Thank you for showing me how to quilt, I am soaking it all in..

  152. Love the Indigo collection! Greatest accomplishment is “teaching” my children to appreciate handmade items. So much heart and soul goes into each piece.

  153. I am so proud that I can say I have been a quilter now for over 35 years. All kidding aside, I started pretty young and when I am so thrilled with all the many quilts I’ve made, not just for me, but for for just about everyone in my family and close friends. AND I’m so happy that I have introduced quilting to 3 of my BFF’s and we all quilt now, belong to 2 guilds and go to many shows, and got to meet you Lisa, last year at Quilt Con and 3 years ago in Hershey!

  154. My greatest accomplishment so far would be finishing a king size quilt top with over 1000 pieces!

  155. My best accomplishment to date, (besides my applique quilting which includes “Primitive Garden”) is meeting all the wonderful teachers, taking classes (in various venues and on-line), and shopping at quilt shops. I cannot name all the the experiences and motivations I have obtained but they are numerous and priceless.
    Thank you Lisa for being who you are.

  156. The question, What is a my greatest quilting accomplishment, really made me stop and think. Then I realized that I couldn’t come up with something really considered a great accomplishment. For me personally, it was realizing that I could be free to love my quilts. I took a class in Yuba City, probably in 2009 or so, from Lisa, and entered the world of wool applique, and primitive quilts. Oh, what a joy to have entered that world. And maybe my greatest accomplishment is allowing my self to be free, to just enjoy my quilt making, to quit being so hard on myself, enjoy the quilt making journey, and feel happy when I smile and see what I have done. I am doing it for the joy and pleasure, not the perfect end product. In the last 3 years I have learned to love and treasure 2 color quilts. I am working on a red and white quilt, and now I see a blue and white one in my future, I love those in the indigo collection, and surely would love to make one of those. Maybe my greatest quilting accomplishment is learning to love and see so many quilting possibilities.

  157. My greatest accomplishment was completing the Autumn Glory table mat after taking a class with you in Paducah. It was my first big wool project. Second favorite would have to be the Hydrangea mat from the Jacksonville retreat. Love them both and hope to be able to take more classes with you.

  158. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to answer this question, so I’ll answer it two ways. My greatest sewing accomplishment is “Stars for a New Day”. A pattern by Sue Garman, but there are several of your patterns that I want to make that would be just as rewarding to make! But mentally, my biggest success is quilting to make myself happy as trying to make others happy or to sew with the trends. I’ve figured out the pattern style and fabric colours that I love and I’m the most satisfied when I sew with these! Thanks for this chance, Lisa!! Merry Christmas to you.

  159. I made a double wedding ring in all Amish solids to give my future husband as a hint to propose. Well, 3 kids later and a divorce. I was not going to let my now ex husband take his quilt. It was blood, sweat, and tears. My quilting friend offered to store it at her house and when she was preparing to move out of state, my parents picked it up and it is now stored at their house. That quilt was such an accomplishment for me that I would be damned to have a man who walked out on his family keep it.

  160. So far my greatest accomplishment was an anniversary quilt I designed, pieced and hand quilted for my in-laws for their 50th anniversary. But sometimes I think anything I actually get completed is is an accomplishment!

  161. My greatest accomplishment is having completed so many quilts to gift to others including nieces, nephews, grandchildren, siblings, parents and friends. When I was younger, my gifted quilts were simpler and more basic and now most have thousands of pieces and take much more time to make. All were made with love from the basic ones to the advanced. It is fun to look back at how much I have learned throughout the years and how my quilts have improved, one quilt at a time. I still use my very first bed size quilt on me and my husbands bed at times with its points that are not matching and it’s imperfections and I still love it.

  162. Oh Lisa, that blue fabric is gorgeous! Certainly calling my name! I have been making quilts since I was a teenager, many, many moons ago. I think my greatest accomplishment is instilling my love of quilting to my two daughters and hope some day to be able to do the same to my granddaughter. It is such a gratifying hobby.

  163. I love this new indigo collection! Right now I’m feeling great about teaching my granddaughters about sewing. They made a baby blanket for their new cousin!

  164. I think I am most proud of the scrappy quilts I have completed from the Summer Block of the Weeks….I have completed three and have one in the works. Nothing beats wool applique….the rhythm of the hand stitching provides balance to my day.

  165. My greatest achievement as a quilter is having quilts I have machine quilted for others winning viewers’ choice awards at local shows. One quilt was shown at Paducah (not a winner there) this past spring. I quilt on a HQ Sweet Sixteen, and my second greatest achievement is seeing my 7-year old granddaughter quilt her own little project on that same machine.

  166. My greatest accomplishment is finally learning how to quilt! I’ve been wanting to learn since the late 80’s and finally in 2016 I went looking for fabric to make my son a new pillowcase cover and I was inspired! My first quilt was for him, no pattern and it was a king size!!! hahaha I have met so many wonderful people thanks to quilting! I love the indigo line and the your patterns! Your models are adorable!

  167. My greatest quilting accomplishment is really just getting up the “gumsion” to start quilting. So far I’ve gone to two quilt retreats and have taken one quilting 2-day class. I still haven’t finished a quilt. I need a class to go from start to finish. BUT…I’m no quitter. I will finish my quilt and runner. In January I’m going to the Road to CA taking two classes one: to learn to quilt by hand and two: to quilt by machine. I have a good friend that is helping me but I’d still like to take a class from start to finish but alas there really aren’t any quilt stores that close to me.

  168. My greatest accomplishment is being able to make amazing quilts for my grandchildren as they arrive. I have been quilting f or 45 years but is just the best to give each a special g ift from me.

  169. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is completing an EPP quilt that I call the Road to Texas. It was stitched while in the car traveling while my husband was driving and while I sat in hospitals and homes with parents. It has fabric from quilts I made for my SIL following my brother’s death and fabric from a quilt made for my cousin following her husband’s death. Now that I’m home more I have developed the same passion for wool work as I have for EPP. Thanks in great part to Lisa and her team for inspiration, instruction and fun. Living life with a passion for a craft is wonderful.

  170. My greatest accomplishment is learning to breathe and accept things for what they are like my free motion quilting.
    P.S. Is Jeter an American Bulldog? Beautiful dog.
    I have an American named Lady Peanut Butter

  171. My greatest accomplishment is finally learning how to quilt. I’ve been interested in learning since the 80’s and finally in 2016 while picking out fabric to make a pillowcase for my son I was inspired. My first quilt was for him, no pattern and it was king size! crazy huh!!! I still haven’t made the pillowcase cover!!! I have enjoyed all the friends I’ve made online and locally, just wish I had started a lot earlier!!! I love your models and your quilts are stunning!!! That indigo collection is stunning!

  172. So gorgeous! Love your Indigo fabrics but J always love everything you do! I don’t know that I’ve actually done my greatest quilting achievement yet. I’m working on my Dear Jane quilt, all by hand. Maybe this will be it.

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  173. My greatest achievement(s) are the quilts I make for my grandchildren. Several years ago I made each of the 6 grandchildren a Christmas quilt. The smiles on their faces provided all the thanks I needed. Their happiness inspires me regularly. Your blue and white projects are awesome. Maybe the grandchildren need a new quilt next year.

  174. Love the blue and cream colors! My greatest accomplishment has been making small quilts for my grandchildren using fabrics that show their favorite things and seeing the joy in their eyes when they receive them. I love being a Grammy!

  175. My greatest accomplishment would be starting a quilt and sticking with it til the end, it’s so hard to get sidetracked.

  176. ProbBly my greatest accomplishment is: each year I contact our school counselor to find out if a family has lost a child that would not graduate. I make quilt blocks and get to school. The counselor gets the blocks circulated to child’s friends etc. I sew blocks together and a dear friend quilts the quilt. The family is invited to honors night and we give the quilt to family in memory of their child.

  177. I love that I have been able to gift my granddaughter a quilt for every birthday so now she has 13 of them. I learned to quilt 2 months prior to her birth so she got my first one. Now she is so tall , I have to make them longer and they are harder on my body but I chug along

  178. My greatest accomplishment is finishing a quilt completely…and conquering my longarm, my least favorite thing to do. I have had the 2017 SBOW loaded on the machine for a month…soon! LOL
    Love the new Indigo blues fabrics..

  179. Finishing what I started seems to be my greatest accomplishment. There are so many new fabrics and pretty patterns that I begin many more projects than I complete each year!

  180. My greatest accomplishment as a quilter is passing my love of quilting on to my daughters. They not only appreciate everything I make, they each continue to make their own quilts.

  181. I would say that my greatest accomplishment echoes one of the comments above, and that is getting comfortable enough with my longarm to complete the many quilt tops that I have pieced over the years. i am also very happy that my children and grandchildren have quilts I have made for them.

  182. I feel like I am proudest of starting and helping to lead a Wool Club at two of my favorite local quilt shops.
    Our Woolies love the sharing and inspiring that happens in these groups.
    I also love to teach my granddaughters any kind of sewing or making that they will let me share with them!

  183. I think that mine was getting my daughter and granddaughter to do a Saturday Sampler with me and my girlfriend. It was so much fun and what a memory.

  184. I just finished three memory t-shirt quilts for my friend, her parents and brother. They lost another brother (son) suddenly this summer. It makes my heart happy to gift these and hope they bring a small amount of comfort…

  185. One of the things that I am proudest of is becoming the superintendent of quilts at the Nebraska State Fair because I get to meet all of the quilters from across the state and showcase more than 500 quilts to the thousands of visitors who come to the state fair.

  186. The Village Green BOM that I finished and even added a little personalization is my greatest accomplishment so far. Though I love all of the projects in process and in my head as well. Blue and white is so striking.

  187. My greatest accomplishment so far is my 4th quilt. I’m new at quilting and I made a queen size quilt top without a kit or lesson. I picked the pattern and the material by myself. I’m very proud of it, it came out great!

  188. I made my mom and my sister a quilt from start to finish. I have since got my sister interested in quilting. And now my mom, sister, and I have quilt retreats we go to together and we have special sewing days we schedule throughout the year together! It makes my heart so happy!

  189. I think my biggest accomplishment was to participate in making one of the quilts in Elly SIenkiewicz’s book Beloved Baltimore Album Quilts (2010). I only made two 6″ blocks but what a great experience it was to go to Houston for the display of all 12 of the quilts made by different groups for Elly. My claim to fame is that my name (and the blocks) are in the book! Thanks for the giveaway…I have a blue and white quilt on my bucket list!

  190. I guess my greatest biggest sewing accomplishment would be knowing my family loves getting my quilts, especially my son who can’t have enough and he uses them all. My parents are amazed at my work, mostly because I was a real tomboy. My husband brags about my quilts and I enjoy giving them away.

  191. My greatest sewing accomplishment is carrying on my family tradition of quilting. On both sides of my family, for many generations the ladies have quilted! I am waiting impatiently for the Indigo Gatherings to be available. I already have the Urban Farmhouse Gatherings. I love your line of fabrics!

  192. My greatest quilting accomplishment is hand quilting a queen size quilt. Tied for first place would be getting my daughter interested in quilting. Living 1500 miles apart, we keep each other challenged to complete blocks and quilts through e-mail with pictures of what we have done that day/week. I love blue and white quilts and the Indigo Gatherings fabric line will be in my next project.

  193. Hi!! happy Holidays to all! I think my biggest accomplishment is designing my own quilts and seeing them through to the end, finished and on the bed! Thank you so much for a chance at this beautiful fabric.

  194. I think my biggest is going from beginner quilter to teaching…. never thought I would teach quilting.

  195. I made my young grandkids a Bucks pillowcase and skirt for Christmas. Love being able to make them something special, something hand made and not found in a store. Love gong to their home and seeing all the things I’ve made for them over the years that are being used and enjoyed.

  196. My greatest accomplishment as far as quilting goes was this year I set a goal to finish a bunch of quilting UFOs so I finished up quite a few quilts this year that I had started years ago. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment! 😁

  197. I love the Indigo Gatherings and I’m not a usually drawn to blue, but I want to make the Breyer Stars for my room. My greatest accomplishment – I’m not sure. I’m a procrastinator, so anytime I finish a quilt I feel wonderful to have completed it. I’m working on learning to machine quilt, so that will be a really big accomplishment when I finish my first quilt that I quilted myself.

  198. Greatest accomplishment to me is having my youngest daughter join me in shop hopping and getting just as excited as I do when we see fabric, kits, projects, etc. To see her sew and piece just brings joy to my heart. So glad to pass this relaxing hobby on to her!

  199. This new Indigo group is probably going to be one of your best!
    I have made many quilts (since I’ve retired!), but have to say one that I feel quite accomplished over was a small tiny pieced quilt as well as a queen sized needle turn appliqued one that I’m still working on. Thanks to my friend for teaching me needle turn applique!

  200. My greatest accomplishment as a sewer is doing Pam Buda’s Circa 1880 quilt! I’ve been enjoying hand sewing lately as well!

  201. My greatest accomplishment may have been creating another little quilter…my adult daughter loves quilting as much as I do and she’s eager to leRn new techniques!

  202. I think my quilting accomplishment is two fold. I made a Double Wedding Ring and hand quilted it many years ago before I really knew what I got myself into. And this year I finished Nearly Insane which was a test of my skills since you only get a drawing of the blocks and you need to figure out the rest. It stretched me…….and I loved it!

  203. I think my greatest accomplishment is meander quilting the quilt I made for my aunt. I’m kind of new and it took me awhile to figure out the right settings.

  204. My greatest accomplishment in quilting has been teaching my niece to sew when she was 10. Now at 15, she is an award-winning quilter in her own right. Her skills have surpassed mine, and I could not be more proud. Aunt Life is the best.

  205. I think keeping up with Sunflower Gatherings as a SBOW will be my greatest accomplishment! I was in the PG shop that July and they were even impressed. It hangs in a place of honor,

  206. I’ve been able to gift quilts to all of my family members and I love that they all get used. My daughter loves quilting and now her 3 year old son is interested, too!

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