Day 10-Valdani

I love Sunday’s…and I try not to work on Sunday…so a nice short post for you today…Several of you have asked me for this one…



If you do not know it yet…we carry every color and weight of Valdani that they make…

So… to give you a chance to build your collection of #8 weight and #5 weights we are offering the individual balls at 25% off!  #12 weights  & 3 and 6 stranded flosses are on sale too!

If you click the links above they take you right to the weights you are needing.

Hey…and to sweeten the deal..I’m going off-script here…no one know’s I’m doing this but if you spend over 100$ in thread between now and Christmas…We will give you this book free!! It’s a place to take inventory of your threads…your projects…your future projects you wish to have…it gives you an explanation of threads, needless and which to use when…it gives you a list of must have supplies and techniques for wool…in this little book.  Best thing though…you can carry it with you to the quilt shop or quilt show…so you do not buy threads you  already have! Also you may have this book…and I have seen them and it makes me very proud when I see how much you have used them…they are a little beat…so here’s a chance to replace your well used book with no having to purchase it again!



We will be announcing another Stitch Along like Moon Garden in the New Year!

 I’m working on it…so don’t miss it!

So…do you want to win some Valdani?  Comment here and tell us if you are a beginner stitcher or if you are a seasoned veteran…and anything else you want to disclose…we promise not to tell anyone, anything, you reveal, to everyone, here on this blog, in this comment section.   I’ll start…I am a seasoned veteran stitcher…while I use my scissors for all my cutting I may be prone to use my teeth to cut my thread on my Valdani ball while hand stitching…even when my scissors is quite handy….and…I may have used too many commas in this paragraph but writing is not my strength…stitching is…must forgive me.

glad I got that off my chest…LB

PS- I loved reading your comments yesterday…here is one of my achievements as a quilter and that is designing lots of quilts that you  make and then…. they receive big awards at your quilt shows!   That is the BEST… makes me very proud!


274 responses to “Day 10-Valdani”

  1. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral

    I’ve quilted and hand stitched for about 8 years so not a beginner but I haven’t worked on wool for about 3 years. I need to get back to all my projects from your shop!

  2. Cindy Shope Avatar
    Cindy Shope

    I would say that I am an intermediate wool stitcher. I love it and try to make some time every week to stitch a little. Still building my stash of wool and valdani threads.

  3. Katherine Avatar

    Seasoned veteran here. I have taught both embroidery and wool work classes and have completed a number of quilts that combine those techniques. Winning some Valdani will help feed my addiction!

    1. Carol Gepford Avatar
      Carol Gepford

      I have been doing wool stitching for about 4 years, I’m not a beginner but I feel like one. I will divulge my dirty little secret. I hated hand stitching until I started doing wool Applique. I’m a lefty so trying to follow directions for right handlers is quite challenging. I did find a good book for left-handed stitchers and that has made stitching easier and enjoyable. Love the wool box subscription. Thanks for all the great patterns and goodies.

  4. JoAnne Hawks Avatar
    JoAnne Hawks

    I enjoy stitching with Valdini thread and my collection could certainly use some expansion. I’m not a veteran stitched yet, but I’m working on it.

  5. Ellen Reibling Avatar
    Ellen Reibling

    I love handwork and working with wool is so wonderful because it is so forgiving and artsy and means you do not have to be perfect which is what I struggle with in patchwork piecing. I love embellishing and using different stitches.

  6. Melanie B Avatar
    Melanie B

    I’m a beginner! Just stitched my first project with Valdani yesterday…two of the snowflake towel kits from your store. So fun! I’m hooked already on Valdani!!

  7. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I guess I’m a seasoned stitcher, but feel like there is always something new to be learned. I have confess that I use commas a lot also (and parentheses!).

  8. Judy Avatar

    I have stitched sporadically but am still a beginner but I do have your latest book and hopefully that will help me. I have gobs of wool and should start doing something with it. Plus have been to your retreat several times and I love your shop!

    1. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
      Tammy Marquardt

      I am a long time stitcher, self taught, but I still seem to learn something new all the time which is good.

  9. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    Can’t wait for the stitch along. I love Moon Garden. Thanks for the deal on thread. Can’t have enough colors.

  10. Maureen Fry Avatar
    Maureen Fry

    I am a beginner stitcher! I need to build up my thread collection. Thanks for the opportunity from a Wisconsinite stuck in Tenn!

  11. Sylvia Avatar

    I’m not a beginner on much of any hand skill, although some are dormant. I love creating and Valdani, and cooking when the mood hits me, and my family certainly.

  12. Patti Avatar

    I consider myself an advanced beginner. I tried wool Applique in the past but it never sank in. Until Moon Garden! Now I am truly hooked. I probably have at least 10 wool projects fused and partly stitched, including finishing borders on Moon Garden and Twilight Garden as well as this year’s sbow! I need to focus and finish! And my issue is I have to have the EXACT thread mentioned in the pattern or I feel it will be wrong! I have to get over this! Haha

  13. Laura M Avatar
    Laura M

    I have hand stitched for quite a few years, but I most often use stitches to enhance other (fibre arts) works. So I might add french knots for texture or add feather stitch for same. I do love those valdani threads for this as the colours are lovely. Many many years ago I did cross stitch, but I know my eyes are not up to the precision required today.

  14. sophieem03 Avatar

    thread is an addiction of mine, same as wools, and materials in general. If I see it and like it, what the heck I may need it down the road and if I don’t buy it now, it may not be available IF I needed it. Never, never have to much thread and Valdani is only available to me by ordering online. I am beginning to use more and more 8 weight so need to start replenishing my stock with that. I need thread NOW.

  15. Rose J Avatar
    Rose J

    An intermediate beginner….I think! Not enough hours in the day!!!

  16. Debbie G Avatar
    Debbie G

    I would say I’m an advanced beginner. I must also tell you that the best tips I got were from you in Madison at your workshop. You are a great teacher and mentor. I learned a lot from you. I just need time to practice stitching to improve.

  17. Kathy Hatz Avatar
    Kathy Hatz

    I have been a quilter for a few years but have never worked with wool. I have no clue what weight of Valdini I would even need to purchase! 2020 is THE YEAR I will add working with wool and Valdini to my repertoire!

  18. tamara williams Avatar
    tamara williams

    You introduced me to Valdani with your SBOW. I’ll admit the first year I used a few, blending with other threads I had on hand. Quickly realized how much more pleasing to the eye! Love that you are doing another sewalong! Although I’m way behind on my wool projects. 2018 will get finished eventually, more border threads needed. Thread book is so handy!

  19. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I’m not a beginner but don’t consider myself a seasoned stitcher either. I fall somewhere in the middle. I can tell you that Valdani is my favorite and the only thread I use on my wool Appliqué.

  20. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    I passed a lot of my Valdini thread to a couple of my friends because they did not have that brand. So if I won, I would pass that also to them. I did several projects but I like fabric sewing better. ….don’t hit me. Paula in KY

    1. shadesofrandom Avatar

      I have been stitching since I was a kid and I am an experienced stitcher. I love embroidery.

  21. Marcia McLaughlin Avatar
    Marcia McLaughlin

    Seasoned but still learning. My second ever wool appliqué project was your PumpkinRow pillow for a dear friend.

  22. Debra Miller Avatar

    I would say I am a seasoned stitcher as I have been stitching on “something” for over 60 years. I am still learning though and loving every minute of it!

    1. Deb Girotti Avatar
      Deb Girotti

      Very very beginner! I took a class from you few years ago…hmmm.. still havent finished my wool project.

  23. Kathy E. Avatar
    Kathy E.

    I am a seasoned stitcher. I have been stitching on wool when there were not very many designs out there to Stitch. And now there are so many amazing designs that I don’t have time to stitch all the ones I want to. Thank you for all your beautiful designs and beautiful wool!

  24. Ardys Curl Avatar
    Ardys Curl

    I love wool applique and wonder why I ever started knitting? Now I have to alternate projects!😊

  25. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    So glad your dentist hunted you down, if you are using your teeth rather than scissors! 😱 from a former dental assistant, lol! At my age, I feel I am a seasoned stitcher! Wool and Valdani are tops for me. I always need to add to my collections of thread, thanks for this chance!

  26. Carol Avatar

    I am not well seasoned, but since I get the Wool Box subscription, I expect to become seasoned over time! And I cannot cut thread with my teeth because I wear Invisalign braces… at this Medicare stage of life! I will have a nice smile at my 70th birthday party! Finally!

  27. Carrolyn V Avatar
    Carrolyn V

    I am an advanced stitcher and addicted thread and pattern buyer. I also LOVE to collect everything for a project….put it in an unlabeled bin (to make things harder when I want to find it!)…..and perpetual period user…not comma….but I love it all!!!!!!! Sigh

  28. Kristi Avatar

    I think I’m an advanced beginner to intermediate stitcher. I’ve stitched on cotton fabric as well as a few wool projects. I also like crazy quilt embroidery.

  29. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    Have been quilting more than 20 years now but only started stitching with your new book! I love it and so glad I took the plunge into wool appliqué. I love your designs and your posts. They give me so much inspiration! Thank you.

  30. Kathy Harris Avatar
    Kathy Harris

    I am not a seasoned stitcher but am working towards it.

  31. EllenB Avatar

    I’ve appliqued with cotton fabric for years, and am now learning to use wool. I am also doing big-stitch hand quilting on a Civil War type quilt,which is looking pretty good.

  32. Carol Avatar

    Unseasoned, but I have the Wool Box subscription so I expect to learn and grow as a Woolie! And… I cannot cut thread with my teeth because I wear Invisalign braces for health purposes… by my 70th birthday party I will have a nice smile!

  33. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I’m more of a beginner stitcher- I have your new wool book and have it with my project so that I can see how to do things right!! thank you for the chance to build up my thread supply- I am really loving wool applique !!!
    Merry Christmas

  34. Cindy Criswell Avatar
    Cindy Criswell

    I LOVE Valdani! I first used it when I got your “geraniums” wool kit to stitch. I am a beginner — I don’t try to fool anyone into thinking otherwise! Now I’m working on finishing your “My Crazy Life”. And I need to order more Valdani…… I’m hooked!

  35. Lori T Avatar
    Lori T

    I guess I would rate myself in between. I have been stitching for a number of years, but know I still have a lot to learn. In the last year I have made one of Lisa’s Spring mats with all the decorative stitches. If your wanting to improve your stitching this is the project to buy. You get some blanket stitch practice, but you also get a chance to do a lot of different stitches. It’s like doing a stitching sampler. Great fun!!! Thanks Lisa they are really fun!

  36. Sue singer Avatar
    Sue singer

    I am an experienced stitcher.
    Love Valdani threads

  37. Marie Beers Avatar

    I’m a seasoned stitcher. Also a thread snub as I only use Valdani mostly # 8’s and 12. I don’t own all the colors as there is no where in my area to buy it. I will be sad when my supply gets low and I have to start buying on line.

    1. blhaak Avatar

      I guess I’m an intermediate stitcher. Love learning new techniques in stitching. Valdani is my first choice of thread. Love experimenting. You can always undo, if you don’t like.

  38. Laura Parsons Avatar
    Laura Parsons

    I am a beginner quilter. I have known how to sew for years, but now quilting for 1-2 years. I’ve done some hand stitching, but I used DMC floss!

  39. Clara Avatar

    A beginner stitching with applique and wool. My friend stitches lovely projects and I was inspired by her to read your blog. I bought your book “Wool, Needle and Thread” and enjoy reading it. Thank you for all you do to encourage us.

  40. Nancy Yardley Avatar
    Nancy Yardley

    I am a beginner to say the least. Being intimidated by all the beautiful Stitchery I see makes me even more.
    But I have it on my “to do “ list for 2020. I have to start somewhere and will date all my projects to see my progress. Thanks and wish me luck.

  41. Katherine Avatar

    I am a seasoned stitcher … it goes along with my seasoned age! Have been stitching for close to 75 years. Only became enamored with wool recently. Would love to expand my collection of Valdani threads. Probably need to purchase your wool book soon to increase my knowledge of the correct techniques.

  42. Carlotta Avatar

    I am an absolute beginner working with wool appliqué! I purchased one of your kits on eBay because I loved the look of it and found your website. Last week I put in my order for the thread kit that matches the kit, and an amazing scissors set as my Christmas gift to myself. I’m hoping the threads arrive in time as I’m planning on doing the project between Christmas and New Years. Can’t wait! (I learned embroidery as a child from my grandmother, and I’m an experienced sewer, so I think this will be a great new addiction.)

  43. Tina Knebel Avatar
    Tina Knebel

    I’m a seasoned stitcher. Began as a child and never stopped. I love it all, wool, machine piecing, hand appliqué, cross stitch, smocking, embroidery etc. I love wool because I can do it in the car (when someone else is driving). I need magnification for cross stitch and small work. I am one of those people who can’t just sit and watch TV. A needle and thread are always in my hand. Always juggling too many different projects at once, one now being Twilight Garden. Thank you for all you do for our passion, love your style.

  44. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    I am a long time stitcher. I love handwork. Well, not the hand sewing part of binding.

  45. Janet Howse Avatar
    Janet Howse

    I am also a seasoned stitcher! My grandmother taught me how to embroider when I was in first grade. That was many decades ago and I still love stitching! It’s like my yoga! So soothing and full of wonderful memories of Grandma!

  46. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    I have been stitching for a long time and Valdani is by far my favorite thread to use. It just glides so well through the fabric. Love your stuff for sure!

  47. Paula Kmetty Avatar
    Paula Kmetty

    I have a group I stitch with. We do projects together. I am the rebel. I look at the piece and pick my colors and stitches to what I feel like!

  48. Jane Avatar

    I consider myself a beginner. I have many projects purchased. I just have to decide what to do when! Meaning quilting or stitching. I love your book on the how to! It really has helped!

  49. Patricia Avatar

    I just started wool stitching in February. Then I took your workshop at our Guild in Wausau. I learned so much and am now hooked on wool stitching. I’m a wool box subscriber as well and love it so much!! Thank you so much for teaching me Lisa!

  50. Jill McCaughey Avatar
    Jill McCaughey

    I used to do a ton of counted cross stitch on 36 count linen, as well as some wool work and embroidering on garments for my daughters. Now that they are adults, and my eyes have changed significantly, I am doing less linen work and more quilting. The Valdani threads are wonderful to work with, colours are yummy. Thanks for carrying them. Jill in Phoenix/Calgary

  51. Caren Avatar

    Intermediate wool stitcher here. Started out cutting wool, pinning it, getting frustrated with thread catching…..still loved it over needle turn. Enter Primitive Gatherings…learn about Steam a Seam 2 lite, wool mat, correct needles and VALDANI. Thank you, Lisa/PG

  52. Beth N in AZ Avatar
    Beth N in AZ

    I suppose I am an intermediate stitcher. I still have to look up how to do many stitches, but I am getting better about having them even. I love stitching on wool because it “needles” nicely and I get to use thicker threads and larger stitches so the work goes pretty quickly (relatively speaking). I appreciate having patterns that use more than just blanket and stem stitch

  53. Cindy H. Avatar
    Cindy H.

    I have done stitching with DMC floss but have not tried the valdani thread. Thank you for a chance to win some.

  54. jules1957 Avatar

    I learned wool appliqué and quilting after seeing A Primitive Garden at my local quilt shop. I just had to make that quilt! Took me over 2 years l, but I did it and it’s fabulous and hangs over my banister. I had never heard of Valdani floss but used it on this quilt. Wonderful threads! I never cease to be inspired by all the quilters out there! Thank you!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  55. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar

    I have been quilting off and on for years but i am fairly new to Wool applique and I find I can’t stop looking for Wool in all places! I love everything about it, the ease of working with it wherever you go, the fun patterns, and especially it’s forgiving nature! Belonging to PGWoolbox is the best of all worlds!!! You wait and voila it comes bearing wonderful woolly surprises!!
    Thank you Lisa and the gang for all the woolly goodness you send our way! And thanks again for a chance to win Valdani thread as you can never have enough for all the many projects still to come!

  56. Teri Avatar

    I enjoy stitching but have not done much of it for years. I am trying to get started again so sort of a beginner.

  57. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    I can hardly wait for the new sew along in 2020. I know it’ll be amazing.

  58. Vicki Samsel Avatar
    Vicki Samsel

    Not a beginner but still a novice. A friend bought me your new book at Houston and I love it.

  59. Kristy Avatar

    I am a seasoned stitcher, but realize there is always sooo much more to learn! Valdani’s luscious colors only make learning more fun.

  60. Sharon Beck Avatar
    Sharon Beck

    Up until recently when I just started learning how to work with wool I have only used Valdani thread to do Bobbin work using my sewing machine. Lots of different uses for this beautiful thread.

  61. Lona Avatar

    I am a seasoned stitcher and I love handwork. AND I love Valdini thread! Your little thread book is wonderful. Although, I tend to still buy multiples of the same threads! I put my projects and all of the supplies, including a pair of small scissors, needles and thread in project cases. Once it is organized, it stays. I want to be able to just pickt the project up and start. So, if I am working on a different project, I buy a new thread. Seems silly, but it works for me!

  62. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I have been at it a long time…my mom started me embroidering stamped pillow cases in the 60’s. But my favorites are the 12 valdani threads and projects like Moon Garden…..I loved doing that one.

  63. Brenda Schmitt Avatar
    Brenda Schmitt

    Very new beginner to wool needle craft. In fact so new that I asked my BF that I wanted your book for Christmas so I can learn. Really want to learn to do those sheep. 2020 goal

  64. braillemelindahotmailcom Avatar

    I sure hope your dentist doesn’t read your blogs! Teeth for cutting threads!!

    I am a seasoned quilter/stitcher and my work is not as good as it used to be because of health issues but it gives me satisfaction, peace to my soul, and a smile to my face. That’s what is important to me.

    Sent from my iPhone

  65. Deborah Avatar

    I am a novice hand stitcher but I come from a long line of exquisite hand stitchers so I am hoping, that with practice, I will capture that skill as well. Merry Christmas.

  66. Patty Avatar

    So, I am 68 years old and have never been able to cut my thread with my teeth. Have tried different kinds of thread and have tried at different ages and still cannot cut the thread. Must have to have a certain kind of teeth!
    But to make up for it, I have started quite a collection of embroidery scissors!!

  67. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I’ve been stitching a couple of years but there are so many stitches that I want to learn – some are basic. Your new book, Wool, Needle and Thread has been invaluable. Thanks for doing that.

  68. Mary Paxton Colley Avatar
    Mary Paxton Colley

    I have done several of you block of the month wool quilts and I love them all. Last year I decided to take a break and did not sign up for Moor Garden. I am now sorry because I think it is the prettiest one yet. I am eagerly awaiting to see what next year’s will be and plan to be back on board. I have just purchased you new book on wool and it is really good so I’m inspired all over again. I have been doing wool appliqué a number of years and it is my favorite type of hand work and quilting.

  69. Bonnie larson Avatar
    Bonnie larson

    Wow!. Great deal!. I would say I am an intermediate stitcher and am very happily and slowly working through your 2018 SBOW…thanks

  70. Robin T Avatar
    Robin T

    I’m an intermediate stitcher. I would love to take a workshop with YOU someday soon! I will check the CA shop schedule and make it a priority over all the other busyness in my life !!! I definitely need a break and what’s better than a needle and thread to relax?

  71. Linda Blodgett Avatar
    Linda Blodgett

    A beginner with wool applique would describe me. I have completed one small table topper so far. I do have another wool project ready to work on. Love the colors and the look of Valdani threads for embroidery.

  72. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I am not a beginner and not an expert. I love learning new stitches, but they aren’t always pretty without a lot of practice. 😉

  73. Brenda C Avatar
    Brenda C

    I love Valdani threads. They seem to glide right through the fabric. I would rank myself as a newbie to wool applique. I love the look but am not good enough at the stitching. I do a lot of needle turn applique and have been known to adapt wool patterns to cotton.

  74. Brenda Avatar

    I am somewhere between a beginner and more seasoned. I did a lot of stitching before depression entered my life. 2020 is time to get back into it.

  75. Roxie Ahlbrecht Avatar
    Roxie Ahlbrecht

    I started wool appliqué on your first cruise to the Caribbean. Since then, I have become an avid appliquér and I love PG designs…wool appliqué and quilts. (Evidenced by my purchase yesterday.) I would love winning Valdani threads to add to my collection.

  76. Valerie Krueger Avatar
    Valerie Krueger

    I would say I am a seasoned stitcher! I stitch a little something almost everyday! I Love to stitch with Valdani 12 wt.
    I too use my teeth. I firmly believe my hand and my teeth are God given tools and should be used!

  77. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    It all your fault, you have addicted me. I love the stitch block and had one of your block of the months had done some of it. And then my dad got sick and I took it with me as I set with him and finished all the blocks. Now I’m hooked. Merry Christmas.

  78. Colleen Koski Avatar
    Colleen Koski

    I LOVE VALDANI THREAD!! I bought a kit and decided to buy all the thread as well. Now I am hooked! I am a hooked newby to wool Appliqué! Love your designs!!! I can’t keep up with your new items but I am certainly trying!!!

  79. Cindy G. Avatar
    Cindy G.

    Somewhere between seasoned and beginner. Will be working on lots of projects after the holidays when we’re snowed in.

  80. Beverly Townsend Avatar
    Beverly Townsend

    I’ve been sewing most of my life on and off, but would not consider myself a veteran. Love to embroider when time permits and love the look of wool projects and do them when I have time too.

  81. Mary Lu Avatar
    Mary Lu

    I am a beginner. I like the seasonal projects.

  82. Denise Hines Avatar

    Most of my hand stitching has been hand quilting and needle turn Appliqué. I’ve done a little embroidery and a few wool projects and I enjoy using embroidery thread on these projects. So a beginner still. Would love to win this giveaway!

  83. Beverly Sensabaugh Avatar
    Beverly Sensabaugh

    Probably intermediate but don’t have much time to stitch.

  84. Pat Spirgeon Avatar
    Pat Spirgeon

    I love my little thread book – it slips right in my purse every time a go to a quilt shop or quilt show!

  85. Shirley Avatar

    Beginner on wool, season embroidery. Love all handwork even bindings.

  86. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Valdani thread is the best. Wish I had more so maybe I’ll be lucky and win this, lol. Sort of an intermediate stitcher . Would like to do more.

  87. Lynn M Barrett Avatar
    Lynn M Barrett

    As a beginner stitcher, I’ve found that the Valdani threads stitch so smoothly and look beautiful. I’ve also learned from your new book how to do stitches properly!!

  88. Jan Scherbinski Avatar
    Jan Scherbinski

    I have worked on wool for a few years. I have been working on improving my work. Thanks to Lisa’s book I am learning a lot. Love working with wool, especially from my wool boxes!

  89. Teri Pierce Avatar
    Teri Pierce

    I have been stitching for many years and don’t consider myself a beginner but definitely not a master quilter like yourself! I just know it brings me great joy and happiness to complete a project to the best of my ability…especially if it’s a gift. I work mostly with wool and punchneedle and use DMC and Valdani would be a Christmas treat. Christmas Blessings to you and your family and your cute quilt model Jeter🎅🏻🎄⛄️🦌🐶

  90. Pam Avatar

    Love stitching … especially on wool. Valdani
    Threads are wonderful…thanks for the chance to win. I am a well worn and very seasoned stitcher. Merry Christmas!

  91. Susan Polk Avatar
    Susan Polk

    I am a seasoned stitcher. I have taught wool applique in my quilt guild. I LOVE Valdini threads, but never seem to have enough (Lol). I was once referred to a lady that was getting out of sewing and wanted to sell the wool she had. I bought gorgeous 100% wool (yards) at about $4 per yard. So I have quite the stash! Love your blog Lisa and all your patterns! One day I am going to take a class from you!! Love your new wool book – so much awesome information!

  92. suejean1 Avatar

    I am a seasoned stitcher. I took my first wool appliqué class from you at the Georgia quilt show, it was probably about 10 years ago. I was immediately hooked! I have had the privilege of taking quite a few classes with you since then and am thankful for that. You are an awesome teacher Lisa. I love Valdani, just when I think I have a pretty good collection of it a new project comes along and I need more. 🙂

  93. BarbBBQOnnen Avatar

    Not a beginner but not an expert either – intermediate I guess. Love handwork: handpieced 3 quilts while learning to piece (I do not do the quilting), love to do binding, embroidery of all kinds including wool, at one time crewel embroidery and counted cross stitch. Valdani threads are beautiful.

  94. othelloquilter Avatar

    I am a brand newbie stitcher. I recently started EPP & reading your blog inspires me to start wool stitching. Maybe your BOM next year?!?!

  95. MARIAN Avatar

    I have done some sort of hand embroidery or applique for years, but my first experience with wool was the freebie from the Summer Block of the Week a couple of years ago. I would consider myself an intermediate stitcher, but wool appliques are a great to stitch on!

  96. Dot Mitchell Avatar
    Dot Mitchell

    Love working on my wool projects. I even have family members joining me doing wool appliqué. Wish I had a way to keep the number with the thread when it gets to the end of the roll. I never leave the store empty handed.

  97. Joy P Avatar

    I’m a lapsed stitcher. I love doing handwork but haven’t done much for years. I look at and pet my wool at least once a year but not much else.

  98. Lois in MT Avatar
    Lois in MT

    I have sewn for years, started quilting 30 years ago and just started this Wool Madness. I’ve completed several projects and I’m happy with the results. I have a lot to learn. I started applique with DMC two strands of floss. I purchased Valdani perle cotton and love it. I only use DMC when I don’t have the right Valdani color in my stash.

  99. Dawn Avatar

    I am a veteran stitcher. I began doing wool embroidery many, many years ago when I worked at a cross stitch shop. I used DMC floss and bought wool wherever I could find it. I just love your beautiful wools and “needful things” to go with it. 🙂

  100. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    I consider myself an immediate stitcher. My dream is someday to take one of your wool applique classes. Looking forward to next years BOM even though I am still working on Twilight Garden, Moon Garden and 2019 Wool BOM.

  101. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    I have been a quilted and stitcher for many many years. Rug hooker for about 10 years. I am always stitching.

  102. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Love Valdani threads! I might need to get that book since I seem to buy the same threads over and over again! Love the new stitching book. I just dropped mine off at Staples to have it spiral bound so I can open it flat when I am working on new stitches.

  103. Karen Qualls Avatar
    Karen Qualls

    I truly love the color and texture of Valdani threads. I have become a seasoned veteran over the last 15 years. Hand sewing is so relaxing. I can watch/listen to a good movie or just click on my favorite music and it makes my day.

  104. Dede Avatar

    I am a seasoned stitcher. Started as a kid embroidering kitchen towels. Working in wool is much more fun, and portable.

  105. Tana Riffel Avatar

    It seems I have always enjoyed hand stitching….I think it is in my blood. One of my grandma’s did beautiful precise work, the other enjoyed doing her own thing when it came to sewing for enjoyment (probably in part because she had a civil service job that was to alter army uniforms). Both always had a project in two “in the works” and I definitely inherited that habit! I can’t imagine what they would think with amount of inspiration and resources available on the internet.

  106. Dawn Avatar

    I’m one of those that took sewing in high school but then life got in the way. 30 yrs later my daughter asked me to hem a skirt. I was off to the races. I now have a 10 yr collection of fabric and stuff to go with it. I love it❤️

  107. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    I am not a beginner, more of an intermediate with the love of learning new techniques! I do have a small collection of Valadani threads and love working with them. Looks like it is the perfect time to add a few more😉

  108. Susan Collier Avatar
    Susan Collier

    I’ve been stitching for awhile but still consider myself a beginner. I finally decided not to worry how perfect my stitching is and just enjoy doing it! My secret is how many projects I have waiting for me. All hidden from my family!!

  109. Mary Durham Avatar

    I am what I would call an intermediate beginner as far as wool stitching goes. I have made a few wool projects, but they’ve all been quite small and simple.

  110. Becky Van Boxtel Avatar
    Becky Van Boxtel

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to stitch! I started on pillowcases as a little girl – Yikes I might be dating myself! 🤣😳🤪
    I just discovered stitching with Valdani and wool recently. So much richer effects than with DMC.

  111. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I think I’d be considered an intermediate stitcher. I have been stitching a long time but I still have so much to learn!

  112. janice lashley Avatar

    Goodness I love everything you make! I’m between a beginner and an intermediate stitcher. I haven’t strayed beyond the average craft store in terms of thread so I haven’t tried Valdani as I don’t know much about it. I’m an avid crafter and gardener too. Jan p.s. I use too many commas too

  113. Jill Hicks Avatar
    Jill Hicks

    I am a fairly new stitcher with Valdani. I am finishing up the Old Glory you taught at our guild this summer. I love the thread and learning to love sewing on wool.

  114. valerie Avatar

    I think I am a bit of a newbie. I have loved and collected them for years but there was a lot of holes in the process for me. Getting the wool boxes sparked something in me and I am so crazy for it. I have completed quite a few pieces and am now ready to work on all the kits I have collected over the years. You new book cinched it for me, and I tell everyone I know how great it is and to get it. It truly filled in the missing pieces and made everything so enjoyable. I am amassing quite a collection of Valdani and it makes me happy to look at it all.

  115. Steffi Smith Avatar
    Steffi Smith

    I have never tried Valadani thread and would love to start!

  116. LeAnne K Avatar
    LeAnne K

    I am a beginner stittcher and wanting to be a faster stitcher because there are so many beautiful projects to do!

  117. Kay Sanderford Avatar
    Kay Sanderford

    I am an intermediate stitcher. I confess that prepping a pattern & the fabrics/wool to get ready to stitch is my least favorite part! If I could pay someone to trace pattern pieces onto Soft Fuse, iron onto the wool and then cut out all the pieces, I would love that! I enjoy arranging the pieces on the background and then ironing them down. But my very favorite part is the stitching!

  118. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    Hello! I’m a seasoned stitcher. I do lots of cross-stitch and embroidery…and a bit of all types of handwork. I have soooo many projects in my stash room that it is almost full to capacity. ;0. I’ve collected quilt kits (mostly yours), and wool kits (mostly yours), and all kinds of handwork kits. I love it all. I just need more time.
    I’ve just gotten enamored with Valdani though…it is lovely. I have about a dozen balls but I think now is a good time to add to my stash. Thank you for putting this on sale.

  119. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    I think I’m a seasoned quilted – I hand quilted the king size quilt on our bed.

  120. Sharon Simmons Avatar
    Sharon Simmons

    I’m a seasoned stitcher too. Mostly working on the Twilight Garden and Moon Garden – trying to finish them both. Love working on them.

  121. Daniela F Durham Avatar

    Not seasoned and not new, been doing it for awhile with loooong stretches in between so, a very low learning curve…still have lots to learn.

  122. Carleen Avatar

    I would say I’m an intermediate wool appliqué stitcher and seasoned at punch needle. Absolutely love Valdani thread and floss. Beautiful colors! Thanks for the sale Lisa!

  123. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    I used my book at festival this year to pick up more valdani & I admit that I spent quite a bit, but it makes me sooo happy to see all the beautiful colors! Will be ordering some more ad I’ve used #5 for embroidery & loooove it🥰.

    1. Lj Avatar

      I am a beginner’s beginner with wool. Have not worked with wool. Have not worked with valdani. Have cross- stitched in the past and wanting to learn how to work with wool and stitches. Have a couple of small projects but hesitant to start. I have been known to use teeth as scissors a time or two also. I know, not good.

  124. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    I am not a seasoned stitcher but I am not new as I have done embroidery with floss on many projects. I have not used Valdani threads much, I’d love to try more projects with them.

  125. Maryanne Dochter Avatar
    Maryanne Dochter

    I have been quilting for 45 years and still find excitement in new methods. I have done Sue Spargo’s BOM for the last 6 years and love special threads now to embellish most of my quilts

  126. Sue Avatar

    I have been stitching a long time but only recently got into the crazy quilt stitching.

  127. Maryella Avatar

    I have done quite a bit of wool stitchery but I feel I still need tips. I will be buying your new book. Recently I am finding it nice to sit and stitch more. Perhaps my age has something to do with that! Thanks for all you do. Merry Christmas Lisa

  128. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    I guess I’m a seasoned stitcher, but still learn from the masters like you!
    I drive a big rig and always have a project bag with me for down times.

  129. Karen Yaffe Avatar
    Karen Yaffe

    I am not a new stitcher or a veteran. Kind of in between. Always learning new things and loving everything! I have so many projects I want to make. I am so thrilled to have found wool! Absolutely love it above anything else and valdani is my favorite thread to use. Thank you!

  130. Peggy Avatar

    I am a novice at embroidery, but have a strong will to learn!
    You have probably been told, but your link (Valdini thread in above message) is not working. I hope it is not me, but will reload after I leave this message, just in case. Perhaps we have overrun the site? Hope it works later, will keep trying. I have some Valdani and really would like to add more colors in #8 for big stitch quilting. Thanks for all that you do, The inspiration just flows from your projects and presentations 🙂 Regards to all for the holiday season, Peggy

  131. mary h Avatar
    mary h

    Seasoned veteran. I love all kinds of needlework and quilting. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  132. Linda Pickenpaugh Avatar
    Linda Pickenpaugh

    I’m a seasoned stitcher and I love using Valdani thread. I think my first project with wool was the little houses given as free blocks one summer. I visited your shop on vacation and somehow ended up with 3. I never did anything with them until the pattern came out and I couldn’t resist. It was so fun. Then I bought the little baskets pattern and didn’t start it until I did the BOM with Moon Garden. I have loved learning all the different stitches. Thank you!

  133. bvobaker Avatar

    Although I am a long-time stitcher of counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, quilting, I have never done any wool appliqué. I have some kits that I especially like and want to do, but haven’t started them. You have some kits I would love to stitch and I’ve asked for your newest book for Christmas. So, maybe 2020 will be the year! I LOVE your designs!

  134. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I’m a brand new wool stitcher. While I know how much thread I need to do an EPP project I’m scared I will run out of Valdani. Never knowing how much I will need, I have a growing collection, but I’m still learning about what weights for which stitches. I’m loving the embroidery work on the Urban Rose BOM since I missed it this summer. Lisa’s new book is teaching me so much. I think I need more Valdani.🤗

  135. Kelly Avatar

    I have been stitching for many years, I just wish I had more time. I have to work to pay for my hobby. I would love more Valdani thread for my projects!

  136. Tammy Harrell Avatar

    I am a beginner at wool applique. I have two copies of your book Wool, Needle & Thread coming for Christmas presents for my daughter and myself. I do not have any Valdani threads yet! I am a fan of all your creations, especially your recent posting of your blue and white quilts…just beautiful! Thanks Lisa for sharing all your beautiful patterns!

  137. Alyson Kopp Avatar
    Alyson Kopp

    I am a beginner. I have been collecting wool and thread for about four years at Road to California and local shops. I found your thread book and the tips very helpful!

  138. Colleen Avatar

    I am a fairly seasoned stitcher and seldom leave home without a ( travel kit) wool appliqué project to work on where ever I may find myself sitting. I’m the one at the family gatherings sitting in the corner, watching all the activity, happily stitching away. I’m sure some members of the family secretly have a name for me. 😉
    I do help out with serving, dishes etc. but when the kids are playing and the adults are sitting around visiting I’m stitching.

  139. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I’m just getting started collecting threads and that little notebook would be wonderful! My memory isn’t what it used to be.

  140. Bernice Avatar

    I consider myself a beginner. I need a stitch book to quide me. Valdani is a wonderful cotton.

    1. Yvonne craig Avatar
      Yvonne craig

      I also am a seasoned wool stitcher. I have the three book but if I like a color I do buy it again 🤪

  141. linda bechtel Avatar

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Valdani threads! Its like getting a box of 64 Crayola Crayons as a kid! Remember the smell and the feel of those Crayons?! Touching the different weights and admiring the colors of Valdani threads gets my creative juices flowing like adrenaline! I have been hooked on Valdani for 8 years. I am always ready to learn a new stitch or technique, so I consider myself a lifelong learner!

  142. Mary Howland Avatar
    Mary Howland

    I’m a new stitcher.

  143. Linda Whitley Avatar
    Linda Whitley

    I’ve been stitching for about 50 years. I started with the Embroiderers Guild of America . Years spent with a needle and thread, learning new stitches. Lots of counted work, hardanger, needlepoint. Then I met a new friend at work who was into quilting. When I discovered Primitive Gatherings, Oh My Goodness! I’m addicted! Still quilting, kniting, embroidery but Wool is my passion.

  144. Janet Avatar

    Although my mom taught be to sew as a child….I took my first quilting class in 2005. I had NO idea what an addiction it would turn into. jmh

  145. Karen Brion Avatar
    Karen Brion

    I would say I’m a seasoned stitcher. I have embroidered since I was a young girl and cross stitched since my teens. I picked up working with wool about 2012 and have fallen in the “sheep hole” you could say. Not only do I like to appliqué with wool but I love to rug hook. I also punch needle so I could always use Valdani thread to keep my addiction going.

  146. usairdoll Avatar

    I am a seasoned stitcher and Valdani threads are my favorite! I have a nice collection of threads but can always use more ;-D

    Happy Holidays!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  147. Camille Avatar

    Can a stitcher be a wanna be? I have 3 wool kits (unopened). I find myself choosing to complete one of my many quilting UFOs instead of tackling a wool project. It is the easier choice in my efforts to tidy up my sewing space and reduce storage needs. In the meantime, I have an extraordinarily talented stitching friend and I enjoy watching the progress of her magnificent projects.

  148. Linda Avatar

    I have been stitching since I was a little girl but just this past year began using Valdani threads and absolutely love them. I could use more thread and promise to stitch every ball you send !!! Merry Christmas and happy stitching to all !!!! L

  149. Patty Archuleta Avatar
    Patty Archuleta

    I took my first class from Lisa this year at quilt market. Needless to say I’m hooked.

  150. Joan Carlsen Avatar
    Joan Carlsen

    I am an experience stitcher and love your wools. They are wonderful. I am growing in my stitching greatly in the last few years. Love your tutorials, kits, and your new stitch book. Can never have enough Valdani

  151. JeanetteGorthy Avatar

    I love working with Valdani but was getting frustrated when doing blanket stitch at how twisted it would get. I’d always been taught to sew Left to right direction but found if I stitched right to left it doesn’t twist at all. . I’m working on block ten of Twilight Garden so very happy I found this out before I started this quilt. Just love your ur designs. Jeanette Gorthy

  152. Rose Bullen Avatar

    Seasoned Quilter here, started wool embroidery with Lisa maybe 5 years ago. I’m a little lazy with the thread, I will toss 6 inches or less just cause I don’t like to re-thread a needle. The Moon Garden blocks are done. I am on my 3rd read of the finishing pattern…..yup….sometimes it takes that long…..Valdani is my favorite.

  153. Cathy Clark Avatar
    Cathy Clark

    I am probably more of a beginner. I stitch till my fingers go numb but do not have the expertise and beauty of you Lisa or as others that I know. Therefore, I use your fabulous book & always in tow, “Wool, Needle and Thread”. It’s the best & smartest purchase I’ve made this year! Valdani threads pearl cottons are the best! I won’t stitch with anything else.

  154. Patty N Avatar
    Patty N

    I seem to be a ‘Collector’ of wools, wool patterns, threads, etc. Someday I may actually start working on a project!

  155. Patti Feuerhelm Avatar

    I am a seasoned wool stitcher and I love Valdani threads! You can never have enough!

  156. Gayle Cowdin Avatar
    Gayle Cowdin

    Yes I live valdani thread all of it

  157. murschel Avatar

    I love this shop and designer – my Liberty Gatherings quilt was my first big wool project — it is amazing. If you don’t have the book to record your valdani — buy it you will love it. I love needle work with valdani.

  158. Tami Ellis Avatar
    Tami Ellis

    I started stitching about a year ago and LOVE it. I am not a veteran stitcher, but not a beginner either. I an still learning and love all of the tips and tricks veteran stitchers give. Thank you to all who have inspired me! Merry Christmas! 🎄

  159. Sheila S. Avatar
    Sheila S.

    I guess I am a seasoned stitcher. I actually like appliqueing best, but then I also sometimes add embroidery to my piece to give it interest. I keep my Valdani threads in a wonderful wooden 4 drawer small cabinet that I purchased at a craft show. Each drawer holds 20 balls of Valdani threads and it works beautifully so I can see all the various shades I need for a project.

  160. Martha Followill Avatar

    I am not seasoned, but nota beginner. I love to embroidery. My mother taught me as this was her hobby. Love this type of thread.

  161. Sharlet Simmons Avatar
    Sharlet Simmons

    I am not a seasoned stitcher. However, I am close to a beginner. I look at some of all of your works and am amazed at the even stitches. Mine are rather primitive to say the least but I do love the process. I love Valdini thread and the look it gives a finished piece.

  162. Karen Dianda Avatar
    Karen Dianda

    I’m a medium sized stitcher… Lol, meaning I’ve been doing it for a long time and I love it but I’m not a seasoned professional. I can sit for HOURS and look at the thread and organize it and just touch it, almost like a touchstone. It makes me HAPPY to stitch because it truly is therapy for me.

  163. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    Even though I would not consider a day complete without having thread of some sort in my hand, I would classify myself a beginner in working with wool.

  164. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    I consider myself an intermediate beginner. I think the only stitch I have memorized is the blanket stitch. I tried needle turn applique and it was quickly left behind once I learned the wonders of stitching on wool. Looking forward to having more time to stitch this coming year and moving solidly into the intermediate category. Thanks for the sale on the Valdani thread. Love it!!!

  165. June Avatar

    I am an intermediate stitcher. Love your new book! It is so helpful to me

  166. Kathy C Avatar
    Kathy C

    I am a 15 year stitcher. I have done many of your summer blocks of the week.
    Happy holidays

  167. debragrove6104 Avatar

    I consider myself to be an intermediate stitcher. I love the dimension that Valdani thread gives fancy stitches on wool appliqué. I cannot live long enough to stitch all my PG wool kits, but it doesn’t keep me from buying more! Ugh… huge fan!

  168. Diane Hinton Avatar

    I used to be an avid stitcher doing crewel embroidery and some cross stitch but gave that up once I got into quilting. I do love the look of wool appliqué and have been trying to find the time to work that in. I recently purchased your new Wool book with all of the stitches so I will be ready when that door opens. I have also been starting a Valdani collection!

  169. Marge Berg Avatar
    Marge Berg

    On Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 10:39 AM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “I love Sunday’s…and I try not to work on > Sunday…so a nice short post for you today…Several of you have asked me > for this one… If you do not know it yet…we carry every color and weight > of Valdani that they make… So… to give you a chance t” >

  170. Marilyn Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Hopkins

    Twilight Garden SBOW 2018 turned me into an advanced stitcher!! I love that quilt. Can’t wait to get it quilted. I’ve used many different threads over the years, and Valdani has them all beat!

  171. LeeAnn Turpin Avatar

    Have stitched since I was a child. Love your patterns and kits…

  172. Kathy Johnson Avatar
    Kathy Johnson

    I am a seasoned stitcher but by no means an expert. There’s always something new to learn!

  173. Lynn Jarzombeck Avatar
    Lynn Jarzombeck

    Love to stitch! Work with any number of threads but Valdani is my favorite, most of which I have purchased in your Menasha shop. Your patterns are the best, and your blog is wonderful. I have learned a great deal from you. Attended your lectures at the Wis quilt expo over the years too. Thanks for all the enlightenment!

  174. Karen L. Avatar
    Karen L.

    Not sure what I would call myself. For the last couple of years I have made four tree ornaments for my daughter’s family of four. Although I am certainly not a newbie, I seem to still have a problem with starting and stopping some stitches such as the blanket stitch. Hoping to get better in time. But time takes time …

  175. gingerfolkdesigns Avatar

    Seasoned veteran but I so so need more threads!!!! I have one ofyour thread boxes and it needs to get more!!!!

  176. Angie Basham Avatar
    Angie Basham

    I consider myself an advanced beginner. I enjoy watching a project grow as I add each new piece and each new stitch.

  177. quiltngal515 Avatar

    I have been piecing and quilting for a long time. But, I have just begun stitching with Valdani thread since I began to follow you. I actually have been attending the Paducah Quilt Show every April for many years. I know many women came to your booth and your husband rang up sales for me…… mostly fabric not much thread. I would love more colors of Valdani Thread and happy you carry all of them!

  178. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    While I love to stitch, I place myself as a seasoned beginner! I have always only stitched with the blanket stitch on my projects but when I participated in the Moon Garden stitch-along I really enjoyed learning all the new (to me) stitches.

  179. Louise Avatar

    I’d say a step above beginner but would love to try Valdani.

  180. Cathy Pharr Avatar
    Cathy Pharr

    I am an experienced stitcher. Totally addicted to wool applique and embellishing it with different stitches and threads.