Day 9- more stitching needful things

Today we are featuring 2 items that go together…one is from another small company and then the second one is hand made by my cousin Scott here at Primitive Gatherings.


IMG_5416 2

Do you remember those Embroidery Stitch Templates and the Stunning Stitches Book for Crazy quilts shown above?   A lot of you have them because we ran the company out of them….and the owner was so thrilled! Embroidery Stitch Templates-500x500

I know if you got the book and templates you LOVE them!!! and now…..there are mini..25 seam shapes for smaller seams along with numbers, letters, hearts swirls and leaves…so the perfect companion for the one above …if you missed out on the book and the first Embroidery Shape templates above we have them in stock and just click on the links above and you can get those too but…Today we are featuring the mini new one!!!!  Which is the one I hope you need!


Here is a little peek at the templates….they are about 6″ square and have base designs for smaller stitches and seams...the ones above are different because they are for larger areas or seams.small templates

Here are the details Jess’s has put together for us…
Now what’s next?  When I stitch at home I sit in my chair and I have my feet up on my stool…but what do we do when we are going to class or retreat?  Here is the answer…
While I was teaching FL Katie showed me her stool that she used for rug hooking…It was also perfect for hand stitching too!
Why is it a traveling stool? Because it folds up and slides right in your bag and it has a handle for easy carrying to where ever you need to stitch!stool undersidestool collapsed
Mine is little beat up from use…but it works beautifully!
HINT!  The trick to these seam stitches is thicker thread…#8 and #5 work the best and they just happen to be on sale!!!! See previous post!image.png
And…did you follow along to see the finished project from the Stitch-A-Long (SAL)?  If not…here is the whole quilt…..Rhonda did an awesome job with the finished pattern…click the link below to go to Farmhouse Threads website if you want to order it…If want the individual blocks you need to contact the designers and that info is in my blog post HERE
All for now…How we doing on our Christmas/Holiday preparations?
I have a party tomorrow for my sewing group…I have been gone…I ran away with Nick for a couple of days to his favorite place..we just got home late last night, so lots to do to pull off a nice party…let’s make it an easy question today….Where do you think we  were?  Make your guess in the comment section….I will pick from the right answers…if you cannot guess. right….I will just pick a random winners for templates and a stool on Jan 1st! …… so Nick’s favorite place to visit is???
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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

168 thoughts on “Day 9- more stitching needful things

  1. I’d say Nicks favorite place would be anyplace with you, how about Las Vegas! Merry Christmas to you both and your amazing staff at Primitive Gatherings!

  2. Las Vegas, you’ve mentioned it several times. He must love the bright lights and high energy.

  3. I also vote Vegas, Baby! Because I follow your blog and do believe you’ve mentioned it once or twice! And… it’s probably the only warm place easily accessible for a quick rendezvous. I hope you won big and boy I sure I hope I win this prize, it’s right up there with the sheep medallion… my two favorite things so far!

  4. I have no idea what his favorite vacation spot is, but anytime you can get away for a few days is a bonus! I love the stool.

  5. I’d agree with Las Vegas… I’m sure you’ve mentioned in earlier blogs that it’s Nick’s favorite getaway, and it’s probably the most easily accessed warm place (I’m sure you didn’t choose COLDER!). I hope you won big! This post includes two things I’d for sure call my favorite, fingers crossed I win big, too!

  6. I would have to say Las Vegas; it seems like such a great weekend getaway place!
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  7. Have a wonderful time at your party. Wonderful that you were able to take time for a short get away. I’m going to guess you went to LasVegas.

  8. I am guessing Vegas! I remember seeing your pictures from your last trip there and remembered you said he loves going there!

  9. Las Vegas….duh 😄. What I can’t answer is which place do you stay at…🤔 Days away together are always good days, and a chance to recharge and I hope you got to do that! Now, bring on the holidays!! Merry Christmas!!!

  10. Seems like I remember seeing Las Vegas trips on the blog so that would be my guess. Wherever it was, hope it was relaxing.

  11. Haha, looks like the majority is saying Las Vegas. I know its my husbands favorite place to go. Wherever it was, its nice to get away if only for a few days.

  12. I’m guessing not too far away because it was short…so Chicago. And I love the stool.
    Also, are the special prices on the needful things only good for that day, and can multiple purchases (such as day 10 and day 9) be held until the end to ship together?

  13. I will say Vegas too but go one further and say you stayed at Bellagio…at least that is where I would have loved to go! At any rate I hope it was a great getaway. Thanks for the fun!

  14. Well I’m not sure where nicks favorite place would be but I think it involves fishing 🎣. Hope you enjoyed the time off and being together.

  15. Going to join everyone else in saying Las Vegas with a side trip to the Harley Davidson Store. A lady at church brings a similar stool to church for her feet to rest on since they don’t reach the floor when sitting. Her husband is over 6 feet. 🙂

  16. A fishing cabin on a frozen lake??? I THINK the FloridaKeys would be good but what can I say?? It’s cold and snowing here!! I’m just glad you got to go somewhere with your date.😘

  17. Hopefully you went where it is warm like Las Vegas, regardless of where you went you were spending time together.

  18. I’m going with the Harley Museum in WI. I seem to remember a post you wrote about going there awhile back. You both looked like you were having a wonderful time!

  19. Any place that the fish are biting! What kind of knot do you use when you bait Nick’s hooks? LOL

  20. I’m going to guess Chicago or Minneapolis, since it was a quick trip. Looking forward to our party tomorrow!

    1. I think you and Nick went to the Harley Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee. So nice you could have a little getaway!!
      That little stool looks like a great idea!

  21. I think you had a staycation! One of these days we are going to pull the shades and lock the doors and tell everyone we are going away for a couple days. Home Sweet Home! I am new to the world of wool. I am building my stash from “reclaimed”, aka thrift stores. I have hooked a small mat, appliqued a pillow, made a small wool pocket, and a couple pin cushions, and a penny rug mat. Still trying to decide which I enjoy the most. Is that even possible?.Next on my list to try is some crazy quilting. I would love to have the embroidery book and stool.

  22. I have no clue where you went. But I do like the stitches template and the folding stool is great. I have a folding
    stool from the hardware store but it is higher and flat ( don’t use it to put my feet up. Yours looks perfect with the slant and it being lower

  23. It sounds funny but I think you went to the mountains for ice fishing. Wherever you went I hope it was awesome. Everyone deserves time alone with their loved ones.

  24. I think Nick‘s favorite place to visit is Green Bay Wisconsin for a Packers game! Is that the right answer?

  25. Same place as my hubby’s. Vegas, Baby! If I listened to him, I would have no money for quilting, it would all be at the Black Jack Tables.

  26. I knew she was going to do a mini set at some point and I have been waiting for them. I can’t live without her templates when I’m doing my crazy stitching. I love them. This will be on the top of my Christmas list, well, at least on it, the list is getting bigger. Today, a thread order as I love 8 and 5 wt for Crazy Stitching

  27. I think you went to his hunting cabin. I know that is where my husband would want to go. The stitching guides look like something I should have, maybe that would send me from an average stitcher to a great stitcher. That stool may be a good investment as well. I do use a pillow to raise my handwork up a little I would think the stool would also help.

  28. Las Vegas gets my vote. Wherever it was I’m glad you had a chance to run away and play for a few days.

  29. Hmmm….. I cannot remember if/when you said Nick’s favorite place to go. Hope you had a great time together and that he is feeling well.

  30. The Packers played the Bears in Green Bay so that’s my guess! And maybe there’s a Harley Store in Green Bay too 😜

    1. Hi Lisa, that’s an easy question… Las Vegas!! Hope you both had fun! The templates are tempting! Enjoy your party, I’m sure if anyone can pull off a quick obe, you can! Hugs, Jakey

  31. Viva Las Vegas! Where else would you go for a quick getaway you would both enjoy? I hope you were winnnnnnnerrs!!!

  32. Vegas seems to be mentioned more than once on your blogs, so I’m going with Sin City. Hope you had some great fun!

  33. I am truly not sure. The consensus seems to be Las Vegas. Anytime you have alone time with your significant other, it is a winner. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  34. Sorry, I really don’t have clue so I’ll copy others and say Las Vegas. I hope you both had fun wherever you went!

  35. Las Vegas! Something for everyone in that playground. How wonderful that you two could take a well deserved get away!

  36. I’m guessing Vegas (since you’ve mentioned going before) and I’m guessing it’s so cold the HOG’s are probably nestled someplace warm for some winter hibernation. That stool is adorable! Glad you had some fun time, enjoy your party

  37. Las Vegas or hopefully somewhere warm and fun…and romantic. Love the templates and the stool sure could help with the posture issues. Thank you for all that you do. Have fun at the party.

  38. Green Bay or Las Vegas…….Packers had a noon game so getting home late was mentioned so I’d have to go with Las Vegas for his favorite place.

  39. Western Colorado of course! If Nick hasn’t ever been here it would be his favorite place if he came!

  40. I know you guys like Las Vegas but for us it’s been cold. But for anyone else from your neck of the woods. Not cold.

  41. Imma say, Las Vegas. You mentioned it last year when you went about it’s his favorite place, and you showed us your awesome dessert. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  42. I think you and Nick went to the Harley Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee and also to Green Bay to catch Packers game.
    So glad you could have a little getaway.
    Love that little footstool!

  43. I really think that stool would be handy. I am not sure where your getaway would be but sure hope you had fun👍

  44. Great items today! Both I definitely need ;-D

    I’m not sure where you both went so I’ll say Vegas like the gang, hehe

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  45. Wonderful day with fellow quilters at your besutiful home. Thank you and have a great holiday. Karen

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  46. I am guessing you went with Nick fishing somewhere, somewhere warm or maybe ice fishing? Final answer: fishing 🙂 Merry Christmas! I love the little foot stool idea! I bet it helps relieve back discomfort.

  47. Nick’s favorite place to visit is. . . .Las Vegas!! Mine too, but I’m not as lucky as he! LOVE the little sheep and hope to give myself the Christmas present of the sew a long! Thank you for all the creative and fun items you create for us! LOVE my wool boxes! Have to get speedier at getting them completed!

  48. Hi Lisa. Will you have any of the plastic templates for the crazy quilting stitches at Road to CA? There are a couple of us in my quilting group who have been looking for them! Thanks, Carol Currid

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