Day 8-“Create” tin and sheep project!…

Jessica asked me to give you couple of gentle reminders from the Shop today…first…

The 12 Days items are not meant to be Christmas presents delivered in time for Christmas.  We ship as fast as we can and yes, some of the items will be there before, but we cannot guarantee them…so please keep in mind that we do not have 100s of employees shipping your order like Amazon.  If you order on Saturday, please do not call on Monday to ask why we have not shipped your order yet.  We do not work on Saturday and Sunday.   We need to print the orders from the weekend and then sort and fill…this takes time and we Thank you for your patience this time of year when we have a heavy order load.

We cannot hold your orders-meaning you cannot order everyday and then ask us to ship them all at the end of the 12 days to get free shipping.  We would then have to go in and refund the $5.99 shipping it adds to every order that you place…we do not have time  or the staff to do this, plus when we refund it costs us money in additional credit card fees.           If you do not want to pay shipping can place one order at the end or when you get above the $100 free shipping mark.  But also, be aware that some items are limited or hand made and they take time to make or will be out of stock and you will have to wait til we get more in if we can.  Each day we place an order for the items plus a few more for those of you who will place an order after they are all revealed…We cannot predict if we are going to sell 10 gold thimble necklaces or 100…make sense?

Also please read the descriptions carefully…there may be additional shipping fees on an item that is hard to ship, like the stitching stools, we have to protect them and they are bulkier…so we add a $5 additional shipping fee to them…but if we say we are waiving that addition fee it doesn’t mean that the $5.99 regular shipping cost is eliminated and the stool shipping is free.  Standard Shipping rates still apply….I hope this is clear…or clear-er now.

also some are asking how to find the Thread book we are giving free with $100 purchase on the Valdani Thread Day10.  Click here for it.

Thanks you for reading all of that…I know it is hard with no pictures!

Now back to the fun stuff….

We have been waiting to reveal today’s needful thing for a long time….


sheep wool:lisa bongean

We have special ordered these 8″x 12″ “Create” project tins…so no one in the world has them but us…it features the flannels from Flannel Gatherings…then we also had a 6″x 10 flannel “precut made just for us for Farmhouse Gatherings too!…then we thought…why not make a project for this tin & pre-cut and add in a some Primitive Gatherings wool for some adorable sheep and this is what we have…

Now…this little quilt with 25 sheep could be cute finished just like it is…but what if we put our creative minds to work and have a “sheep” stitch along and see what happens when we all  do our own thing??  So I am know we can make at least 120 sheep from this starter 6″x 10″ precut  of flannel and their is a nice left over piece on each of the 42 flannels as well….and then the 3 packs of 10 wool textures in cream, taupe and black     (you can get 4 sheep from each 5″ square for 120 sheep)…Don’t want a big project?  Make several little ones and so on…let’s all be creative and and “create” something with these adorable sheep!

Everyone who saw this stitched sheep little quilt fell immediately in LOVE with it…but I couldn’t do anything about it until now!  So If you want a cool tin, 6″x 10″flannel precut, 30 wool charms, black mill dyed wool for sheep faces and legs plus the pattern,  this is perfect for us sheep lovers…sheep:lisa bongean

Details….Regular Price: $90.00  plus extra $5.00 shipping.                                                             Click HERE to purchase this at our Sale Price: $75.00 plus extra $5.00 shipping

(So here is another example about shipping…we have to add $5 to ship this tin because if we do not protect it…it will arrived damaged…so your order will have $5 plus $5.99 if the order is not over $100….If the order is over $100, we still will apply only the $5 additional shipping for each of this item ordered.  Free shipping applies over $100 on normal items that do not have an additional shipping cost applied to them…again..thank you for your understanding…we are not trying to get rich off of shipping…we pay a lot of money for postage…have you tried mailing something from the post office lately?  If so… you get it. 🙂

Isn’t it fun to have something no one else has…we sure think so…

To win one of these kits…tell us in the comment section…Have you worked with Moda flannel at all yet?  Did you make a patchwork quilt?  Did you use it for a background for wool appliqué?  Tell us about it…If you have not used flannel yet…why?

Can’t wait to ready all your comments…Will be picking winner Jan 1st…

For those who want to know a little more about our weekend trip….read on..

Yes…most of you guessed right…we were in Vegas…We had dinner at Hell’s Kitchen…Seen Dwight Yoakum…he was amazing! He talked and sang the history of the Bakersfield Beat music…he did this straight for 3 1/2 hours without taking a break or even a sip of water…he sounded so good…his band was outstanding….go see him if you can….IMG_7980

Brad, Tina and I went on a tour one day to Shelby America, Welderup and Count Kustoms…while Nick played his slot machines with out us bothering him…he is the luckiest thing you ever saw…it’s unreal…he now is a VIP at the Golden Nugget, which is where we stayed this time on Fremont Street….which is cool, but not, because I like to go to a different hotel every time when we go!!! But if you or your hubby wants to know about our tour…. I took lots of pics…let me know…I’ll share…

I also can’t wait to tell you about our party we are having today…wish you all could come…all for now…Lisa

245 responses to “Day 8-“Create” tin and sheep project!…”

  1. Nancy Zimmerman Avatar
    Nancy Zimmerman

    YES! Primitive Gatherings flannel is so soft and wonderful!

  2. Bonnie Larson Avatar

    I love working with flannel and wool. I typically back my quilts with flannel and really love Modas lines. They are so plush and snuggly. Thanks, Lisa

  3. Elizabeth Dickey Avatar
    Elizabeth Dickey

    I absolutely love Moda flannels & just add sheep!! Well that’s the icing on the cake 😊 beautifully created and the tin( it needs to be added to my collection since I’m forever stashing hiding things from kitty😉) Happy Holidays 🎄☃️

  4. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I have used Moda flannels in various projects. A couple of the wool kits from PG have had flannels to work on/with.

  5. Kathleen Avatar

    I have worked with the Primitive Gatherings flannel and am spoiled! Thanks for the chance to win this adorable kit.
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Susan Polk Avatar
    Susan Polk

    I have used Moda flannel in projects before. I got a bunch of it from your booth at the MAQ show in Hampton VA. Love working with it – mostly backgrounds. These sheep are so stinking adorable!!!

  7. Judy Zei Avatar
    Judy Zei

    Yes, I love Moda flannels. Well, I love all Moda fabric, but especially the flannels. I have pieced and appliqued with them. Many of my quilts have flannel on the back. For those who haven’t used them, “What are you waiting for?” They quilt up much lighter weight than the cottons. Put a wool dream batting in there and you have the most wonderful, toasty, lightweight quilt ever! Of course, PG plaids are my favorites!!!

    1. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
      Tammy Marquardt

      Love, love, love the Moda flannels. So cozy and comforting. The sheep project is amazing. I collect all things sheep so this would be wonderful to own. And yes, post more about Vegas! One of our favorite trips.

  8. Leesa Lloyd Avatar

    I have not but I did orders a layer cake to do the crazy season SAL….I live in Florida so Flannel quilts are a one month season

  9. Karen W Avatar
    Karen W

    LOVE IT ALL!!!

  10. tamara williams Avatar
    tamara williams

    So far I’ve only used flannel in your SBOW. Very nice to stitch on those sheep are so cute. So sad I’ve already ordered my gift to myself. And the tin is perfect .

    1. Kelly Avatar

      I love the sheep! I have used moda flannels, they are great to work with. I used the black flannel for the wording on the spring, summer, fall and winter pillows that came in the wool boxes. It worked out perfectly. I would love to win this kit for sure!

  11. Kolleen M Dickinson Avatar

    I LOVE MODA FLANNELS. I have made numerous quilts with the flannel from your collections [and others]. The most recent one was using the Wool and Needle layer cakes and yardage of the blue to make a retirement quilt for the police chief of the town where I work. Loved it! Also backed it in flannel. So soft to touch!

  12. Cindy Erickson Avatar
    Cindy Erickson

    I have used the flannel as a substitute for some wool applique

  13. Patti Gagliardi Avatar
    Patti Gagliardi

    I have a nice stash of flannels, but haven’t used them yet 😉 too many projects and too little time lol! I so love this tin and ideas are swirling in my mind…
    Blessings, Patti

  14. Lyn Avatar

    I love flannels for the backing makes quilts so soft. I am making kind of a crazy quilt with flannels for the backing then going to do embroidery and wool appliqués. Only have the back done now so it is in the making.

  15. Kyra Franz Avatar

    LOVE sheep (we raised a small flock when I was growing up) and NEED more wool applique experience. Yes, Moda flannel is the best!

  16. Debbie Pearcey Avatar
    Debbie Pearcey

    I have made one small project with wool but I am a beginner. I have been so busy making big quilts and it seems so hard to find the wool materials that I have not tried more but lately I have wanted small projects that I can do by hand. The sheep look so cute. I also have not been buying fabric from the internet much-I don’t know why-the waiting for the project to come and partly because I didn’t now there was such a variety and I like to touch fabric. Wool seems so expensive and I am on a fixed income now and must be more careful now about my fabric purchases

  17. Nina Christman Avatar
    Nina Christman

    I bought the book and lots of yardage of the flannels. It sat out for a few weeks so I could pat it and admire it. I finally put it in a bag—and lost it! I looked everywhere. I totally cleaned out my sewing room closet,but not there. Finally one day it was sitting in another closet teasing me. I made a large pillow from Laundry Basket’s new book for my daughter. She has a grey couch and the black and whites will look great. It is so cozy. Your flannels are so thick and wonderful. In January I will start making a lap quilt for me from your book.

  18. Cheryl Adam Avatar
    Cheryl Adam

    I am currently working on a quilt with Moda flannel background. It is soft and sturdier than other flannel which makes it easier to work with.
    The sheep are so cute. I am also a knitter so I use lots of wool.

  19. Elizabeth Lizotte Avatar
    Elizabeth Lizotte

    I have not tried Moda Flannels. I will love to win the give away, but if not will go and buy to make the sheep, they are so cute.

  20. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    I’m a flannel fanatic! Right now I’m working on a flannel lap quilt for myself. I have it put together but am deciding if I want borders or not. I love using flannel for the background of my wool projects and the backing is always flannel. Really cute tin!

  21. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    I have used moda flannel for both pieces quilts (warm and cuddly throws or rich looking wall hangings) and also for background of wool projects. I like using it as backgrounds as it is cheaper and looks just as good as wool. They are so so soft.

  22. lbosma Avatar

    Love the Moda Flannel for wool appliqué backgrounds. My first experience using it was with your Evelyn’s Album BOW. Thank you for all the Happy Stitching you provide!

  23. Marilynn Avatar

    WELL WELL WELL~~~I truly did not know you could use flannel as a backing for a quilt….. so maybe this would work for a tee shirt quilt? Time to make a use flannel “intention” for 2020!!

  24. Kathy Elwood Avatar
    Kathy Elwood

    I made a flannel quilt for my son using Moda flannel. Love the adorable sheep!

    1. Karen Hurst Avatar
      Karen Hurst

      Yes, I’ve made a wool and flannel quilt and Jen Kingwell’s Gardenvale dresden quilt using Primitive Gatherings flannel. I like the flannels for quilt backs too. The sheep quilt is just so perfect!

  25. Sue Bennett Avatar

    Love primitive gatherings flannel. Picked up at Hampton quilt show, I go for your booth. They are easy to work with stay soft and smooth.

  26. Marsha Avatar

    Love the sheep… I just bought your flannel… will “create” something after the holidays. Thanks for a chance to win… would love to try wool… Merry Christmas

  27. Cynthia Wood Avatar

    I have loved sheep since i was a child. I remember my grandpa bringing a very tiny sheep to the kitchen. It was one of triplets and this one was too small to survive the cold and mom didn’t have enough milk. So hand feed had to be done. I loved it. He grew to be one of the biggest sheep in the lot. Sweet Bucky. I love flannel pajamas, but wonder why I have never worked with flannel as a quilter of over 30 years. Maybe the nightmares of some Wally World flannel years and years age.

  28. neena simmons Avatar

    I have never used Moda Flannel. Love the sheep.

  29. Susy Avatar

    I have not used Moda flannel, but loving working with wool. I make wool ornaments for Christmas gifts and I made a wool tea cozy this year. The recipient loved it!

  30. Patti O'Donnell Avatar
    Patti O’Donnell

    I have used Moda flannel on a couple of projects. Your Oak & Acorns, which I love. I also used your Farmhouse flannel for a little rag quilt for friends who just built a small room and have it done gray. I just knew your Farmhouse would fit right in. Can’t wait to give it to them. It is so warm, soft and perfect for a chilly day.

  31. Cindy G. Avatar
    Cindy G.

    No I haven’t used it. But I can now see the possibilities. Love the sheep.

  32. Linda Liquin Avatar
    Linda Liquin

    Interesting, I just purchased some flannel for a first time applique project. Love the sheep. Thanks for a chance to win.

  33. Linda Whitley Avatar
    Linda Whitley

    I have worked with Moda flannel. It has an unbelievably luxurious feel. I am currently working on a blue and white snow globe quilt with this fabric. Love it!

  34. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar

    I love Moda flannel, it is the softest and wonderful to use as a background to wool!
    I have not finished the project that i was using it in as life took over so now it has become a UFO?? I can’t wait to get back to it in the New Year!!! I am a huge sheep lover, always have been! Thanks so much for a chance to win this fun sheep kit!!!

  35. Mary Schumm Hulsbos Avatar
    Mary Schumm Hulsbos

    I love working with wool and flannel and often combine the two. Can’t say enough about sheep projects!

  36. Diana Schumacher Avatar
    Diana Schumacher

    Love the little sheep and thank you for giving us the chance to win this beautiful group of supplies. I have not used Moda flannel yet but would love to give it a try. I follow your blog and see all the beautiful things you create with wool and am in awe of everything you do. Merry Chrismas!!

  37. Carol Avatar

    When I first started quilting, I made a flannel quilt. No one warned me about stretch… and the need to be so careful with triangles… and no one believed in starch… which, thanks to you, I now do.
    I just said to my husband yesterday, “I need to make a flannel quilt for our bedroom.”
    So… your grey flannels, love, love, love!
    The sheep… I’m in love! Fingers crossed!

  38. Monica Mackison Avatar
    Monica Mackison

    The only Moda flannel I’ve used is Twilight kit. It has an amazing feel. Looking forward to using it more. Love wool appliqué and I want you to know you are my “go to” shop. Keep up the good work.

  39. joannerod51 Avatar

    I love flannel and wool together! Cotton is okay but flannel blends better and still keeps a quilt less heavy. I started with the Farmhouse Flannels charm pack and used it for background for Little Buds pattern. I can’t wait to see it finished! This is a charity quilt so I may have to make one to keep!! I can shoot you a photo when done if you like.

  40. Maggie R. Avatar
    Maggie R.

    I love Moda flannel! I’ve done a lot of appliqué on flannel and there’s is the best!! It’s very well made it not as stretchy, doesn’t ravel as much or shrink like the rest of them can!!

  41. Debbie Waschak Avatar

    Yes I have used Moda flannel. I use the black flannel for most of my applique projects. But after seeing your new little sheep project I will be expanding my use of flannels. I love your posts and seeing all your pictures. Applique was one of the last things I have learned and find that with each project I love it more and more. When I read your blogs they inspire me to do more and more applique. Your projects, whether applique or quilts, are always so beautiful. Through your pictures you can tell how much you love doing what you do and sharing with your readers!!!

  42. Danette Stankovich Avatar

    Yes, I have. Moda flannel feels so soft and is great to work with. Thank you,

  43. Tammy Penley Avatar

    I love the moda flannels. The plaids are beautiful, they go well with my ‘primitive’ home. Thanks for a chance to win this kit! The sheep are adorable. Hope I win! lol, it will be the first time if I do… ☺️🌻

  44. Pam Bo. Avatar
    Pam Bo.

    No I have not used flannel. I was of the mindset that flannel was for shirts and nightgowns! Enlighten me. Will I need to rearrange my sewing room to make a place for flannel too? 😁

  45. Dana Doerfler Avatar
    Dana Doerfler

    Yippee!! More sheep! I loved the little sheep this summer – they are adorable! And the colors in this collection are wonderful. The tim is adorable too. LOVE it all!

  46. Alicia Key Avatar
    Alicia Key

    yes I’ve used your flannels at Moda! I just finished a Crown Royal bag quilt using the Grape and gold! Love it!

  47. Deborah K Avatar
    Deborah K

    omg – I love the sheep! Several of us were trying to figure out how to find time to make more. This is so coming home to me!

  48. Laura Amlott Avatar

    I haven’t used Moda flannels yet…I think these little sheep could be a great first!

  49. Kathy Avatar

    I love Moda flannel! I use it for the background of wool applique, and also back most of my quilts with flannel. There’s nothing better than a flannel quilt with wool batting.

  50. Mary Kolb Avatar

    Yes, I’ve sewn with Moda flannel – first pajama bottoms and then a quilt backing – lovely!

  51. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    All the sheep stuff is just wonderful. No I have not used moda flannel. Paula in KY

  52. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    Yes! I’m working with flannel for the first time with the Wool Boxes and now the Urban Rose Summer BOM for me because I was late realizing I LOVE this quilt. I’m finding your flannel so nice to work with. I’ve always used quality fabric in my quilts, but never have I learned so much or enjoyed a designer as much as Lisa. Thank you so much!

  53. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    I have worked with Moda flannels both as the background and appliqué. I love your tip on starching the fabric and letting it dry them pressing before cutting. It works wonderfully! Thank you for all you do.

  54. JennyM Avatar

    I haven’t used the Moda flannel. From all the comments it sounds like something I need to try! Wonderful project in an awesome tin. Those sheep are so cute!

  55. Kathy C Avatar
    Kathy C

    I like you sheep. Yes I have worked with Moda flannel. Merry Christmas

  56. Lynn Jarzombeck Avatar
    Lynn Jarzombeck

    Guilty, have not yet made anything from the Moda flannel I purchased. It is wonderful stuff. Love what you did with it, Lisa. Just have too many things on my plate. Want to make one of your message pillows for sure. Happy holidays!

  57. Natalie Rogers Avatar
    Natalie Rogers

    I have used flannel for several things, some pin cushions that have the look of wool, but are flannel. It’s so soft and warm and super nice to work with. I love love love the little sheep project.

  58. Kathy Johnson Avatar
    Kathy Johnson

    I LOVE using flannel for the background of wool applique. Feels so nice, gives a soft texture and adds to the warmth.

  59. Maryella Avatar

    I have not used Moda flannel yet but I sure will be trying it. A dear friend who was here sewing with me made a kit of yours from flannel and it was delightful. I have used other flannels over the years for grandchildren quilts. Now with great grandbabies is the time to try the Moda.

  60. kshackabq Avatar

    Wow! Awesome sheep! Makes me want to take up flannel/wool stitching!! Thanks, Lisa, for all your great “needful things” offerings. And to all the staff of PG, who do such a great job on our orders! Merry Christmas to all!!

  61. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    I love working w flannel & love putting wool on it and…I live in southern Alabama!😂. The quilts are just beautiful especially when I use lisa’s Fabric!!!!

  62. Nyla Dominguez Avatar
    Nyla Dominguez

    I have not used Moda flannel yet because I live in Texas and it is often so hot. But I had forgotten how cold the fall and winter can be. I’ve seen several lovely designs recently made with flannel and wool. I am definitely interested in giving it a try and these sheep are adorable!

    1. Melanie B Avatar
      Melanie B

      I have not used Moda flannel yet! It looks beautiful though, I’m excited to try it! I’m new to stitching altogether, so didn’t know such gorgeous things existed!!

  63. Elaine Armstrong Avatar
    Elaine Armstrong

    I haven’t used Moda flannel but love the different colors and textures. They look fantastic as sheep.

  64. Julia S Avatar
    Julia S

    I love using flannel as a background to my wool projects! There are so many options when you use flannel and it pairs well with wool applique. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Those sheep are really adorable!

  65. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    I have made a couple of quilts with moda flannel for our cottage. The fabric is rich looking and easy to work with. I like feel of heavier quilts than what you get with cotton fabrics.

  66. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    I have used flannel as a background for wool! It’s wonderful to use. I went to HS with Dwight Yoakam. 🙂

  67. Dede benson Avatar
    Dede benson

    I have done small projects with moda flannel, and would love to do something larger, i just love the soft cozy feel, and need one in my house to cuddle in.

  68. Debra Miller Avatar

    I haven’t tried working with flannel in a very long time as I found it too stretchy and fuzzy. Your projects are always so lovely-maybe I should try again!

  69. Michelle Kupreisis Avatar

    Love your Primitive Muslin flannels. I’m having a hard time finding the Raven. I hope you get it back in stock soon. My daughter lives in Vegas try to get there often.

  70. wantstoberetired Avatar

    Moda flannels are the best…they’re so soft and cozy. I use them for quilt backings and also as backgrounds for wool appliqué. Love them!

  71. Patti S Avatar
    Patti S

    I love Moda Flannel! Its amazing to work with as a background for Twilight Garden and this year’s SBOW. Would love the tin! How cute is it anyway?

  72. Ellen Reibling Avatar
    Ellen Reibling

    I love wool but have not used the flannel yet. But I definitely want to make the sheep! What another amazing project you have created thanks!

  73. Connie B Avatar
    Connie B

    Love the sheep! Love your flannel too. Yes, I have used it, most recently for the Santa stitchery, which I did on a burgundy background with a washaway printable, and no running, very little shrinkage or fraying when I washed it off (by hand under running water). Also using it for Heirloom Rose, and the crazy seasons background, among other things. I am making extra sheep using the leftovers from the Moon Garden baskets, cutting out the area where the handle extends beyond the basket gives a nice bit for the sheep bodies. I was thinking of using them on knitting bag outside pockets.

  74. Lona Avatar

    Yes, I have used Moda flannels- Twilight Garden and other PG projects. It really handles very nice. Love this project!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I love working with Moda flannels. I used your Flannel Gatherings line on the mini quilt contest with wool appliqué. I love the texture and softness. The sheep kit is adorable!! Hugs, Jakey

  76. COLLEEN Avatar

    I used Moda flannel on the block of the week this last summer. Very Nice!! I would say it was my first time. LOVE the sheep!! The freebie quilt from this summer and this super cute 2nd one!!

  77. Patty Archuleta Avatar
    Patty Archuleta

    I have used your flannel in quilts before but never for background for wool appliqué until Lisa’s class at quilt market. Primitive Gatherings flannel is the best.

  78. Terri U Avatar
    Terri U

    Yes I have sewed with Moda flannels. I have mostly done patchwork and quilting projects. They are great flannels to work with. Love your patterns, fabrics and blog.

  79. Lois Wilhelm Avatar
    Lois Wilhelm

    Your gray flannel is devine! The summer block of the week came with the gray flannel for the background and it has been wonderful to stitch on!! No need for a stabilizer under it, very stout, yet soft. Love your flannel!!

  80. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    This is so fun. I have not ventured into flannel yet but do really want to. I’m always nervous about trying something that I haven’t done yet or should I say cautious. I’d love to play with the sheep and those flannels are gorgeous! I’m hoping to get the book for Christmas. I put it on my want list. I should have put the fabrics on the list too. I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with.

  81. Charlotte Schindler Avatar
    Charlotte Schindler

    I haven’t used flannel yet. The reason being that we live in sunny, warm Murrieta, CA so we usually don’t need warmer quilts. However, I love the sheep and would enjoy making the project. Cute case too!

  82. Tana Riffel Avatar

    Hands down….the best flannels! I just used some to finish some pillows for Christmas gifts. Right now, my morning stitching time is the Santa from the Christmas open house….it is great way to start each day!

  83. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    I have made many flannel quilts, but it has been quite a long time ago so not sure if it was Moda. Time to restock with some Moda flannels and make a new flannel quilt!

  84. Deborah Avatar

    I’ve worked on several projects using the Moda flannel. It stitched beautifully. The little lambs look so sweet. It would be pretty in pale pinks for a little girls room

  85. Lori T Avatar
    Lori T

    I have not pieced with the flannels, but I have used them as background and it is the best. It has so much stability so it makes a wonderful background for appliqué. I would love to do a pieced lap quilt for my living room. Next project???

  86. Judy Buck Avatar
    Judy Buck

    I have been hooked on Moda flannels ever since I found them several years ago!! They are a great weight for piecing and have enough body for wool appliqué. No only do I love the solids,but, the prints and plaids retain their shape. Won’t use any thing else!!!!

  87. Judy Clark Avatar
    Judy Clark

    Wool and flannel are perfect together. I love using flannel as my background for wool Applique projects. I’m assuming the wool we get from you is Moda and it’s wonderful. These sheep are adorable. Traveled to Ireland in November and am now addicted to sheep! Thanks Lisa and Merry Christmas!

  88. Patti Feuerhelm Avatar

    I have not sewn a flannel quilt before but have used it as a background.
    I love the feel of it-so soft!

  89. Kathy Hoge Avatar
    Kathy Hoge

    I Woolly live this tin and its flannely contents!!

  90. Marsha B Avatar
    Marsha B

    I have not tried the flannel yet but it sounds wonderful. I love sheep, so what a wonderful combination! Thanks for a chance to win!

  91. Caryn S Avatar
    Caryn S

    I really like the project. I have not used Moda’s flannel, but I do love the look of the wool and flannel together.

  92. Bonita Zobl Avatar
    Bonita Zobl

    Your flannel is THE best…as is Dwight Yoakum…love him…you lucky lucky girl!

  93. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    Yes, Moda flannel is great and I love to make lap quilts with it to snuggle under! Thanks for the chance to win.

  94. Karin Pavlovsky Avatar
    Karin Pavlovsky

    Please Please tell us about the tour as I cannot get my husband to go to Vegas but he loves cars so maybe that would entice him while I shop at Cowboy Christmas next year

  95. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    I have worked with Moda flannel, it is wonderful for stitching wool onto as a background. I love it for mini patchwork quilts and pin cushions. Your tin and sheep wool kit is adorable! It would be so fun to make a sheep wall hanging with the lovely wool and flannels. The tin would be perfect to use for future projects for supplies after the sheep project is complete.

  96. Leigh Ann P Avatar
    Leigh Ann P

    I have worked with flannel!! Made a quilt that you appliquéd large curved flannel pieces on top!! It was fun!!

  97. Marilyn Moody Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Moody Hopkins

    Love the flannel. Whenever I show my SBOWs to my friends they are all amazed by the background, asking what it is and wanting to touch it! Feels wonderful – not your “normal” flannel. And the sheep – be still my heart!

  98. Maria L Zook Avatar

    I have made a couple of lap quilts using Moda flannel. I gave one to my nephew for a wedding gift. I thought it would be great for our midwestern winters.
    I have also made flannel pillowcases for my grnadchildren.

  99. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I haven’t used flannel yet because when I was having hot flashes so bad just the thought of flannel set me on fire. Now that I’ve cooled off and have my brains back I think trying flannel might be nice.

  100. Jeanne Endrikat Avatar
    Jeanne Endrikat

    What cute sheep! A great hand project to take on trips and in the car. Love them!

  101. Terri Mulinix Avatar
    Terri Mulinix

    Yes I have used the flannels, and yes it was in both. Again your have gotten me out of my box doing things I didn’t think I would ever do. Merry Christmas to all.

  102. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar
    Mary Andra Holmes

    Asking me if I love your flannels is like asking me if I love hand appliqué. My most recent project was your black truck filled with green clovers. Working on my second one for me. My first was a gift to my sister Andee. I love to Hand appliqué on flannel. With a name of Mary, how could I not love sheep.

  103. Suzanne Avatar

    It was such a pleasure to meet you in Houston at the quilt show. I love working with Moda flannels. They blend so well with your wool. I hav done many of your projects and they are always so much fun. Would love to win the tin project keeper. Thanks for the chance.

  104. Pam Avatar

    Love the flannel sheep quilt…it’s darling!
    I have made lots of flannel quilts in the past…but not for a long time.
    Would be so fun to win…thanks for the chance.

  105. Cathy B. Avatar
    Cathy B.

    All of the above! Love, love, love working with Moda flannels!

  106. Beth N in AZ Avatar
    Beth N in AZ

    Yes! I’ve used Moda flannel, a LOT! I mostly use flannel for background on my wool applique quilts. On one occasion, a long time back, I did do flannel on flannel applique for a border and it worked beautifully.

  107. Kat R. Avatar
    Kat R.

    I love the flannel. I just started using it when I subscribed to the Wool Box at PG. Some of the wool projects came on the PG flannel and it’s lovely. In some cases, friends thought I was stitching on suede! It’s scrumptious and I love this project too!

  108. Donna Widerquist Avatar
    Donna Widerquist

    I have only used Moda flannel a couple of times and it was wonderful.

  109. Candee Avatar

    Yes! For wool appliqué background. Beautiful. Love that CREATE tin & all the goodies inside.

  110. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral

    I’ve used flannel before to make a quilt but not Moda flannel! I definitely want to use it though!

  111. Clara Avatar

    I’ve not used flannel on any project yet but a friend uses Moda flannel as backing on quilts. Love the colors in the sheep quilt!

  112. Lou M. Avatar
    Lou M.

    Yes! I have used the Moda flannel. Love working with it. I like it for the backgrounds for wool applique but last year I made flannel pillowcases for my grandchildren. They loved how soft their pillowcases were. I love your sheep in those warm wool “sheep” colors. Keep on with your creative ideas. They are wonderful.

  113. Yvonne Craig Avatar
    Yvonne Craig

    I’m using the flannel on Twilight Garden. Still have to do the borders. But it machine stitches well along with appliqué.

  114. Marie eddins Avatar
    Marie eddins

    I have only worked with flannel for baby quilts and a lap quilt. I’d love to work with the Moda flannels and wools in a smaller project and this looks like the one. These sheep are adorable and would be fun to make. Thanks for such a cute project with tin!

  115. LeAnne K Avatar
    LeAnne K

    I have not tried the Moda flannel… yet. Just always too many fun things to sew and I can’t sew fast enough to try them all! Hopefully I will use them in an upcoming project, they are beautiful!

  116. Cheryl Avatar

    The sheep and tin are so darn cute. I love working with Moda flannel. You came to Yuba City about 6-10 years ago and I’ve been working with the Moda flannel ever since . THANKS

  117. EllenB Avatar

    I haven’t sewn with flannel, but have a project cut out using your Farmhouse flannels. It’s snuggly soft and I look forward to trying something new!

  118. Peggy Avatar

    I haven’t worked with Moda flannel yet but this would give me the perfect opportunity to do so. Love the little sheep.

  119. PK Binns Avatar

    I love using flannel as a background fabric on my wool quilts. I think you can add more texture by using different flannels for the background.

  120. Heather Ggggg Avatar
    Heather Ggggg

    I haven’t used it yet….can’t wait to check it out.

  121. Betty Tyler Avatar
    Betty Tyler

    What a beautiful set! I’m a knitter and a quilter so sheep are close to my heart and most always in my hands on needles in some way. I have loved Moda flannel because of the hand it has. It’s always soft and easy to work with and I’ve never had a problem with it pilling or pulling apart. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2020!

  122. Carol C Avatar
    Carol C

    Yes, used Moda flannels to make pin cushions. Nice!

  123. Sue Sawyers Avatar
    Sue Sawyers

    Haven’t tried the Moda flannel yet, as I am just getting into this appliqué work again. Sure would love to try it out!

  124. Deborah Jacobs Avatar
    Deborah Jacobs

    Oh my. . .ever since staying at a sheep farm in The Netherlands I have been crazy about sheep! Watching the lambs leap, play, and hearing their tiny bleats forever endeared me to sheep. I have not yet tried sewing with flannel, but I would love to try. As much as I love sitting at my sewing machine to piece quilts, I also love the relaxation of handwork and would love to add wool embroidery to my list of favorites. You can never have enough hobbies! Thanks, Lisa, for all of your generosity and encouragement for all of us “makers”!

  125. Kim Avatar

    I have not used MODA flannel. But this is too darn cute!!! I am going to have to get some.

  126. Carol Bejtlich Avatar

    Would LOVE to win-simple as that. I’m a “sheep person” and this would delight me to the moon and back.

  127. Sue Knill Avatar
    Sue Knill

    Love Moda flannel have made two quilts using the flannel as background for wool the flannel looks like wool when completed.

  128. Bernice Avatar

    I love Moda Flannel. I have made a man’s quilt and cushion covers.

  129. Colleen Freeman Avatar
    Colleen Freeman

    I missed the sheep from the summer freebie and have been waiting for it to be available. So excited to try flannel backgrounds. Thanks for offering this great kit.

  130. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    Yes I love the flannels. I have used them for backgrounds for wool work. I also like to use them as backing to a cotton quilt. It makes the quilt so cozy!

  131. carol thomas Avatar

    I have not worked with fiannels before. Moda has some gorgeous flannels. Love the look of flannels.

  132. Barb Gibney Avatar
    Barb Gibney

    Miss flannels are the best! It feels like you get double for your $$$$
    Snuggliest flannels ever. Have my farm house flannels layer cake calling my name for the new year. Just have to decide now what it will grow up to be😊
    Love the little sheep too

  133. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    I haven’t sewn with Moda flannels before, but I have cut them for many customers at the quilt shop I work at in Phoenix, Arizona! I haven’t sewn with them yet but I certainly will when I get the chance. Most of the time it is too warm for a really warm flannel quilt but someday…Moda is my first choice! I LOVE the sheep!

  134. Janet Avatar

    Love the farmhouse flannel. I am teaching my daughter how to appliqué on the snowflake.

  135. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I have not worked with Moda flannel…or really any flannel except for a quilt backing. I am always fearful of shrinking. I do love the sheep and maybe it is time for me to use some flannel. 🙂 Thanks for the fun!!

  136. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    oh, how great going to see Dwight, and those adorable sheep quilt squares…you just want hug them…..haven’t used much flannel…I’m from the old school where it stretched when sewing it…I know the new sewing machines with the dual feed help..and spray starch helps…I’ve not used spray starch either guess must try it…love your red and white quilt and your blue and white quilt books….I read your website everyday even it no new news is there thansk for a chance!!!!!

  137. Shariel Thieszen Avatar
    Shariel Thieszen

    I love the cute sheep and have used the flannel for background on wool projects. It always look so good.

  138. Kristy Avatar

    Yes, I have used your Moda flannel line, but not yet in a quilt. I used it to make purses for all my friends for Christmas. The outer quilted side is one color flannel and the lining is a complimentary flannel. With the fusible batting, it made for lovely and soft little purses. So far every one who has received one has loved it. I did make one flannel quilt in 1999 for a graduation….but can’t remember which line of flannel I used. It could have been Moda, as I have always been a Moda lover.

  139. Kristy Avatar

    I just wrote a comment all about my flannel quilted purses….but not sure it sent………I sure hope so! Love Moda flannel.

  140. Jane Lyon Avatar
    Jane Lyon

    Love the Moda flannel line. I have already completed Dreams Make Life Possible, working on 3 pillows to coordinate as a wedding gift for my daughter and SIL. I have 2 bolts and a fat quarter bundle to play with and plan to make 3 others from the book. This is the softest flannel ever and can’t wait to make more flannel projects for myself to snuggle under.

  141. Kristi Avatar

    I’ve made a quilt with flannel. So warm and snuggly. Thanks for the giveaways!

    1. Deb Girotti Avatar
      Deb Girotti

      No I’ve never used flannel… not sure why.

  142. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    I have never used flannels for anything other than a rag quilt but these sheep are just too cute not to try. Would love to win.

    1. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
      Sandi McDaniel

      Love the moda flannels , they have a nice “weight” to them

  143. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    OMG, that is soo cute. Gotta have one! Guess I’d better hurry off and order before they are sold out, which I am sure will happen.

  144. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    I have not used flannel in projects but now would be a good time to start!

  145. Toni Anne Potter Avatar
    Toni Anne Potter

    I don’t think I’ve ever sewn with flannel. Why, you ask? I starting quilting in the early 90’s and have only used 100% cotton and never thought about mixing with flannel. I never though of mixing any fabric types. I’m OCD and in my brain I guess I thought they would shrink differently. Now you’ve got me interested in using flannel as a background for wool.

  146. Joan Avatar

    I love making flannel quilts, especially since I live in Wisconsin! They are so soft and warm!
    Love the sheep on the new flannel fabrics! ❤️

    PS. Nice to hear your husband is lucky in Vegas! My husband loves to go there but I wouldn’t call him Mr. Lucky! LOL

  147. Holly Perry Avatar
    Holly Perry

    I have not yet worked with Moda flannel but it looks heavenly. What a cute little sheep project, I just love it. Thank you for the chance to win!

  148. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I love flannel – as a quilt, a quilt backing, appliqué background and even the odd appliqué! And Moda is the best!

  149. Judyk Avatar

    I am working with your flannels right now. Making the pillows from Farmhouse Gatherings. Flannels are wonderful and your zipper tutorial is a-one. Even after doing the appliqué the flannel still has great body. Sorry you have to repeat the rules another time. Keep doing what you do, love your style. 😊

  150. Barbara Avatar

    I have worked with Moda flannel, all Primitive Gatherings and so easy to work with,
    would love to have another tin to add to the size of the ones I am making for my Grandkids (teens, 2 )
    they love sheep and anything I make for them, and I love the tins for works in progress.

  151. shadesofrandom Avatar

    I have never worked with Mods Flannel but I would love to and I would love to do wool applique on it. I love love love the sheep quilt.

  152. Donna Lee Lurker Avatar
    Donna Lee Lurker

    I haven’t tried flannel yet, but would love to learn how to sew on it properly. I always worried that it would stretch as I sewed on the machine. It would THRILL me to win your adorable sheep kit and tin! Fingers crossed!

  153. Margaret Fox Avatar
    Margaret Fox

    I’ve wanted to make flannel or wool quilt but always thought it would be a little bit heavy for our climate. But your ‘Create’ tin would be a perfect small project to start on – all those gorgeous sheep!

  154. Shirley Avatar

    I recently purchased a birthday cake of flannel for a crazy stitch project. Wool on flannel, very nice flannel.

  155. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    My first project I did using Moda flannel was the background fabric for my wool applique quilt, Twilight Garden. I fell in love with the beauty and feel of flannel, makes the quilt look so much more luxurious.

  156. Stephanie Kluk Avatar

    I have made one flannel quilt previously…..not Moda. I prewashed to avoid any problems with shrinkage. Flannel is fun to sew! Cannot wait to get to these sheep!

  157. Barb Avatar

    I haven’t used Moda flannels but have used other flannels to make a snowman quilt and a quilt for my son!

  158. linda bechtel Avatar

    Love the Moda Flannel! I use it for the background of all my wool applique. I also use it for backings for my quilts—they do not slip off the bed! Warm soft and cuddly!

  159. Kathy Bonnell Avatar
    Kathy Bonnell

    I love Moda flannel!! Great as a background for wool!!

  160. Kathleen Avatar

    I have only used the moda flannel as a backing and it was wonderful. This sheep pattern is so cute- you are so talented!! This will be a great take along project!!

  161. Kim kopac Avatar
    Kim kopac

    I love working with flannel and wool. I find that the flannel adds a great texture to my wool projects but costs less than an allover wool piece. And the flannel colors and patterns that you carry are beautiful!!

  162. Deb Hull Avatar
    Deb Hull

    Lisa- Big Kudos to you & Primitive Gatherings for all the special initiatives you offer to your customers! Ex. Wool Box, annual ceramic holiday mug, 12 Days of Christmas promo! I am a Wisconsinite that now lives in the mountains out West, but my WI visits always include a visit to the shop.

    One of the projects I have in mind for the Create Tin is a pair of wool slippers with a sheep on each! I’ve found a pattern for the slippers and a source for the rubber soles. I’m also strategizing a wall quilt with a larger center panel motif and smaller sheep 🐑 squares around it.

  163. Judy Wilson Avatar
    Judy Wilson

    I have used Moda flannel for backgrounds and for my Grands ‘[Off to College’ Quilt. I love the way it feels with wool.

  164. Beverly Sensabaugh Avatar
    Beverly Sensabaugh

    I have worked with wool but haven’t worked with flannel for a very long time. But I would love too! 😀

  165. Cathy Avatar

    I have used flannel as a background for wool, but have not used Moda flannel. I have made two scrappy flannel quilts with wool snowmen, they are amung my favorite wintertime quilts. Love the sheep pattern!!

  166. Paula Avatar

    I have not worked with flannel. Why? Because I’m a bit unsure of how to begin. A close friend has told me she will walk me through making a quilt and I am hoping 2020 is my year to get that done.

  167. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    Flannel is so amazing to work with as a background for applique. It makes the stitching process enjoyable!
    My husband and I have seen Dwight Yoakum. I totally agree with you, Lisa, he is a definite must-see!!! I hope to see his show again soon!

  168. Nicole S Morrell Avatar

    I was so excited when I saw this this morning, I ordered one right away. I have been waiting to see this project since you gave us a sneak peek on the blog this summer. I had already been planning on doing my own thing with it by bringing in a reference to my herding dog so I am now super excited for the ‘sheep-along’!

  169. carmen mullins Avatar

    Hi there! I have worked with flannel before and I just love the Moda flannel! It is beautiful and soft. Haven’t made a purchase yet, though. Am hoping to get my Christmas money together and find that special something. Thank you!

  170. Martha O. Avatar
    Martha O.

    I have not worked with Moda flannel at all; an accident in late May left me with a broken rib, broken wrist, 11 stitches above my eye and “post-trauma migraines” (daily headache). Therapy sessions, daily exercises and medications have helped: I hope to return to sewing this week!

  171. dotpaulk Avatar

    No I haven’t used it, but I love the idea of it, especially some of the scrumptious colors and prints. Since I’m new to this, need to learn more how to use it. Merry Christmas.

  172. debragrove6104 Avatar

    I love your Moda flannel! It looks like suede, so beautiful. I used it for my backgrounds in the online Crazy Quilt last year. Simply lovely!

  173. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    Moda’s flannel is fabulous. I have used it as a background fabric on several wool applique projects. I have also used some burnt orange plaids to make fall pumpkins. They are the cutest ever! When I first touched this fabric at my local quilt shop, I could not believe it was flannel. The quality is fantastic and the fabric is wonderful to sew with–both by hand and machine. Try it and you’ll fall in love with Moda flannel!

  174. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    I just bought some of your flannel this last November at the special Holiday event. I’m going to use it now on a project. I love the weight of your flannel. It’s perfect.

  175. celene Avatar

    I’ve made too many flannel quilts to count. It’s my favorite kind of quilt to make. I just made one with your flannel gatherings and have used many of your other lines, as well. I am greatly looking forward to your Indigo Gatherings!

  176. Wanda Avatar

    I have only used flannel for wool appliqué backgrounds….. love this sheep quilt !

  177. needleminder Avatar

    I LOVE Moda Flannels! I have collected all of the PG flannels in precuts to make a scrap quilt “someday”.

  178. Martha Campbell Avatar
    Martha Campbell

    Yes, I have used Moda Flannels – they are so soft and nice. When you touch the fabric, you can instantly tell what quality fabric the flannels are! I have used these flannels to back a quilt I made from a Saturday Sampler at my local quilt shop!

  179. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    I have stitched on flannel as a background for my wool. Match made in heaven. Love those little sheep and the adorable tin.

    I’ve been wanting to revisit Dwight Yoakum’s music and learn more about the Bakersfield sound after watching the Country music documentary. Glad to hear he put on such a great show.

  180. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I’ve used Moda flannels for wool applique backgrounds, Flannel is so cozy and is perfect for a quilt to cuddle up with on a winters day- Those sheep are so darn cute- can’t stop smiling when I look at them
    Merry Christmas !!

  181. Sherrie Avatar

    The first time I used your flannel was a gift for a friend. She love it and so did I. Great to work with.

  182. Rebecca S. Avatar
    Rebecca S.

    I have not used Moda flannel didn’t know about Moda flannel. I do now, for sure will have to try some. Love these little sheep’s

  183. Robin T. Avatar
    Robin T.

    I haven’t used Moda flannel yet. I actually haven’t worked very much with flannel. I live in Southern California, where we have mild winters. Unfortunately for us we don’t have four seasons with the beautiful colors and foliage. I envy all of you that see the fall colors each year. I love the adorable wool sheep on the MODA flannel!

  184. SARA Snelling Avatar
    SARA Snelling

    I have used Moda flannels for wool applique backgrounds. I love the sheep project and tin!!!

  185. terifisher Avatar

    Yes, I’ve used cotton, flannel and wool all in the same project called “Tree Lighting”. Really like putting flannel in quilts, makes them really soft!

  186. Camille Avatar

    I am drooling about using Moda flannels in 2020. My 2019 projects took a lot longer than anticipated but I am almost ready.

  187. Anne thate Avatar
    Anne thate

    I used mods flannel for a wool appliqué stocking.
    It was awesome!

  188. Sharon Bennett Avatar
    Sharon Bennett

    Love the tin…and love the sheep! Those little round fluffy sheep brought back a vivid picture of a favorite movie of mine….Gremlins! It was the whole “never get them wet”…when the little fuzz balls started popping out all over the place! I already have a quilt design in mind for these little round fuzzy gremlins (i mean sheep)…lol!
    I haven’t tried the flannels yet…was always afraid of stretching while cutting/piecing.

  189. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    I have never worked with Moda flannels. I love sheep so this would be a nice way to learn.

  190. Sharon Browne Avatar

    I have never worked with Moda flannel yet. I just never considered it before. It looks like it belongs with the wool though!

  191. Peggy Johnson Avatar

    I have not worked with Moda flannel yet and, in fact, have very little experience with any flannel. I do have a special fondness for sheep – for I was the little lost sheep and the good shepherd found me and saved me.

  192. Robin Avatar

    I have not used flannel yet. I was always under the impression that it is thick and will make a very heavy quilt? Am I right? Those little sheep, as my daughter would say, are adorbs !

  193. Karen S Avatar
    Karen S

    Oh my! How cute are those sheep!!
    I have the layer cake of your flannel. I plan to make just a big charm style quilt. With flannel as the backing to. Hope to start it after the holidays.
    Love the tin and all the goodies, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  194. Melody Brown Avatar
    Melody Brown

    I have worked with flannel for both wool applique and quilts. It is a joy to work with!!

  195. Jean Pope Avatar
    Jean Pope

    These little sheep are adorable. I really have not started with wool yet but would love to. I love all your creative project.

  196. Donna Phillips Avatar
    Donna Phillips

    Moda flannel is so soft & easy to stitch wool on.

  197. Jane Avatar

    Just getting to read this today! OMG these are adorable. I would use some of these sheep for Journal covers. Sheep always remind me of comfort and cozy! I have used the flannels for several different quilts. They are so soft!

  198. Andrea Lefevre Avatar
    Andrea Lefevre

    Was the flannel in Twilight Garden kit from Moda? If so, then yes, I worked with it.

  199. Tonee White Avatar
    Tonee White

    Hi Lisa,
    Every year I make a Christmas quilt. This year I chose a Thimbleberries pattern. Pieced Ohio stars (20) and 22 appliqued snowmen, reindeer, etc. I used wool felt appliqués on the mods wool and pieced the stars with the moda flannel. The flannel gives a richness to the look and the feel to the quilt. It was a pleasure to work with.
    Tonee White

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hey Tonee…love seeing your posts!

  200. Beth F Avatar
    Beth F

    I make a quilt for my nieces and nephews when they marry and my last one was a PG flannel, it was beautiful and so soft. It was scrappy, just sashed 5 inch squares and sewed them all together. I love the sheep! I’m a knitter too so sheep seem special to both quilting and knitting. Merry Christmas!

  201. Barb Avatar

    Moda flannel is like buttah! Have done several BOM on it with wool applique. Favorite background for wool applique.

  202. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I’ve used Moda flannels and they are great. Love the sheep.

  203. Cindy Shope Avatar
    Cindy Shope

    I love flannel.

  204. Geri VanVliet Avatar

    Yes. Love Moda flannel. Such nice quality.

  205. usairdoll Avatar

    No I haven’t worked with the Moda flannel… yet. It’s on my “to-do” list of projects to make a flannel quilt. I made one many years ago and would love to make one again. However, I’m trying to finish up some of my projects before starting new ones. I need to finish!!! ;-D

    usairdoll (at) icloud (dot) com

  206. Suzanne Avatar

    I haven’t worked on the new flannel yet, but I’m excited to try….my flannel patchwork quilts from the past are the cozy go to quilts for the g-kids on the couch..
    Love the sheep….what a sweet pattern ♥️

  207. suejean1 Avatar

    I love your flannel!!! My husband’s favorite quilt is a flannel quilt I made him with Moda flannel. I have also used it for background fabric on wool appliqué quilts, backing on table runners, and most recently pillows. I have become obsessed with making pillows for all seasons and holidays. Thank you Lisa for continuing to always inspire us with new and fun designs.

  208. Julee Prose Avatar
    Julee Prose

    Yes, love your flannels…only flannels that you can tear and rip and keep its shape. used in many projects.

  209. Mary Durham Avatar

    I have made a pieced quilt and really love how it turned out. I have more flannel for another quilt and also have a piece of flannel that will be the background for a wool stitchery.

  210. Kathy Harris Avatar
    Kathy Harris

    I have used the flannel for a few appliqué backgrounds. I want to make a quilt with it would be so soft.

  211. Deb G in VA Avatar
    Deb G in VA

    I love the sheep! I have made a small wall hanging with flannel and would love to find another flannel project!

  212. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    I’ve used your flannels many times and love them! Wish I could attach a photo to show my latest project all done on your black flannel!

  213. Debra Braz Avatar
    Debra Braz

    I love the sheep! I am using some Moda Flannel to make a lap quilt for my husband to use when watching TV. I like working with quality flannels!

  214. Lori Albrechtsen Avatar
    Lori Albrechtsen

    I’ve made four quilts with Moda flannels. They were all gifts for my boys who sleep with them. Such good quality flannels. 😄

  215. Sandy G Avatar
    Sandy G

    I’ve used Moda flannels as background when doing wool applique, really nice fabric and so nice to work with. The little sheep are so cute, love the quilt and the tin.

  216. Kris Searle Avatar
    Kris Searle

    I have done wool appliqué, but I don’t know if I used Moda flannel as I was making kits. I do love the look of wool appliqué. This sheep kit is adorable.

  217. Pam P Avatar
    Pam P

    Oh yes!! I’ve used your flannels for lots of projects. Quilts, pincushions, wall hangings – I’m most proud of making your Troubled Waters quilt. 100″x100″ – That’s a lot of flannel 😉

  218. Sarah P Avatar
    Sarah P

    I haven’t worked with Moda flannels – idk why! I think I better get on that!

  219. Kd Brown Avatar

    I’ve never used Moda flannels yet, but would love to try it for all kinds of projects.

  220. Kd Brown Avatar
    Kd Brown

    I have never sewed with Moda flannels yet, but can think of all kinds of projects to use it on.

  221. Rachel Childress Avatar
    Rachel Childress

    I love Moda flannels, because they do not bunch, or draw up. I love how it drapes! Love the little sheep tin! I definitely will be ordering that! 😊

  222. Kristine Avatar

    I have not used Moda flannels yet but would love to give them a try.

  223. Christi Avatar

    I have not used Moda flannel yet.

  224. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson

    I love flannels! Haven’t tried Moda, but I see it in my future projects. Love the soft cozy look and feel.

  225. Gale C. Avatar
    Gale C.

    I’ve used YOUR flannels – not other Moda flannels. And they were the softest. I made a quilt for my son.

  226. Athena Butler Avatar
    Athena Butler

    I used the Moda flannel as a background for a Twilight Garden and it worked out perfect! However, I fell in love with the flannels after working on ‘Thankful’. The flannel has a soft suede-like appearance- so nice to stitch with! In a different note, I was hoping we could have a fb group for the sheep project and call it a Sheep-Along! I don’t know why but that name tickles my fancy!!

  227. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    This is so adorable! Yes! I have used Primitive Gatherings flannels before. I made my husband the Crop Circles quilt with the navy, cream and gray, for Christmas a few years back. Your flannels are beautiful, thick and soft and easy to work with. Thanks for the chance!

  228. Beth Avatar

    No, D— it! I have a kit (Camptown Races I believe is the name) that I purchased from PG some time ago and it was on my list to work on this winter and then we went and MOVED and everything is packed up (still) until we get my sewing room finished in the basement(not upstairs because we now have downsized to a condo and definitely no room upstairs lol) and I can’t wait to make it! Whew – I’m out of breath.

  229. Kayla Gunter Avatar
    Kayla Gunter

    Haven’t used Moda flannel yet, but would love to give it a try!

  230. Heather G Avatar
    Heather G

    I’ve never used Moda flannel, but I have used flannel shirts to make a Hobo Quilt!

  231. Erin Avatar

    I’m relatively new at quilting – I’ve mainly used cutting quilting fabric, although I did use cotton flannel for a baby blanket. I love the chunkier look of the wool.

  232. Joni S. Avatar
    Joni S.

    I have not yet worked with Moda wool. There. I am admitting I’m late to the party, but definitely am intrigued by something new (to me.) hmmm.

  233. Jayne Bowman Avatar
    Jayne Bowman

    Hi!     Lisa and all the beautiful ladies that have help me this year here and at  the quilt shows for a long time.  Hope you  all had a great Christmas and New Year.   I was thing about the order the Day 8 “Create” tin and sheep project, for 75.00 plus 5.00 shipping on December 17.2019.  Know you all have been very busy, just excited to get that project that I have been want for a long time.        THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. Jayne Bowman

  234. Jayne Bowman Avatar
    Jayne Bowman

    Hi! To all I just received the lamb create box Thank You so much for the gre

  235. Susan Avatar

    I have not worked with Moda flannel. I’m always worried about how flannel will wear. I think I need to give it a try. I have used wool for rug hooking and appliqué. Your sheep are adorable. Lucky you that you got to see Dwight!

  236. Angela Avatar

    I have never had the opportunity to try Moda flannel. How exciting to find something new!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Great choice Angela! Enjoy.

  237. jackie holloway Avatar
    jackie holloway

    would love to have this Create flannel sheep project. Do you still have some available?

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