Day 7-Patterns…something new…B3G3

We thought we would try something new today…Please following the rules and this will work…if not it will be a mess and make us a lot of extra work…so in a few as words possible…thumbnail-9

Here it is…

Buy 3 Primitive Gatherings Patterns and get 3 Primitive Gatherings patterns FREE of equal or lesser value.  So any PG pattern except our next line that we have on pre-order sale right now…which is Indigo Gatherings patterns.  Other designers patterns that we carry in the store/website are not eligible.
Click HERE to take you to the Primitive Gatherings Designs…Only choose the patterns in this options…they can be for quilts, wool projects, punch needle as long as it comes from the above link…
So it’s pretty  easy…find 6 pattern you like…3 you will pay for and 3 are free…all you have to do is make sure they equal each other or less than….the one you pick for free cannot be more money than the one you pay for…you are all quilter’s,  smart people who work with numbers…this should be no problem..
Order your three patterns  in the cart and then your choices for the 3 Free Patterns in the comment section of your order. Again… keep track of the cost of your three patterns you wish to purchase and then your three free patterns cannot exceed the cost of any one pattern or the combination of all three.  So if you have a 20, 10 and 40$ patterns…none of your free patterns can be more than $40 and the combination more than $70…You get it right?
There are hundreds to choose from…have fun!img_8021
It was time to party with my Sewcial Sisters!   Clever name huh!
We ate, we made ornaments, we Dragged & Bragged (is this right Donna?) our projects we worked on since last meeting and then we exchanged pincushion gifts…
How many of you made ourMake & Take ornaments this year?
Jean showed a few Christmas projects she finished…With Sweet Christmas Moda fabricsIMG_7993
I did not catch what this one was…sorry
Donna is working on Twilight Garden
Kathy said she got a lot finished in dreary November...Baker’s Dozen Ornaments
This pattern will be in a new book by Carol Hopkins called Legends & Legacies.
Click the above link to see this beautiful book and you can pre-order it as well.  It is a Martingale book so you know it will be another must-have.
Quilt made of scraps so she could practice her feather long arm quilting….
This took our breath away…all quilted…the Crazy Season Mystery quilt..all finished!!!! We just talked about this a day or two ago!IMG_7999
Jodi is working on the sashing onHeirloom Rose!
and a little project from Temecula Quilt ShopIMG_8002
Terry got her framed Lori Holt cross stitch pattern back all framed!
Lori is just finishing up her wool box 52 Mini Ways to Celebrate…IMG_8004
Santa Free pattern from our Primitive Christmas event stitched on a red flannel pillow.
Karen is working on her Home for the Holiday quilt…IMG_8006
Chris finished a quilt kit for Country Sampler
Darci…working on her wooly block from 2019…God Bless AmericaIMG_8009
Judy is Bragging about her gift she got from Kay in another sewing group exchange…
Kay is working on another wooly block for 2019
Judy is sharing her Crazy Christmas Stocking
After opening our gifts we did a photo shoot of all them!  Aren’t they all fabulous!
Leave a comment today to win $200 in Primitive Gatherings patterns.  Here is the question…Do you belong to a sewing group?  Tell us about it…If you do not and wish to  leave your first name and town/state you live in and maybe we can make some connections, you can place a personal ad looking for a group…leave you email too!
Winner will be picked Jan 1st..
After our party…I had a quick test my first blockhead block for MBH3 and then I was off to a party  for the House Wives of Butte des Morts….I walked into this beautiful house all decorated with lots of love…IMG_8019IMG_8020
Cathy who hosted…made a wonderful meal and look….Cathy is also a quilter!!!!  I may have brought her a few quilty goodies!  Hope you countdown to Christmas is going smoothly…now all I have to do is have Jace over to decorate my tree and shop a little more!!!

228 responses to “Day 7-Patterns…something new…B3G3”

  1. Melanie B Avatar
    Melanie B

    I don’t belong to a quilting group, but it sure does look like a great way to get projects done and build community!

  2. Carol G Avatar
    Carol G

    Yes, I belong to a quilt group in Bozeman, MT. We meet once a month. It is always nice to meet with people who have a common interest. We also had our Christmas gathering last Saturday.

    1. Donna Dieter Avatar
      Donna Dieter

      No I do not belong to a quilt group but have thought about trying to find one. I live in Murfreesboro TN.

  3. Ann Wissbaum Avatar
    Ann Wissbaum

    I do not belong to a sewing / quilting group. I would love to though. I live in Cherry Valley, IL.
    I would love to win the $200 in Primitive Gatherings patterns. I have a lot of them but I am sure I can find ones that I don’t have. Love your designs!

    1. cshelleyqbq Avatar

      I belong to a small Quilt group… Queen Bee Quilters…

    2. Penny Avatar

      I am a really fortunate quilter. Not only do we have an amazingly creative active guild but I belong to to 2 sewing groups that meet regularly. They are a force to be reckoned with….creatively. all busy girls that keep each other sewing, creating,cooking,and of course eating. It is all about the sistership and support. Love them like family. Wishing all the best in this festive season.

  4. Kari Stutzman Avatar

    I am a busy bee quilter… Busy bee quilters are a group of people who come from 3 churches and the local community to cross pollinate love one person at a time with the work of our hands. I love that i have found my hand. We are located in Canby Oregon.

  5. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    I belong to Clermont Quilters, which meets every Monday, about 25 ladies. Also rug hooking group, Citrus Belles, that meets every Thursday, about 20 ladies. Love their inspiration the most!

    1. shadesofrandom Avatar

      I do not belong to a sewing group. Being disabled, I would be unable to even if one were nearby. I really wish I could get out more.

    2. Kristy Avatar

      Is this Clermont near Cincinnati, Ohio?

      1. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
        Tammy Marquardt

        I loved seeing all these beautiful projects everyone was working on. I do not belong to a sewing group, just stitch at home in the evenings. Thanks for chance to win.

  6. EllenB Avatar

    I miss having a small group since we moved back north and the ones I have learned of are closed to new members. I joined two guilds, but it’s not the same as a small sewing group to stitch, learn, yak, and shop hop with!

  7. Patti Gagliardi Avatar
    Patti Gagliardi

    I belong to two sewing groups – one local and we meet once a month. The other group is with five dear friends that live across the country. We get together for one week each year and call ourselves the Bittersweet Stitching Sisters.

  8. Joanne Avatar

    Oh my, what a fun-filled, awe inspiring day you ladies must have had. I currently do not have a sewing group and I miss it so much. We moved 6 years ago to an area that doesn’t have many Guilds and they are about an hour drive from my home. I was in 3 different groups in my previous location and loved each group. The friendship, inspiration, and the giving hearts (not to mention the great food) made each group special and helped me to broaden my quilting and stitching skill. That’s what I really miss. Thank you for sharing your Sewcial Circle group with us.

  9. Karen D Martin Avatar
    Karen D Martin

    I do belong to a sewing group–we just met yesterday. I love sharing ideas and seeing what my friends are up to!

  10. Sara Avatar

    The name of one of the groups I belong to is the Yokies. We originally thought we would be working on hand embroidery stitching using Yoko Saito books. After looking at all the detail, we moved on to other patterns and wool projects while using the stitches of Yoko, but on the simpler side of things! There are just 4 of us, but we have the most fun each month! We discuss patterns and hand sew for an afternoon each month!

  11. TRACIE Avatar

    I wish I belonged to a group! I’m more of a cross stitched but am a capable sewer.
    Northern KY

  12. Maggi Avatar

    I belong to a couple of groups. The first gathered me up when I showed up In the shop they worked after having quite reluctantly moved halfway across the country from my kids. I was kind of a mess! The other group was originally established in 1987!!!! We meet every Wednesday night come hell or high water 😜. I love both my groups 💕💕💕

    1. rwolden Avatar

      I love quilting with my quilting friends at the Christmas Goose in Vegas. I take all the classes I can from the fabulous Val. I am so grateful for what has become a 2nd family to me.

  13. Rebecca S. Avatar
    Rebecca S.

    Yes I belong to a wonderful quilting group in San Jose, Ca. we meet twice a month. There are also a couple of ladies that don’t sew but crochet. We have been meeting for several years. We learn so much from each other.

  14. Karren Avatar

    I am a Scissor Sister — a group of 9 friends in Southern California. We’ve done some amazing exchanges over the years and had some incredible retreats including one to Primitive Gatherings a few years ago.

  15. Clara Avatar

    Thanks for the overview of your quilting friends get-together. I enjoyed seeing all the projects. Kudos to Kathy for the Crazy Seasons quilt!! I collected the patterns but haven’t started to stitch yet. Unfortunately. my work schedule does not permit small group participation; however, that is a goal for retirement.

  16. Miriam Avatar

    I go to a quilt guild. A few friends and I get together once in ahile to sew.

    1. Karen Hurst Avatar
      Karen Hurst

      Hi. No I’m not part of a sewing group, but I do sew with my daughter and daughter in law when they are in town.

  17. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    I belong to more than one sit and sew group. I always enjoy getting together with each group because we are friends.

  18. Jill Avatar

    I do not belong to a sewing group. Tried to start one several years ago, but it didn’t last long.

  19. Sharon Ulrich Avatar
    Sharon Ulrich

    I belong to a Tuesday night group. Many talented women in this group always inspire me!

    1. Elizabeth Dewett Avatar
      Elizabeth Dewett

      I love all the projects 😍 and that Christmas tree is beautiful!! I really love that seasonal quilt. I do not belong to a group, but with 5 kids (3 of them smaller) it makes getting out the house difficult without them. I would love to find a great group of women my age (34) that enjoy crafting and grabbing 🙏👀 I live in Spring TX ❤️ edewett @

  20. Joan Avatar

    I currently do not belong to a quilting/sewing group. I did for several years and they quit meeting a couple years ago. I just made a call (thanks for the reminder) to make an inquiry about a local group to possibly attend in 2020 and get back in the swing. I so miss the photos of Little Man. Is this Jace? He is so cute and photogentic.

  21. Marilynn Avatar

    NOPE…… do not belong to a sewing group and don’t know anyone who does?!! so guess I am a SSS aka Solo Sewing Sister!

  22. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    I do not belong to a sewing/quilting group but would be interested in joining one. I live in Sullivan, Illinois.Thanks for the chance of winning some of your great patterns. You are going to make someone very happy indeed.

  23. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    I belong to a group of 15 women that meet once a month. We work on our own projects and do a lot of talking and laughing. And, we do get some work done also. They are a fantastic group and I am so thankful that I am part of it.

  24. Charlotte Schindler Avatar
    Charlotte Schindler

    There were four of us in the group I belong to but now only two. The other two ladies moved. My one remaining partner in quilting will most probably be moving next year. What’s a quilter to do??? I joined a group in my community – all the women knit and I am the token quilter. We still have a great time.

  25. Caren Avatar

    Joined Glendale Quilt Guild in 1982. This membership afforded me many cherished friendships. I was in a small group of six quilters until I moved. It was heavenly at Christmas. We had a fancy dinner at a restaurant and the gift exchange was extremely generous. Now I’m in a group of 3. We dine, stitch and take in quilt shows together. My dear friends are full of humor, talent and good critiques when called upon (at any hour of the day). Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to ALL. 🌲🌲🌲🎅🎅🎅

  26. Roxie Ahlbrecht Avatar
    Roxie Ahlbrecht

    I have enjoyed stitching one whole day a month with seven ladies who just happened to be thrown together for a retreat last May. Quilting, stitching, and a mutual love of Primitive Gatherings designs are the common threads holding us together. Our first order of business is ordering the newest tool, pattern, or kit someone brings to show.

  27. BarbBBQOnnen Avatar

    Yes, I belong to one sewing group. Used to bring machines and be there all day after having lunch out.
    Now we are getting older and hard to visit with machines so we no longer bring them. And we just meet in the morning and go to lunch together. Now we do handwork, but all are not quilters, crocheters, counted cross stitchers, embroiderers, etc.
    Love your 3 for 3 generosity. Thank You

  28. Janette L Avatar
    Janette L

    I belong to Starlight quilt guild in Overland Park, KS. My two sisters and I have a “sewing with friends” group we organize 6 times a year. We have over 100 ladies on our email list and usually have 35-45 that gather each time. Everyone works on their own projects and we do potluck for lunch and dinner.

  29. Jane K Avatar
    Jane K

    I wish I belonged to a sewing sisterhood group. I could surely use the inspiration and fellowship. I live in Blaine, Minnesota. All the beautiful projects seen on this blog are amazing!! Thank you for the time you take, Lisa, to blog and post. It is much appreciated. Merry Christmas!!

  30. Debbie Miller Avatar

    I belong to several quilt guilds and some of us get together for “sew” days but nothing organized regularly. Love the pincushions in the swap!

  31. Kathy H Avatar
    Kathy H

    We have a group of 8 of us that go on a week long retreat every summer, which we look forward to all year long! We barely get home and are already planning next year and what projects to take with!
    We are part of a bigger group that meets once a month at church, Bible Tells Me Sew. I love getting together to see what everyone is working on at any particular time.

  32. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    I do belong to a sew group. There is five of us. We meet at night so of course we have dinner then sewing with a lot of talk and giggles . We also go away for our own 5 day retreat once a year. So much fun and a lot of sewing.

  33. Sharon Beck Avatar
    Sharon Beck

    “The Gathering” in a local town library is where we, as the names says gather to hand sew twice a month. The ladies are very friendly and really talented. I have learned so much from each of them and value their friendship. We don’t all sew on the same thing only once in a great while. Some of our tastes are similar. The ladies each have their special love for a certain type of quilting project, some cotton, some wool some mini, some larger, some with fancy threads and beads some primitive. We all love your newest book.

  34. Susan Warner Avatar
    Susan Warner

    We have a small quilters group in our neighborhood in Mesa, AZ. We have been meeting for almost 3 years and just enjoyed a wonderful Christmas get together.

  35. Deborah Avatar

    I don’t sew with anyone regularly, but not sure I would be able to do that until I retire! Until then – my cats keep me company and always test my projects for softness.

  36. Nancy Maher Avatar
    Nancy Maher

    I don’t belong to a sewing group and would love to be hooked up to one in St. Louis County, Missouri

  37. Jane Avatar

    First of all I love all of your inspirational pictures. Looks like such fun. I do not belong to a group. I live in ORegon Wisconsin. There are a couple of other quilters in Oregon. We do not get together here, but we retreat together about 5 times a year. There are 2 guilds in Madison, but I would rather just have a small group.

  38. Lona Avatar

    What a fun post! I Love the little glass deer pincushion- so cute. I used to belong to a large sewing group, but no longer. I do have a best friend who is, also, a quilter. We shop and dream together! Again, thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Linda Whitley Avatar
    Linda Whitley

    I belong to three groups. I love to sit and stitch with friends. I get a lot done, learn new skills. and great sharing of ideas and resources. The joy is endless!

  40. Avatar

    Your party looked wonderful. Our quilting with friends at Pats is tomorrow. I belong to 3 groups of quilters. 2 are guilds and the other is at Pats house is my favorite. Smaller group so we can talk eat and quilt. My name is Geri Sherwood I live I. Wheatfield IN south of Valparaiso.

  41. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    I belong to my local chapter of TAS (The Applique Society) and I’ve been a guild member of Hearts ‘n’ Hands in the Metro St. Louis area since 2004. Love my groups!

  42. Sharon Browne Avatar
    Sharon Browne

    No, I do not belong to a sewing/quilting group. I used to belong to a quilting group but it was too far to travel when I was working full time.

  43. Tina L Avatar
    Tina L

    I live in the middle of nowhere so I don’t belong to a group, BUT I just saw the Crazy Quilt Mystery Sew Along quilt in your post that one of the ladies made (GORGEOUS!!) so I’ve got my fingers crossed that there will be another Crazy Quilt Sew Along for 2020. I would be so excited to join that group on FB!!

  44. Jane K Avatar
    Jane K

    I’m not in a group only have gotten together with the girl friend that started me on this journey lol and we use to get together once a week and now with life we have gotten together only twice this year 🙁 Woodstock, GA would love to find a once a month group. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  45. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I belong to a small group of quilters who have been meeting together monthly for about 17 years! Sometimes we challenge each other with a project, often we assist with fabric suggestions or techniques, but mostly we just visit, laugh and eat!

  46. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    I belong to a small sewing group. We usually meet at my house since I have a large sewing studio and have lots of sewing machines for people who do not want to bring their own. I collect and enjoy using vintage sewing machines. It is always fun to sew with others and share projects and ideas. I love seeing other peoples creations. Merry Christmas!

  47. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    Who couldn’t use $200 PG patterns! Lol.
    No sewing groups that I know of in my area, or even anyone with similar interests. I live in Lomax, Illinois

  48. Robin T. Avatar
    Robin T.

    I have been in the same mini group for over 20 years. The ladies in the group are the best friends I am fortunate to have in my life. We are open to having one or two new members … if you live in the San Fernando Valley, CA.

  49. Theresa Taylor Avatar
    Theresa Taylor

    I belong to a quilting group called South sound quilters in Washington . we created quilts for our local dialysis center, chemo , kids in foster care, kids in need and project Linus.

  50. karenk195164 Avatar

    I belong to a quilting group call SEW (Sew Elite Women). We meet once a week at Teresa’s house. Some of us work on wool, some piece, some handwork and one of us does counted cross stitch. Teresa has a long arm and I love hearing the humming in the background! I look forward to our Fridays!!

  51. Jennifer Morgan Avatar
    Jennifer Morgan

    I belong to two groups and love them both. They both give me lots of quilty inspiration, love and friendship.

  52. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    I do not belong to a group at this time, but wouldn’t mind joining a small group again. I work full time, watch grandchildren and help my mom, so perhaps when time frees up. I am in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I do a lot of my sewing late at night right now!

  53. Dee Avatar

    Yes, I belong 2 groups – one in SE Wisconsin, and one in AZ (where we spend the winter). Both groups meet at each other’s homes once a month. The friendships we now have are so special, and it is fun to see all the new/old projects everyone works on.

  54. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar

    I use to belong to a wonderful sewing group many years ago, but the shop closed and everyone went their way. I now live in Dunbarton, N.H. and retired and would love to meet other quilty, woolly friends who just want to have fun sewing! My email is if there is anyone around that is interested!
    Lisa, thanks for a chance to win your patterns, love them, and thank you for all you do!

  55. Deb C Avatar
    Deb C

    I belong to 3 quilt groups… is more formal…they have committees, and take minutes….etc. the other 2 are very informal with lots of visiting and no formal agenda…..everyone works on their own projects but show and tell is always included and lots of support.

  56. Bonnie Avatar

    I belong to four friendship groups and love every one. Quilting friends are the best!

  57. Karen Blankenship-Wood Avatar
    Karen Blankenship-Wood

    I don’t have a sewing group but I do go to the Saturday Sampler at my LQS. The shop is actually owned and run by my eighth grade math teacher!! I joke that I would have been better at geometry if we had been quilting!

  58. Cindy G. Avatar
    Cindy G.

    I belong to a group that meets for a quilt retreat every year.

  59. Lynn Bassett Avatar
    Lynn Bassett

    Looks like you had a really good time! Wish I could have been there!!!

  60. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    I belong to two groups. One group gets together every Thursday, the other every other week. So much sharing what we are working on or helping each other.

  61. heartnurse1959 Avatar

    I belong to two weekly needlework groups that share in the love of all forms of needle arts including wool appliqué, punch needle, and counted thread work. It gives me an opportunity to socialize with friends who share in the love of needle work.

  62. Sharon Ray Avatar
    Sharon Ray

    The only groups I belong to now are on Facebook. It’s wonderful because everyone is supportive and can answer just about any question. Thanks for sharing your time and work, love it!

  63. Therese Avatar

    I do not belong to a group but would like to. Live in Toledo, OH

  64. Kathy Harris Avatar
    Kathy Harris

    I belong to a stitching group. We meet every other week. There is always lots of laughter and support and even some stitching.

  65. Maureen Fry Avatar
    Maureen Fry

    I do not belong to a group, I have moved a lot since retiring. But I would sure like to win some of your patterns!

  66. Sandy Avatar

    Yes I belong to a small group that meets once a month.

  67. Kathy Goff Avatar
    Kathy Goff

    I belong to a Thursday quilt group with a group of friends that started out meeting in a quilt shop until it sadly closed. Now we take turns meeting at each other’s home.

  68. Cynthia Avatar

    Well, I don’t belong to a quilter’s group/guild but…my Mom (82 years old) and I are working on our hand quilting daily. Great news is that my great niece (7 years old) is now taking an interest in quilting. There is no better designer for all of us to strive to be as good as – thank you. Happy Holidays. Ho Ho Ho!!!

  69. Bev Avatar

    I belong to a group that has been meeting twice a month for about 25 years. Some members are no longer with us for various reason but they are still in our hearts. Sewing groups are a special group of friends that get us through alot of things.

  70. Ellen Peters Avatar
    Ellen Peters

    I belong to the Quilt Guild of the Villages- 1,200 members and growing! I am a member of the Patchwork Garden Chapter, one of 23 chapters in our guild- we meet weekly😊
    Would love to win some of your patterns- thank you for the chance and Merry Christmas!

  71. Nina Christman Avatar
    Nina Christman

    I am in a sewing group at my local quilt shop. We meet all day once a month. In the fall we pick a pattern(or sometimes a book). In December everyone picks their fabric. In January we start a new project for the year. As the fabrics are different, the quilts are quite different. We go out for lunch. I have been a member for 6 years. There are 12 members and we have become friends and help each other on the project. You can always get opinions on questions about the quilt! We are kind though, really help each other. I never miss a meeting.

  72. debby421 Avatar

    I don’t belong to a quilt group. I think it would be fun to have a small intimate group to meet monthly to have fun with and learn from each other. I live in Liberty, Utah snd am willing to travel a bit if necessary.

  73. Beverly Sensabaugh Avatar
    Beverly Sensabaugh

    I belong to a group of 5. We get together twice a year to exchange the blocks that were created.

  74. Elaine Sell Avatar
    Elaine Sell

    I had the honor of being co-president this year of our quilt group called Rather Bee quilters! Just finished my term last night with a great party and games! We are a relatively small group of 40, but very talented ladies. We live in Columbiana, Ohio, the nicest town in America!!!! We meet the 3rd Tuesday each month. We donate quilts and small projects to Akron Children’s hospital, Salem Community hospitals cancer care, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Meals On Wheels and nursing homes to name a few. We love Primitive Gatherings so who wouldn’t love free patterns!!

  75. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Yes, I belong to a quilt group in Western New York, Crosstown Quilters, I believe the name came from the fact that our forty quilters come from at least eight towns just outside the city of Buffalo, and the town we meet in… well, it’s that old “all roads lead to Rome” thing… everyone can get to the site fairly easily.
    I also belong to a little redwork group, to which I usually bring binding or wool work, but now I have an actual “redwork” project, the Primitive Gatherings’ Santa that came as a November give-away this year.

  76. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    I do not belong to a sewing group but my friend and I have just started a Cross Stitch group In southeastern Wisconsin. We don’t know each other but have met through YouTube and Instagram. It’s been fun meeting everyone with cross stitch in common and many of us ladies have quilting in common too. Love spending time with them❤️

  77. Connie Rodriguez Avatar
    Connie Rodriguez

    Yes, I belong to a small group of quilters in far northwest Houston, TX. In addition to having large families to see for, we started working together when our local pregnancy center made a plea for quilts. Little did we realize how The Lord would bless this ministry, or that we would develop such a sweet fellowship among ourselves in the process! We get together when we can to select fabrics and cut kits, but are constantly in and out of one another’s homes “shopping” stashes, cleaning machines, or dropping off quilts for another stage of the process to the appropriate experts. We gathered last week and I told the ladies to bring a little fabric. One showed up with a 70-lb. suitcase full of beautiful fabrics(!), and now my dining room benches are filled with stacks of fabrics to cut into kits.

  78. EllenR Avatar

    We have a terrific friendship group system in our guild and mine meets monthly. We are a low key group..nothing is mandatory and that helps us focus on conversation and quilty ideas and I have to say we have done some awesome shopping trips!

  79. Pat DuBois Avatar
    Pat DuBois

    I belong to a wonderful small group in addition to our local guild here in Woodbury, Minnesota. We have been together for about 19 years and yes we have done a lot of really fun things. Quilt shows, trips, (twice to PG in Menasha), group projects, getting together once a week at each other’s houses have all been great. This question made me think a little and I’ve come to realize the fun times are great, but these wonderful women are especially important when times are the worst, through illnesses, loss of loved ones and all the other trials we face in life. Their friendship and support is priceless.

  80. Liz Kisielewski Avatar
    Liz Kisielewski

    I belong to a crazy quilt group and, of course, to my local quilt guild.

  81. Peggy Voorhees Avatar
    Peggy Voorhees

    Yes, I belong to a quilt group of friends from different churches. There are 5 of us that meet at my house every Friday. We quilt, hand work like binding, redwork embroidery and 2 of us do wool applique.

  82. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I belong to a monthly ‘sew in’ group that I rarely get to attend, so when I do it is extra special. Thanks for the fun!

  83. Sue Avatar

    I have been a member of our stitch group in Whitewater, Wisconsin for over 35 years. We have watched our children grow, graduate college, get married and have children of their own. We’ve supported each other as we’ve lost our parents, spouses, and some of our own members. We have cried together and laughed so hard we’ve had tears running down our legs. I cherish our friendships and our shared love for all the needle arts.

  84. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    I only belong to an online sewing group. We share fabrics, help each other pick fabrics and then sew and share online. We have made several quilts this way and it is a great friendship group. We do wool, handquiting, machine quilting. Most of all we have a lot of fun.

  85. Dede Avatar

    I think this counts, i am a “hat lady”. Our guild has an informal group of gals who sew hats in fall for after school programs. The kids get to pick their color and wait while we sew for them. Wish i had more time to have sewing friends

  86. Marilyn Hopkins Avatar
    Marilyn Hopkins

    I belong to a quilting group, the Sew Gulls, in Corpus Christi, TX. We meet once a week and usually sew on our own projects; however, we have been known to make a group quilt for charity every now and then. More than anything else we talk, laugh and support it each other through the good times and not so good times. What else are quilting groups full of wonderful friends for?!

  87. Gail Holmes Avatar
    Gail Holmes

    I belong to a couple guilds & just recently started a “ featherweight “ group. All my new sewing friends are wonderful ladies.

  88. Lynn M Barrett Avatar
    Lynn M Barrett

    Quilt and Sip is the name of the quilting bee to which I belong! This is a group of 12 wonderful ladies who meet two evenings a month in members’ houses to share inspiration, design support and to crack open a bottle of wine or two! Stitching with friends is such fun.

  89. carol thomas Avatar

    I have been working for 35 years and just retiring. Transitioning on my life journey. I want to PLAY and LAUGH and CREATE. I have never had time to be a group – lots of UFOs to to donate, finish, or ….

  90. Marie C Eddins Avatar
    Marie C Eddins

    I belong to an Applique Bee, all members of our local quilt guild. Mostly we hand applique but often someone brings the handwork they are working on at the moment. It could be embroidery, crochet, or even binding a quilt. We have fun together which is the main thing!

  91. Marsha B Avatar
    Marsha B

    I do not belong to a sewing group but I would love to find some ladies to join. I live in the NE Heights of Albuquerque, NM. Sewing with friends would be so much fun!

  92. Cheryl Avatar

    I belong to a small casual quilt group. We call ourselves appropriately Material Girls! We have a yearly retreat, a shop hop, a Christmas party, a UFO challenge, lessons and demos, Charity projects, etc. and always show and tell! We enjoy being together for friendship and stitching! We are in north central Indiana.

  93. Kimber Smith Avatar
    Kimber Smith

    I belong to a sewing group at my church. We get together once per week for 2 hours and work on projects. We enjoy visiting, sharing ideas and sometimes teach.

  94. Betsy Avatar

    I wish I could belong to a sewing group but I babysit my grandchildren and I do not drive much. I’d love to win though so I can continue making some lovelies from your shop. I live in land o lakes Florida

  95. Mary Fecher Avatar
    Mary Fecher

    Yes I do. We call ourselves the Quilt Council because we are all friends from church and at the time that we started our husbands were on our church’s leadershipp council. We are diverse ages but try to get together once a month to quilt and chat. We have done block on the month quilts from our local quilt shop, one block of the month on our own and right now we are each working on our own thing.

  96. Carol C Avatar
    Carol C

    Yes, we’ve been meeting for 19 years.

  97. Laura B Avatar
    Laura B

    I do have a group of wonderful friends of about 6-10 that all get together frequently for retreats. One retreat started as a weekend and is now a whole week. We love it. No WiFi no tv. We also meet at a local grange to see when able. We are all ages from 30-80. The best friends a girl could ask for and there when you need them

  98. Susan Collier Avatar
    Susan Collier

    Sadly since moving to Boca Raton Fl, I don’t belong to a quilt group. I miss my grou6in Minnesota! Would love to win Primitive Gatherings cash. Sue

  99. COLLEEN KOSKI Avatar

    I belong to 3 groups. One is a quilting group we meet on the second Saturday of every month. The second is a wool applique group. We meet on the first Saturday of every month in the local quilt store. The third is with my coworkers. We have sew days as often as time permits. This is a full day of sewing/eating/chit chatting! All three have amazingly creative members! Love seeing your pictures…..

  100. Crol Ableman Avatar
    Crol Ableman

    Your group looks great,so much talent . Merry Christmas

  101. Lori Genther Avatar

    I work in a quilt shop. We try to have a stitching night once a week to sit & stitch and catch up with the gals who don’t work the same days that we do. It’s nice!

  102. Sandi Avatar

    I don’t belong to any sewing groups in person. I belong to lots through Facebook and several blogs. My identical twin who lives 1800 miles away have our own group, we are sewing the next three quilt projects together, each week via phone. Merry Christmas to you Lisa and your staff.

  103. Debbie Ballard Avatar
    Debbie Ballard

    I have belonged to two quilt groups both for about 34 years each. We are all definitely life long friends. The one group are all living in my hometown and our children grew up together many knowing each other before entering school. For several years we have made nursing covers for the U of M NICU. We made hundreds of the covers. The other group is made up of women that had attended the Beaver Island Quilt Retreat that Gwen Marston hosted. The members are from all over the state of Michigan plus one from Indiana. We meet monthly at my house that is centrally located. We also meet at three week long retreats throughout the year. Again these women, along with the members of the other group, are the closest of friends. They all make life sweeter.

  104. DEB WORTHMAN Avatar

    I don’t belong to any groups. Not sure where I would fit it in until I retire.

  105. Toni Anne Potter Avatar
    Toni Anne Potter

    I belong to a Quilt Guild but not a smaller quilting group. I wish I could find a small traditional quilting and piecing group to meet with in my area. I might need to start my own eventually.

  106. Lynn Lahr Avatar
    Lynn Lahr

    I do belong to a quilt guild in Waverly Iowa, Friendship Quilters. I am a charter member. Our guild was organized in 1993. The members of this guild have become some of my dearest friends. Like many guilds the size has diminished, but we hang in there. I also get together with quilting friends for retreats several times a year and evening stitching at a local library. We go to quilt shows, road trips and sew days together. I do feel my quilting friends are as close as family to me. We encourage each other and give advice, sometimes even though it is not asked for. Truly my day is not complete until needle and thread meet. Thanks for all the beautiful quilt inspiration. I have made dozens of Primitive Gatherings designs and do not see that ending any time soon.

  107. Brenda Avatar

    I am disabled to a fair amount, so it is difficult for me to get out and about and keep up with the activities of a small group, but I do belong to a couple of special interest groups. I love working with flannels, and Moda’s are very very nice. Almost like working with wool!! It’s one of those things — good flannel is like heaven; cheap sleazy flannel feels just like that — cheap and sleazy! So invest in the good stuff.

  108. Linda Lovely Avatar
    Linda Lovely

    I meet with my quilting sisters on Tuesdays. We love road trips have been to both the Primitive Gathering stores, make at least two trips to the Oregon coast for retreats each year.

  109. skeetercramer8937Skeeter Avatar

    Just retired and we will be snowbirds in sun city west AZ. I believe there is a guilting group there and I plan to check it out after the first of the year. Happy holidays everyone.

  110. Jackie Barron Avatar
    Jackie Barron

    I do belong to a quilting group but we live in four different states – Ohio, Texas, Florida and Iowa. We try to get together at least once a year but also stay in touch through texting. Such a fun group even though the distance sometimes stinks!!

  111. Michelle Avatar

    I do belong to a quilt guild. Also I retreat with a group of great quilters 3-4 times a year.

  112. Dottie Avatar

    LOVE the show & tell. It’s inspiring.

  113. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    Would love to join a quilt group but I’m not a good enough quilter yet to feel comfortable showing my work. Someday hopefully I’ll feel ready. Loved today’s post. I know you must be crazy busy and I appreciate that yo take the time to share with us. Fun projects. Merry Christmas.

  114. Cindy Erickson Avatar
    Cindy Erickson

    I belong to a small group that is 20 strong. we have been together over 30 years. We have some disagreements but in the end we come together and support each other.

  115. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    At the company I work for there is a group of us that quilts and we meet once a month at lunch for show and tell or to get advice on projects we are working on.

  116. Pam Bo Avatar
    Pam Bo

    I sew with 3 other sew special sisters! We sew whatever we like and we try to sew once a month. Of course we have lots to eat and sometimes we carry on into the evening and our husbands come and we all go out for supper.

  117. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    I don’t belong to a sewing group. However,
    I really enjoy sewing days with my daughters and daughter in law when we can make that work.
    I love your patterns and would be thrilled to win some. Looks like you had a wonderful party last night.

  118. Linda Avatar

    Yes I belong to a small quilt group. We are a “Dear Jane” group. We all started about 2002 with Penny Haren teaching us6 blocks a month of the Dear Jane blocks. We learned a lot of techniques about color, appliqué, putting blocks together. There was a bond and we have done several quilts with Penny over the years with her own designs and techniques. Sometimes we were even the Guinea pigs for a new book of hers coming out. Anyway we are quilt friends for life.

  119. Sue Avatar

    I run a sewing group and belong to two more! You cannot have too many stitching friends. So nice to see what the ladies are working on, love their work.

  120. Mary Kolb Avatar

    Since I like all kinds of quilting, I belong to twos quilt groups, one modern and one traditional! Both are so fun.

  121. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    I don’t belong to a group, but would love one. I’m near foley, Alabama. Y’all look like you’re having so much fun!

  122. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    Yes, I belong to a small mini group of about 15 ladies. We have been meeting weekly since about 2000. Love the closeness of the group. This year we made each other a Churn Dash quilt for our Christmas exchange. They were all spectacular and so different.
    This day 7 of your 12 days is very generous of you.

  123. Darlene Wegrynowski Avatar
    Darlene Wegrynowski

    I belong to a wool group called the Woolies, we meet every month, and most of us work on wool projects, but there could also be knitting or quilting involved. Sometimes I will teach the gals a new technique and we will all work on that project. We rotate houses, we meet during the day and there is always lunch and sweets involved! There are 12 of us ladies with a variety of talent in all different venues of crafting. We have a wonderful sisterhood, and have been there for each other in all of life’s trials and tribulations that we have gone through,

  124. sandy holst Avatar
    sandy holst

    Yes I belong to a group with 7friends. We are the “no name” group because we never decided on a group name. Maybe a blessing in disguise because we refer to ourselves the “friendship group”. It fits perfectly because most importantly we are friends. We stitch together, host dinner once a month, go on retreats and outings. As friends we share the good times and the bad times, the struggles and the successes. We are always there for each other and are blessed to have a friendship group that is so close. I could go on and on but I think just saying that I am part of a wonderful group of ladies that were brought together by love of stitching is enough. Anyone who belongs to such a group knows the joys of the sisterhood that a friendship group brings. Thank you for asking the question. It gives me a moment to reflect on how lucky I am to be part of a circle of friendship so dear to each of us. Hugs to all stitching sisters, Sandy Holst

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