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Today I want to feature a few items that I totally cannot life with out…my iron, the steam station…but don’t stop reading..there a NEW compact Steam Station and then there are my light pads…

Now this post is going to be different because I cannot sell you these items through my store…why?…because I would pay more for them than you can get them on Amazon…Sad…right…but there comes a time when you have to embrace that fact that if you can beat it you have to join in…now this does not mean that we should by everything on Amazon…because if we do all the small businesses will be gone…but…there are some times when you have to work with the fact that I in my mind cannot sell you an iron for $400 when you can buy it for $200….so we are going to work with what we can…and free shipping…If you order by clicking the links below I will get a little commission off your purchase through Amazon…so that is better than nothing in my book…so without taking anymore Saturday before Christmas time…here are the items...Click the links and look at the great pricing!

LOOK! a new COMPACT version of my beloved Steam Station…and it’s really  not that much smaller…so I have ordered one and I am sure this one will be as nice as the bigger model….

Compact Rowenta Steam Station



  • STAINLESS-STEEL SOLEPLATE W/ MICROSTEAM HOLES – Scratch-resistant stainless steel for smooth, easy gliding across different garments; 400 microsteam holes ensure thorough steam distribution; precision tip for hard-to-reach areas
  • POWERFUL STEAM – Heats up in just 2 minutes; generates 120g of high-pressurized, wrinkle-removing steam for professional results; energy-saving Eco mode uses 20% less heating energy compared to medium steam output level
  • XL WATER TANK – 40-Oz. capacity means more time spent steaming and less time spent refilling; 90 Min. of continuous steam on a single tank. Power cord length – 1.7 m
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN – Electronic control panel with indicator that shows when tank needs a refill or when cleaning is required; compact size; locking system and built-in cord storage for easy portability
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST WITH ROWENTA – Stay-cool fabric hose; 3-way auto-off feature shuts iron off after 8 Min. of inactivity on heel and 30 Sec. on soleplate or tipped over on its side

Rowenta Steam Station

This is my all time favorite iron…I even pack it in the carry-on when traveling and teaching…it’s that important and good for piecing and wool appliqués.image.png

  • Exceptional 5 bars of pressure ideal for removing wrinkles from hanging garments or drapes and or smoothing and shaping sewing projects
  • Micro steam 400 Stainless Steel Soleplate. Power cord length : 1.9 meter
  • Constant High Powered Steam – available at the touch of a trigger, the powerful steam makes ironing fast and effortless
  • Eco Setting saves up to 20% of energy, power 1800 watts, steam output 80 grams per minute
  • Extra Large, removable and visible 47oz Tank allowing 1.5 hours of continuous ironing ; Anti scale function – Rinsing system
  • Made in France                                                                                                                             Here  is my lovely Steam Station…I am starching and ironing and Layer cakes for an up coming project!!  IIMG_8082

Daylight Wafer 2 light pad 11″ x 17″

Daylight Company-Wafer 2 Light Box. Ideal for sewing, quilting, embroidery, calligraphy.

This is a nice light pad if you do not have room or the funds for the BIG DADDY one below…


Daylight Light Pad Wafer 4 18x 23.5″

Here are some of the great features of this super slim BIG DADDY light pad

Ultra-slim lightbox with 0.3 inch thickness
  • Even spread of dimmable LED light from edge to edge of lightbox
  • Ideal for tracing, sketching, scrapbooking, and other craft projects
  • Large 18X23.5 inch work area with ruler gridded frame
  • Lightweight and eco-friendly


Here is mine, in use! I did have the 11x 17…but since I had the room I traded up to the 18x 23.5 when it came out… and I so love how big it is…



Daylight Extra large Table Lamp

Last…This is my newest edition to my sewing studio…this light is over my cutting surface…it has THE BEST lighting I could ask for over my cutting mat…now I did not plan to have a light over my table…I thought my lighting in my room was going to be enough…but let me tell you I am getting older and it’s getting a little harder so I needed this to be as accurate as possible...if you can’t cut accurate you can’t stitch accurate!  



Here is my light situation during the day…it’s fine…at night I need a little more…

and then even though it is daytime…can you see the extra clear light I get…I can move or swivel this lamp in any directions it need to be…


It clamps onto my table…and then when I am not using it…I can unplug it here instead of at the outlet…this means I don’t have a cord in my way…all the time..


I hope you can understand my reasoning behind this post…these are high ticket items and I cannot sell them to you for more than you can get them on the number one shopping place in the world…

So for a comment today…tell me about how you shop…do you go to the store, do you do all online…I would love to hear any or all of your comments….I will pick a winner for the large table lamp…on Jan 1st!  Happy Saturday!  Lisa



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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

327 thoughts on “Day 4

    1. For quilting stuff I try to support my local quilt shop here in Vegas. For most other things I shop online. Between work & taking classes from my favorite quilting teacher at the Christmas Goose who has time to go to stores. 🤣🤣🤣

  1. I try to shop in the stores but do order kits and supplies online especially when a shop has a special sale.

    1. The selection online is much wider, but colors of fabric are not always true. If I see it locally that’s where I buy it, but there are many things not available locally.

  2. I shop both online and in store. I prefer in store but more and more I am shopping online. Sometimes because of price, sometimes because when I am in a store and they don’t have the item I’m looking for they say oh you can get it on our website, sometimes just because I don’t want to leave the house or just need one thing.

  3. I still shop in stores rather than online. I like to see and feel the product as to quality and if it’s made well. Of course, Primitive Gatherings is an exception because I already know the quality is topnotch!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  4. I belong to a Quilts of Valor group and I am always telling the ladies to shop at local quilt shops. I know we all shop the internet, but if we don’t shop small business, the small business will be gone…….then, how will we pet the fabric?
    I very rarely shop for fabric on the internet.

  5. I make the trek at least once a year to your store, sometimes twice. Otherwise I do online shopping. I recommend PG to anyone looking for wool & patterns!

  6. I have a local quilt shop and I buy what I can there but it doesn’t carry a lot of CW reproductions so I order a lot of fabric online. I also shop hop with friends at not so local shops for us.

  7. Love seeing my fabrics in person. Also do a little of online shopping. 🛍
    That table lamp is awesome! Thank-you!

    1. I do a lot of shopping on line because of chronic pain. I do shop in our only quilt shop in town however!

  8. I live in a rural community, which limits availability. When possible I shop locally, especially the small shops, but not always able to find what I am looking for. I will ship online for the convienence, rather than take the time (and gas) to drive 80 miles to Fort Worth. When it comes to quilting, I want to touch all the fabric; can’t do that online!

  9. I shop locally, but as small retailers close, I have been forced to drive further and shop online. For fabric, I support three shops within thirty miles of my country home, but I also order from various on-line quilt shops. I try to order first from those that have brick and mortar shops. I wish I lived closer to Primitive Gatherings!

  10. I shop for a lot of things on Amazon, but there are some things that I will only purchase by seeing and touching. I love antiques and this is a must see in person category. I will purchase notions on line but love to see fabrics in person. I will purchase patterns from an online store as there is more choices. I do love to support small business when I am able.

    1. I do shop online a lot but try to buy from small businesses with a web store. I also have and LOVE that light box!! Merry Christmas to you all.

  11. I shop both online and at stores. It really depends on the item, the availability, and the shop. I like to shop from links like you posted where the person I learned about it from gets a commission — that’s only fair!

  12. Love this post Lisa thank you for all the helpful information. Can you also tell us what standard iron you use for piecing? I need a new one and there are so many options. They also seem to have auto shutoff in 7 minutes which is soooo frustrating. Thanks for all you do.

  13. We don’t have many quilt options in our area…not for lack of people…but for lack of interest, I guess? (Which is why we are moving next year…lol) Sooooo…quilty-stitchy stuff I buy online. I have a handful of favorite sites I check first…then I go to Etsy, then eBay. I NEVER go to Amazon…and, in fact, I cancelled my account with them last year (on small business Saturday)…for a lot of reasons I won’t get into here. But, I do feel they are putting many online AND brick and mortar shops out of business (yes, I know there are 3rd party sellers on Amazon…but, Amazon gets a cut of those sales)…and with all this price war way of attracting customers….we’re all going to “dumb down” the quality of everything and anything…because retailers will be looking for cheaper ways to make things…so they might still make a teeeny profit? Not to mention, those HUGE warehouses can not possibly store consumables safely…and don’t forget the stuff that sits there waaaay past expiration and gets sold anyways….did I mention no means of monitoring conterfeit product? Anyways….I’ve said too much…;-)

  14. I shop as much local as I can. If you don’t they won’t be there tomorrow. With that said, my quilting supplies are usually online as I don’t have a local shop. I don’t get to touch the fabric before I buy. 😂

    1. I started learning to quilt a few years ago so my eyes are open to items on the internet and stores near and far. Love taking day trips and cross country trips scoping out new stores along the way. Always a find. Sad that most of the stores are closing.

  15. I live on a small lake in rural upstate NY so I buy much online. I shop locally as much as possible. Thanks for a chance to win. Happy New Year

  16. I shop all year for gifts both on line and in the stores, I made bed quilts for the majority of my gifts this year. As our family has grown and aged over the years what does one really need ? I wish you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas and a joyful and healthy New a Year.

  17. I try to shop local when I can, but when there is a large difference in the sticker price, I will order on-line. I work hard for my dollars, too and try to balance out what I spend where. Thanks

  18. I do a lot of online shopping. Use Amazon of course. THat light looks wonderful. THe older I get, the more light I seem to need to quilt. The closest quilt shop doesn’t carry much repro fabric but I use it for the “other” stuff. Thank you for the chance and very Happy Holidays to you and your kin.

  19. I live in a small city, with the closest quilting access about 45 minutes away. I shop there or online, depending on what I need. I find that kits are often the easiest way for me to go and those I almost always purchase through PG.

    1. I shop locally as much as possible, and buy what I cannot find online. Going into a shop, and finding a new treasure is always fun. But they cannot carry everything, in a store. Online shopping must be a great help for those who live out in the country.

  20. I must confess I am shopping more and more online. Part of the reason is I live in the country and it requires a chunk of time to get to stores and my thought process is I’d rather be quilting…or gardening. However I do try to support my local quilt shop/Bernina dealer because I don’t want them to go out of business. Some things, like fabric you just have to see and feel in real life. 😊

  21. Living in a rural area at least a few hours from most shopping areas means I often shop online. I do enjoy the opportunity to see so many great things without having to drive for hours.

  22. I try to do as much as possible locally. I have my quilt shop special order items they don’t carry. Since I live 200 miles from a major city I do have to order online but try to order from independent stores and not from chains.

  23. I prefer to shop in stores, there is nothing like being able to touch the items. I only shop online when I can’t find the items in any stores in the area.

  24. We live in a very rural community in West Virginia and the nearest fabric shop is 40 miles away. It is my “go to” store for fabric locally. My next favorite quilt shop is 2 1/2 hours away, so we usually only visit that one when we are attending the annual West Virginia Quilt Festival in June. When it comes to counted thread or yarn, there are two online shops that are my favorites because of their large selection and excellent customer service. I recently came to the realization that when we were in Fond du Lac this past September, we were only about 45 minutes away from your Menasha shop — I will remember that for the next time we visit my uncle. Thank you, Lisa, for providing your following with such awesome projects and supplies.

  25. I have to admit I do both! I much prefer shopping in small shops though and do support them On a regular basis. I love that when I walk in a shop someone speaks to me, a real live person! Often will go out of my way to shop small, just ask my husband what happens on car trips. In my shopping world there is not much that tops walking into a fiber shop to the smells, sights and people that are happy to be there.

  26. I do some of each, I like to be in stores and wander, see what’s new, touch fabrics or assess the quality of something like bedding. But if I trust a company like yours, and I live 1,000 miles away, I’m ordering.
    I’ve come onto the Amazon thing just lately, hard to find stuff that would take me way too long to find locally… Amazon is my go-to.
    Case in point: dressed my mom like Mr. Peanut for Halloween (she’s 89, the Senior Center happenings are her life!), so I needed a monocle! And peanut fabric to make her a vest and bow tie. Amazon was easiest. I sure wish I could attach a photo… hysterical!

  27. I will use brick and mortar as my first choice. I like to see and feel fabric before buying AND I love seeing quilt samples of the fabric, helps with creativity. If I do use online I usually know what I want and have seen it. My fav site…primitive gatherings, of course,,,

  28. I buy local when I can, and from small businesses online (like yours!) when I can find what I need that way. I avoid Amazon if I can buy from small businesses, even though it means I spend more. Glad to see this post with some big-ticket Items we all might need, especially the Daylight lamp!

  29. I shop local for the most part, because I’m a homebody. However, I live in a small town with an hours drive in any direction to a larger city, so online is a necessity at times. Merry Christmas!!

  30. I love to shop at my local quilt shops. I also shop on line, like Primitive Gathering (I don’t live in Wisconsin). I very rarely order from Amazon.

  31. I do some of each, I like to be in stores and wander, see what’s new, touch fabrics or assess the quality of something like bedding. But if I trust a company like yours, and I live 1,000 miles away, I’m ordering.
    I’ve come onto the Amazon thing just lately, hard to find stuff that would take me way too long to find locally… Amazon is my go-to.
    Case in point: dressed my mom like Mr. Peanut for Halloween (she’s 89, the Senior Center happenings are her life!), so I needed a monocle! And peanut fabric to make her a vest and bow tie. Amazon was easiest. I sure wish I could attach a photo… hysterical!

    1. I shop both online and in store. Depends on convenience/ timeliness/price/ article(s) being bought. Nice studio and amenities! You always have great ideas and suggestions!
      Merry Christmas to all!

  32. I shop online and in the local stores
    After working 8 to 9 hours at customer service desk I am exhausted.
    Merry Christmas to you and your Family from Me and my Family…
    Happy New Year!!!!

  33. I shop a little and use the Internet, too. This year was so crowded at the mall. My favorite thing is when the children and their children come up to my craft room and see something they want. I stitch and sew and quilt all year. It warms my heart when they find something they want. Happy holidays.

  34. I shop mostly on line. In the summer we are in the middle of nowhere Colorado so I depend on keeping up with things from blogs like yours. If I need or want something we have to go over mountains to try and find it so online is much easier and not so frustrating. In winter, we’ll it is winter so online is just easier.

  35. I do a lot of my shopping online especially if I know the product. I would pay more for gas than I do for shipping in most cases. I also order from Amazon, it beats facing all the crowds in the stores!

  36. I love to shop at my local quilt shops. I also shop on line, like Primitive Gatherings (I don’t live in Wisconsin)! I very rarely order from Amazon, however.

  37. I do the majority of my shopping online, except I do like to go to my local Chico’s for clothes shopping so I can touch and see the colors and try on! There are NO shops anywhere near me for wool so of course I have to buy all my wool appliqué products from Primitive Gatherings! I think I am the only person in all of South Texas who does wool appliqué! Merry Christmas!

  38. I do some of each. i work at a local quilt shop, so do my best to buy local when I can, but admit I order online when I cannot, either because of time or access to finding it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. I’m all for shopping local but I shop a lot online because the local shops often don’t carry what I want and don’t want to order it. The closest shop is over an hour round trip driving plus a bridge toll so it’s just not worth it to drive all that way and not find what I’m looking for.

  40. Going to the store is the way I like. I am thinking the stores I go to really appreciate it as well, because I usually buy way more than what I had planned. You can’t always see the actual color of the fabric on a computer. And petting the fabric is a must and obviously cannot be done online. With that being said, my favorite place to shop on line, is Primitive Gatherings. By far, hands down, the best place!

  41. I try to shop local, but there are few quilt shops where I live. I make a yearly trek to one about an hour away. On line, I shop at places like yours which have hard to find or unique items.I much prefer to shop in person though.

  42. Lisa, I agree with your reasoning. Your approach is a win-win for all involved. I frequent my local quilt stores as much as I can but that is not always possible. My husband is disabled and when I can’t get to my lqs I do order on-line. It was great seeing you in Houston again this year! Merry Christmas to you and your family and a safe and healthy 2020.

  43. Wow! You are generous looking out for your own customers! That’s the kind of service that brings people back to you though. We love your advice and your product and the fact that you look out for us too! Thank you!

  44. Shop local & our great BERNINA dealer, however, some things we have to get online—like that great lamp! May have to buy one if I don’t win one! Lol!😉

  45. I live on Long Island in New York, believe it or not you would think we’d have many quilt stores we don’t. Unfortunately 3 stores have closed in recent years. There are 3 within 25 miles of my home only one that has my taste in fabric. We do have Joanns and Hobby Lobby. I buy what I can locally and at guild trips to quilt shows, I like to see and feel what I’m buying. I do order online when making a gift and I have a supply list or when I’m occasionally buying something for myself. I hit your online store twice last Christmas for myself. If I had more sewing time I’d be ordering much more often.

  46. Typically I shop locally. For quilting supplies I am so lucky to several great quilt shops close to me. This year I have pneumonia so am grateful for online shopping.

  47. Lisa, I love how you have adapted your business practices to the realities of Amazon, etc. This is just one more reason, among many, why I LOVE shopping with you, both online and in your WI store. To answer your question, I do my best to shop the small businesses whenever possible, but sometimes the item I need is not available, so I turn to the internet. Also, I want to thank you for the pleasure you have given me and my friends through your wonderful designs. We have spent many happy hours working on your projects.

  48. Since I live in a small town, most of my grandkids presents are bought thru Amazon bc shipping is free. I buy from y’all for all my wool and various goodies I need for it. I try to always support local shops especially quilting. So when I travel, guess what I put on my list?😂. Hubby is very supportive too!

  49. I always try to buy my fabric local, unless the shop runs out and I need additional then I shop online. Or, if my local shops don’t carry a line I want then I will buy online, such as Primitive Gatherings fabrics are not carried by my local shops. Notions, I generally buy local but always try to use a coupon. If we don’t shop local all our quilt shops will be gone.

  50. I shop local first because I need it right then usually. If I can’t find locally, then I go online and keep two things in mind-lowest price and fastest delivery. I like Amazon, but they are not always the best deal.

  51. I try to do as much shopping as I can from local stores. I like to see the item before I purchase it. I live in an area with limited shopping, so I cannot always succeed!

  52. Due to a busy work schedule and family members who like out of the ordinary items, I do a lot of online shopping. I also do a lot of shopping for my papercrafting and quilting hobbies online from my favorite small businesses.
    For clothes, my preference is still to shop in preference, love to feel the fabric the item is made of. Thanks for highlighting the benefits of these wonderful products.

  53. I whole heartedly Agree!! We need Some of Each!! Small businesses need people to shop & something’s they don’t have, so, Amazon. Love the package at the door (Christmas wool box- thanks Lisa!!) but love touching the fabrics & the social interaction!! Amazon is not the End All!!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
    Leigh Ann

  54. Shopping local comes first, especially if it’s for the small local business. Online shopping occurs when it’s the last resort. I’m blessed to be able to shop in person at your shop to be able to get my therapy of feeling the fabric and greeting all my friends that work at your shop!

  55. I shop local if any all possible. I do like to see the item before I buy. I buy online when I can’t find the item locally, and I shop online to support my favorite shops.
    And boy could I use that lighr!

  56. How I shop. I live in rural Oklahoma, so I shop your online shop a lot. LOL. I also have a great husband and he takes me to shows so I shop then and when we’re traveling he even helps look for quilt shop. This reminds me I need to go give he a big hug and kiss. Merry Christmas

  57. I prefer to shop in a store. On trips, I have been very fortunate to shop in some well known stores including Primitive Gatherings in Wisconsin. I no longer have a quilt shop in my town so at times I will order online if I know what it is. Love the chance to win the table lamp. Thank you, Lisa, for your generosity!

  58. OMG, I love love my Rowenta steam station. I bought it at Quilt Stock in Dallas in July. I used the one there and had to have one. I also bought the light table there and it is so much easier to trace. No eye strain or laying over the top to see.
    I tend to buy local. I can say it warms my heart to know I am contributing to that person’s success. Plus I want them to stay in business.

  59. I shop locally when I can but usually I zoom in for what I need and leave.
    If I don’t have time or, of course, the resources are not close by I do order online. In these busy days it’s so much simpler to order online. I do try to order from smaller businesses instead of the “big” less expensive options even though it might cost a bit more.

  60. I shop a little bit of both ways. Online for some, in store for some. I try to shop local when I can. Love all the offerings this years so far! I just got a new cutting table and it has a very old lamp attached. I’d sure love to own this light! Thanks for all your hard work for all of us quilters out there! And thanks for the chance!

  61. I shop onlinefor clothing only. I shop my local quilt shops for fabric. We have alot to choose from here in Phoenix. Occasionally will shop online quilt shops if I cant find fabric locally.

  62. I live in rural Wyoming so much of what I purchase is online. I prefer to physically see items but I have found I can trust the recommendations of fellow quilters!!

  63. I usually try to buy locally because I want to support the little brick and mortar stores.So many of them are going out of business. What I do like to do is use online stores to read reviews from actual buyers to see if an item is really worth buying. That’s how I found wool iron mats, various scissors and sewing lights.

  64. I truly buy local if at all possible but when on a limited budget I must use the price point when purchasing items. You certainly need to be aware that amazon is not always the best price either and free shipping doesn’t always mean free.

  65. For fabric, I like to shop in the store (especially your Menasha store!) as I need to see the colors and feel the weight and texture! Online just doesn’t cut it for me.

  66. I am one of those people who has to see and touch so I shop local. If I cannot find it I will go further away. I occasionally shop on line . Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  67. I shop online mostly but do shop at stores as I like to touch the fabric that I buy! My quilt group gets together every month for quilt days, retreats and shop hops! So much fun being with the girls and sharing those experiences with them.

  68. I go to my local quilt shop for things that she has or can get for me. She is more than willing to order in something that I’ve seen online. Otherwise I shop online…even at small businesses like Primitive Gatherings (I’m all the way west in Washington State). I totally get the lack of adequate lighting thing! I’m feeling it myself. Think that light might be just the solution!

  69. I have to do all my shopping online because I live in south FL. No shops near me. On the other hand, if I visited your WI shop in person, I would probably need a second mortgage to pay for my shopping. Love all things wool!!!

  70. I do a lot of online shopping because the quilt shops around me don’t carry the specialty items I am looking for. I do try to buy from online quilt shops when I can because I don’t want them to go away. Fabric I buy locally because who doesn’t love a day of shopping with friends looking at beautiful fabric. Wool I have to do online because the local quilt shops don’t carry it yet.

  71. I’m trying to be 50/50…..There are so many items I need to see in person. The greatest advantage to shopping local with family….they point out items they love and it’s a win all around! Merry Christmas from CA

  72. For all sewing/quilting items, I go to the store or buy online directly from the designer/author website (you!). I never buy sewing/quilting items from amazon. Amazon has plenty of money. They don’t need mine. I would rather support the designers and small shops! ❤️

  73. I do, sometimes, shop on-line- mostly from your shop! But, I really love going to a quilt shop in person. I love the displays, the feel of the fabric and the conversation. Different quilt shops, fill different needs. One that I go to really does not have the fabrics that I love. So from her, I buy thread and notions. Another is about an hour away and is a happy place! She has wonderful displays, lots of light, great products and the best staff ever. My 3rd go – to place is 2 1/2 hours away. They have all of the things that I love! The people, the fabrics- mostly reproduction- some fabrics that you won’t find elsewhere- wonderful staff and beautiful quilts. Often, I purchase supplies for a completely different project than what I went there for!
    P.S.The best thing about going to the quilt shop is taking a friend!

  74. I shop local often first so I can support my community and help keep my local quilt store. But I do buy a lot online as well since many of my projects have fabric or use a notion that I cannot find locally. Thanks!

  75. I buy everything I possibly can in store. I travel far to shop in person (8 hours to your shop) so when I get there I stock up on as much as possible to keep me happy until next time. I also support the same small shops by going to their website for things I need in between. We really have nowhere to shop up in northern MN that carries what I’m looking for. Thank goodness Wisconsin is next door. Small business store fronts are dying fast. We must support them if we want them to stay around. I like to see fabrics etc… in person and I love to go shopping. I’m not a chain store/ mall kind of girl. Small specialty shops are the best.

  76. I love to shop in the smaller local stores when I can but sometimes that’s impossible. When I do shop on line I use the privately owned stores when possible. Don’t want them to lose business!!!

  77. Hi Lisa! Merry Christmas! Basically, if I want something like a light pad, I go to Amazon. They just make it too easy to find specific items and compare prices. I could run all over the place and not find things. Although I buy from Amazon, I do shop locally. Well local to someone, lol. I mostly buy online. I bought my Juki from you, I buy things from Etsy and quilt shops around the country. Because if I want something specific, I go where I know I can get it. If I want a specific Primitive Gatherings book or fabric I come to your online shop. Last year I bought some of those little man pincushions you had and gave them to my friends for Christmas. They loved them!! Anyway thanks for all of the ideas and ,ahem, temptations. Teri

  78. 90% of my purchases are local and I want to keep it that way.
    I feel for the small business person now.
    Thank you Lisa.

  79. I try to go to the stores. If they don’t have what I’m looking for I’ll buy it on line. There are just to many choices on line.

  80. When I lived in Temecula, CA, I mostly shopped in local shops, including PG in Murrieta. I recently moved to Port Ludlow, WA, and find that life in a semi-rural area requires more online shopping. I really prefer to go to a fabric shop where I can see and feel the fabric.

  81. I like to shop at Local, smaller independent shops to find unique gifts. Unfortunately my husbands hobbies are not supported by anyone local to me, so his gifts typically have to be purchased online.

  82. I love being able to shop online since I am getting older. however, I do like to shop in stores also. I like ordering online especially if it is a large bulky item. You can’t do a lot of shopping in the car when you have a couple bulky items u need, get it? I don’t blame you for doing this post thru amazon, I get it. Paula in KY

  83. For fabric, I shop 100% shops. I need to see and feel. Same for clothes. Same for groceries (especially produce). What is left? online works for kids’ toys and clothes.

  84. I love supporting small businesses the best although I will buy some things from big retailers when there is a huge price difference. I love the light, it looks like it would work great. I try to have very good lighting also in my studio, it really helps.

  85. I do both. I sometimes cant pass up the convenience of clicking the link my kids put in their Gifster lists and in less than 2 minutes I’ve got a gift bought and it gets delivered to my door a couple days later! But do like to give business to local shops too!

  86. I am lucky to have several great shops in my area and I choose to go there first. However, no shop can carry everything so I will order items on line. Including interesting fabric from Australia and the Nerherlands.

  87. My budget includes a monthly “contribution” to my beloved orange quilt bee store..and then I shop online but I try to support my store first. I am trying to stop sending gifts via Amazon. I want to send a wrapped gift especially for kids . And giving their mother more wrapping to do doesn’t seem right either. And lately Amazon vendors are largely imported items that are impossible to return. But I do like Etsy.

  88. I order 95% of what I buy on line….quilting supplies, clothes, shoes etc and small appliances. I live in a very rural area and the stores simple can’t afford to carry a large variety of items..I buy what I can locally and order the rest. I’m thankful for brick and mortar stores that sell on line, they are my life line😉.

  89. There are no local quilt shops, and since I do not get out much, I do shop online. But I do shop at small shops. Miss the .days when I could get around by myself! Thanks for the opportunity and all you do.

  90. I mostly go to the store (or quilt shows) I am a touchy feely shopper – so that I can check the quality. I do sometimes go online for things I already know and merchants I can trust – like Primitive gatherings and other small businesses. Yes all those items look pricey and I will go to the big A to check them out.

  91. I do shop online but most of my business is local. When we travel, I love finding new quilt shops to shop in. There’s no comparison for me to be able to see the patterns, feel that wonderful wool, and pickvthose special fabrics!
    Merry Christmas!

  92. I do both! I shop for what I can find in the stores first, especially for the grandkids, I like to see the item first and it helps the stores in my neighborhood! But there are times that they don’t have it or it’s very bulky or heavy than I will shop online! For quilt related things i buy locally when i can, but it’s hard to find primitive anything in the stores, so I am happy to have stores like Primitive Gatherings to order from! That is why i so love the PGWoolboxes, the items you get in them can’t be found just anywhere, love them!!! Thank you again Lisa and staff for all you do!!!

  93. I live in remote rural Iowa, I shop local as much as I can. I have three daylamps, my favorite is like yours! I find as I age, I need more light.

  94. I shop my 3 main stores locally Costco, Target, and Winco. Once a month I go to Trader Joe’s, Dragon Shibori Quilting, and Home Goods. Everything else is ordered online. I get mostly from Etsy than anywhere else. I like Amazon Hubs for delivery.

  95. I shop locally whenever possible, or at quilt shows. Our local quilt shop just closed yesterday after 26 years – we don’t know what we are going to do without it! The people and the community environment were the best thing about going there. Can’t find that online!

  96. I shop online. I save money otherwise spent on gas and time driving. Also I find it easier since I have arthritis and walking is tiring. I do also shop my local quilt shops, want to keep them in business. Thanks Lisa.

  97. I shop mostly online, unless we are traveling, then I stop at quilt shops along the way and other fun shops. We just spent some days in Chicago, great shopping! The closest quilt shop is 45 min to an hour from me, with major traffic, so it’s just easier to order and have it shipped. I love that it’s become easier and more convenient to order directly from quilt shops. There’s so many fun online events too. Sometime it’s too easy to push the “order” button. I use the Rowenta steam station daily, (for both stitching and household ironing) it’s wonderful.

    I love the wafer light box, except…don’t iron on them! Ha. Had my pattern on the light box, (Lightbox sitting on my ironing board next to the iron) and I got all my wool pieces situated on my background fabric and forgot it was on the light-box, and ironed it. I now have the ink print from one of the Everlasting pattern pieces permanently affixed to the light box! but, the light-box still works!

  98. I buy all of my fabric rulers supplies etc at my favorite quilt shop. The run specials and will order for us – they are competitive with what you can buy on line. I head to the internet ( you !) for things they dont have and your designs, blocks of the week,month,wool box, and other fun stuff you carry! That’s it! Keeps me happy, busy and current! All else needed for life is probably 1/3 brick and mortar and 2/3 on line.

  99. I shop both in store and online! Fabrics are in store to insure colors are true! Since I live miles from most everything I do purchase some notions online for the convenience of not having to go into town only to find out that it’s out of stock!!!!

    1. I’m definitely old school and like store shopping. I like to see and touch what I am buying. But over the years have done more online shopping due to time or selection. Love small business shops!

  100. These days, it’s impossible to find shops in your local area that can carry anything/everything you want, so online shopping is a must. When you find a quality supplier, then you are more sure that your online purchases will be worth the money spent.

  101. I try to find things locally first and then go to online. Some things I prefer to buy online, such as heavy items, so I don’t have to lug them home.

  102. I do both. But amazon can be hard to beat and I have three small children so if I just need one or two items I need at a separate store than I usually purchase it online as it is easier than hauling all my kids in and out of the car for one or two things. Especially in the winter.

  103. I must confess that I did most of the shopping for my grandkids this year on amazon. I did go to the store to find the clothes I bought. I noticed that the stores didn’t seem as crazy as I remembered them to be the week before Christmas. I do keep local for quilting and cross stitch supplies, Best I can. I don’t have anything close so I find that planning a day trip with friends is a MUST!!!

  104. You would think that Houston would have alot of quit shops – we don’t. What we have are great, but they are very spread out. If my closest one doesn’t carry what I am looking for I try Primitive Gatherings next. Like many others I do like to see fabrics and touch them. I love all of your kits and BOW’s. They are always a special treat. We do shop online if we can’t find an item locally. It’s getting harder and harder. Thank you for your honesty about giving us the best for our money!!

  105. First I shop small business. Then I buy at the trade shows. I love Day Lamps. Let me tell you they stand behind their products. My clamp broke. Probably a defect and they sent me 2 replacement one. Then they have the best lighting in the world. Sorry to say I have replaced all my Ott lights to Day Lamps and they don’t get hot

  106. For my sewing needs I pretty much only shop at quilt shops. I might order a book from time to time from amazon, but my tools, notions and fabric I get from stores. I’m touchy, freely when it comes to fabric.

  107. I do almost all my shopping online because I am semi-handicapped since I had my knee replaced four times in two years! It is difficult for me to walk a very long distance, therefore, I always shop my quilt shop items for wool appliqué projects and tools through Primitive Gatherings online! Other household items, I shop online to get the best prices and try to get free shipping. I would love to have the new light on my cutting table! I am a true believer that lighting is three-fourths the success of accurate cutting.

  108. I shop both brick and mortar and online. Being in a wheelchair I find not all brick and mortar are accessible, but it is my go to source if possible. I generally call first and check for availability of the item. I get my ideas for items to purchase on FB or IG or blogs…then go on a search. I totally support small business when I can, but there would be a tipping point like on the iron pricing. Actually feeling and touching of fabric is so important to me so I want to keep the brick and mortar stores in business. That light is to die for……….oh my that cord deal would be perfect for me….no more running over the cord with my chair! And the light….it looks magnificent!

  109. I still do the majority of shopping in stores. I would miss it if I wasn’t able to go to stores and see everything.

  110. I live in a small town but we do have a wonderful fabric store about 30 miles away. I shop online quite a bit. I have wanted a steam station like yours for awhile but the price kept me from the purchase. I appreciate your helping me make my dream a reality— I just purchased the compact model! Now I would love to have that light on my cutting table!

  111. I shop online about half of the time. But my favorite by far is when I fly into
    Chicago to visit my sister in law and we spend a few days in Wisconsin and hit our favorite three shops. You guessed it, yours ( you were gone this last trip I made in June); then JJ’s and Country Sampler.

  112. I shop almost entirely online because of being semi-handicapped since I had my knee replaced four times in two years! It is difficult to walk a very long distance. Therefore, I shop Primitive Gatherings online for all my wool appliqué and quilting projects and am always happy with my purchases. Primitive Gatherings also has very good customer service! I do shop Amazon and other entities online for other needs. I would love this cutting table light because I am a firm believer that a good light is the answer to accurate cutting to result in accurate piecing. I have the Rowenta Steam Station I purchased quite a while ago from PG and I use it exclusively. It works like a charm pressing wool appliqué pieces!

  113. I try to buy local when I can. I just started shopping online with the big one. I really didn’t want to but it’s so convenient. Merry Christmas

  114. I prefer to buy fabric at an actual store. for the most part. There is no replacement for seeing the fabric in person!
    :)…Other things I might buy on line.

  115. I shop local but i did check the steam stations out last yr and saw it was cheaper online. Sorry! I really need a large light over my sewing machine. Ive put it off cause we have had some unplanned expenses this fall including a car accident. I would cherish a good lamp in my sewing studio. Merry Christmas Lisa!!

  116. I shop exclusively at shops, UNTEL recently. I wanted a set of domino trays and could not find. I found them at Amazon and odered and recrived them. I gave them as a gift and they were a hit. I was proud to join the shoppers of this world.(I still like going to the shop waaay better) Karen

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  117. I love going into a shop. Seeing everything first hard and what I call “putting in my memory bank”. I also love talking to the employee’s or owners. But when that is not possible or if I am looking for something that doesn’t exist locally in look on line. I have been into you’re WI store once and you booth at Paducah is a must.

  118. I much prefer the smaller shops for purchasing. But, like you, most of my pricier items will be purchased through big box store or Amazon. I do a lot of ordering online from smaller retailers, like you, Because I live in a town of 2000 where the nearest bigger town is minimum of 30 minutes, and the big town at least an hour; unfortunately, online purchasing has become a regular.
    Love your work.

  119. I shop at my local quilt shops. I’m a touchy feely kind of shopper. I want to see before I buy.I also want my local shop to stay in business. I will order on line if my quilt shop can’t get the item for me. This also applies to shopping for other items.

  120. I live in a very small town so I support the small businesses whenever possible. However, they are limited to merchandise therefore I turn to online shopping. The table lamp and the light box are definitely something I need for my sewing room which only has one small window (very little natural light). Just now I was telling my husband about the light box and how much I need it for all my applique projects. Guess what I am getting for Christmas? (I am doing a Happy Dance)!!! I can already visualize how much brighter my sewing room could be if I won the table light. Thanks for the chance.

  121. I try to shop local, I live in a small town in Montana so it is limited. I have to drive 50 miles to get to more shopping, so I do shop online a lot. I have my favorite online shops like yours in which I find a lot of what I want to purchase. Your sewing room is amazing! I would love to win this light for my sewing room, thank you for the opportunity.

  122. I live in a very rural area with very limited local shopping. Groceries and basic items are all that is available locally. Otherwise it is a 3 hour drive to any significant shopping. I attend quilt retreats several times a year and I hit quilt shops along the way so that is the majority of my fabric and quilt related shopping. Unless I have a need for a specific item quickly to meet a deadline. Such as I need as specific solid fabric for a binding and I need it before my next scheduled retreat drive/shop hop. However, for non-quilting items I can not obtain locally, Sorry to say, I admit that I use amazon a lot. It beats a one way drive of 3 hours. I have better uses of my time than spending hours driving/shopping/driving back home again.

  123. I shop probably about 90% in my local, small-business quilt shops. I’m lucky to have several nearby. My next line of shopping is at quilt shows which is pretty much shopping small-business, right? My last option is to shop online through familiar shops — sometimes I’ve heard of them through my guild friends or maybe I’ve even met them at a quilt show or two! As I re-read this, I guess I pretty much support small-business all the time!

  124. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!

    I prefer going into stores and only shop online when I can’t find it in the store. If I know exactly what I want I might check online. I love shopping, seeing the products and getting inspired by the colors and displays.

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  125. I much prefer shopping in a store. I miss the bygone days of walking store to store in hopes of finding the perfect gift. I always patronize my local stores first. If that fails, then I resort to the internet. I especially love shopping in private owned quilt shops. The sight and feel of the fabrics and wools always puts me in the spirit of sewing.

  126. For quilting items I like to shop at my local quilt shop, I like to see and touch the fabrics, however when it comes to some designers I know I can confidently go online to their shop and order “sight unseen” such as yours. When it comes to any new Primitive Gatherings line of fabric as soon as I catch wind that it’s coming out I stalk your Wisconsin website until it’s offered; then click at least fat quarter tower is in my “cart” and I’m happily checking out (normally around 1-2am, in my jammies – yep I’m a night owl). For other things like pet food, office supplies, cleaning supplies etc. I normally go online… after all I get the same stuff and with free shipping I don’t have to lift, tote, or use gas money (better spent on fabric and quilting retreats/adventures)! Now on to checking out that light, cuz I know if your using it then it works great and I sure need good light so I can cut at night. Merry Christmas from Steve and I.

  127. I love shopping at quilt shows or shop hopping! Really, really try to purchase my quilty items at store front shops…sometimes in person & sometimes from their websites. Love the personal service! I am fortunate to have several shops in my area. Shop on!

  128. I like to shop everywhere!! There are several local quilt shops and each one has a different personality and fabric/designer preferences. One shop carries some of your fabric, I bought some Christmas gatherings there. I also shop online, for wider and more specific offerings, and to support my favorite designers. Some of my most amazing purchases have been at estate sales. What girl ever has enough fabric or needful? Not me….

  129. I shop locally for groceries and other basics and visit and buy from my local quilt shop whenever possible. I do regularly visit and shop from online quilt shop sites. When it comes to gifts for others, I use Target and Kohl’s and Home Goods, and when that doesn’t work, I will go to Amazon.
    I really appreciate the way you share favorites with all of us.

  130. I make every effort to shop locally and use Amazon only when there doesn’t seem to be any other option.

    1. First up, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I shop small business, and on line. Primitivegathering is my #1 shop. I love all things you create. I would love the 18” by 24” light box. The table light is and excellent feature for a sewing room. Lisa your sewing space is fantastic. I enjoy reading your email.
      Sincerely, Linda

  131. With shopping I do it all! In store and online. It really depends on what I’m looking for and if I can get it in a store. Fabric for example I like shopping in the quilt shops (I want to keep local independent shops open) but if I can’t get the fabric I want I will shop online for it. I like doing cross stitch but the nearest shop is over an hour away so I will go online to buy supplies. I do like ordering on line from real brick and mortar stores.

  132. I try to shop local when I can. Hate to buy fabric especially online because I need to see it and touch it but like you said sometimes you just have to do it. Thanks for all you do to help us Quilter’s have the best equipment out there to use.

  133. Since there are not any quilt shops close to me. I shop online. I like to support small businesses, so I would generally shop[ you or other shops. I do love FAT quarter shop though and love sales! When I travel, I search quilt shops and try to support them.

  134. On my quilting and sewing items I definitely support my local quilt shops. We are so Blessed in my area that there are six quilt shops! There are times I shop online and have also been known to use the big A in the sky, hehe.

    Happy Holidays!

    usairdoll (at) icloud (dot) com

  135. I prefer to shop locally and in small business shops. However, when there is a shop that I love, like PG, and they are a distance away, I shop online. You and your staff are one of the best. Happy 2020!

  136. I do a little of both. I first to try to find it locally. Then when there is no success with local, I will purchase online. I have only one exception to this…I love Penzeys spices and I’m not by one of the stores so I order online.

  137. I try shopping at my local quilt shop first- unfortunately we had several shops in the area and most of them are closing- I do shop online and have favorite sites I look at before any other – Primitive Gatherings is my top choice as I love wool applique and your fabric and designs!!

  138. I like shopping in store love to feel what I am buying plus meeting the wonderful shop employees. Do shop on line for items can not find locally do not like running all over looking fo something.

  139. I try to shop local first and online second. I love seeing things in hand before purchasing but more and more retail shops are disappearing. I think it can be the best of both worlds if we all do both. Totally get your post.

  140. I buy at my LQS 95% of the time. I will travel out of my area to go to a quilt shop. I try not to buy at Joann’s.

  141. We have many great quilt shops in north central Indiana and I prefer to support Local shops. I will shop on line if I’m looking for something specific and cannot find it locally.

  142. I do some of my shopping online but there are some items that I like to go into a brick and mortar store to buy. I love going into the small shops and browsing their items. Usually there is some Christmas playing. Can’t beat that!

  143. As a lot of others have said, I shop both ways. I would prefer to shop locally but I always check prices everywhere before buying. If there is not much difference between online and local, I will buy local.

  144. I enjoy going to a store to shop. Not so crazy about the online thing. I prefer to feel the fabric, pick up a box and read about it, and sometimes I pick up extras that I did not know I needed (or wanted:)!!) In my opinion, going to a store helps to keep one open. Several in my area have gone to online services only, closing their brick and mortar store, which was an awful shame. Thank you for your blog and all you do for quilters!

  145. I love going into quilt shops to feel the fabric, see all the new items and visit with the people. I shop the local small businesses first if I can find what I need. If I can’t find what I need I will use the internet. Not always Amazon. And never Walmart. And rarely do I shop at Joanne’s. My husband and I had a small “mom & pop” store. I know how hard it is now days to maintain a small business.

  146. I live rural, so it’s easy to shop with Amazon Prime and get it in 2 days. 3 times a month I go to town for my quilting group meetings, so I food shop, or other shopping is done afterward so no additional trips.

  147. Hi Lisa,
    I do a lot of shopping online – I live in Door County, so not many choices for things up here. Although I try to buy local when I can, that’s often not possible. It’s almost a 2 hour drive to your shop, so I usually buy online from you as well – thanks for having a wonderful, easy to use website! I have other Daylight lamps and love them, but the large one you have over your cutting area would be perfect for me too! Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the folks at Primitive Gatherings!

  148. Most of my shopping is done in the stores. For my adult children’s gifts, I use Amazon etc since they send me links.

  149. Hi Lisa- I used to work in a quilt shop so I try to shop local as much as possible, however I am finding I like the modern quilting more & more and the local shops don’t stock much of that type of fabric. So sometimes I have to order online. I used to do quite a bit of applique (why I follow your blog) but alas the arthritis in my hands has forced me to cut way back. I love all the wonderful pictures you post of your beautiful home and you really inspire me! Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family. BTW, that light looks awesome and your comment about accurate cutting = accurate piecing is SO true!

  150. I prefer shopping at local shops. But have been known to online shop if I can’t find what I am looking for. That lamp looks amazing!

  151. I really like to shop in person so I can get a good look/feel for what I am after, but if that doesn’t work out my next go to is my hubby’s favorite place to shop on-line. LOL I have been researching lamps lately~ yours looks like a really nice one. I like the large area it covers. Winters can be so dark. Thanks for the fun!

  152. I would like to go out to the stores because I value local businesses, but unfortunately I cannot get out due to being disabled. Therefore I have to do all my fabric and supplies shopping online.

  153. That table Lamp looks pretty slick and it’s just what I need! When I go to town I buy gas, I buy groceries (although I know quite a few who have ordered on line for pick up, hmmm) and I hit my local quilt shop as much for the social outing as to see what’s new. Otherwise everything else gets ordered on line and I love to see the delivery truck coming down the drive way. It’s the same joy I’m sure my Grandma felt when she ordered from the Sears, JCPennys and Montgomery Wards Catalogs.

  154. Local shopping in my town is limited, but we’re lucky to have one of the best quilt shops in the state! Otherwise it’s a mix, I have to travel over 30 miles or go online.

  155. For fabric I like to show locally. It is the only way to see the colors and feel the fabric quality. I do shop at quilts shows also.

  156. I do go to my local quilt store, but since you are 700 miles from me, I buy a lot online and I do have prime shipping from Amazon. So that tells you a little something 😊.

  157. I shop in stores and rarely shop online with the exception of PG. I know that I’m getting top quality merchandise.
    Gasp…they won’t ship the DayLight to Canada. I’ve wanted that light ever since I saw it in your studio.

  158. I live to shop local as much as possible but for the very reason you’ve mentioned, if you can’t beat them, join them. And that’s what I’ve had to do also I’m some cases.

  159. I buy some things locally, but unfortunately the shop nearest me doesn’t carry a lot of things I like. To get the really cool stuff, I have to shop online. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

  160. I only order from a “big name” website when I’m unable to get it anywhere else. There are a few reputable quilt store websites (like PG) that are my go to websites because my LQS’s don’t carry my preferred genre of fabric.

  161. I do a lot of online shopping because I live in a rural area. Our mall has closed nearly half of the stores and more are due to close. That makes shopping limited. But, in my travels I always seek out stitch and quilt shops. I have found several that I get to at least once a year.

  162. I do some of both, but I do prefer to shop at the store. Call me old fashioned but I like to feel and touch what I’m buying. Sometimes that can be bad because you can buy more than what you went to the store for. Oops!

  163. My shopping is done in physical stores and online. I like to support our local stores, but I buy most of my groceries and gifts online. Since I work, it is difficult to have time to sew and shop. Thank goodness for the ease and flexibility of online ordering! Besides, how would I be able to purchase from Primitive Gatherings if it weren’t for online shopping?

  164. Shopping…my love & frustration!
    I have zero wool quilt shops around so I order online through you and a few other shops. Other things I try to shop locally as I love to touch and see but if I can’t find what I need, I buy online.

  165. Most of my quilt shopping is done on line from quilt shops when my local shops within a 50 mile radius don’t carry those lines and the wool projects I’m interested in- especially Primitive Gathering offerings. If I need a big box item- many times I check Amazon for price and availability compared to local .

  166. I do both online and small business shopping. My preference is small business whenever possible.

  167. I try to shop at one of the LQS as much as possible (I don’t want them to go away) and will call them and ask them to order something they don’t have in stock. But I will also order on line if it is a great deal.

  168. I prefer to support local stores especially for yarn and fabric. However I cannot pass up the convenience shopping online for most other items.

  169. I prefer to support and shop in person, small businesses, however where I live in TX, wool is not too easy find, so I depend on online shops, PG being my go to shop!

  170. It depends on what I am shopping for…Quilting…Primitive Gatherings only for the best fabric available. Cross-Stitch is online to two shops only. Gifts & clothes for my grandson…local great store in De Pere. I prefer supporting small business if possible. Grocery in De Pere. Most everything else is online…My knees won’t allow me to stand in lines and walk mega stores anymore. Smaller is better!

  171. I do mine all online. Yesterday was first day I actually stepped into a store for a gift. So easy to have those boxes arrive at my doorstep and then use those boxes to wrap them in 😝

  172. When I first moved to Texas there were 4 quilts shops within 15 minutes, and now there is only one. I love to buy locally but sometimes they just don’t have what you want.
    Thank you very much for in information about the iron. My wonderful got on line and bought me one. Should be here on Monday.
    Everyone have a wonderful Christmas!!! 🎄

  173. I do most of my shopping in the stores , but do shop online when I can’t find what I’m looking for in stores.

  174. I like to do most of my shopping locally but sometimes I can only find what I’m looking for online.

  175. I like to shop locally, but if I can’t find what I need I will check the internet and see if anything is available close to me or from a local business in another town. I try not to shop on Amazon unless I can’t find it anywhere else. I have to see and feel my fabrics, so road trips are the way to go! Love these pressing and lighting items!

  176. I cannot tell a lie… I like the convenience of shopping online and the free delivery where available.
    Some times it’s too ‘people-ly’ out there.

  177. I do most of my Christmas shopping online, but when it comes to fabric, I prefer real quilt shops where I can touch and feel the fabrics and browse around. I do buy patterns online, but rarely fabric.

  178. I do a little of both. But most of my quilt things I like to buy from the shops so you’ll stay in business and keep bringing us beautiful designs to keep us inspired to keep quilting! So thank you for all your hard work!!

  179. Hi Lisa, I prefer to shop for large ticket items that have been recommended by a reliable source such as yourself than to try and figure it out myself. Therefore, i certainly enjoyed your informative post and have purchased many items via amazon. However, I prefer to shop for fabric at a shop, but once again, not all shops can carry every designers line out there, so then I would go searching on the Internet. I believe on line and brick and mortar both have their places in our society. I so enjoy shopping at your booth each spring in Paducah. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. P.S. would love to win the light, I too have aging eyes.

  180. Some of both — I frequently will do a lot of `leg-work’ online first to try to find the right thing. I don’t live very close to a lot of store-fronts, so sometimes online is my only choice. I am fortunate to have a really nice quilt shop in my area. Thanks for all this helpful info on these items and I totally get the aging eyes/light challenge!

  181. Hi Lisa,
    In my family we shop local and small business. You see, my husbands family is in the restaurant business and I work for our LQS. Our family business started in 1952, and the LQS I work at started in the 70’s. I truly understand your giving your customers an honest deal. It will be paid forward I’m sure. Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do.

  182. I try my best to shop locally so that I support the individual business owners. Even if it’s a couple of bucks more, I’m okay with it! I also shop by recommendation, that’s why I bought the iron today. I trust your opinions and by being honest with pricing your customers will appreciate you more and they will always be loyal to you…thank you Lisa !


  183. I try to shop locally, but in my rural area it is not always possible. I too love Daylight products, I have purchased them all at quilt shows, where I get a show special.

  184. I like to shop I town and buy local, but sometimes they don’t have what i need and then its Amazon for me.

  185. If I know exactly what I want to buy, I will shop online for the best price. But if I’m not sure, visits to local shops are in order to see what’s available and enjoy the visual/tactile experience. Both types of shopping have their place for me!

  186. Although I do shop online, my primary goal is to stay local with my business. We have a great quilt shop within 20 minutes of my home called Hen & Chicks Studio. There have been a number of items I’ve requested they carry and they followed through and now carry those items. We own a local small business and certainly understand the importance of purchasing from our local merchants. Unfortunately, we don’t have. “Primitive Gatherings” in our community! 😉

  187. Since we moved this year on November1st, I did most of my shopping on line. My husband and I went downtown yesterday afternoon and spent a couple hours walking and looking at the few shops there were and ended up at the library to get new library cards in our new town! My mom once told me(a long time ago) whenever you move to a new town, be sure to find the library and you will never be alone or lonely! Good advice!

  188. Living in a rural area, there isn’t always the chance to shop in stores that carry what I’m looking for. So I buy from shops directly when I can but often shop online to get what I need.

  189. I ALWAYS try to buy local because I love touching and seeing in-person what I’m buying and I want to keep the small businesses in my community alive, but in a pinch or if I can’t find what I’m looking for I will go to online!

  190. As a small business retailer myself living in a small rural community, I know the importance of shopping local. I only go to the city or on-line after checking with my fellow small businesses. Thank you for highlighting this. That said, I consider you a small, local business even if I don’t live geographically near you. Love your shop.

  191. Hi Lisa, I prefer to shop in stores. I like to touch and see the items I will buy. I also like to support small businesses. Though in a pinch it’s nice to have a mogul like Amazon around. Hugs, Jakey

  192. I prefer to shop in stores for most crafting products, fabric though is an in-store purchase, but for things like patterns and templates, etc. I don’t mind purchasing online.

  193. Hi Lisa, I prefer to shop for fabric in a store or at shows, but I do a lot of online shopping for other things!

  194. I like shopping locally to actually see and/or try on what I’m getting. Fabric is difficult to buy online because the colors aren’t always true. It’s always sad to have a small business close because of the online or big box store.

  195. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I shop local as much as I can. There is a fabulous quilt shop close that I frequent way too much! Three cheers for fabric collectors! LOL When traveling I find a shop to stop at, check out and can always find something to buy! I do love Amazon and definitely did my part in ordering some gifts for Christmas this year. It’s fun subscribing to different newsletters and I have purchased patterns from the bloggers. No shop or store can carry everything!

  196. Because we live in a rural area, I often shop on line….. except when it comes to my nearest and dearest fabric shop!

  197. I love your studio!!! The dream place! I love to shop in a store! I especially love my local quilt store where people know my name and give hugs! In reality, I shop for just about everything but fabric online – usually Amazon. You can find almost everything and returns are easy. Linda Smith

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  198. For health reasons I mostly shop from home. So glad for the internet. (except when I shop too much! 😉 )

  199. I like to shop in stores when I can to support local business’s. I do shop on line for quilt books and items I can’t get locally.

  200. I do both store and online shopping. I like to shop at small businesses for speciality items but do most other shopping online.

  201. I try to shop online. It saves time. It’s 30-45 minutes to a city with big box stores. They don’t always carry what I need. Merry Christmas. I enjoy your tips!

  202. I have been oogling over those Rowenta irons for a couple of years now. I just dont have the space for one. I currently rely on my little Rowenta travel iron. Awesome irons. My favorite quilt shop is 40 min away but i have purchased at least half of my large stash from there. They stay in business because she keeps her prices affordable. I prefer to purchase in person but have purchased online. Thank you for all you share. I rarely comment but read most of your posts.

  203. I explore online but rarely purchase online. If I can find locally what I see online that is my game plan. I like to get out of the house and touch, see, try on what I am buying, and of course support my local shops! I have been envious of that iron ever since I took a class with you a feel years ago. Maybe now is the time! Merry Christmas to me? Thanks for the tip on the light also. I have shifted my cutting table a couple of times for the best lighting in the room, but still I see a bit of shadow, so this could be the beam! Hah, don’t know where that came from, but I like “Be The Beam!”

  204. I’m not much of a shopper unless it’s a quilt shop. If one of my favorite fabric designers has a new collection of fabrics out I will call the local quilt shop first to see if they got it in. If they have it I will go to the shop before ordering online. I ordered a lot of my Christmas presents online but I do like to support local so if it’s something I can get in town I will go to the store.

  205. I like buying my fabric at a quilt store, its a lot more fun except I can get it more trouble being around all those goodies! I do a lot online for other things or for fabric and wool I cannot find at my local shops.

  206. I try to shop in person, and also small business as much as I can. For items not carried locally, I shop online.

  207. Shopping online is always lots of fun, I just love receiving packages in the mail but whenever I can buy locally I always do.

  208. Living in New Jersey, I am lucky to have access to a lot of stores. I love quilt shops and I would say that I buy 95% of my fabric at stores and quilt shows and this includes online shopping from quilt shops across the country ! And what’s lot of fun, I have a few favorite stores that I do online shopping and when I see their booths at shows or if I’m lucky enough to go to the store, it’s so exciting, it’s like the store has come alive. I have all my quilts quilted by a long armer who has a small Etsy business, she does a great job, so happy I found her. I shop on the Big A , but I have to say I never bought any quilt related items on there.

  209. For Christmas shopping I bought almost everything for my kids online using links they now attach to their wish list. Everyone else on my list was a local purchase or handmade. Quilt supply shopping is almost 100% LQS or quilt show. When I order it’s from great shops like yours.

  210. Small shops I go if local, or online or call and have them ship. Large local stores, I like to order online and pick up at the store. Saves more time for stitching and keeps impulse purchases down.

  211. I shop for some things online and others I have to see them in person in the store to pick them out and buy them. Gotta touch them!

  212. I buy the majority of my fabric from local quilt shops. However, I live an hour from any major retailer so the internet is a blessing. I belong to the wool box club, and several of your summer clubs so that keeps my stash well stocked. Jmh

  213. I mostly shop in stores, but sometimes online if I can’t find the item. I try to keep my shopping local as small businesses are having a tough time these days.

  214. I would prefer to visit a store. It would be great if there was a Primitive Gatherings within a half hour. I would be there many times a week I expect. I spend more time on line as a result of not having places to go that are local to me. ♥️Your blog!

  215. I shop my LNS, and love to go to Buttermilk Basin (where I’ve gotten PG kits!) but it’s quite a drive so don’t get there as often as I’d like. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good quilt shop nearby so I do my fair share of internet shopping.

  216. I shop both online and in stores. I love to support local businesses and artisans whenever possible. As a Mom who works full time (with a pilot hubster who is gone half the time), Amazon Prime has saved me more than once when I have been caught in a pinch.

  217. I shop mostly online. It is almost impossible to get good wool in north Texas where I live. I buy wool from Primitive Gatherings and Sue Spargo. We did have one store that sold wool from both of those stores but it went out of business.

  218. I look first for my quilting supplies at my local quilt stores. They can’t stock everything, so I look to online quilt shops for what I can’t purchase locally. Amazon is my last stop for quilting things, but I do a lot of non-crafting shopping from them. I really hate going to the mall and big box stores. Amazon Prime is a must-have for me.

  219. I shop online when in Mexico but love privately owned quilt stores when I go home to Oregon. Have always used Rowenta irons and just recently purchased the steam station. Love it love it love it. Love Primitive Gatherings but am also a big fan of Vintage and Vogue, love that Di Ford fabric.

  220. Both! I have some great shops, but they are all an hour away. That free afternoon doesn’t happen as often as it used to. Hate to say I do the online shopping more often. I get the daily/weekly emails from some great little shops. It’s almost like shopping in a quaint boutique store.
    Can’t wait to try a great light you recomend if it’s anything like my beloved Juki you recommended

  221. I try to support local businesses but there are just so many things that are unavailable here in rural Wyoming. Thank goodness for the internet!

  222. I honestly HATE to shop online!!! I am s touchy-feely person and prefer to buy in person. However, I do buy from Primative Gatherings online because the products are the best and the store is reliable. Thanks for all the great products.

  223. I shop online. We don’t have a local quilt shop where I live so I do like to support small quilt shop business’s. I use Amazon for many household items.

  224. I shop both online and in actual stores. I prefer to actually see fabrics in person but have no quilt shop really close, so I shop the sales online, most of the time.

  225. I almost always shop local small businesses. I try to not shop online unless I cannot get it through a local shop.

  226. I will always support local businesses first and have ordered online as well due to the selection and because living in a small community limits the availability

  227. I prefer to shop local as I like to touch and feel fabric. I also like to support my local shops. I seldom shop online and prefer to stay away from the big guys.

  228. I love to see what I am buying, so store it is. However, there are times, me in my pjs shop online.

  229. I pretty much shop locally and only online when I have to. I want to know what I’m getting. Also supporting local businesses is important to me.

  230. I shop in many different ways.It depends on what I am purchasing.If I try a few local stores and am unsuccessful, I turn to online searching.

  231. I enjoy browsing and checking out what I am buying but when that is not an option I shop online. Menasha, Wisconsin is too far from Ontario, Canada to browse (although I have managed 3 visits). We are very fortunate to have a few local quilt shops in our area for shopping locally.

  232. I mostly shop on line, because of health issues, I don’t get out too often so online shopping has been a real treat for me. I also know what you mean about getting older and the eye sight problem, I am going to look into the light you wrote about. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your beautiful patterns. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  233. I shop online because my favorite designers and shops are far away from me. The selections are better and I can always find what I am looking for. I don’t have a local shop that sells a good selection of patterns and wool.

  234. I shop the local stores. Like the ideal of picking up and touching the items and I always seem to find more. Merry Christmas

  235. Shopping online has gotten to be the new way of life. Whether it is for our convenience, time, often larger selection, etc. … we need to support our local shops or we know they will no longer exist. Your shop is out of reach for many of us, so of course requires online shopping. And in this situation, it makes me very happy the availability of online shopping is possible. There are exceptions for all of us…do what works for each of us…but shop locally when you can.

  236. I think I do a little of both. If I can find it in a store, I will definitely go support the small businesses…it makes me sad to see them go out of business. I feel it so important to our way of life. That being said, often I cannot find what I am looking for, so I have to go online. I love shopping at quilt shops like Primitive Gatherings online. You all have what I am looking for that my local shops do not, and since you are also a small business it is a win for me. I shop at Amazon to find things I can’t find elsewhere. It is almost always household items though, not quilting items.

  237. I buy 90% or more of my quilting supplies and equipment at brick and mortar stores or at quilt shows from the vendors. Shows are how I get my hands on PG fix. It limits my selection by not shopping online. That doesn’t bother me as I can’t get 10% of my already purchased “projects” completed. Also, my sewing space and fabric storage spaces are getting tight. I also take bus trips to visit stores and always google stores when I am out of town to visit. BTW I have one of those lights.THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE MADE, EVER. I too have maturing eyes. This light makes sewing, cutting, marking all so very easy. You will never regret this purchase.

  238. I shop both ways. Love shopping on quilting sites but I also love to touch and feel the fabrics I’m buying… Every now and then I look at all the pretty fabric and precuts I have in my cabinets and say one of these days I’m going to make something with it.

  239. I mainly shop online. Being physically disabled, the ability to online shop means that I can “window shop” and actually buy the latest and greatest (and impulse buy!) items that come around. It admittedly is not the same as being there and physically seeing the colors, feeling the texture and being inspired by shopping with others and seeing the wonderful displays.
    I do go to small shops websites to see if they have unique or even mainstream items I might want before I search out the large sites. Often I find delightful treasures that I would never see if I only went to the huge online shops.
    Thank you and your team Lisa for all that you bring to and share with the quilting community. Merry Christmas

  240. I do like to shop local as much as I can, but if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I do shop some on Amazon, but for my quilting supplies , PG is my only online shop I go to❤️❤️❤️

  241. Our Christmas shopping was easier this year. We went to the stores and shopped for our kids and grandsons. The grandsons are each getting a book, a dated ornament and cash. Daughter/son-in-law are each getting something small, an ornament, and cash. Son is getting his king size quilt this year.

  242. I do both, shopping online is convenient, but not tactile! I need to touch fabric and threads to know what I’m getting!

  243. I love shopping local fabric shops because I’m addicted to textures and colors; however, I frequently shop online for patterns, kits and quilting supplies….I get so excited when I see a quilt that I just HAVE to make!

  244. I try to shop local when I can but sometimes it has to be online. I live quite a distance from any stores. I agree a good light is important and I think this one is a winner.