Day 2-Aurifil thread…


I am sure, like you…I need to do some last minute things…so here’s today’s post…stop a little now and then and just to reflect on where you are, what you have accomplished and think about where you are going…both literally and in your dreams!!!


I love my Aurifil thread…50 wt. for all my piecing…I want you to know we expanded our line to include the larger cones in all the colors they come in… please read all the uses for this remarkable thread but hands down the main reason we use it is how clean it runs in the machine…no lint anywhere and its runs like a dream through my machine…

Aurifil’s 50wt thread is our most versatile and most popular Cotton thread. It is available in all 270 of our Cotton colors, and is wound on our iconic orange spool. The 50wt is strong and thin, and results in remarkably flat and crisp seams. While it is wonderful for piecing, subtle quilting & topstitching, and English Paper Piecing it also works incredibly well for Needle Turn Applique, Bobbin and Machine Lace, Machine Applique (Straight Stitch, ZigZag, Blind Hem and Blanket Stitch,) Machine Embroidery, Dense Machine Quilting, Subtle Machine and Longarm Quilting, Basting, Whole Cloth and Micro Quilting, and Dense Background Designs.

Needle Turn Applique, English Paper Piecing, Hand Piecing, Bobbin and Machine Lace, Machine Applique (Straight Stitch, Zig Zag, Blind Hem, and Blanket Stitch), Machine Embroidery, Dense Machine Quilting, Subtle Machine and Longarm Quilting, Basting, Whole Cloth and Micro Quilting, Dense Background Designs.

Needle Recommendations:

  • 80/12 Microtex/Sharp, Universal, Quilting, or Denim Needles (50wt in the bobbin)
  • 4.0 Longarm Needle (50wt in the bobbin)


(6452 yd cones shown above)  I use all large cones for the basic’s


My fabric lines have become a little more on the lighter side so I have had to add a few more colors to my thread options…white, cream, light grey dark grey are all new to me in the last year…I am loving the change…so we are offering ALL Aurifil in any size on sale 20% off..


(1422 yds spools shown above)

I use this size spool for my specialized stitching! Like buttonhole around appliqués and e.p.p. I do not like seeing the thread when doing e.p.p. so I like to use an exact match…

They come in 4 sizes…I call them mini, standard,  large cone & super cone…we only carry the middle two sizes…

Click HERE to see all the colors they come in at a glance…Someday I will have them all!

Click HERE to go to add some to your collection!



When I empty a spool of Aurifil one would think you would be sad…but when I empty one I think…. woo whoo look at the the stitching I have done!…I want to throw a party and  I am happy to  buy another large cone or standard  size spool.

Leave me a comment…what thread do you use…do you feel the same way when you empty a spool?  Again…will pick some winners on Jan.1st…



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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

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  1. I use Aurifil thread as well. When I get to the bottom of a spool, I get excited to buy and open a fresh one. There’s nothing like a freshly opened spool 🙂

  2. I use Aurifil 40, 50, and wool, and Sulky when my machine is acting up (because it really seems to be the never-fail with my Pfaff–who knows?). I’ve just started hand-stitching with Aurifil wools and that is a new pleasure–and I can’t wait until I have my first empty wooden spool!! The Christmas tree ornaments I am going to make with those!!

  3. I love Aurifil. It doesn’t leave lint. I can sew longer without cleaning. When the cone is done it’s party time. The only problem is the cone last a long time.😊

  4. I love the Aurofil 50 wt! It works for hand appliqué and machine piecing. I like it’s versatility since I use a wide variety of techniques on my projects…I don’t have to have a separate thread for everything. Finishing a spool just means I’m “on to the next”!

  5. I Love Aurifil Thread! This is the only thread I use now for quilting. The amount per spool does make you do a happy dance when you empty a spool. I wish I could get a bobbin with that much thread on it?. 🙂

  6. I love Aurifil and use it all the time for piecing. I’ve recently used up all my gray spools, so I think my color palette has been changing, too. This sale is right on time!

  7. I remember being at your store and talking with one of your girls about thread and my husband making a comment about what’s the big deal about thread? (I’m going to make him read this post) My response is the same for most comments like that. “A happy wife is a happy life” Thread makes a huge difference. And those colors! Love them.

  8. Aurifil is my favorite (not saying out loud I’m a thread snob, but kinda am). lol I do a lot of hand
    piecing, and applique, epp with Aurifil. Love seeing the end of a spool also.

  9. I too use Aurifil thread for nearly everything to do with sewing, including subtle quilting. The only time I use something different is that I will use Wonderfil in the bobbin for machine quilting if I need a different color in the bobbin than in the top thread. Good to know I can get my thread from you! Thanks for the drawing too!

  10. I save the empty spools, it here must be a craft project for them. Thinking about winding small yarn amounts on them.for small projects. Barb Tuman

  11. I am in the process of switching to Aurifil Thread. I feel the same way when my spool is empty! Next one, please!

  12. I too, like using the 50wt Aurifil thread. But unlike you, I don’t like to use it up in the middle of a project. My first thought is “Oh no! Now I’ll have to rethread my machine!”

  13. I love Aurifil 50 weight thread. I learned about it a few years ago, tried it and I LOVE it! It is the only thread I use for piecing. It is satisfying emptying a spool of thread thinking about all the lovely projects/quilts it was used in.

  14. I love Aurifil thread! Really don’t use anything else anymore. Recently added a boxed collection of colors. I’m going to get more adventurous when quilting.

  15. I definitely feel like I have accomplished something when I empty a spool of thread. Also, I get to shop for more!

  16. I share your love of aurofil thread. It is the best! It takes a while but a lot of happiness we
    when the spool runs out- I get to start a new one! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  17. Yes I love emptying a spool! A definite celebratory event. I reuse the empty spools for winding edging and quilters bias on. With the super sized cone the celebration is rare. I live for 3 bobbin days:)

  18. I need to start using better threads such as this! I tend to use up my old stuff if it’s the right color. Emptying a spool is just so satisfying!

  19. I use Aurifil thread, too, but am not sure what weight it is. I’ve always bought regular spools, but I think I’ll try the cone.

  20. Aurifil thread is the only thread I use since you recommended it years ago. You never steer us wrong! Nothing but the best end result!

  21. Aurifil 2024 White used most often. I buy the 1422yd spools when I find them locally. I need some off white which is in such demand, always sold out at my local shop.

  22. I have used aurifil for probably 15 years! I own many many colors…but only use a few. I do love when I use one all up because…I think, maybe I can now buy a new one. Do you sell the holders for the big cones?

  23. When I empty a spool I always worry that I won’t be able to find the color again. When I tried the aurifil I found it to be extremely curly and easily broken so wasn’t impressed. Maybe I need to try it again.

  24. I love aurifil thread as well. I use it almost exclusively. I also like to match my thread with whatever I’m making. I love that it doesn’t make a lot of fuzzy lint on my machine It is well worth the price

  25. I also love using Aurifil thread. A few years ago I decided to save empty spools in a large clear bowl. Amazing how fast they add up with doing a little sewing almost every day! Grandkids love to play with them.

  26. I have been using Aurifil since they first showed at Houston show. I will only piece w their 50wt & I use 2010 color. Lint is never a problem either! I’ve been known to machine quilt w it too. Also, it works on all machines, even featherweights 🥰. Have a blessed Christmas. 🎄🎄. You are such a giving lady & most thankful for all that you share.

  27. I began using it after I purchased several spools of neutral shades in Paducah in the early 2000. Won’t use any other tread for piecing as it seems to disappear into the seams and hand appliqué, since my favorite silk thread has been discontinued. I even like and have used the 28 weight for hand quilting.

  28. I’ve been using coats and Clark, but now that you’ve educated us on Aurafill, I’m switching!!!
    Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! 🎄

  29. I also love Aurifil! I save the empty spools and I use them to wrap the bindings that I make. I use washi tape to attach to spool and at end – it works for me.

  30. Love, love, love my Aurafil thread — I won’t use anything else. My friends and I have a contest to see who empties the most spools and bobbins during the year.

  31. I love Aurifil and use it because there’s no lint and so many colors to choose from. There’s more thread on the medium spools than other brands. It seems like it takes forever to empty a spool. I load bobbins with a variety of colors and create my own “thread donut” to keep with my hand stitching.

  32. I switched to Aurifil for piecing and applique a number of years ago and won’t use anything else now. It is a great thread! I pretty much use one color for all of my piecing and go through several large spools a year. I have around 100 of the small spools for my applique – way more than I need, but they were so fun to collect!

  33. Aurifil is my go to thread…I fact, it’s my only thread. I use it in my Bernina 1090 and my Juki (thank you Lisa).
    My current color of choice is 2370…a pretty solid neutral, not too dark, not too light. I use it for piecing, appliqué and EPP. I love that it’s lint free and doesn’t clog up my machine.

    Thank you Lisa, Nick and all the shop employees in Wi and Ca for all you do for the cult following you. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the best in 2020

  34. I have loved using Auriful since I first tried it several years ago. Now using it for hand embroidery as well.
    (reposting this, since my previous attempt didn’t seem to post)

  35. I use Aurifil for piecing my blocks and machine quilting my small quilt projects. Never thought to use it for machine embroidery. I’ll have to give it a try because some projects are not suitable for polyester embroidery. Merry Christmas to PG staff!!

  36. I like to use the aurifil thread as well. I totally feel the same way when I empty a spool. But I have never emptied a large spool of aurifil thread. We all need goals! Thank you so much for these posts. The sales are great and the information you share is wonderful as well. Merry Christmas!

  37. I use Aurifil for piecing my quilts. I also use it for straight line quilting (the only quilting I know how to do). I usually buy the large spools. Love this thread!

  38. I love Aurafil. I buy it by the “ box” as I have no local quilt shops. I like to use YLI 60 at for my miniature quilts. I piece using a Singer 301from the 1950s with threadedspool pins. The YLI spools are shorter and just work better. Who recycles the orange plastic? Didn’t I hear that they were recyclable? Merry Christmas

  39. Aurifil threads are THE BEST. I like to use the neutrals – cream, tan, grays – as they seem to disappear in any color.
    Don’t have many “colors” but I agree with you for use on EPP.

  40. I love Aurifil thread. I use it for machine piecing, hand piecing, and EPP. Do they have an option for hand-quilting?

  41. I love Aurifil thread and have been using it for many, many years. My go to favorite colors are 2326 and 2370. They are a light neutral and a dark neutral, both great for piecing. Thank you, Lisa!

  42. I have some Aurifil thread but do not use it exclusively-I have so many other thread brands that I have purchased and use as well. No problems with any of them.

  43. Aurifil is my go to thread for applique and piecing. I, too, get very excited when I empty a spool because it means I’m getting something accomplished.

  44. I LOVE auriful, been using it several years now. So much nicer & cleaner than what i used before, cant remember the name, but its what was available at that time. I also love color so the more to choose from, the better

  45. I recently tried out Aurifill 50 wt thread and I’m hooked. I could not believe the difference this thread made in my piecing accuracy. I had wondered what all the fuss was about until I tried it. Wow! It’s amazing good thread.

  46. I love Aurifil and love it. I still remember the first time I finished a spool when I first started quilting. I was so excited about it but no one understood. But I did. I had finished several quilts and had the results of my accomplishments to last a lifetime. What’s not to be excited about that.

  47. For patching, I use Aurifil on the orange spools. For hand embellishing though I am absolutely in love with Silken Perle 5

  48. I use Signature, but would love to try Aurifil thread. I love it when I empty a spool, as I know I’ve done a lot of stitching.

  49. Aurifil is my favorite thread hands down! When I finish a spool I can’t believe that I’ve actually sewn that much! It’s great but then I have to buy more! 😂 it’s good and bad.

  50. I like to use aurifil for piecing, glide for machine quilting, superior thread King Tut for machine buttonhole stitch and superior thread bottom line for zig zag mini satin stitch – these 2 superior threads work for my machine applique. That’s not to say I don’t have other threads in my tool box but these are my go to choices.

  51. I’ve been using Aurifil 50 wt for several years now and just love it. I always feel very accomplished when I empty a spool!
    Merry Christmas to you and you family and staff!!

  52. Recently, I have become a huge fan of aurifil for my EPP hand work (60w) , 50w for machine piecing, and my new love of 40 weight for denser machine quilting on my sweet sixteen! Happy holidays!

  53. Aurifil is my go to thread, I love that it is available in the larger spools. Wish I had saved or kept track of how many spools I have used thru the years.
    Quilting is my therapy, love love love it!!!

  54. Only use Aurifil, absolutely love how it looks on my quilts. Thanks for all you do for us Quilter’s! Wish your stores were closer! Merry Christmas!

  55. So when I got a new machine it quickly told me….only use Aurifill I will not behave unless you are using this thread. Love their colors and the quality if you are going to do all this work why use a lower quality thread? Thanks for the sale!

  56. Ok. I am uninformed! I need to try the thread. Didn’t realize there was so much to dislike about common thread!

  57. I use aurifil for all my machine work. My machine loves aurifil thread. Yes, I do get excited when I finish a spoil of thread. I feel like I have really been productive. 🙂

  58. Aurifil 50 wt is the only thread I use for all my basic piecing/quilting. I was happy to read your post and recommendation of it, and that it is lint free. I was told by my Bernina dealer that Aurifil was very linty and that was bothering me. Thanks Lisa and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  59. I recently purchased a new machine and so am the process of deciding which thread to use. I hear so many good things about Aurifil-would love to win a free spool! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  60. Aurifil 50 weight is the only thing I use in my Bernita or my Juki. When I switched from a different, but high quality thread, I was amazed at how much less lint was created. I have become a Valdoni snob when it comes to hand wool,appliqué, still use silk for needleturn appliqué. Somebody in one of my quilt groups is always collecting empty spools for some craft project.,so even the empties get a chance to be happily recycled!

  61. I have tried other name brand threads but found Aurifil several months ago & LOVE it! High quality, low lint and so many colors! You and your staff work very hard all year giving us new ideas and fabrics to use. Hope you all relax & enjoy the holidays!

  62. Ever since I started quilting I’ve used Aurifil. It’s strong and reliable….and a spool seems to last forever. Love it!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!! 😉

  63. The Aurifil 50 wt does make piecing more accurate for sure. I also used it to quilt two table runners last week and was very pleased. Wouldn’t it be fun to have the rainbow of colors just to stare at and enjoy?! Merry Christmas everyone!!

  64. I have never used Aurifil but would like to try. I have mainly used Gutermann for piecing and a little hand quilting.

  65. Aurifil has been by go to thread for a good number of years now. I do almost all of my piecing with a handful of neutral colors in the large cones. Happy to hear you carry a lot of it.

  66. I use Quilters Select or Masterpiece. My Pfaff machines do not seem to like Aurifil When I empty a spool I think , now should I save this for something in the future? But then decide I have enough “just because stuff” in my quilt room and life and just give it a pitch

  67. I love to piece with Aurifil because of the fine, smooth finish. It is easy to press a flat seam without having a ridge. Glad that you are carrying such a full line!

  68. Discovered Auriful several years ago at a quilt show and have used nothing but Aurifil regular spools and cones since. I have convinced quilt shops and quilting friends to use and wouldn’t use anything else. Nice to know you carry for sale both regular and cones. Merry Christmas to all

  69. I’m an Aurifil gal all the way!!!! I do feel the same way as you do when I empty the cone! I think back in all the projects I did using that cone of thread and I amaze myself! Hahaha! It’s the simple things that make me happy 🙂

  70. I am a recent convert to Aurifil thread. I received it in a monthly sampler box and just fell in love with it. Now, I am wanting to add more colors to my thread stash and look forward to trying this brand with big stitch quilting as well.
    When I finish a spool of thread, I definitely feel a rush of happiness. Kinda like a surge of accomplishment, to know I have sewn thru that much thread and can now load a new spool on !! yay

  71. I don’t use Aurifil, but after reading the comments here, I think I should give it a try! My machine loves Guetermann.

  72. I’ve never used the Aurifil as I’ve never had access to any locally. Judging by your post and the comments above, it’s high time I order some!

  73. I am now using Aurifil thread for the last couple of years. I have bought a couple of collections of colors and really like the thread.

  74. I just purchased some spools of Aurifil for my next project. I had recently read a post about how much they love it so I wanted to try it! I love reading posts about what people love to use and helpful tips! I too love seeing the end of a spool… long as I have another one to take its place so I can continue to sew!

  75. I discovered Aurifil thread about 10 years ago and have only used Aurifil thread since then. Best thread ever!

  76. I use Gutermann… as I have Pfaff machines… recently I have purchased a Juki TL-2010Q … I am loving it !!! I should try Aurifil for my next thread purchase.. Merry Christmas

  77. I consider myself a “thread snob” and only use Aurifil. I purchased a big spool last fall and am still using it. It’s the best

  78. I only use Aurifil thread. I do all my piecing with it. When I come to the end of the spool I think wow you have been doing some sewing. I have never used the big cones so may have to try them.

  79. In the past, I used Mettler, then Masterpiece, now Aurifil for my machines–I have Berninas, Brother and HandiQuilter and all sew beautifully with Aurifil. As everyone says, no lint is a key, but the thread blends so well, too! I do small block piecing and Aurifil seems to sink in so well, adds no extra bulk, love it!

  80. I use Aurifil for my piecing and quilting. When I finish a spool, I think back to all the quilts that I used that color thread. I’m also happy bec as use it usually justifies buying new thread. You c as not just buy thread. 😁

  81. I use Aurifil 50 wt for piecing and quilting! I lovingly refer to myself as an “Aurifil snob.” When I empty a spool honestly my first thought is,”Wonder what art project my littles can do with this?” You can never start too young indoctrinating them regarding quality.

  82. I use Aurifil thread all the time. I feel like I have really accomplished something by emptying a spool.

  83. I use the 50 wt. As I empty a spool I put the now empty spool in a mason jar and then I can see at the end of the year how much work I’ve done.

  84. Aurifil is my go to thread for piecing. But I love the 100wt Wonderfill for machine appliqué. It just sinks into the piece. I love when I run out so I can try a new color. Merry Christmas!!

  85. I use Aurifil 50 wt. and love it. I keep all my empty spools in a basket for the year and then I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see them at the end of December.

  86. I love Aurifil and use it for my hand sewing and applique. I use DMC and Aurifil for my embroidery. I have mixed feelings when I empty a spool. One is like you look how much sewing I’ve done and the other is uh oh I need another spool that color.

  87. I use dmc embroidery thread for appliqué. And for my machine usually coats and Clark thread. But I think I’m going to try Aurifil now! Sounds wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  88. I am happy I was introduced to Aurifil three years ago. I do admit to using some of my other threads when I need a color that I don’t have in Aurifil. I have not used it for hand applique. I keep all empty spools in a glass jar so always happy to add another one.

  89. Aurifil 50 wt is great for piecing and machine quilting, but I’m loving the 12 weight for hand quilting and embroidery.

  90. I love finishing a spool. I save all my spools and for birthday presents I wrap dollar bills around the empty spool and tie it with a pretty ribbon. They are a real hit. Hi from Canada Pam Walton

  91. I’ve been an Aurifil convert for at least 15 years. Tried a spool when I was on vacation and packed everything but thread, and the shop owner had highly recommended this new imported thread. I thought to myself “thread is thread!” . WRONG! Makes a big difference in my piecing and pressing too.

  92. I have to admit I have never used Aurifil! Maybe I’m too cheap!lol I would love to try it however. I just use good old Coats and Clark thread. I hear everybody rave about it but have never heard why they love it so much.

  93. Hooray for Aurifil! I love the 50 wt and use it for everything you mentioned. So, what do you do with your old nasty thread? I use mine for basting EPP shapes (hexagon, diamond etc.) or for basting quilts. I am thrilled whenever I use up and toss those old nasty thread spools… not wasted but out of my sewing space.

  94. Until about a year ago, I always used Mettler 60/2 weight cotton thread for all my piecing — so I still have a pretty good supply. However, I am thrilled with the Aurifil 50 weight especially because it has little or no lint.

  95. Aurifil is the best in my book…tried and true on all of my projects. And soooo many colors. Its like s technicolor dream!

  96. I do not usually love it when I run out of thread, because I am usually right in the middle of something, and don’t want to go get more thread on my wall. I do like it sometimes because then my wall of thread looks a little neater.

  97. I like to use aurifil thread too. I use King Tut on my mid arm machine. When I empty a spool I think, wow all the love I stitched and gave away. Then I add the empty spoon to continue my garland Made of jute and of empty spools with bits of fabric tied in between. Going around my quilt room will make me feel like I’ve gone around the world with love.

  98. I use aurifil thread too for piercing. I use King Tut on my mid arm foot to quilting. I feel similar in that I think, wow look at all the love I have made and given away. Then I use the empty spools by having them on a mute line with bits of fabric left over from projects and think again, if I make it around my quilting room it will be like going around the world giving with love.

  99. I use aurifil 50# thread for piecing and 80# for applique- I think it is a great thread and has been the only one I’ve been using for some time now

  100. You got me started on this several years ago. I read and observe and learn from you, even from a distance. I love the thread, the way it is smooth and sews well. I bought a big cone of your favorite brown you said you piece most everything with. It is a great blender. I have used It a lot, but it has lasted a long time. I agree when I’m finished it will be a celebration because it will mean I have finished a multitude of quilts.

  101. I have never used Aurifil. Have used Mettler. Need to try it and will after my stash is close to being low. Feel satisfied when a spool is empty unless it is right in middle of a project. Then the kid gets the empty spool to play with!

  102. My first choice is Aurifil. When I use up a spool, I feel obligated to look thru my stash for a useable color in another brand. Sometimes I use what I find, sometimes I just throw it out. Slowing winnowing all thread brands except Aurifil and DMC. And then go shopping for new Aurifil.

  103. My fave is also Aurafil. Full disclosure: I have an addiction; when I finish a spool I save the empties to show just how much stitching I’ve done. Psst-don’t tell my hubby.

  104. I am an Aurifil fan too. I feel a sense of accomplishment with an empty spool. It means some sewing happened!

  105. I also use Aurifil. I love how clean the thread leaves my machine. I use Aurifil in both my Pfaffs and in my Featherweight machine. Kim

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  106. I am 100% aurofil as well and definitely like it so much better than anything else. I save my empty spools until year-end and then can really see how much I have been stitching!

  107. I also love aurifil thread. Since I started using it my piecing has been a lot more accurate, and I use it all the time for needle turn appliqué. It just disappears into the piece. When I empty a spool I think I sure hope I have another one so I can keep working on my project.

  108. I love Aurifil threads, when I have to use something else in a pinch it reminds me again of why I use Aurifil.

  109. I love Aurifil threads also! I have a bunch, but always looking to expand my collection. I also use poly YLI thread when I am bag making.

  110. Also use Aurifil for piecing I like a medium grey works for all colors. When spool empty I think oh my maybe I should re order never want to be without.

  111. I use Aurifil thread for piecing. And yes, I also get excited when I empty a spool. I like to save all the empty spools for 1 year and look back at how productive I was.

  112. I am excited to finish a spool! I use aurifil and Mettler. Aurifil’s color choices are fabulous and my thread of choice.

  113. I use Aurifil and Connecting Thread’s Essential thread. I am always so happy to finish a spool, (unless it has been discontinued, then I’m sad) because I think of all the work I have done!

  114. I too use aurifill thread, sews like a dream, always amazed at how long a spool lasts. Truly a bargain and very kind to our machines.

  115. I have not, as yet, tried Aurifil thread even though I have heard so many good things about it. I have been using Coats & Clark and I still have quite a bit left, so I need to use that up first. I do get a feeling of satisfaction though, when I use up a thread spool. I save the empty spools in a large jar for the year to see how much I have accomplished.

  116. I won a spool of Aurifil thread from you many years ago and ever since I have used it for my piecing as well as my quilting. I am not sure that I have any thoughts when I empty a spool other than I get to go shopping.

  117. I am trying to use up all the different kinds of thread I have before buying more. I do however have a few spools of Aurifil thread and love it.

  118. For all my quilting, I use Aurifil thread. As a preschool teacher, when I empty a spool, I think, “How can I use this with my class?” Empty spools have been used to make circles with paint, pla doh, and with stamp pads. I keep empty spools in a plastic bin so that they’re ready to use when needed. A bin of empty spools are great fun for preschoolers and give me the feeling of satisfaction because there’s tangible proof that I’m sewing!

  119. Thankyou Lisa for getting me to try Aurifil, I Absolutely LOVE ❤️ it!! And now I’m spoiled!!! That’s the only thread that I sew with on everything!!! Seems like it last forever!! I always make sure that I have some in my inventory when I empty one, which is getting kinda low, so it’s a good time to order some!!!

  120. I use Aurifil thread 50 wt all the time it is great thread and my quilting is more percise, I don’t worry about the sewing machine filling up with thread dust as I call it thanks I’m collecting all the colors… empty spool is a good thing…..Means you’ve made love

  121. I’m not sad I’m just amazed at how much thread I use. I go through a lot of thread. I do use Aurifil but not exclusively. Love Aurifil colors.

  122. I’ve just begun using Aurifil. It’s delightful! However, I feel bad when I look at all of the poor quality thread I’ve accumulated over the many years, thinking I was saving money. I feel I need to find a home for the old thread or use it in something.

  123. I use mostly Aurifil thread. I have been keeping empty spools for years…I’m sure this comes from when women kept the old wooden spools to make things out of them.. Use to keep them in a large basket but out grew that so dumped them in an empty bottom drawer of antique cabinet in my sewing room… When I die and my son goes thru my “stuff” and finds all these spools he will think I lost my mind….LOL…. I will be in heaven looking down and having a good laugh…LOL

  124. I use Aurafil too. I dont get to see much these days but I like that a spool lasts a long time.

  125. I only have one lonely spool of Aurafil. Reading about the lack of lint has me thinking I need to give this thread a try.

  126. I feel the same…excited that I completed that much stitching. I use only Aurifil. It’s the best.

  127. I feel exactly the same. The joy in all those finished projects is such a great feeling.
    Happy holidays!

  128. I love when I finish a spool too. Since I sew 99% by hand, it takes me a really long time to finish a spool. And remember that cut dog Ziggy I was posting about here the other day, that little scoundrel likes to grab them sometimes and runs away with them. It’s so cute !

  129. I love an empty spool so long as it isn’t 3 inches short of the end of my seam! I’m experimenting with threads as I’ve recently purchased a long-arm machine but know i will need lots to practice with.

  130. Aurifil is my go to for my quilting needs. Next time I empty a spool I will think of you and cheer myself on. Thanks Lisa!

  131. Aurifil 50 weight is my favorite, use it all the time. A sale on the large cones is so rare. Got my neutrals in the large size and my darks in the standard size. Thanks for a great sale!

  132. Hi Lisa, I use Aurifil color 1140 ever since you recommended it (probably a prior Christmas), and I love it!! Hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve! Hugs Jakey

  133. Hi Lisa….Merry Christmas to you and your family (tell Mary!!) I’m leaving my comments all in one post – its probably easier for you. Day 12 – silver sheep necklace; Day 11 – dont have one great accomplishment. I always try to learn and improve; Day 10 – valdani is my favorite. I’m a seasoned stitcher – 20+ years – but I’m always learning; Day 9 – I never would have guessed Vegas; Day 8 – the tin is awesome. I m not a fan of flannel, but have used it in all the kits from PG:); Day 7 – I’m in a small group that meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month; Day 6 – I support local business any way I can – by shopping and word of mouth; Day 5 – I love pre-cuts. Scrap quilts are my favorite and they give me variety. I will ALWAYS be a DOG person!; Day 4 – I shop in person and use on-line only as a last resort; Day 3 – Other than my husband and kids, I have a girl friend (not naming her) who reminds me daily how great a good, true friend can be; Day 2 – I have lots of Aurifil thread (got cones in Houston). When I finish a cone, I do stop to think about what an accomplishment it is to have gone through all that thread:).
    Wishing you, your family, and your business all the best as we usher in a new decade:)
    My Best, F

  134. Several years ago I started using Aurafil cones for my everyday piecing. I love it! And the fact a cone lasts so long but amazed how fast if runs out! That’s lots of love I’ve stitched:)

  135. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Aurifil !! It’s the only thread I use in my machine and for all my hand work as well. I use mostly 50 wt. It’s my goal to have all the colors of thread ;-D

    usairdoll (at) icloud (dot) com

  136. It’s almost a feeling of amazement that I actually had enough sewing time to use a whole spool! I’m going to have to change that in the new year!

  137. Merry Christmas to you and yours and may you have a Blessed New Year. I appreciate all you do. I have learned so much from you and always look forward to goodies from Primitive Gatherings. I love the feel and colors of your wool. Aurifil 50 is my choice, with 5021 being the color that seems to go with everything. And yes, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a spool. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or large spool.

  138. I have a teacher friend that gets my empty spools for special needs students. Apparently they are useful for sensory issues.

  139. Aurifil is pretty much the only thread I use in my machine. Finishing a spool always feels like an accomplishment 😊

  140. I have been using Aurifil, but I can’t say what I feel when I finish a cone because I haven’t yet. But I have finished a little spool and hope I can find a replacement fast! Love this thread.

  141. The only thread I use since you first started carrying it at the shop! I buy several spools at a time so I never run out of my ‘go-to’ colors. I try to add two spools of a different color when I restock.

  142. Aurifil is the only thread I use to piece with and I want to try it on my longarm. A small spool lasts a very long time, so when I finish a spool, I know I have been able to do a lot of sewing. So yes, I celebrate.

  143. I absolutely love Aurifil thread. I still have all my old thread and feel I cheated my project if I use it instead of using Aurifil! I can’t stand throwing things away so I’m thinking of donating all my other threads and replacing with Aurifil as I need it. I have a cone of 2370 on my machine and sew almost everything with that color! It’s amazing how well it blends in.

  144. I’ve been using Aruifil thread from before I knew what it was: I bought a spool on sale and had it hanging around for awhile before I used it: it was a fairly bright orange and I didn’t have anything that matched it for awhile. Since then I have bought the neutral colors and MANY of the small spools of the “fun” colors. I love it and use it exclusively! And i love it when I finish a spool: it shows I’ve done plenty of sewing!! 😀

  145. A bit embarrassing ….but I get a bit of a Rush when I empty a spool!!! I’m not real picky in thread but my long arm only likes glide. I might give one of your large cones a try….jmh

  146. Yes, I feel very proud of myself when I finish a spool. I line up the empties along the windowsill in my sewing corner, like a little orange cheering section.

  147. I love Aurifil! I love that it leaves behind very little lint in my machine, being so fine makes my piecing more accurate, and I get more piecing/quilting done before having to rewind my bobbin. Also, it is a good looking thread in my quilting. It’s a win, win all around!

  148. I haven’t tried Aurifil, but would love to. I am always happy to use up a spool of thread, except when I don’t have more of the same color!

  149. I love Aurifil thread and use it exclusive.y for my piecing. FilTec Glide is my go to for quilting. I also love to empty a spool of thread, thinking of all that has been accomplished, but also sad that I have to go buy more…my bill adds up fast!

  150. I love using Aurifil thread. The standard spool is my go to for all piecing. When I see a spool getting low, I automatically order a new one so I’m ready when I run out!

  151. I can hardly believe that I haven’t tried Aurifil thread yet!! My dear family bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas and I’m so excited to start a few long awaited projects. I’m thinking a new machine deserves a new type of thread so I want to try it and something tells me that I won’t be sorry. Up until now I’ve considered my projects to be for practicing and skill building so I didn’t put a lot of thought into thread, buying Coats and Clark or whatever I was available. I feel pretty confident in skill now so why put time, effort, and money into projects with quality fabrics and not get the proper thread…I think Aurifil might be the perfect thing to try.
    Finishing a spool of thread feels like a huge accomplishment for me to 🙂

  152. I always used Mettler but won a spool of Aurifil 50 wt in white and loved it. I have since purchased additional spools in various colors. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a spool of thread.
    Happy New Year

  153. I’m relatively new to quilting – I’ve never purchased Aurifil before, but the lack of lint sounds great! I’ve used Gutermann, mainly because I haven’t been aware of the features and benefits of the Aurifil.

  154. I am a fairly new embroiderer, still trying different brands. Most work well, but there are subtle differences! Haven’t tried Aurfil yet, but will soon be running out of my favorite white, which is a color that type of thread really matters! May have to try Aurifil white,

  155. Aurifil only. And an empty spool reminds me how much love has gone into every stitch of the project I’m working on.

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