Day 1…Needful Things…Juki




Now this post is the same as it has been for the last couple of years….but by far the most IMPORTANT Needful Thing there is…without this machine I would not be half the Quilter I am today…read why…

Every year so far people ask…Will you please do the Juki again this year?…. so here it is AGAIN!… popular demand…AND you could win yours free!!!

Now I know we pretty much all have a sewing machine…or two or three or even more…But I just have to talk about the sewing machine I use 99% of the time…It is my #1 Needful thing…Most of you probably have never heard of Juki…so let me just say they are not new to the market…Juki is well known in the garment industry and are mostly industrial machines. I think I have had a Juki for about 10 years now…I also own 2 Berninas, 1060 and a 1530, and a couple of featherweights…one black and one white. I confess this to you so you also know what I am comparing to and you all know I teach all across the country and have stitched on many machines.

I bought the Juki with the intention to use it as a second machine to have set up for machine quilting my little quilts, and also so I didn’t have to change the walking foot from my regular foot on my Bernina…that would have been nice, right?…Juki has entered the quilt world with a semi-industrial machine for quilters. Here are a few of the features that the Juki machines have…all metal…no plastic bobbins, no plastic feet, comes with all sorts of feet including 2 free motion feet and a walking foot, a larger 9″ opening between the body and the arm, so machine quilting would be easier to handle. It has a nice extension table, this is nice for retreats, I have it embedded in my table usually. The machine ONLY stitches straight. Now this might be an issue for some, but I was only going to use this for machine quilting…The fact that it only stitches straight is actually a plus…nice tension all the time, single hole throat plate . It holds large cones as well as regular thread…It has an automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader , knee lift and stitches 1500 stitches per minute or something like that, in other words it is FAST. It comes with a walking foot and other feet for doing free motion quilting…I use the regular foot and stitch up against a bumper to get a scant quarter inch… Here are all the particulars from the manufacturer:

The Juki TL-2010Q is a high-performance sewing and quilting machine. The TL-2010Q is a single needle, lock-stitch, portable machine, constructed of aluminum die-casting to ensure industrial-quality sewing.

With advanced features, such an industrial sub-tension system, variable speed control slider, and bright white LED lighting, this machine is built for precision sewing. With a large work area of up to 23 inches (with auxiliary table attached), the TL-2000Qi can handle large quilt, sewing or home decor project with ease.

Advanced Thread TrimmingJuki_TL-2010Q_FootControllerjuki_tl-2010q_footcontroller
The New TL-2010Q allows you to trim top and bobbin threads using the Exclusive foot controlled trimming system.

Just rock your heel back on the foot control, and thread is quickly and precisely cut.

Automatic Thread Trimmer Juki_TL-2010Q_ThreadTrimmerjuki_tl-2010q_threadtrimmer
The machine is also equipped with an automatic thread button that simultaneously trims the needle and bobbin threads at the sewing end by lightly pressing the push-button.

Both the Trim Button and the Foot Controller engage the advanced Juki industrial style thread trimming mechanism.

No More Twists or QuiversJuki_TL-2010Q_SubTensionUnitjuki_tl-2010q_subtensionunit
The Sub Tension Unit ensures thread feeding to the needle is smooth, even and twist free, no matter how thick your thread is.

It also keeps the thread from quivering when sewing at high speeds and provides accurate, fine tuned thread tension.

Thread Tension ScaleJuki_TL-2010Q_ThreadTensionjuki_tl-2010q_threadtension
The machine also has the thread tension scale, which allows you to adjust the tension according to the thread and material to be used.
Maximum Speed ControlJuki_TL-2010Q_SpeedControl
The new speed control lever gives you complete control over sewing speed.

Set the speed from 200 to 1500 stitches per minute, or any speed in between for free motion, and precision sewing.juki_tl-2010q_speedcontrol

Materials are sewn with Ease
The microcomputer controlled, speed control mechanism, allows the machine to sew materials at low speeds. This provides for accurate feed and perfect stitching when sewing heavy weight fabric, quilting and multiple layers of materials.

PresseJuki_TL-2010Q_PressureFootr Foot Pressure Adjustmentjuki_tl-2010q_pressurefoot
Presser foot pressure can be adjusted according to the fabric being sewn by turning a regulator located on the top of the machine.




Needle Up/Down ControlJuki_TL-2010Q_StopPositionjuki_tl-2010q_stoppositionWhen you stop sewing, the machine will stop with the needle in the down position to allow for pivoting or more accurate free motion work.

To move the needle up or down as desired, simply press the needle up/down button.


Truly Illuminatingjuki_tl-2010q_ledlightThe new, bright-white LJuki_TL-2010Q_LEDLightED lighting, provides an illuminated view of the sewing area and allows for more precise sewing.

Automatic Needle ThreaderJuki_TL-



The push lever automatic needle threader easily threads the needle without eyestrain and allows you to start sewing quickly.




Easy Bobbin ReplacementJuki_TL-2010Q_BobbinReplacement

A new bobbin case latch and an enlarged bobbin case area make it easier to remove and replace the bobbin.

Nothing Free Motion Quilts Better Than  Juki quilting feetquiltingfeet
Juki’s rich tradition in quilting continues with the TL-2010Q.

The feed dog can be raised and lowered simply by depressing a switch. When quilting, the drop feed allows you to sew curved stitches with precision and ease.

Juki 1/4 Inch and 1/5 Inch Quilting Feet
The quilting feet are designed for free motion quilting and free-hand embroidery. Just lower the feed dogs and stitch away.

Juki Even Feed Foot Juki_TL-2010Q_FeedFootjuki_tl-2010q_feedfoot
With its reliable feed, the even feed foot ensures the machine’s ability to produce beautiful seams when sewing difficult-to-feed fabrics such as georgette and velvets, as well as heavy weight materials such as leather.

juki_tl-2010q_kneelifterKnee Lifter Lever Juki_TL-2010Q_KneeLifter
The knee lifter level allows you to lift/lower the presser foot without using your hands. The presser foot can be raised as high as 12mm.


After stitching on this machine and using it. I did not want to stitch on anything else. It “pieces” beautifully…I didn’t have to hang on to my threads at the start, the feed dogs are nice and close together and fed my little pieces in nicely. Having the single hole meant my piecing wasn’t sucked down into that oblong hole… and again…I could stitch, cut my thread with my foot(or there is a button, but I like my hands free to hold on to my patches) knee lift my presser foot and be on to the next thing…I especially love piecing triangle paper on the Juki for all the reasons I just stated…Now I know being fast really should not be an issue, right? We want to be accurate! But let me tell you, if I am stitching strips, borders or you name it…fast is handy…I tried going back to my “regular” machine to piece on…it was almost painful!!! Just shoot me…I loan this machine at The Gathering, but it comes with a warning…if you stitch with it you WILL be going home with it! I think only one person didn’t buy one after she stitched on it for a weekend…lol…They also have updated the Juki recently…I have a TL98Q (old model at home) and the new modelTL2010 Q1 I have in the studio, they have updated to an LED light…they have added a Turtle and a Hare button, if you want to control how fast it can go…and they changed the foot pedal, a bit…I love both of them and even though they are slightly different I can stitch on both on them with no problem even though they have slightly different foot pedals and controls.

So if you are ever in the market for a machine, please check out the Juki’s and you can read all the technical words I should have used to explain it. I sell only the Juki 2010Q1 at my store in WI…I could sell other machines but remember what I said, I only sell what I use…therefore I sell the Juki’s. I am placing the Juki 2010Qi on sale now until the end of the year at a special of $999-(yes…not a typo) which includes shipping too. This is a great deal. We will order more for this same price as long as you order before the end of the year. JUKI In 2017 they will go back to $1100.00  still a great price when you think about what you all get with this machine! Please allow a few weeks for delivery….  Your card will be charged as soon as you place your order with out new compliant cc processing. If you are the winner we will be crediting your card back.


So for those of you who have a JUKI already andy maybe missed this last year when JUKI finally made a SCANT 1/4″ foot. Here is my article about it…

I have to admit…I was skeptical…but…I was happily surprised…I stitched a mini quilt..and it was amazing…I tried to derail it by trying to run over a dog ear…no wouldn’t do it!!! I first put my foot on and it was perfectly lined up with my usual tape bumper…so off came the tape…I happily stitched this whole mini and was very pleased!  The only thing…you have the put the other regular foot on when doing triangle paper…I managed to do TP with it on, but it was very difficulty to see…and I will not do it again… we have them on sale for $45.OO .images-phpimg_9120

This year we also have added an FRONT OPEN TOE FOOT– This is for machine quilting…we all love this foot because there is no obstruction of view while quilting…much nicer…

We also have a bunch of Accessories for our machine…they are..

Bobbins- set of 10

Magnetic Bobbin Holder

Oil Spout

They are under the same category as the machine…so they are easily orderable.

Last year we sold over 50 machines… If we make it over 50 this year…one of you who purchases will get theirs FREE too!!! Those odds are pretty good!!!

I will be posting the winner for the machine AND all the other winners here on NEW YEARS DAY …

Click HERE to Order your JUKI and/or accessories

If you are the proud owner of a Juki…please let comment and let everyone here know about it!!!  So I don’t look like a just a salesman…I do not have time to be a sewing machine store…but I know the importance of have a great machine…and one you do not have to sell your soul for, so I only advertise them once or twice a year….

Thank you all for reading and purchasing from Primitive Gatherings…we are a family business which main purposes to to inspire and bring quilters the best possible fabrics, gadgets, patterns & books…

I try to give back to you with FREE patterns/give-aways and Stitch A Long groups like: Moon Garden, Moda Blockheads and Triangle Gatherings, the Magic of Christmas, blog hops as so on…I hope you continue to follow and support me and my fabulous crew…words cannot describe how much we appreciate you all.

We thank you all for supporting our family business…You are all truly GIFTS to us and we appreciate you more than you know…

Merry Christmas…love

Lisa & Nick and our hardworking Staff at Primitive Gatherings

125 responses to “Day 1…Needful Things…Juki”

  1. Cindy McCord Avatar
    Cindy McCord

    I love my Juki TL2010Q. It is the only machine I piece with and I own 2 Berninas!!!

  2. BarbBBQOnnen Avatar

    The Juki looks like an awsome machine. But with two Berninas and a Featherweight I don’t think I can support another machine. Merry Christmas to you, your family and staff.

  3. BarbBBQOnnen Avatar

    The Juki looks awsome and a wonderful machine. But with 2 Berninas and a featherweight I cannot support another machine – no matter how wonderful. Merry Christmas to you, your family and staff.

    1. Lj Avatar

      Apparently I need a saving envelope just for this and hope the same offer is made next year so I am prepared!!! Merry Christmas to everyone at PG and their families!!

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    This machine is on my wish list! My friend had one and truly loves it, she tells me…you must have one!
    Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your family!

    1. Sarah Paladino Avatar
      Sarah Paladino

      To own a Juki, is to love a Juki. My friend and I took a pet portrait quilt class. There were lots of layers of fusible to quilt through. Her $6000+ machine could not handle it. She sat down at my Juki and it stitched like a dream. She looked up and said, “Ugh! I think I need one of these! I don’t want another machine, but I might need one!”

  6. Jan Avatar

    Started looking for a Juki a few years ago when I think you 1st mentioned it in n the 12 Needful Things List. No one sells them in my area. Did see a used one listed at a fabric store but it was gone in a flash. So still waiting to see 1.

  7. mary h Avatar
    mary h

    Love my Juki. I have a old featherweight that is easy to take places but don’t often use it as get so spoiled by this machine.

    1. Pam H Avatar
      Pam H

      They ship it right to your door at no extra cost during this sale! I bought one last year and sew almost every day with it.

  8. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    My 13 year old granddaughter, who has made a couple of quilts on my other machine, tried out my new Juki. She immediately commented on how easily it sewed and just loved it, like I do!

  9. Margie West Avatar
    Margie West

    I purchased a Juki from you two years ago and I love it! It is my favorite machine and I have several brothers and a featherweight.

  10. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    I love my Juki. It is a no nonsense machine. It works great on my quilt rack because of the longer throat and does perfect stitching.

  11. Patti Avatar

    The Juki is on my wish list. I currently have a Pfaff and a featherweight. I will have to talk to Santa!

  12. Julie Preston Avatar
    Julie Preston

    Love my Juki! Would post a pic if I could. I’ve bought accessories every year from PG, now I’ve got them all. I’ve been adding quilting rulers:)

  13. Julie T Avatar
    Julie T

    I don’t own a Juki, but have always heard great things about this machine!

  14. Jeanette larsen Avatar

    I made my order. Can’t wait to get it.

  15. Sue knill Avatar
    Sue knill

    Do not have one but it sounds like a winner. Merry Christmas

    1. Jane Kellerman Avatar
      Jane Kellerman

      I don’t own a Juki but have heard a lot of great things about them. Would love to try it out.

  16. Marsha Avatar

    Love love love my Juki… the new accessories sound great!
    Merry Christmas

  17. Maryanne Dochter Avatar

    Hmmmmm. I’ll be talking to Santa!

  18. Sue Swanson Avatar
    Sue Swanson

    I really love mine!! Use almost every day! Sees like a dream. Thanks for excellent analysis… bought mine last year here!

  19. Donna Lee Lurker Avatar
    Donna Lee Lurker

    I love your Needful Things list, and have wanted a Juki since I first read about it on your list a few years ago. I would LOVE a Juki!

  20. Donna Sproston Avatar
    Donna Sproston

    I really want a Juki but there are no dealers within 100 miles. I tried to talk to a local quilt shop into selling them. If I were to buy one, what are the options for having it serviced?
    I may have a discussion with Santa before your sale ends.
    Merry Christmas!

  21. Patty Archuleta Avatar
    Patty Archuleta

    I bought a Judi last year from you. I have really put it to work and I love it!!!

  22. Caren Avatar

    Santa heard that I wanted a sewing machine for machine quilting. He doesn’t know what kind to get. Maybe he’ll be reading your post.
    Ho ho ho

  23. Dede benson Avatar
    Dede benson

    I bought my juki in 2015 after wishing i had in 2014. GREAT purchase. It does not disappoint. 99% of the time straight stitch is all i need. It machine quilts beautifully, I’ve even quilted queen size. I never hsve tension issues. I truly dont know what i would do without it

  24. Valerie Geib Avatar
    Valerie Geib

    Juki is on my wish list too. Unfortunately, with things going on in life right now, it is going to have to wait. But I will get one eventually. It would make a great traveling machine, I believe. I love all you guys do @Primitive Gatherings. Happy to support you and your business!

  25. Renee Avatar

    This machine is on my wish list and I would love to have one!

  26. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    Your sure the saleswoman, hope your holiday is great and very merry thanks for a chance

  27. Glenna C Denman Avatar
    Glenna C Denman

    I had a Juki for a number of years. I loved it. The only reason I bought a different machine for quilting, in 2010, was that I found a larger throat area for quilting large quilts. But I do not see what the throat length area is on the newer model? If it is comparable I would certainly trade up, the Juki has a wonderful stitch and great tension. As I said, I really did like it, for piecing as well as for quilting.

  28. Tamara Williams Avatar
    Tamara Williams

    After all your posts about Juki I noticed all the ‘professional quilters’ who also raved about Juki! I finally purchased one a little over a year ago. Love it! And I finally learned how to machine quilt! Thanks for the recommendation, it’s a wonderful machine. Guess I need to get the new 1/4 foot for piecing!

  29. Sharon Avatar

    I bought a Juki from PG a couple years ago. I also own two Berninas. My last Berninas cost as much as 8 of these, and came with pretty much nothing extra. Had to buy the walking foot, had to buy the bigger tray table, etc etc. My Juki came with a ton of accessories…the only thing I’ve had to buy was the 1/4 inch foot. It sews like a dream….nice even stitches. Love how I can cut the threads with my heel! Actually, love almost everything about it. Sometimes I have a little trouble with the needle threader,but I think that is an operator problem. Lol!

  30. Nancy D Avatar
    Nancy D

    I have a janome. Nothing fancy tho. Also a singer that I bought in the early 80s. A oldie but a goodie. This machine sounds like a dream! Merry Christmas!

  31. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    Merry Christmas to you also!! That Juki sounds fantastic- will put it on my wish list and hope that Santa is feeling generous this year!!

  32. Jeanne Vaughan Avatar

    Love my juki I got from you a couple of years ago. Wonderful machine.

  33. emilyjoy180 Avatar

    I’m in the market for a new machine, Juki is on my list to test drive. We’ll soon be spending our summers in Canada vacationing in retirement.

  34. Carmen N Avatar
    Carmen N

    I’ve heard lots of good things about the Juki. I’m a Bernina girl but I have considered the Juki when I upgrade. That may have to be sooner than later. Thanks for all you do to keep us busy and imformed! Merry Christmas!

  35. Sue Bennett Avatar

    Merry Christmas to you. I have heard good things about the Juki machine. My friend owns one. I have enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas this year.

  36. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Merry Christmas and thank you for all you do for us.

  37. Linda Kay Smith Avatar
    Linda Kay Smith

    Your Needful Things list is really interesting and helpful. Thanks for all the good information you share. Merry Christmas!

  38. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    I love, love, love this machine! Anyone who might be on the fence about, take the plunge! My only regret is that I should have done it sooner! Merry Christmas Lisa, to you and yours!

  39. Sandi McDaniel Avatar
    Sandi McDaniel

    Do not have a Juki but would love one for machine quilting.

  40. Susan P Avatar
    Susan P

    I have a JUKI TL2010Q and LOVE it! Hardly ever use my Bernina anymore (maybe only when I need a zigzag for something). I sew alot of handbags with the Juki as well as quilt. It can handle most anything I throw at it!

  41. Karen L. Avatar
    Karen L.

    Eventually I think my adult daughter is going to want a sewing machine. When she does this might just be the one I buy her …. or perhaps I will give her one of my “extras” and buy it for myself. Thanks for all the information about it and the recommendation.

  42. Vicki Davis Avatar
    Vicki Davis

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday.

  43. Marilyn Avatar

    I don’t own a Juki, but it sounds great. I break a lot of needles trying to machine quilt on my old Singer. Merry Christmas

  44. Mary Kolb Avatar
    Mary Kolb

    All of my friends have Juki machines and absolutely love them for the whole quilting process. I would be thrilled to join the group.😉

  45. Barb Avatar

    That sounds like an amazing machine. I have an Elna from 1980 and it still sews great. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  46. Jean Pope Avatar
    Jean Pope

    I want to talk myself into this machine each year. I read this post each year with awe.
    One day I will purchase this.

  47. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    I don’t have a Juki yet. I’m waiting for one of my machines to go to heaven so I can buy a Juki.

  48. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    Someday… Merry Christmas!!

  49. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    The only Juki I own is a serger and it is a workhorse! Love it and I purchased it in the early 1990’s!
    Thank you, Lisa, and your crew. You do inspire me and fill a need in my life. I am truly grateful for all you do and those behind you that enable the patterns and fabrics to be designed and the materials and kits available to all of us who love to sew. Merry Christmas and may God bless you!

  50. Jakey Avatar

    Merry Christmas Lisa! Wishing you and all your loved ones a lovely holiday. Please give your mom a hug for me and say “Hello!” Maybe I’ll see you at Road to CA. Oh, and I LOVE my Juki, you have the best recommendations for tools to make like easier and more fun!!!!! Hugs, Jakey

  51. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    I own a Juki and love it. I bought mine during one of the 12 days of Christmas a few years back. Thank so much for everything. Merry Christmas to you and Nick and your wonderful staff.

  52. Kathy C Avatar
    Kathy C

    I love my machine bought it from you two years ago. The best!

  53. KRISTIE Avatar

    This machine sounds totally awesome, will be looking to give it a try.

  54. Lona Avatar

    Love my Juki! I bought it from you and have not looked back! It is a wonderful machine- simple and efficient.

  55. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    I just LOVE my Juki!!
    It was on my wishlist for several years and I finally was able to get one last year. I love it for piecing and machine quilting.
    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Theresa Avatar

      We all have difficult times with alot of heartache and life altering moments that shape every bit of who we are…some worse than others but when your living it as we have….the blessings are always there, sometimes it’s a fleeting moment, sometimes it’s a right in your face moment that brings a peace in that moment you were starved for, sometimes and more often than not it’s those unaware moments that when you look back you just smile because you know you were never alone in your difficult time however long it may be.

      Primitive Gatherings was introduced to me during this time that still continues however I am no longer on the edge of the seat, I can sit a bit further back now. The wool projects I was able to do were simple and allowed my needle to just glide through the wools like an old friend not requiring much thought but another blessing of just being there. I do have some quilt projects in queue and am amazed at the reviews and write of the Juki….having been a long time customer of Bernina so to rave about another machine from.Bernina folks is really speaking volumes!!! Being a novice at quilting not embroidery or sewing makes me very intrigued as skill is one thing but the tools are the polishing factor that makes the skill pop…I had taken the Juki off my wish list but it’s back on lol

      As I said the best tools you can afford are key. Without Primitive Gatherings Lisa and your wonderful staff who do work very hard. I would t have had some peaceful moments in the midst of some very difficult times. Thank you for appreciating us but I really am.thankful for your vision and your staff that pull it all off seamlessly.

      I love the hope and joy that Christmas brings and wish each of you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas

  56. Ruth Mount Avatar
    Ruth Mount

    Love you and all your endeavors. I would love to win the Juki!!!

  57. Shirley Avatar

    Would be a great machine to win.

  58. Jane Avatar

    The last few years, I just did not pay attention to this post. However I am giving this some heavy duty thought. I bought the iron and light table on your recommendation. I love them. I just need to figure out where to set it up!

  59. Jane Avatar

    The last few years, I just did not pay attention to this post. However I am giving this some heavy duty thought. I bought the iron and light table on your recommendation. I love them. I just need to figure out where to set it up!

  60. Judyk Avatar

    I don’t have a Juki (yet), but I wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job of fulfilling your purpose. I love everything you do, sadly I have figured out I don’t have enough time left to do it all. Hmmmmm, maybe I best get a Juki sooner rather than later.

  61. Rose J Avatar
    Rose J

    I love how thoughtful you are about the things you endorse, thank you for taking the time to explain everything about this machine. It sounds amazing.

  62. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    My Santa came through five years ago and bought me a Juki from you. I truly love my Juki and am able to whip out a lot of quilts with it. Thank you for listing it as a must have needful product!

  63. Robin Love Lehr Avatar
    Robin Love Lehr

    Sounds like an awesome machine!!!

  64. Alyson Avatar

    Sounds like a great machine. Hopefully you will put them on sale next Christmas!
    Happy Holidays!

  65. Michelle K Avatar
    Michelle K

    I have two Bernina machines. The juki is on my list next year when I retire. Merry Christmas!

  66. janice lashley Avatar

    It sounds like this is a wonderful machine. However, I’m concerned that it only straight stitches. I use my current machine, a Husqvarna, for sewing, patchwork, etc. I mainly use my machine for piecing but not the actual quilting and I use straight stitching for that. I do quilt little projects like zippy bags and such. I only occasionally use zig zag stitching. I really want a machine that can handle all types of fabrics from voile to canvas and have the stitches look excellent when I’m done. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to sew several layers of fabric and the the stitches are uneven and don’t do corners well. I have a friend that has a Juki and she makes beautiful things. Is it possible you could recommend the type of Juki that would be best for me as I’m looking to buy a new machine. P.S. I don’t have enough room for more than 1 machine in my sewing room at this time. Thank you, Jan l

  67. janice lashley Avatar

    I forgot to say I would love if Santa would pick me to be the winner of this Juki machine, Jan

  68. Julee Prose Avatar
    Julee Prose

    just want to wish you and your family, both stores employees a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR….

  69. usairdoll Avatar

    One day! One day I will have my own Juki.
    My BFF bought a Juki from you on your 12 Days.
    Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    usairdoll (at) icloud (dot) com

  70. Bonita Zobl Avatar
    Bonita Zobl

    Yes maam..I bought this machine 2 years ago from you…best move I’ve made….cant beat this machine for piecing…just love it…everything you said is true and then some!!


    Everything Lisa says about the Juki is true. I got mine from Lisa 3 years ago and I sew on it all the time. I have a Bernina , but the Juki does a better stitch . and great control. I have trouble with both of my shoulders so I don’t have to hold the thread down to keep it from running away. I don’t have shoulder pain any more unless I use the Bernina. I have since talked two quilt friends into buying the Juki. They love it. About 6 months ago I started making Mini quilts and it does a great job. I put off getting the Juki for a couple years and after I bought it and played with it I was so mad at myself for putting it off. It was the best thing I did. So don’t wait go for it. Great price. Nancy P.

  72. Gale C. Avatar
    Gale C.

    I bought my Juki from you a couple of years ago and I love it. I don’t like when I have to use my Bernina now because the stitch isn’t as good, so I only use it if I need to zigzag, etc. Thank you for recommending this machine!

  73. Lori Genther Avatar

    I love love love my Juki! Its my all time favorite machine! I wouldn’t mind having a 2nd one to put upstairs. I’ve talked a couple friends into getting one, and they love theirs too! I bought my quarter inch foot from you a couple years back and it was the best addition!

  74. Cheryl Gherna Avatar
    Cheryl Gherna

    Beautiful machine, definitely would consider this when I need to replace my machine.

  75. Kyra Franz Avatar

    I will only be able to WISH for a Juki! It sounds marvelous, but there is just no room in the inn. Thank you, Lisa for your love of quilting and for all the inspiration.

  76. Jan Sessions Avatar
    Jan Sessions

    I sew on a T 200Qi Juki and absolutely love it. It does everything Lisa says it does. I also have a Bernina and love it, but not for piecing or quilting. My Bernina is reserved for clothing. The price is really good, too. My Juki was a game changer in piecing and quilting. It will sew bags quite well also.

  77. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    Merry Christmas Lisa. I love your shop and always go to your booths at the markets. Enjoy your day.

  78. Avatar

    I have read each post. I love my Juki. Donna you don’t have to worry about having it serviced most dealers can service it. They are so easy to maintain most you can do on it on your own. It is always my go to machine I love my Bernina’s for different reasons but for piecing there is nothing like a Juki Perfect every time. Quilters comment on how perfect my seams are and it is the Juki. Don’t be afraid to enter you may just win. Someone has to. You can’t imagine how surprised I was when Lisa called and told me I won. So thankful for all Primitive Gatherings has done for me all these years !! Thank you!! And shop Girls & Nick!!

  79. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    This machine is on my wish list.

  80. Mary Bongers Avatar
    Mary Bongers

    What a great machine. Love the upgrades nice machine to piece and quilt.
    Hope a lot of people get to take advantage of this offer.

  81. Kathy Grahek Avatar
    Kathy Grahek

    It sounds like a wonderful machine…as the owner of two Bernina’s that I love dearly, I can’t help but think perhaps I should try one of these. I find myself quilting more these past few years and perhaps that wider arm is a good thing to have. Hope springs eternal!

  82. Joan Avatar

    I read your post a couple of times before this year finding someone who wanted to sell their Juki at our local senior center. It’s in almost new condition. It’s good to have this review of all it’s features. Thank you.

  83. kathyreeves Avatar

    Yep, this is on my someday list!! Until then, I am going to settle for refurbishing Grandma’s Necchi! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity with the world, Lisa!

  84. cynthia fletcher Avatar
    cynthia fletcher

    I am a little confused. is the juki TL-2010Q the same as the TL2010qi ? your blog says you only use the Qi (or Q1, I can’t tell) but you are offering 2010 Q. and what comes with your package ? I can’t seem to locate a straight forward list for that. thank you.

  85. Sandy G Avatar
    Sandy G

    I bought a Juki a couple of years ago and have been learning to quilt with it. It works great and the larger throat is so much nicer for bigger project. I would recommend it for anyone who does a lot of quilting. Merry Christmas!

  86. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    I love my Juki!!! I bought It a couple of years ago from you as one of your needful things. My piecing is so much more accurate with this machine. Thank you for introducing the Juki!!!!
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  87. Gloria Galiana Avatar
    Gloria Galiana

    Lisa, can you please tell us what assesories come with this machine? Thank you!

  88. kathyquiltblog Avatar

    Does the Juki have a ruler foot ? Thanks

    Sent from my iPhone


  89. Laura Amlott Avatar

    I have an assortment of sewing machines. I grew up sewing on an Elna. Currently I’m sewing with a Bernina, actually 3 Bernina’s. I’m always open to something new!

  90. Pam Suther Avatar
    Pam Suther

    I recently bought a new Janome, but am now wondering if I made a mistake!! Your 12 days has been great! Merry Christmas to you, your family and staff!!

  91. Theresa Waite Avatar
    Theresa Waite

    Sounds like a dream machine to have for my quilt projects. Always looking for improvements for my sewing.

  92. Brenda O Avatar
    Brenda O

    Sounds like a great machine. I will have to seriously think about it. Thanks for the information

  93. Maria L Zook Avatar

    I love reading about your favorites and look forward to each Christmas and your suggestions. I do not sew on a Juki, but it sounds fabulous. Perhaps my next machine?….

  94. Judy Vaughn Avatar
    Judy Vaughn

    I bought m Juki from you last year and I have never regretted it. I love sewing on it. I have the regular 1/4 “ foot with the guard and the scant 1/4” without the guard. Is this foot a new scant 1/4” with a guard?

    Thanks, Judy Vaughn

  95. Tammie Smith Avatar
    Tammie Smith

    I would love a new machine! My 16 year old machine is losing it’s mojo. I hate the thought of being without one! This machine sounds like a dream.

    1. ozmena fletcher Avatar
      ozmena fletcher

      What comes with this machine and is it the 2010Q or 2010Q1? Thank you. Locally it is being offered for the same price so I need to know what comes in your package. Thank you. cyndy

      Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  96. Debra Miller Avatar

    Commenting today because first great grand child born Dec. 24th! so wonderful and time well spent with that precious bqaby boy! I would love to try sewing on a Juki-don’t know anyone that owns one but sounds wonderful!

  97. cynthia fletcher Avatar
    cynthia fletcher

    will you answer questions here or should we send an email? thx

  98. ladymelrose Avatar

    I loved reading about Juki! I’ve owned the Juki F600 for almost 10 years and absolutely LOVE it, but will be saving your Juki blog for future reference in the event I decide to make a change/addition. Happy New Year to all!

  99. cyndy w fletcher Avatar
    cyndy w fletcher

    sent email and it was returned and called 2x, no answer, recording wanted an access code.

  100. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I’ve been wanting a Juki for a few years now. My go to machine are my featherweights. I have a modern brother but it’s not even computerized. I’ve tried the Juki at the Murrieta shop and at my friend’s house and always loved it. One concern I had was where to put it. Viola. I’ve sorted that out and will be ordering. Yippee

  101. Kathy Lohse Avatar
    Kathy Lohse

    I have owned a juki for about 20 years. I also have a viking and a surger. The juki is such a work horse, but also has a beautiful stitch! I bought it to just quilt and maybe a little piecing. But I use it most of the time!

  102. Frances Cannizzaro Avatar
    Frances Cannizzaro

    I’ve had my eye on these for a while. I had a chance to buy a used Juki not long ago, but it was close to full price, so I decided to wait. I’ve been using very low end machines since my old Singer disappeared. Hope for the future!

  103. Kim Kopac Avatar
    Kim Kopac

    I love sewing, and love your patterns. I have had the same sewing machine for over 20 years and have been saving up for a new machine. After reading your post you have gotten me very interested in a Juki. Thank you for all your information and the wonderful patterns that keep me happily sewing.

  104. Beth from Peoria Avatar
    Beth from Peoria

    I have had my Juki for 5 years and love, love, love it! It always makes a beautiful stitch whether piecing or quilting a quilt. I bought it to have a larger harp space for when I am quilting a quilt instead of fighting the quilt through a smaller size harp. I have a 25 year old Bernina which I still love. I have both machines set up so I can piece with a 1/4″ guide on one and paper piece on the other or quilt on the Juki and piece on the Bernina. Either way I can go back and forth with working on several projects at once.
    I do not regret buying the Juki 2010Q…….it is a fabulous machine, I recommend it a 100%.

  105. cyndy w fletcher Avatar
    cyndy w fletcher

    my comments have been removed. I had said I could not get through either on the phone or email to your company. and no response to my questions about the Juki.

  106. P. Wentworth Avatar
    P. Wentworth

    Someday I will own a Juki (purchased from Primitive Gatherings, of course). This is not my year but I’ll look forward to similar postings in the future. Thank you for all you do. You are truly an inspiring team!

  107. Sue Sawyers Avatar
    Sue Sawyers

    I would love to own a Juki. You are an excellent sales person!! Love your shop and your blog

  108. Jane Krepela Avatar
    Jane Krepela

    My Bernina from the 1970’s has served me well…but now it needs a new motor, so I am going to check out the Juki you recommend, Lisa. I have a Juki serger from the 1980’s or 90’s which has been wonderful for home dec or clothing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!

  109. Karen Blankenship-Wood Avatar
    Karen Blankenship-Wood

    I would love to have a Juki someday. I have a Janome and I dont think the feed dogs work well with the 1/4 inch foot. I think the new models have more feed dogs to help with the issue. I would sure like to test drive a Juki though.

  110. Julie green Avatar
    Julie green

    I purchased my Julie from you about 3 years ago during needful things and I love her! She is one good stitched and is set up also at all the time in my sewing room!!! If in doubt order one, you will love it!! Julie

    1. julie Avatar

      Juki, not Julie

  111. Heather G Avatar
    Heather G

    I’ve never used a Julie, but it sounds wonderful! Thank you for all the pattern ideas and offerings you publish each year.

  112. Kayla Gunter Avatar
    Kayla Gunter

    I don’t own a Juki, but I have always heard great things about this machine!

  113. Sara Snelling Avatar
    Sara Snelling

    I love my Juki TL-2010Q. I purchased it a few years ago during Needful Things event. Trust Lisa when she says once you stitch on it, you won’t want to use anything else. I use it for all my piecing. I love the foot control to trim top and bobbin threads. All you have to do is press your heel down- totally hands free!!! I also love the automatic needle threader. It is so much quicker and more efficient than me trying to thread the needle. My machine has great LED lighting. I love my knee lifter so I’m hands free lifting and lowering my presser foot. I also love my scant 1/4″ foot for my Juki. It is awesome and sooooo accurate!!!!! You can’t go wrong with this machine!

  114. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I own two Berninas domestic machines, a Bernina long arm Q24, and a Juki. The machine I use most: the Juki!
    My sister uses my first Bernina, a 1260, which I love but am happy to “lend” for the past five years. I have visitation rights!
    I have my Bernina 600 series set up for embroidering.
    My long arm gets a workout when I have a quilt top ready.
    My Juki – she hums every day. I cannot say enough about the ease of use, the ease of maintenance, the beautiful stitches.
    Yes, $999 is an outlay at an expensive time of year but you will not regret it. And if you are the one who shops, wraps, tags, decorates, bakes, writes Christmas cards, cooks several special meals in December… well, what would all that “free” skill and service cost your family? Probably $999.00… at least!
    Treat yourself!

  115. Tina B Avatar
    Tina B

    My husband bought me a Juki Hzl for Christmas! So happy. He looked at the juki 2010 but decided on the HZL. I love it so far and can’t wait to start some quilts. Just made an apron with some heavier weight fabric to test how it would handle thicker fabrics….no trouble going through multiple layer. Sews beautifully!

  116. Kathy English Avatar
    Kathy English

    I don’t have one, but the features and comments make me want one as I love making miniatures!

  117. Nancy Bauman Avatar
    Nancy Bauman

    I tried to order but must be doing something wrong. Trying to keep my billing address the same but want it shipped to my winter address. Help.

    Sent from my U.S.Cellular© Smartphone
    Get Outlook for Android


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      There is a place to change your address… call the shop and talk to Judy if you can’t figure it out … 920-722-7233

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