New Year…New Project!

I have had time to work but no time to explain what I am up to….

I have been cleaning my sewing studio…organizing…planning….and playing!  I have not gone to so many parties in the last 10 days than in my whole life!

So…come see what I have been up to…img_8258

Last September while I was in Florida….Jenny who attended our event was working and showing us her year long stitch along…every day she stitched a wool hex…something…anything… important to that day…but the best thing was how folky it was…you do not need to care if you have a perfect font…just write in your own handwriting and draw the best you can!img_8311.png

I was pretty enamored by it…she said she got the idea and was stitching along with Michelle, from IG-@raspberryrabbits …so I went to see what Michelle was doing…and WOW look at this wool hexagon…I read that the side of the hex was one inch finishedIMG_8310

I could not stop thinking about this….this is the perfect way to stitch everyday…or almost…I am sure there will be some days I will not be able to…but I will still think about what was important that day….

So because I love both fabric and wool I decided to do a 2020 #dailystitch using my Farmhouse Gatherings flannels and then added wool or embroidery stitches to come up with my daily stitches.  My project is going to be a quilt.IMG_8313

Here are my first three days…2020 is the year….I was still thinking about our WI boys who lost the Rose Bowl game the next day..Wisconsin vs. Oregon…and then today..a friend texted me this anchor…so I did that today…

If you want to start this you can…maybe you want to do the all wool ones like the girls above or if you want to do a quilt…here are my sizes if you want to know… or use the same idea I don’t care!!

Blocks will finish at 3″.  Starch your flannel! I will do a video on either facebook or IG…and show you how easy it is and show efficient ways to starch..img_8278

Background is cut 2 5/8″

Triangles are made from 2 squares cut 2 7/8″ and then cut in half.



Pinch the centers of the background square.


Line up the point of the triangle at the center of the background, like shown…Stitch triangle using 1/4 seam allowance…you do not have to be perfect because you will be trimming.


Finger press the stitched triangle…they will flatten out nicely because of the starch.

Add next triangle to opposite side.  Stitch and Press.  Repeat for the other sides of the block.  I am using two colors…greys and browns.  Make a bunch of them so you are ready to go for awhile…



I traced two 1/2″ circles for snowman heads onto fusible web that was adhered to the wool.  Then drew the 2’s and began stitching…I wanted the snowman heads to be snowflakes…


Threads used: Valdani #5 M49 for 2s.  3SF-M49 for snowman heads, #8 M49 for snowflake parts.  Valdani #12 1 for eyes, 3SF 1 for mouth and 196 for nose…all my threads will be neutral…no color for this project…


After block is stitched and pressed…square it up to 3 1/2″.




Now if you want you can stitch along…but you have to make your quilt– your quilt!  Things that are meaningful to you!  Look closely at the inspiration ones above …sometime it was a trip to Costco! or whatever!!!!

Let’s have some fun…I double dog dare you to join me!

Here are some of the upcoming posts I am working on..

Jen Kingwell from Australia teaching in WI  May 10-12

Debby Maddy, Indigo dying workshops in WI June 17-20?

Moda Block Heads 3!

So stick around and let’s get some projects done!

my best…




21 responses to “New Year…New Project!”

  1. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    This is so cute. You’ll have a day of the year in the life of yourself. Awesome

  2. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Adorable, I’m in (sort of), I think I’ll plan at least a weekly block (lots going on for me right now). BTW I 💜💜💜 your Christmas nails! Love and hugs 🤗

  3. Lisa Batris Avatar
    Lisa Batris

    I can’t wait to start this quilt! Love the idea!!!!

  4. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I love this idea and I have a FQ tower of the farmhouse Gatherings so there is no stopping me! Lol. This will be fun.

  5. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    P.S. Baby O is so darn cute.

  6. Betty Cummings Avatar
    Betty Cummings

    This idea is too stinkin’ cute!!!!!

  7. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Great nails, cute little guy, fun little memory quilt. You know you have a decent fat quarter tower stash when you wonder if you had the wisdom to buy Farmhouse flannels! Going to check on that now!

  8. Carrolyn v Avatar
    Carrolyn v

    You are such a talent and keep getting into my head……luv the ideas!

  9. anita fitzsimmons Avatar
    anita fitzsimmons

    Do you have a plan for the 6 inch blocks in the Wool Box. I believe I have 12. Not all finished but I’m working on them.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes… I do!

  10. Michelle May Avatar

    Yes, it was an incredible journey. I did it to celebrate turning 50. I stitched a 1″ hexie every day for 365 days about everything that stood out to me or was important. It inspired a bunch of my customers and friends and they too joined in like Jenny. It’s called “Within an Inch of my Life.” hee,hee,hee. It was all documented on my facebook page and instagram. All under The Raspberry Rabbits. I know everyone will have fun with your project. Daily stitching is so meditative. Hugs and Hoppy New Year! 🙂 Michelle

  11. Pam Dolan Avatar
    Pam Dolan

    Not to be a bad friend but this looks like something YOU would enjoy…

    On Fri, Jan 3, 2020 at 10:08 PM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “I have had time to work but no time to explain what I > am up to…. I have been cleaning my sewing > studio…organizing…planning….and playing! I have not gone to so many > parties in the last 10 days than in my whole life! So…come see what I > have bee” >

  12. Joyce Drenth Avatar
    Joyce Drenth

    What a cute idea. I love your square in square plan!

  13. Sandy Avatar


  14. Linette Stewart Avatar
    Linette Stewart

    Such a fun project! Over Christmas my husband and I and our 2 dogs drove from Delavan WI to Lake Elsinore CA. I had a chance to go to Primitive Gatherings in Murrieta with my sister-in-law. The 2 ladies working that day were so friendly and welcoming I loved the experience!! Even my sister-in-law purchased a wool project which she has never done. It was very special for me especially since sadly my sister-in-law is fighting Ovarian cancer. Thank you for having such wonderful employees.

  15. Sandi Avatar

    What a fabulous idea. It not that I need anymore projects but I think I have to do this.
    Thank you.

  16. annita Avatar

    LOVE THIS! What neutral wool colors are you using. I notice the background was lighter than the snowmen and how much yardage of wool would I need? Thanks for the thread colors, the variegated is amazing! Can’t wait to start, will be ordering from PG.

  17. Jane Avatar

    I really like this idea…kind of goes with this years theme of a journal for me.
    What is that box, print etc with the states on it in the background?

  18. Martha Followill Avatar
    Martha Followill

    Super cute idea. Thanks for sharing. Love all of your stuff. Martha

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  19. kathyreeves Avatar

    The perfect quilter’s answer to those temperature blankets!

  20. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    What a super way to count your blessings!

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