IMG_8513 2How are you at organizing?  I get to a point… if there if too much stuff I cannot work…my home studio was starting to look like a dumping ground for lost fabric!!! I know..I know…you all wish you had such a problems…but between the wool scraps and the fabrics leftover from making 6 quilts in a fabric line and then there is 10 years of it…it starts to bust out of everything…so that is the first area I have been attacking…Everything is off the floor that’s been piling…then everything goes in a drawer…I will then sort the drawers when I have it all “in” and hopefully can purge some of that…once I see what is all there…

So look for some fun things from me this year…like Friday is Give-Away Day!  Even though I want to keep it all I am not going to…so look for planned and spontaneous give-aways on Fridays!IMG_8516 2

I find it is nice to go through your projects, your threads and your fabric that you are not ever going to use….donate it…give it away…share it with friends that may not have a big budget for their art…Make your space pretty…make it functional…make it a joy to sit in and amongst your things and create!  I’m ready! I love stitching in my space…LB studio 1LB studio 3LB studio 2

…all clear to start the next project!LB studio 4

Then there is another thing in my life….it is my time…I need to organize my time…I need to schedule certain things for certain days and stick to it…blogging, Instagram and facebook posts as well as meetings..and maybe do some Facebook Live stuff….let me know if you want to discuss certain things…I will also keep you informed of my schedule too…maybe we can meet at a show or at an event, like our retreats or classes!

I am doing pretty well at the health part…I will do a post on this…I have to keep up with those grandkids!!!

Stitching Everyday…I thought I would also show you my daily stitching journal quilt. I am two weeks in…daily stitching LB.jpgBlock a day...2I keep a little sketch book/journal if I do not have time to stitch something that day….I write down what I want to stitch and do it when I can…but I have been pretty good about doing it almost everyday!block a day journal

Then there is the “Create” tin project!  How many of you are getting this?  A lot of you!…THANK YOU!   They are on the way!!!! I am getting this ready so I can do a sheep a day/ or 7 per week as well….we will start a facebook group and keep each other inspired with this was too…If you missed out you still can get one of HEREIMG_8520IMG_8519

So are you ready? If not…get your stuff organized and let start stitching lots of beautiful things in 2020!

Guess what starts tomorrow?  Yup..Moda Blockheads 3!  Corey Yoder will kick us off with her block and we will be stitching a block a week on wednesdays!  Come back here tomorrow for details!


comment and let me know what your doing for 2020?





64 responses to “organizing…2020”

  1. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    I am still organizing but this is going to be the year to bet things done. Can’t wait to see what you are doing Lisa.

  2. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    I so agree – when I have too much stuff, I have to get rid of some of it. I’ve started the process – I’m both a cardmaker and quilter so have two craft stashes to purge. I did go through all my threads. Some were donated to my quilt guild for an upcoming show and some to my daughter-in-law. I also cleaned out quilting tools I never use. I have some time off next week and hope to tackle the fabric and kits so my craft room gets back to being usable.

  3. Deb Hull Avatar
    Deb Hull

    My Create tin arrived today! It rocks, can’t wait to het started.

  4. K Sheehan Avatar
    K Sheehan

    You’re inspiring me to get organized. I have so many things in my unfinished “piles” that I will probably never get to that it’s overwhelming. It makes being creative very hard. I would probably feel like doing more if my sewing area was beautiful and clear.

  5. Carolyn Hechel Avatar
    Carolyn Hechel

    I am planning on keeping my sewing room clean. Last summer I” hired “ a ten year old to help me clean up my room. She went home with 12 bags of fabric and another six bags of supply’s. I paid her $10.00 an hour to help me. It was a win/win. She got enough to make some quilts and I got a cleaner room.

  6. Jacque Avatar

    I resolved to purge my fabric mess, and got it boxed to donate. I then decided to make a few potholders for gifts. Guess where I found fabric for the backs and bindings!?

    1. Candee Avatar

      I’m planning on doing more of what I love!

  7. peggy dalberto Avatar
    peggy dalberto

    Lisa, I understand the need to unload. If you have fabric and or notions you w as not to donate to a VERY worthy cause, consider the Stanley correctional facility at Stanley wi. They train their residents to make stuffed dolls/teddy bears and lap quilts. The prison donates these beautiful items thru their “scopes ” program. Our Stanley library gets items donated so we can share. Anytime you want to gift the prison with materials would be appreciated.

  8. Glenna C Denman Avatar
    Glenna C Denman

    I am ready for Blockheads 3. I just followed along on BH2 and BH1 but am going to dive in this time. I have ordered your new Indigo Gatherings, along with Edyta Sitar’s Royal Blues, amd it will be fun. I am also doing a BOM of a Sue Garman pattern through The Quilt Show thatI had been eyeing for several years, and finishing several UFOs, so it will be a busy, fun year of quilting.

  9. kathyreeves Avatar

    I spent the week after Christmas doing a royal cleanup of the house and boy did it feel like a fresh start! This year I am going to do 3-4 quilt tops and 2-3 major knitting projects and possibly the Sewing Bee over at Pattern

  10. Athena Butler Avatar
    Athena Butler

    I am cruisin’ thru a bunch of small wool projects. It’s cleaning up my space AND I feel good getting some things accomplished. Can’t wait for the sheep project. I want to try drizzle stitches for sheep foreheads.

  11. Dana Avatar

    I love the sheep so much! My tin arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to get it organized and get started! I am terrible about acquiring way too much stuff. Our local guild has an annual yard sale where 10% of sales go to the guild, the rest to the seller, and I find that to be a great opportunity to purge. Sadly, I don’t seem to let go of as much as I acquire in a given year, but every little bit helps!

  12. Lynn Lahr Avatar
    Lynn Lahr

    Such creativity. My stash is sizable but not huge. I am trying to make projects from my stash and it could use a little organizing and maybe some purging. I am also determined to finish a quilt I started probably 5 years ago. I am hand quilting a queen sized quilt and have 8 blocks to go then all the setting triangles. This is taking much longer than I thought. I have several more tops to finish. Unfortunately my budget does not allow for me to send them to a quilter, so if they are ever going to get done, it will be by me! That is my goal. To finish more than I start and enjoy the process. I am still on the fence about starting BH3. You inspire me with your talents and I thank you for that.

  13. Nancy Morneault Avatar

    I have 3 UFOs that I will try to completed this year. I already made 2 Charity quilts this month. I love your clean studio. It’s hard to keep clean when you are trying to work on one project which somehow becomes 3 projects. I get inspired by the scraps of my main project then start cutting the scraps for my next idea. I usually see you at Road2California. I’m going next week.

  14. Betsy Avatar

    I have a new room to organize all my quilting and fitness equipment, “The Quilt Dome”. I also need to go through old supplies and remove whatever I’ll never have time to use. I’d love too see a video of you showing a demo of big stitch quilting using the bishop fan templates that you sell. I bought a set a few years ago but haven’t quite figured out how to mark up the design. Happy New Year!

  15. SARA Snelling Avatar
    SARA Snelling

    I spent New Year’s Day cleaning and organizing my sewing room. I’m on a mission to get as many small projects done as possible this year. I buy small kits thinking oh that won’t take too long and end up putting it in project totes and end up forgetting about it. Not this year. I’m determined to get already purchased projects complete. I’m also learning machine quilting this year, so hoping to be able to quilt and finish my own quilt tops!

  16. marcella Avatar

    I once heard an organizer say “you can organize clutter” and it really stuck with me. I find I do much better if I clear out what isn’t being used and then organize what I want to keep and enjoy.

    I like your idea of stitching a journal type block a day. There must be some good stories behind each one. I am intrigued by the 6 fingered hand with “message” on it. Wondering what the message is with that.

  17. Marie Avatar

    My goal in 2020 is to attack some of my aging UFOs——-

  18. Cecile Dyck Avatar
    Cecile Dyck

    How do attach your quilts to the yardsticks? I Like your display.

    1. lisabongean Avatar
      here is the post where i describe it…

  19. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I love organizing. I actually pay a professional to come in and help me. I work right along side of her. We get a lot done in 4 hour segments. I’m so looking forward to my create tin arriving. Love those sheep. Currently working on a hand embroidery auction piece for the Lincoln Dinner.

  20. Jane Avatar

    Gosh I love your energy! I have a hard time sewing when I have other projects laying around. However I hate to put in drawers, because I am afraid I will forget about them. I NEED to star writing in a journal. Looking forward to hearing more!

  21. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    Reading this makes me want to organize. Maybe I’ll get started then just keep going.

  22. Barb Avatar

    My 2020 goal is to stitch more….daily if possible….and document what I stitch on each day.

  23. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    Turning finished tops into quilts is my goal for the year. They are all stacked up. I am gifting quilts this year to family members as well. I need to get some of my quilts into better use than folded into piles.

  24. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Organizing and purging have been my focus this past 6 months. 2019 was my year to choose several projects that were in various stages and complete them (I exceeded my personal goal, YAY). With my 2019 success I decided to carry on in 2020, I will finish at least twenty things, and I’m concentrating on two color quilts; not just blue and white or red and white, but whatever two colors strike me for each pattern I choose. Lastly, I plan to practice long-arming more. Looking forward to seeing you at Road to California

  25. Maureen Avatar

    I am Working on 2 bucket list quilts, 3 block of the month, a wool on wool Chicken wall hanging and hooking a rug.

  26. Roxie Avatar

    I am patiently waiting for my three Indigo Gatherings PG quilt kits to arrive. It is time to redo my bedroom. I love the Indigo Gatherings colors.

  27. bobbie rumler Avatar
    bobbie rumler

    I am buying two book cases to organize my sewing room….buy a new sewing table for my new Bernina…and finish a couple of quilt tops that are gifts for my daughters….I sew everyday and enjoy reading your website…Your embroidery is fabulous!

  28. suejean1 Avatar

    You have shared some great organizing ideas. I am moving this year so that will force me to get organized. My sewing room has gotten pretty cluttered and it gets hard to find things sometimes. I really need to work on finishing more UFO’s.

  29. lynn bourgeois Avatar

    I think many of us get cluttered out of our spaces, and it saps energy when that happens. For me it is an ongoing struggle to let go of things, even small bits of fabric. Good for you for making this big step. The picture of your space looks like all is under control.
    I am leavving today for a two week vacation in a warmer climate. That should cut out some of winter’s bone chill

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Have fun on your Vacation!!!

  30. Jonnie Avatar

    Already started the purging processs. I, too, am much more productive when my space is clear. Looking forward to receiving my 2 create tins!

  31. Mary R Avatar

    What are we, two weeks into 2020? I’m still working on the organizing that I promised myself I would finish before the end of last year. I will say, my studio looks fabulous… It’s the rest of the house that I need to focus on 🙄

  32. Sharon S Avatar
    Sharon S

    That’s exactly what I have been doing – cleaning my sewing room out. Although, I would love your scraps!

  33. Kolleen D Avatar

    What a beautiful space you have surrounded by all the little quilts. Excellent! Thank you for the challenge on the one-a-day sheep. I have the tin and have been waiting to get to it. Think that might be tonight so I can keep up with the group and get my sheep done. Thanks for all the inspiration Lisa!

  34. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Now that things are settling down around there (as much as possible anyway), I was wondering if I missed your tutorial on Baptist Fan marking/quilting? I remember you said you used a special tool but I never saw exactly what it was or how you quilted it.

    I have to say, I’d love quilting in your space too!

  35. Sue Avatar

    I had knee replacement in December decided to clean and purge sewing room last week amazing what find when go through everything. Almost back to normal and ready to tackle new projects.

  36. Margaret Avatar

    What am I doing in 2020? Hopefully finishing up projects that I started in 2019. And 2018. And 2017. (You get the idea).

  37. Elizabeth Avatar

    Sew since my “studio” is fairly organized, I have been working UFOs to include the Triangle Gatherings from several years ago and your 10th Anniversary Stitch-Along.

  38. Janette Avatar

    I have my create tin and can’t wait to get started, hoping to start cutting out some blocks this weekend. Also can’t wait to see your version of the blockheads 3 blocks.

  39. Tracy Petrykowski Avatar

    New Years Day started off with working on the basement, donating excess fabric to our church to make quilts for foster children and cancer patients. I also donated extra blankets that we were not using to Street Angels (which helps the homeless in Milwaukee). Our son helped with all of this. I told him, “If it doesn’t spark Joy, it’s of no use to me.”
    Donated my husband’s grandfather’s desk to Goodwill, it wasn’t doing us any good collecting dust in the basement. I know someone thought they hit the Jackpot and will refurbish it and it will be a wonderful piece of furniture in their home.
    Happy New Year Lisa! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing photos that you post

  40. Tracy Petrykowski Avatar

    p.s. I received my Create tin also, and will get started on it this weekend. My good friend raises Sheep, so i will make a wall hanging as a gift for her

  41. Sandi Avatar

    Lisa, great job in organizing. I stated your idea with stitching a day diary. Once I did the first week and framed them I did not like them and quit. It might have been my plaids, but I quit. I too have been cleaning and doing a lot of donating. Keep creating.

  42. Janet Avatar

    Moving my long arm ti an actual sewing room!!!! My son got married in August, sew I get to create a full time sewing room, large enough for my long arm! Sew excited……jmh

  43. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    You have inspired me to make the daily embroidered blocks. I, too, have made 14 thus far. I used scraps for the blocks and made about 45 so I just have the embroidery to do daily for a month or so. I’m joining Blockheads 3 as I love how it stretches me to create my own fabric choices by noting what designers have chosen. 2020 is going to be a year of quilting!

  44. Jane Avatar

    I am still doing a happy dance after opening my Xmas wool box (things take time to get to the UK) as it contained lots of lovely things, especially the thread bowl – thank you Lisa. My create box hopefully will arrive soon too then stitching can begin…..This year I plan to focus on some wool projects as well as Project Linus children’s quilts, but could get tempted to MBH3

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thank YOU!!!

  45. Sharon Bell Avatar
    Sharon Bell

    Love to read your posts…you are so inspiring. I want to do it all, and at the same time finish some of my UFO’s …so am waiting for your next fabulous block of the month. Currently, am about to quilt my finished Moon Garden quilt. It is turning out so great. I added extra borders to make it a queen. Love it!

  46. Barbara Avatar

    Any chance you will sell the Create tin separately? I have sheep from the SBOW that could go in there nicely!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      yes…they are on the website

  47. Lytle Markham Avatar
    Lytle Markham

    Oh yeah! Too much stuff, and I know I won’t live long enough to use it myself. It’s so hard to let go. I have a friend who says “you need to unlove”! Our guild chance auction is coming up. I guess I need to start loading boxes, and being realistic. Lately, I’ve had trouble finding what I need for a particular project, because there is too much “stuff”. Ok, you’ve convinced me! I’ve got to let go. Thanks for the post.

  48. Christopher D Lum Avatar

    love your black color scheme with your sewing room furniture. did you have your sewing table custom made?
    i have missed your booth at the Pacific International Quilt Festival these past few years!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      tracey’s tables…and some of my cabinets are custom builtins

  49. Carolyn Avatar

    Please, please do a tutorial of some kind on big stitch with your Baptist fan templates. I too purchased the fan templates from you and need help to know how to use. Thank you.

  50. Jan B. from TN Avatar

    My thoughts were the same as yours to start this year — time to declutter & get rid of the books (I have hundreds of quilting books!) & patterns & giveaway or donate! Then I also went thru ALL my kits & actually WROTE them down so I know exactly what I have. Some are UFOs, of course, but many are only admired, never started. Some I still love & others I’m no longer in love with! So, will be donated or giving those away. I’m not going to go thru my fabric this time. I do keep it organized as best I can in my limited space so that is not my focus. I’m still not done with the things I mentioned but I’m getting close. I haven’t stitched a thing yet this year & I’m getting itchy. So once I get this decluttering finished, hopefully this weekend, I’ll be able to sit down & work on a UFO, or maybe one of the newer kits calling my name! Focus, Jan! You must stay focused. This decluttering has taken too long & been too much work but I am going thru an accumulation of about 20-25 years worth of “stuff”!! And now Blockheads 3 is starting. Ugh! I simply can’t – no, no, NO!
    Oh, I saw some Indigo Gatherings bolts not yet unwrapped at my local quilt store. I asked the owner if she has any of the precuts too & she said she thought she’d ordered some but they usually come before the fabric bolts so maybe she didn’t. Hmmmm………………………

  51. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    I am hoping to do lots of sewing and stitching in 2020. I love your little wooly sheep and your sewing space. Thanks for always sharing on your blog and inspiring me to create. Have a wonderful day!

  52. Shasta Avatar

    I started cleaning my sewing room the same way you did – clean off the floor and find homes for everything. Then I am sewing as fast as I can to use as much fabric as possible. The sorting and the organizing will come once the floor is done. Your sewing room is absolutely gorgeous – I love the small quilt wall. So many beautiful quilts!

  53. Teena Avatar

    I love your sewing cabinets, who makes them? Can’t find anything I like finish wise, love the black….haven’t found a table with machine cut out, and the really nice cabinets are 3-4 thousand $$$…..not gonna do that LOL!!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Tracey’s Tables…1000 not 3-4thousand

      1. Teena Bowman Avatar
        Teena Bowman


  54. Felice Avatar

    Your sewing studio is amazing… can you NOT be creative in a place like that! I always do a full purge before January 1st. I donate fabric to project Linus, QOV and Honor Flight. The fabric and patterns that are left the girls in my sewing group get….and what’s left goes on the free table at guild. I always feel better when I’m organized. As for 2020 plans…..tomorrow I’m headed to a rug-hooking conference. And in the spring I’ll spend 2 wonderful weeks in the mountains of Colorado. We’re hoping to buy a piece of land:) Happy Sewing:)

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      sounds amazing!!!

  55. Debie Avatar

    Is the Facebook group for the create tin up yet? I just ordered the tin and can’t wait to get started!

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