Sit & Stitch…January 2020

I love Sit & Stitch…I love these women…I love how we all are getting comfortable with each other and can just talk about anything…Isn’t it great to be with women who can have fun, laugh at themselves or our problems and then they don’t seem so bad?  It is nice to be able to admit we are not perfect…we do not have perfect children(just perfect…and we can just be our true selves…I hope you have the same opportunities…to be your true self…and not worry about trying to be your perfect Facebook or IG self…all the time…I find it easy to just blurt out something that is going on in my life that you normally wouldn’t share…because you should be embarrassed by it…but hey…if it’s happening to me…maybe I am not alone…maybe someone is is brave enough to admit it too…and we can maybe figure it out or understand it better…that it isn’t us…that there is nothing wrong with how we handled it or maybe we learn a better way to handle it…by talking with others about it…like I just did..thanks for listening…so yes…there are lots of great conversations when we get-together…a sisterhood…

So there was also some stitching going on…this last week in WI before I left for CA…any item that is underlines is a “hot” link.  It will bring you to more info on the project if you click it.

Donna sharing her finished wool box items…

IMG_8529IMG_8530IMG_8532 2


Here Celebrate 52 ways…IMG_8533

Kathy is working on her Scrappy Kalidescope…from the Christmas boxIMG_8534

her Winter in WI  table runner…from November box.IMG_8536

Terry’s many projects…IMG_8537IMG_8538

Lori’s Sheep from the Christmas wool box…and her November wool boxes finished items finished whiles she is still stitching the scrappy kalidescope…


She also quilted a bit in her wool mat…IMG_8541

Karen showed her pillow made from Library card fabric…I finally figured Karen out…now that I know she was a Librairian!!!!IMG_8542

A finished Holly Taylor fabric quiltIMG_8543

Mary Ann an her finished items from the November wool box…IMG_8544IMG_8545

Kay’s wall hanging…IMG_8546

and small tablemat…IMG_8547 2

then next onto California…

two Sit & Stitching days in a row…tuesday and wednesday…

Barbara showing off her turtle quilt…that Luke quilted… with Star Studded Event quilt in the background…


Barbara also showed her grandson’s quilt with his art drawing in the center of the stars…IMG_8697 2

Deborah showing her stitchery of Abe Lincoln for a benefit coming up…IMG_8699 2

Diane showing her Everlasting blocks from the wool boxes…IMG_8700

Mama Shirley working on her Moon GardenIMG_8701

Traci showing her lovely A Penny Gathering blocks all finished…IMG_8702

Karen working on her A Primitive Gardenblocks…IMG_8703

Cindy finishing the binding on a ocean wave quit with minky backing…IMG_8706IMG_8707 2

Marsha working on Twilight GardenIMG_8708

Mary (I hope I got her name right) was working on hearts for a guild quilt…IMG_8709

I helped Kay learn about prepping the background and appliqués for Old St. Nick tablet matIMG_8710

I loved the ladies thread boxes….old cosmetic cases…IMG_8711IMG_8712

then this beauty….was also a stunner…sorry I do not know this pattern…if you do you can leave it in the comment section!IMG_8713IMG_8719

Mama Shirley showing her Somewhere in timeblocks…IMG_8731

Pat made pillows for Christmas…using the Sentiments from Home patternIMG_8733

here are the ones she gave away…Love from Farmhouse Gatherings book

IMG_8743 2

Patsy showed her  Like Father,Like Son pillowIMG_8735

and her homespun Full-time/Part-time quilt  I wish I could show you the pic of here husband  sleeping under it!!! even unbound!!!! He loves it!!!IMG_8736

Teri was working of God Bless America…IMG_8737

Charlotte also made the same pillow and quilt as Teri…hmmm and…IMG_8738

the same quilt…a little competition???IMG_8740

Caren…is working on the borders of Twilight GardenIMG_8741

and handquilting her first wool project at the same time…I think  this is a Norma Whaley pattern…IMG_8742

So lots of stitching and working going on in my Sit & Stitches…Do you want to attend?  Call the CA or WI shops to see when we are meeting next!

If you would like to win a full kit of Somewhere in Time….Please give me an idea of something new and exciting you would like to see in quilt shops.  A big prize for a good answer!  I can’t wait to here what you come up with!!!! Tomorrow is BlockHead Day! Block 3! See you then!

Somewhere In Time Quilt


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  1. Jody Dickey Avatar
    Jody Dickey

    Thanks for sharing your photos of all the lovely projects. I enjoyed them and so nice to see all the ladies were smiling. Bless your quilting life and friends.

  2. Maurine Johnson Avatar
    Maurine Johnson

    Don’t know how “new” it is, but I would love some new ideas for making pincushions out of compote dishes–new designs for the cushion part.

  3. Candra Sowder Avatar
    Candra Sowder

    New things in quilt shops…A design your own quilt computer.The ability to take a picture from a book or pattern and see it in the fabrics you want to make it out of. Substitute fabrics and see if the choices work together.  I know it’s not possible,  but it sure would be nice to see if the contrast or color combos work together. Candra Sowder, Iowa  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    1. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
      Carol Eberhardt

      Is that anything like what EQuilter does? Does anyone know? Maybe this is already possible? I’ve wondered what EQuilter actually is.

  4. Lauren Avatar

    I love the Like Father Like Son pillow! We are doing the new grandson’s room in black and red plaid.. this will be a lovely addition!!

  5. Carol Accola Avatar
    Carol Accola

    I wish quilt shops would have some patterns or kits with quilts made with textured fabrics, such as velvet and satin, corduroy (both regular and wide-wale) and wool, or seersucker, suede, brocade, linen, slubbed silk, etc. (The fabrics do not need to be authentic (velvet, silk, satin, etc.), but rather the texture of the fabric would evoke these fabrics.)

  6. Belinda Jones Avatar
    Belinda Jones

    I would love a thematic block of the month for use as individual wall hangings or all 12 blocks put together for a quilt. It’d be great to have pieced blocks rather than wools.

    1. Ann P. Avatar
      Ann P.

      I would love to see you showcase a specific pattern each month. It could either be your design or another designer that you work closely with. It is always great to see your take on the quilting industry. I think it is so neat to see your take on what fabrics to use on somebody else’s design. It helps sell your products and it also helps supports other designers out there. Your fabric choices are the best.

  7. Cheryl G Avatar
    Cheryl G

    This maybe possible. What if you took your Wool Quilt patterns such as Moon Garden and Twilight Garden and turn them into a machine embroidery design. I have both kits but I could be faster on my embroidery machine. lol

  8. Roxie Ahlbrecht Avatar
    Roxie Ahlbrecht

    I would love another project smaller, but similar to Daurmont or Moonlight Garden. Maybe something with spring and summer colors or themes. Like you, I love stitching with my friends.

  9. Chrissy Altelaar Avatar
    Chrissy Altelaar

    I absolutely love crazy quilting. I find it so hard to buy silk ribbon, and glass beads.

  10. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Oh if I could be creative like you are. I love wool projects. So some spring/summer small wool projects.

  11. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    So… your wool boxes, I love them!

    So … here’s my idea:

    A Wool Box for Beginners: new to wool? Here’s what you need… equip the box with the proper needles, a couple different sized threads, the proper stabilizer, your little book tracking your purchased threads (love that, btw), your new stitching book (invaluable) and then a simple project, like a small candle mat or a pincushion. Did I leave something out? You’d know and fill it up! And don’t forget the two caramels!

    Why do I suggest this? Because it has taken me a while to accumulate the basics, and it would have been nice to have it in one place, up front, instead of trying to figure out the stabilizer, the stitches, when to use #8 vs #12 perle cotton, #22 vs #24 needles, how to efficiently stitch different stitches… all these things Woolies take for granted as easy peasy knowledge, believe me, it is not. And if you don’t have anyone in 100 square miles offering classes, you are on your own.

    So that’s my prize winning idea, ha ha! We have a shop that carries wool and wool related projects and products (yours) and I trek the 35 miles every so often for the joy of seeing your things in person. But I also order from your website and I would have jumped on a Wool Beginner’s Box!

    1. Joyce Avatar

      I love your idea, Carol. No one near me sells wool or supplies. Though I’ve been stitching wool for awhile, I would have loved a “Beginner’s Starter Kit”. (Lisa’s book is invaluable)

  12. Janet Huelskamp Avatar
    Janet Huelskamp

    I’ve been in search of some table runner ideas for all these newly weds…..using the farmhouse fabric that they all love……jmh

  13. Shirley Avatar

    Small wool mug rugs

  14. Nancy Whitton Avatar
    Nancy Whitton

    I would like to see quilt ladders for displaying my quilts. Several friends have them and they don’t take up much room on a wall. The ladders look fairly simple to make — but my husband can’t seem to get one done. One friend’s has a dowel holding the two three-foot pieces together so it could be shipped easily.

  15. Carrolyn V Avatar
    Carrolyn V

    I used to cross stitch, then went to beading and garment making as I raised my family, then quilting as my family grew up and left and I had the time and resources to make many for all. Now in my golden years with waning eyesight and arthritic fingers… I have gone to wool and wool Applique and back to embroidery. I’d love to see sashiko panels, BOMs, embroidery on wool projects! I love all you do!

  16. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Another idea that appeals to me, In addition to the Wool Box for Beginners … a center block embroidered, and a set of pieced blocks around the embroidery piece.
    So think of the embroidery Santa that was offered as a freebie in November, designed with blocks around it, let’s say, in Farmhouse flannels. Something like that.
    Maybe seasonal embroideries, a snowman, a bunny, a red, white and blue themed embroidery, pumpkins, cornucopia…
    I have looked for things like that and haven’t found anything. I’d love to do that type of project, maybe wall hanging size, or table topper/runner size, maybe vary it every month or every other month.

  17. Lyn Voorhees Avatar
    Lyn Voorhees


  18. dcw1954 Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I wanted to make sure that the Moon Garden pattern on your site (60.00) has all the blocks and border, or is there something else I need to purchase also. Thanks! Donna Williams

    On Tue, Jan 28, 2020, 5:37 PM Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “I love Sit & Stitch…I love these women…I love how > we all are getting comfortable with each other and can just talk about > anything…Isn’t it great to be with women who can have fun, laugh at > themselves or our problems and then they don’t seem so b” >

  19. Deb Hull Avatar
    Deb Hull

    National Park blocks which could be displayed separately or combined into quilt, wall hanging, table runner, pillow or downsized into coasters? Ultimately a wool National Park scrapbook like project. I also like to purchase logo’d shop items- like your logo’d shop bags. Thread kits to compliment wool kits are always a hit.

  20. rughkger Avatar

    These are all just wonderful! what is the pattern for the blue background and I think you said the gals name was Mary? I believe you said ‘hearts” It was a neutral wool

    —————————————–From: “Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog” To: Cc: Sent: Tuesday January 28 2020 5:37:31PM Subject: [New post] Sit & Stitch…January 2020

    lisabongean posted: “I love Sit & Stitch…I love these women…I love how we all are getting comfortable with each other and can just talk about anything…Isn’t it great to be with women who can have fun, laugh at themselves or our problems and then they don’t seem so b”

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Twilight garden

  21. DStew Avatar

    I would love to participate in a Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses stitch-a-long and/or instructional classes. Her history is so interesting! I’ve collected fabrics, paper templates, and even have the instruction book, but it would be so nice to have a community of stitchers with whom to learn from and share. I’ve found only one shop–in central Illinois (I live in Utah)–that has supplies and samples. The finished blocks are so beautiful, and a completed quilt would be quite the treasured heirloom. Thank you, Lisa! (I had the opportunity to visit your Wisconsin shop while on a business trip last summer–a check off my bucket list!)

  22. Wynona Avatar

    I love the flannels but I live in Texas & I need a bright color design that’s not birds or flowers- how about farm houses and barns theme? I went to Ireland last year and loved all the green hills with seashores cliffs and sheep with little farm houses and rock walls. I could find so much inspiration looking at the landscape!

  23. Wynona Avatar

    Also very colorful seashore towns like Dingle with many colored store fronts so picturesque!

  24. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I’m resigned to the fact that I will never get around to making a Dear Jane quilt, but maybe a smaller wool version similar to the idea of the original would be doable. The outer triangle border could be filled with flowers and such. Fun to see all the projects the Sit and Stitch ladies are working on. My next project is to get my Wool, Needle and Thread book spriral bound.

  25. Sandy Avatar

    Thinking I may need to order the boxes. Such cute “stuff”. Love it all. Can’t think of anything new I want since I love all the old things and Lisa’s ideas are great. My kind of girl!!! Thank You!!!
    How about some Easter things…bunnies???

    1. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
      Carol Eberhardt

      I have seven wool boxes… every project is lovely… I highly recommend. I’m just a newbie … hence my recommendation for a New to Wool Box…. but Lisa’s Directions and information and tips are very good.
      Do it… you go around once! Maybe just try one… I bet you’ll be back for more!
      (I don’t work for PG, I just love everything!)

  26. Tammy Marquardt Avatar
    Tammy Marquardt

    Not exactly “new”, but I’d like you to bring back rug hooking and all that it entails with precut wool strips again. Maybe classes again to revive the art of rug hooking and bring in new ” hookers”!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We will!,,

  27. JoAnn Borges Avatar
    JoAnn Borges

    Hi Lisa,
    The pattern you don’t know is “Redware Bouquet” by Karyn Lord.
    She is from Plymouth, Massachusetts. I’m not sure if she is still in business. I got the kit from a friend for Christmas, not sure where she purchased it, it was kitted by Karyn, I’m working on it now and was very excited to see it in your email.
    The company is Wool & Whimseys, great patterns!
    JoAnn Borges

  28. Ruthann Lindsay Avatar
    Ruthann Lindsay

    I would like tea or coffee themed patterns. Also like Carol’s idea of a box for beginners. I have done alot of wool applique but would be great to tell friends who are interested in learning about a beginner’s box.

  29. Mary Andra Avatar
    Mary Andra

    Fabulously talented group of friends. Enjoy your friendships and your projects always.

  30. Toni Anne Potter Avatar
    Toni Anne Potter

    My idea of something new and exciting I’d like to see in quilt shops, is a Primitive Gatherings shop in New York out on Long Island. There are many quilt shops that sell fabric and wool in upstate NY, unfortunately on Long Island we have 3 quilt shops within 50 miles of my home (without driving through Manhattan to upstate) none sell wool. I would be over the moon with happiness to be able to see and pet the fabric and wool. The availability to purchase all my needful quilting and wool obsessions in one place would be fantastic. I usually wait for my quilt guild to go on a bus trip out of state to be able to see and feel before I buy. The thought of being able to spend an afternoon sewing and hanging out with likeminded people (like what I see on you blog) would be like a dream. I bought Primitive Gatherings 1st Wool box, it was heaven in a box. I’m just hoping that maybe you’re thinking of expanding your business to the east coast. Pretty please… I know in my guild you have many fans. Please think about it.

  31. Wanda Avatar

    I would love patterns for 3D pin cushions …. pin cushions in specific animal shapes ……maybe a lamb, rabbit for Easter, Uncle Sam for 4 th of July

  32. Kim Friesen Avatar
    Kim Friesen

    Would love to see some patterns for wall size quilts as a background for wool appliqué. I took a soso small quilt and pieced together some wool appliqué patterns to make a “fall scene” over part of the quilt. I am not as creative or artistic as you so I am sure yours would be much more spectacular. It was fun to work “outside the block”. I too enjoy times to sit and stitch with others. Especially the inspiration from the different projects they are working on.

  33. Shari Avatar

    Partner with Accuquilt for some patterns to give us dies for cutting the wool more quickly and accurately. Or sell plastic templates. Anything to avoid tracing.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I find tracing easy so I do not think about this…but I will

  34. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    How about monthly calendar miniatures. 10 or 12 inch or so? We could put them on a hanger or a clipboard type thing. I love the sit n sews I belong to. It really is a sisterhood.

  35. Deborah Avatar

    Love your wool crazy block last summer. I would love to see smaller projects. Pincushions or six inch blocks to display monthly in crazy wool blocks. Love all you do and share with us

  36. Phyllis K Avatar
    Phyllis K

    I’m a lover of antique quilts, just like the “Somewhere In Time” quilt, and the use of blue fabrics. So……I love your new Indigo Gatherings line. With that said, maybe a block of the month or various antique patterns (I love the Irish chain; simple, antique looking etc.) The Indigo Gatherings is a gorgeous selection of blue and a perfect neutral. Oh, a quilt using Indigo Gatherings and a floral bed runner with both Indigo Gatherings and wool. Hmmmm, what flowers are blue? Hydrangea, iris, petunia and pansy to name a few. What fun!!

  37. sandra Avatar

    I would love to see quilt shops carry patterns that are a cross between your daily
    embroidery and your mini 52 blocks. A new small design, that I could make as many different ones as I liked and them put them together into a small or large quilt based on how many I made.
    Shops could add their own blocks to the mix. Like blocks you might find in a shop hop..
    Would make for a quilt that was more personalized.
    Also, small amounts that would feel more doable.

  38. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, How about kits to decorate Yazzi bags. Hugs, Jakey

  39. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    I have made several new friends over the years at your sit and sew and I really enjoy attending it. Knowing I’m going to a sit and sew helps keep me on track for finishing projects, because my fellow stitchers get it when I’m excited about a project (non-stitchers sometimes just don’t get it). As for something new for the shops, I don’t know right now I’ll think on it

  40. Kay Gentry Avatar
    Kay Gentry

    I would really like to win that great kit!! I would like to see some nametag and bookmark patterns in both wool and cottons.

  41. María Castelan Avatar
    María Castelan

    Kits for small bags (cosmetic or a bit larger size).

  42. needleminder Avatar

    I’d love to find a sturdy expandable“Messenger” type bag that zips fully open to become a binder designed to hold inserts for all our stitchy stuff. optional inserts would have compartments for thread, needles, marking tools, rulers, glue sticks, scissors, stitching projects, etc. Other options to go inside would be a small wool pressing mat, and/or sandpaper board

  43. Valerie Evans Avatar
    Valerie Evans

    The name of the pattern I was working on using the dark turquoise wool for the background is “Redware Bouquet”, a penny rug pattern by Karyn Lord from Wool and Whimseys

    Sent from my iPad


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thank you!

    2. Sarah Avatar

      Your work is phenomenal- it looks awesome!

  44. Ginabeth Avatar

    For years I have wanted white/off white background fabric that is woven with a design and not the “paint” in white on white.
    As hand needle people it is too hard to “needle“ through. Every once in a while i find some in a fabric line, but not as a group.

  45. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    Two things. I LOVED your miniature pumpkin fabric, it was the best. I would love a little Turkey, Sheep, Moose, etc. fabric. I have your little reindeer fabric too. AND I would LOVE a full size Christmas tree skirt, with a full on a Santa and his sleigh, with reindeer or a beautiful winter scene. Just my 2 cents. Hope to see you at Quilt Con in Austin next Month. Saw you Nashville last year, great shows, even though I’m not a modern quilter!

  46. Jeanne Avatar

    Work with Valdani to have smaller thread balls that are exclusively yours. This is so beginning wool stitchers don’t have to spend a fortune to see if they enjoy wool stitching. Plus, you could have many colors for an affordable price.

  47. plautumn Avatar

    So much inspiration! Does anyone know where to get a plastic container to hold the 52 mini holidays in? What a perfect way to store them!!!! That would be incredibly helpful to help organize so many little pieces….thanks in advance for help in finding something that will work! Have a great week!

  48. Tamara Avatar

    I love those cosmetic cases the CA ladies are using! What a wonderful way to re-purpose luggage! I wonder if you could just do a post asking everyone how they store their perle cotton?? I’m always looking for new ideas! Thanks!

  49. Joan Avatar

    It is so inspiring to walk into a quilt shop, like yours, and see so many quilts and wool projects displayed and then have all if them kitted ready for people to start! As far as new ideas, I have worked on a few small English paper pieced projects stitch alongs I found online and have really enjoyed them. Maybe a few more projects like that would be nice.

  50. Judith Avatar

    I would love to have a “fruit” quilt or wall hanging kit. Could be in wool or cotton option. Light background for summer fruits. I just can’t pass a strawberry by! Thanks for a chance to win. All of your designs are lovely.

  51. Carolyn Hechel Avatar

    This might sound crazy but I have grandcats. I would like to see a scarf for a cat or dog in flannel and add a design on it in wool.
    Another idea I would like to see is basket liners and lids with wool design on them. Like a sewing basket to put your wool project in to keep it clean and look pretty for your sewing club meeting.

  52. KathleennTerek Avatar

    I am so addicted to wool applique and I would love to share the craft with others. My suggestion, an introductory complete kit that would have everything precut and fused, needles and threads along with instructions and your book. A small table mat of some type. Easy to complete. My guarantee- after that one project – another wool applique fan. I think this would be a great gift for someone. Nothing like receiving that wonderful box from Primitive gatherings. Oh yes, a few carmels should be included.

    1. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
      Carol Eberhardt

      We think alike!

  53. Patricia Boyle Avatar
    Patricia Boyle

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about being true to yourself. I totally agree! I am a what you see is what your get girl! I love seeing what you share on your sewing days or any day for that matter. I would like to see reproduction fabrics co e back to the quilt shops.

  54. Sandy R. Avatar

    There isn’t one of those projects that I wouldn’t love to make!! I would love to be able to purchase an assortment of different threads to use in stitching or wool applique. I’m thinking a “hank” of threads, in a certain length. it would be lovely to get something like this and not have to purchase each thread separately..I hope this makes sense…

  55. Danette Stankovich Avatar

    I received the Wool Christmas box and I loved everything in it. One of my favorites is the little ceramic bowl. Maybe you can make a wool kit for a mug rug and include one of his ceramic items. I would purchase it. Thank you.

  56. Jacqueline Hale Avatar
    Jacqueline Hale

    Loved seeing what everyone has made or is working on.

  57. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    The Somewhere In Time Quilt is very beautiful! It looks like everyone has lovely projects they are working on. I would love to see some cross stitch samplers to make for framing or hanging on a wall using embroidery floss for writing and some wool applique on them, I love old fashioned and primitive samplers.

  58. Alyne Avatar

    I’d like to see more that combine mediums (wool, cotton, wovens, etc.) and applique methods (wool, needle turn). Garden Gatherings was one of my all time favorites. Also love the crazy quilt table mats. Maybe BOM featuring US state flowers (5 or so each month) using combined mediums & methods. Could be made into table mat, or combined into quilt.

  59. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    I love your blogs because it is inspirational to see what other people are doing, how they change colors, rearrange blocks, design their own settings, etc.. So my idea is to set up a photo gallery where so people who come into the shop can stop to look (the kind of thing you sometimes see in museums where you swipe a screen and the picture changes). And I am thinking that these would be pictures of quilts that WE, your customers, make (as opposed to shop samples made by employees).

  60. tinyquiltmovement Avatar

    I would love to see “blast from the past” WBOM’s that you have done a while ago that some of us may have missed out on. I realize the fabric would not still be available but could be easily substituted in the same or similar color way. Bonus for you….you could take a breather from new designs to spend time with your grand babies!

  61. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I am a newbie at wool work. I would like to pay more to see kits that include the thread needed for a building block quilt. Buying several kits toward a finished quilt would help build a thread collection. Also a finishing kit for a particular quilt kit. The Wool Box and your book have helped me tremendously. Thank you.

  62. Heather G Avatar
    Heather G

    Tiny appliqué can be difficult, but I would love seeing the option of embroidering the design as a pattern cover example!

  63. Sarah Avatar

    I would like wool that is dyed like cross stitch fabric – kind of mottled and aged. I also love swag – anything that says your name on it – bags, boxes, containers, shirts, notions…
    Also, I love everything these ladies have made – just gorgeous! Thank you SO much for the inspiration.

  64. Sharon Avatar

    Love, love your projects….you have great ideas.
    How about a cabin by the lake in the center surrounded by trees, wildlife, etc ., or for something different how about a southwest theme quilt.

  65. Kathy Goff Avatar
    Kathy Goff

    Fun Post! It is Kathy not Mary but no worries 😉
    So fun to see folks and their projects. Thanks for the fun day!

  66. Sue Avatar

    Anyone know where the acrylic box the she stored her mini’s in came from? It has the word Brynwood on it.

    1. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
      Carol Eberhardt

      I would like to know also.

  67. Beth Avatar

    I’d like to see a water cooler in quilt shops! We Quilter’s need to stay hydrated – picking out fabric, thread, patterns and all is hard work! It probably wouldn’t generate any extra income but it may make for happy customers, I also would like to see Valdani Perle Cotton available in smaller “balls” so to speak, especially for smaller kits/projects. If you are unable to find them from your supplier, perhaps you could make them yourself by winding small thread cards with a certain amount? I know you are a do-it-yourselfer!

  68. Tonee White Avatar
    Tonee White

    Hi Lisa, I would love to be able to buy saschiko thread and needles and indigo fabric in quilt shops. I have been patching jeans and decorating them with stitching and Japanese motifs, my grand daughters love them. The only source I currently have are national quilt shows. Tonee White

    Sent from my iPad


  69. Sarah Paladino Avatar
    Sarah Paladino

    A lot of quilters love quilting and sewing themed t-shirts. You never really see them in shops, except maybe with a shop logo. It would be fun to have some if your designs on t-shirts. Or even some with the pretty lettering.

  70. Raedene Frost Avatar
    Raedene Frost

    I would like to see Primitive Gathering designs digitized for the embroidery machine. I know you are all about handwork which I love too, but how wonderful to have Lisa’s art computerized to stitch out quickly in the hoop. Wool, cotton or flannel could all be included, old designs and new creations. Think of the possibilities.

  71. Carolyn V Avatar
    Carolyn V

    I would LOVE the opportunity to win beautiful Somewhere in Time quilt kit. My suggestion for an addition to quilt shops would be a nice assortment of containers for projects. These containers would include small cosmetic size plastic zippered bags, larger whole project bags, large zip-lock type bags and small screw lid jars such as 1.5 oz Lock-ups for beads, starch for appliqué, etc. Most quilt shops carry some of these items but few carry a wide assortment that I would like to see.

  72. Phillip Steiner Avatar
    Phillip Steiner

    I love antique quilts and you have done many wonderful reproductions. Have you ever thought about taking some quilts pictured in “The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America” by Carrie A. Hall and Rose G. Kretsinger and making patterns and kits from them? There are so many inspirations for someone with your design talents. They could be done in either cotton or wool. I’m a big fan of “Pride of Iowa” on page 242 and “Indiana Wreath” on page 244.

  73. Deb G. in VA Avatar
    Deb G. in VA

    Will the patterns in the wool boxes eventually be available on your website? I love Scrappy Kalidescope!

  74. Patricia Mevis Avatar

    I would love the Somewhere in Time Kit. Here are my ideas – – a cover for your IPad or tablet. A cover for your notebook – like those yellow ones (legal pad size or smaller) which could include a pen or writing tool. A little bag for your purse for your essentials. A little kleenex holder for your purse. A travel bag. Not sure how original these are – but I tried!!! Otherwise I always love quilts, little quilts, and mini quilts. Wool is just so much fun!

  75. Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.

    I would love a “Somewhere in Time Kit!” I would like to see a new line of fabric for the sportsman and winter lovers in our lives. Some with fishing, hunting motifs maybe even something with snow sports, ice fishing and surgeon spearing too! It is so hard to find these fabrics for our quilts for our significant others!

  76. Theresa veroline Avatar
    Theresa veroline

    I would love to see more kits with some of your brighter wools with some big bold flowers!

  77. Kathy Brent Avatar
    Kathy Brent

    In terms of business ideas, something new and exciting that I’d like to see is an all-inclusive quilting retreat for individuals and quilting groups. Fees would include classes, kits, accommodation (possibly meals), with instruction provided by Lisa as well as guest instructors. In the quilt shop, I’d love a quilters’ café that would offer specialty teas, coffees, etc, as well as a small variety of desserts, and possibly light lunch items. Other business related ideas include an in-shop consignment area, where quilters could sell completed projects and/or other quilting items. A fee for use tool/equipment lending library may also be something of interest, particularly for those new to quilting or for those who are contemplating investment.
    In terms of products and projects, I’d be interested in seeing:
    – a PG line of 12 wt, 8 wt, and 5 wt perle cottons
    – a PG line of fusibles
    – antique stitcheries, rugs, and tapestries replicated with cottons, linens, wool applique, and embroidery – these could take the form of wall hangings, mats, or larger BOM designs
    – wool applique designs that can be combined with antique home décor pieces such as fire screens, chair pads, band boxes, bread boards, lamp shades, etc
    – a selection of constructed wooden items to display small projects
    – other constructed items of interest to quilters ie thread cabinets
    – a project using the new Indigo Gatherings line that incorporates sashiko and big stitching
    – wool applique incorporated into wearables, such as jackets
    Lofty ideas? Maybe….but isn’t it nice to dream sometimes 🙂

  78. heartnurse1959 Avatar

    I would love to see you offer wool kits for some of your older quilts such as Daurmont, Sunflower Gatherings and Summertime. I got into wool appliqué too late to take advantage of these beautiful quilts. I would also like to be able to order some of your textured dyed (not Mill dyed) wools in 1/8 to 1 yard cuts online.

    1. heartnurse1959 Avatar

      Actually, I’d like to revise my idea. As I was working on cutting out pieces for some wool appliqué tonight, what I would like to see in Quilt shops are cutting does that would work with the Sizzix to mass cut out pennies and those little 4 and 5 sided little flowers you use a lot in your designs.

  79. Barbara Lotthammer Avatar
    Barbara Lotthammer

    Wish I lived closer to one of your shops. I love all the wool projects. I would like to see the Weave-It or Weavettes come back with patterns. You could put wool appliqués on on these. The new plastic looms are no comparison to the wood and metal ones

  80. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I would love to see YOU in a quilt shop in Pennsylvania!!!!!!
    Now that would be new and exciting 😉🧵

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Email the shop to call you

  81. Janan Doster Avatar
    Janan Doster

    I would love to see some sample blocks of some of the favorite longarm quilting designs. It would be great to be able to see what the deisgn REALLY looks like on the fabric, instead of a picture on a piece of paper.

  82. Candee Avatar

    A Sit & Stitch APP or service that helps quilters/stitchers form groups like yours near us.

  83. Lisa Wilson Grant Avatar
    Lisa Wilson Grant

    I have a very similar yellow/brown cosmetic case! I’d love to make those yardstick shelves – what did they use for a base?

  84. DORIS L BEATTY Avatar

    I am trying to reach Karyn Lord of Wool & Whimseys. I purchased the Cottage Rose pattern and I have a question of what to do with one piece of the pattern. Would love it if someone could give me contact info. I am with the Cranberry Rug Hookers

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I do not know any of this info…but I will post your comment to maybe help you find them.

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