Special Workshops at Primitive Gatherings WI

I am over the top excited to be hosting my “Moda Sisters” Jen Kingwell & Debbie Maddy in May and June.  Did I mention how exciting this is?…really it is going to be so much fun!  There is only one problem….they are only here for such short time and spots are limited for these two exceptional ladies….so if these girls are on your bucket list now is the time….these will be 6 hour workshops for each class.

May 10, 11 & 12th for Jen Kingwell….yes the 10th is Mother’s day…but what a better way to spend it…bring your daughter or daughters bring you mother…or celebrate by asking for your kids to gift this opportunity to you for Mother’s Day…

June 16, 17 & 18th for Debbie Maddy…join us for some summer fun….I can’t think of anything more fun than learning about  and dyeing something Indigo!..



Here is a little about Jen if you do not know her yet!!


Jen has been lucky in her life to have had two wonderful careers. Her first love was midwifery and she felt honoured to be included in life’s most precious every day miracles. She doesn’t know where her love of fabrics came from, her mother was not a sewer but she does know she has always been fascinated by colour and pattern. Like many she tried different crafts and stumbled into quilting over 30 years ago and there she has remained. An interest became an obsession which then became her career, including teaching and designing. She has owned quilt stores for 15 years and currently owns Amitie Textiles in Melbourne Australia www.amitie.com.au and Instagram @amitie_textiles. The store offers an eclectic mix of fabrics including Japanese, Liberty of London, linens from Europe, french toiles and a wide collection of patchwork fabrics of course including Moda!!

She describes herself as a traditional quilter with a modern twist. Loves scrappy quilts and the more fabrics she can use in a single project the happier she is. In her perfect world she would hand stitch everything but with today’s busy lifestyle she does machine piece as well. Hand appliqué and quilting are among her favourite pastimes.

Jen is married to Richard and has 3 fabulous daughters Meg, Abby and Lucy who are by far her very best designs.


Sunday, May 10th Workshop-CotterIMG_3211


The newest edition by Jen to the Tempters Range. Cotter has been designed to be jelly roll friendly utilising a dominant print to highlight the geometric gradient of the finished quilt. This single block Acrylic Template set includes simple instructions on how to complete this block and can be made to any size.


Jen had made the original quilt specific to her released fabric range Remix to include all ‘lollies’ prints with a few highlights of her bold ‘hero’ prints thrown in the mix. Jen has been clever with her straight forward piecing executed in a soft incline, making this quilt eye catching in any finished size!  


A great way to utilise scrappy prints in the stash or cut into a complete range to start something new.

This is a hand taught class but if you wish to machine piece bring along your machine and rotary cutting equipment.

Monday-May 11th Workshop- Psychedelic



Jens love of scrappy quilts and curved hand piecing come together in this wild 60’s inspired BOM program.


12 x 18” blocks designed to be cushions with the option of piecing them together for one groovy quilt, it is an ode to Beatlemania, flower power and the psychedelic art movement!


Acrylic templates and fabric, these marvellous designs will both challenge and delight the hand & machine sewers alike. A great program to be involved in for extra classes and skills to be taught to participants.

This is a hand taught class but if you wish to machine piece bring along your machine and rotary cutting equipment.




Tuesday May 12th Workshop-Something New- Tempter with Fabrics (you will be testing a new design for Jen- I specifically asked for this…a mystery)

Tempters are a fantastic way to get creative in a measured and precise way for advanced quilters and beginners alike. In this class Jen will be releasing ‘Something New’ to introduce and share the tips and tricks of using acrylic templates for hand piecing.


‘Tempters’ are a single block acrylic template set including instructions on how to complete the finished block. Match with other Tempter blocks or repeated to make a finished quilt or runner of any size. This class will endeavour to confidently tempt the participant to try something new and improve their skills in colour choices, Y seams and more! This is a hand taught class but if you wish to machine piece bring along your machine and rotary cutting equipment.


Below is Jen’s newest fabric range FINE & SUNNY coming in APRIL 2020… If you wish to pre order it at the time of you place your order for class we can have it ready for you when you show up…Fat quarter bundles, fat eight, jelly roll, Layer cakes and so on…If ANYONE wants to pre-order Jen’s next fabric range Fine & Sunny you can do so HERE. We have added a Special Events button to our site and will be listing things for sale here for our Special Events going forward!

All three classes are $125 EACH  and will include lunch and surprises!

 You will be sent a supply list and if there is anything on the list you cannot find you know we will have them for you in store here..

If you wish to pre-order those items as well we can assure that you will have everything you need to have a successful workshop.





We will also have a wonderful selection of Jen’sfor sale.  Here is a sample of what Lollies are…8 prints in 1!il_1588xN.1877258703_hk1c

I wish you luck and hope you get into one of these fabulous workshops of Jen’s!

Please Call the Shop to sign up TODAY 9:30( CST).  920-722-7233. Class Size is Limited.

No Refunds given if you cancel after April 30th.

All workshops start @9am and will be held at our warehouse at: 1860 Bud dr. Menasha, WI 54952



And then the next month in June…we are hosting Debbie!


IMG_6807 3



Debbie’s first love has always been fiber of all sorts. She has been and still is an avid garment seamstress as well as quilter. She has enjoyed most of the crafts using a needle and thread of some sort to include embroidery, appliqué, needlepoint, pulled thread and drawn thread work. Debbie has been quilting over 35 years, pattern designing for 15 years and teaching/lecturing for 20 years. She has been featured on national television as well as online classes.

Debbie’s most recent endeavors have been in the world of fabric and fiber dyeing of all kinds but most specifically Shibori and Indigo dyeing. She has studied under some of the most prestigious artists in the US, Japan and England. She loves traveling to teach and speak for guilds and shops around the country. She dyes and sells items to wear and decorate with and is thrilled and honored to be a part of the Moda Fabrics designer family. Debbie also loves the art of jewelry making, especially working with sterling silver and vintage elements. She searches for vintage elements wherever she travels. She hopes to meet you on her journey.

Shibori collage image square

Shibori & Indigo Dyeing Classes

Two Day Workshop  -June 16 & 17th.

$260 includes 2 yds of fabric, and lunch- you will have a small fee for dyes directly purchased from Debbie and you may want to purchase some scarfs or other items as well.  The only thing you need to bring is your grubby clothes to dye in…

Day One:
Brief explanation of Shibori and indigo dye.
Explanation of different kinds of indigo vats; natural, synthetic and pre-reduced.
Making of a pre-reduced indigo vat and a natural indigo vat.
Explanation of Itajime Shibori and demonstrations of folding and clamping the fabric.
We will then fold and clamp fabric to dye. I will also demo some marble wrapping and other fun techniques. The rest of the day will be spent working with the fabrics and dyeing.
At the end of the day I will explain the techniques to begin stitching for the stitched designs.

Day Two:
Short review of the previous day.
Brief explanation of Arashi Shibori and demos on more than one way to fold and wrap the fabrics on a pole for unique designs.
Short explanation and demo on simple stitching techniques.
Spend the day doing any of the techniques learned so far.
I will demo more advanced techniques for folding, wrapping, stitching to resisting the dye.

Day Three Workshop-  June 18th.

$160 and includes 2 yds of fabric and lunch—you will have a small fee for dyes and any other items like scarfs you may wish to purchase from directly from Debbie.  All you will have to do is wear your grubby clothes to dye in.

This is One day stand alone workshop or…Day Three and beyond:(this can be a third or a one day workshop)-see Day one if you are only taking this one day…or if this is your third day…you will continue to explore…

On day three we will continue working with all of the techniques plus it gives students time for more demos on more resist techniques especially if you want to do more detailed stitching techniques that are not com- monly seen in one and two day classes.
Classes can be adjusted to meet the needs of the group.

If you want to pre-order Debbie’s newest MODA line Shimo you can do so HERE. We have added a Special Events button to our site…so look back here as we add items for these special teachers.



Good luck and I hope you get to participate in this wonderful workshop!!!!

Please Call the Shop to sign up for these Workshops.  920-722-7233. Class Size is Limited.

No refunds given if cancelled after May 31st.

All workshops start @9am and will be held at our warehouse at: 1860 Bud dr. Menasha, WI 54952


You will not be able to sign up for these workshops until 9:30CST TODAY!

We have been working to get this together and we are finally ready and HAPPY to be holding such wonderful events!

All for now…XX Lisa



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  1. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    If only I didn’t live in New Jersey! I love Jen Kingswell, made one of her quilts last year. Kudos to you Lisa for hosting this great designer and quilter.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Get a group together come on over to wisconsin for the week!
      thank you jessica

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    Margaret Hayes

    I am trying to sign up two of us for the dying workshop, but my phone is acting up and it won’t ring

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      You need to call the Shop we are unable to do things over the Computer. Thank you Jessica 920-722-7233

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    Karri Ambrosini

    I live in Alaska, I have followed you for years! I love your sight!!

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    Lisa Wilson

    I love the Indigo gatherings fabric you are using and your blocks!!!

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    Kathy Headley

    Hi! About 2 weeks ago I made my first paper piece block ever! So now I’m intrigued about these triangle papers. I also bought your “Home of the brave Land of the free” pattern for an honor quilt recently. Thanks for the videos and a chance to win!!

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    Denise Bordenga

    Thank you I can’t wait to do this block. Thank you for the giveaway I hope I win.

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    I’m loving the Moda Blockheads 3. Printed out your instructions and I’m ready to go!!

  8. Lori Avatar

    I am a new quilter and love learning new things. Thank you so much for having me try something new.

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    Charlene King

    Oh Lisa BH3 #6 is fabulous, and I love using your triangle papers. Thank you.

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    I love these block patterns. I’m going to add it to my to-do quilting list. It’s a long list. Lol

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    Love your block!! Thank you for helping make this project possible!!❤️❤️❤️

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    Thank you so much for the easy directions for Math of HST’s.

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    Loved reading your blog. The little bag as a giveaway is adorable!

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    Love making 1/2 square triangles with your papers. They turn out perfect every time! Thanks! 😊

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    Love the indigo gatherings. Will have to try finding your shop next time we’re traveling.

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    So much great content on this page! Great efforts by the designers!

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    Love your block. I’m new to quilting so I appreciate all your advice! Thanks!

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    Would love to get the little bag and it’s goodies!

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    Star Jones

    Love your message thanks for the videos that’s a big help

  20. Mary Greene Avatar
    Mary Greene

    I love mini charms – I just ordered some from you. I am making quarter square triangle squares with them – they finish at 1″. It will take a ton of them to do a quilt but I love working with small blocks. Having the bag with all the signatures will also be great since I am also working on MB3.

  21. Susan Hart Avatar
    Susan Hart

    LOVE the Beatlemania!! Could I get a pattern? Live in Michigan. Also Love the Moda bag–if would be great to win!!

  22. Lisa Avatar

    Thank you, Lisa, for your beautiful pattern this week. And the videos are a great help , and much appreciated! Thank you so very much for your valuable time! I’m definitely going to follow you on FB. Looking forward to learning a lot more. The giveaway is such a wonderful surprise. I absolutely love the “Candies”, and collect them whenever I can, as they make perfect compliment squares in any piece. It would be such an amazing gift to receive this bag, filled with these goodies. Thank you for thinking of us all! Sew on!

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    Nancy Levett

    Lisa, I just love all your cute designs! Especially this BH3 pattern. Cant wait to sew one for myself!

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    Karen Benitez

    Thanks so much for offering this wonderful gift! I’m new to quilting and love your sweet patterns and other goodies.

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    I’m so loving this group and your blog! Can’t wait to do this square! Would love to win this bag and charms thank you for sharing your talents! Eileen

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    I’ve enjoyed reading this blog !!!

    1. Susie Sharp Avatar
      Susie Sharp

      You were a special inspiration to a dear friend of mine. You helped fill her last few years with beauty and creativity. It was a beautiful grand finale to the wonderful life of a very talented woman. Thank you!

  27. Jane Cowser Avatar
    Jane Cowser

    I enjoy your blog! Sew Special!! I have printed my block patterns, but have not started yet! I have to catch up!

  28. Barb Reineke Avatar
    Barb Reineke

    Love this blog. Lisa is one of my favorite designers.

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    Amy Quackenbush

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    Great blog! And I’d love to win the signed bag with the mini charms! So many ideas floating around my head right now!

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    Sheila Williams

    I absolutely love these blocks. Happy quilting all.

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    Georgia Gonzales

    Lisa, you have such beautiful fabrics & patterns. Thank you for always inspiring and challenging me. I taught a Blockheads class and your designs were always a class favorite! Thanks for offering a great giveaway!

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    Nadia Piccolo

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    Becky hooper

    Love the giveaway.

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    denise gossett

    I have never used triangle papers, but I see how great they’d be for making all HST’s the same size.

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    Those mini charms are amazing!!

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    Debi Hubbell

    Thank you for another fine challenge!

  39. Kate Nelson Avatar
    Kate Nelson

    I am learning so many new things in BH! I can also add learning to comment on a blog to the list of new skills. I love the tiny triangles and learning to starch has brought a whole new level of precision to my quilting!

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