Moda Block Heads-Block 4

This week’s block is from beloved designer Jan Patek… Jan only appliques…we can share an alternative block if we do not want to do the applique… However, we can not share them til FRIDAY… So see you on Friday if you need an alternate 4” block. Thank you for understanding in advance.

link to Jan Pateks blog

4 responses to “Moda Block Heads-Block 4”

  1. Linda Avatar

    Do you have a link to Jan’s block?

  2. cyndy w fletcher Avatar
    cyndy w fletcher

    for BH1 I did all 12″ blocks, and now I would like to try your Northridge #35 from the BH book, pg 72. But I am stymied on how to upsize those HSTs that are inlaid into the geese. the correct math just escapes me. might you be able to assist me? I would appreciate it so much, and thank you. I use an Accuquilt machine to cut my pieces and I know my normal geese are 3×6.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Cindy I am in Oregon currently and do not have access tor the book

  3. Margaret Avatar

    Love this block!

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